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A New Hero - Alex The Lone Wolf

What if there was another pony who joined the pony gang? (Look at longer description...)

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A Friend in Deed

Episode 44 – A Friend in Deed

I opened my eyes, bringing a smile to my face again. I didn't spend much time in bed. I slightly jumped out of bed, of course, making it afterwards, and trotted downstairs. I already wanted to see Fluttershy, so I didn't care much about anything else. I opened the front door to see a pretty much normal and casual day… Hm… the sky was actually pretty orange as if it was still early… I guess I woke up a little early in the morning…

Anyways, I closed my door and began walking happily towards Fluttershy's cottage.

When I reached her front door, I knocked gently and waited for a few moments. However, I didn't hear an answer. "Fluttershy?" I gently called, trying to listen for any sounds of movement, but I didn't hear any. I placed my hoof on the door and opened carefully. I looked inside and didn't see her. I walked in and closed the door behind me. I continued walking through the cottage, looking around for any sign of Fluttershy, but it was really quiet… Hm… maybe she's actually still sleeping…

I turned towards the stairs and walked upwards, planting my hooves very softly on the ground. I eventually reached her room and peeked inside. Yeah… she's right there on the bed… I slowly and carefully stepped in her room, nearing towards her. When I was at her bedside, I observed her and immediately thought she looked so cute.

She was lying on her side in her bed with the blankets halfway on her body. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing softly and gently. I looked out the window and remembered that it was early in the morning. I sighed contently in my mind. That's right… it's too early in the morning… I continued gazing at her beauty when I noticed something that she was holding close to her chest. It was the teddy bear I gave her… I felt warm in my heart to see this. I smiled warmly and brought the blankets closer to her, gently pulling it towards her neck and silently tucking her in. She moaned lightly and snuggled herself in the bed, almost like a baby.

I continued to smile at her cuteness and lowered my head towards her cheek, planting a nice and soft kiss on there. I stroked her mane a bit and then prepared to leave her to sleep. When reaching the stairs, I took one last glance at her and sent her a loving look, even though she was asleep to see it. I then reached the end of the stairs and began walking out to the outside.

As I arrived in town and began walking towards the central part around Sugarcube Corner, I starting feeling like I wanted to frown. I thought about it for a moment and realized that I was already missing Fluttershy. Hm… She's asleep and I don't want to bother her… I sighed. I'll just have to find something else to do…but what is there to do at this time of day? I heard a rooster crow. Yep… I did wake up too early…

When I raised my head to look straight ahead of me, I saw the sweet shop and a cow walking towards the front door. When she placed her hoof on the front step, Pinkie suddenly popped out. "Morning, Daisy Jo! You here to pick up some cookies to go with your milk?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"Oh ya, Pinkie, don'tcha know?" She replied, cheerfully.

"Well Mrs. Cake just baked a fresh batch of your favorite oatmeal!" Pinkie offered, jumping and sliding off of her.

"Mooo, sounds delightful!" She cried out in joy.

Pinkie Pie smiled back at her and continued trotting until she noticed me. "Oh, hey Alex!" She smiled brightly and trotted to me instead.

"Hey Pinkie." I managed to smile when I saw her reach me.

"You're up early! What's up?" She asked.

"Oh… nothing. I just woke up early I guess…no real reason…" Even though I wanted to keep a smile, it still formed into a frown.

Pinkie Pie, of course, noticed it instantly and frowned as well. "What's wrong?"

I sighed. "Well… it's just that… when I woke up a while ago, I wanted to spend some time with Fluttershy… but she's asleep and I don't want to bother her… I guess I'm really attached to her."

Pinkie giggled. "Well, she is the one who made you smile! I mean I'm jealous actually! If anypony was to make you smile, it'd be me! Pinkie Pie! But oh well, I guess love comes first, doesn't it?"

I chuckled a little. "Heheh… Yeah, I guess…"

"So what are you going to do now?" She asked.

I shrugged. "I don't know. What do you normally do at this time of day?"

"I greet everypony warmly!" She closed her eyes at first, but then opened them suddenly and gasped. "Why don't you come and greet everypony with me?"

"Greet everypony…? You mean… you just go around saying hi to random ponies?" I inquired, a little confused.

"They aren't random! Everypony here is my friend! Besides, even if I haven't seen them before, I still love to make new friends!"

"Oh…" I answered, feeling inexperienced on that subject because I've never really gone out and tried to make new friends…

"Come on!" She grabbed my hoof and pulled me towards her. "Just walk by my side!" She then began trotting happily through town as I walked by her. After a few seconds, something caught her eyes. I faced her direction to see a stand set up with flowers on display. "Oh, Rose, your Calla lilies look even better than last year!" Pinkie Pie stated to a nearby familiar pony. I recognize this pony… She was the one who sold me the flowers right before I had met Derpy for the first time… "I bet you'll take first prize at the flower show again."

