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Rachel Rayne

Nuthin much.


With no where to turn to, Rainy Skies will journey to a small town she has never heard of for a chance to actually do things. Everywhere else she went, her visible curse has kept her from getting a job, and now she has no idea what to do. Can this poor blank flank manage in Ponyville?

Recieving a change of name for the main character, as well work on a much needed Chapter 2. Hopefully, even more than that

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Just to let y'all know, I ain't got jack-buck planned, so don't get pissy if ya don't like how some things are. I can't promise any regular update schedual, but I can promise that I'll try to update before too long. I'm open to constructive crit, but if ya flame me, be prepared to be ignored, cause this ain't Soviet Russia, and brick wall DON'T talk to you.:twilightangry2:
other than that, please try to enjoy

[edit]just realised i spelled the title wrong :facehoof: its supposed to be "Of Those Without" woopsie

[edit] and fixed. :yay:

it has the beginnings of a good story. I'm looking forward to this story well move forward :twilightsheepish:. There are some grammar and spelling errors ,however, the character seems good and oddly doesn't seem out of place in Ponyville, well at least to me anyway.:twilightsmile:. I'll be waiting for some more.

At some parts, it was a little awkward to read, had a few grammar mistakes, which I will not point out as that is the duty of an editor, which I could... be persuaded to do so, mayhaps? If you already have an editor, then more power to you. Just though I'd throw that proposition out on the table. :moustache:
Anyway, overall, it was a pretty good read and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I hope to see more from this as I wil be on watch! Keep up the good work, Rachel!
I've also noticed that you are skilled with writing with accents. And that really helps a story out with its looks.

This has been a small, random review from TheBronyFiction

Reviewer: Icudeadnow

3531772 unfortunately, im not good at putting my thoughts onto paper (trust me, ive tried). there's a reason this fic hasnt been updated in a while, and unfortunately im not sure if it'll ever continue. thank you, however, for the compliments, and sorry for any dissapointment

3532263 I've seen worse punctuation and grammar mistakes. Yours are only typos. I can tell by how scarce they are. But I understand and will not push any further. I wish you luck in your future endeavors.

Stay awesome fellow brony/pegasister and, as always...


This is neat. Following.

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