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A New Hero - Alex The Lone Wolf

What if there was another pony who joined the pony gang? (Look at longer description...)

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The Best Night Ever

Episode 26 – The Best Night Ever

I opened my eyes and felt different. I remembered… for some reason… I remembered right away that today was the day… The Grand Galloping Gala… My date with Fluttershy… will it go well…? I removed myself from bed and walked to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and climbed into the tub. I rinsed myself for a while until I got out again and shook myself dry. I looked in the mirror and observed myself. Was she really right…? Or can I somehow prove her wrong…?

I snapped out of my thoughts and walked out the bathroom. I wonder if the girls are already getting ready for the Gala… I walked down the stairs and out the front door. I began walking through town, thinking about going to Fluttershy's to see what she was going to do, but several ponies caught my attention when I passed by Rarity's shop.

"Ahh! I... can't... believe... the Grand... Galloping... Gala... is... tonight!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed joyfully while she excitedly continued to bounce on a trampoline.

Twilight was by her, trying to read one of her books but was unable to, due to Pinkie Pie disruptive behavior. "Pinkie! Please stop shouting, I'm trying to concentrate." Twilight called out to Pinkie Pie, who was still having fun on her trampoline.

Rarity walked out her shop when she noticed Pinkie Pie bouncing on the trampoline. "Pinkie Pie!" Rarity scolded as she quickly walked over to her. "Stop that right now. It's time to prepare for the Gala and I refuse to let you put on your new dress if you're all sweaty." Pinkie Pie immediately ceased her bouncing and gave Rarity a slightly annoyed look. After, she jumped off the trampoline, obeying Rarity's command. Rarity sighed in relief and spotted me near them. "Oh, Alex! There you are, dear! Quickly, I must get you in your new tux right away!" Rarity began grabbing my hoof and was about to take me into her shop but Twilight stopped her.

"Hold on, Rarity… there's just something I want to try first…" Twilight announced while still keeping her eyes on the book.

Pinkie Pie looked at Twilight with a confused expression on her face, then at Spike, then back at Twilight. "What's Twilight doing?" Pinkie Pie whispered to Spike, most likely to prevent any distractions towards Twilight.

"She's got an awesome magic spell she's been working on for the Gala." Spike answered.

"Where are the others?" Rarity asked in slight frustration as she walked over to Pinkie Pie and Spike. "It's getting late."

"Hold your horses, girl. We're here." Applejack called out as she walked with Fluttershy towards us while Rainbow Dash flew.

Fluttershy saw me and presented a bright, yet slightly shy, smile towards me.

"Perfect!" Twilight closed her book and lifted her head. "I'm ready."

"For what?" Rainbow Dash asked excitedly.

"All right, Spike." Twilight announced to Spike, who was bringing over an apple and then delicately placed it on the grass in front of Twilight.

"An apple!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed out loud. "Are we having pie?"

"Shh!" Spike quickly shushed. "Watch!"

Twilight concentrated herself and soon, a light glow emerged on her horn. The apple began slightly levitating and instantly began shifting into something new. Suddenly, it expanded into a large and magnificent carriage. The girls formed a collective of awes and amazement.

"Thanks. But that's just the start." Twilight walked over to Fluttershy. "Fluttershy, did you bring your friends?"

"Yes." She answered, happily. Four mice appeared from her mane. Fluttershy lowered her head to allow the mice to descend towards the ground. "Will they be safe, Twilight?"

"You have my word." Twilight responded confidently. She focused on the four mice that stood in the ground below and worked her magic to instantly create the mice into stallions… well almost… Instead, their heads still had their mouse features, such as their ears, noses, and teeth…even their tails… "Ta-da!" Twilight presented. There was another collective from the girls, but instead, they returned surprised and slightly confused expressions as the mouse stallions squeaked. "Neat, huh? And don't worry. They'll be mice again at midnight."

"Opalescence, no!" We heard Fluttershy suddenly cry out. Opalescence had been sneaking around the bush. When she spotted the mice, she quickly pounced at them with her sharp nails. The cat scared the mouse stallions and caused them run away while the one that Opal hung on to kicked her off and followed the others.

"Wait! Come back!" Twilight called after them, but they were too frightened to come back. She looked back at us, worried. "Those horses were supposed to pull our carriage. How will we get to the Gala?"

The girls remained silent for a moment until they turned towards me. I confusingly switched my eyes towards each of them. "What?" I questioned.

Rarity cleared her throat. "Ahem. Alex. Would you so kindly pull our carriage to the Gala?" Rarity released a wide grin as she fluttered her eyelashes.

"Um, sure. I guess…" I replied.

"But pulling the carriage with ALL of us in it is would be difficult for Alex, and he's supposed to be enjoying the Gala with us too, you know?" Twilight commented.

Rarity returned an annoyed look and responded with a dramatic mock. "What ever shall we do?" She glanced over to Twilight with another annoyed expression and walked away, heading towards the group of colts hanging by and talking. Rarity walked up to a couple of colts and began talking to them. "Uh... ahem. Excuse me. Uh, would you boys mind pulling our carriage to the Gala?" Afterwards, Rarity grinned at them as they could only return nervous-looking smiles.

They had attached the carriage to themselves and brought it over to the girls and me. "Oh. Yeah. Right…" Twilight presented an embarrassed smile.

