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A Magnificent Desolation - CyberCommand

"It was a Magnificent Desolation" that is what we said before we saw the.... -buzz Aldrin

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Just something my friend wrote (his own version of my story)

This is not an actual chapter just something my friend wrote to make me laugh and wanted it as a chapter.

it was written by This guy

he is trying to supposedly "ghetto-out" fics

and he did a pretty good job

he will do any thing and turn it like this here is the Blog post just provide him the link to the thing you want ghetto-out and he will write it for free (duh its not like he can charge)

Here it is:
"Magnificent Desolation" Is what tha fuck i called it I went they wit adventure but came back a Chizzled playa yet not fo' landin on tha moon, not fo' bein one of da most thugged-out hyped humans up in its recorded history, not fo' bein tha straight-up original gangsta playa ta leave tha moon yo, but fo' �-��-��-��-��-��-��-� a �-��-��-��-� of �-��-��-��-��-��-��-� �-��-��-��-��-�
Buzz Aldrin is now on his fuckin lil' dirtnap bed afta livin a straight-up long thuglife he has had in tha space program
"Mista Muthafuckin fo' realz. Aldrin can you please tell our asses what tha fuck happened one last time?" holla'd one of tha nurses up in tha Hospice home housin buzz Aldrin tha second playa on tha moon n' tha straight-up original gangsta playa ta leave tha moon.
" I mean wit Neil gone yo ass is tha only link ta what tha fuck muthafuckin happened...." another nurse holla'd
"wait you believe up in dat BS dat our crazy asses never landed on tha moon biatch? no let me rap what tha fuck happened off camera what tha fuck muthafuckin happened. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! our crazy asses didn't just land say our rap n' go home." Aldrin replied
July, 20 1969 above tha sea of tranquility
made �-��-��-��-��-� wit �-��-��-��-��-�
"It all started up in tha lunar module as our crazy asses was descendin towardz tha lunar surface" Aldrin narrates
--------- -------- --------------- ------------------- ----------------- ----------------------- --------------------- ---------------------- ----------------
"Yo ass is go fo' landing" Huston says all up in tha radio
"Roger our crazy asses is go fo' landin Buzz" Neil holla'd ta Me
" I heard Neil"
As i piloted tha LM down ta tha surface
I was straight-up focused on not crashin tha fuck into tha giant cratas dat surrounded us
"60 seconds" Huston holla'd
"Confirmed" i holla'd as i moved faster
"How tha fuck bout over they tha sick flat dark soil away form tha craters" Neil holla'd
"Alright over they then"
"I busted mah way over ta the safer landin unit i was just focused on landin not bout tha history dat was were bout ta make, hell our crazy asses could have crashed n' took a dirt nap muthafuckin right then muthafuckin right they n' i would not be rappin' ta you muthafuckin right now tellin you bout tha story"
"4 forward. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! 4 forward. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Driftin ta tha muthafuckin right a lil. 20 feet, down a half" i holla'd
"30 seconds" Mission control holla'd
"Driftin forward just a lil bit; that's phat"
"Contact light" I holla'd
then Armstrong holla'd at mah crazy ass "Shutdown" n' i did as i was holla'd at
"Okay.Engine stop."
"ACA outta Detent." I holla'd at Armstrong n' mission control
"Out of Detent fo' realz. Auto." Neil holla'd
"Mode control, both Auto. Descent Engine Command Override, Off. Engine Arm, Off. 413 is in" i holla'd at Neil n' Huston
" Dude copy you down, Eagle" Mission control holla'd ta us
Then Armstrong holla'd tha lyrics dat mah playas was waitin fo' " Engine arm is off...Huston, dis is tranquilitizzle base here...Da Eagle has landed"
"we took bout 2 minutes ta git our asses suited up n' locked n loaded ta go outside on tha moon
"Okay Neil our crazy asses can peep you comin down tha ladder now" Huston holla'd
" Im all up in tha foot of tha ladder, tha LM foot padz is compressed up in tha surface bout .. one and two inches, although tha surface amperes ta be ...uh straight-up hella fined grained as you git close ta it, its almost like a powder"
"Im goin ta step off tha LM now"
then as i watched from tha outside window wit mah suit on n' tha rest of tha ghetto from televizzle screans da perved-out muthafucka holla'd tha phrase dat mah playas up in tha ghetto rethugz his ass fo' saying
"Thats one lil' small-ass step fo' Man... One giant leap fo' Man kind"
Da whole ghetto cheered as he landed on tha moon as i would latter call a "magnificent desolation"
about 20 mins latter i went outside ta step on tha moon n' be tha second playa up in history ta do so.
i stepped foot on tha moon n' had a phat feelin up in mah mind.
as i put mah foot on tha moon i joined Neil n' planted tha flag n' gots ta rap ta tha prez.
"Alright ladies dis is where yo' version of tha rap n' mah version cross straight-up diffident paths . Now NASA will say ta you dat they was NO thuglife on tha moon. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. Their wrong. not only was they thuglife dat biiiiatch was able ta communicate ta our asses without bustin lyrics ans she understood English. Da CM was on tha dark side of tha moon so our crazy asses had no communication wit earth only me n' Neil was they "
"Yo Neil what tha fuck is dat blue shape up in tha distizzle?"
"I don't peep an- wait ... i peep it .. n' holy cow its moving! Is you seein dis Buzz?'
"Yes Neil do you be thinkin its alien?"
"Defiantly Buzz"
As dat thugged-out biiiatch came over ta our asses dat biiiiatch was no human. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. dat biiiiatch was a midnight blue pony bout 6 Feet tall wit a horn wings n' a tiara plus her mane (or hair) was flowin like they was wind sparklin like tha stars n' twinkling.
