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Changing hope. - Meow Mix

[i]Second Person Story[/i] You x Scootaloo

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Chapter 3 - Options

Changing Hope.

Chapter 2 - Options

There’s a time in life when you can completely forget about school, a time that comes with each long holiday. Every day, not having to wake up early, knowing you could just stay in bed and sleep in. Staying up as late as you want. Seeing friends, and a particular mare too. But what happens when that time suddenly ends?

The early morning welcomes you to an overcast day. Out the window, black clouds churn together in the dark sky. You decide not to even bother getting up. You begin to fall back into what dreams await you until....

Without any warning, a loud voice echoes through your head, drowning out all other sounds around you. You jump straight out of bed, almost tripping over the few blankets that were scattered around the room. “Come on! It’s almost 8:00,” Mum says in a mocking but caring tone.

“How could I forget... school. By the way, aren't you supposed to be at work?” You thought

“I don’t start work till tomorrow. Now shower, eat breakfast, and get to school, or you'll be late!” Says your mum

Trotting downstairs to the shower, you quickly turn the knobs trying to set the water to the right temperature. All that is set in your little colt head is school. School means working, which means thinking. You hate thinking. And since the holidays are over, you'll have to do this, five days a week.

“CRACK!” The boom of thunder shakes your house.

“I guess I’ll be walking in the rain today,” you mutter. “I can feel today isn't going to be my day....”

After you finish breakfast, Mum is nowhere to be seen. This was not the first time she randomly disappeared. As you walk into the kitchen, you find your saddlebag placed on the bench, your lunch and the usual school stuff already packed. You grab the dull brown saddle bag and head out to the place you call “hell”.
The streets of Ponyville are filled with ponies running around, looking for shelter from the watery missiles. Some couldn't care less if they got wet, and some are even panicking. You, of course, are with the ones who don’t care if they get a little wet. Every now and then the sound of thunder is heard, and an occasional flash of lightning illuminates the sky. After a little while walking, you come across the Carousel Boutique, home to the Element of Generosity and Sweetie Belle.
Speaking of Sweetie Belle, a filly suddenly bursts through the front doors, saying her goodbyes to her sister. She turns around, now facing you. Her once even expression is now filled with excitement. A smile starts to form on her face, and she gallops to you, embracing you in a tight hug.

“Hey! It’s been sooo long. I've missed you,” she says.

“Ye-yeah... I've… missed you too. How was your holiday?”

“It was alright, though it can get boring being with my parents. How about you? I know Scootaloo wasn't doing anything either. What did you guys get up too?”

What are you going to say? Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom don't know yet. What if they are against your relationship with Scootaloo? What if Scootaloo doesn’t want to tell anypony either? What if she wants to keep it a secret?

“We… did stuff.”

“Heh heh, sounds fun! Hey, we should head to school before Cheerilee has a fit.” The two of you walk down the dirt path. Suddenly, Sweetie Belle speaks up. “And I... missed you too.”
Various fillies and colts can be seen in the schoolyard. Every pony is having a conversation with another, most having something to do with their holiday, but then the rain begins to pour down. That’s when everypony starts to head inside. You and Sweetie Belle spot Apple Bloom and Scootaloo talking to each other.

“Hi guys,” says Apple Bloom in her usual accent.

“Hey Apple Bloom,” Sweetie says.

“How was your holiday, Sweetie?”

As those two continue their conversation, you find yourself alone with Scootaloo. The two of you look away from each other awkwardly, only catching glimpses of her purple irises.
As you are about to speak, she suddenly grabs your right hoof and pulls you behind a tree. Luckily for you, Applebloom and Sweetie Belle don't notice this action, as they are too busy talking. Once the two of you are hidden from everypony, Scootaloo connects her lips with yours; she blushes slightly as she kisses you. You gladly kiss back.

“Hey,” she says with a smile. “We need to talk.” she says ending the kiss.

“W-what about?” you say nervously, expecting to hear bad news.

“Can you not let the rest of the crusaders know about us? I will tell them when the time is right. Just... not now.”

“Oh right... of course. But does this mean we have to act like friends in public?”

“Unfortunately, yes.” she said.

“I-is something bothering you, Scoots?” you say, worried.

“Oh, uh, n-no, of course not! What makes you think that?” she says.

“I just have a feeling something is bothering you.”

“N-no, I’m fine. Now, uh, let’s get to class and get out of this rain.”