"Thanks, Pinkie!" She responded joyfully. "Would you like one?"

"Absolutely!" Pinkie accepted, allowing Rose to grab the flower and toss it over to her. She caught it with her mouth. She turned around and resumed walking, jumping mid-air and clapping her back hooves.

Rose turned and faced me, seeming to remember me. "Would you like one as well?"

I smiled and shook my head. "No, thanks." I waved and caught up with Pinkie, who was still walking happily. I looked at her. "So you talk to everypony, just like that?"

"Yup! Watch!" She faced towards an elderly pony walking nearby. "Looking fit as a fiddle, Mr. Waddle, and you're wearing my favorite tie!" She complimented, winking and continuing to walk afterwards.

"Aw shucks Miss Pinkie, you flatterer you." He responded, his blush causing me to smile and continue feeling happier as I walked by Pinkie.

She smiled back and faced in front of her, noticing Ms. Cheerilee and raising her hoof. "Well, happy birthday, Cheerilee."

"Thank you, Pinkie." She responded as Pinkie Pie began to walk again.

"Happy birthday, Cheerilee." I announced as well, causing her to cheerfully thank me as well.

"Happy day-after-your-birthday, Zecora!" Pinkie exclaimed towards Zecora who was walking by as well.

"What a lovely hi, Miss Pinkie Pie!" She replied.

I sent her a salute, expressing my wish for a happy birthday as well, non-verbally.

"And Miss Matilda…" She faced a donkey near an apple stand. "Happy birthday to you..." The donkey returned a confused expression. "…in one hundred and thirty two days!"

"Pinkie Pie…!" She formed an embarrassed but thankful look. "How do you remember everything about everypony?"

Pinkie Pie smiled brightly as we both continued walking away. "'Cause everypony's my friend and I love to see my friends smile!" Afterwards, she released a huge grin, causing me to notice and grin as well, revealing my upper front teeth in view.

Then, she began walking in a rhythmic motion, causing me to follow as well and share the great happiness that she was producing as she smiled with her eyes closed. I stood by her left side, joining in her rhythmic motion as I looked at her with my eyes and my face towards the front.

"My name is Pinkie Pie (Hello!)" She waved towards a passing pony by my side.

"And I am here to say (How ya doin'?)" She waved towards another pony that walked by her side.

"I'm gonna make you smile, and I will brighten up your day-aaay!" Pinkie had noticed a pony with glasses trying to tan herself, but a tree had been in her way, blocking the sunshine, so she jumped on the tree beginning to lower it down. I noticed and instantly felt the need to join, so I helped Pinkie by holding the end of the tree with my hooves and smiling at the pony lying on the chair as she returned a smile to each of us as well.

"It doesn't matter now (What's up?)" Pinkie then greeted two fillies sitting sadly nearby a building.

"If you are sad or blue (Howdy!)" The blonde filly looked at Pinkie with a confused yet still sad expression while the light blue unicorn contained a depressed face.

"'Cause cheering up my friends is just what Pinkie's here to do" Pinkie had sent me a wink and grabbed the two fillies, surprising them and tossing them towards the exit of another building, signaling for me to catch one while Pinkie caught the other. The blonde filly landed on my back while Pinkie caught the unicorn. Pinkie then jumped on to the pink railing and began sliding down, cuing me to smile and follow her lead.

"'Cause I love to make you smile, smile, smile" She sang as I slid with her, carrying the blonde-coated pony as they both stood upwards, smiling and feeling happy. This made me feel highly happy and I returned a smile towards them, sliding towards the cart of hay that Big Macintosh was pulling before us.

"Yes I do" We flew and landed on to the cart, causing Big Macintosh to wave his hooves and begin running happily.

"It fills my heart with sunshine all the while

Yes it does" I could only keep my grin as I faced the front, feeling the need to sing along with Pinkie.

"'Cause all I really need's a smile, smile, smile" Pinkie and I faced back at the two little fillies to now see them full of joy, causing me to benefit from that joy as well as I felt so much better.

"From these happy friends of mine" We then jumped off the cart. Pinkie Pie began trotting and skipping towards the schoolyard, causing me to notice and quickly sprint towards her as well, wanting to continue with the smiles she was bringing across the whole town.

"I like to see you grin (Awesome!)" Pinkie continued singing as I jump roped with her. Two fillies were holding the rope at the sides of us. She encouraged when Scootaloo ran towards us and joined us in our jumping.

"I love to see you beam (Rock on!)" Another small unicorn joined us as well.

"The corners of your mouth turned up" Pinkie placed her hooves around us, even bringing the fillies holding the jump rope together and allowing us to all jump rope at the same time happily. I didn't care on how the rope was moving by itself, but all I was caring about was how happy we were.

"Is always Pinkie's dream (Hoof-bump!)" Pinkie Pie held out her hoof towards me, making me quickly bump it with mine cheerfully.

