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White on Black - TheSexyMenhir

“You are hereby invited to the wedding of her royal majesty Princess Celestia of Equestria.” Twilight is stunned when she receives this message, especialy since she didn't know that Princess Celestia had been seeing anypony...

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I don't wanna go out

White on Black
Ch.02 “I don’t wanna go out”

Princess Celestia; She was a neverending example of motherly warmth and just rulership. Nothing short of Discords reappearance could ever break her well kept contenance.

A beam of materialised friendship shot past the solar matriarch’s face accompanied by somepony shouting: “Take that, vile temptress!”

Celestia’s mane, coloured in the many tones of the dawn sky, flowed, carried by an ethereal wind. Her white figure looked like it was chiseled from the purest alabaster. Yes, surely there was nothing that could ever tarnish her perfect presence.

A flare of green balefire whizzed past her, while a deep womanly voice announced: “You fools, nopony will stand before the might of the changeling queen!”

Gently, the ruler of Equestria -pardon, one of the rulers of Equestria- raised the teacup in front of her, taking a small sip of the special blend that was only delivered to the royal palace. The divine aroma touched her taste buds, at the same time calming her and providing her with the energy she needed for the rest of her day.

“Geronimo!” the small purple dragon screamed while he was catapulted across the room.

Celestia took a small moment to hold the cup in her hoof, releasing it from her levitation magic, to feel the warmth it was emitting. Yes, this moment was truly peaceful.

“Argh!” the small, and slightly singed, purple dragon screamed while he was catapulted across the room.

The empress of ponykind looked around the throne room. In front of her was a small tea-table, brought by some of her more steadfast servants. To her right a few changelings had build an impromptu fortification from her throne and the muckus they could produce. To her left, the door had been ripped from its hinges by powerful unicorn magic and was currently providing cover for six ponies and a small dragon.

She smiled. Her little ponies never ceased to amaze her. Thus far there hadn’t even been any casualties. All in all it could be said that things went a lot smoother than she had expected.


When both warring factions had exhausted their supply of magic and easily throwable dragons, they made a hasty retreat. Chrysalis barricaded herself in the bedchambers, while the Element-bearers regrouped in the courtyard.

Celestia leaned against the wooden boards of her bedroom door. When she listened closely she could hear angered snorts, grunts and the occasional buzzing coming from inside.

“Sweetie?” the goddess of the sun asked, facing the barricaded door. For a short moment she regretted reinforcing it with that much of her own magic. The floor fell completely silent. This particular kind of silence however was caused by someone trying to ignore someone else, it was just quiet enough for the other to know that he was being ignored.

“Sweetie, are you alright?” Celestia once again asked the closed door.

After a few moments a grumbling reply came from inside: “Oh don’t worry. I’ll be perfectly fine once I crushed those pesky little....” The rest of the sentence was lost in incomprehensible, anger-filled mumbling.

Celestia rolled her eyes, but when she started speaking again her voice didn’t betray any annoyance. “Sweetie, we’ve talked about this.” She straightened herself in a perfect imitation of a strict governess and said: “No smiting of the mortals.”

The hallway once again fell silent, leaving Celestia to stare at the still closed door. Then a light chuckle could be heard coming from the bedroom. Celestia smiled with relief when the door opened.

“You did warn me that things would turn out like this,” The emerging changeling queen said, managing to make it sound like the whole situation was somehow Celestia’s fault.

“Well to be fair, you did try to conquer all of Equestria the last time you met them.” Celestia said a hint of a smile on her face.

“Would have worked too, if it hadn’t been for that niece of yours.” The changeling queen replied, a mock sour look on her face.

For a short moment the two rulers were locked in a duel of stares. Chrysalis was the first to break and shortly after Celestia joined her in a heartfelt laugh. The two lovers shared the brief moment of joy with each other, but all too soon Celestia became serious again.

“I better see to it, that my dear protege doesn’t arrange a lynch mob.” she said, really wishing that she were exaggerating.

“Yeah, I doubt that she would be hard pressed to find volunteers.” Chrysalis said, looking out the window at the crowd that had assembled at the far side of the draw bridge. For a short moment the haughty look on her face disappeared, replaced by a mixture of doubt and despondency.

“Give them time, they’ll come around. If they get a chance, they’ll be sure to surprise you. Starting with those six.” She gestured at the six ponies that were currently storming out of the castle’s front door.

