• Published 30th Mar 2013
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Plushy - Riptid3

The Elements find themselves turned into plush dolls.

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Chapter 2

Do they not know the peace here lies,
The safety of a doll's true guise?
As worlds they crumble torn down by time
We watch with silent knowing eyes.

Sweetie Belle and Applebloom both bumped around the back of the wagon as it sped across the uneven roads of Ponyville. Scootaloo had gotten accustomed to the rocky roads of Ponyville after riding on them for so long. Sweetie Belle and Applebloom... not so much.

"Jeez Scootaloo, would it kill ya' to slow down?" Sweetie Belle asked, careful not to bite her tongue from the road's rough terrain.


I like this kid's style.

She's gon' get us killed galldarnit!

"Rainbow Dash could appear anytime, anywhere! I gotta look my best all the time." Scootaloo replied.

What a smart filly. She obviously has good taste in role models.

Good taste? Rainbow, no offense, but you'd make a horrible role model.

Whadya mean "horrible role model"?

Well Rainbow, Applebloom told me about the time you and her were trying ta' find er' cutie mark, and I found yer' tactics to be, a lil' too... extreme.

"Relax Scoots, nopony's seen her fer' the whole day!" Applebloom answered.

Hey the kid wanted to get her cutie mark didn't she?

So did she get er' cutie mark in the end of all yer' shenanigans?

That's not the point.

What?! That's exactly the point!


"Well, you never know." Scootaloo said.

Wee! I didn't know that travelling in a wagon as a doll would be so much FUN!

Sensing that their friend was not going to slow down anytime soon, the two little fillies simply clung onto the wagon as hard as they could and tried to protect their cargo best as they could. The little trio of fillies zipped past town, the locals were quick to stay out of the orange filly's way, making sure to give her PLENTY of space.

"Alright, where we headed again?" Scootaloo asked.

Yea, where we goin' anyways?

Probably to Sugar Cube Corner. Since it IS the closest after all.

Wait a minute, Scootaloo can't fly, Applebloom's an earth pony and Sweetie Belle's a unicorn. Who's gonna bring me back home?

Scootaloo's obviously going to bring you back with her silly!


"Alright, let's go drop off Pinkie Pie first." Sweetie Belle said.

Um gals, what if the animals don't recognize me? And Buster has a habit of chewing...

Don't you worry Fluttershy, I'm pretty sure they ain't gonna hurt ya'.

The scooter buzzed towards the bakery known as Sugar Cube Corner. Scootaloo made sure to put on the brakes just before they reached, skidding to a stop before the building.

"Alright we're here." Scootaloo said as she hopped off her scooter.

Sweetie Belle and Applebloom too hopped off the red wagon. Applebloom nipped Pinkie's ear and lifted her out of the wagon.

Aww, we're here already? Oh well, see you girls later!

The three fillies pushed the door open and walked into the bakery, Mrs. Cake was behind the counter, Mr. Cake was probably back in the kitchen or upstairs taking care of the foals. The Cutie Mark Crusaders walked towards the counter, Applebloom placed the Pinkie plushy on the counter.

I smell something good baking in the kitchen! Is Mr. Cake whipping up a batch

"Hey there Mrs. Cake!" Applebloom greeted

"Hello girls!" Mrs. Cake replied

"Is Pinkie in?" Sweetie Belle asked

Technically yes. But not Pinkie the pony, Pinkie the doll! But then again, I am a pony doll, does that count then?

"I haven't seen her all day. She should have been back by now to help out in the store."Mrs. Cake replied

"We haven't seen her either." Scootaloo said

"Where could that mare be?" Mrs. Cake asked

"We don't have a clue. Oh yea, Rarity made this fer' Pinkie. Would ya' mind givin' it ta' her?" Applebloom said with the Pinkie doll in between her teeth.

"Oh that's nice. I'll be sure to let her know that you all dropped by." Mrs. Cake said

But I'm right here.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders thanked Mrs. Cake and left the bakery. Mrs. Cake set the Pinkie plushy on the counter and went back to work.

I hope somepony fixes this soon. Being a doll is starting to get boring.

The Cutiemark Crusaders strapped on their helmets once more and leaped aboard their mode of transportation. The remaining plush dolls were nervous, they didn't know what was going to happen next, nor did they have anyway of fixing this mess.

Girls, what are we going to do? It's only going to be matter of time before we're all split up.

Fluttershy's right, we've got to think ah' something to get us out of this mess.

How about not failing this time?

Not helpin' Rainbow.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders sped through the streets of Ponyville, disregarding the pedestrians as they stumbled and/or dove out of their way. A completely unnecessary move considering the fact that Scootaloo could have easily just swerved out of the way instead.

This ain't no time to joke!

What can we do AJ? We can't move, can't do magic, and we can't even talk!

Then... we could... We could-

Applejack, the only way we're getting out of this is if somepony puts two and two together. And I'm going to take a chance and say that's not happening anytime soon.

That's not true!

Applejack, as much as I like your determination and all, Rainbow's right. We gotta depend on our friends and family to connect the dots if we ever wanna get out of this mess.[/color]

Applejack struggled to find a response, and with horrible realization setting in, she knew that her friends were right.