"Well, you gentlecolts wait right here. We'll be out in a moment." Rarity told the colts who were going to help me bring the girls' carriage. "Well, come along then!" Rarity told us. "We don't have much time before the Gala begins!"

Rarity led us towards where we were to prepare ourselves for the Grand Galloping Gala. Rarity spoke to Spike and me as she had the girls enter a room. "You boys wait right here, okay?" Rarity looked towards me. "I'll be out as quick as I can to fix you up in your tux."

"Okay…" I replied.

Rarity nodded with a smile on her face and walked into what looked to be a dressing room.

Outside the door, Spike and I waited while we heard the sounds of dryers inside. Soon enough, Spike grew very impatient and began banging on the door for the girls to let him in as I leaned on the wall near him.

"Come on, you guys. Let me in!" Spike exclaimed.

"Sure thing, Spike." Rainbow Dash's voice responded from inside.

Suddenly, Rarity intervened. "Heavens no! We're getting dressed."

"Dressed? Uh, beg your pardon, Rarity, but, uh... we don't normally wear clothes." Applejack added.

Rarity sighed irritably and opened the door. "I'm sorry, Spike. Some of us do have standards."

"I still can't believe we're gonna be at Canterlot tonight." Spike walked in as he excitedly talked about the plans for the event. "Our home town, Twilight! And the best part is that we all get to hang out together all night long!"

The door remained open for me to walk inside, but I continued leaning by the doorway.

"Uh... I-I don't know, Spike." Rainbow Dash responded with a worried tone to her voice. She was laying on one of the chairs with a towel wrapped on her head.

"We'll just have to see." Rarity added as she just finished placing on one of her eyelashes from her makeup accessories.

I saw Applejack wearing a towel on her head as well. She was scrubbing Fluttershy's front right hoof as Fluttershy returned a light smile. However, Fluttershy transformed that smile into a slightly disgusted look when Applejack spat on her hoof. "We're gonna be a mite busy."

"Busy having fun!" Pinkie Pie joined as she just finished using the dryer. Her hair was straight and long like it was during that little…episode…, but it suddenly inflated again.

"Oh… Okay…" Spike replied with a depressive tone, placing his hands on his face.

"Don't worry, Spike. We'll all get to spend some time together." Twilight assured as she placed on the powder with a brush.

"Great!" Spike exclaimed and began running out of the room. "I know just what we're going to do!"

Once he left, the girls continued to get ready as Rarity finished placing on her dress and walked over to me. "Come on, Alex. Let's get you into that new tux!" She glanced over to the girls. "You girls finish getting ready while I work with Alex!" Afterwards, she grabbed my hoof and began leading me to another one of the dressing rooms.

The dressing room was empty except for a few different stands of clothes. Rarity walked me over to one of them which contained my tux. She pulled out each piece of clothing and gave them to me one by one. "Here, put them on."

I did so, with some struggles, but Rarity was able to help me with them. When I had finally placed them on in the correct order and fashion, Rarity observed me with glowing eyes as her mouth was agape with excitement. She walked around me, analyzing how it fitted me. She moved to the front of me and looked at me, observing the tux in front. She continued to lightly fix me up in the front. "You look smashing." She commented with a soft happiness in her voice. "I'm positively sure Fluttershy will be so happy to see you wearing this at the Gala…"

"Thanks, Rarity…"

After Rarity finished with the slight touch ups, she stepped back a few feet and looked at me. "My, my, Alex. You really are such a handsome young star. I almost feel jealous that you're going to Gala with Fluttershy, instead of me." Rarity giggled. I began to feel a little red as I slightly looked away in silence. Rarity noticed this. "Oh, Alex. I'm just playing around with you. Besides, I was hoping to find the Prince at the Gala." Rarity walked up to me and dusted my shoulders a bit. "There! We should get going to the Gala. We don't want to be late!"

I nodded and Rarity led me out of the room and the building.

When we were out, we saw the carriage filled up with excited shadows. It was already nighttime.

"Well, we're ready to go when you are." Rarity told me, forming a smile. Afterwards, she opened the carriage door and jumped inside, closing it after her. I thought about how I could probably get something for Fluttershy at the Gala, so right before leaving, I quickly rushed over to my house and placed several bits of my savings in my tuxedo pockets. Right when I arrived back at the carriage, I walked up to the front and began strapping myself in to start moving the carriage while Spike sat behind us in the coach's seat wearing a tuxedo as well, with a big red bow tie.

As I finished getting ready, Spike commented on how I looked. "Wow, you look great, Alex!"

"Thanks…" was all I could really reply with.

The couple of other colts and I began walking, pulling the carriage towards our next destination: Canterlot.

Spike began talking to the girls in the carriage as he sat behind us with the reins with him. "Oh, tonight's going to be so great! You wanna know why? Cause I planned out my insider's tour of Canterlot. I've gotta show Rarity the crown jewels. And Applejack the Princess's golden apple tree. And Pinkie, we gotta go to my favorite doughnut shop." Spike looked over to the heart shaped window where the girls sat inside speaking to each other. However, the girls didn't seem to be too interested in Spike's plans. Nonetheless, Spike remained excited. "Then let's get moving! Hyah!" Spike slapped us with the reins he had.

