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A New Hero - Alex The Lone Wolf

What if there was another pony who joined the pony gang? (Look at longer description...)

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A Canterlot Wedding : Part Two

Episode 52 – A Canterlot Wedding : Part Two

I stood in horror at the disappearance of Twilight. She was right… Cadence is evil! I… I began walking away slowly. I have to warn the others! As quick as I could, I immediately turned around and began rushing towards the direction they last walked off. As I ran through many rooms, I could hear giggling and excitement from one. I turned my head towards the door that was ajar. Only needing a second, I could tell that the girls were in there. I immediately slammed open the doors and rushed inside.

"Girls! I need your help!" I announced desperately.

They quickly returned puzzled and worried looks at me.

"What? What's going on?" Rarity asked.

"It's Twilight!" I exclaimed, looking back out the door. "She's in trouble! You have to help me find her!"

"Okay, calm down, Alex." Applejack answered and began walking towards me. "What's going on? What's up with Twilight?"

"Twilight was right all along! Cadence is evil! I just saw Cadence putting a spell on Twilight that moved her through the floor and under the ground!"

Instead of returning a shocked look, Applejack raised her eyebrow in suspicion and exchanged a look with the girls. Then, she looked back at me and sighed. "I think I know what's going on here."

"…what…?" I questioned.

"Listen, Alex. I know you and Twilight are really close, but that doesn't mean you should be going around and makin' up stories." My eyebrows began furrowing in anger. "I thought you knew better than to do that. Cadence ran out of the wedding hall crying, remember? Now if Twilight wants us to forgive her again, then she should be the one comin' up to us and apologizing. Not getting her best friend to make up some random desperate stories."

I immediately felt my blood boil from hearing her say this. I couldn't believe she was actually telling me this! I raised both my hooves in anger and slammed them down on a nearby table, practically breaking it. "LISTEN TO ME!" I shouted in so much anger. "Twilight Sparkle was telling the truth! If you all aren't going to help me find and save her, then I'll just have to do it myself!" I flipped over the table and kicked it, completely breaking it and shocking the other girls. Afterwards, I began running out, not staying to hear for what they had to say.

I continued to run endlessly in the hall, but I began slowing down to catch my breath. Then, I realized something. How am I supposed to find her…? All I know is that Cadence took her underground or something… is there even an entrance there…? I sighed and planted myself on the floor, burying my face in my hooves. "Just give me a sign, Twilight…I don't know how…I just want to know where you are…" I spoke quietly under my breath.

"Hello?" I suddenly heard a faint voice echo through my mind. It sounded like… Twilight's! "Is anyone there?" I continued to hear her voice echo throughout my mind. I placed a hoof to my heart and continued to think critically. Twilight! Where are you…? Then…I heard Cadence's laughter…frightening me a bit. "Where am I?" Twilight asked, afraid.

"The caves beneath Canterlot," Cadence's voice echoed throughout my mind as well. "Once home to greedy unicorns who wanted to claim the gems that could be found inside. And now, your prison."

"Help! Help!" Twilight pleaded, causing me to strain my eyes and wish for me to just somehow teleport to where she was.

Cadence laughed. "It's no use. No one can hear you. And no one will ever think to look for you, either." No! Come on! I don't care what happens! Just take me to her! I have to save her! Please! I pleaded. I'm not sure to who or what, but I guess I really spoke to my heart. Suddenly, I felt something change, I was surrounded in darkness. I looked around and was able to see a small light coming from nearby. It was Twilight! She was sitting by herself, all alone, looking as if she was about to cry.

"Twilight!" I exclaimed, causing her to immediately look around and see me.

"Alex!" She instantly stood up and ran over to me, wrapping her hooves around me and hugging me tightly. "I'm so glad you're here! How did you even find me?"

"I don't know…" I responded, shaking my head a little. "After I saw the whole incident on what Cadence did to you, I tried to get help, but the girls wouldn't listen to me! All I could really do was just wish to find you and somehow… I appeared here… I don't know how…"

"Oh, Alex, I—

We heard Cadence's laugh again, causing for Twilight to pull back her hooves and place them back on the ground. "It's no use! You know, you really just made things worse." I saw her image in the crystals around us. She directed her words to me. "If you saw what happened, you could have tried to get somepony's help, but now you're both trapped here!" She continued to transport her image from crystal to crystal. "Most ponies have forgotten that these caves even exist, which is why they are the ideal place to keep the ones who try to interfere with my plans." She laughed evilly once again. They echoed throughout the cave.

"Plans? What plans?" Twilight asked desperately.

Cadence created a small agape with her mouth and raised her hoof in slight surprise. "The plans I have for your brother, of course."

This immediately caused Twilight to form an aggressive stance and intensify the glow on her horn. "Don't you dare do anything to my brother, you... you monster!"

"Only way to stop me is to catch me!" She purposely provoked Twilight, flipping her hoof towards herself.

"Twilight, hold on!" I exclaimed, trying to place my hooves on her.

Cadence laughed and appeared in another crystal. "Over here!" She taunted. Twilight charged her horn as she continued to laugh in enjoyment. Twilight shot out a huge beam of magic towards the crystal, which actually reflected off it, causing it ricochet all over the cave. We both lowered ourselves in order to attempt to dodge the beam of magic. But this didn't stop Twilight. Once the beam struck the ground near us, she quickly stood back up. "Nope," Cadence spoke appearing on the floor below us. Then, she switched over to all the crystals that surrounded us. "Over here!" She laughed, causing Twilight to shoot her beam at every single crystal that Cadence appeared in, causing me to flinch at each target as the shards almost hit me.

Finally, Twilight turned around to face another image of Cadence. Her horn was pointing directly at me, causing me to quickly dive to the ground to avoid the beam. The beam struck the wall behind me, actually breaking the entire wall to pieces. I looked back to see not only another path, but Cadence behind it. However… she looked different… Her mane was messed up and her whole coat was scratched up and dirty… She looked like she had been here for a while…

"No! Wait!" She held out her hooves, trying to shuffle backwards, when she noticed Twilight charging at her. I quickly got in the way of Twilight, preventing her from charging at her as I held her.

"Let me go! Cadence is right there!" Twilight pointed out, trying to escape from my grip.

"No, hold on!" I responded.

"Please!" Cadence pleaded, holding her hooves to her head and closing her eyes. She shook and trembled in fear. "Don't hurt me!" Then, she opened them to notice Twilight. "Twilight, it's me!" I felt Twilight's body unwind a bit, so I released her. She remained standing near me. "Please, you have to believe me. I've been imprisoned like you. The Cadence who brought you down here was an imposter."

"Likely story!" Twilight answered with a narrowed face.

"Sunshine, sunshine," Cadence suddenly began dancing, even with the weak body that she seemed to have. "Ladybugs awake." She had placed her hooves over her eyes and removed them, catching Twilight's attention. Twilight sat down and observed this greeting. "Clap your hooves..." Twilight clapped her hoof with Cadence's and joined her in her song. "...and do a little shake." Cadence looked back at her, trying to smile, despite the condition she was in.

Twilight stared at her for a moment and then grinned happily. "You remember me!" She threw herself at Cadence, wrapping her hooves around her.

Cadence greatly accepted by repeating the same action. "Of course I do. How could I forget the filly I love to sit for the most?" She closed her eyes and continued embracing Twilight for a moment. Then, she opened her eyes and looked at me. She observed me for a moment and then suddenly slightly widened her eyes. "…Alex…? Alex, is that you…?"

I returned a puzzled look. "…how do you know my name…?"

Twilight looked at me and then pulled away from Cadence, allowing her to continue to speak to me. Cadence sat up and walked a few steps towards me. "Alex, it's me." She placed a hoof on her chest. "Miss Cadence." Miss Cadence? I shifted my eyes in thought. Miss Cadence… why does that name seem so familiar? I swear…I can feel the answer on the tip of my tongue, but what…? What is it? She sighed and spoke softly to me. "I was your teacher, Alex…"

I widened my eyes and responded weakly to her, looking at her eyes. "…my teacher…?"

"Yes…" She sat back down and continued speaking to me. "I wasn't exactly a professional teacher yet… I was still learning… but that's what I wanted to be for the rest of my life." She looked up in thought. "I always wanted to teach little fillies and colts and fill their minds with joy." She looked back at me. "That was my first year of teaching. I thought I would be able to handle it. I actually thought it was going well. I noticed the children seemed to get along with each other…but you… You were the one who caught my attention the most. You always seemed to distance yourself away from the others. I rarely heard you speak. You always did your work and turned it in on time. You basically always received perfect grades all the time. I even remember how you would come inside the classroom while all the other kids were at the playground. I never understood why… You would just come in and work on something. I wanted to talk with you…but I felt that it might have been something too personal…or that you wouldn't like to talk to me at all… At first, I thought you were shy… that's why… I picked you first to share your essay on friendship. I knew you were a smart kid, and I thought you were very special. Since I thought you were first shy, I picked you to come up to speak, thinking that more ponies would talk to you after." She sighed and shook her head. "I was so stupid. It was my entire fault. What kind of pony wants to give an essay on friendship when he or she doesn't even know how having friends feels like?" Tears began to lightly fill her eyes. "When I first heard those horrible words one of the kids announced, I couldn't believe it. I had made things worse and so much more uncomfortable for you. I tried to settle them down after they began laughing…but they didn't… I felt like the worst teacher ever. I had made you leave the classroom because of my amateur thinking. Immediately after, I told them that they were dismissed and I ran out the classroom to find you. I looked all over the school, but I couldn't find you. In my search, I even heard this huge explosion in the sky. I saw a rainbow stretch over the entire sky...but I was too worried to find you to pay much attention. I couldn't even reach your parents. I had never seen them walk you to school and back home. They had never come by to talk to me, and they were never there to congratulate you on anything. I looked all over the town, Alex. But I just couldn't find you… I couldn't even sleep that night. I felt too guilty. It wasn't until the day after, that I resigned from my career in teaching and gave up… I had lost one student. What if I lost more?" She shook her head again. "I couldn't even stand living in that town. Everything reminded me of the stupid little mistake I made. I decided I would try to start a new life in Canterlot, since that's where my aunt, Princess Celestia, lived. She told me about the new student she had: Twilight." Cadence glanced at her and then turned back at me. "Since she had been accepted into Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, she needed a foalsitter, and Celestia believed that I was perfect for the role. At first, I felt that I would just mess everything up again, but then I thought on how it was just one little filly. I took the job, knowing that taking care of one little filly wouldn't be hard, because I just needed to give all my attention and focus to her. That's when I met Twilight, including her brother Shining Armor. Twilight slowly lifted me from the sadness I felt. While I had so much fun with her, she still reminded me so much of you…" She walked up to me and continued to frown with a few tears releasing from her eyes. "You were my best student, Alex… I'm so sorry for making you leave like that…" She wrapped her hooves around me comfortingly. "It was my entire fault…"

"No, it wasn't…" I finally answered, accepting her embrace. "It was both school and home that made my life miserable… You had nothing to do with it… You were actually the only pony in my life to ever care or like me at that time. And it was a good thing that I ran away, Miss Cadence…" I looked up to her with understanding eyes. "If I hadn't run away, I would probably still be miserable, and…" I shook my head. "I don't even know what other possible worse things that may have happened if I stayed. Sure…I lived many years of my life in depression and loneliness, but I met the girls in Ponyville. To be honest, I wasn't completely comfortable with them at first, but they slowly peeled the layers from me and discovered who I am. I also discovered that they were truly my friends, and that I loved every one of them. My life is so much better with them now, Miss Cadence…so please don't feel bad. I'm fine. It wasn't your fault."