"But if you're kind of worried" We suddenly noticed Applebloom sitting by herself sadly with a jump rope in her hooves as the other fillies continued to jump rope happily, causing me to immediately frown at her appearance. I noticed her throw the jump rope from her hooves as a sign as if she had given up.

"And your face has made a frown"

As I continued to observe her facing back from everypony while being alone, I quickly took action and carried her on my head, grabbing the rope, and jump roping while I looked at Applebloom and sang meaningfully. "I'll work real hard and do my best

To turn that sad frown upside down" I immediately felt so warm in my heart when I saw her glance at me, along with my action, and smile so warmly from it.

As Pinkie and I resumed our strolling through town, I decided to join her in her song, feeling so much happiness from it. "'Cause I love to make you grin, grin, grin" We sang together, seeing ponies gather around us.

"Yes I do" Pinkie added.

"Bust it out from ear to ear, let it begin" Pinkie and I spotted Applejack painting her barn. She contained a very tired look as she showed the wall to us and how she had only painted a small part of it while she still had much more to do. I looked at Pinkie and nodded. I then grabbed the brush from Applejack, assuring her to take a rest while we do the rest. Pinkie grabbed a brush from the yellow paint can and we immediately began painting our hearts out, using several colors to depict different images.

"Just give me a joyful grin, grin, grin" We looked back to see our work. We ended up painting the background scarlet while we added a smiling sun with hearts around it, along with clouds. Pinkie and I even added ourselves to the side of the barn, smiling brightly. We looked back at Applejack to see her highly impressed and joyful, sending us the only reward we needed.

"And you fill me with good cheer"

"It's true, some days are dark and lonely…" Pinkie sang a little sadly, causing me to lower my head and frown as I started to remember about them…

"And maybe you feel sad…" Pinkie placed her hooves on me, noticing my expression and began to embrace me.

"But Pinkie will be there to show you that it isn't that bad…" She looked at me, smiling, causing me to observe her smile and smile back. She turned around and continued walking as I joined her by her side.

"There's one thing that makes me happy

And makes my whole life worthwhile

And that's when I talk to my friends and get them to smile" Pinkie pointed her hoof to all her friends as they presented smiles as well.

"I really am so happy!" She faced the ponies to the left.

"Your smile fills me with glee!" She faced the ponies to right and resumed our walking as the ponies around us joined us in harmony.

"I give a smile, I get a smile" She faced me, causing me to smile brightly and sing her with her.

"And that's so special to me."

Afterwards, she ran along ahead of me, now beginning to cheerfully bounce off the top of roofs, allowing her other friends to join her as well.

"'Cause I love to see you beam, beam, beam

Yes I do" She landed back next to me, causing me to grin.

Tell me…" I happily joined her now. "What more can I say to make you see"

"That I do" She added once again.

"It makes me happy when you beam, beam, beam" Rarity, Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy! They suddenly joined us, causing me to feel even more happiness, especially since I saw Fluttershy grinning softly at me!

"Yes, it always makes my day!" Pinkie raised her hooves as Applejack carried her, beginning to now sing softly but still very happily.

"Come on everypony smile, smile, smile

Fill my heart up with sunshine, sunshine

All I really need's a smile, smile, smile

From these happy friends of mine!"

"Come on everypony smile, smile, smile" The crowd around us suddenly joined as well.

"Fill my heart up with sunshine, sunshine" Even windows opened in nearby buildings, presenting ponies that sang along joyously as well.

"All I really need's a smile, smile, smile

From these happy friends of mine!"

I placed a hoof around Fluttershy and we sang with the crowd as Pinkie continued on with her own verse.

"Yes a perfect gift for me

Is a smile as wide as a mile

To make me happy as can be

Smile, smile, smile, smile, smile

Come on and smile

Come on and smile!" She finished, causing us to feel so much exhilaration afterwards.

I quickly faced Fluttershy, feeling so happy to see her. "Fluttershy!" I quickly wrapped my forelegs around her and gave her a tight, but soft enough, hug.

"Alex…" She called my name softly, but happily. She lightly pulled her head away and pressed her lips against mine, giving me a passionate kiss that went well.

"What are you doing here?" I asked. "I thought you were sleeping."

"Well…I was…but I woke up and came here to find you… I wanted to see you so bad..."

I gave her an understanding look. "I wanted to see you too…"

She smiled and closed her eyes, but suddenly opened them again as if she remembered something. "Oh. I just remembered that there's something I need to do in my cottage…"

I frowned slight. "Aww…Really…?"

She nodded. "Yes…I'm sorry."

I managed to smile anyway and brush her cheek with my hoof. "It's alright. I'll spend some time with Pinkie or Twilight…"

"…you can come over if you want…"

I shook my head. "I don't want to bother you while you're possibly working on something very important."