The colts instantly reacted by stopped, which also caused me to stop. "Excuse me!" One of them exclaimed, angrily.

"Um... I..." Spike tried to respond to them, nervously.

"If you weren't friends with our neighbor Rarity..." The other one added, shaking his hoof. "Hmph!"

"Easy, guys…" I stated.

The two of them began walking again, however, looked back at Spike coldly. Spike wiped the sweat off his forehead and released a breath in relief. We continued on our way to Canterlot as we passed a waterfall on a bridge.

When we arrived at Canterlot, we saw many ponies outside, gathered in groups and talking. As I began to release my strap, Spike excitedly bounced off the seat he was in and landed by the door. He quickly opened it and jumped off, bowing. As I finished removing myself from the strap, I heard footsteps near me. I turned my head to see all the girls in their dresses, looking absolutely amazing…especially Fluttershy… Spike had reacted for me.

"Wow! You all look... amazing!"

Fluttershy noticed me and rushed over to me, softly excited.

"Fluttershy… you look so…beautiful…" I could hardly express as I remained in awe at her.

Fluttershy blushed as she looked at me while rubbing her hoofs shyly. "Thank you…"

Fluttershy and I walked over to Twilight and the others who were all standing very excitedly in front of the entrance to the Grand Galloping Gala. "I can't believe we're finally here. With all that we've imagined, the reality of this night is sure to make this... The Best Night Ever!"

"At the Gala (at the Gala)," Twilight began singing joyfully as everypony joined her.

"At the Gala, in the garden

I'm going to see them all!" Fluttershy had flown over to me softly, looking at me with such delicate and calm eyes as she sang so sweetly and amazing.

"All the creatures, I'll befriend them at the Gala! (at the Gala!)

All the birdies, and the critters

They will love me big and small!

We'll become good friends forever

Right here at the Gala!" Fluttershy and I began walking towards the gates as she looked back to me after she was finished singing.

"All our dreams will come true right here at the Gala, at the Gala!" Everypony that followed from behind us joined in harmony.

Applejack began walking in front us, introducing her voice to the song.

"At the Gala (it's amazing!), I will sell them (better hurry!)

All my appletastic treats! (yummy, yummy!)

Hungry ponies (they'll be snacking!), they will buy them (bring your money!)

Caramel apples, apple sweets! (gimme some!)

And I'll earn a lot of money for the Apple family!"

"All our dreams and our hopes from now until hereafter

All that we've been wishing for will happen at the Gala, at the Gala!" Several large stallions introduced Rarity, who began her turn.

"At the Gala, all the royals

They will meet fair Rarity

They will see I'm just as regal at the Gala! (at the Gala)

I will find him, my Prince Charming,

And how gallant he will be,

He will treat me like a lady, tonight at the Gala!"

"This is what we've waited for, to have the best night ever!

Each of us will live our dreams, tonight at the Gala, at the Gala!"

Horns sounded throughout the area, introducing the wonderbolts as Rainbow Dash began singing.

"Been dreaming, I've been waiting

To fly with those brave ponies

The Wonderbolts, their daring tricks

Spinning 'round and having kicks

Perform for crowds of thousands They'll shower us with diamonds

The Wonderbolts will see me right here at the Gala!"

"All we've longed for, all we've dreamed, our happy ever after!

Finally will all come true, right here at the Grand Gala, at the Gala!"

I saw Pinkie Pie excitedly bouncing so high above the crowd as she could not wait to enter the Gala.

"I am here at the Grand Gala, for it is the best party

But the one thing it was missing was a pony named Pinkie

For I am the best at parties, all the ponies will agree

Ponies playing, ponies dancing, with me at the Grand Gala!"

"Happiness and laughter at the Gala, at the Gala!"

I saw Princess Celestia rise above us graciously as I stood near Twilight, observing the sky.

"At the Gala (at the Gala), with the Princess (with the Princess)

Is where I'm going to be (she will be)

We will talk all about magic and what I've learned and seen (she will see)

It is going to be so special as she takes time just for me!"

Everypony was singing in unison as they marched towards the entrance of the Gala.

"This will be the best night ever!

Into the Gala we must go, we're ready now, we're all aglow

Into the Gala, let's go in and have the best night ever

Into the Gala, now's the time, we're ready and we look divine."

"Into the Gala, meet new friends" Fluttershy sang as she grabbed my hoof with hers and pulled me towards where Twilight was marching.

"Into the Gala, sell some apples" Applejack joined with us.

"Into the Gala, find my prince" Rarity added herself next to Twilight.

"Prove I'm great!" Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie both sang as they joined us as well.

"as a Wonderbolt is" Rainbow Dash added to her verse.

After, the girls stated their reasons for being so excited at the Gala.

Fluttershy: "To meet!"

Applejack: "To sell!"

Rarity: "To find!"

Rainbow Dash: "To prove!"

Pinkie Pie: "To woop!"

Twilight Sparkle: "To talk!"

"Into the Gala," They all sang. "Into the Gala!

And we'll have the best night ever!

At the Gala!"

We had finally entered the Gala.

"Yeah! This is gonna be the best night ever." Spike exclaimed, excitedly. "You know why? Cause we're all gonna spend time at the Gala to—

Before I could hear Spike finish his sentence, Fluttershy quickly grabbed my hoof and fled me out of there.

