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A New Hero - Alex The Lone Wolf

What if there was another pony who joined the pony gang? (Look at longer description...)

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Magical Mystery Cure

Episode 64 – Magical Mystery Cure

I opened my eyes to see myself upside down on the side of my bed. It seemed that I had brought down the blankets along with me as well. I noticed how my hooves were still somewhat on the bed, but the upper part of my body was on the floor.

I sighed.

I took a few seconds to fix myself and then place the blankets back on the bed.

As I was fixing the bed, I heard the letter box on my door creakily open.

"Huh?" I muttered.

I turned around and walked down the stairs. Immediately, I noticed something on the floor. It was a letter. Confusingly, I slowly walked towards it and picked it up with my magic. I opened it and pulled it out, beginning to read it.

Dear, Alex

I'm so thankful I finally found you. I had almost given up, but my heart pushed me on forward. I've always wanted to speak with you again, to fix all the wrongs I've done, but my head did not allow me. I've figured now is the time to do as much as I can, and maybe we can restore certain things… I know you have no clue who this is, and it's better not to tell you. If you knew, you wouldn't bother showing up… Of course, I would understand that…but I need to talk to you, Alex. So very badly. You need to know so much. And I'm here to tell you. You don't need to know what I look like. As soon as you see me, you'll know it's me. I just need you to meet me at the café, and then hopefully…maybe…we can get along…

I stared at the letter for a long while. I even read it a couple more times to see if what I was reading was actually there. This better not be one of Rainbow Dash's pranks… Nonetheless, I placed the letter away and decided I could go see what was going on.

I brushed my mane a bit and made sure I looked alright.

Afterwards, I walked out the door, having the ever so curiosity of this possibly mysterious pony calling me.

I walked to the café and looked around. There weren't that many ponies around. A few were walking around. I narrowed my eyes towards the tables outside. There were several sitting on some of the tables each.

As I scanned them all carefully, I noticed one table that was just occupied by one mare. Having a good guess that this might be the pony who wrote to me, I slowly walked closer to her and tried to observe her carefully. As soon as I was close enough, I immediately recognized who it was… The small glasses… the light pale of blue…everything…


My gaze soon enough turned into anger when I began recalling all of my experiences with her.

She stopped tapping her hooves on the tabletop and remained still for a moment. Then, she looked at my way and widened her eyes when she saw me. "Alex…" She reacted.

I didn't think I'd ever hear her call my name.

But it didn't make me happy, only angrier.

I formed an irritated expression on my face and immediately turned the other way, walking away from her.

"Alex, wait!" She called. I heard her rush towards me. "Alex…" She stated right behind me.

I growled and clenched my teeth. I immediately turned back and faced her. "Oh, so now you remember me, huh?! I suppose since I'm a big famous Alicorn, I'm suddenly a pony you know?! Is that it?!"

Her voice seemed to breaking. "N-no…no… Please… I know how you feel…but…" She sniffled a little. "…I just need you to listen to me…please…"

I continued to lightly glare at her. Then, I released a heavy but angry breath through my nose. "…fine…"

I sat down across from my mother in the table at the café. I didn't make eye contact. I stared downwards, wondering what the hay she wanted.

There was a moment of silence until she finally decided to speak.

"So…how are you doing?" She asked me.

"Stop trying to butter me up." I answered coldly. "Just tell me what you want to tell me and go. You don't need to make yourself look more indulgent than you already are."

I continued staring downwards until I heard her begin sniffling again. This time it was much stronger. I lifted my eyes towards her. She was the one looking down now. I noticed a few tears escape from her eyes and fall towards the table. No matter how angry I was at her, I just couldn't bear the sight of her crying.

I sighed lightly, feeling horrible that I made her feel so…distressed. "Please don't cry, mom… I'm sorry… I'm sorry I said that…"

She sniffled a few more times and wiped her eyes. "No…don't be. I'm a horrible mother. I know I am. I completely understand that I am. I've neglected you for your whole life. It's my entire fault."

I couldn't really say that she hasn't… I mean it was the truth…but I didn't really want her to feel any worse. "…how did you even find me?" I asked.

"It all started after the wedding. Your sister had…told me that she met you and your friends; especially on how there was a little yellow mare with wings that you're with. When I thought about it, I remembered seeing a pegasus of the same description. And then that's when I realized it. I had high hopes and chances of the same mare you're with being the one that I met when your father and I came to this very town for zap apple jam. I…I just had to find you because… I wanted to tell you everything. The whole truth. I didn't have much luck finding you at first… I looked everywhere, especially at the farm we bought the zap apple jam from. It wasn't until the other day that I stumbled upon a young grey pegasus. The first thing I noticed about her were her eyes. They were crossed and I had never seen a pony do so. I asked her about her eyes and she explained to me why they were like that. But then, she looked at me for a while and mentioned something to me. A key. She told me that I looked and reminded her of somepony. I immediately asked who and she told me. She told me that it was her friend Alex…you… So…after learning that she worked as a mailpony, I asked her to deliver a letter from me to you. And well…here we are."

I shook my head."I don't get it… If you remember who I am, then why doesn't Dad? In fact, why were you pretending that you didn't? Mom… Tell me… Why has Dad been talking about me like I don't even exist?"

She sighed as well. "I don't know if you already know your father, but… He's been purposely pretending to never have known you. He does remember you. He just wants to act like you've never existed. He…wanted me to be the same way…To be frank, he wants to rid any part of you from his life."

I scoffed. "Figures… So what? He's pretending that he's never had a son before?"

"…Yes… And technically…he's right…"

Her answer surprised me. I widened my eyes and my heart may have skipped a beat. "What do you mean…?"

