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Changing hope. - Meow Mix

[i]Second Person Story[/i] You x Scootaloo

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Chapter 6 - The truth and the lies.

Massive thanks to Alaborn For editing !

Changing hope.

Chapter 6 - The truth and lies

You clutched your head in your hooves. As the school day progressed, the throbbing pain had only increased. The bruise on your face felt even more tender than it had this morning. Ponies were eying your bruise; you could hear as they whispered about it with each other. You were sad and angry, but what showed on your face most of all was the confusion you felt. The clock ticked in time with the throbbing in your head as the final moments of school approached.


“Have a great day, everypony!” said the teacher. She turned to your friends. “As for you two, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo, you will be staying an extra 20 minutes.”

Just like every school day, colts and fillies barged through the doors, eagerly seeking to get away from school and get home. But you took your time today. You weren't in a hurry. You didn't want to get home fast, nor did you have somepony to see. A glance back reminded you that you used to have a reason why. Apple Bloom and Scootaloo were quietly talking to each other, facing away from you, as you finally departed.

“Hey wait up!” Sweetie Belle said, chasing after you.
Scootaloo's POV.

“So, umm, what happened between you two? And how did ya get that bruise?” Apple Bloom asked

Scootaloo's mind went blank. She was already depressed after what happened the previous night. As she was about to confess why she broke up with you, her dad’s words echoed through her mind. "I don’t need to tell you what will happen if you disobey me again." Not wanting to risk getting hit again, she quickly thought of an excuse to avoid the real answer.

“Uhm, He said h- he...”

She knew this was wrong.

“He said... he never lo-loved me. Then....”

Her heart was hurting.

“He hit me.”

Apple Bloom was shocked, her eyes tearing up. She grabbed her pegasus friend, bringing her into a caring embrace. Scootaloo cried into her shoulder. Not just because she lied to her best friend, but also because she lied about the pony she loved.

“Once ah get my hooves on that colt...” Apple Bloom hissed.

“Wa-wait, what? Are you g-going to hurt hi-him?” Scootaloo said in a panicked tone.

“Oh ah will. He hurt ma best friend, emotionally and physically. I will hurt him,” she said

Scootaloo now felt ready to faint. All these emotions were too much for her. Not only did she lie to her, but now he was going to pay for it. “Apple Bloom, it’s okay. I me-”

“No, Scoots, he needs to pay for what he did.”
Back to 2nd Person POV

You walked the streets of Ponyville, but not alone. For the first time in a while, it wasn't Scootaloo, but rather Sweetie Belle, who accompanied you. She had asked to walk home with you, and you obliged. Along the way, she asked you questions. Questions like “Why did Scootaloo break up with you?” and “Are you all right?” Again, Sweetie Belle used a sarcastic tone whenever she mentioned Scootaloo. This brought a pain in your heart. To be honest, she was starting to annoy you. Ever since yesterday night she had been acting weird around you and whenever Scootaloo was mentioned. Any time you looked away away, you noticed out of the corner of your eye the way Sweetie Belle stared at you, her eyes half closed, and a massive grin on her face.

“Hey, um, Sweetie, can you stop asking me questions about the breakup? I still feel like crap,” you said

“Oh, sorry. I guess I got a little carried away. Besides, you don’t need her. She treated you bad. You deserve better.”

Something was off.

“She was probably using you. Like she used Rumble.”

You stopped walking. Your eyes were wide open with what Sweetie Belle just said.

“Sweetie? What do you me.... You mean, she had a coltfriend be-before... me?” you said, panic evident in your response.

“Oh yeah, before you arrived here, she was in love with Rumble. I thought she would’ve told you.”

You were speechless.