She took me towards the garden where she instantly began observing over many things so excitedly, but in a calm way. Something had caught her eye, which she walked over to. When I walked to her, seeing what it was… it was a rose that she was attracted to.

"Oh, my… it's so… it's so pretty." She commented. I thought for a moment, but something inside me had lowered my head to the rose. I grabbed it with my teeth and placed it in Fluttershy's mane, where she had all the other flowers decorating her mane. When I pulled my head back to see Fluttershy's face, she began blushing almost intensely. She held her hooves to her mouth as if she couldn't believe what I had done. "Alex… that's… that's so sweet of you…"

"…Really…?" I asked.

"Yes, really…" She answered as we stared into each other's eyes for a long moment until something had flown between us. Fluttershy turned her head back to analyze it. "Oh my! A meadowlark!" She exclaimed softly. She began following it as I walked behind her.

When we reached between a couple of trees, we heard whistling which caused Fluttershy to gasp happily and look at me. "I think she's calling to me. It's exactly what I wished for!" She began humming out to the bird. Then she held out her ear with a hoof on it to hear if the bird responded back. There was more whistling. "Let's go, Alex!" Fluttershy grabbed my hoof and began to excitedly take me towards where the whistling was heard.

Fluttershy continued humming to call out the bird. When the whistling was very nearby, she immediately began running towards it. "My little meadowlark is right around this bend!" However, she stopped suddenly with a shocked expression on her face. When I caught up with her, I turned towards what she was looking at to find out it was actually an old pony, raking leaves, that was whistling. "Was that you?" Fluttershy asked.

"Yep! I love whistlin' while I work." He replied happily and continued whistling.

"Oh! Yes... Well... Excuse me." Fluttershy responded as she slowly began walking away, looking highly disappointed and gloomy. I was about to comfort her until we suddenly heard more animals sounds, which brought Fluttershy's spirits up again. "Oh! I see a toco toucan! And a spider monkey! And, oh! Is that a wallaroo?" Fluttershy immediately flew towards them, but they all ran away from her. "Oh, Fluttershy. You're such a loudmouth…"

I walked up to her and carefully brought her down from flying, looking at her. "Fluttershy, they've never seen you before. You may have a sweet and innocent face, but you have to show them that you're okay to be around with, do you understand?"

"Yes…I think so…"

"Alright… how about I go get us some punch… will that make you feel better?"

"Yes, that would be lovely… thank you."

"Alright, stay here… I'll be back."


I walked through the gardens to the area where punch was being served outside of the dancing hall.

I suddenly heard a sigh. "This ain't what I expected at all…"

I turned my head to see Applejack who was leaning on her cart of apple treats looking very disappointed and down. I walked over to her to see what was wrong.

"Hey, Applejack… what's wrong?" I asked.

She sighed again. "I've only made ONE sale for the entire time I've been here…"

I looked at her as she rested her head very gloomily. I thought for a moment and then brought out several bits that I had in my tuxedo pocket. "Here." I stated, surprising her when I dropped the bits in front of her. "I'll have a couple drinks of apple juice, a couple of apple fritters, a couple of regular apples, and… a couple of those apple fries."

"Alex…are you serious…?" Applejack asked, still shocked.

"Yes…what's wrong with it?"

"It's just that…you're my friend… and I can just cover you for the food…"

"And I'm your friend, and I can help you with your fundraising for your family. So… please accept my money."

Applejack's eyes formed into sweet and understanding ones. "Thank ya so kindly, Alex…. You're such a great friend…"

"No problem. Friends help friends, right?"

"Yes…they do…" Applejack filled the food I requested into a bag and placed it in front of her, removing the bits and placing them into where she was keeping the money. "I can't thank you enough, Alex. I really hope you have a great time with your date with Fluttershy…you really deserve it…"

"Thanks… Applejack. I hope you sell as much as you can."

As I grabbed the bag with my teeth, Applejack could only send me a sweet and warm smile.

I started my way back towards the garden.

I arrived in the same spot where I left Fluttershy, actually feeling a bit positive about being with Fluttershy.

"Hey, Fluttershy…" I spoke as I walked towards the garden. "…I brought some things for us to eat. I thought we could have a picnic right he—

I dropped the bag of food from my teeth as I saw Fluttershy continuing to chase animals, but they had all continued to run away from her. "This isn't what I wished for…" She muttered softy. When Fluttershy didn't see any more animals, she spotted me and began walking over to me, panting.

"I'm sorry, Alex… what was it you were saying…?" She asked.

"…I was just saying that I thought we could—

"A bunny!" Fluttershy suddenly exclaimed, cutting me off and running towards the bunny that had appeared, which ran towards a hole in the tree after seeing Fluttershy.

As Fluttershy continued to look through the hole and around it, I could only sadly sit down and look away, feeling as if my only piece of being positive had suddenly disappeared. "This isn't a date…" I mumbled depressingly, feeling as if everything was over. However, I shook my head lightly and thought to myself. No… I've got to try… this is my night with Fluttershy… my date with Fluttershy… I have to… I have to make this the best night ever!

During my thoughts, Fluttershy had vanished. I looked around but found no trace of her.