"Oh, Alex…" She continued to hug me compassionately. "It's just so great to see that you're okay… A pony like you didn't deserve those horrible things…" She stroked my mane, just like a mother would, and rubbed my back comfortingly.

Suddenly, we heard the evil laughter of the imposter once again. I could see the sparkle in the distance, which Cadence saw as well. I looked back at her and lightly pulled away from her. "I'm sorry to interrupt this moment…but I won't let your wedding be ruined! We have to get out of here." I ran a few steps ahead of them, continuing to face them "We have to stop her!" My announcement caused for her and Twilight to nod confidently in agreement. They began running ahead of me. I started following them as well…but that same evil laughter from the imposter continued to lurk around my mind…

"This day is going to be perfect" A sudden image began playing in my mind, causing me to stop and clench my heart as I closed my eyes. I heard Cadence's imposter began singing. She was facing a mirror as she placed a rose in her mane.

"The kind of day of which I dreamed since I was small" She twirled around and gazed at her royal hoof.

"Everypony will gather round

Say I look lovely in my gown" She gestured the dress forms around her with that same disturbing green glow…

"What they don't know is that I have fooled them all" As she finished, I felt chills when I could see her eyes change to another color…from a dark blue to a light green…

I opened my eyes, feeling myself pant heavily after, actually almost in fear. Then, I heard Cadence's soothing voice, but she was singing in a type of desperate tone…

"This day was going to be perfect" She released as she ran to find her loved one.

"The kind of day of which I dreamed since I was small" She slowed down and sat down to face the crystal in front of her, sadly.

"But instead of having cake

With all my friends to celebrate

My wedding bells, they may not ring for me at all…" I caught up to her to place a hoof on her comfortingly and look around, desperate myself to get this bride back where she belonged…

"I could care less about the dress" As they began moving, I suddenly clenched my heart again, seeing that image of the imposter as I closed my eyes.

"I won't partake in any cake" She stopped to kick the basket of apples off the table near her.

"Vows, well I'll be lying when I say" She walked by a dress form that was dressed.

"That through any kind of weather

I'll want us to be together" She mocked, taunting the dress form.

"The truth is I don't care for him at all!" She lifted up the top hat with her magic and disintegrated it to pieces, sending more chills through my body.

"No I do not love the groom" She sang loudly as she placed her hoof on the pieces.

"In my heart there is no room" She faced the mirror again.

"But I still want him to be all mine!" She turned her head and I could see her directly stare violently and crazily into my eyes, frightening me. It was as if she actually knew that I was able to see her…

I shook my head and tried to be rid of the image, opening my eyes and noticing that Cadence and Twilight were running throughout the entire area, trying to look for a way out. I quickly began catching up to them, trying to help them as well.

"We must escape before it's too late

Find a way to save the day

Hope, I'll be lying if I say" They stopped to look around a part while I stood across from them, looking at two parts of the cave that were too far of a distance. Once, I realized that there was no way to escape from here, I slammed my hoof on the crystal in desperation and pressure.

"I don't fear that I may lose him

To one who wants to use him" She continued as we ran in desperation.

"Not care for, love and cherish him each day" We were forced to stop due to the end of the road. The only way possible to continue on further was an old mining cart, but it seemed stuck, due to all the rocks inside. However, that didn't stop Cadence. She ran towards it.

"For I oh-so love the groom" She tried to push it desperately, but she felt too weak as she fell towards the floor, holding her hooves on the cart.

"All my thoughts he does consume" As soon as I saw her release a tear, I felt immediately moved. At first, I frowned sadly at her appearance, but then I furrowed my eyebrows in anger and determination.

"Get on!" I exclaimed, causing for Twilight and Cadence to jump in as I began to push violently on the cart. Twilight had removed the rocks inside, along with the other ones that may have been in the way.

"Oh Shining Armor, I'll be there very soon!" Cadence finished as she realized that there may be a hope after all. I gave one last grunt, feeling something release and realized that I pushed it with so much force that it caused it to race off, heading down the spiral track as I was pulled along with it. At the end, we noticed that the track was incomplete. Nonetheless, the cart flew through the wooden barrier and off the track, causing me to fly alongside Twilight and Cadence.

"Alex! Grab my hoof!" I heard Twilight exclaim. Cadence began flying in determination as she spread her wings with Twilight holding on to her. Twilight held a hoof out to me, which I quickly caught hold on to.

As Cadence flew us to another direction, I clenched my heart with my free hoof once again and saw the image of the imposter parading down the wedding hall as she sang in joy.

"Finally the moment has arrived

For me to be one lucky bride!"

When Cadence, landed at an area, we all heard the noise that was going on above us, worrying her.

"Oh, the wedding we won't make

He'll end up marrying a fake

Shining Armor will be…" Cadence immediately fell to the ground and buried her head in her hooves.

"Mine, all mine." Her imposter spoke, chuckling evilly afterwards…

"Miss Cadence." I spoke up, placing a hoof on her, despite all the frightening images I've seen. "I promise you. I won't let your wedding be ruined by some imposter. I won't let that happen!"

"Thank you, Alex…" She responded and stood up, rushing over to the wall to search for a way out. Twilight looked below the platform we were on.

"Mares and gentlecolts," We suddenly heard Princess Celestia's voice muffled slightly above us. "We are gathered here today to witness the union of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza and Shining Armor."

"Oh, we're never going to save him." Cadence shook her head, placing it on the wall in tears after hearing the announcement.

"We will." Twilight assured, looking back. "We just have to find..." She turned her head to view a light at another platform. "There!" Twilight closed her eyes and focused her magic. I assumed she was concentrating on that certain spot. We suddenly disappeared and reappeared at the area she was talking about.

We were about to start moving, but then we were interrupted by something else that was disturbing… We saw those three old bridesmaids walking towards us, their eyes depicting the same green… "You're not going anywhere." The three of them said in union, looking directly at us with evil intentions.

"Oh no!" Cadence exclaimed as they continued walking towards us. "What are we going to do?"

I planted my hooves firmly on the ground and displayed a defensive stance. "Twilight… Miss Cadence… Run…"

"What?" Twilight questioned.

"What about you, Alex?" Cadence inquired.

"I'll distract them. Go!"

"But…" Cadence released.

"I won't let your wedding be ruined! I promised! Now go! I'll be fine!"

After some hesitation, she finally nodded and began running off with Twilight.

"Be careful, Alex…" Twilight expressed as she followed Cadence.

The three bridesmaids saw them running and began to turn around to catch them, but I quickly charged and pounced on them, trapping them on the ground. They began to violently struggling, almost making me lose my grip on them. I grunted as I continued to try to keep them in place. "Stay…still!" I ordered and closed my eyes. Suddenly, a bright light emerged from inside. We were all blinded for a moment, but when I opened my eyes again, I saw the bridesmaids looking around with a puzzled expression on their face.

"…what just happened…?" The one with the heartstrings asked, looking around.

"Who are you?" The one with the hourglass cutie mark asked.

I shook my head, confused. "Alex… what are your names?"

"Lyra Heartstrings." The aqua colored one answered.

"Minuette." The light blue coated pony with the hourglass responded as well.

"Twinkleshine." The ivory coated pony with the three sparkly stars as her cutie mark replied.

I sighed in relief and released them, having no clue what happened.

"Can you tell us what happened or why we're here?" Lyra asked.

"I have no idea, to be honest. I'm trying to find the way out…" I looked past them towards the light that revealed a part of the exit. "There…" I spoke under my breath and faced towards Lyra, Minuette, and Twinkleshine. "Follow me, girls. I'll take you back where you're supposed to be, safely." They nodded and began following me as I rushed and climbed towards the light using the wall of rocks. I had to stop and help some of them when they had troubled climbing, but we eventually reached the top. We were back in some room of the building where the wedding was to take place. I looked around for a door and spotted one. I quickly ran over to it and opened it, revealing a long hallway that seemed familiar. When the girls walked out with me, I turned around to face them. "Do you girls know where you're rooms are?"

"…I…I think so…" Minuette answered.

"Well, rush over to them and stay inside. Lock your doors if you see anything dangerous."

"Why? What's going on?" Twinkleshine asked.

"I don't know." I shook my head. "But there is something dangerous going back at the wedding. I just need you girls to stay safe in your rooms…"

"Oh…okay…" Lyra responded, still confused. "Um…thank you…"

I nodded and turned around to quickly sprint, wanting to find where the wedding hall was.

"Stop!" I head Twilight's voice exclaim. It sounded not too far. I was also beginning to hear the noises of the crowd in the wedding! I quickly turned around another hallway, hearing the imposter speak.

"Ugh! Why does she have to be so possessive of her brother?" She began sobbing. "Why does she have to ruin my special day?"

I finally entered another hallway where I saw Twilight and Cadence at the end, past the door of the wedding hall.

"Because it's not your special day. It's mine!" Cadence corrected. I began running towards them, hearing the crowd gasp inside.

"What?" The imposter asked, presenting a surprised expression. "But how did you escape my bridesmaids?"

Cadence and Twilight looked at each other, beginning to reveal worried faces, but I quickly caught up to them and spoke up. "Don't worry… I'm here…"

"Alex!" Cadence exclaimed in surprise, yet joy.

"I told you I'd be fine." I responded with a light smirk.

"But…how did you escape them…?" Twilight asked.

I shrugged. "Right after you two left, I held them down, so they wouldn't stop you, but somehow…after a bright light, they immediately returned back to normal… Then, I led them outside of the caves and ran back here."

"Hmph. Clever." The imposter commented, causing us to return our attention to her. "But you're still too late."

"I-I don't understand. How can there be two of 'em?" Applejack questioned from her spot with the other girls.

"She's a changeling!" Cadence explained, walking a few more steps forward. "She takes the form of somepony you love and gains power by feeding off your love for them."

That immediately clicked in my mind…

However, the imposter's eyes immediately glowed green, along with her horn. Suddenly, a green wall of fire formed around her, causing us to place our hooves in front of our eyes, due to the brightness. I began widening my eyes when I saw her change. Both of her wings transformed into insect-like ones. Her hooves formed into distorted ones. Her horn became dark and crooked. Her whole body changed into very dark grey, her mane and tail being a dark cerulean. She flapped her wings rapidly and laughed evilly. "Right you are, Princess. And as queen of the changelings, it is up to me to find food for my subjects."

This was her… This was… "Queen Chrysalis!" I released, directing towards her. I then realized what she was looking for when I remembered what was stated in the book. "You must be here for the love Equestria has…that's the food you're looking for!"

She smirked and chuckled a little. "It seems like somepony has been doing his homework…Equestria has more love than any place I've ever encountered." She spoke as she began walking towards us. "My fellow changelings will be able to devour so much of it that we will gain more power than we have ever dreamed of!" She reached Cadence and me.