When Chrysalis was still looking doubtful, the solar monarch put a wingtip under the hive-queen’s chin, forcing her to look at her.

“Trust me.” She said, before drawing the changeling in for a kiss.


“So much for discretion.” Applejack managed to squeeze out between heavy breaths. The equally exhausted Twilight shot her an apologetic look. All of them had darted out the throne room, as soon as it became apparent that even with the Elements they couldn’t do anything as long as Chrysalis was all bunkered up.

While they laid on the grass in the courtyard, Twilight tried to regain control of the situation.

“Did everybody make it out?” she asked trying to raise her head enough to look around.

“Rainbow Dash?” she started to recall from her mental checklist.

“Did you really expect ME to fall behind?” the columbia blue pegasus asked raising an eyebrow.

“Pinkie Pie?” Twilight continued.

“I’m okie dokie lokie.” the Element of Laughter chimed, inexplicably not out of breath unlike her companions.

“Rarity?” the lavender Unicorn asked, this time with more concern in her voice, since she wasn’t really sure of the fashionista’s constitution.

“It... *gasp*... would … *wheeze*... very...*cough*...unladylike....*gasp*...tofallbehind.” Rarity replied, in a not quite ladylike manner, before collapsing back into the grass.

“Fluttershy?” Twilight finally asked for the last member.

“I’m okay...” the butter coloured Pegasus replied from her hiding spot under a small scrub, “It’s nice and cozy and safe under here.”

Twilight sighed in relief; at least they didn’t lose anypony.


A small purple dragon -decidedly not a pony, as Twilight would argue later on- was currently facing three changelings. His eyes darted back and forth between his opponents. He just had to keep his cool; as soon as he would show fear, he would lose. THERE! It was just a small blink, but the changeling to his right had betrayed his emotions to the merciless dragon. Now was the time to strike.

“I raise by five.” the small dragon said confidently pushing a small stack of poker chips onto the sizeable pile that had collected in the middle of the table.

“Klick, klick klick.” the changelings on his right said, disgustedly throwing his cards on the table.

“Nice try.” the purple dragon laughed, while he pocketed his earnings. “What I always wanted to ask you guys: do you get a dental plan?”

“Klik klik, klik ,klikklik.” Another changeling replied eagerly.

“Really?” Spike replied scratching his chin deep in thought. “Do you think Chrysalis is hiring?”


It was strange: When Twilight had first received the letter, she had been consumed by a disembodied sense of dread, that had driven her close to the edge of sanity. Now that the shit had hit the metaphorical fan, she was alright, cheerful even.

“Twilight?” Rainbows concerned voice dragged Twilights mind back to the situation at hand. Her five friends, who had recovered from the abrupt retreat by now, had gathered and were now staring at her. Quickly she wiped the dopey grin of her face.

“So, what do we do now?” she asked.

Pinkie slowly raised her hoof.

“Does it involve: Party Cannons, whipped cream, timberwolves and/or mustaches? Then no...” Twilight said firmly.

Pinkie slowly lowered her hoof.

Twilight closed her eyes and rubbed her temples (she didn’t know how non-Unicorns survived without being able to do this). When she felt her headache recline a bit she said: “So... who feels like organizing an angry mob?”

A gentle cough, coming from behind her, cut her search for volunteers short. Twilight froze. There was only one pony in the world that could make a cough at the same time so utterly unobtrusive and so unquestionable authoritative.

She opened her eyes and looked at her friends, who had problems deciding if they should flee in terror, attack, or bow before the Princess of Equestria, that was surely standing behind her.

“What did I tell you about angry mobs?” The warm and motherly voice of her mentor asked. Instantly pangs of guilt shot all out through Twilights body. She couldn’t help but feel like a little filly that had just been caught with her hoof in the cookie jar.

“No angry mobs without asking you first.” She mumbled head hanging low, before she reminded herself what they had just witnessed in the throne room.

Twilight shot around, slowly backing away from the warm face of her beloved mentor.

“Be careful girls. We don’t know if she is being controlled by the changelings right now!” The purple Unicorn shouted, while she and her friends once again fell into formation.


Celestia had feared that it would turn out like this. She really didn’t blame her protege, actually she was a bit proud that Twilight was so strong, even when having to face a beloved person. Slowly she sat down in the gras.