"oh…okay…I'll try to see you later…"

I nodded. "Alright. Until then, Fluttershy…" I kissed her. She hugged me and then started walking back to her cottage, giving me one last wave. I smiled and decided to look for Pinkie. I looked around first, observing to see if she was near me…but she wasn't apparently. "Pinkie?" I lightly called, continuing to look for her until I spotted her sitting on the floor as if she was thinking about something. "Pinkie? Is something wrong?"

"Oh, Alex!" She sprung up. "Maybe you can help me!"

"Help you with what?" I questioned, a little confused.

"Just come on!" She grabbed my hoof and pulled me with her.

Once she stopped, she led me towards a space between two buildings, causing me to question her. "What are we doing?"

"Okay, so you see…" She looked around slyly from outside the space and then looked back at me once she felt it was clear from some certain thing. "…there's this new donkey in town carrying this cart full of stuff. His name is Cranky Doodle Donkey. And I want to help him smile and become friends with him! But for some reason… he won't… and he won't smile." She rubbed her chin for a moment as she continued to analyze outside.

I thought for a moment as well and maybe figured out a reason. "Well…maybe…"

"Shh!" She placed a hoof to my mouth as she continued to look outside. We both saw a donkey with a huge cart of things walk past us, not noticing us. Afterwards, she pulled back and looked at me. "Okay, Alex, are you willing to help me?"

"Um sure… I guess…" I assumed I could give it a try or support Pinkie.

"Great!" She planted her hoof on her other hoof. "It's time to bring my A game! Let's do this!" She immediately sped out of the alley and began bouncing happily near him. "Howdy doody, Cranky Doodle!" He didn't answer her, but instead increased his pace, ignoring her. Pinkie grew a frown and looked at me for a moment when I caught up with her. Nonetheless, she managed to grow a smile again and bounced towards the front of him, but walked backwards as he continued to walk annoyed. "So, uh, are you moving to Ponyville, Cranky?"

"What gave you the hint there, kid?" He finally answered her and looked back to his cart. "The cart full of stuff, maybe?"

Wow…he sure was cranky… I would have stepped in to say something as he was kind of disrespecting Pinkie…but I knew what this donkey was going through… He doesn't really mean any harm… he's just that cranky to just not want to have to deal with anything…

"Well, I'd be happy to show you around!" Pinkie Pie offered, placing a hoof around him and pointed towards the town. "It's the least a new friend can do."

He managed to pull himself away from Pinkie and respond. "Listen, kid, I traveled around Equestria my entire life. I've made many friends. I don't need any more."

"Gosh!" Pinkie then spotted a couple ponies nearby who noticed her and waved, causing her to wave as well. "I could never have too many friends!"

"Well, why don't you go and make some more?" Cranky replied, flipping his hoof off to gesture Pinkie Pie.

"But I don't need to go, when I can stay and make friends..." She grabbed his ears and made them into a bow tie. "…with you." However, the ears slipped out and formed to their usual selves.

He sighed. "Look, kid, y—

"Oh, Cranky, you can call me Pinkie." She suddenly interrupted and surprised him. "All of my friends do." She fluttered her eyelashes and rushed towards me. "Right, Alex?" She asked, placing her hoof around me and smiling brightly.

"Uh…right…" I answered.

The donkey seemed to be unmotivated. "Look, kid, I came to Ponyville for some peace and quiet and privacy, to be alone with my memories." This somehow interested Pinkie, causing her to bounce towards the cart of stuff. "All I want is to get to my new home and unpack my stuff."

She jumped inside and pulled out a bauble. "Ooh, what does this bauble do?" She then stuck out her tongue and began shaking and playing with it.

"Don't touch that!" He ordered.

Pinkie threw it to the side and began shuffling through the stuff more.

"Uh…Pinkie…" I tried to say.

"Ooooooh, what's this?" She pulled out some toy that she spun into the air, causing it to float away.

"Please, don't!" He now pleaded.

"Oooh, look at these!" She pulled out wind chimes and ran her hooves through them, placing her ear near them and listening to the sounds they made. "Eeeheeeheee!"

Before he could explode in anger, I quickly placed my hooves on Pinkie and dragged her out of there. "Pinkie… I don't think you should be touching his stuff."

"Your friend has the right idea, kid." He responded, calming down a little.

I faced towards the donkey. "Listen…um…Cranky… I understand how you feel…but Pinkie's only trying to help you feel better… She doesn't mean to cause you any harm…"

"Just tell her to keep her hooves off my wagon…"

I looked at Pinkie and shrugged.

She lowered her head sadly. "Okay, Cranky." She began walking away until she suddenly jumped into the air, gasping and rushing out. I stood there for a second, confused on what she was planning next until she came running back with a party wagon, speaking quickly to Cranky. "I promised not to touch your wagon so I brought one of my own! I use it to welcome folks!" She presented it.