"They'll never get the chance!" Cadence responded confidently. "Shining Armor's protection spell will keep them from ever even reaching us."

Chrysalis chuckled. "Oh, I doubt that. Isn't that right, dear?" She asked, glancing over to Shining Armor while she produced a beam on her horn.

"Mm-hmm." He nodded his head, looking completely brainwashed.

Cadence noticed this and gasped. She then began trying to run towards him, but Chrysalis immediately placed a hoof in front of her. "Ah, ah, ah. Don't want to go back to the caves, now do you?" She asked, producing a green glow on her horn, which made Cadence back away a little bit as she still contained that determined look. I placed a hoof on Cadence and continued to look back at the queen. "Ever since I took your place," Chrysalis continued speaking as Twilight joined us as well. "I've been feeding off Shining Armor's love for you." She hopped towards him and walked around him. "Every moment he grows weaker and so does his spell. Even now my minions are chipping away at it." She looked upwards, showing us the direction that they were. We could hear them tackling the shield. During this, I also felt my heart pound slightly harder. Queen Chrysalis laughed. "He may not be my husband," She turned his head towards hers. "But he is under my total control now." Twilight and Cadence gasped. She pushed his head back in place. "And I'm sorry to say, unable to perform his duties as captain of the royal guard."

"Not my Shining Armor!" Cadence expressed.

"Soon, my changeling army will break through. First, we take Canterlot. And then, all of Equestria!" She exclaimed, rising in to the air and flapping her wings.

"No." Princess Celestia intervened with a serious expression on her face. "You won't." Queen Chrysalis slowly landed back on the ground, facing Princess Celestia. "You may have made it impossible for Shining Armor to perform his spell, but now that you have so foolishly revealed your true self," Princess Celestia leaned in, causing for the queen to do so as well. They began battling each other with their horns. "I can protect my subjects from you!" She rose in the air and began shooting out a beam of magic from her horn towards the queen. Chrysalis took notice of this and quickly counterattacked by shooting out a beam of her own. The two beams clashed. At first, Chrysalis was struggling with Celestia's magic, but then, unexpectedly, Chrysalis's beam was advancing towards Celestia at such a faster rate, causing Celestia to widen her eyes. The queen's beam reached towards Celestia's horn causing a bright light to appear. Before I knew it, I saw Princess Celestia's crown being thrown to the side, just as if it was in slow motion. I widened my eyes and opened my mouth in shock as I saw Princess Celestia skidding on the floor. The crowd gasped.

"Princess Celestia!" Twilight and I exclaimed, running towards her. The other girls joined us as well.

"Ah! Shining Armor's love for you is even stronger than I thought!" Chrysalis released. "Consuming him has made me even more powerful than Celestia!"

We were more worried with Princess Celestia's condition. I stood right by her as Twilight placed her hooves on her.

"The Elements of Harmony. You must get to them, and use their power to defeat the queen." She responded, sounding as if she was dealing with the pain.

Twilight and I stood up and looked at every one of the girls, nodding all together. Now's not the time for apologies… Afterwards, the girls immediately ditched and threw out their dresses. Rarity stayed behind, trying to catch the dresses, but the girls quickly called for her. After a moment, she came running along with us without her dress.

Queen Chrysalis laughed. "You can run, but you can't hide!" She announced as we galloped out of the building, heading towards the Elements.

Above, I could hear her minions continuing to tackle the shield. They were finally starting to crack it. As they did, I could feel small sharp pains in my heart, causing me to clench it as I strained my eyes. Finally, the shield was completely broken. I had to stop, due to the pain in my heart. The girls had to stop as well as to keep their balance, due to the shaking of the shield breaking. After a moment, the pain in my heart faded away, and I looked above to see the minions charging at us. Their horns glowed and they were now heading straight towards us like missiles. "Go! Go!" I exclaimed.

We began running, now having to deal with dodging the minions as they forcefully planted themselves on the ground, missing us. We continued to sprint through the town, seeing and hearing all the minions miss us. However, after several seconds, I was hit. One of the minions was successful on placing the impact, throwing me to the ground where I rolled over in pain. "Alex!" Twilight called my name and quickly looked at the changeling with angry narrowed eyes. The changeling growled at her, but she instantly silenced it by stomping on his head. She rushed over to me and picked me up. "Are you okay?"

I grunted. "I'm fine! Keep moving!"

We reached the stairs of our destination to be much surprised. There, we saw a huge army of her minions. They were all waiting for us in their battle positions. I looked back to see that they had surrounded us completely. We could only look around, wondering what to do.

"Looks like we're gonna have to do this the hard way!" Rainbow Dash clapped her hooves. She ran over to one of them to actually see a mirror of herself. She formed a puzzled face and made different movements and actions, seeing her mirror copy each movement exactly. Suddenly, her mirror attacked her by pushing her towards us. "How did you...?"

Then, all the changelings in front of us began transforming into each one of us, surprising all of us.

"They're changelings, remember?" Twilight explained.

"They're changelings, remember?" A group of five changelings that transformed into Twilight repeated, provokingly.

"Don't let them distract you." Twilight announced as we all positioned ourselves in defense. "We have to get to the Elements of Harmony. They're our only hope."

After, the girls engaged in battle as they began rushing towards them. I immediately remembered about Fluttershy. Fluttershy isn't the type of pony to fight! "Fluttershy!" I looked around quickly, calling and trying to find her, but the crowd was too messy. I continued to look around for her, but suddenly, I was tackled to the ground. I turned around to see that it was a mirror of me holding me down. I seriously thought it was completely weird. Nonetheless, the mirror raised its hoof to hit me but I quickly pulled my other hoof and pushed its hoof to the side. When it was open, I pulled back my other hoof and landed a punch on it, causing it to stagger back and allow me to hit it once more with my other hoof. I used my back hoof to kick it off. Once it was knocked out on the floor, I looked around to see more of them around me, about three. I stood my ground and waited until one of them made the first move. One of them suddenly leaped, causing me to quickly dive to the ground and use my back legs to grip it in mid-air and force it to the ground, knocking it unconscious again. Just as I stood up, another one was already charging at me. I moved to the side and kicked it away, throwing it at some random part of the huge crowd. The last one had gotten a hold of me, causing me to struggle for a bit. I used my back hoof to kick it's back hoof, causing it to fumble a bit until it released me and I was able to turn around and deliver one straight to its face. "Girls!" I called again, but all I could hear was struggling and fighting noises. Then, I looked around me to see several of the girls inching towards me. I knew they were changelings, but…but… I couldn't fight them…not when they looked like the girls… My heart began pumping. Was it fear? Nervousness? Still… As I looked towards the mirrored girls, I still couldn't bring up my hooves to fight them. I just couldn't… My heart started making me clench it, causing me to be vulnerable. All of a sudden, I began feeling something build up inside me. The changelings were inching closer to me. Something just wanted to explode. My heart rate continued going faster. I was straining my eyes. It continued pumping faster. The changelings were right in front me, surrounding every part of me. Before they could attack, I suddenly felt an explosion. I opened my eyes to feel different as I saw an explosion of light emerge from me, literally clearing all the changelings around me. When the dust disappeared, I panted heavily as if all the energy I had was used up. However, I was able to see all the girls, the real ones, as piles of changelings laid around us.

"Uh… What just happened…?" Applejack asked, looking around at the surprise.

Twilight noticed my condition and gasped. "Alex? Are you okay?"

I began hearing the changelings' buzzing behind us, causing me to shake my head and order them to continue on. "I'm fine!" I exclaimed between breaths. "Go!"

Without hesitation, we quickly began running towards the hall which contained the Elements of Harmony. The door was in our sight as I could barely run. I felt completely out of breath. Nonetheless, Twilight made it, opening the doors and expecting to receive the Elements right away. However when we looked inside, we immediately heard buzzing sounds, shocking us. There, we saw another army of minions…literally thousands of them that were just waiting for us as they stood and crawled all over the place like disgusting insects. Still panting as I placed my hoof on my heart, we turned around to see more of them blocking the path. They had us completely surrounded. We could only watch as they inched closer to us. I couldn't do anything… I was slightly injured and I felt like all my energy was gone. I could only stare as they reached us, ready to take us.

They had forced us to walk back to the wedding hall, eyeing us very carefully to make sure we didn't do anything. Rainbow Dash tried to start a fight with them, but they quickly stopped her and two of them had to hold her up, dragging her in the air along with us. We traveled through the doors of the wedding hall. I was slightly limping, but I could notice the condition that everypony was in, such as Princess Celestia, who was trapped in some kind of pod on the ceiling.

"You were saying?" Queen Chrysalis asked, facing at Cadence. "You do realize the reception's been cancelled, don't you?" She questioned us aggressively. "Go! Feed!" She ordered her minions and looked over to another group. "You seven! Stay here!" As the other minions were dismissed, we began hearing screaming outside in town, causing Chrysalis to laugh. "It's funny, really. Twilight here was suspicious of my behavior all along." She placed a hoof under Twilight's chin, but she quickly slapped it away, irritatingly. "Too bad the rest of you were too caught up in your wedding planning to realize those suspicions were correct."

"Sorry, Twi. We should've listened to you…" Applejack approached Twilight and then looked at me. "I can't believe I didn't listen to you when you were trying to get our help… I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault." Twilight responded as I was still trying to regain my energy and breath. "She fooled everypony."

"Hmm, I did, didn't I?" She commented and began walking towards the window. "This day has been just perfect" She sang as she looked out the window, enjoying all the chaos and destruction that was occurring outside.

"The kind of day of which I've dreamed since I was small

Everypony I'll soon control

Every stallion, mare and foal

Who says a girl can't really have it all?" She ended with an evil chuckle.

Twilight had been observing her and quietly began sneaking over to Cadence, who seemed to be trapped by some kind of sticky substance. "Quick! Go to him while you still have the chance!" She whispered to her when she reached her. Her horn began glowing as she was about to cast a spell, but she was suddenly interrupted by Chrysalis.

"Not so fast!" Chrysalis had somehow heard her and grabbed her with her magic, throwing her against the wall.

"Twilight!" I exclaimed, feeling myself regain a little more energy.

"Did you really think it would be that easy?" She laughed. "You all are pathetic." She looked to her other seven minions and announced an order. "Hold them! I don't want any interruptions!" They did so and grabbed every one of us, holding us up in the air with our hooves. "Time for my royal dinner!" She turned around and began to delightfully head to Princess Cadence and Shining Armor.

I need to protect them! Somehow! I can't and won't break my promise!

"Wait!" I shouted.

"Ugh. What is it now?" Chrysalis exclaimed as she turned towards me, highly annoyed.

"A duel." Two words suddenly slipped out of my mouth intentionally.

"What?" She asked, confused.

"A duel; a fight." I explained. "Between you and me…"

She burst out laughing. "You!" She pointed a hoof towards me. "And me?" She placed her hoof on her chest and continued laughing out loud. "Why would I want to waste my time with you?"

"A wager; If I win, you don't feed off of anypony's love and you leave every pony alone…forever…"

Queen Chrysalis returned an intrigued look. "Interesting… And if I win?"

