• Published 19th Mar 2013
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Changing hope. - Meow Mix

[i]Second Person Story[/i] You x Scootaloo

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Chapter 1 - Season Ending

Changing hope.

Chapter 1 - Awakening.

Celestia's sun was glaring through the window once again. Birds were chirping, and the trees swayed left and right in the pleasant breeze. Rubbing your eyes to clear the sleep from them, you felt a filly's light breath slowly tickle the base of your neck. You tried to get a grip with your hooves only to find yourself stopped by another set. Scootaloo shifted her body to a position where her hooves are now wrapped around you. Her eyes began to open, revealing the beautiful purple eyes that seemed to gaze into yours.

“Morning,” she said with a smile. Her voice sounded a bit scratchy, mostly caused by tiredness and the lack of sleep. She gave out a little squeaky yawn and snuggled her body into yours.

“How did you sleep?” you asked with hint of worry.

“Not that good. And I feel a little sick. But you being here makes me feel a little better,” she said, kissing your snout. You glanced at the clock hanging on the wall, which read 7:00. You tried to get up, but a pair of hooves stopped your action. It was Scootaloo again.

“Hey umm, can we… ah, stay li… like this for a little whi… while? Please?” the tomboyish filly pleaded. Her breathing increased ever so slightly. You were about to speak out until a devious idea popped into your head. Your hooves traveled from her shoulders down to her soft stomach.

“Hey! What do y-” Scootaloo was stopped mid sentence as you rubbed your hooves on her belly. She was now in a laughing fit, begging for mercy. “He-hey aha stop i-it! Ha ha ha!” But this only made you rub faster and a little harder. She was now struggling to breathe, so it was time to stop. Her body fell back onto the bed and she gave out a little sigh. The rising sun from outside of the window was shining inside onto the filly's body, making her two times prettier. You decided to stay here, nuzzling your snout into her mane, taking in every detail of the purple softness.

2 hours later

It was now 9:00. Instead of the welcoming sun that you were expecting, it was raining, the sound of rain droplets splattering onto the window giving the morning a kind of beat. Looking over to your side, Scoots was still sound asleep, a tiny smile visible on her muzzle.

“This is my chance.” Placing your hooves onto the hard wooden floor, you carefully make your way to the door. Thankfully, the sound of rain muffled your hoof steps. As you came in reach of the door, a loud yawn came from behind.

Scootaloo yawned. “Morning... again, heh heh. Trying to sneak out on m...?”

Everything was suddenly silent. As you turned yourself back around to face Scootaloo, her face was frozen, no emotion visible. She was starting to shake faster every second, and her pupils shrunk.

“OhmygoshohmygoshohmygoshOHMYGOSH.” she yelled. You noticed the shock and fear in her voice as she sprang from the bed to the floor.

“Oh no oh no! My parents are going to be so worried and mad!!!” Her voice was filled with panic.

“Slow down Scoots. Wha-what do you mean?” you said in your most caring and low voice.

She was now on the verge of tears, shaking madly. “My parents don't know where I am. THEY HAVEN'T SEEN ME FOR TWO DAYS! I left a note on my table yesterday but that wouldn't get me out of this! Oh crap. They are going to be so mad! What am I go-” You cut her off by kissing her. You could feel her fear ease, now trembling to the kiss and moaning in surprise. But then her fear kicked in again. She broke the kiss and ran for the door, almost tripping over the rug.

“I’m sorry, but I have to go! Please forgive me! I will be right back, I promise.” With that, Scootaloo gives you a peck on the cheek and flies out of the front door, disappearing into the cold mist. The whole room was quiet, the only noise coming from the light drumming of the rain outside. You wished she could stay longer, but family does come first.

As you were walking down stairs, the word "Parents" was ringing in your ears. Of course, they would not be home for at least a few days. And today was the second day of their absence. You walked into the bathroom, eyeing the shower. “What could be better than a nice warm shower?”

Hours had passed since the moment Scootaloo said she would be right back. It was now 4:00 in the afternoon. Every now and then, you would look out of your window, hoping that the filly would be there. But every time, nothing would be there, save for an occasional pony walking by. The street remained sadly devoid of the one sight you wished to see.

In the meantime, you practiced flying. You only stayed aloft for a few seconds before touching the ground once again. Still, you had to admit you had improved over the last few weeks. In no time, you would be soaring through the air with Scootaloo. Now as for your cutie mark, you didn't quite care about it at this time, unlike certain ponies who wanted theirs immediately. By that, you meant the Cutie Mark Crusaders, who were always on a quest to find out their special talents .You, on the other hoof, were patient, and it never really came to mind.

The sun, now turning an orange shade, glared into your face as you looked out the window again. You began to think about how you are going to tell your parents that you now have a marefriend, and what their reactions were going to be. They had met Scootaloo on occasion; in fact, one time they had called her sweet and kind. They did sometimes tease you about it, but in a joking way,

It was now 7:00. The sun was now disappearing over the mountains, with the moon rising from the opposite horizon. By now you had given up on waiting for her. “Maybe she’s in trouble,” you mused. “If my parents didn't know I was gone for two days, they too would be mad.” Your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of your stomach rumbling. “Heh. I guess it’s time for dinner then.” With that, you sped off into the kitchen.

After devouring the dinner that your parents left in the fridge, a somewhat healthy meal of hay and daisies, you headed back upstairs. Each hoof step echoed through the empty house. Eventually you made it to your bedroom. The messy room contained various pillows and sheets scattered across the bed and floor, a mess left by this morning’s events. Without any hesitation, you flung yourself right onto the soft bouncy bed. The moonlight shined through the window and onto the door, giving the room a pale blue color. You felt tired. Even though all you did today was sit around in the house, you drifted asleep quickly, feeling the dark take over.

Author's Note:

Ok guys, This is in fact the worst chapter I have ever made in my story's. If this gets positve feedback then I will continue doing this sequel, Thanks for Alaborn for editing! Enjoy!