"Who'd'a guessed…" He briefly replied.

"Maybe we can be wagon buddies?" She suggested cheerfully, but he turned himself and his cart around and continued walking. "Well, you've gotta at least let me give you the special welcome that comes with it..." She said…a little sadder.

He stopped to take a glance at her, which Pinkie then drew a puppy face and whined. He groaned. "Let's get this over with…"

Pinkie placed her hooves on Cranky. "That's the spirit!" She then pulled him away from his wagon, facing him towards hers. She pressed a button on the side, causing it to open and suddenly play music, surprising me a bit as it revealed sweets outside as well.

"Welcome welcome welcome" She sang as she bounced around.

"A fine welcome to you

Welcome welcome welcome" She placed a party hat on his head and pulled out a trumpet.

"I say how do you do?" She blew it loudly through his ears.

"Welcome welcome welcome" She now played a loud drum.

"I say hip hip hurray

Welcome welcome welcome

to Ponyville today!" She slid on her knees as she finished, smiling brightly for a few seconds. "Wait for it!"

A sudden ding sounded and confetti unexpectedly exploded from the oven, blowing off the wig that Cranky had on his head. "Noooo!" He cried out.

Cake was then shot towards the sky from the cannons in the wagon, causing me to notice and widen my eyes. I quickly jumped back a few steps as Pinkie could only stare upwards and Cranky looked for his wig. I flinched, placing my hoof in front of my head when the cake splattered everywhere, especially on the two of them. I knew Pinkie wasn't going to mind at all…but as for Cranky…

"Oh, silly me!" She opened her eyes. "I must've put the confetti in the oven and the cake in the confetti cannons! Again!" She giggled and weirdly escaped from the cake, causing it to stay in her form and for her to chomp it all in one bite. "Mmm, still delicious! Try some, Cranky, it's sure to make you smile." She faced me. "Alex? Want some?"

"Uh…no thanks…" I answered, almost in a flinching way.

Cranky, however, continued to looked around with his hooves as he remained covered in cake.

"Oh, where is it, where is it?"

"Where is what?" She asked, turning around and revealing the wig on her flank. I assumed she must have felt it because she suddenly turned around, noticing it and widening her eyes. She yelped and jumped in the air. "Spider! Big hairy spider!" She began to jump to pound on it, but I quickly dove on top of it, protecting it from damage. Pinkie was too busy being scared that she continued to pound aggressively…but on me.

"Pinkie! Stop that!" I exclaimed through grunts.

"Huh?" She opened her eyes and noticed me. "Alex! There's a spider under you!"

"Get off…" I groaned out. She did so, allowing me to stand up. She shrieked when she saw the wig again but I quickly stopped her. "It's not a spider!"


"It's a wig!"

"A wig…?"

Cranky finally wiped the cake off his eyes and growled. He grabbed the wig from the floor and angrily began to walk off in a storm of silence.

She gasped lightly. "You're losing him, Pinkie." She quickly bounced over to him before he got too far. "Wait, Cranky! Please, let me make it up to you..."

"No!" He shouted and demanded.

Nonetheless, Pinkie began dragging him against his will. "Please! Oh, please please please..." Her voice faded out as she left the area with I standing there in pain a bit.

"Alright…" I commented out loud and decided I could go see Twilight… After all… I didn't visit her as much as I used to…

I walked towards Twilight's house and knocked on the door. After a few moments, she opened and immediately smiled when she saw me. "Alex, hi!"

"Hey, Twilight." I smiled as well. "Mind if I come in?"

"Of course not!" She instantly moved to the side so I could come in. I walked in, allowing her to close the door. "What brings you here? Where's Fluttershy?"

"Well…Fluttershy had to go do something back at her cottage…and I don't want to bother her. Pinkie ran off with some donkey, so I thought I could hang out with you for a while, figuring we haven't done so in a while actually…"

"Aw… Well that's actually nice of you, Alex. Though… I'm just reading books, so I hope I don't bore you." She responded.

I chuckled a little. "Don't worry about it. It's just nice to be spending some time with my s— I quickly paused myself for some reason…

"Hm…?" She glanced at me, tilting her head a bit in concern.

"Nothing…" I walked towards the round table where a statue of a horse's head was presented. I noticed a book open on there, which I assumed to be the book Twilight was reading.

"Everything alright?" She inquired.

"Yeah…yeah…" I looked at the shelf and then walked towards it, looking for a certain book that may be interesting to read.

"Okay…" She then sat down and began reading her book, holding her cheeks with her hooves.

I continued looking through the shelves, but then my mind seemed to wander off… Then, I saw a book on magic and I suddenly came back to myself. "Hey, Twilight…" I called.

"Yes?" She questioned, removing her eyes from the book and looked towards me.

"Um…how does it feel like to cast magic?" I asked.

"Well…that's a bit of a tough question to answer, Alex…why?" She looked at me with concerned eyes.

