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Changing hope. - Meow Mix

[i]Second Person Story[/i] You x Scootaloo

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Chapter 7 - Secrets Revealed and Devils unmasked.

Thanks to Alaborn For editing!

Changing hope.

Chapter 7 - Secrets Revealed and Devils unmasked

As the week went on, things started to quiet down. Apple Bloom hadn't spoken a word to you since that time she barged into your house. But at least the death stares had ended. Now, as for Scootaloo.... She finally built up the courage to speak to you. It didn't work out well. Ever since Sweetie Belle told you the secret about Scootaloo, you had completely ignored her. Every time you did, she would fall to the ground and cry, begging for you to talk to her. Sweetie Belle never talked to Scootaloo or Applebloom for some strange reason.

This all started the same day Scootaloo lied. You were still hurt and depressed. Your parents found out about what happened. They tried comforting you as much as they could, but it was no use. Your mom finally suggested you take a long walk and relax. As you walked, you agreed that it helped, but only a little.

You stood bright and tall on a hill, looking out over the wilderness with Ponyville at your back. The wind washed over your mane and fur every now and then, in tune with the waving of the trees and grasses. The sky was blue, with Celestia's sun casting a shade of orange over the grasses.


Scootaloo was orange. She lied about loving you. All the things she did for you were a big lie. You hated orange.

No. You hated Scootaloo. And unlike her hate for you, you had a good reason. Then, a painful surge coursed through your body, running straight to your heart. Why were those words so hard to say? Why did you suddenly feel like crying? Yesterday's moments started to play in your mind.

* * * * *

“Ple-please!” Scootaloo said between sobs.

You continue walking, not even acknowledging the filly begging for your forgiveness. She had been following you since the end of school. You didn't know why she was still trying. After all, Sweetie Belle said Scootaloo was just using you for her own benefits. So why was she asking for forgiveness?

“Wa-wait! I'm sorry! Just talk to me! I kn-know wh-what I did was ba-bad. But I ha-have a good expl-explanation why!” she said, choking on tears.

Your heart became weak. Just seeing her this sad and miserable made you want to forgive her and embrace her. But another side of you wanted her to feel bad for what she did.

“Please ju-”

You broke, not in sadness, but in anger.

“Look. All you've done to me is cause pain. How could you lie? Did you even love me?” you say in a harsh tone.

“Wh-what?” Scootaloo replied in a panicked tone. She knew what was coming next.

“Sweetie Belle told me.”

“N-no...” She said

“Rumble, aye? Broke his heart the same way you did mine? Lied, like you always have? I trusted you! I loved you, and you just used me. You used us,” you say in a low tone.

“I kn-know! I'm sorry! But that isn't why! I still love you! My dad ha- ”

“Scoots, just get away from me, I....”

Those words. They were so hard to say.

“I hate you.”

And with that, you left Scootaloo crying into the ground. You had never heard her cry so much. You kept up your pace, heading home. The sound of crying grew distant, but it couldn't stop a tear escaping your eye.

* * * * *


A voice suddenly came from behind you, interrupting your thoughts. You turned around, revealing a yellow pony with bow in her red mane.

“Ahm talking to you!”

“Oh, it's just you. What is it?” you say.

“Don't give me that tone mister! You know darn well why ahm here to talk,” Apple Bloom protested.

“How should I know? Just please leave me alone. I feel li-”

“Come on! Why didn't ya give her a chance to explain herself?” she asked.

“Knowing her, she would have just lied ag-”

Apple Bloom's hoof connected with your face. You expected a hit from the strong earth pony filly to really hurt, but it just left your face stinging.

“Listen here! She ain't lyin'. If you really knew what was happening between us, you would go straight to her!”

“What do you mean 'us',” you say in confusion.

“Sweetie Belle and Ah have been affected by this too! If you knew what really happened you would not even be friends with Sweetie Belle,” she said.

“Wh-what do you mean?”

“Wow, you sure are dumb,” she replied in a harsh tone.

“Sweetie has been there for me from the very start. She is the on-”

“She set you up!”

Everything went silent. The only sound in the air was the gentle wind blowing through the trees.

“Scootaloo gets abused! A lot! How do you think she came to school on Tuesday with a bruise?”

“She....she does?” you said, no emotion in your voice.

“Yes! And you know why Scootaloo broke up with you?”


“Somepony told her dad about you, and he made Scootaloo break up with you. He made her by hitting her. And you know who told him?”

“Wh-who?” you replied.

“Your so-called best friend, Sweetie Belle!” Apple Bloom said.

“I... I don't believe you!” you yelled, tears starting to leak out of your eyes.

“Why do you think she was acting weird when she saw you and Scootaloo together? Why do you think she was always saying bad things about her? She wants you! Please believe me. I know it's hard. She may seem like a normal innocent filly, but she's crazy and full of jealousy, and will do anything to get what she wants. Even if it means hurting her friends.”

Apple Bloom grabbed you into a tight and warm embrace. You sobbed into her mane. Was it true? Was Sweetie Belle planning this all along? Right now, you didn't know who to trust. All the things that had been said.... You closed your eyes and gave out a soft sigh.

“Go to her.”


“Scootaloo. She needs you, more than ever.”

At first, you were hesitant to do what Apple Bloom said. But remembering what she said, about Scootaloo being abused, about a filly who's hurt and alone.... She needed you. And you needed her.

You galloped towards Scootaloo's house, not knowing the consequences that would follow.

Author's Note:

Hey guys, finally posted another chapter, I feel neutral to this chapter, But, When this story is finished, I will probably do a massive rewrite, By the way we are heading near the end. Which means a long chapter is on the way. Enjoy.