I remained silent for a moment…in thought…

"…you can feed off my love…"

Every one of the girls gasped.

"Alex! Don't do it!" Princess Cadence exclaimed, trying to prevent me from my decision. However, I didn't answer her.

"Your love?" Chrysalis questioned. "What makes your love so special?"

I looked at the ground for a moment and then at the girls. "If you take my love…you'd basically be taking my whole life… My love fuels it…" I looked compassionately at the girls. "I love each one of them…They changed my entire life around…" I chuckled lightly and looked back at the ground. "I thought I'd never see happiness…but they're the miracle that changed that… They're my true family…and…I love them all…" I looked towards Fluttershy. "Especially you, Fluttershy… You showed me what true love is… and…" I chuckled a little more. "I can't even try to explain how much I love you… I just…really do…" Fluttershy could only look at me understandingly. Afterwards, I looked at Chrysalis. "So as I said…you'd be destroying me completely if you sucked my love out of me… I, the element of a pure heart, would be nothing but an empty shell…"

My answer somehow caused her to widen her eyes. "You're the element of a pure heart?" I nodded. She laughed. "I can't believe it! You were the one I was looking for all along! Not this 'Shining Armor'!" I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. "I felt that presence right here in Canterlot. I instantly thought it was Shining Armor, since he was the captain of the royal guard and about to get married to a princess!" She laughed once again. "Wow!" She turned her head back to me. "But you…" She hungrily licked her lips. "You made yours sound so delicious."

"Then what are you waiting for?" I asked.

She smirked and looked towards the minion carrying me. She made a gesture and released me, allowing me to plant my hooves back on the ground.

"You're so willing to give up that love for me so easily?" She asked.

"No." I shook my head. "I'm wagering my love because I know I'll win. My loved ones are all the support I need…"

The queen laughed. "Please… You have yourself a bet…" She looked towards the girls and continued smiling evilly. "You better say you're final goodbyes…" She looked back at me. "…because he's about to be my royal dessert." I didn't say anything. I only stared as she stared hungrily and intently towards me.

"Ready…" She announced softly, causing me to plant and firm my hooves on where I was standing at. We already began to battle with stares; we only stared off at each other as she continued to prepare herself for her fight with me. "Set…" She added, increasing the tension and suspense that filled the air, purposely trying to strike fear in me. But I didn't become scared… or at least… I tried not to… She purposely paused for a long while, as I didn't know when she would strike. She narrowed her eyes, all while continuing to smirk evilly. We stared at each other in silence. "GO!" She exclaimed, instantly teleporting towards me to swipe me, but I quickly dodged to the right, rolling out of the way. She stopped and looked back to see me. She laughed. "You're agile. I'll give you that. But, please, do you really think you can beat me? You can survive for a few minutes at most, but after that you're…toast…" She laughed, almost manically. "Look at that! I made a rhyme!" I could only glare at her in silence.

"Alex…" I heard a sudden voice in my head. It sounded like Princess Celestia's. I quickly looked up to see her. She was looking at me directly. "You…have to use your…element, Alex!"

I looked back at Chrysalis who was slowly walking towards me in purpose. She's right… but I can't attack her directly… that's what she wants! I looked around and observed my surroundings. I have to fall back and come up with a plan!

"What's wrong little pony?" Chrysalis asked, continuing to slowly walk towards me. "I'm not going to bite… I'm just going to suck up every ounce of your love." She laughed once again as I could only narrow my in annoyance at her.

"You're insane." I responded.

"Tell me. What else can you do?"

She's practically right…there nothing I can really use around me…unless…

I looked directly at her and began motioning my hoof against the floor intimidatingly, indicating for us to charge at each other head on. She observed this motion and laughed. "Are you joking?" My face remained dead serious. She shrugged. "As long as I take your love." She positioned herself in the same manner as me and created the same action. I continued doing it, preparing myself for my plan. She awaited my move. I took in a silent deep breath and immediately began sprinting towards her. She repeated the action and I could see her running towards me. I have to time this perfectly… "I have you now!" She exclaimed as she was right in front of me. Instead, I dove to the floor and slid under her, causing her to stop in confusion. She was turning back to see me, but I quickly grabbed hold of her tail and jumped on her. I saw her horn and rushed towards it. "Get off me!" She exclaimed trying to shake me off. I held a tight grip on her and closed my eyes when her horn was right in front of me. I began focusing my heart on the horn. I didn't exactly know what I was doing, but I just did it. I could hear Chrysalis begin to grunt in slight pain. I continued doing this for a moment until she managed to somehow throw me off of her, causing me to land harshly on the floor. This injured me a bit, especially since I was still tired from that big outburst and injuries I received from before. "You're going to pay for that…" She announced, slowly walking towards me again.

I grunted a little as I pushed myself to stand back up. "Not laughing so much now, are you Chrysalis?"

She growled. "I will be when I'm feeding off your love!" Suddenly, her body fell through the floor, and I could hear her evil laughter. I began to look around, trying to find her, but I didn't see her at all. While she was still missing, I began to walk, keeping my guard up as much as I could while looking around with my eyes carefully.

"Alex! To your right!" I suddenly heard Fluttershy exclaim, causing me to quickly turn to my right. There, I could see some green beams of magic, where Chrysalis suddenly appeared. I quickly rolled to the left, avoiding her swipe.

"Stay still you little runt!" She tried to reach for me again, but I quickly moved to the right. She repeated this, causing me to duck. She continued to do this a few more times, but I was fortunate enough to be able to dodge them all. Finally, when I felt the time was right, I immediately dove under her hoof and over to her backside.

"Chrysalis!" I exclaimed, catching her attention as she turned around to see me. She was immediately welcomed by my hooves as I used my right one to plant a hook on the right side of her face, my left one to plant a hook on the left side of her face, and then my right one to punch her chest, which was where my left hoof was immediately planted after. Then, I finally used my right hoof to strike her a few more times and used my left hoof to punch and throw her to the ground. She groaned and grunted as landed on the floor, stunned for a short period amount of time. I quickly took action and rushed to the front of her. There, I planted my hooves on her and began focusing on her horn again. I continued to feel my element mysteriously hurt her until I felt her move after several seconds. She managed to stagger me by swinging her head and throwing me against the wall with her magic.

Once again, I fell to the floor harshly. I was losing my endurance, almost quickly, but I couldn't give up… I was on my backside, and when I opened my eyes after the impact, I could see Chrysalis walking towards me, seriously pissed off now. She was only a few steps away from me. I didn't have time to push myself back up. All I could do was use my hoof to try to drag and crawl myself away from her.

"Where's your courage and bravery now, little pony?" She asked. I didn't answer. She continued to walk towards me as I crawled away. "You're mine!" She exclaimed and began running towards me. Just as she was about to touch me, I quickly closed my eyes and focused my heart, creating an explosion of light. She was shortly thrown backwards. I opened my eyes and noticed this. She was still blinded by the light, trying to rub her eyes with her hoof. At this point, I pushed myself up as quickly as I could and rushed over to her. I grabbed her head with my left hoof and swung my right hoof harshly at her head, causing her to fall to the floor from the impact and be stunned for a few moments. I then placed both my hooves on her head and began focusing my heart on her. I heard more grunts and groans in pain. I could tell that she was either becoming weaker or the pain was becoming stronger. After several seconds, she managed to move her head and push me back with her magic. I didn't fly towards the wall, so it proved that her powers had weakened. Instead, I stumbled and almost fell back due to my strength almost giving out. However, I managed to stretch my hooves firmly and gain my balance once again. She was now growling much fiercer. "You are really starting to make me angry!"

"What's wrong?" I asked, panting a bit. "I thought you were going to get my love so 'easily'?" Normally, I didn't taunt or provoke, but in this case, it was an advantage.

She growled and sprinted towards me to attack me. I readied my hooves and dodged to the side, stretching my hooves and kicking her fiercely when she passed me, causing her to fall towards the floor in pain again. When I regained my balance, I rushed over to her and began concentrating my heart on her again. I could hear louder groans in pain. Just as I felt that I was close to defeating her, she sent a burst of magic towards me, causing me to fly back again. "That's it!" She yelled as I landed harshly on the ground. "I've had enough of you! It's time to end this once and for all!"

Just as I managed to push myself up again, she disappeared, and the entire wedding hall was covered in darkness. I couldn't see a thing! I looked around, trying to see if there was any sign of her, but it was no use! Even so, I tried walking and looking around for her, but I was limping and my hoof was clenching my side in pain. I don't know how much more I can take… After some time, I heard her voice. "Over here!" I turned around to see her, but right before I had time to react, she clenched my neck with her hoof and brought me to the floor. I was grunting and groaning in pain and struggles. I tried to escape by lifting my hoof to hit her. First, I tried hitting her chest a couple of times, but all she did was laugh evilly. Then, I brought my right hoof over to the left side of my body and winded it up like a golf club. Finally, I swung it across her face, slapping her squarely on her left cheek. Her head was flung to the right. However, she brought it back slowly, glaring angrily at me. She edged her hoof closer to me, creating a green glow. "Your time's up…pony…" Afterwards, she brought it to my chest, sending shocks throughout me. I released more painful grunts as I felt trapped. It felt as if she was sucking up every last bit of endurance and strength I had in me. She continued doing this until I felt my hooves drop lifelessly. The light in the wedding hall reappeared; there was no more darkness. Chrysalis picked up my almost lifeless body and smirked, chucking a bit after she observed how fragile I was. Then, she tossed me away and towards the floor, causing me to roll over a few times before I stopped. I felt completely at lost…but I still managed to feel a bit of strength left in me.

As Chrysalis began walking back with her back turned at me, as if she was victorious, I slowly began bringing out my hooves towards the front of my face, feeling my heart pound loudly and echo through my mind.

"I told you I'd win…" She laughed. "Now I get to have a meal fit for years!" As she continued talking, I could hear a small ringing noise… My vision also became blurry at random times. With my hooves in front of my face, I turned to my left to see black walls of darkness slowly reaching towards me. I turned to my right to see the same thing. My heart was pounding loudly as if it wanted to give out. Chrysalis sighed as she continued to keep her attention away from me, but directed every word she said at me. "It was really pathetic of you to even try to stand up to me…" I could feel the dark walls gaining on me… I directed my attention towards Chrysalis. I don't care what happens to me… as I long as I save everyone… I began reaching out my right hoof. "I mean really? Who thinks that a small little pony can stand a chance against a queen like me?" I planted my right hoof on the floor in front of me, dragging me slowly towards her as I breathed heavily. "Hah…it's sad really…hm…a tiny bit funny too I guess…" I was now ignoring every word she was saying…or was it because I was too close to the end to hear? Nonetheless, as she continued to boast, not paying any attention to me, I raised my left hoof.

I placed it down on the floor and dragged myself closer, grunting and breathing heavily.

I raised my right hoof.

I placed it on the floor.

I dragged myself a bit.

I continued doing this until I had to stop to breathe heavily.

I don't think I can do this…

I looked behind me to see the black walls of darkness still chasing after me very slowly.


I immediately thought about the girls, especially Fluttershy.

I have a will to live…

I regained my breathing and continued moving towards Chrysalis.