"I don't know… I'm just curious, I guess…"

"What do you mean?"

I sighed, walked to her, and sat down next to her. I shrugged as she continued to look at me, turning her expression to a more worried one. "I mean…I don't want to sound self-centered…but lately… I've been feeling so curious about being more than a simple earth pony…"

"You mean…you want to know what it's like to be a unicorn or Pegasus?"

"Yeah…I guess…like…if I was a Pegasus… I wouldn't have to limit Fluttershy to the ground."

"But, Alex…" She placed a hoof on my shoulder. "She doesn't care about that. You know she loves you…"

I lightly nodded. "I know… I just sometimes feel bad."

"Well don't be. She loves you the way you are, no matter what."

I managed to smile a bit. "Thanks, Twilight…still… I wonder—

The door suddenly opened, interrupting my sentence.

"Hey, Twilight!" A familiar voice exclaimed.

"Rainbow? What are you doing here?" Twilight asked.

"I finished the Daring Do books you lent me." She placed them on the table we were at, noticing me as well. "Oh, hey, Alex. What's up?"

"Oh, hey, Rainbow Dash." I replied to her.

"You already finished all those books?" Twilight asked.

"Yep, are there more in the series?"

"Of course. I'm just surprised you read all these so fast…" She stood up and grabbed the books, organizing them carefully back on the shelf and pulling out the ones that I assumed Rainbow hadn't read yet. She used her magic to hold them in the air and carefully place them on Rainbow Dash's hooves.

"Thanks!" She exclaimed and flew over to the staircase, where she lay and opened the first book to begin reading with her left foreleg behind her head.

Twilight faced me again. "Was there something else you wanted to talk to me about?" She asked.

"Oh…no… I'm fine." Actually… I think there was…but I forgot about it already… "Anyway, I guess I'll just look for a book to read. Thanks, Twilight."

She smiled lightly. "Anytime, Alex."

I stood up and walked to the shelves, resuming my search for an interesting book to pass the time.

Suddenly, we all head the door open almost softly. We looked over to it to see Pinkie sadly walking inside. She almost appeared to have tears in her eyes.

"Pinkie?" Twilight questioned. "What's wrong?"

"There's this new donkey in town named Cranky… I want to be his friend and make him smile so bad…but…" She sighed as she continued pacing around the room. "I just can't believe it. Cranky said he would never forever be my friend. It was horrible."

"I know this is hard for you, Pinkie, seeing that you're friends with everypony, but you just have to accept that Cranky is gonna be an exception." Twilight understandingly responded to Pinkie's distress call. "He just... doesn't want to be bothered."

"She's right…Pinkie…" I added and sat next to Twilight, placing my hooves on the table and forgetting about retrieving a book. "Remember how I was before I realized that all you girls were my friends…? I honestly wanted to be alone... For example… Before I met you girls, all I wanted to do was stay home and be hidden away from everypony. I don't know what Cranky's been through, but obviously he doesn't want to be bothered… I remember him saying something about "being alone with his memories" so I assume he just doesn't want things to deescalate from the position they are now. You know, not to get any worse than they already are…so…maybe you should just leave him alone…at least for now…"

"Yeah, he doesn't want to be bothered by your over-the-top super-hyper antics." Rainbow added, practically ruining my explanation.

"Rainbow!" Twilight scolded.

"No, no." Pinkie shook her head lightly and sadly. "It's okay, Twilight. I get what you're saying. What you're all saying. And I guess... I can leave Cranky alone." Hearing this made Twilight return a smile with her eyes closed as she nodded her head in agreement. "...Right after he accepts my apology!" Twilight then widened her eyes and slammed her head on her book as Pinkie ran out the door.

I sighed and patted Twilight on the shoulder. "Maybe I should go make sure she doesn't… I don't know… make things worse?"

Twilight lifted her head to look towards me. "Yeah…go ahead and do that…"

I nodded and began walking out the door.

When I was outside, I just realized that I had no idea where Cranky lived. I just continued walking around town, looking for any sign of Pinkie before she arrived at his home…but I didn't have any luck. After walking around for a while, I sighed. Maybe she's already at his house…

"...SORRY!" I suddenly heard Pinkie's loud voice exclaim through town and then saw a quick pink flash speed past me. My ears perked up and I knew it was Pinkie. Immediately, I quickly ran after the flash as fast as I could.

Pinkie eventually led me to a home that seemed to be on the outskirts of town or far away. I saw her banging on the door desperately. Afterwards, she walked away, heading around the house. …what is she doing…? Then, I saw her somehow climb the roof and head down the chimney. I quickly ran to the door to try to hear what was going on.

"Cranky, please, please accept my apology!" I heard a bang sound of something harshly closing and all of sudden Pinkie was at my side, looking through the lock hole, which caused me to jump and startle me a little. "I'd do anything to make it up to you!"