"It's…something I wanted to talk to you about as well. It's not going to be easy to believe…but it's the truth." I could only continue staring at her, wanting to know so desperately what she was talking about. "…It was a rainy night… We were all asleep until some loud thunder woke me up. I couldn't go back to sleep, but your father and sister remained in bed. I decided I could get something that could maybe help me fall back to sleep. After I searched the refrigerator for some milk to heat up, I continued being lightly scared by the lightning and thunder outside. I just wanted to drink my milk and try to go to bed, but that wasn't the end of the night. I began becoming deeply frightened when I heard strong hoofsteps outside the house. I wasn't sure if I should have checked it out or not, but I let my fears get the best of me. I was just about to go to bed until I heard a sudden knock on the door. My heart was starting to beat fast, and many thoughts raced in my head. I was just so scared to even see who would be knocking on the door, but I couldn't let it go. Otherwise, I would have never been able to have a chance to sleep that night. So…I slowly walked to the door and placed my hoof on the knob. I hesitated for a while, continuing to feel as if I should check or not. I took in some deep breaths before I slowly turned the knob and lightly opened the door. The sound of the rain immediately became louder and clearer as I left the door ajar with my eye peeking out. I tried to look around as much as I could without opening the door too much. I was confused. I didn't see anypony outside. I was beginning to wonder if it was just the wind throwing some things at the door or something. I was about to close the door until something suddenly caught my eye. There was something on the floor of the porch. I lightly opened the door some more to see it better. It was a basket. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I opened the door enough to where I could stick my head out and look around. There was nothing but that one basket there. I didn't know what was inside, but all I could see was that there was a light blue blanket covering it. I picked up the basket and brought it inside. Once I closed the door shut, I immediately began trying to figure out the mystery. I was scared to look inside, as it might have even been some prank or some sort. Once I finally got the courage to open it, I saw something I completely wasn't expecting. Wrapped around in a tight blue blanket was a foal… That foal…was you…" I gasped and remained speechless. "You were only sleeping at then. When I pulled you out and held you in my forelegs, you seemed so…cute and adorable… I looked in the basket to see more inside. There seemed to be a note. At the front, it said 'I'm sorry.' When I grabbed the note and turned it around, there was more written. I can still remember what it was. It said 'Please, whoever you are, take care of him. His name is Alexander, but he seems to like it when he's just called Alex. Please…love him with all your heart…he deserves it…' I didn't know what to do. It added so much responsibility to my life, but I couldn't leave you out in the rain. I just couldn't. It wasn't until your father came down when seeing the light on. After I told him what happened, he grew furious. He didn't want some random foal to come into his house to be another mouth to feed. Despite you being just a baby, he already thought of you as a freeloader, even though you had no choice or decision in it. It took me a while to reason with him and show him how I just couldn't leave you by yourself because you wouldn't make it out on your own. After several moments, he finally just put it to rest. He didn't disagree…but he didn't agree either. He just…let whatever happened happen. Throughout your first years, your father showed hostility towards you. He clearly didn't like you. I tried to take care of you, but throughout all the years…I…" Tears began forming in her eyes. "…For some reason…I…I just became angry as well. I don't know why. The hostility in your father just seemed to have…leaked into me. I don't know why…" She shook her head as tears fell out. "I wanted to care for you but…I just started…disliking you and feeling that you were actually a burden as well. I'm so sorry, Alex. When your father realized how my protection of you was depleting, he just…took things in his own hooves…and…that's why…he did all those horrible things to you… I'm sorry…"

She continued crying as I remained sitting there in disbelief. My mouth hung open and my eyes slowly lowered themselves. Was she really telling me the truth? Did all that really happen? I…I just can't…

The more time I spent sitting without a word to say, the more I seemed to grow angrier. The thought of dishonesty and irresponsible behavior plagued my mind. I felt my teeth clench and soon enough, I wasn't speechless anymore. I had enough.

"You liar…" I pushed through my strained irritated facial expression. This caught her attention. She slowly lifted her head towards me to reveal the tears that were streaming down her face. "I know what you're doing…" I continued, feeling immense darkness corrupt my heart. "It took you that long to make up a story like that? I see what you're doing! You're only trying to blame the 'horrible mother' on somepony else! You're trying to make yourself look like the responsible mother by 'supposedly' taking me in when my 'real' mother left me out in the rain! There is no second mother! You're my mother but you're just trying to escape the fact that you didn't care at all!"

"Alex, honey, no I—"

"I've had enough of this!" I exclaimed and stood up angrily at the table. I immediately felt something painfully pinch at my heart, so I placed a hoof on my chest and strained my eyes as I groaned. She tried to reach out a hoof towards me but I quickly turned away. "Keep your hooves off me!" I tried to begin walking away, but I was in too much pain. I could barely even move one step forward. "If you wanted to make up stories like that, you've should've stayed in Fillydelphia!"

"Alex, wait! Let me help you!" She tried to stop me.

"I…don't…need your help…!" I growled.

Suddenly, I felt myself lose control and conscious.

I opened my eyes in a quiet atmosphere. I rubbed my hoof on my face for a while. However, I was alarmed to see my mother looking at the gifts among the shelf in front of me. I figured out that I was on my bed. She heard me and turned around.

"I see you have some nice friends now…" She mentioned softly.

"…yeah…" I responded, feeling confused about what happened. "…what happened? Why am I here?"

"You passed out…" She answered. "I had to get a doctor to come check you out. He did…but he didn't find anything wrong with you. He said you were perfectly healthy and that you must have just been too stressed over the…information…I gave you… He decided it was best that you get rest, so…here you are…" She looked out the window, which also surprised me because I just realized it was nighttime. "It was a long rest too…"

I was shocked. "…you stayed with me the whole time…?"

"Yes…" She walked over to me and placed a hoof on my forehead. "It's the least I could do."

I looked away and sat up. "…you must really be asking for forgiveness…aren't you?"

She couldn't answer for a moment. She turned away and remained silent for a while. "I can understand if you don't… I wasn't exactly Mom of the Year." She chuckled a little softly.

"…you tried… At least I know you tried…" She didn't say anything back to my last response. "Does Dad know you're here?"

"He's away in a business trip…" She explained. "Your sister is off on her own musical career. If I was going to be alone, I might as well try to find you…right?"

"Why? I thought you were happy without me."

"Alex… I told you why…"

"Well, I don't believe it." I immediately answered. She remained silent again. I shook my head. "I can't. I've been through so many lies, including you all… I still have major trust issues because of it. The only ones I trust are the ones I hold dear. But…you can't expect me to suddenly believe this whole story one day you randomly show up. It's too much." I sighed. "I'm sorry for how this will sound Mom, but… I don't trust you."

I could sense that she was hurt. I was even able to hear her silent gasp. She nodded her head lightly and placed her hoof on her face for a moment, turning around so I couldn't see it. She took in a breath and slowly exhaled. "I understand… I'm sorry, Alex. I guess… I should leave you alone now… Maybe…" She paused. "Just maybe…we can…at least…try to…start over…" She hesitated between words.