“They had been going out for a week, and they were both in love. At least, that’s what Rumble thought. All Scootaloo wanted from him was attention. What made her do this in the first place was her family. They didn't pay enough attention to her. She felt unloved, hated, and ignored. Her mother was the only one who showed that she cared for her. Her dad, well, he was harsh, and sometimes abusive. So she started to use other ponies. One day, she found out Rumble was crushing on her. She took advantage of this. When she broke up with him, she did the same act that she did to you. She swore to me never to tell anypony, because of what other ponies might think. She didn't want to expose her dad. But I’m not going to hide this from you, because I care for you.”

What you just heard made your heart stop. All this time, she was just using you, just to get attention. She never loved you. She never cared for you. All she cared about was herself. You felt like you were going to cry.

“I... loved... her... and... she... was... faking the whole time?”

Sweetie Belle embraced you. You sobbed into her shoulder. She quietly hummed into your ear, trying to calm you down. Each second her grip got tighter, as if she was trying to savor the moment. After minutes of sobbing, you quietly calmed down and ended the embrace. “Sweetie... thank you, for being there for m-me.”

Sweetie put a hoof to your mouth. “Shhh, it’s okay, I’m here for you,” she said

Minutes passed, the two of you just sitting there quietly.

“Hey, I'm going to go home. I need to be alone right now,” you said

“Oh... okay. Well, I hope you feel better. See ya!” she said.

As you turned to head home, you stopped and looked back to her. “And Sweetie... thanks for telling me. Now I know the truth from the lies.”

“No problem. Why would I lie to you? You’re my friend. That’s what friends do,” she said with a grin

“We soon will be more then friends,” she thought to herself.

You arrived home. Everything in your house was still. No sound could be heard. Your parents wouldn’t be home for quite a while, so you were alone for the time being. You slowly walked upstairs to your room, each step making a creaking sound. In your room, everything was dark. The blinds were shut, the wooden tiles cold. You crawled into your bed, slowly closing your eyes. A tear escaped as you recalled what Sweetie told you.


The stillness was interrupted by the sound of countless knocks on your front door. You tried to ignore it, keeping your eyes shut tightly. Hopefully, whoever was out there would go away.


This time the noise was louder than just a knock. Whoever was at your door was banging on it, almost hard enough to break glass. As you got up from your warm bed, you heard a voice call out.

“OPEN UP NOW!” the voice said. You couldn't identify the voice from this far away, but it was somepony with a southern accent.

You got to the door and slowly opened it. That revealed just who was causing the banging.

Apple Bloom.

Her eyes were red. She was breathing heavily, and her facial expressions revealed that she was quite obviously pissed off. You had a pretty good idea why she was here.

“How dare you!” she yelled.

“Wha-what?” you replied, confused.

“Not only did you break my friend’s heart, but you also hit her!” she said furiously.

“Wait, what? I nev-”

“Remember what ah said in class? Well, ah don't break it, unlike you.”

Apple Bloom lifted her hoof and pulled back, readying herself for the collision to come.

“Wait! Just listen!” you pleaded.

Apple Bloom stopped her swing, though her hoof was still raised. “Go on,” she said in a flat tone.

“What do you mean ‘me’ hitting her? I did no such thing!” you said in defense.

“Don’t lie! Scootaloo told me what happened last night. She said ya never loved her and smacked her across the forehead. I am not letting another pony break her heart again.”

“Why would I hit her? I loved her! Besides... that’s not what Sweetie told me!”

“What did she tell ya then?!” she said, almost yelling.

“She told me about Rumble. About when they were together. What Scootaloo did to him,” you said.

Apple Bloom’s eyes shot open with what you just said.

“What she did ta him? You mean what he did ta her. Rumble did the exact same thing to her. I made sure he never spoke to her again. By making him p-”

“Sweetie told me she used Rumble, just like she used me,” you said, cutting in.

Apple Bloom was speechless. “N-no, he....”