"Fluttershy?" I called but received no answer. I stood up and looked around for her, bringing the bag of food with me until I heard some noises nearby. When I turned at a part in the garden, I managed to find Fluttershy doing something. I was about to talk to her but then I noticed she was doing something very strange now. She had just finished placing a carrot below a box that was held up by a twig. The twig had a rope attached to it… It's a trap!

"I just have to be more bold, like Twilight says." Fluttershy muttered as she brought the end of the rope to where I was. "I'm so sorry to have scared you, my friends!" Fluttershy said out loud. "But I'm leaving now, so you can all come out!" Fluttershy quickly hid behind a rose bush and waited for an animal to enter her trap.

"Fluttershy, listen." I tried to tell her while she was waiting. "You need to—

Something had suddenly eaten the carrot Fluttershy had placed as we heard the crunch. Fluttershy quickly pulled the rope, causing the box to fall. "Gotcha!" Fluttershy exclaimed and quickly began walking over to retrieve the prisoner. "It's okay. I promise not to hurt you. I just wanna be your... friend?"

Fluttershy was shocked as she saw that old whistling pony again eating the carrot she had left. "Mmm... Sounds good to me." He replied as he finished eating the carrot.

Fluttershy returned an angry look and began walking away as if I wasn't even there. I could only close my eyes in sadness and walk away as well, keeping the food on my back. I didn't follow Fluttershy that time. Instead, I went to the dancing hall to see if I could come up with anything to save the night. But so far, nothing had appeared in my mind.

As I was walking through the dance hall, I began hearing two voices, causing me to look up. "Miss Rarity! Stop!"

"Oh. Prince Blueblood! How chivalrous." It was Rarity and another stallion, whom I was guessing to be the Prince. He had prevented Rarity from stepping on a puddle.

"One would hate to slip." He added.

"Yes. 'One' certainly would."

"One's cloak should take care of the problem."

"Oh, of course it will."

They both stared at each other for a moment. I assumed Rarity was guessing that the Prince would sacrifice his cloak, but he wasn't doing anything. Rarity lost her smile and lowered her head in annoyance, she grabbed her cloak and threw it over the puddle, but I suddenly grabbed it and prevented it from being soaked.

Rarity eyes were widened when she was surprised to see me. "Alex?" She questioned.

"What's wrong with you?" I asked the Prince as I held Rarity's cloak on my hoof. "She's a lady and this is how you're treating her?" I started placing the cloak back on Rarity. "She's the most generous pony you'll ever meet. So you have to give her every bit of respect you have."

"Alex…" Rarity answered in shock as I finished placing the cloak on her.

"Sorry, Rarity… I don't really have a "cloak" I can place down on the spill, so I can pretty much only walk you around it…" I grabbed her hoof and gently walked her around it. Afterwards, I let go and looked at her. "Well… I guess I should be going now…" I began walking away as I could feel the "Prince" feel a little angry with what I just did.

After a moment of more walking, I spotted Pinkie Pie who held her head on a table where she sat by herself, almost like Applejack… I walked over to her.

"Pinkie Pie… is something the matter…?" I asked.

"Yes…" She answered gloomily. "This party is totally not what I thought it would be…"

"How so?"

"Well… you know… it's not… super happy… like any of my parties…"

I sighed as I tried to think of an answer to that question. "Sorry… I don't really know what to say…but you're good at making parties right? Well, why don't you see if you can 'liven' up the place?"

Pinkie Pie immediately gasped and pulled her head up. "You're totally right, Alex! Thanks!" She gave me a quick hug and rushed off to start her party plan. I sighed and just decided I should get back to Fluttershy and maybe… just maybe… I can somehow save our night…

"C'mon everypony! I know what will make you shake those groove-thangs!" I heard Pinkie Pie from the microphone onstage as I exited the dance hall.

I passed by where Princess Celestia and Twilight were together, shaking hooves of other ponies, when Pinkie Pie began singing.

"You reach your right hoof in

You reach your right hoof out

You reach your right hoof in"

One pony grabbed Twilight's hoof and shook it very… strongly…

"And you shake it all about

You do the Pony Pokey meeting lots of folks with clout

That's what I'm talking about"

I began heading towards the exit to the garden.

"You step your left hoof in

You pull it right back out

You step your left hoof in

But you better help him out

You do the Pony Pokey but should find a different route

That's what it's all about"

Nearing the entrance towards the garden, I saw Rainbow Dash with a couple of wonderbolts. She was in front of a table. She was whistling but then kicked her back leg towards the table, causing the bowl of water with a straw to fly up in the air.

"You kick your back left in

You pull your back left out

You reach your back left in"

Rainbow Dash caught the bowl with her leg.

"Just be brave and have no doubt

You do the Pony Pokey feeling like you're gonna pout "

She had impressed the couple of wonderbolts behind her, but suddenly another group of people grabbed them and took them to take a picture.

"That's what I'm singing about"

Rainbow Dash returned an annoyed expression.

I was now at the door to the garden, but I spotted two familiar ponies again. It was the Prince and Rarity.

"You tilt your head in" The Prince motioned for Rarity to open the door with his head.

"You tilt your head out" Rarity tried to challenge this by doing the same thing.

"You tilt your head in" The Prince saw this and now shook his head more stubbornly.