"Are you staying in Ponyville?" I asked.

"Just for a while…" She answered. "If you really want me to…I'll leave right now."

My head was overloaded with so many things. "…I can't think right now."

"Okay, then… Just…let me know when you want me to leave…" Afterwards, I heard her walk down the steps quietly.

I sat on the side of my bed as I heard her open the door. After a few seconds, it closed, leaving an echo.

I sighed heavily and stared at the floor for a long while. I shook my head and stood up. I walked down the stairs, thinking to myself.

I can't believe she would come all the way to find me… Does she really feel sorry?

I opened my front door and looked around. She wasn't anywhere in sight. I suddenly felt an overwhelming feeling of sadness drop over me.

Maybe a walk in the night will help clear my mind…

As I passed by Vinyl's house, I heard a pony walk to my side.

"Hey, dude."

I turned around and noticed Vinyl with her glasses held up on her head, revealing her eyes fully. "Oh… Hey, Vinyl."

"Why do you look so down?" She asked with worried eyes.

"I'm just…dealing with a lot of stuff right now…" I answered.

"Want to come inside and listen to some tunes with me? That might help ease things down a little."

"Maybe some other time… Right now, I feel it might be better if I'm not in such a noisy nature…no offense, of course…"

"Don't worry. I get you." She placed a hoof on me and slightly hugged me. "Stay strong. I'll be here if you want to chill or talk. Whatever makes you feel better."

I managed to form a very light smile. "Thanks, Vinyl."

"No problem." She repeated the smile as well. "See you around."

"See you."

She walked back towards her home. I decided to continue my walk.

The next place I stopped was at the library; Twilight's home. The lights were on, so it seemed that she was still awake. I looked down at the floor and thought for a moment. I began to feel the hint of tears forming in my eyes. It's just like me… Every time I recall something sad…I always feel like crying… I looked at Twilight's door. Maybe talking to a very close friend will heal my wounds somewhat…

I walked towards the door and knocked.

The door creaked open as I stared away at the ground.

"Alex?" She paused to notice the expression I wore. "Whoa, what's wrong? You look so down…"

"Can I come in?" I asked.

"Yeah, of course." She held the door open as she stepped to the side. I walked in, holding my head down. She closed the door and attended to me. "What happened, Alex?"

I sat down and rubbed my foreleg with my hoof. I wasn't sure if I should tell her… "I…don't know where to start…" I sighed as Twilight walked over to me and sat by my side. "I just came by because I thought I could talk to you to help me a bit."

"Of course you can. I'm not busy. I mean, I was going to take a bath, but Spike got to it first and you know how long he takes!" Twilight noticed my unchanged expression and shook her head. "Anyway, tell me. What's going on?"

"Well…" I rubbed my hooves together. "My mother came into town…"

"Your mother from Fillydelphia? Really?" Twilight asked with widened eyes.

"Yeah… Apparently, she was looking for me and once she found me, she decided to drop this whole story on how I was actually never her real son and apologize and…" I placed my hooves to my head and groaned. "Ugh! What am I supposed to do with that?! A mother who has neglected you your whole life coming to apologize and say how you were brought in!? How the hay am I supposed to believe that?!"

"Okay, take it easy…" Twilight placed a hoof on me and rubbed slightly, attempting to calm me down. "She might be right. She might be wrong. I don't know. I can't say because I don't have any better clue than you do. But if you want…I can help you somehow see if you have another family history or something…" She looked around her library across the books. "I can do some research."

"Why bother…" I answered, leaving my head down low. "You'd only be wasting your time…" I picked up my head. "You could spend hours on unnecessary research when it could probably just be another one of my family's lies in order to get me to forgive my mom."

"Are you sure…?" Twilight questioned. "I don't mind at all, Alex. If it helps you feel better, I'll do it."

"Yes, I'm sure." I returned. "Just leave it how it is. I guess I just need time to get over and forget about it."

She continued to keep her attention towards me until there was another knock at her door. She sat up and walked over to the door to open it.

"Yes?" She answered with a smile.

"Package for Twilight Sparkle." The pony at the door announced.

"Oh! Thanks!" Twilight received the package with her magic and closed the door. As she walked back towards me, she read the front and presented slightly confused eyes. "A package from the Princess?" She inquired, catching my attention. She opened the package and pulled out a letter and what appeared to be a notebook. She sat down by me once again and began to read the letter she received. "Dear Twilight Sparkle, The spell contained on the last page of this book is Star Swirl the Bearded's secret unfinished masterpiece." She gasped and grew excited when she looked at the book. "Ooh!" She expressed. Her reaction actually made me smile and chuckle a bit. "He was never able to get it right, and thus abandoned it. I believe you are the only pony who can understand and rewrite it. Princess Celestia." After, she faced her attention towards the book and began flipping through it. She stopped at a page and began reading from it. "From one to another, another to one. A mark of one's destiny singled out alone, fulfilled." She stopped and thought for a moment. I raised an eyebrow in confusion, feeling as if the spell was cut short. "That doesn't make any sense. It doesn't even rhyme!" Nonetheless, she yawned and placed the book on the nearby table.

"Are you tired?" I asked.

"A little." She replied. "That was weird. I guess I can just try to figure it out in the morning."

"Well, I guess I'll leave you to bed then." I stood up.

"I'm still here if you want to talk." She offered.

"That's okay. I'm fine for now. Thanks, Twilight." I expressed.

"Anything, B.B.B.F.F."

I looked back at her and smiled. "Goodnight, Twi."

"Goodnight, Alex."

Afterwards, I walked out the door and headed back home.

As soon as I reached my bed, I placed myself on there. I then thought to myself. That's weird… I pretty much slept all day after I…passed out…but why do I still feel sleepy? Nonetheless, slumber pulled me away from my thoughts and surrounded me.

An echo of galloping hooves entered through my mind. All of a sudden, a voice called out for me.


The covers on top of me were thrown to the side. I slowly opened my eyes to see Twilight staring at me frantically. "Twilight…?" I mumbled sleepily.

"Alex, there's something weird going on!" She exclaimed.

"Huh..?" I muttered until she suddenly turned me around on my stomach and placed her hooves on my flank, surprising me. I widened my eyes.

However, she sighed in relief. "Your cutie mark… It's still the same…"

"What? What are you talking about?" I asked a lot more alert now.