I continued my motion of movement, dragging myself slowly towards her.

I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my side, causing me to grunt and place a hoof to my side.

Images of all of the ones I loved filled in my mind.

I won't stop until I save them…

After trying to regain myself for a moment, I started my way towards Chrysalis again, feeling my heart pound harder and louder.

The ringing increased as well.

The closer I was to Chrysalis, the louder everything became.

I finally dragged myself one last time with my left hoof until I reached Chrysalis. She had stopped boasting and was about to head towards Cadence and Shining Armor, but I reached out my right hoof weakly towards her, hoping that I would be able to do something. She must have heard me because she stopped and slowly turned around.

She faced me and smirked evilly.

She held out a hoof, looking as if she was going to help me, but instead a green glow emerged from her hoof. I could only stare in silence and suspense. All of sudden, it shot out towards me, impacting me and throwing me towards the place where I had started.

I landed harshly with all four of my hooves spread out to the side.

My body gave out.

I can't do anything anymore.

My eyes began to slowly close by themselves.

My heart was now pounding faintly.

Everything seemed to fade away.

The walls of darkness had now completely surrounded me.

There's no way out.

My eyes continued to slowly close.

As soon as they did, I only felt one more beat of my heart.

Then it was gone.



"ALEX!" I cried out, seeing him on the floor. He wasn't moving! I struggled to get out of the grip of the changeling that held me.

Queen Chrysalis laughed. "Let her go. Her mourning will increase the love between them." She ordered the changeling. Her minion finally let me go, allowing me to quickly run towards him while the others only contained widened eyes. "Alex!" I called his name again and reached towards him. I placed my hooves on him. There was no response… I immediately felt tears begin appearing in my eyes. Chrysalis laughed again. "You know what? Let them all go! The more the merrier!"

Her minions did so. All the girls were released and came running towards Alex.

"Oh no…" Twilight released in a whisper.

"Alex…" Rainbow Dash whispered as well, sadly.

Queen Chrysalis laughed evilly once again. "That's it! Cry! Bring out your love! It'll make his even sweeter!"

Twilight then narrowed her eyes in anger and turned to face the queen. "You won't get away with this!" I could see her eyes fill up with some tears, just as mine did as I could only remain silent in shock.

"Oh? Do you want to fight me too?" She asked, entertained.

"Yes!" Twilight answered. "All of us will! For what you did to Alex!" Her voice was slightly breaking.

"Great idea." Queen Chrysalis replied. "Fighting? Hah! His love will be the best thing I ever had! Yes! Let's do it. Whenever you're ready…"

Twilight looked back at us. "Are you ready, girls? For Alex?"

I couldn't answer. I couldn't fight. But the girls did.

"She'll pay!" Rainbow Dash responded aggressively, clapping her hoof with her other one, but I could still see a tear form at the corner of her eye. Every one of us had watery eyes, but the girls accepted… because…they wanted to fight for Alex… for what she had done to him…

"Bring it on, then." Chrysalis smirked and provoked.

"Applejack!" Twilight called, getting Applejack's attention. "Get your lasso! Rarity! Get one of those curtains by the window! Pinkie! Get your party cannon! Rainbow! Have your hooves and wings ready! Fluttershy…" She faced me to see teary eyes. "Watch Alex…"

I nodded sadly and turned to face his lifeless body.

"Come on, girls! We'll defeat her…for Alex!" Twilight announced, receiving nods from them.

"Oh. I'm so scared." Chrysalis mocked.

Twilight and the other girls began charging towards her. "Applejack! Secure her with your rope!" Applejack used her teeth to spin the rope and place it around the queen's body, tightening it and making her unable to move. "Rarity! Use the curtains and wrap them around her!" Rarity used her magic to wrap the curtains all over her as she struggled with the rope.

"You fools!" She growled angrily and began making her horn glow.

"Pinkie!" Twilight called. "Use your party cannon to interrupt her spell casting and distract her!"

Pinkie Pie, no longer having her cheerful grin, angrily pulled the fuse of the cannon and blew confetti and streamers all over her. They were shot out so forcefully that her head was thrown back by the impact and unable to finish her spell.

"Rainbow! Knock her out!" Twilight ordered.

Rainbow Dash quickly flew over to her face eye-to-eye. "This is for Alex!" She pulled back her hoof and punched Chrysalis, which made her grunt in pain. Rainbow Dash was going to hit her more, but Twilight quickly stopped her.

"Rainbow, let me handle this!" Twilight rushed over to Chrysalis and began charging up her horn. Twilight's horn emitted a large light purple glow. Before Twilight could shoot it out, Chrysalis opened her eyes and used her magic to throw Twilight back. She also shot out another wave of magic that pushed the other girls, who were trying to go after her as well, back.

"You mere ponies can't defeat me!" She began struggling to free herself from the rope and curtains.

As Twilight and the other girls stood back on their hooves to try again, I could only look at Alex sadly. His eyes were closed. He wasn't even breathing. He was just…there… "Alex…" I released softly. I closed my eyes and began feeling tears fall out of my face. Suddenly, I felt something from his body. I quickly opened my eyes to see him. He wasn't moving… he still wasn't breathing… but somehow I still felt something from him… I formed determined eyes and shook my head. "Hold on, Alex! You still have to be there!" I turned him towards me. I placed my hooves on his chest and began pumping as hard as I could. "Please, Alex! You can't be!" After, I placed my hooves on his mouth and opened it slightly. I leaned my head in towards his and placed my lips on his. I blew in air, which I took with deep breaths. Then, I moved my hooves back to his chest and pumped desperately. "Don't leave me!" Behind me, I could still hear the girls' struggle…and it didn't sound like they were winning… After pumping his chest a few times, I placed my lips on his and blew in air again. I placed my hooves on his chest and continued to press down. "Breathe, Alex! Breathe! Please!" I could feel tears start falling from my eyes in desperation and fear. I blew air in his mouth and continued to pump. But no matter how much I did this, his body only returned lifeless motions. "Alex!" I called his name, sadly.

I heard Chrysalis laugh behind me while I continued to repeat these motions rapidly. "You girls are all pathetic! Look at you! You're merely scratching me!" As their battle continued on, I could only try to revive Alex, but… I saw no sign of any progress… I continued pumping, but it slowed down once I realized that I wasn't doing anything at all… There was no beating of his heart. There was no breathing. I didn't even feel whatever I felt about him earlier. Everything was just…gone… I sadly just pressed down on his chest with my hooves. Tears were streaming down my face. After a few more pumps, with each pace becoming slower, I finally stopped and realized that I failed…

I looked back when I heard multiple thumps and thuds behind me. Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie were all thrown against the floor. They all tried to stand back up with tears in their eyes…but they couldn't… Their hooves gave up on them… And all I did was nothing…

Queen Chrysalis had broken free from whatever bonded her. She laughed and looked at all the girls on the floor. "See? Thanks to you, your love for him has grown much more, and will taste much more satisfying for me!"

"N…no…" Twilight expressed weakly, still trying to push herself back up.

Chrysalis walked over to her and placed her hoof under her chin. "Sorry…" She smiled and released her hoof, causing for Twilight's hooves to give out and fall to the floor. She turned around and began walking to me. I immediately became frightened as I flinched and whimpered in fear. "Don't worry…" She responded. "I won't hurt you. Not as long as you continue mourning for him." She released a small chuckle and walked back to Cadence and Shining Armor. Shining Armor was still brainwashed, but Cadence was in tears. "Oh, don't worry." She assured Cadence. "I'll give you a few minutes before I start on you. I need my dessert fully prepped before I can start on dinner." She chuckled once again.

I can't believe it. This all feels like a nightmare. I sniffled, continuing to feel tears fall from my eyes. I slowly wrapped my hooves around Alex and continued crying. "Alex…please…" I wept lightly. "Just please come back… The girls need you… I need you… You're the only one that can save us… You can't be gone… you just can't… I love you so much, Alex… I love you…so much…" Hearing or feeling nothing from him, I sighed and lowered my head sadly. I leaned over to his face. I passionately placed my lips on his, kissing him for a moment before pulling back slightly and having a few more of my tears land on his face. I sniffled and rested my head on his body, continuing to weep.

"Aw…" I heard Chrysalis say. "Well, I guess that should do it." She turned to face Cadence and Shining Armor. "I'm sure my dinner is ready?"


"I'm sure my dinner is ready?"

I heard Chrysalis's voice speak.

My heart slowly began beating again.

I felt something soft on my body.

…I'm…I'm alive…?

I was still in pain, but I was able to slowly open my eyes. My vision cleared up and I was able to see Fluttershy. She was crying on my chest. I looked around to see the other girls on the floor…unconscious… what happened…?

Fluttershy slowly opened her eyes to see me and suddenly widened them. "Alex…!" She exclaimed softly, removing herself from on top of me.

"No! Get away!" I heard Cadence yell.

As quickly as I could, I tried to push myself up, but I was having trouble. Fluttershy quickly came to my aid and helped me up.

"Thank you…" I responded softly. I weakly placed a hoof on her. "Stay here…"


"Trust me…"

She remained silent for a moment and nodded.

I placed my hoof back on the ground and looked over at Chrysalis, who was just about to touch Cadence with her horn. "Chrysalis!" I exclaimed. She turned around, highly surprised, and faced me. "I'm not done yet…"

"You?" She responded. "I thought I finished you off!" I could see Cadence open her eyes and gasp at the sight of me.

I shook my head. "I made a promise…and I'm going to keep it…" I began to slowly and weakly walk towards her. With each step, I could feel my legs tremble as if they wanted to give out. But I didn't give up.

"Oh really? Can you still keep your promise if I do this?" She shot out a beam of magic towards me, hitting me and causing me to fall to the floor.

"Alex!" I heard Fluttershy exclaim and rush over to me.

I grunted and groaned, struggling to push myself back up. Fluttershy tried to help me, but I weakly placed my hoof on her, telling her to not. I continued pushing myself up, feeling my hooves shake. But I still didn't give up. I finally stretched my hooves and I was now standing back up.

"Impressive… but it's still a waste of time." Chrysalis commented.

I shook my head and continued walking towards her. "I won't let you…win…"

Chrysalis narrowed her eyes in anger. "I really suggest you just give up. Or you'll really suffer."

"I won't…" I responded, continuing to walk a few more steps.

"Okay, now you're really annoying me!" She shot out several more beams of magic at me, each of them hitting me and causing me to grunt in pain. I was pushed back a few steps, but I didn't fall to the floor this time.

Chrysalis widened her eyes. "Why won't you give up!" She shouted angrily.

After I recovered from her last attack, I continued to walk towards her. "I will never give up…"

She growled and began to furiously shoot out many beams of magic at me, but they all missed me as I continued taking careful steps.

"What the…" She growled more. "What are you?"

I managed to chuckle lightly. "I'm just a pony who loves his friends and girlfriend…"

She slammed her hooves on the ground and became furious. She continued shooting out beams of magic towards me, but they all missed again. "Why don't you just give up and accept your fate?"