As the two of you walk to class, you realize something. You could have sworn somepony was listening to your conversation. A figure quickly dashes into the school. It was hard to tell but... you could have sworn the figure was wearing a bow. And the only pony that wears a bow is Appl- “No, it couldn't be. She’s not like that, ha ha. Maybe I’m imagining things,” you think to yourself.

Like last year, school feels like it will go on forever, and it did not help that you stare at the clock for half the day. On the right side of you is Apple Bloom, and on the left is Scootaloo. Sweetie Belle is just in front of you. The three of them whisper across the room; they are thinking of new bright ideas for getting their cutie marks. Every now and then Scootaloo gives you a wink, or mouths the words “I love you” or “Hey cutie” with a grin. It seems that her more daring side is showing; either that, or she doesn’t remember what she said at the start of school. But there are mistakes, and mistakes are made.

“I love you.”

What she just said, makes your heartbeat go a lot faster than usual. Shivers go down your spine. Not only did she just say “I love you” across the room, but you aren't the only one who just heard it. Everypony in the row in front of you and in back of you makes noises of disgust. Applebloom and Sweetie Belle give each other a confused look before turning to Scootaloo.
“Wh-what did ya say Scoots?!”

“Uhm I-ah, what I meant to s-say wa-” Scootaloo said as she started to tear up.

“Ah knew it!” Applebloom says with glee.

“Class, please be quiet,” Cheerilee cautions. “Now could someone please an-”

You thought you would never say this, but thank Celestia for Ms. Cheerilee cutting in.
The classroom quiets down, with the only sound being the teacher writing on the chalkboard and talking about fractions. As you look to Apple Bloom, she has a smile on her face. A very big smile. You were trying to accept the fact Apple Bloom has found out about the relationship. By the looks of it, she is taking it very well. But Scootaloo looks like she is about to cry. You were about to say something, only to be interrupted by Apple Bloom.

“Scoots! Is-is it true? Are ya really datin’ ‘him’?” she says, pointing to you.

“It’s n-not like th- I mean um….” Scootaloo began to stumble her words.

“Ah knew it! You are, aren’t ya?!” she says, a little too loud.

“Yeah Scoots! Are you?” Sweetie Belle interrupts.

“I...uhm, well, sorta, but….” Before she could continue Ms. Cheerilee speaks up.

“Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo. Please pay attention, or I will have to keep you in after school. Now….”

As the last few moments of school go on, there is no more talking from the crusaders. All of their faces look down, not facing one another. Just... a.... few... more… seconds....


“Have a great day my little ponies, and remember to do the math exercises for homework!”

As everypony exits the building, Scootaloo bolts, almost looking teary eyed.

“Scoots wait!” Sweetie Belle and Applebloom say simultaneously.

“Guys... I-I have to go after her, sorry, see ya,” you say, galloping after her.

As Scootaloo gallops through the outskirts of Ponyville, you try to catch up to her, yelling for her to stop as loud as you can. But she doesn't seem to listen. You try to think of an idea. You know Scootaloo can’t run forever, and you see her slowing down. As you get closer to her, she finally stops by a pond. The pond itself is crystal clear, with a few lily pads in it and a willow tree nearby. She walks down to it and sits on the edge, catching breath. You try your best to be quiet, as Scootaloo thinks she is alone.


“Oh, it’s you. Hey,” She says in a sad tone.

“What happened? Why did you just run away?” you say, walking a little closer to her.

“I-I don’t know. I was stressed out. I am confused right now.”

“What happened in class? Why didn't you tell them?” you ask. Tears start to flow down her cheeks.

“I don’t know! I was scared. I promised you that I wouldn’t te-tell the crusaders, but I blew it. I was afraid that you would hat-hate me, so I ran. I’m sorr-Mmhp.”

You interrupt Scootaloo by connecting your lips with hers. You kiss her passionately, trying to calm her down, and it works. At first she squeaked in surprise but she slowly eases down into your grasp. You break the kiss and nuzzle her cheek, extending your wing, just touching hers.

“Scoots, I love you. There is nothing that will make me mad at you. What you did today was just an accident. If somepony should be apologizing, it should be me. I should've spoken up at that moment. If I had, things would have been resolved. It’s my fault. You should have nothing to be sorry about.” As you look back to Scootaloo, her face has a smile and her eyes are watery. She bounces and brings you into an embrace.

“I… I love you too,” she whispers into your ear.

“Not to ruin the moment, but I think we should head back. I bet Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle are expecting something from us.”

“Good idea,” she says, smiling.

Author's Note:

Ok guys this is not the end of the story, Believe me, Anyways i hope this chapters was interesting. Thanks to alaborn for editing!!
Enjoy guys!