“Sweetie told me Scootaloo never got any attention and felt hated and unloved. That her dad was abusive and everypony around her ignored her. When she found out that Rumble was crushing on her, she took advantage of him. And when she broke up with him, she made up why he did. Just ask Sweetie Bel- ”

“No! She... why... why didn't sh-she tell me?” Apple Bloom ran away, tears running down her face. What she just heard—the abuse, the lies, and the truth—was too much for her.
Apple Bloom’s POV

Apple Bloom rushed down the dirt road, tears falling from her eyes, staining the dark ground. All that was on her mind was Sweetie Belle. She had to find her. Only she could tell if you were lying or not. Every hoofstep Apple Bloom took got her closer to her destination. As she neared the Carousel Boutique, Rarity exited. Upon seeing this, Apple Bloom stopped, wiping a few tears from her eyes.

“Hey, Apple Bloom. You here to see Sweetie Belle?” Rarity asked.

“Yea-yeah...” she replied, trying to keep a straight face.

“Well, she's upstairs dear. You two have fun!” Rarity said, happily walking off.

Apple Bloom rushed through the door and up the stairs. Her mind was set on what to say, what to do, and what would happen. As she saw Sweetie Belle’s room come up, she slammed the door open. She flung open the door so fast, loose pieces of paper flew off the table. Apple Bloom looked over the dark room. Surprisingly, Sweetie Belle was nowhere to be seen. Apple Bloom’s gaze fell on a book sitting on the table. A candle was lit next to it casting an orange-yellow glow on it. Apple Bloom had a feeling. Something was telling her to open the book and read it.

Apple Bloom approached the book. The word “Diary” was written across its cover in an old-fashioned font.

“This must b-be Sweetie’s diary.”

Apple Bloom was tempted to open it. But... it was wrong. And it would intrude on her best friend’s privacy. Her mind was telling her it wasn’t right. But when she came back to reality, she found her hooves had already opened the diary.

Dear diary:

A new colt just arrived a few days ago, and ever since he joined our group, I've been getting these feelings whenever I think about him. I mean, whenever he sees me, I can't bring myself to see him face to face. I’m so nervous. I need help.

Apple Bloom wasn't surprised at what she had just read. She turned to another random page, which appeared to be stained in a few places by teardrops.

Dear diary:

I love him! I don't know what’s wrong with me. Ever since the first time we met, I knew he was the one. He is so perfect. His name, his eyes. He's just sooo cute. My feeling for him... I... I just don’t know what to do. Should I tell him how I feel? Do I ask him to be my coltfriend? But I think somepony else might have an eye on him. Scootaloo is one of my closest friends. She has been giving him smiles every now and then. And now he’s teaching her how to fly. I don’t know what to do. If we both love him, it could lead to us fight. I don't want that.

Apple Bloom was starting to get worried about where this was headed. She flipped a few pages ahead, not knowing what she was about to find out.

Dear diary:

I loved him! He really seemed like he was interested in me. But then “she” had to take him away from me, When I found out they were together, I thought I could pull through. But it was too hard. I knew that if I can’t have him, then nopony can.

Today, I did something horrible. Yet, I don't feel guilty. So therefore I don't care. I mean I was the one who loved him first right? Scootaloo isn't good enough for him. I bet she's going to fake the relationship just like the last one, and break his heart. Oh well... they won't be together for long. Her dad won't be happy about some colt dating his daughter. And a pl-

“Apple Bloom, what are you doing in my room?”

Apple Bloom stopped reading. She stood completely still, knowing the pony behind her caught her. She slowly turned around, revealing a calm but angry-looking Sweetie Belle. As they both stared at each other, Apple Bloom spoke up.

“Sweet-Sweetie... how could ya?” she said, tears welling in the corner of her eyes.

“You don't see it, do you? I loved him first! He should've been mine. But nooooo, Scootaloo had to come in and steal him from me. It was her plan from the start!”

“Sweetie! Is this all because of being jealous? Is this why you are acting so strange lately? You drove them apart. Why?”

