• Published 28th Jun 2012
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A New Hero - Alex The Lone Wolf

What if there was another pony who joined the pony gang? (Look at longer description...)

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Baby Cakes

A loud and excited series of knocks pounded on my front door, causing me to jolt awake and in a frightened manner. After a few seconds, they suddenly stopped. I calmed myself down and released a breath. Unexpectedly, something pink flashed in my house and up to my room bouncing everywhere. "Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" From her actions, I realized the pony was Pinkie Pie. She was literally bouncing off the walls, ceiling…places I wouldn't imagine possible. She then stood on my bed, right in front of me as I was sitting up, and pressed her nose against mine, revealing hyperactive eyes and continuing to babble insanely, almost unclear. "Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! WAKE UPPP!" She finalized and finished talking as she smiled brightly, showing her clean white teeth.

"Pinkie…" I responded, returning angry narrowed eyes with a slight frown. "I was already awake… ever since you pounded on my door with your hooves."

"Oops…hehe…sorry…" She placed her hoof in front of her mouth, giggling nervously. Despite that, she quickly retreated back to her normal self. "Never mind that! Come with me!" She quickly gestured me to follow her off the bed.

"What? What's going on?" I asked curiously.

"Just come on!" She grabbed my hoof and dragged me through the air as she exited the house in rapid speed.

She eventually led me to the hospital and into a room where the other girls were looking in the window and chattering excitedly. Pinkie then released my hoof and placed herself on the window. I stood up with a raised eyebrow of curiosity and walked towards the window, wanting to know what was on the other side. What I saw shocked me a little…in the good way. I saw many baby ponies in small beds, all sleeping in peace. This caused me to smile lightly, but with great compassion and heart.

"Can you believe the new baby is finally here?" Applejack asked Twilight.

…New baby…?

"Cup Cake and Carrot Cake must be so proud!" Twilight answered.

The Cakes had a baby?

"I wonder if it's a filly or a colt?" Rarity squealed.

"I wanna see the new baby pony! I wanna see!" Pinkie Pie excitedly demanded as she rubbed her face on the glass window. "Which one is it?"

"Excuse me…" I announced. "But what's this whole business about a new baby…?"

The girls turned their heads towards me in shock.

"You mean you don't know?" Rarity asked.

"No…that's why I…asked…" I responded, looking around with some awkwardness.

"Mrs and Mr. Cake just had their baby, which was something they were planning for a long time!" Twilight answered.

"Oh, really…?" I grew intrigued.

"Yeah!" Pinkie Pie added, facing me then planting her face suddenly towards the window again. "I can't wait to see him or her!"

Standing next to Fluttershy, I looked through the window to see Mr. Cake near a baby bed with a little colt underneath the covers. "Meet our son, Pound Cake." He unveiled the little colt from beneath the covers. He yawned adorably and resumed his sleeping. His action caused all the girls to release a "Awww" in unison, even Rainbow Dash. "...and our daughter, Pumpkin Cake." He removed the covers from another small filly that was wrapped in a pink blanket. She yawned as well and began sucking her hoof.

Instead of the same reaction occurring, the girls released a "Huh?".

"Two new foals for me to play with?" Pinkie Pie reacted, gasping afterwards. "That's two, two, two times the fun! This is the greatest day ever!" She mysterious dashed away from our sight and somehow into the baby room wearing a party hat and kazoo. "We need to celebrate your birthday, babies, 'cause you were just born today! Woohoo!"

She was just about to blow the party kazoo until the nurse came and shushed her. "Shhh. The babies are trying to sleep."

"But I was just—




After Pinkie Pie remained silent for a moment, watching the nurse walk away, she walked to the space between the two babies and made sure the nurse was gone. Once she believed she was safe, she began singing quietly to the two. "Happy happy birthday, to you and you today—

However, the nurse popped in again and threw her out back to us.

Despite the small commotion, Applejack faced back to the window and formed a determined confused face. "Now how in thunderation is one of them twins a pegasus, and the other one a unicorn?"

Applejack had a point… I looked towards the window to see the colt contain wings, and the filly contain a horn.

"Easy." Mr. Cake answered. "My great-great-great-great grandfather was a unicorn, and Cup Cake's great aunt's second cousin twice removed was a pegasus. That makes sense, right?" He asked, looking as if even he didn't understand what he just said.

"No." I responded, frankly. "No, it doesn't…" Not with those slim chances…both of the babies coming out exactly as a unicorn and Pegasus… Coincidence…? Or fate…?