"But there's nothing you can do!" He answered from within the home. "You ruined my book! You destroyed all I have to remember her by!"

"Her? Her who?" She tapped a hoof to her chin. "The special friend?"

"Go away, Pinkie!" He now shouted angrily, causing Pinkie to turn away sadly.

I frowned and placed a hoof on her. "Just leave him alone Pinkie… I know you have a good heart and you're trying to make things right or better with him…but it's best to leave him alone…from what I can see…you can't really do much more that will have him smile… Just give him time…a lot of time…"

"Okay, Alex…" She replied depressingly to me. "I guess I can…" She suddenly perked up happily as if she remembered something. "Hold on!" She then sped off.

This caused me to raise an eyebrow in curiosity, but nonetheless, I decided I could probably offer some empathy towards the donkey. I walked towards the door and remained there, silent, for a few moments, trying to think of what to say. Then, I looked at the door and took in a deep breath.

"Hey Cranky… it's Pinkie's friend… Alex… I know we don't even know each other… but I know how you're feeling right now… I don't know exactly what you've been through in your past…but all I can say is that I've been through enough to know how you feel. It's understandable that you need time to yourself…and that's what we'll give you. I know there's not much more we can do for you besides granting you this wish. I understand…" I placed my ear towards the door for any type of response, but there was none. Only silence. I sighed and began turning around, but then I saw Pinkie Pie coming back with…a donkey…? Hold on… I've seen that donkey before… Isn't that…Matilda from this morning? As Pinkie walked past me, I could only try to wonder what she was doing. "Pinkie…?"

"Shh." She shushed and began preparing herself to talk to Cranky again. She knocked and began speaking. "Cranky? It's me again. I understand that you don't wanna be my friend or accept my apology... before I leave you alone forever, I have something to at least try to make up for ruining your book."

"No, I don't want it, kid! Anything you would give me is sure to lead to some sort of disaster!" He answered harshly.

"Goodness, you really are cranky." Matilda responded.

We heard some movement of locks and chains, and Cranky slowly opened the door. Pinkie moved her head to face him, but he placed his hooves on her head and pushed it away, as if something else caught his attention… He then began staring at Matilda… These two must know each other…

"It can't be..." He quickly rushed back in to retrieve his wig and place it back on. "Is it really you?"

"It can, and it is."

"Matilda!" He exclaimed and walked towards her. "But how?"

"Pinkie." She faced Pinkie, who returned a bright smile as she waved her hoof.

"But... I never told you about her!"

"You didn't have to." Pinkie Pie responded. "I put two and two and two together and it added up to Matilda." She pointed her hoof towards her.


"Well when you were talking about your souvenirs, you said something about trying to find a special friend!" Pinkie Pie explained. "And y'know, I wasn't just born yesterday, nuh-uh! My birthday isn't for another seventy five days!"

"Huh?" He questioned, still confused.

"And then, in your scrapbook, there was a flower, an old ticket, and a menu from the Grand Galloping Gala! And I knew I recognized all these things."

"But how could you have ever seen them before?"

"Because I also have them in my scrapbook." Matilda answered his question, presenting a pink scrapbook with a blue bow in the top.

"And I'd seen them in Matilda's book!" Pinkie added excitedly, pointing towards the book.

Matilda then opened her scrapbook, allowing Cranky to take a view inside it. "Oh, Matilda. The night we met at the gala was the most magical night of my life…" He took a pause to continue to analyze the pictures and such. "I couldn't wait to see you again. But when I came to your room the next day, you were gone."

"Didn't you get my note?" Matilda asked.

"No, I never got it! Ever since that day I've gone from town, to town, to town... searching all over Equestria for you, until finally I gave up. I came to Ponyville to retire from my search…"

"I was living in Ponyville the whole time. I always hoped that someday you would come and find me. Doodle."

Pinkie Pie widened her eyes from shock. "Uh. Matilda? Nopony calls him Doodle..." She rubbed her hooves anxiously.

Cranky walked closer to Matilda in a sort of romantic way. "Nopony... but Matilda. Mmm." They then began rubbing each other's head, causing me to smile and begin to see things lighten up and quickly escalate to better statuses. I also noticed Pinkie grin brightly.

"Oh, Doodle, I'm so happy to see you." Matilda commented and kissed him on the nose.

Cranky suddenly widened his eyes in shock and began quivering. Pinkie widened her eyes as well, but in excitement. We both observed how his mouth continued shaking and quivering until it finally transformed into a bright smile. Pinkie gasped and smiled very brightly as well, seeing how her wish was complete. Both of the donkeys looked at each other and rubbed their heads happily.

"So does this mean that you accept my apology?" Pinkie asked hopefully.

"Yes, Pinkie, I accept your apology, and I am honored to call you my friend." Cranky responded proudly.