"Then you shake it all about" Rarity shook her head more fiercely as the Prince was now upsetting her very much. The Prince saw this and looked away as a stubborn child. Rarity now grew angry and was about to open the door, but seeing this made me really angry now. Instead, I barged through them and slammed open the door, possibly leaving it open enough to go through without holding the door.

"You do the Pony Pokey even though your date's a lout

You're better off without"

I was now at the garden to see even worse things.

"You stomp your whole self in" Fluttershy threw herself to a triplet of ducks who managed to fly away before she caught them.

"You stomp your whole self out" Fluttershy then threw herself to a bunny that ran away in time.

"You stomp your whole self in

And you stomp yourself about" Fluttershy ran over to a couple of squirrels, but when they ran away from her, she began pounding the ground with her hoofs in rage. Her hair was not even delicate as it used to be anymore… I looked around me. I saw animals hiding in the trees and bushes. They were absolutely frightened as they trembled tremendously in the trees, even holding their young ones with them.

"You do the Pony Pokey and you give a little shout—

"COME OUT!" Fluttershy screamed and continued waving her hooves in anger as I heard Pinkie Pie sing inside. I could only stare motionless.

"That's what I'm talking about

You do the Pony Pokey

You do the Pony Pokey

You do the Pony Pokey

And that's what it's all about


Her song had ended but Fluttershy's rage didn't. I could only stare in disbelief as she continued to try to trap animals. This isn't Fluttershy… this isn't Fluttershy! This isn't the Fluttershy I know! How could have she changed so significantly? What happened to the Fluttershy I know? …I miss that Fluttershy… so dearly… I don't know this Fluttershy… I don't… I don't… It's like if the Fluttershy I knew was replaced by the complete opposite… I don't like this Fluttershy… I'd do anything to have the old Fluttershy back… anything… this is not the Fluttershy that I truly—

"I'll catch you yet, my pretties." Fluttershy spoke across me as she stood in front of a net she made to trap animals. She looked at all the animals hiding as her eye continuously twitched. "Oh yes. As soon as one of you little birds or monkeys or bears touches this net... you'll be MINE! MINE!" Fluttershy began laughing… no… cackling… so frightening that I couldn't believe that it was her voice… I couldn't believe it… I just wanted it all to be just another nightmare… Fortunately, she lost her balance and fell into the net. "Whoa!" The net trapped her and had her hanging on a branch. At least the anger ended for the moment… A bunny had hopped below her under the net as she could only just see it and sigh.

I had walked up to the net and looked up at her. She noticed and called out to me. "Oh, Alex… um… do you think you can cut me down?"

I had a bit of an angry and depressive expression on my face. "If I cut you down, will you stop acting like this?"

"Um…" Her eyes moved left to right. "Yes."

I sighed. It wouldn't matter anyway… I couldn't just leave her there. I walked over to the rope and clenched it with my teeth. After, I cut the rope, but quickly grabbed it with my hooves so Fluttershy wouldn't fall. I slowly released it as Fluttershy was lowered carefully towards the ground. When she was set on top of the grass, I walked over to her and tore the net.

When she was free, she slowly stood up and shook her head, even rubbing it a bit. She looked at me and then lowered her head after noticing my expression and possibly the way she's been acting. "I'm sorry, Alex… I didn't mean to do any of this… It's just…it's just…" She sighed. "There's something I need to tell you…" She began rubbing her foreleg. "I…" She paused. "I…uh…" She paused again, causing me to be concerned about what she was trying to tell me. "You see… I… I really… I really l—

She had suddenly stopped and stared at something as if she had been hypnotized.


She began speaking in broken sentences. "The… the… animals. They… they're hugging each other… I... want to… no… I need to… join them."

I immediately placed my hooves on her. "Fluttershy. No. Don't go after them. Snap out of it!"

"I…I…I… have to… I need to!" She instantly ran off and charged toward the animals.

"Fluttershy! WAIT!" I cried out to her.

She instantly alerted the animals and caused them to run away while I could only try to run after her to stop her. All the running and stomping caused the ground to actually shake. Then, I realized that they were headed towards the inside of the dancing hall. No!

"Fluttershy!" I called after her but it was too late.

The animals burst through the door while Fluttershy could only remain there panting. "You're... going to LOVE ME!" She screamed out loud, causing the entire dance hall to transform into complete chaos. All the animals Fluttershy had scared into the dancing hall were running wildly inside. All the ponies were freaking out and running along with them as well. Some ponies even had some of the animals on them. I could only stare… unable to believe that what I thought that could have been the perfect night was actually the worst one…

All of a sudden, a whistle broke me out of my trance. I looked to see where it had come from. It was Twilight, who whistled us to get out of here as fast as we can. All of the ponies realized this and began to run out of here. I was the last one to reach the staircase. Before descending down the stairs, I glanced once more toward all the destruction that had been caused. After, I turned back, saddened, and continued my way out of the building.

All the ponies ended their fleeing at a doughnut shop. I slowly and sadly walked in after they did.

"Twilight Sparkle! Ha, ha. Long time no see." The person who ran the shop spoke.

"Hey, how was the Gala? How was your best night ever?" Spike immediately asked Twilight, running over to her. The girls had gathered around a table while they explained briefly what happened. "That sounds like the worst night ever!"