"Because…" I answered, continuing to walk as I was almost near her. "My fate isn't giving up on the ones I love and being some witch's 'dessert'…" I stopped and raised my head towards her. "…It's about protecting the ones I love!" Suddenly, I felt something occur inside my heart. It felt like some kind of sharp pain…but a good pain… I grunted as I clenched my chest with my hoof, closing my eyes and straining them.

"Hm." I heard Chrysalis scoff. "I knew it. You're no special pony."

I didn't reply. I couldn't reply. I continued to hold my chest as I felt something growing inside.

Chrysalis chuckled. "Minions!" She called for a whole horde and army of changelings by her side. "Get rid of this pony, please. It should be easy. He's already broken." They all began surrounding me, but I could only clench my chest and continue grunting. I opened my eyes slightly to see an actual white light appear in my chest. Chrysalis noticed this and looked a bit panicky. "Hurry! Get rid of him!"

They began charging at me, but as they did, the glow grew even more. I clenched my chest tighter, breathing in and out heavier. Something inside was growing! As they continued to lurk nearer towards me, the larger this feeling in my heart felt. Just as they were about to touch me, a sudden explosion released from me, throwing back all of the minions out the window. My eyes forcefully opened as the explosion occurred and I could feel as if they were glowing themselves. During this blinding light, I felt something form on my sides. The light from my heart somehow formed wings from the base to the top. This highly surprised me. Not only did I feel these form on my sides, something began occurring on my head as well. The same light formed a horn on my head. When the light surrounding me faded out, I could see Chrysalis. She was staring at me with an open jaw and widened eyes. She was speechless. I formed a serious and determined expression on my face. I felt full of energy, like if nothing had even happened to me. I casually began walking towards Chrysalis.

"Do you want to know what I find ironic, Chrysalis?"

"What are you…" She could only respond.

"You feed off love…" I continued. "But you're afraid of it…"

"Get away from me!" She began backing away, frightened now.

"You really shouldn't play with fire, Chrysalis. Or you'll burn yourself." I was now climbing up the steps towards her. She could only shiver in terror as she stared at me with the same widened eyes. "Now you're going to feel the burn…" I honestly didn't know what I was doing…but I trusted myself enough to do it… I felt a glow form on my horn. It was magic… It suddenly shot towards Chrysalis, causing her to flinch. The spell covered Chrysalis and forced her to the ground, preventing her from getting up. It all seemed to be hurting her.

After a moment, she laughed. "Don't you see?" She questioned. "You still can't defeat me! It's going to take something much more than that!" She continued to laugh. I furrowed my eyebrows and heard another voice.

"Alex!" It was Twilight.

I looked back to see her. I saw all of the girls. They were awake again. I knew they were highly surprised of my appearance, but I didn't worry about that right now. "Girls! We need more power!"

Twilight looked around for a moment and then ran over to Cadence, who was also staring at my appearance. "Cadence! You have to get Shining Armor to activate his protection spell again!"

Cadence, already somehow freed from the sticky substance that rooted her to the ground, ran over to Shining Armor. She looked at his eyes, hoping to see some spark inside them, but she frowned as tears formed in her eyes when she didn't. She placed a hoof on him and hugged him as she continued to cry. I could only frown at this while Chrysalis was still being trapped by my spell. Then, I noticed some spark and crackle on her horn. A heart was shot out of it. It floated over to Shining Armor, changing the look on his face. He shook his head in confusion. "Wha- whe- huh? Is...is the wedding over?"

"It's all over!" Chrysalis managed to exclaimed, laughing as she was now beginning to push herself up from the floor. I narrowed my eyes at her and tried to increase the strength of the spell, but I was still unfamiliar with the new powers I was given.

"Your spell! Perform your spell!" Twilight announced towards Shining Armor.

Chrysalis laughed much more, now halfway on her progress to standing up fully. "What good would that do? My changelings already roam free!" She directed towards the outside, where many changelings were still terrorizing the town.

"No!" He tried to activate his spell, but he was too weak. He lowered his head in exhaustion and sweat. "My power is useless now. I don't have the strength to repel them."

"My love will give you strength." Cadence expressed, embracing him.

"Ahaha." Chrysalis cackled, now standing up fully and trying to move from my spell. I felt myself losing control of it… "What a lovely but absolutely ridiculous sentiment."

Shining Armor narrowed his eyes. Then, he faced Cadence and closed them. Both of their horns were near each other. There was a cackle of magic between them, but no significant changes whatsoever. Shining Armor released an exhausted breath. "It still won't work…!"

Chrysalis continued to laugh as she was now walking slowly towards me. I tried to hold her off with my spell. "Who's the one who should be afraid now?" I only stood my ground, backing away slowly when I needed to. I tried to strengthen my spell, but I didn't know how!

Then, I felt a hoof being placed on my shoulder. I looked back to see Princess Celestia smiling warmly at me. "Let me take care of this…" She spoke as I could only gaze at her. She continued to smile. "You know what you have to do…" She took a glance over to Fluttershy. I looked at Fluttershy as well and then back at the Princess. I nodded. Once Princess Celestia stepped by my side and began casting her spell on Chrysalis, the queen was forced to fall back to the floor again, struggling to get up. "Go…" Celestia directed me. I nodded and pulled my horn, causing for the beam of magic from it to disappear. Princess Celestia grew a determined and serious face towards Chrysalis in order to keep her from moving.

I walked towards Fluttershy as she could only gaze at me. "You're…a…a…" She tried to speak, but I placed my hoof on her lips softly.

I smiled lightly and shook my head. "Are you ready to finish this?" I asked.

She could only remain speechless and nod. I smiled warmly and began leaning my head towards hers. She repeated the same movement towards me. Finally, our lips touched with our eyes closed. I could feel a large amount of love coming from us as both our wings were outstretched. Then, I heard Cadence's and Shining Armor's love work as well. As Fluttershy and I continued to kiss, I could feel a swirl of wind surround us. This caused us to open our eyes and look around us. This was it…the power of love… I looked back at Fluttershy, who returned a soft smile towards me, still blooming in her cheeks. I smiled at her expression and kissed her once again. This time, I could feel my horn glow brightly and we were soon levitating off the ground. After a moment, everything began shaking. Across the wedding hall, Shining Armor and Cadence were in the same position we were in. I smiled and suddenly both of our eyes were opened, revealing another strong bright light. The wind around us swirled faster and finally exploded. Princess Celestia purposely released Chrysalis, who could only stare in fear before our power. The winds headed straight towards her.

"Noooooo!" She screamed out as the winds of love pushed her out of the wedding hall. Her changeling minions were also forcefully pushed back along with the winds as well, pushing all of them out of Canterlot and literally so far away that they disappeared into the sky. Fluttershy and I began slowly landing back at the ground as we could only gaze at each other. Once on the floor, I turned my head to see Shining Armor and Cadence embracing each other. I looked at Fluttershy to embrace her as well. As I did this, I spotted Twilight running over to Princess Celestia.

"Don't worry about me. I'm fine." Princess Celestia announced towards her. "You have a real wedding to put together."

Twilight released a warm smile and sighed in relief. "I'm just glad all of this is over…" Princess Celestia nodded and began walking towards me, causing for Fluttershy and I to pull away. She stopped in front of me to observe me. "I see you've unlocked your true power Alex…"

"Huh…?" I questioned, a little confused. She smiled and pointed towards my horn and wings. "Oh…but…how…? I don't understand…"

"You're an Alicorn… just like us…"

"What?" I exclaimed, widening my eyes.

She chuckled and began to explain. "You were so willing to sacrifice yourself in order to protect your loved ones in the face of danger. When you realized what your true goal was, protecting the ones you love, that unlocked that hidden power in your heart. And now…" She presented me. "It has shown…"

"So…" I looked at my wings and horn as well. "Am I like this forever…?"

"Not exactly…"

After she said that, I felt something occurring in my heart. I clenched it and felt the same way as I was last time. I strained my eyes and released a bright light from within me. When I opened my eyes again, I saw that my wings and horn were gone. "…what happened…?" I asked, a little disappointed.

"Don't worry…" Princess Celestia assured. "You still have your wings and horn. It's just something you have to learn to control." She placed a hoof on me. "Once you learn to control this, you can change into an Alicorn or back to the way you are right now… It's an advantage, really."

"So…I can change back…"

"Mm-hm." She nodded. "For right now, you just have to work really hard into changing into one. The more you practice, the easier it becomes, where you could change into one in a snap. But since you're still unfamiliar about this, you may change into one randomly for a special reason…"

"Special reason…?"

"Whenever you see your friends in danger, that's most likely when you'll change into one without hesitation."

I looked down and in thought. I remembered back when I was able to fly. That time when I was the Mysterious Mare Do Well. I had no idea how the dam fixed itself… but now… I realize it was me! The same thing with I being able to fly! It wasn't Twilight's spell… It was never Twilight's spell… the reason it didn't work was because I technically already had wings… And the reason why I changed all of a sudden that time was because I saw Rainbow Dash in danger in the river… It explains it… "I understand now…"

"I'll be honest with you, Alex…" Princess Celestia spoke, causing me to look up towards her again. "I am quite surprised at this as well. I never suspected you of being an Alicorn, and I'm not completely sure why this is so… but I guess we'll just have to find out another time, won't we?"

I smiled. "Yeah… I guess so."

She looked around the room. "Come on, everypony. We have a wedding to prepare for."

As all of us began leaving the room for our preparations, I walked with Fluttershy by my side, smiling so lovingly at her. Then, the other girls joined me as well.

"So you're seriously an Alicorn? I can't believe it!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed, causing for all the girls to begin chattering excitedly around me.

"Girls, girls…"I announced softly. "I may be an Alicorn…but I don't want our relationship with each other to change… I'm still Alex."

"You're right…" Twilight replied, nodding her head and looking at me with understanding eyes. "We all are just glad that you're okay…" She embraced me first, causing each one of the other girls to join in for a group hug. I could only smile and chuckle a little as I felt not only Fluttershy's, but all their love combine with mine.

In order to prepare for the wedding that still needed to take place today, Twilight, Cadence, and I began going around, checking with each one of the girls with their same tasks.

Twilight pulled out her checklist as Cadence met up with Applejack to taste her apple treats. Cadence's body, mane, and tail were completely renewed and cleansed. She looked as beautiful as I could remember. I could only smile as Cadence tasted Applejack's treats. Once she swallowed it, she quickly picked up another one to eat it as well, causing me to chuckle as Twilight checked off on that part of the list.

Next, the three of us met with Rarity. Rarity went out of her way to place on the dress and other accessories on Cadence. Once she finally finished, she held a mirror to allow her to observe herself. Cadence looked at herself for a moment and grinned brightly, showing that she loved it, which caused Twilight to check off as well. Cadence looked at me. I nodded my head in agreement, indicating that she looked perfect.

After, we arrived at the area Fluttershy was with her songbirds. All the birds landed on Cadence, having her hold up a hoof to support two. Fluttershy directed them, using her musical wand to do so. They all sang beautifully. Cadence enjoyed it, allowing Twilight check off on it once again.

Finally, we traveled to the party hall. Pinkie was dancing happily as Cadence joined her. Seeing them two have so much fun made my heart warm up so much. I looked over to Twilight to see her check off on that and grin happily.