From standing up, Pinkie quickly sat down and began grinning as if she was holding something in. But then I noticed that she was actually about to literally explode in happiness as I could only slightly widen my eyes at her. She shook violently and suddenly burst upwards in the air like a rocket. "Woohoo! This is just fantastic!" She began falling back towards the ground, causing me to quickly hold out my hooves and catch her. Nonetheless, she continued her cheering as she bounced around happily. "Ooh, now we can hang out together, and chat, and sing songs, and…" She gasped. "Party! Oh, I can throw you guys a big party! It'll be called a 'Welcome to Ponyville, I found my lost love, I'm BFF's with Pinkie Pie Party'!" She raised her hooves in excitement, but then noticed how calm they were with each other. "...Or maybe something less over-the-top and not so super-hyper."

"Pinkie, we're eternally grateful to you." Cranky explained. "But... Matilda and I just want to spend some time together in peace and quiet."

"Oh. Um, but we're still friends?"

"Pinkie, you went way, way, way out of your way to make me happy." Cranky walked over to Pinkie and placed his hoof on her shoulder. "Of course we're friends."

Matilda then walked over to Cranky, which caused him to begin walking her to his home.

"Great!" Pinkie exclaimed and watched as they both walked inside.

"Come on, Pinkie." I announced. "Let's go home."

She smiled brightly and began walking with me as we headed towards home.

"I'm so glad!" She commented.

I chuckled lightly. "Yeah… me too…" I then turned from her to face the road. "You know… it kind of reminds me of myself… Cranky didn't smile until he was reunited with his long lost 'special friend'. Now he's happy. I met you girls and realized you all were my friends… and… I smiled. And I can't thank you all enough for that."

She smiled at my comment and nodded. "You're really welcome, Alex. But like I said before, I'm sure it was mostly Fluttershy!" She grinned brightly. I could only chuckle warmly at that. "Hey, Alex!"

"Hm?" I faced her.

"I just got an idea for a letter to the Princess. Want to hear it?"

I then smiled warmly. "Sure, Pinkie."

She cleared her throat and began speaking. "Dear Princess Celestia, there are many different kinds of friends, and many ways to express friendship. Some friends like to run and laugh and play together! But others just like to be left alone, and that's fine too. But the best thing about friendship is being able to make your friends smile!" She finished as she looked at me, which only made me smile even more.

"That's perfect Pinkie. Great job."

She returned a smile as well and lightly nodded. Then, she began singing.

"He had a Cranky Doodle sweetheart

She's his cranky doodle joy" Suddenly, she shifted her tone from sweet and nice to excited and rapid, singing loudly outside Cranky's window.

"I helped the Cranky Doodle boy, yeah!

I helped the Cranky Doodle boy!"

"Pinkie!" Cranky and Matilda both scolded.

"Whoops, privacy. Sorry." Pinkie apologized.

I grabbed her hoof and began leading her back on the road, still retaining my smile from her crazy, yet positive, antics.

When we were back in town, Pinkie faced towards me. "Hey, Alex. Are you coming with me to Twilight's so she can write the letter?"

I shook my head lightly. "Sorry. I have to go see Fluttershy. Can you tell her I said Goodnight?"

"Sure! Goodbye, Alex!" She gave me a hug before hopping cheerfully towards Twilight's home.

I smiled at her action and began walking towards to Fluttershy's cottage.

Arriving at her door, I lightly knocked. Moments later, she opened it to see me. "Oh, Alex!" She quickly embraced me. "I'm so sorry I was home all day."

I placed my hooves on her wings and patted them softly, smiling and assuring my words. "It's alright, really."

She pulled her head back to see my eyes. "Did you have fun…?"

I nodded. "Today was an interesting day with Pinkie…" I chuckled lightly.

Fluttershy smiled as well. "I was taking care of an injured animal…it seemed serious…"

"Is that animal alright now?" I asked, almost concerned.

She nodded. "Yes. All better."

"That's great." I then pushed my head towards her and gave her a passionate kiss. After a few seconds, we pulled away and observed our surroundings. It was night time already. We looked back at each other. "I guess I should leave you to rest now. I'm pretty sure you're tired, especially after taking care for an animal."

She giggled. "A little…but I guess I'll go ahead and get some sleep."

"Alright." I carefully and lightly pulled away from our tight embrace. "Goodnight, Fluttershy."

"Goodnight." She kissed me once more before retiring back to her home.

I smiled lovingly and turned around, beginning to head home as well.

I arrived home, feeling a little tired myself. I walked upstairs and towards my bed, planting myself on the softness of the covers and snuggling with them. As I closed my eyes and covered myself, I began thinking about today.

Pinkie really did teach me that the ponies here are friendly… and I found out how great it feels to make somepony smile. Heh… it felt good to sing with her too as well… I never really sing much…but… it just felt so right… I sighed contently mentally. Well…time to get some sleep…and remember to make sure everypony smiles.

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