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Changing hope. - Meow Mix

[i]Second Person Story[/i] You x Scootaloo

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Chapter 2 - Confession

Changing Hope

Chapter 2 - Secret

It has been a week since the two of you confessed to having feelings for the other. The days have gone quite fast, in fact. It seems now that weeks turn into a couple of days, days turn into hours, hours into minutes. Next thing you know, it’s time for school. After the incident where Scootaloo rushed back home, she had been coming over to your house a lot lately. Your normal day is “Wake up. Eat breakfast. Go for a walk. Meet Scootaloo. Come home. Eat some more. Sleep.” Then that would cycle over and over. As for your parents, they had arrived home yesterday, late at night. Before even greeting you, they immediately checked that everything was still in place, and nothing was smashed or broken. As for school, you were due back in one week, which means another year of boring old class. But then again, nothing is boring for you when the CMC are around, each filly discussing another exciting yet dangerous plan for how to get their cutie marks. They ranged from cleaning ponies’ windows to something resulting in getting complaints from half of Ponyville. Scootaloo was the one who came up with the dangerous and risky ones. You couldn’t help but eavesdrop.

You ran through the forest, each step echoing through the woods. All that was on your mind was getting to your destination in time. You knew how she could sometimes be impatient, and you were not planning on making her annoyed. “Oh no. I hope she isn't mad. Please don't be mad. What if she left and thought that I wouldn't show up?”


It was late afternoon. Everything seemed calm and quiet. Your dad was now back at work, while your mom was not; she still had another week off. She was watering the garden, a garden that’s still thriving despite not getting enough attention. The hot sun shined on your face as you exited the front door.

“Honey, dinner’s going to be ready in two hours. Where are you going?” Mum said in a sweet tone.

“Oh, um… I’m just going to see Sc… Scootaloo, Mum,” you said with a hint of nervousness. Your mum was now giving a suspicious look. She was on to something.

“You’ve been seeing that filly quiet a lot lately. You should invite her over here one day. You two are like best friends.”

“Well that is true. She was the first friend I made. Of course we’re best friends,” you said in a low tone.

“If I wasn't mistaken, I think you two are more than friends,” she said, obviously trying to have a little fun embarrassing you.

“Mum! Stop, please!”

“Ha ha ha, I'm just trying to have a little fun. It’s now 5:00. Be back by 7:00 because I'm cooking dinner soon, okay?”

“It’s 5:00? I'm late, Ihavetogoseeya,” you replied, almost yelling so loud your voice cracked. You disappeared into the dark woods.

“Please be there!”
As you ran through the forest, all that was going through your mind was to reach the peak where you were supposed to meet Scootaloo. Every day for the last week, you two would ways come to "this" spot, where the two of you spent some time together. Sometimes you spent your time cuddling and nuzzling each other, and other times Scootaloo worked at teaching you how to fly. Yes, after teaching her and acting like a mentor, she is now a mentor to you. Ever since the day she learned how to fly, her confidence has improved. You had always found it cute when Scootaloo tried to be "confident" around you.

Finally, after what seemed like an endless run through the forest, a large clearing with a small waterfall came into view. Everything seemed so natural and untouched. The water was so clear you could see the bottom of the pool. Colorful birds that you had never seen in your entire life were perched on a branch sticking out of the waterfall. But in the middle of the clearing was the reason why you came to this very spot. Right In front of you was a very impatient Scootaloo. Just looking at her expression told you that she was angry and annoyed. This sent an electric tingle down your spine. “You’re late” she said in a cold tone. Something felt wrong. She would never use a tone like this, even to you.

“Sorry Scoots, my mum held me back. But if you’re mad at me, then I understand.”

Her face completely changed from the one before. What was once an annoyed Scootaloo now became a happy, forgiving filly. “It’s okay! It’s not your fault after all. I’m sorry for using that kind of tone, I've been having family issues of my own,” she explained, nuzzling your cheek.

“Is everything all right?”

“Not really....”