"Neil dis is big-ass our crazy asses shold make Contact wit dis Alien"
" Agreed Buzz.. how tha fuck is our crazy asses goin ta do dat though? .... Wait a minute did you brang dat paper n' pen biatch? "
" Yes but how tha fuck is dat goin ta muthafuckin help Neil?"
"Buzz trust me write somethang quickly down its comin closer!!!!"
as dat thugged-out biiiatch came closer i quickly speed Yo on tha piece of paper dat biiiiatch strutted up looked at our asses
she came muthafuckin right up ta our asses lookin at our asses wit curiositizzle
i steeped froward she up in return looked away n' took a step backward
I held up mah peace of paper ta her wit tha pen she looked all up in tha message dat i wrote
it read
"Yo our crazy asses come up in peace fo' all mankind'
the note pad floated from mah hand tha fuck into some form of light like glowin telekinesis dat was dark blue tha same stupid-ass as here coat
Biatch looked all up in tha note pad wit interest but still slightly up in fear she took a step back
i was amazed dat it looked like dat biiiiatch was readin n' it blew mah mind when she muthafuckin freestyled back on dat same stupid-ass piece of paper
it read
"Yo I'm bizzatch luna whoz ass is yo slick ass?"
i read it back ta Neil n' holla'd at his ass dat our crazy asses had just busted history not only is our crazy asses tha straight-up original gangsta human bein on he moon but tha straight-up original gangsta ta discover intelligent thuglife on another ghetto n' communicate
i freestyled back
" I be Lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin n' dis is commander Neil Armstrong"
she seemed still scared n' wrot back
" Is you Robots?"
i laughed a lil n' mah crazy ass n' Neil both took off our golden visors so dat dat thugged-out biiiatch could peep our faces livin breathang faces.
" No bizzatch our crazy asses is livin humans beings from tha hood earth muthafuckin right behind us"
she sees our faces
she write back " I done been on tha moon eva since mah sista banned mah crazy ass ta tha moon bout 921 muthafuckin years ago"
i respond by huggin here n' freestylin " our crazy asses can only be here fo' a cold-ass lil coupe of minutes before our crazy asses have ta leave forever"
Biatch returned tha gangbang n' then readz what tha fuck i freestyled
she then replies wit mini-dawg dawg eyes n' writes " can you please spend tha last few minutes on dis moon wit me?"
i peep Neil whoz ass respondz by nodding
we proceed ta have funk jumping and explorin tha moon our crazy asses sheezy her our shizzle n' tha plaque dat our crazy asses left they on tha moon
we briefly explained humans n' NASA n' our asses bein tha straight-up original gangsta pimps on tha moon
she holla'd at our asses a lil bit bout equestria on he home hood n' how she is tha goddess of tha night n' tha moon dat both earth n' equestrian sky have
she flossed our asses tha dopest rocks n' when it was time ta go when Huston holla'd dat our crazy asses have 10 minz of oxygen left
our last communication wit princes Luna was dis message me n' Neil wrote
" Luna, Buzz n' Neil have ta go now ta our home hood they should be mo' of our asses comin on tha moon but they is ghon be straight-up spread up so be on tha lookout"
her last message ta mankind read " Buzz n' Neil fuck you fo' brangin me joy"
and wit dat our crazy asses took a picture wit me Neil n' Luna on tha moon along wit her hoof steps
"Alright buzz its yo' first onto tha LM" Huston holla'd
"Roger copy mission control"
I gots up in tha LM
with Neil n' waved as Luna watched our asses blast off ta join Michele Collins up in orbit
As i docked wit tha CM n' gots tha hatch undone michel axed mah crazy ass one thang
"How tha fuck was it?"
I replied tha only thang comin tha fuck into mah mind
"It be a magnificent Desolation"
flash forward present day
"That was a horny-ass rap buzz" tha nurse holla'd
"Yes be n' it is straight-up true" Buzz Aldrin holla'd
Just dem Princes Luna strutted up in startlin tha Nurse
" Leave us" Buzz holla'd ta tha nurse
"Yes sir" tha nurse holla'd as she left ta Git security
"Is you Buzz Aldrin?" she axed
"Why yes princes Luna i am" da perved-out muthafucka holla'd as he held up his hand fo' a shake
"Nuff props fo' brangin me joy all dem muthafuckin years ago i would ask if you come ta mah home hood wit Yo Crazy-Ass commander Neil."
"Um princes.... Neil ..... da ruffneck took a dirt nap not ta long ago" Buzz was on tha verge of tears n' Luna started ta gin n juice up
Luna embraced buzz up in a gangbang n' then holla'd "Buzz i'm sorry"
Buzz broke tha gangbang n' accepted her offer ta git all up in equestria to explore another ghetto
the nurse came back wit Securitizzle stunned ta peep a Alien technicolor pony
Buzz axed "Yo ass pimps wanna here tha real rap of tha landin on tha moon?"
Luna's horn begun ta glow n' then up in a gangbangin' flash of white light they was gone

Dedicated ta Neil Armstrong August 5, 1930- August 25, 2012

Author's Note:


But is all seriousness guys RIP Neil Armstrong and all astronauts who have died in the line off duty and who have died peacefully may god bless them on their journey to the heavens also for you cosmonauts too.

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2194714 Don't like it:rainbowderp: Loved the story, hated this 'ghetto' version.


well then just tell that to this guy i did not write the second part it just work me up form my depressing school life and made me laugh so hardb in science class (dont ask) sory you did not kike it i just had a realy good laugh at it

2194910 Meh, I have a different sense of humour I guess:derpytongue2:

While reading this, I listened to this twice.



epressing school life

I thought I had that..


PS...I like it. :D


common you know then they moved them off when they weren't facing the sun thanks anyway


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