"I woke up this morning and Rarity was doing Rainbow Dash's job! She even had her cutie mark!"

"…what…?" I questioned, trying to grasp this new information.

"Come on!" She pulled me out of bed. "You'll see what I mean! We have to get to Rainbow Dash! Rarity told me that she's in Fluttershy's cottage!"


"Let's go!" Twilight grabbed my hoof and pulled me down the stairs and outside where I met Spike. He was rubbing his claw on his eye as if he had just woken up as well. "Come on, Spike!"

She took us to Fluttershy's cottage, which she was calling Rainbow Dash's cottage instead. I still had no reason why, but if Twilight was right, then I was about to find out.

Spike released a sleepy yawn as we reached the cottage. "I still don't know what you had to wake me up for. I love sleeping in the rain."

"It was raining?" I asked, now confused since there was a sunny sky above us.

"That's just it." Twilight answered. "It's not about the weather, Spike. Rarity had Rainbow Dash's cutie mark and said this was Rainbow Dash's cottage. Something strange is going on..."

We reached the door, allowing Twilight to knock.

The door slowly opened revealing a nervous face not from Fluttershy, but from…Rainbow Dash?

"Hey, guys." She greeted.

"Rainbow Dash?" I asked. "What are you doing in Fluttershy's cottage? And where is Fluttershy?"

"What do you mean?" Rainbow questioned. "This is my cottage ever since I got my cutie mark. Fluttershy is at Sugarcube Corner."

"What?" Twilight included. "Rainbow Dash, you're supposed to be clearing the clouds, but you're not! Rarity is the one doing your job!" We suddenly heard a crash inside, causing Rainbow Dash to rush back in. "And what in Equestria is going on in... here?"

Twilight opened the door to reveal so many animals acting hectic inside. There were literally hundreds of animals roaming freely as Rainbow Dash tried to take control, but clearly it wasn't working. Even a seal was bouncing a rabbit while a huge bear was covering a whole door!

"These animals don't listen, no, not one little bit" Rainbow Dash sang, picking up Gummy who was strangely in the wrong place. She placed him inside a bird cage…

"They run around out of control and throw their hissy fits" She could only observe as a cat hissed and tore the curtains completely.

"It's up to me to stop them, 'cause plainly you can see" She noticed a bird roaming around, so she flew to try to catch it.

"It's got to be my destiny, and it's what my cutie mark is telling me" She pointed to her flank after failing to retrieve the bird when it flew inside a mouse hole. I was shocked to see that Fluttershy's cutie mark was on Rainbow Dash's flank instead!

"What in Equestria…?" I became speechless.

"See what I mean?!" Twilight pointed.

I shook my head to get me out of my trance and looked at Twilight. "We have to go find Fluttershy! Come on!" I then led them out the cottage and hurried to Sugarcube Corner, where Fluttershy was supposed to be at.

We arrived to just see Fluttershy surprisingly blowing a balloon to try to please an audience of ponies. However, the tip of the balloon escaped her mouth and flew away. She released a completely nervous grin.

"I try to keep them laughing, put a smile upon their face" Fluttershy sang as well pulling out a silly mask to improvise. However, the crowds of ponies watching were bored and displeased. Vinyl was even in the crowd!

"But no matter what I try, it seems a bit of a disgrace" She tried to blow a party kazoo, but it merely flattened.

"I have to entertain them, it's there for all to see" The crowd suddenly began laughing. I looked back to see Spike dancing with the silly glasses instead.

"It's got to be my destiny, and it's what my cutie mark is telling me" Twilight gestured Spike to stop as Fluttershy seemed to have felt herself failed. She looked at her flank and I noticed that she had balloons instead of butterflies.

I just couldn't believe any of this!

"Alex!" Vinyl called, walking towards me. "What's up? Are you feeling better? Where's Pinkie? I don't mean to sound rude but this mare isn't all that funny…"

"That's my girlfriend!" I exclaimed, not in anger, but in frustration of all these new issues that were suddenly arising.

"Oh, man… I'm sorry, I didn't kno—"

"Forget about it!" I began racing towards Fluttershy, but Twilight stopped me.

"Wait, I know you want to talk to her but she's doing her job right now. We can't keep her from doing so."

"But that's not what she does!" I argued.

"I know, I know." Twilight responded. "But we can't do anything about it right now. Let's go find the others."

I sighed and followed her out the door.

The next area we visited was Sweet Apple Acres.

It was once again to our surprise to see Pinkie attempting to shake the apples of the trees with her hooves. But this time, her hair was completely drained of excitement and styled back when she freaked out with the party!

"I don't care much for pickin' fruit and plowin' fields ain't such a hoot" She used her former energetic energy to search all around to fix a water chute on the barn.

"No matter what I try, I cannot fix this busted water chute!

I've got so many chores to do, it's no fun being me

But it has to be my destiny, 'cause it's what my cutie mark is telling me"

Of course, Pinkie had Applejack's cutie mark instead, which could only leave us wondering who's cutie mark Applejack had.

With our hearts beating, we left Pinkie Pie to hopefully finish her chores, which she wasn't supposed to do in the first place, so we could check on Applejack.

"Lookie here at what I made, I think that it's a dress" Applejack was just finished making a dress on a dress form, but her work clearly presented that it was not what she was supposed to do.

"I know it doesn't look like much, I'm under some distress

Could y'all give me a hand here and help me fix this mess?" She asked, continuing to rush with her work that was just clearly not working out.

"My destiny is not pretty, but it's what my cutie mark is tellin' me"

I shook my head in disbelief. Why in Equestria is all this piling on me now?!

In order to emphasize and finish her point, Twilight revealed the situation with Rarity towards me. Rarity was absolutely having trouble with the clouds. She kept every single cloud, whether snow, rain, thunder, and lightning, in a fashionable pattern instead of actually regulating each one in order to promote a normal weather pattern.

"I'm in love with weather patterns but the others have concerns

For I just gave them frostbite over-top of their sunburns

I have to keep on trying for everyone can see

It's got to be"

"It's got to be" Fluttershy added.

"My destiny" Pinkie intervened.

"My destiny" Applejack echoed.

"And it's what my cutie mark" They continued. "It's what my cutie mark, Yes, it's what my cutie mark is telling me!"