“What happened? I want to help. But only if you feel comfortable telling me,” you said, obviously worried. She looked up at you, and then charged at you full force, knocking you to the ground and hugging you.

“Heh heh... of course I feel comfortable around you!” she says, giggling. “But... I don't know if you want to hear it.” She looked away from you.

“Come on Scoots. You know me, I'm ready for anything,” you said, giving her a small peck on the cheek.

“Okay, you asked for it….” She paused, steeling herself before continuing.

“My dad doesn't want me to see you anymore.”

The words that came out of Scootaloo’s mouth seemed to make time freeze. Even the surrounding sound seemed to disappear from existence. A cold chill went through your body. “Her dad doesn't want her to see me an..anymore?”
Questions ran through your mind. As you tried to speak, all that came out was a "wha" or "why", meaningless syllables that still managed to express your surprised, sad tone.
“A few days ago I told my parents that I ‘liked’ someone, well, you. And that you liked me. My mum was surprised but happy for me, while on the other hoof my dad was not. What didn't make it any better was that he knew I stayed over at your place.”
Entering Scootaloo's POV
I ran down my street. Small droplets of water that came from the heavens splashed onto my mane and coat, making me more miserable and nervous. It seemed like it took forever to even reach my house, knowing that my mum and dad were home, worried. Finally, I reached the place I call home. It wasn't very big, or fancy, but to me it was home. Walking up the small steps that led to my front door, my mind was in disarray, and my body was shaking wildly. I slowly turned the handle of the door, revealing the inside of my home. “M… mum, Dad, I’m h… home,” I yelled loudly. Everything was silent for a moment then the sound of hoofsteps could be heard coming closer. My parents ran to me and embraced me.

“Scootaloo! Where have you been?” My mum asked, sounding worried and terrified.
On the other hoof, my dad didn't quite act the same way. “You have a lot of explaining to do!” my dad groused. I didn’t know what to say. The tone of his voice made me freeze, and I felt scared.

“We... well, you see, you know that friend I’ve been seeing a lot lately... and have a crush on?”


“No,” my dad says.

“Well, yesterday afternoon I was upset. We talked it out. It was getting late, and he thought it was not safe for us to walk in the dark. So he invited me over to his house. And one thing led to another.... He kissed me,” I said, looking away, smiling and blushing furiously.

My mum had an expression of anger, but it was replaced by a small smile.
“Awwww,” she said to herself. “My daughter’s gro-”

“He what?! How dare he kiss my daughter without my permission? You are grounded for a month!”

“WHAAAAAAAAT?!” I said aloud. Anger rushed into my body and I felt like I was going to cry.

“You are too young to even do this kind of stuff. I don’t want you to see this colt anymore, or there will be consequences,” my dad yelled furiously.

“Wh… why do y... you do this?” I said, now in tears. “Wh… why can’t you und... understand we love each other?” I ran to my room, slamming the door shut, anger still filling me. All I could hear from downstairs was my mum and dad arguing.
Back to 2nd person POV
“That's why I can’t see you often now. My dad has always been strict whenever I make a new friend who is a colt. And also we... tend to fight a lot. The only reason I am here right now is because of my mum. She is the only pony who understands our relationship,” she said, tucking her head into your chest.

“Well... I love your mom. But this is all my fault. If I had just come with you and explained, I co-” You were interrupted by a set of lips connecting with yours. You were quite surprised by her action, but you returned the kiss passionately, and then eased Scootaloo down.

“It’s not your fault, and besides, you would have received a hard lecture from my dad.”

“Ha ha yeah…. Hey, Scoots?”

“Yeah?” She said, confused.

“I love you.”

For some strange reason, Scootaloo's eyes became teary, and she smiled.

“I... l… love you too”

Author's Note:

Thanks to Alaborn For editing! Appreciate it a lot!. Do you guys want a name in this story? Instead of saying "you" all the time, I could give "YOU" a name in this story. Or leave it as it is. Constructive criticism is helpful!