• Published 30th Mar 2013
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Plushy - Riptid3

The Elements find themselves turned into plush dolls.

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We friends of cloth share stitch and thread,
Our time we've spent, a full life led,
What is it here upon these blocks
That fills our souls so full of dread?

It was just another fine night in the tranquil town of Ponyville, not a single thing misplaced. The town was dark, most of it's residents had fallen asleep, the only building with any sort of light was the Carousel Boutique. Although it was done serving customers for today, it was now the venue of a slumber party for six certain mares.

The Elements of Harmony.

The six mares all sat in a circle, on their own sleeping bags save for Rainbow Dash who was hovering above everypony else.

"-and then I did a couple more barrel rolls and boom! Before I know it I just did another Sonic Rainboom!" Rainbow Dash said, a proud smirk on her face.

"That's nice and all, but Rainbow, don't y'all think we should be talkin' 'bout somethin' everypony here can relate too?" Applejack asked

"I guess." Rainbow Dash said as she shrugged.

"So, Rarity, how's the Boutique doing?" Twilight Sparkle asked

"Oh just wonderful! Business has been booming lately!" The marshmallow mare replied

"So, just out of curiosity, what's the most popular piece of fabric here in your shop?" Twilight Sparkle asked

"Silk definitely. Oh that reminds me! Would you excuse me for a moment, I have some business to attend to. I need your opinion on something." Rarity said

The alabaster mare walked over to a dress. It was made out of silk and was mint green with a lyre design on it.

"What kind of fabric do you think would be best on this dress?" Rarity asked her friends.

"What's the most fabric they use to make those exercise clothes?" Rainbow Dash asked

"Cotton." Rarity asked

"Cotton it is then!" Rainbow Dash said

"I was thinking more of Nylon." Twilight said

All five ponies pitched in as Rarity blasted the dress, trying to see which kind of fabric looked best on the dress. Literally there wasn't a millisecond of silence at all. The stress and irritation within Rarity was rising with every passing second.

"Would all of you just be quiet!" Rarity turned to face her friends just as her horn was lighting up with a ball of blue magic.

The beam of blue energy flew off the unicorn's horn and flew right into a mirror on the wall and then proceeded to continue bouncing everywhere, reflecting everything and anything that it came into contact with. The mares panicked save for Pinkie Pie who simply stood in place and squeed: "Woooooo! Light show!".

The five elements all ran off in different directions and trying to dodge the beam of magic in general, Rainbow Dash was hovering in the air trying to evade the light rod, Pinkie Pie still stood in the center gazing at the magic laser in awe.

After around half an hour of running around, the five mares all crashed into Pinkie Pie and landed in a heap as the laser bounced off a window and hit the elements and there was a blinding flash of blue light. When the light had faded, all that was left was a circle of black, the elements of harmony were nowhere to be found.

Instead, in their place were six technicolor plush dolls of the elements themselves.