For some reason, I began lightly panicking myself when Twilight led Spike and me to her home. I just couldn't take it. Why the hay was this all happening now?!

"This is bad. This is very, very bad!" Twilight exclaimed with nervous hooves.

"What's going on? Why is this happening?!" Spike asked in nervous confusion.

"Last night when you were taking one of your seven-hour bubble baths, I got a special delivery from the princess!" Twilight explained, recalling the time I was with her last night.

I gasped. "That spell… That spell from Star Swirled the Bearded! Is that what's causing this?"

"I'm sorry!" Twilight apologized. "I cast the spell so I could find out what it was, but nothing seemed to happen. But now I know something did happen!" She turned around to face the case behind her. It contained the Elements of Harmony. "The spell has changed the Elements of Harmony!" I looked to notice that the colors of the elements were all jumbled up! All except Twilight's. "That must be why their cutie marks are all wrong!" Twilight looked at me. "It was only Alex and me that didn't change!"

"My element…" I returned. "It's not tangible. That must be why nothing happened to me!"

"And I'm the one who casted the spell…" Twilight added.

"So just cast a counter-spell to switch them back." Spike offered.

"Mmh." Twilight quickly skimmed through the book that contained the original spell she casted, but she found nothing. "There is no counter-spell!"

Spike brightened up when he received an idea. "Why don't you just use that memory spell you used to fix everypony when Discord was here?"

"It's not their memories, Spike." Twilight shook her head worriedly. "It's their true selves that have been altered!" She closed her eyes and held her head down low.

"Zecora's cure for the Cutie Pox?" Spike included.

Nonetheless, Twilight responded by closing the book sadly and placing it on Spike's claws. "That won't work either..." She turned around and started heading for the stairs.

"Well…" Spike sighed. "Maybe it won't be so bad. Maybe our friends will grow to like their new lives."

"Are you kidding, Spike?" I asked. "They can't even do their jobs right because right now they're doing what they're not meant to do at all!" I sighed. "They won't be happy with their change and neither will we… Neither of us will get used to their change… It affects us all…"

"He's right Spike…" Twilight agreed gloomily at the top of the stairs. "They're not who they are meant to be anymore. Their destinies are now changed, and it's all my fault."

She continued walking up the stairs in silence. As her expression affected mine, my ears flopped down and I frowned lightly, calling her name softly. "Twilight…" I followed her up the stairs. By the time I reached her, she was lying on her bed, looking miserably at her bed sheets as it was raining outside the window. "Twilight…" I called again at the front of her bed.

"I have to find a way" She sang desolately as she looked out the window and shifted towards it.

"To make this all okay…" She placed a hoof on the window, looking out to Sweet Apple Acres which was now completely…lifeless…

"I can't believe this small mistake

Could've caused so much heartache

Oh why?" She sent gloomily chills throughout my body when she expressed that, especially as I looked out the window with her and noticed Rarity with her mane completely drenched and everypony furious with her. "Oh why?

Losing promise

I don't know what to do" On the other hoof, Applejack was already condemning the beauty shop… I could only imagine what was going on in the cottage…

"Seeking answers

I fear I won't get through to you" Then it struck me… In the middle of town…as ponies angrily walked by… there lay Fluttershy on the top of the fountain. I gasped lightly and placed my hoof on the window, feeling a few tears form in my eyes. She lowered her head sadly as she realized she failed in cheering up anypony else.

"Oh why, oh why?"

Twilight laid down on her bed and buried her head into her hooves, beginning to cry softly. I slowly took several steps towards her and lightly placed a hoof on there, feeling just so…distressed… I'm supposed to take care of the girls…and right now…I'm just so helpless…

"Twilight…" I called her name again.

"Oh, Alex, what have I done?" She asked me, raising her head as tears escaped from her eyes.

I remained silent for a moment, trying to think of what to say. "…what's done is done… We can't stay here and just…feel helpless about what's now. We've been through rough patches before, Twilight… And we've always made it through it… We can do this… We always can… We're a family… A family of close friends…"

She slightly opened her mouth and wiped her eyes. "You're right, Alex…" She jumped off her bed and walked back downstairs, leading me to follow her. She stopped at a very familiar picture…a picture that entered so many memories back into my mind, leaving me in slight shock. It was the exact picture with my first smile in it. The same time I really accepted the girls into my life and heart… "And they mean more to me than anything. My friends..." She ended with soft happiness, suddenly glowing brightly. This surprised both Spike and me.

"Twilight? Are you alright?" Spike asked as he shielded his eyes as the glow grew immensely brighter.

Twilight's eyes suddenly opened up in cheer. "I've got it! I know what to do!"

"You do?" I asked, feeling her excitement as well.

Twilight quickly retrieved the chest used to hold the Elements and placed the Elements of Harmony from the glass case into them. "I may not be able to remind them of who they are, but I can show them what they mean to each other. They'll find the part of themselves that's been lost so they can help the friend they care about so much!" Twilight placed on her element and gave the box for Spike to carry. "Come on! Let's go get our friends back!"

Afterwards, she raced out the door, having Spike and I run after her full of hope.

Almost immediately after, we came across Fluttershy who was pulling a bag towards a hot air balloon, desperately shocking me.

I gasped. "What is she doing…?" I immediately ran towards her and called her. "Fluttershy, wait!"

"Oh… Hey, Alex…" She looked away sadly towards the ground, unable to face me for some reason.

"Where are you going?" I worriedly inquired.

"I'm moving back to Cloudsdale." She continued to look away. "I don't know what's wrong, but I can't seem to make anypony laugh…"

"B-but… What about us…?"

She remained silent for a moment. Then, tears immediately formed in her eyes, having her close them shut. She tried so hard to stop them from falling, but she didn't succeed. "I-Im…sorry… Alex… But…but… I don't think we should be together anymore…"

I immediately gasped and widened my eyes in shock.

Fluttershy heard my expression, but she still refused to turn back. "Please…don't be sad… You deserve better than me… I can't do anything right anyway… I'm doing what I'm meant to do and I still can't do it… I'm sorry…" Without sparing a look towards me, she grabbed her bag and continued walking towards the hot air balloon. She held her head so low that her left eye was covered by her mane. "Goodbye, Alex… I've had fun during the time I've spent with you…but now you have a better mare to find…"

She tossed her bag inside and was about to climb in, but I immediately ran to her and placed a hoof on her shoulder. She slightly looked back in surprise, but I didn't give her time to react. I forcefully, in a soft motion, turned her around and with no regrets, strongly placed a fanatical kiss on her lips. She released a muted yelp with widened eyes, but soon, she succumbed herself and softly closed her eyes, all while tears continued to stream from her eyes.