"It was!" The girls exclaimed in unison and began laughing after that. I could only look away… and remain quiet.

"I just hope Princess Celestia isn't upset with us for ruining the Gala…" Twilight hoped.

"That was the best Grand Galloping Gala ever!" Princess Celestia had walked in the doughnut shop, unexpectedly.

"Princess Celestia?" The girls cried out her name in surprise.

"Pardon me, Princess, but tonight was just awful." Twilight noted.

"Oh, Twilight. The Grand Galloping Gala is always awful." Princess Celestia responded in a cheerful tone.

"It is?"

"That is why I was thrilled you were all attending. I was hoping you could liven things up a bit. And while the evening may not have gone as you planned, I'm sure you'll agree that in the end it didn't turn out so bad for this group of friends."

I scoffed mentally.

"You're right, Princess. Friends have a way of making even the worst of times into something pretty great."

"Yeah! Hanging out with friends!" Rainbow Dash added.

"Talking!" Fluttershy added as well.

"Laughing!" Pinkie Pie held her hooves out.

"You mean doing exactly what I wanted to do the whole time?" Spike boasted.

"Yes, Spike. You were right." Twilight responded.

"As horrible as our night was..." Applejack began.

"...being together here has made it all better." Rarity completed the sentence.

"In fact, it's made it..." Pinkie Pie set up.

"...the best night ever!" Every girl exclaimed.

Once more, they all shared a laugh. I had enough…

I immediately sat up and began walking out the doughnut shop, but Rarity called after me. "Alex? Where are you going?" She asked.

Honestly, I didn't want to answer…but I didn't want anypony to worry, so I made an excuse. "I… I just feel like having a fresh breeze…" After, I exited the shop. I sat down outside and stared at the moon. I felt really angry… but… it wasn't because of how the Grand Galloping Gala ended… it was Fluttershy. She made me feel really sad…because… she was a completely different pony… I just couldn't believe it… and I still can't… It all feels like a nightmare… and I actually wish it was one…

"What is wrong, Alex?" Princess Celestia's voice startled me, but I didn't look back. "Are you not having fun with your friends?"

I remained silent for a moment, but then finally replied. "I don't know… I sure don't feel good inside so… I must not be…"

"Why is that?" She lowered her head closer to mine with concerned eyes.

I sighed and took a deep breath. "I saw somepony turn into something I thought I'd never see her as in my life…"

"Let me guess… Fluttershy?"

I sighed again. "…You know me well…"

"I've known you ever since you were little, Alex. Of course, I would know you well and that is why I'm telling you that you need to tell her how you feel."

I slowly looked back at her. "…what?"

Princess Celestia returned a warm smile. "Come with me." She led me back into the doughnut shop. "Sorry, everypony. Everything is alright; we just wanted to talk before you all had to leave."

Everypony understood and began getting ready to leave back to Ponyville.

"But, Princess Celestia… why did you…?"

Princess Celestia placed a hoof on me and smiled. Then, she moved her head closer to mine and whispered. "Trust me." I looked at her face and slowly nodded. "Go now then… You should get back home. It's been wonderful having you here, truly."

"Thanks… Princess…"

"Goodnight, Alex."

"Goodnight, Princess."

She waved as the girls and I walked back to the carriage. I strapped myself to pull the carriage along with the other couple of colts who were going to help. I looked back at Princess Celestia and noticed how she continued to send me a heartwarming smile. I waved and turned the carriage around to begin going back.

Princess Celestia had destroyed the little bit of anger I had left… but there was still sadness in me. A lot of sadness…

I pulled the carriage in silence as I heard the girls talk to each other in the carriage.

When we arrived back in Ponyville, it must have been really late. Spike jumped off the carriage to open the door for the girls as I removed myself from the strap. The colts did the same and then they walked over to Rarity.

"There you go, Rarity. Anything else we can do for you?" They asked.

"No, thank you, boys. You've done quite enough." Rarity replied.

"Okay. You have a goodnight, Rarity." They began walking away.

"Yes, Goodnight." Rarity then walked over to me and smiled. "And thank you, Alex."

"No problem…"

"Not just for pulling our carriage, but for showing me how a true Prince is supposed to be."

"Huh?" I turned towards her in surprise.

"Before we arrived at the Gala, I thought the Prince was to be such a…well…charming Prince. But he was actually such a… rude… stallion. It was you who was the true gentlecolt. I don't see why you aren't the Prince." She giggled, jokingly.

"Wow, thanks, Rarity…" I slightly looked away as I could only keep thinking on how Fluttershy was a completely different pony…

Rarity noticed my behavior and pushed her head towards me in concern. "Is something wrong?"

"Um…" I responded without moving my head. "I'm just tired…you know…?"

"Of course… I should let you go to sleep before I keep on rambling about the Gala." She giggled again. "Um, go ahead and keep the suit at your home. I can probably come by tomorrow or some other time to wash it and make it good as new."

"Okay, thanks, Rarity."

She smiled and nodded. "Goodnight, Alex."


Afterwards, I turned home and began walking.

When I entered the house, I closed the door behind me and walked over to the kitchen. I still had the food I wanted to share with Fluttershy… I sadly placed it on the table and sat down. I closed my eyes as I felt tears begin to form in my eyes. I placed my forelegs on the table and lay my head on them in depression.

