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A Magnificent Desolation - CyberCommand

"It was a Magnificent Desolation" that is what we said before we saw the.... -buzz Aldrin

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A Magnificent Desolation

Present day
Buzz Aldrin
Location: Hospice ████
Buzz Aldrin retells the story of how he landed on the moon and meet ███████ ████

"Magnificent Desolation" Is what i called it I went their with adventure but came back a Changed man yet not for landing on the moon, not for being one of the most famous humans in its recorded history, not for being the first man to leave the moon, but for ███████ a ████ of ███████ █████

Buzz Aldrin is now on his death bed after living a very long life he has had in the space program

"Mr. Aldrin can you please tell us what happened one last time?" said one of the nurses in the Hospice home housing buzz Aldrin the second man on the moon and the first man to leave the moon.

" I mean with Neil gone you are the only link to what actually happened...." another nurse said

"wait you believe in that BS that we never landed on the moon? no let me tell you what happened off camera what actually happened. we didn't just land say our speech and go home." Aldrin replied

July, 20 1969 above the sea of tranquility
made █████ with █████

"It all started in the lunar module as we were descending towards the lunar surface" Aldrin narrates
--------- -------- --------------- ------------------- ----------------- ----------------------- --------------------- ---------------------- ----------------

"You are go for landing" Huston says through the radio

"Roger we are go for landing Buzz" Neil said to Me

" I heard Neil"

As i piloted the LM down to the surface

I was very focused on not crashing into the giant craters that surrounded us

"60 seconds" Huston said

"Confirmed" i said as i moved faster

"How about over their the nice flat dark soil away form the craters" Neil said

"Alright over their then"
"I made my way over to the safer landing zone i was just focused on landing not about the history that were were about to make, hell we could have crashed and died right then right their and i would not be talking to you right now telling you about the story"
"4 forward. 4 forward. Drifting to the right a little. 20 feet, down a half" i said

"30 seconds" Mission control said

"Drifting forward just a little bit; that's good"

"Contact light" I said

then Armstrong told me "Shutdown" and i did as i was told

"Okay.Engine stop."

"ACA out of Detent." I told Armstrong and mission control

"Out of Detent. Auto." Neil said

"Mode control, both Auto. Descent Engine Command Override, Off. Engine Arm, Off. 413 is in" i told Neil and Huston

" He copy you down, Eagle" Mission control said to us

Then Armstrong said the words that everyone was waiting for " Engine arm is off...Huston, this is tranquility base here...The Eagle has landed"

"we took about 2 hours to get us suited up and ready to go outside on the moon
"Okay Neil we can see you coming down the ladder now" Huston said

" Im at the foot of the ladder, the LM foot pads are compressed in the surface about .. one or two inches, although the surface amperes to be ...uh very very fined grained as you get close to it, its almost like a powder"

"Im going to step off the LM now"

then as i watched from the outside window with my suit on and the rest of the world from television screans he said the phrase that everyone in the world remembers him for saying

"Thats one small step for Man... One giant leap for Man kind"

The whole world cheered as he landed on the moon as i would latter call a "magnificent desolation"

about 20 mins latter i went outside to step on the moon and be the second man in history to do so.

i stepped foot on the moon and had a good feeling in my mind.

as i put my foot on the moon i joined Neil and planted the flag and got to talk to the president.

"Alright ladies this is where your version of the story and my version cross very diffident paths . Now NASA will say to you that their was NO life on the moon. Their wrong. not only was their life she was able to communicate to us without speaking ans she understood English. The CM was on the dark side of the moon so we had no communication with earth only me and Neil were their "
"Hey Neil what is that blue shape out in the distance?"

"I don't see an- wait ... i see it .. and holy cow its moving! Are you seeing this Buzz?'

"Yes Neil do you think its alien?"