I felt as if I have placed every single one of my emotions in this. It wasn't until a few seconds until I slowly pulled away, not wanting to let go.

"Why…?" Fluttershy asked with tearful eyes. "Why don't you want to let me go…?"

"After all we've been through…" I began. "You want to just end it like that?" She continued to gaze at me. "You say you're not good enough for me… I can't express how much of a lie that is… We're perfect for each other, don't you see, Fluttershy?" I lightly pulled her closer to me. "I don't care if you can't make any other pony laugh… Want to know why…? Because that's not what you're meant to do…"

"But…my cutie mark…"

"Forget your cutie mark… You do what you're best at…and it's certainly not making other ponies laugh…"

"Then…then…what am I best at…?" She asked.

I looked back to Twilight to see her smiling warmly at us. "Would you mind leading the way, Twi?"

"With pleasure." She answered, beginning to walk as Spike followed her with the chest.

I turned to Fluttershy and grabbed her things out from the balloon with my magic. "Don't ever think you're not good enough for me…"

She remained speechless.

I placed a kiss on her cheek and grabbed her hoof to take her and follow the path with Twilight.

As soon as we reached the door at the cottage, we heard Rainbow Dash yelp from inside.


"Rainbow Dash!" Twilight exclaimed and opened the door, revealing the sight of all the animals going crazy with their forks and spoons.

"I'm in here! Help! I'm trapped!" Rainbow pleaded from inside a cauldron where she was tied up.

"Now, Fluttershy!" I told her. "You're the only one that can fix it! It's what you're meant to do!"

"B-but…how…? I don't know anything about animals…!" She responded.

"Yes, you do!" I returned. "Remember when we first met? Remember the moment I first secretly fell in love with you? You were singing with the birds, Fluttershy! You do know what to do! You just have to remember!"

She gasped lightly, seeming to be puzzled. It seemed that she did remember when we first talked with each other, but she couldn't explain how she could be so well with birds when it wasn't her cutie mark. Nonetheless, not having time to think, she hesitantly walked into the middle of the chaos and began softly talking to the animals. "Um... Hello? Little... woodland creatures?" She was completely taken by surprise when the large bear walked by her, scratching his back with a table. "I know that you're all very upset, and feel like giving Rainbow Dash a hard time, but we'd all really appreciate it if you'd calm down and, um, maybe... rest for a bit?" The animals began stopping their madness, lowering their forks and spoons, and paid attention to Fluttershy. When all the animals were staring at her, Fluttershy seemed a little nervous. She quickly looked around and found a bowl of salad. "Oh! Uh... look! Here's some nice, juicy leaves for you to munch on." She placed the bowl in front of the bunnies. They quickly began consuming it. Of course… "And some crunchy, munchy acorns too." She placed acorns in front of the squirrels and mice. "Uh, wouldn't you like to take a break and have a little snack?" She asked the other angry critters at the cauldron and pointed them towards the pile of food. They shrugged and placed their utensils down to join the rest of them. All the animals were immediately having a feast. "Aww, look at that. I guess you were all just cranky because you were hungry." Angel looked back to see Fluttershy and immediately hopped in her hoof to hug her. "Oh, you are very welcome, little friends." She expressed as birds chirped towards her to give thanks. However, the large bear picked her up and kissed her on the head like a baby, causing me to grin and chuckle. "Goodness, it's like I can understand them!" A pink glow surrounded Fluttershy.

"Alex…" Twilight whispered to me, catching me attention. She opened the chest holding the elements and gave me Fluttershy's. "Put it on her."

I quickly nodded and retrieved it with my magic.

"I... I feel strange, like... like this is what I'm meant to do, like this is who I am!" Fluttershy spread her wings and began flying in happiness. "My destiny!" She exclaimed.

I smiled and spread my wings. I instantly flew to her, offering her a sweet and warm smile. "See…I told you…" Afterwards, I immediately placed her element on her and combined it with a kiss to her lips. We both closed our eyes, but as soon as the magic in her element began working, she opened them massively and widely. It appeared as if she was remembering every single little thing about her now.

Finally, her head fell on my chest with her body wanting to completely fall in weakness. I quickly wrapped my hooves around her and kept her balanced on me. "Wha... what happened?" She asked as I slowly placed her back on the ground.

"Fluttershy, look! Your cutie mark!" Twilight exclaimed, causing the both of us to look at her flank. I opened my mouth in excitement, feeling so much jubilance when I saw her cutie mark returned back to normal. "It worked! It worked! Oh, I'm so happy you're back to normal!" Twilight bounced around Fluttershy. "Now we need your help!"

"A true, true friend helps a friend in need" Twilight began singing as I noticed a mouse form a gloomy face towards a squirrel holding an acorn. The squirrel noticed that the mouse didn't have the chance to receive his snack, so the squirrel offered the acorn to the mouse. The mouse accepted it and immediately removed the frown on his face.

"A friend will be there to help them see"

"A true, true friend helps a friend in need" Fluttershy and I sang with Twilight.

"To see the light that shines from a true, true friend…"

"Um, hello!" Rainbow Dash called, reminding us that she was still tied up. "Friend trapped inside, remember?"

I slightly chuckled and apologized. "Sorry about that, Rainbow…"

I took her out of the cauldron with my magic and Fluttershy and I untied the rope from her.

"Rarity needs your help

She's trying hard doing what she can" I sang to her, pointing her out the cottage door.

We took Rainbow Dash to Rarity to show her what I meant.

"You're the only one that can do this…" I added as I pointed out towards the dark clouds.

"Would you try, just give it a chance" Fluttershy helped me as well, having Rainbow Dash fly towards one of the clouds.

"You might find that you'll start to understand" Rainbow Dash kicked one of the clouds, making it disappear and becoming highly surprised.

As Rarity was crying under the rainy weather, her face straining in emotional pain, I walked towards her and attempted to shield her with my wings and body, remembering my words to her whenever she was in such distress. She opened her eyes and noticed me behind. Afterwards, Rainbow Dash cleared the cloud above us, allowing her to clearly see my face.