When everything was prepped up, I went to go visit Rarity while the bride and groom were getting ready. I entered her room. "Hey, Rarity, is my outfit ready?"

"Just a moment…" She snipped a few times and presented the formal and dressy outfit towards me. I looked at it and noticed that there was a slip on each side.

"Rarity, what are the slips for?" I asked.

"For your wings, of course!" She grinned brightly.

"Rarity…you know I can't change whenever I want yet…"

"Don't worry…" She continued grinning. "I have that covered." She began walking out towards the balcony.

I raised my eyebrow. "…what are you doing…?" She turned back to me and still continued to smile. Then, she suddenly jumped off the balcony, causing me to widen my eyes and exclaim. "Rarity!" My appearance changed, but I was too worried to retrieve Rarity. With my wings spreading, I ran out towards the balcony and looked downwards to see where she was at. However, I was shocked to see Rarity relaxing on some sort of hammock she created with the curtains near the railing of the balcony. When she jumped, she actually just placed herself safely on the curtains.

She looked at me and giggled. "What did I tell you?"

I looked at my wings and horn. Then, I lowered my head, shook it, and chuckled. "Rarity…" Nonetheless, I grabbed her hoof with my hoof and helped her back up on the balcony.

"Now, let's get you in that suit, shall we?" She began grabbing the suit with her magic and fitting it on me. She worked my wings through the slip and placed the finishing touches. She tugged it a bit until it fitted on me perfectly.

I observed myself. "Wow, it looks amazing, Rarity." I commented.

"Why, thank you, Alex." She grabbed her dress nearby and quickly placed it on. "Let's go meet the other girls before the wedding begins."

"That sounds good." I responded, beginning to walk with her towards the girls' location.

We met up with the rest of the girls, who were also in their dresses for the wedding. Rarity looked towards Fluttershy. "What do you think, Fluttershy? Is he just smashing or what?"

Fluttershy noticed me and blushed.

I smiled warmly at her cuteness and walked over to her to kiss her lightly. But, then I remembered something. I looked at Rarity. "Rarity, what if I change back at a random time?" I asked, forming a concerned look.

"Don't worry. I just have a hunch you'll last during this joyous occasion."

"Hm."I smiled again. "Maybe you're right…"

We heard the door in the room open, causing us look at who was coming in. It was Shining Armor. He was wearing his uniform for the wedding. "Hey everypony." He greeted, receiving greetings from us as well. He chuckled and then faced Twilight, walking towards her. "Hey, kiddo."

"Hey, bro." Twilight responded and giggled.

He chuckled. "Listen… I just wanted to apologize for how I didn't listen to you before… I mean… I had told you all those horrible things that I'm sure I hurt your feelings with… I was just being stupid… Will you still be my Best Mare?"

"Oh, Shining Armor…" Twilight smiled and hugged him. "Of course I will. And it's okay, it's all over now."

"We want to apologize too." Pinkie announced when Shining Armor and Twilight pulled away.

"Yes, we're terribly sorry for being such jerks to you too…" Rarity added.

"Yeah, sorry, Twilight…" Rainbow Dash included.

"Sorry, Twi." Applejack apologized.

"Sorry." Fluttershy finished, causing for all them to hug Twilight together.

Twilight smiled warmly. "It's all okay girls. I'm just glad we're all together and okay. We're about celebrate a momentous occasion."

"Right…" Applejack replied, pulling back, along with the other girls, and looking at me. "But I'm really sorry for doubting you as well, Alex. I definitely should have listened to you… Forgive me…?"

I smiled and embraced her in a friendly and forgiving hug. "Of course I do."

"Aww!" The rest of the girls exclaimed and created a group hug once again.

When we pulled away, Shining Armor walked up to me. "That reminds me… I have a favor to ask of you."

"What's that?" I asked.

"Well… I know it's short notice…but… Will you be my Best Stallion along with Twilight?"

I widened my eyes. "Really?"

He nodded. "Yes. You deserve to be."

"Wow…I don't know what to say…"

He chuckled. "Just say yes."

I chuckled as well. "Okay then. Yes!"

He smiled. "Great then. See you all at the wedding. I have another favor to ask of you after." He directed at me and then left the room.

The girls congratulated me as I could only feel a bit surprised and happy in a good way…

When the wedding started, we were all in our positions. Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie were on the left side of the stairs in front of the crowd. Fluttershy was on a balcony in the wedding hall, having a musical wand with her to direct the birds. I looked over to her and waved. She noticed it and waved back shyly, but happily. I smiled and looked at Twilight. I was on the left side of Shining Armor, near the girls, but leaving enough room for the bride. Twilight was on the right side of Shining Armor while Princess Celestia was behind both of them. As we all eagerly waited for the bride to come in, I noticed Twilight spot something with her brother's uniform. She grabbed the front piece with her magic and fixed it up, sharing a smile with him after.

Finally, Fluttershy began waving her wand, beginning to direct the birds. They sang the Bridal Chorus, causing for the crowd to look over to the door. The two royal guards by it opened it, revealing Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle. They were the flower girls. I smiled sweetly as I saw they skip in, throwing flower petals from their basket onto the floor. Then, Cadence began walking in after them. Several birds lifted the end of her dress as she headed towards us.

"Seriously, though." Twilight bumped her foreleg playfully on Shining Armor. "I get why the queen of the Changelings wanted to be with you, but how did you get someone as amazing as Cadence to marry you?" She joked.

"I told her she wouldn't just be gaining a husband; she'd be getting a pretty great sister, too." He answered, causing Twilight to return a warm smile.

Afterwards, we looked back at Cadence as the birds continued singing. Nearby, I could see Rarity begin crying as she pulled out a cloth and wiped her tears. Applejack looked back at her slyly and pulled out her hat. She placed it on, sending that sour face to Rarity as if she might get after her. Nonetheless, she faced back towards Cadence, causing me to chuckle a bit at her actions. Cadence now walked up the steps to meet Shining Armor. They both looked at each other and then at Princess Celestia.

"Mares and gentlecolts," She began, grabbing our attention towards her. "We are gathered here today to celebrate the union of the real Princess Mi Amore Cadenza..."

"Princess Cadence is fine." Cadence responded.

"Hm." Princess Celestia smiled warmly and continued. "The union of Princess Cadence and Shining Armor. The strength of their commitment is clear. The power of their love, undeniable. May we have the rings please?" Spike, who was carrying the pillow with the rings, presented them. The Princess lifted them with her magic and gently began placing them on each of their horns. "I now pronounce you mare and colt." The wedding halls were immediately filled with joyful cheers. Cadence and Shining Armor walked out to the balcony to meet the huge crowd that was outside as well, cheering loudly for them. They both waved happily out to them. "This is your victory as much as theirs." Princess Celestia announced, placing a hoof on Twilight. "You persisted in the face of doubt, and your actions led to your being able to bring the real Princess Cadence back to us. Learning to trust your instincts is a valuable lesson to learn. Especially you, Alex." She turned to face me and placed a hoof on me as well. "Had you not truly believed in yourself and the will to protect the ones you love, you probably would have not discovered your true strength, which was the key into saving the day. That and the love you have for Fluttershy and your friends."

I smiled warmly. "Thank you, Princess…"

She nodded and we turned our heads to see Shining Armor and Princess Cadence kissing, causing us to watch the scene warmly. Suddenly, Princess Celestia lifted a wing around Rainbow Dash and whispered to her. "Rainbow Dash, that's your cue!"

Rainbow widened her eyes and then narrowed them in determination, spreading out her wings. She quickly flew out towards the balcony, ditching her dress behind. She rose into the air at an incredible height and then quickly dove downwards. She increased her speed greatly until she performed the sonic rainboom in front of us, sending a bright colored rainbow behind her.

As we continued to watch, Fluttershy wrapped her hoof around and smiled lovingly at me. I looked at her and formed the same expression. Then, I heard a flapping of wings near me. I turned to see Derpy.

"Best Wedding Ever!" She exclaimed and looked at me. "Where'd you get the horns and wings? They look so real!"

I chuckled. "Well…they are, Derpy. I guess I'm an Alicorn."

She widened her eyes. "Whoa! Should I bow down now?" She asked, beginning to lower herself but I quickly shook my head and placed my hoof on her.

"No, Derpy. Please don't. I'm still the same pony you knew."

"That reminds me." Princess Celestia added. "I'm sure you wouldn't want to become a Prince, would you?" She asked.

I shook my head politely. "No thanks. That sounds really exciting…but I want to just live my life with them…" I directed towards my friends…

She smiled warmly. "Hm. I understand completely." She turned around and began walking. "Come now. We still have that party for the new married couple." She faced Pinkie. "Right?"

Pinkie gasped. "Yeah!" She rushed out, causing us to laugh and follow her.

However, before I started heading towards the party grounds, I excused myself and left towards the suite really quick.

Inside the suite, I looked at myself in the mirror. I smiled as I observed my horn and wings. I just can't believe it… I chuckled a little. I still have to learn to use them though… I touched my horn a bit with my hoof, as well as my wings. I placed it back on the ground and continued observing myself. " 'Mistake, huh?' Yeah, right…" I spoke out loud. Then, I began walking out the door.

As I began making my way to the party, I managed to come across Starlight. She was directly in my path. But I wasn't afraid. I wasn't nervous. I was just…happy.

"Hey, Starlight." I greeted with a smile.

However, she narrowed her eyes and returned an irritated frown. "Don't, 'Hey, Starlight' me. Did you really have to put on some fake wings and horn to make yourself look important?"

I chuckled and shook my head. "First of all, I don't need anything to make me feel important. All that matters is that I believe I'm important. Second of all, these aren't fake or artificial." I managed to spread my wings and flap them a little, causing her to widen her eyes. "And finally, you can tell mom and dad that I don't care anymore if they don't remember me." I began walking past her. "I have a new and better family to care for."

I could hear her growl as I continued to walk away. "This isn't over, Alex…"

I continued to smile as I rolled my eyes at her comment. I don't know if she was attacked during the invasion. I have no idea where she was. But I don't really care... I headed towards the party.

The sun had set when I arrived, revealing a dark and starry night. I saw the girls, along with Princess Celestia, in a group as the newlywed couple prepared for their dance in the spotlight. I walked over to them and stood by Fluttershy, grabbing her hoof as she was just so beautiful in her dress. She looked at me in smiled.

Soft piano music began playing as Shining Armor and Cadence looked at each other romantically. They both walked closer to each other, beginning to dance. They continued to sway in a rhythmic motion as we watched. It really was beautiful to see this…

"Hello, everypony." We heard Princess Luna announce, landing near us. "Did I miss anything?" She asked.

I chuckled and responded. "You sure did Luna…"

She noticed me and instantly widened her eyes. "Alex…how…"

I closed my eyes and smiled warmly. "It's a long story… But, apparently, I'm actually an Alicorn."

"I see." She answered, recovering from her widened eyes and now smiling. "So that's what I felt that last time I visited Ponyville…"

"Hm?" I answered, becoming interested. "You mean during Nightmare Night?"

"Yes. I told you that there was something rare and powerful in your heart, which was waiting to be unleashed." She presented me with her hooves. "This was it."

I smiled and nodded. "I guess it was."

