• Published 19th Mar 2013
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Changing hope. - Meow Mix

[i]Second Person Story[/i] You x Scootaloo

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Chapter 4 - Overcoming Problems

“AN:This is when the story gets sad, I'm sorry if i made you sad :'(, But if i didn't, Then i hope you enjoyed this chapter.”

Changing hope.

Chapter 4 - Overcoming Problems

The early morning storm had ended long ago. The only remaining sign of this storm were a few small clouds, glowing orange in the late afternoon sunlight. The wind had passed, leaving the trees still and the atmosphere quiet as you and Scootaloo headed back into town. Scootaloo's wing was just touching you, making your cheeks flush red. She noticed this and quickly pulled her wings in.

“Oh-ah. Sorry,” she said in a low voice.

“It’s okay, Scoots!” you said while you nuzzled her cheek. She giggled at your action, and returned the motion. As the school came into sight, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle could be seen sitting down, talking to each other. As you got closer, your hoofsteps were loud enough for them to notice your approach. As their eyes darted to you and Scootaloo, Apple Bloom bolted to Scootaloo, knocking her pegasus friend to the ground in an embrace.

“Scootaloo, we’ve been so worried about ya,” Apple Bloom explained

“Yeah... worried,” Sweetie Belle said in a sarcastic tone. Apple Bloom gave her an annoyed look and ended the embrace. Sweetie Belle, in turn, just looked in another direction. Scootaloo was confused and so were you, but neither of you decided to say anything.

“Yeah.... Um, I'm sorry, girls. I just kinda freaked out. It’s a long story,” Scootaloo finally said.

Everything was silent now. By now, it was late afternoon, and your parents would expected you to be home soon.

Apple Bloom broke the silence. “Sooo... are you guys really... 'dating'?”

Scootaloo gave out a heavy sigh. Her eyes meet yours, her expression obviously asking if it was all right to tell. You nod with a smile. “Yeah,” she said with a little smile. Apple Bloom wrapped her hooves around Scootaloo once again.

“ Awww, that’s cute, Scoots. Congratulations!” Apple Bloom said with a grin.

“Thanks Apple Bloom,” Scootaloo said.

Sweetie Belle looked away once again, but with a tear in her eye, “I-I have to go,” she said with a weak voice. She galloped into the direction of where your house and Scootaloo's house were. You don't normally worry much, but all that was going through your head were three words.

“What just happened?” you said, looking at Scootaloo.

“What's wrong with her?” the orange filly asked Apple Bloom.

“I’ll… I’ll tell ya later. Besides, it’s time for me ta head home. See ya guys tomorrow,” Applebloom said. Then she stopped next to you and whispered something into your ear. “You guys are too cute. Take good care of her, will ya?”

“Of… Of course,” you said. And with that, Apple Bloom was off.

“I think it’s time for me to head home too,” Scootaloo confessed with a bit of regret.

“Yeah... me too,” you said.

As you look back to Scootaloo, gazing in her eyes, she suddenly leapt forward and brought you into a deep kiss. You returned the kiss, even more passionately. Her hooves went to your shoulders, and you did the same. Everything was peaceful. Great weather, great scenery, and of course a beautiful fillyfriend. Nothing could ruin the moment, but you knew it would have to end.

Scootaloo broke the kiss. Or, rather, somepony else did. As you opened your eyes, you found yourself looking at a tall brown stallion with a purple-black mane and blue eyes. He towered over you. He had Scootaloo's hoof in his grasp, and had pulled her away from you. You looked back to Scootaloo; she seemed to be hiding under her mane. Then you looked back to the stallion; he was staring daggers into you.

“How dare you do such things to my daughter!” he said to you in a harsh tone. You were speechless. Your body was frozen and you could have sworn your heart was too. Then something hard hit you across the face, bringing you back to reality.

“If I ever see you with Scootaloo again, you will be getting a lot more than that,” he warned. “Come along, Scootaloo.” Her face had an expression of horror and sadness. Tears started to flow down her chin and it was killing you on the inside just seeing her like this.

“No, Dad,” Scootaloo said defiantly.

“You are coming home right now!” he yelled. Scootaloo’s father started to drag the filly you love away. She started kicking, screaming and crying at the same time. The last thing that you could was her dad saying something. “Scootaloo, you are never to talk to that colt EVER AGAIN. And if you disobey me, ther-” The rest of his warning was lost as his voice grew distant.

Then that was it. It was almost pitch black. You stood alone, and all that was going through your mind was “What just happened?” So many emotions were flowing through you. Anger. Depression. Fear and pain. You felt like you were going to cry, but you tried to keep it together. It all felt like one big dream. No, not a dream, a nightmare.

But you knew it wasn't a nightmare; it was very real. You had a lot to think about. But for now, you had to get home, or else your parents would be angry. Again.

As you made your way to your front door, you turned the handle right and opened it. The door made a low creaking sound, just like the door of a decrepit haunted house in an old movie. You made your way further into the house, heading in the direction of your room. You heard a voice.

“Where have you been? It’s not like you to be late like this again. You’re lucky Dad’s home yet. He would throw a fit,” your mum said. A tear finally escaped you eye, one that had been building since the events that happened earlier today.

“I... I need to be alone,” you said. “I'm going to sleep.”

As Sweetie Belle galloped away from her friends, a tear escaped her eye. She ran, not thinking of where she was headed.

“Maybe th-things are supposed to b-be how they a-are...” she said, tears now flowing freely. Then an idea popped into her head. An evil grin formed on her face. There was something that could bring the colt she liked, the colt she loved a first sight, to be hers and hers alone. But it was terrible, something that could ruin her friendship. It could possibly mean the end of the Cutie Mark Crusaders if things turned out bad enough. But as she thought more, she knew it was worth it. In the end, she would have him, and he would be all hers, even if he chose not to. And she knew what to do to start off. She changed direction, now running with purpose

Sweetie Belle made her way to the house that belonged to her fellow Crusader’s family. She knew just how to start her plan. She knocked onto the door, and it was opened by a large stallion... with a brown coat, purple-black mane, and blue eyes.

“Hello h- Wait, you’re one of my daughter’s friends, aren’t you? Do you know where she is?” he asked in a desperate tone.

“I am! And yes, I do. She’s in front of the school... with her colt friend.”

Love can make you do crazy things. Sometimes, it can be more than just crazy.

Author's Note:

Ok guys, I hope you enjoyed the chapter! Editing coming soon!