“Twilight, I need you to calm down.” Celestia tried her best to seem even more peaceful and calming than normal. (A few bunnies and birds that were currently strolling around the courtyard, suddenly felt the urge to start a community centered around the values of peace, love and kindness - a few years later they seceded and founded the free republic of Courtyardia, much to the dismay of the royal gardeners.)

“I know what the situation must look like to you, but I assure you that it’s not what it seems.” Celestia said.

“So you’re not really in love with Chrysalis, because you’ve met her at a time of helplessness causing you to feel pity for her, which then blossomed into a relationship, and now you’re trying to convince us to give her a second chance?”

Five ponies looked at the Element of Laughter, who in turn beamed at them with a smile that would have brought tears of joy to any dentist able to see it.

“Erm...” Celestia tried to pick up her derailed train of thoughts, failing miserably.

“Huh?” Twilight said, not sure what to feel anymore.

“Come on, I mean it’s like totally super duper obvious. If Chrysalis was really invading she wouldn’t walk around without a disguise, and she would have ambushed us in the throne room, instead she looked like she was just as surprised as we were.” The pink party mare continued to elaborate. Her friends and the princess were listening attentively, if only because it was one of the few times they could actually follow what Pinkie was saying.

“What she said.” The baffled empress of the sun managed to say.

“Wait, if you noticed all this, why didn’t you say anything?” Twilight interjected.

“Huh? I thought it was obvious. I mean you’re like super smart, you probably had very good reasons to shoot at her. ” Twilight stared at her pink friend trying to ignore the feeling that she was being scolded.

Celestia was the first to get over the shock, she turned her attention back to her pupil saying: “While I didn’t expect this, Pinkie makes a solid point. All I want from you, is to give her a chance.”

The six friends looked at each other uneasily. None of them was one to hold a grudge, but they were speaking about Chrysalis, the same creature that had not only infiltrated Equestria hell bent on enslaving ponykind as a food source, but also nearly killed Twilight, Cadance and Shining Armor.

Celestia could see how her student was struggling with herself. Never would she have put her beloved pupil in this situation if she saw any way around it. Celestia remained silent, while her student fought with herself, everything that could have been said, had been said and now the only thing that she could do was to wait for Twilights decision.

Help came from an unexpected source: Fluttershy had gently placed a hoof on Twilight’s shoulder and now spoke to her friend: “Maybe we should give her a chance. I mean everpony deserves a second chance. Uhm... but only if you don’t mind.”

The two of them shared a short moment just looking into each other’s eyes. When Twilight looked back at Celestia her eye’s were filled with determination.

The purple Unicorn took a deep breath as if to steel herself and then spoke: “Princess Celestia do you remember what happened shortly after my eighth birthday?”


“TWILIGHT!” Celestia’s voice hit the six friends like a whip. The usually calm and collected royal matriarch had been replaced by something different altogether. Gone was the ethereal mane replaced by a fiery halo, that surrounded her head like a corona each strand of hair lashing out like a sun flare. Her wings that usually lay dormant on her side and offered protection for all those under them, seemed to encompass all of the sky her feathers smouldering streaks of fire. But worst of all were the eyes; no more was the warm and caring gaze that comforted all of her subjects and spoke of unconditional love, only blistering white remained betraying the enormous powers that flowed through the alicorn at all times.

The Element bearers slowly edged away from the enraged princess, only Twilight remained where she stood.

“THAT SPELL MUST NEVER BE CAST AGAIN! NOPONY DESERVES THAT AMOUNT OF POWER OVER ANOTHER!” As Celestia spoke the flowers around her wilted from the sheer amount of heat, quickly turning the area into a smoldering wasteland. But Twilight remained, standing up to the enraged demigoddess covered in the violet hue of her own magic.

“I have to be sure that you can be trusted.” Her voice was calm and collected, no trace of the panic that had held her in it’s grip ever since the letter arrived.

“TWILIGHT SPARKLE, AS YOUR PRINCESS, YOUR TEACHER, AND AS YOUR FRIEND I BESEECH YOU: DON’T DO THIS.” Twilight and Celestia were now standing face to face, the enormous power of the Sun-goddess collided with the unyielding shield of the Element of Magic.

“It’s the only way.” Tears were visible in the corners of Twilight’s eyes.