Suddenly, Pinkie rushed out of the group and headed towards the DJ machines. She placed one of the cups of the headphones near her ear and brought out another pony. "Let's get this party started!" A loud beat began playing as she threw a microphone to Twilight, who caught it with her magic and began singing.

"Love is in bloom

A beautiful bride, a handsome groom," She presented Shining Armor and Cadence.

"Two hearts, becoming one" I became excited and quickly rushed over to Twilight, singing along with her.

"A bond, that cannot be undone, because

Love is in bloom

A beautiful bride, a handsome groom

I said, love is in bloom

Starting a life and making room

For us (For us, For us...)"

As we sang, we could see everypony having a great time. Shining Armor and Cadence were dancing so happily and joyously. Pinkie was on the floor, munching on a huge piece of cake. Applejack was playing a violin with her relatives. Spike was dancing with Sweetie Belle. Rainbow Dash was talking with one of the members of the Wonderbolts. Rarity had found Fancypants. Fluttershy joined me and kissed me passionately, filling me with so much happiness.

I also noticed those three bridesmaids I saved rush over to me.

"Oh my gosh, Alex!" Lyra exclaimed excitedly towards me.

"You're so amazing!" Minuette added.

"And incredible!" Twinkleshine included.

"Will you marry me?" They all exclaimed at the same time, but then looked at each other angrily and competitively.

"Sorry, girls." I answered, shaking my head. "There's only one pony that has my heart." I looked towards Fluttershy, who returned a loving look. We both shared a kiss, causing for the three girls to walk away and groan.

Later, we saw Cadence and Shining Armor trotting towards their carriage. Twilight opened the door as I walked to her side. We both bowed until Shining Armor called us.

"Twilight! Alex! None of this would've been possible without you two... Love ya, Twily."

"Love you too, B.B.B.F.F." Twilight responded warmly.

They both exchanged a warm hug.

"That reminds me…" Shining Armor added when he pulled away. He looked towards me. "I still have that favor to ask of you…"

"What is it?" I asked.

"I may not be able to spend time with Twilight as much as I did before…so…" He paused for a moment, looking at the ground and back at me. "I want you to be her B.B.B.F.F. when I can't."

"Huh…?" I slightly widened my eyes.

He continued smiling lightly as he looked at me. "Can you do that for me? Please?"

I looked at Twilight and then smiled at her. I looked back at Shining Armor and nodded. "Of course I can… To be honest…" I looked back at Twilight and placed a hoof around her. "…she's like the sister I never had…"

Twilight was touched by my words. She widened her eyes and then narrowed them caringly, placing her hoof around me tightly.

Shining Armor nodded and smiled. "Thank you." Afterwards, he climbed on the carriage and faced Cadence. "Ready to go?"

"Oh. Can I say one more thing to Alex?" She asked.

Shining Armor nodded his head.

Cadence placed her hooves on the window and looked towards me. "Alex…"

I walked towards her, eagerly listening to what she had to say. "Yes, Miss Cadence?"

She smiled warmly and continued looking at me with serious and caring eyes. "Don't let anypony prevent you from doing what you believe in. You were my best student and you still are." She chuckled. "You're very bright and I know you'll succeed in anything you put your mind and heart to."

I could only warmly smile back at her after those words. She held out her hooves, offering a hug. I walked towards the window of the carriage and accepted her hug, placing my hooves around her. "Thank you, Miss Cadence… You were the best teacher and still are." I chuckled a little. "I'm glad I saw you again."

"I am too, Alex…" We both lightly pulled away and faced each other. "I hope I'll see you again soon, Alex."

I nodded. "I hope so too, Miss Cadence. Until then…"

She nodded as well and was about to go back in the carriage, but she suddenly stopped herself. "Oh! Almost forgot." She stretched her hooves and threw the bouquet of flowers.

The flowers were heading to a group of girls, but Rarity immediately intervened aggressively. "IT'S MINE!" She announced crazily, waving her hooves around the air to catch it. However, instead of calmly holding out her hooves, she threw it even higher in the air, causing it to fly over to Fluttershy.

Fluttershy wasn't even suspecting such a thing. The bouquet of flowers landed on her hooves as she innocently caught them. She noticed them and blushed, looking towards me. I could only send her a loving smile. She returned another one, lowering her head a bit embarrassingly.

Shining Armor and Cadence gave one last wave before the carriage began moving away, causing the horseshoes behind it to clatter and create sound.

The other girls had joined us. Rarity had a sort of disappointed look on her face.

"Now this was a great wedding." Twilight commented as Fluttershy stood by me, still carrying the bouquet of flowers.

"Oh yeah?" Spike announced, standing on top of Pinkie's head. "Just wait until you see what I have planned for the bachelor party!" He chuckled as we returned confused looks.

Then, we all shared a laugh as fireworks popped in the sky. Fluttershy and I especially noticed one that presented a heart. We looked at each other and shared a passionate kiss. Afterwards, I wrapped a hoof around her and continued to gaze at the fireworks for a while.

After the party, we began boarding the train ride home. I noticed Derpy come in with a paper bag over her head, covering her eyes. "Whoo!" She exclaimed.

I chuckled and removed the paper bag from her head. She noticed me and giggled. "Here, Alex." She opened her saddlebag that she was wearing and pulled out some photos. "I'm no photographer but I took these of you and your friends at the party. " She presented them towards me, allowing me to notice that they were the things I witnessed at the party, especially the one with Fluttershy and me kissing.

I looked up at Derpy and smiled. "Thanks Derpy."

She grabbed the paper bag that I had removed from her head and placed the photos inside. She gave it back to me, allowing me to carry it with my teeth. "You're welcome, Alex. You've been such an awesome friend. We can still hang out, right?"

I nodded. "Of course, Derpy."

She smiled and closed her eyes. "Cool!" Afterwards, she walked to her seat and sat down, looking out the window.

I returned back to the other girls that were waiting for me at their seats. Twilight saw me carrying the paper bag with the photos inside as I sat down.

"Here, why don't you let me teach you how to carry it with your magic?" She asked.

I placed it on the ground and chuckled. "Alright."

"Now, all you have to do is stare at it and focus that magic on it. Just focus on the paper bag only." She directed.

"Alright…" I narrowed my eyes and stared at the paper bag. I closed my eyes and began trying to focus my horn. A dark blue aura surrounded the bag.

"Okay, now try to think of lifting it up without using anything but your mind." I nodded and began trying to pick it up. It would slowly jump up and land back on the floor. However, I continued, remembering what Cadence told me. After a few moments, I finally managed to lift it up in the air and hold it there as I opened my eyes. I grinned brightly as I saw my success. "Good job, Alex." Twilight congratulated with a soft smile. "Once you keep practicing, it'll become much easier. Rarity and I can teach you other things to do with your magic now."

"Of course." Rarity agreed.

"And Fluttershy and I can help you get those wings started!" Rainbow Dash added. "I still want that race, remember?"

I chuckled and looked at all of them. "Thank you, girls. I really appreciate all of this."

They returned beautiful smiles.

"Although, I still can't believe you caught the bouquet of flowers, Fluttershy…" Rarity expressed to her. "I really wanted them…"

"Oh, I'm sorry, Rarity…" Fluttershy apologized, beginning to stretch her hoofs to Rarity to give them to her. "Here, you can them."

"No, no." Rarity shook her head, smiling. "You deserve them. After all…" Rarity looked towards me with her eyes and then at Fluttershy.

I lightly blushed, and so did Fluttershy. I then turned around, still looking out the window and seeing fireworks explode in the sky as we grew further away from Canterlot. I could only smile and feel incredibly happy as every one of family was right by me, and I could still feel their love surrounding me.

When we arrived back at Ponyville, we began leaving the train. Before leaving, Derpy faced me and smiled, noticing how I was still carrying the paper bag with my magic. "Great job, Alex!"

I returned a soft smile. "Thanks, Derpy…"

"You're welcome. See you around!" She waved and began flying away.

After, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash began leaving as well, expressing their farewells towards me before heading to their homes and bed. Twilight then faced me, smiling so caringly. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow?"

I returned the same smile and nodded. "Of course."

She looked at me for a moment and then embraced me. "…Goodnight, B.B.B.F.F."

I embraced her as well and patted her back. "Goodnight, L.S.B.F.F"

"L.S.B.F.F?" She asked, pulling back and forming a confused expression.

"Little Sister Best Friend Forever?" I explained, chuckling.

"Oh, of course!" She giggled and nodded. Afterwards, she waved and began walking home with Spike.

Lastly, Fluttershy appeared by my side, smiling. I returned a smile to her and then remembered something. "Oh, Fluttershy. Do you mind if we stop by my house?"

"Not at all." She responded, still holding that beautiful smile.

We walked to my house, arriving shortly after.

"Do you want me to wait out here?" She asked.

"Sure. I'll just be a moment."

She nodded, and I walked in. I was still carrying the paper bag with my magic. I placed it on the counter and looked around. I noticed all the photo frames that were still empty, except one specific one. Afterwards, I closed my eyes and began concentrating. I opened them slightly, leaving them narrowed. A dark blue aura formed around the paper bag, opening it. I also used my magic to pick up the photos inside. Then, the same colored auras surrounded the photo frames. I placed the photos inside the empty photo frames. When I was finished, I released a breath and looked around. I smiled. They weren't empty anymore. They were filled with my friends. I looked to my left to see the one specific one I was talking about. It was the picture that I had first taken with the girls. I smiled warmly while looking at it, even feeling the need to chuckle a little because of how happy I was.

Finally, I nodded and walked back out. Not bad for a beginner.

I reached Fluttershy, who was waiting for me outside. "Ready?" I asked.

She nodded, and we began walking. As we did, she turned to face me. "Are you going to sleepover again?" She asked.

"Mm-hm." I nodded. "If it's okay with you…"

She smiled warmly. "Of course it is."

"Thank you…" I thanked and kissed her on the cheek.

She slightly blushed. "You know… I can help you with your flying tomorrow if you want…"

"That sounds great." I answered. "I can't wait to be able to fly with you now. I'm getting excited just thinking about it!"

Fluttershy giggled. "Me too…"

Once we arrived at her cottage, we removed our formal attire and began preparing for bed. This time, I wanted to sleep by her tonight.

"You don't mind if I sleep by you tonight either, do you?" I asked.

"Hehe…no." She responded. She placed the flowers in a bowl of water and began walking upstairs to her bedroom. I followed her.

There, we both began lying on bed. Fluttershy couldn't help but keep gazing at my new appearance, but the same pony.

"What is it?" I asked, still grinning at her.

"You… You're just…so…amazing…"

"I can say the same thing about you…"

Fluttershy giggled softly and nuzzled herself in my hooves. Using my magic, I grabbed the covers at the end of bed and pulled them over us. Fluttershy looked up to me and smiled adorably. "Goodnight, Alex…"

"Goodnight, Fluttershy…"

"I love you."

"I love you too."

We both shared a very passionate kiss that lasted for a while. Afterwards, she closed her eyes as she lay in my hooves. I smiled and managed to wrap my wing around her, comfortingly. Then, I closed my eyes and began falling asleep.

At that moment, I realized something.

My birthday wish came true.

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