"Defiantly Buzz"

As she came over to us she was no human. she was a midnight blue pony about 6 Feet tall with a horn wings and a tiara plus her mane (or hair) was flowing like their was wind sparkling like the stars and twinkling.
"Neil this is big we shold make Contact with this Alien"

" Agreed Buzz.. how are we going to do that though? .... Wait a minute did you bring that paper and pen? "

" Yes but how is that going to help Neil?"

"Buzz trust me write something quickly down its coming closer!!!!"

as she came closer i quickly speed Hi on the piece of paper she walked up looked at us

she came right up to us looking at us with curiosity

i steeped froward she in return looked away and took a step backward

I held out my peace of paper to her with the pen she looked at the message that i wrote

it read

"Hi we come in peace for all mankind'

the note pad floated from my hand into some form of light like glowing telekinesis that was dark blue the same as here coat

She looked at the note pad with interest but still slightly in fear she took a step back

i was amazed that it looked like she was reading and it blew my mind when she actually wrote back on that same piece of paper
it read

"Hi I'm princess luna who are you?"

i read it back to Neil and told him that we had just made history not only are we the first human being on he moon but the first to discover intelligent life on another world and communicate

i wrote back
" I am Lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin and this is commander Neil Armstrong"

she seemed still scared and wrot back

" Are you Robots?"

i laughed a little and me and Neil both took off our golden visors so that she could see our faces living breathing faces.

" No princess we are living humans beings from the planet earth right behind us"

she sees our faces

she write back " I have been on the moon ever since my sister banned me to the moon about 921 years ago"

i respond by hugging here and writing " we can only be here for a coupe of minutes before we have to leave forever"

She returned the hug and then reads what i wrote

she then replies with puppy dog eyes and writes " can you please spend the last few minutes on this moon with me?"

i look at Neil who responds by nodding

we proceed to have fun jumping and exploring the moon we show her our ship and the plaque that we left their on the moon

we briefly explained humans and NASA and us being the first men on the moon

she told us a little bit about equestria on he home planet and how she is the goddess of the night and the moon that both earth and equestrian sky have

she showed us the best rocks and when it was time to go when Huston said that we have 10 mins of oxygen left

our last communication with princes Luna was this message me and Neil wrote

" Luna, Buzz and Neil have to go now to our home planet their should be more of us coming on the moon but they will be very spread out so be on the lookout"

her last message to mankind read " Buzz and Neil thank you for bringing me joy"

and with that we took a picture with me Neil and Luna on the moon along with her hoof steps

"Alright buzz its your first onto the LM" Huston said

"Roger copy mission control"
I got in the LM
with Neil and waved as Luna watched us blast off to join Michele Collins in orbit
As i docked with the CM and got the hatch undone michel asked me one thing
"How was it?"
I replied the only thing coming into my mind

"It is a magnificent Desolation"

flash forward present day
"That was an interesting story buzz" the nurse said

"Yes is and it is completely true" Buzz Aldrin said

Just them Princes Luna walked in startling the Nurse

" Leave us" Buzz said to the nurse

"Yes sir" the nurse said as she left to Get security

"Are you Buzz Aldrin?" she asked

"Why yes princes Luna i am" he said as he held out his hand for a shake

"Thank you for bringing me joy all those years ago i would ask if you come to my home planet with Your commander Neil."

"Um princes.... Neil ..... he died not to long ago" Buzz was on the verge of tears and Luna started to water up

Luna embraced buzz in a hug and then said "Buzz i'm sorry"

Buzz broke the hug and accepted her offer to go to equestria to explore another world

the nurse came back with Security stunned to see an Alien technicolor pony

Buzz asked "You guys want to here the real story of the landing on the moon?"

Luna's horn begun to glow and then in a flash of white light they were gone

Dedicated to Neil Armstrong August 5, 1930- August 25, 2012

Author's Note:

Neil Alden Armstrong
(August 5, 1930 – August 25, 2012)
Armstrong died in Cincinnati, Ohio, on August 25, 2012, at the age of 82
"among the greatest of American heroes—not just of his time, but of all time"

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