Then suddenly, as soon as it had come, the furious avatar of rage vanished, leaving behind a defeated looking alabaster unicorn.

“Twilight Sparkle...” Celestia paused once again looking at Twilight. Her eyes were met with grim determination that was clearly visible on the alicorns face. The matriarch let her head hang low and as she closed her eyes she said: “I’ll allow you to look into my mind.”


Twilight was busy, making preparations for the spell she was about to cast, which gave Princess Celestia and the Element-bearers time to talk.

“So... her eighth birthday?” Applejack inquired, saying what everypony had been thinking after the alicorns outburst.

Celestia let out an rueful sigh but spoke up nonetheless: “Well, I guess it’s only fair to tell you about it, isn’t it. You are aware of the burst of magic that little fillies sometimes can have?”

The five friends nodded, Pinkie more emphatically than the others. Ever since she started babysitting Pumpkin she had to take up lassoing lesson’s from Applejack, only to get ahold of her.

“And as I believe you’re aware, Twilights entry into my tutelage has been far from ordinary. The sudden burst of magic that she had displayed back then, had upset her inner magic quite a bit, and for some years to follow she would have magic bursts whenever she got upset or had any other strong emotions. Mostly the effects were harmless, but shortly after her eighth birthday something happened to her, that had her upset far more than usual.”

“What? What did happen?” Rainbow Dash asked, totally enraptured in the princess’ narration. When that earned her odd looks from her friends she said: “What? It’s not like you don’t wanna know too.”

Celestia ignored the brazen pegasus and continued her story. “What exactly happened is not up to me to tell, you’ll have to ask your friend yourself, but let it suffice to say that it was a very personal and deeply unsettling event for Twilight. What’s important is what happened afterwards.
As you might have guessed, Twilight had an burst of magic, stronger than any that had happened before, and more purposeful too. Fueled by her anger on that day Twilight created a new Spell.”

“Isn’t that a good thing?” Rarity interjected “I mean it’s not everyday that someone creates a completely new spell, and at such a young age at that.”

The regal alicorn nodded at the fashionista’s question. “Yes, and normally such a feat would have earned her a place in the history books, instead I choose to seal any knowledge of that spell ever existing. Luckily enough it was me that was hit by the spell, when it was first released, and even with your friends enormous power, I was able to suppress her magic.”

“Ya still haven’t told us what tha spell actually does.” This time it was Applejack who interrupted the story.

“The spell that she cast that day allows you to look into a anothers ones mind.” Celestia replied.

“That doesn’t sound too bad.” Applejack said.

“It doesn’t end there. You can’t just open a mind and take a peek, not without taking control. The spell enables you to manipulate the thoughts and memories of those whom you cast it on, you can completely alter a pony, down to his very personality.” When Celestia finished, she seemed relieved, as if she had just shed a heavy burden that had dragged her down so far.

“And Twilight has this kind of power?” Rarity asked suddenly looking slightly scared.

“No she hasn’t. After the first casting, she and I agreed that nobody should posses such an power, I used the spell a final time to place a seal upon both our minds; only when both of us agree that there is absolutely no other way to solve a situation the seal can be lifted for a short time, at all other times we are barely even aware that the spell exists.”

“I’m ready.” Twilight said.


Both mentor and student were facing each other. They weren’t surrounded by arcane signs, there were no magic circles or runes of power, this spell drew from a deeper and far more powerful source.

Twilight took a short moment to attune herself. Blueblood, the teenage dragons, Flim and Flam, Discord. Slowly she could feel the anger rising inside of herself, a primal power, born on the same day as harmony yet its total mirror image.

Even those who hadn’t any experience with magic could instantly tell that this spell was different from the usual levitation that unicorns performed on a near daily basis. Twilight was surrounded by a black mist, tendril like arms shooting out and coalescing inside of her horn. Stormwinds harassed the ponies standing in the courtyard and even the sun seemed to dim for a short moment.

The moment passed. Slowly the smoke that surrounded the lavender Unicorn sank to the ground and dispersed, leaving no trace of the unimaginable powers that had just been unleashed.

Twilight looked at her friends who were watching the duo of unicorn and alicorn with concern. “We can trust her.” Altogether the five mares started cheering as a big grin grew on Twilight's face.

A warm and motherly smile had reasserted itself on Celestia’s face and as she turned to the Element-bearers she said: “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling hungry.”

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