"A true, true friend helps a friend in need" Twilight, Fluttershy, and I sang as Rarity beamed in happiness towards us.

"A friend will be there to help you see

A true, true friend helps a friend in need

To see the light that shines from a true, true friend" As Rainbow Dash wiped her forehead from clearing the clouds, she looked a lot prouder of herself than when she was with the animals. Twilight took this opportunity and placed the element on her, instantly reminding her of everything as well.

"Uh…" Rainbow Dash expressed as she lifted herself up, revealing her original cutie mark. "…what just happened?" She asked as if she just woke up from a bad dream.

"There's no time to explain, but we need your help." Twilight answered. "Applejack's trying to make dresses!" She added, sending a look of slight disgust as if the mere thought of Applejack doing Rarity's job was completely ridiculous to see.

"Say no more!" Rainbow Dash returned confidentially.

We all threw bright smiles from our faces to Rarity. She looked back with startled eyes, staring at all of us with no clue.

"Applejack needs your help" Rainbow Dash directed Rarity towards Applejack when we were in the shop. Applejack tiredly held herself near the sewing machine with sweat dripping from her face.

"She's trying hard doing what she can" Applejack looked back with tears as she failed with the sewing machine. Rarity looked around, seeming hesitant to do anything as she walked.

"Would you try, just give it a chance

You might find that you'll start to understand" Rarity immediately took control of the job and without a doubt expressed her talent with the fabric.

"A true, true friend helps a friend in need" Rainbow Dash joined Twilight, Fluttershy, and me in our song, all while Rarity quickly regained her skill with ease, already in the final touches of making a new dress.

"A friend will be there to help them see

A true, true friend helps a friend in need" Applejack was astonished by all this work. Twilight began walking towards Rarity as she held up the completed dress in delight.

"To see the light that shines from a true, true friend" Twilight had placed the element on Rarity, causing her to instantaneously recall everything.

Afterwards, she gasped when she spotted something different on her flank. "Oh my, what a terrible dream I had." She turned her attention to Applejack who grinned nervously as she stood near an…unsuitable dress… "Or, maybe I'm still having it."

"Rarity, Pinkie Pie is about to lose the apple farm." Twilight brought to her attention, pointing to Applejack. "We need Applejack's help!"

"What do you say, Rarity?" I included, grinning at her a bit. "Think you can do it?"

"Lose the apple farm?" Rarity asked and then looked back with playful yet determined eyes. "Well we can't let that happen, now can we?"

"Pinkie Pie is in trouble" Rarity placed her hoof on Applejack and brought her among us on our way to the apple farm.

"We need to get there by her side

We can try to do what we can now" Rarity revealed the deserted and dead fields to Applejack.

"For together we can be her guide!" We surrounded Pinkie, who was struggling so much to fix the water chute. However, Applejack jumped on the crate she was on and placed it back for her, smiling at her. Pinkie returned a relieved smile.

"A true, true friend helps a friend in need" We sang as we all helped bring the farm back to life.

"A friend will be there to help them see

A true, true friend helps a friend in need" As Applejack stood by her family, Twilight placed her element on her, repeating the process as for the other girls.

"To see the light that shines from a true, true friend"

Applejack began skipping happily after regaining her cutie mark. "Yee-haw! Now that's more like it. What's next?"

"The townspeople are furious. We need the old Pinkie Pie back." Twilight answered.

"I'm on it. I know just the thing." Applejack returned, looking towards Pinkie and her deflated mane.

"The townspeople need you, they've been sad for a while" Applejack sang to Pinkie as I carried her back to the middle of town where everypony was in an extremely angry mood.

"They march around, faces frown and never seem to smile

And if you feel like helping, we'd appreciate a loooooot" Twilight placed her element on her while Applejack filled her face with those original silly glasses.

"If you get up there and spread some cheer from here to Canterlooooooot!" She pushed her towards the middle of the fountain.

Pinkie Pie immediately regained her cutie mark and threw her glasses out in cheer. "Come on ponies, I wanna see you smile!" She exclaimed.

"Pinkie!" The entire crowd of ponies strongly and loudly welcomed her back.

"A true, true friend helps a friend in need!" All of us including the entire town sang heartily with our job successfully accomplished.

"A friend will be there to help them see

A true, true friend helps a friend in need

To see the light (to see the light)

That shines (that shines)

From a true, true friend!" All of the girls and I shared an immense group hug with each other. With me, I was so extremely joyful to have all the girls back the way they were. It seemed as if all the problems in my life escaped away from me.

Twilight suddenly gasped, ending our group hug. "Wait a second, that's it! I understand now, I know how to fix the spell!" She immediately rushed back towards her home, leading us behind her. She retrieved the spell book with her magic from the table and opened it. She grabbed a quill and commenced her writing on it as the other girls looked a little confused. "From all of us together, together we are friends, with the marks of our destinies made one, there is magic without end!"

Twilight pressed the dot strongly at the end of her sentence to signify her own accomplishment. She proudly placed the book back.

Just as I was about to congratulate her, her element suddenly released a burst of magic towards all of us. The other girls were pushed away from us and their elements suddenly activated. They gave cries of shock. Immediately after, my own element came from my heart and towards Twilight. An extremely bright light protruded from my heart and suddenly everything was gone.

"Hello…?" I heard Twilight's voice echo. I groaned slightly and opened my eyes. She turned and noticed me. "Alex!" She hopped over to me. "Where are we? What is this place?" She asked.

I looked around, but I had absolutely no words to say. The strange atmosphere we were in was empty…yet…beautiful…

"Congratulations, Twilight. I knew you could do it." Princess Celestia's voice suddenly echoed throughout the area.

We saw her and trotted towards her.

"Princess... I don't understand." Twilight expressed as she greeted her with a hug. "What did I do?"

"You did something today that's never been done before…" Princess Celestia brought out the book Twilight had received. "…something even a great unicorn like Star Swirl the Bearded was not able to do, because he did not understand friendship like you do." She revealed the new spell Twilight had written. "The lessons you've learned here in Ponyville have taught the both of you well." She smiled proudly with a warm tone to her smile at us. "You two have gone through so many obstacles together and have really learned to appreciate one another, initiating a tight and unbreakable bond. You have proven that you're ready, Twilight."

I was lightly surprised by this statement… What did she mean…?