Suddenly, a knock sounded at my door. I quickly lifted my head and looked towards the door. I wiped my eyes with my hooves and then walked to the door. I opened it to see Fluttershy. She was looking at the ground, a bit sadly as well.

"Hi, Alex…"

"Fluttershy, what is it…?"

"Can we talk…?"

"Um, sure…"

"Bring the bag of food you got at the Gala."

"Um…okay…" I walked towards the kitchen, grabbing the bag with my teeth and walked back to the door.

Fluttershy grabbed my hoof and led me out of the house. She continued holding on to my hoof as she walked me over to her cottage in silence.

When we arrived, I could only feel confused.

"Fluttershy… what are we…"

She hugged me and pointed towards a blanket outside of her cottage. "Our date's not over yet."


She pulled me towards the blanket and sat down. I sat down as well, placing the bag of food on the blanket.

"Listen, Alex… I'm so sorry I ruined everything at the Gala… it was supposed to be the best night ever… but I was so selfish to forget about our date… I was too obsessed with making friends with the animals that… I guess I just lost control of myself…"

I looked at her and sighed. "I just missed you so much Fluttershy…" Fluttershy's head immediately lifted up after she heard me say this. "You were a completely different pony… like… if I had lost the old Fluttershy forever… you weren't you… and that made me…really sad…"

She quickly moved over to me and embraced me. "I'm really sorry, Alex! I really am!" She slowly pulled away. "I can understand if you never want to see me again…"

"No…" I shook my head. "I do want to see you… I just don't want to see you when you're not you… I want to see the real you."

"Oh, Alex… then would you mind if we finished our date the right way? It's the least I can do…"

"Of course not… as long as you're you, Fluttershy."

"I promise!" She embraced me once again.

We began eating the apple treats from Applejack as we sat on the blanket under the moon. The treats were surprisingly still very warm… I felt better… After Fluttershy and I got all that out of the way, I wasn't as sad anymore. I began seeing the Fluttershy I missed for so long, which began to remove the sadness away from me.

After we finished the food and apple juice, Fluttershy looked towards me. "There's still something I want to do before this night ends…"

"What is it?" I asked.

She didn't answer but stood up and held her hoof out towards me. I grabbed it and she began walking me away from the blanket. She stopped when we were in an open grass area. She let go of my hand and walked over to a branch where several birds sat upon. She whispered to them and they nodded their heads happily afterwards. As Fluttershy began walking towards me, the birds began singing a slow song.

"Fluttershy, what are we…?" I tried to say.

She grabbed my forelegs and placed my left one on her shoulder while she placed my right one on her waist. After, she wrapped her forelegs around my neck and held on to me as she began moving. I unknowingly followed.

"We're having our dance." She responded softly.

"I… I don't really know how to dance…"

"That's okay… I'll help you. Just relax and follow my movements…" I calmed myself down and did so. It actually wasn't that hard to follow. I continued to follow her movements, softly. "There you go…" She announced very softly, sounding sleepy. "You're doing great…" She rested her head on my shoulder. "There's something I want to give you…after we finish our dance…"

Something she wants to give me…?

We continued to dance under the moonlight, still in our formal attire. As I continued dancing with Fluttershy, I couldn't help but feel really warm in my heart. It felt great… really great… I didn't want it to stop.

Finally, the birds finished singing, causing me to stop my movements. I looked at Fluttershy and saw that she still hadn't pulled away from me.

"Fluttershy?" I softly called to her.

She didn't answer.

I lightly lifted her to notice her eyes were closed and she was breathing softly. My eyes formed into understanding ones. She had fallen asleep…

I lifted her from me and placed her on my back. I carefully carried her to her cottage and walked inside. Then, I walked up the stairs to her room and opened the door. I turned on the light and walked towards the bed. I lightly placed her on there as she continued to breathe softly, soundly asleep. I was about to walk back, but then I noticed she was holding something in her hooves. I leaned closer to her to grab the object from her hooves.

When I softly and carefully grabbed the item, I noticed it was a hoof-crafted heart… It was made with many things from nature… This must have been the gift Fluttershy wanted to give to me… I continued to analyze the heart, feeling something even more special occur in my mine.

I looked at Fluttershy with caring eyes. "Fluttershy, you're so… amazing…" I softly muttered. I thought I should get out of her home, but there was something I was struggling to do before I left. I continued thinking if I should really do it, but I finally shook my head and prevented my negative thoughts from intriguing between Fluttershy and me. I leaned my head over to Fluttershy's and slowly kissed her on her cheek.

I pulled away and continued looking at her. "Goodnight, Fluttershy…" I grabbed the covers and pulled them over her. After, I began leaving the room, turning the lights off after me. I turned all the lights off in the home and walked out. I began heading home feeling so much warmth in my heart than ever before…

When I arrived, I entered my home and walked upstairs to my room. I spent some time taking off the tux and placing it somewhere neatly. After, I carefully placed Fluttershy's gift on the nightstand near the bed. I lightly lay myself on my bed and continued looking at the heart.

Everything bad that happened at the Gala seemed to vanish when I spent the rest of the night with Fluttershy. I slowly closed my eyes and began to think.

Maybe this was the best night ever…

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