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Changing hope. - Meow Mix

[i]Second Person Story[/i] You x Scootaloo

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Chapter 5 - More Troubles.

Changing hope.

Chapter 5 - More Troubles.

You woke up, just as you've done every school morning for years. But something felt off this morning. You lifted your hoof to your face, where you could feel a lump. As you put pressure on it, it hurt. It felt like a bruise. “Ow!” you cried. You quickly got out of bed and trotted to the bathroom.

As the mirror came into view, you looked at your reflection, closing the door behind you. It was obvious what was causing the pain. Right on your forehead was a bruise, and it was big. “Now what could have cau-” you started. Then it all came flowing back. Emotions of depression, anger, and confusion. Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and of course what caused it. Her dad. What he did just made you cringe in fear. Was it going to happen again? Would Scootaloo be okay? Your mind was just one big mess.


“Hey son! Get ready for school,” your dad said through the door. “Your lunch is on the table. Your mum is already at work, and I’m about to take off. She’ll be home at 7:00 and I will be home around 7:30. We gotta talk tonight. Have a great day.” Then silence filled the air. You decided to have a quick shower, hoping the pain from your bruise would ease.

After your normal routine of having breakfast, brushing your teeth, and packing for school, you walked down the dirt road that leads to school. To be honest, you felt like crap, like something had just pissed you off and made you sad enough to almost make you cry. Right now, you didn't want to talk or even be noticed by anypony. Your thoughts wandered to a certain pony, the pony that always brings a smile to your face. Scootaloo. Ever since the events of yesterday, you found yourself worrying, and you hoped she would be okay. Thankfully, once you got to school, you could have her in your arms, comfort her, and-


“Ah!” You said in surprise. As you regained your composure. you noticed the familiar white unicorn filly standing there.

“Oh, um, sorry. Did I scare you?” Sweetie Belle said.

“A little....” you said, a little bit annoyed.

“I'm sorry... Can you forgive me?” she asked with sadness.

You sighed. “Yeah, I forgive you...” you said. Suddenly, you were pulled into a tight hug.

“Mmmmh, thanks. We should head to school,” she said.

“Sweetie... can... you… let go… of.... me?” you said, your air rapidly running out.

“Oh, uh... sorry, let’s go. I'm sure Scootaloo will want to see you” she said, saying the last part in a sarcastic tone. You started to get a bit worried about her. She’s done that two times now. But you decided to put that out of your mind for now.

You arrived at school. Ponies were chatting and talking just like yesterday, but instead of running for cover from a morning story, they were embracing the early morning sun. Apple Bloom called out to both you and Sweetie Belle and motioned for you two to join her. But Scootaloo was nowhere in sight.

“Hi, Sweetie!”

“Hey Apple Bloom!”

As Apple Bloom was about to greet you, she noticed the bruise on your forehead. She had a shocked expression, pointing to your injury. Sweetie Belle, noticing it for the first time, was similarly shocked.

“It’s... it’s a long story,” you say.

“I didn't notice that! Does it hurt?” Sweetie Belle said in a caring tone.

“No, but-”

“And Scootaloo says she cares for you.”

“Uhh,” is all you could say. Now it was getting weird.

Thankfully, Apple Bloom interrupted. “Ah think we should get ta class.”

You headed inside and took your seat. Once school started, Ms. Cheerilee started talking to the class. But again, you paid no attention. School had only just started and you buried your face into your hooves. There was still no sight of Scootaloo. Until….

The orange pegasus filly charged into class, breathing hard. “Sorry, Ms. Cheerilee, for being late. It won't happen agai-”

“Scootaloo. We discussed last year what would happen if you were late again. Speak to me after class.”

“Yes, Ms. Cheerilee...” she replied in a miserable tone.

As she sat down next to you, her eyes were directed away from you. She didn’t even acknowledge your existence. She just stared at the wall. She looked... terrible. She had bags under her eyes. Her mane wasn’t in its normal cool and messy state, it was just out of place, unkempt And… was that a bruise? How could that have happened?

“Hey Scoo-”

“ Don't talk to me. Please,” she said in a flat tone.

Those words. They hurt you. And they were coming straight from her

“Wh- what?” you said.

“You heard me. Don't e-ever talk to me again. We’re through, okay? All you have done in my life is bring me m-misery, an-and….”

A stream of tears flowed down her face. She closed her eyes and said to herself quietly, “This is not right. I'm sorry.”

“Scoots, what’s wr-”

“Stop, please. I h-” Whatever she was trying to say, she was struggling. “I hate you.” She got up and moved seats, letting out a few tears on the way. Not many ponies even noticed, being too busy with their own conversations.

That did it. You felt like your heart had been crushed. The filly that you loved, that you cared for, just said she never wanted to talk to you again. She just said she hated you. As you looked to your other side, you found Apple Bloom staring daggers at you. She looked annoyed and angry.

“Ya promised! And ya broke it! What in tarnation did ya do ta her?! I will make ya pay!” She said.

“Apple Bloom! What are you saying?” Ms. Cheerilee interrupted. “That is very inappropriate behavior. See me after class. ”

She opened her mouth to protest, but Ms. Cheerilee cut her off. “No buts. Just like Scootaloo, you will be seeing me after class.”

Apple Bloom grunted in frustration and faced away from you.

The day for you was terrible. Every friend that you had was now turning away from you. You had been crying silently during class, making sure no one noticed. As the bell was about to sound, Apple Bloom watched you, having been giving you dirty looks over the last few minutes of the school day. At the back of the room, you saw Scootaloo; it looked like she had been crying all day too. You wanted to look at her, see if she was alright, but if she caught you staring at her, she would cry even more. But Sweetie Belle... she had been smiling all day. Even after all that had happened today? These last two days had been a confusing, sad, and angry time, and you didn't think it was going to get any better any time soon.

But then something popped into your little colt head. Why did she do this so suddenly? Why now? And why is Sweetie Belle staring at you with a grin on her face?
Last night

“Dad! Pl-please s-”

“Scootaloo. You disobeyed me. And for that, there are serious consequences. And since your mum isn't here, I’m going to teach you a lesson.”

He lifted his hoof and smacked her right on the forehead, sending her flying into the stairs. She started to cry again, this time in pain.

“Da-dad! Wh-why?!” she said weakly, sniffling.

“Oh, and as a reminder, you are never ever to speak to that creep again! You are to hate him!” He raised his hoof. “I don’t need to tell you what will happen if you disobey me again. You got that?!”


“I can't hear you!” he yelled.

“Yes,” she said in fear.

“Good. Now get to sleep.”

Scootaloo bolted upstairs, running up to her room, the only place she felt safe. Her head was aching in pain and she cried for a very long time. She regretted what she was going to do the next day. Before she fell asleep, she whispered to herself.

“Please forgive me for what I am going to do tomorrow. I love you,” she said, thinking about the colt she loved deeply.

Author's Note:

I hope you guys enjoy the chapter, I kinda feel like its a little rushed, and MAY rewrite it. Editing coming soon!