"Ready? Ready for what?" Twilight questioned as we followed Princess Celestia.

Princess Celestia then began walking us through an invisible hallway…a hallway full of both of our memories together… "You both have come such a long, long way" Princess Celestia began singing which truly surprised me and completely warmed me in the heart. It was the first time I had ever heard her sing and even then, her voice brought such…happiness into my heart. It was just…just so warm. First her truly warm smile…now her voice… It was just…amazing… Words couldn't describe…

"And I've watched you from that very first day" She directed at Twilight. We stopped at a memory that revealed Twilight's arrival in Ponyville. This was completely new to me as I hadn't truly met Twilight until we defeated Nightmare Moon…

"To see how you might grow

To see what you might do

To see what you've both been through" Even memories of mine throughout my growth in trusting the girls appeared. From the ones where I felt miserable and never smiled to those that I truly accepted the warmth and joy the girls brought me.

And all the ways you've made me proud of you…"

After revisiting our memories starting from the very first day I met the girls until now, Princess turned her attention towards Twilight in her song, leaving Twilight's eyes to sparkle immensely.

"It's time now for a new change to come

You've grown up and your new life has begun" Princess Celestia placed a hoof around me while facing Twilight.

"To go where you will go

To see what you will see

To find what you will be

For it's time for you to fulfill your destiny!" Her wings spread strongly. I was amazed and slightly shocked in a good way.

Princess Celestia turned her head towards me and smiled warmly. "Alex…would you please help me do the honors?"

"Honors…? What do you…?"

She stopped me when she looked at Twilight and pulled a glow out from her heart. I gasped as I received the message she was trying to send. I didn't know what was going to happen or what was going on, but as soon as I saw that glow, I immediately knew what I had to do!

I closed my eyes and looked into my heart. From there, I pulled out another glow and sent it to Twilight's with my magic. When I opened my eyes, Princess Celestia then combined both of ours, sending it spinning around Twilight. She was lifted up and she had no idea what was going on. A large bright light was centered in the middle of her body, specifically her chest. The bright light grew immensely, blinding Twilight from me as I stood near Princess Celestia, shielding my eyes. The ball of light released its energy, closing my eyes.

Before I knew it, I felt a change around me.

Then… I heard Applejack's voice…

"Twilight...? Alex? Is that you?"

I opened my eyes and noticed all of the girls staring at us. I looked for Twilight and spotted her lying on the ground. I was just about to grab her hoof to help her up, but I suddenly noticed wings on the move. I immediately gasped and widened my eyes greatly. My mouth was extremely agape as I was screaming out in silence.

To even strengthen this effect, Twilight stood up by herself and brightly spread out her wings. I truly remained speechless at this sight.

Twilight noticed the wings on her and placed a hoof on them to observe them, surprised of them herself.

"Wha... I, I've never seen anything like it!" Applejack expressed in disbelief. "You… You're just like Alex!"

"Ha! Twilight's got wings too!" Rainbow Dash cheered, touching her new wings. "Awesome! A new flying buddy!" She hugged her.

"Why, you've become an Alicorn!" Rarity exclaimed, noticing Twilight's new appearance. "I didn't even know that was possible when Alex became one but now…now…I'm speechless!"

"Alicorn party!" Pinkie Pie screamed out loud, wearing a party hat and swung around a rope in order to imitate an Alicorn. She blew a party kazoo.

I shook my head, recovering my utterly astonished gaze. "Twilight! H…Ha!" I cried out loud in happiness and embraced her greatly. "I can't believe it! You're an Alicorn too! It really is like we're brother and sister!"

Twilight giggled softly. "Hehe... I guess you're right."

"Wow... you look just like a princess!" Fluttershy included.

"That's because she is a princess." We heard Princess Celestia say.

We returned confused expressions as she landed before us.

"Hold on a second!" Pinkie Pie paused and brought out a random glass of water. She poured some in her mouth and then immediately spat it out.

"A... a princess?" Twilight questioned, greatly surprised about this new change.

"Since you've come to Ponyville, you've displayed the charity, compassion, devotion, integrity, optimism, heart, and of course, the leadership of a true princess." Princess Celestia explained, indirectly involving all of us as well.

"But... does this mean I won't be your student anymore?" Twilight asked worriedly.

"Not in the same way as before. I'll still be here to help and guide you, but we're all your students now, too. You are an inspiration to us all, Twilight." Even the Princess herself bowed in front of Twilight. I was greatly surprised at this motion, but as soon as I noticed the other girls bowing as well, I shook my head and drew a smile upon my face. I joined in their bows.

"But... what do I do now?" Twilight asked, looking around, still retaining that look of worry. "Is there a book about being a princess I should read?"

Princess Celestia giggled. "There will be time for all of that later."

Twilight released a grin as she looked at all of us.

I couldn't help but shake my head. I walked towards her and hugged her tightly once again, feeling tears begin to brim in my eyes. "I'm… I'm just so proud of you, Twilight!" Suddenly, something dropped down in my heart, but I ignored it. "I can't believe-ugh." I groaned when I felt something sting from my heart to my horn. As I continued to ignore it, Twilight shifted her expression from happiness to worry and concern after noticing. "…that you've learned so much…" I grunted once again when I felt a worse sting on my horn, causing me to place a hoof on it. Nonetheless, I continued to speaking with Twilight. "…to become…an Alicorn…" I began feeling weak. My hooves slowly retracted from her body without my control.

"Alex…are you alright?" She asked.

However, at the end of her sentence, her voice immediately drained out. I placed a hoof on my forehead and strained my eyes. Everything seemed to start fading out. Every little sound. When I opened my eyes to see Twilight worriedly staring at me, my vision was fading away. Darkness slowly covered my eyes, starting from the outside.

Now, I felt too weak to stand up. I fell to the floor and stared towards the sky, the moon being in the corner of my eye.

"Alex!" I heard Twilight's voice exclaim very faintly.

I couldn't move. My vision was locked straight towards the sky.

I was able to see Princess Celestia rush towards me in my field of sight. Her face was what was only visible.

"Quick!" I heard Princess Celestia's voice faintly as well. "Get Princess Luna!"

As Twilight ran out of my vision, which was slowly being overrun by darkness, I began breathing heavily. That was all I could hear. It was as if everything outside my mind was muted.

I continued breathing heavy very rapidly until I released just one last breath.

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