“She was going to hurt him anyway! Remember Rumble? She didn't get hurt, he did! Scootaloo just wanted attention and love. She used him. Just like every other colt she will ever meet or da-”

“Ah... ah don’t believe ya! Scootaloo is a kind and caring po-”

“HA! You know why she only told this to me? Because she was afraid of losing you as a friend. She thought that if you found out, your friendship would end. You and I were the only ponies who cared about her,” Sweetie Belle replied.


“Now what are you going to do? Tell on me?”

Apple Bloom headed for the door, walking slowly, deliberately ignoring her.

“Answer me!” Sweetie Belle yelled.

Apple Bloom paused and looked back. “Sweetie, Ah don't know what ta think of you. You took things way too far. Now, I'm going to talk to Scootaloo and sort things out.” she said, and then walked out of the room.

“Pfft. I don’t need her,” Sweetie Belle said to herself.

Apple Bloom walked to Scootaloo's home with her head hung low. She was wondering whether she should feel sorry for Scoots, or feel angry. Scoots did lie to her, and she had hidden a secret from her for almost a year. But she did have a good reason. Living with no one really caring for her must be terrible. As Apple Bloom approached her destination, something seemed off.

“You never listen or so anything right! Just get out. I've had enough,” the stallion said.

Scootaloo suddenly walked out of her house. Standing in the doorway, her dad had a very angry look on his face.

“Bu-but I’m sor-”

The door slammed on her. A sad Scootaloo sat on the front step with her head hung low, softly crying. Apple Bloom approached the filly. Her instinct on seeing her friend crying was to comfort her. She pushed her doubts away.

“Scoots? What happened to you?” Apple Bloom said with great worry.

Scootaloo just looked up at Apple Bloom with teary eyes. Apple Bloom opened her arms, signaling for an embrace. Scootaloo couldn't hold it in any longer. All the things that had happened to her recently, all caused by one pony. Scootaloo lunged into her, letting out all the tears, all the hurt and sadness.

“Appl-Apple Bloom, I can’t handle it an-anymore. Everypony hates me. Nopony cares about me, or even likes me,” she said, stuttering a few times.

“Shhh... It’s okay. Now, tell me what's wrong.”

“O-okay. You see, my dad is always angry at me. He never wanted a filly. He wanted a colt. B-but my mom thought otherwise. She wa-was happy to have a filly, from the moment I was born, to now. My dad hates me. He says I'ma waste of space, because I have no friends, and I haven't even learned how to fly. But my dad n-never shows his hatred of me around my mum. She doesn't know all the things he says to me, all the things he does. If I told my mum what he was doing to me, I'm scared that he would do even worse things to me.” Scootaloo just looked to the ground with a frown.

“Scoots... Ah didn't know. I'm sorry.”

“Don't be. You didn’t know.”

Everything was still. Both Scootaloo and Apple Bloom were silent, and things were starting to get awkward. Apple Bloom’s thoughts were starting to wander. She then remembered why she came out here. Her head was telling her not to mention it, but her heart said it must be done, for her sake.

“Scoots. Ah know the truth about you and Rumble... why you dated him.”


“Ya lied to me. How could ya? I thought we were best friends.”

Scootaloo was in shock. She couldn't speak or move.


“Ah told you everything. Ah trusted you.”

“P-please fo-forgive me Ap-Apple Bloom! I'm sorry! I didn’t want to lose you! Please, you have to unde-understand!”

Apple Bloom just stared at her with a plain expression. Every moment for Scootaloo was torture. The thought of losing her as a friend, losing her for good, was painful. Then, Apple Bloom spoke up.

“I...I forgive ya.”

“Y-you do?”

Apple Bloom took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

“Yes, Ah can't stay mad at ya Scoots. You're like a sister to me. Ah can understand why you lied to me. You had reasons. And Ah respect that. Ah love ya Scoots.”

They both hugged each other, not caring that it was cold or dark. All that mattered to the two of them was that they were together.

“Scoots... we gotta make this right.”

Author's Note:

I'm sorry guys if this chapter is confusing, If I get complaints of how much it was rushed, I will remake it with more detail and better understanding, Hope you guys enjoy.