Regardless, Rainbow Dash threw in her comment. "Aw yeah, heh, just you wait! Once little Pound Cake gets there his wings going, he'll be all over the place!" She flew around the room, demonstrating.

"And be careful around Pumpkin Cake." Twilight added.

"Baby unicorns get strange magic surges that come and go." Rarity explained.

Assuming during their conversations, Pinkie Pie somehow managed to sneak back into the baby room and hold a delicious-looking cake between the babies. "Quick!" She whispered. "Make a wish and blow out your candles! Which is easy, 'cause there are zero candles! You are zero years old, after all!"

"Shhh!" The nurse loudly emphasized, causing Pinkie Pie to flinch and move the cake towards her face, covering her mouth in cake and smiling embarrassingly.

I smiled and shook my head.

I entered the room and began dragging Pinkie Pie out of there. "C'mon, Pinkie… the babies should get some sleep…"

"Aww…" She released and frowned.

"I suppose the babies do deserve some quiet time…" Twilight added, turning away from the window and beginning to walk towards the exit doors. "C'mon, Pinkie. Let's go to Sugarcube Corner."

"Alright!" Pinkie Pie immediately perked up and hopped excitedly out the doors.

Fluttershy walked to my side and sent a smile towards me, causing me to look at her as well and send a smile of my own as we walked towards the sweet shop.

Once there, Pinkie Pie couldn't stop talking about the babies as we ate different sweets.

"Oh my gosh! I want to play with them so badly! Do you know how long we'll play together? Billions of hours! I can't wait! We'll have so much fun! We'll laugh, stuff cake down our throats and—

"Pinkie…" I politely interrupted. "They were just born…it's going to take a while…"

"Oh…" Her ears flopped down. "Right…"

I sent her a warm smile. "That doesn't mean you can't party anymore."

She cheered up once again. "You're right!" She threw streamers in the air. "Woohoo!"

We spent the rest of the day like a normal one.

A month later…

I awoke, stretching and yawning after. I partially jumped off my bed, but made sure to make it after. I walked to the bathroom and washed my face. Next, I jumped in the shower and rinsed for a few minutes. Finally, I traveled downstairs and out the door.

I arrived at Fluttershy's cottage, feeling so happy just to see her. I knocked on her door and waited a few seconds until she opened it.

"Oh, hi, Alex!" She greeted me in her usual loving way.

"Hey, Fluttershy. Can I come in?" I asked.

"Sure!" She quickly replied and invited me in.

I walked inside. "I was wondering if you might want to do something today…"

"Oh, I'd love to…but…I promised Angel a picnic…" She thought for a moment. "Why don't you join us?" She smiled.

"Sure!" I responded quickly, not caring about the situation but just being happy that I would spend time with her.

However, Angel tapped his foot on Fluttershy's hoof, causing her to look at him and see his stubborn and shaking head. Looks like he didn't want me there…

"Angel. Don't be mean." Fluttershy reacted.

I sighed, but showed a slight smile. "It's alright, Fluttershy… we can be together another day."

"Oh, Alex… Are you sure?" She asked with worried eyes.

"Yes. I'm fine." I replied, giving her a hug.

Suddenly, we heard a knock at her door. She looked slightly surprised and walked over to the door to answer it. It was Mr. and Mrs. Cake.

"Hi, Fluttershy." Mr. Cake greeted. "We were wondering if you were available to babysit our babies. We're in a hurry for an important task and we need a babysitter as quick as possible!"

"Oh, I would love to babysit!" Fluttershy answered, raising their hopes. "But I can't today, sorry." They frowned. "I promised Angel we'd go on a picnic." She turned her head to see Angel tapping his foot impatiently and pointing towards the picnic basket. "You understand, don't you?" She said as they began walking away. "Y-you're not mad at me are you? Please don't be mad at me!"

"I'll do it! Pick me!" I heard Pinkie Pie from outside.

I raised an eyebrow and looked out. "What's this talk about babysitting?" I asked. Unexpectedly, the Cakes came rushing back to Fluttershy's cottage, but faced me.

"Alex! Are you free to babysit?" Mrs. Cake asked.

"…um…I suppose…" I answered.

They both sighed in relief. "You can't believe how relieved we are to hear you say that!"

"Hey!" Pinkie Pie included. "What about me?"

However, they seemed to ignore her. "Can you start now?"

I looked at Fluttershy for a moment and then returned the look at the Cakes. "Sure."

"Great, come on over to the shop. We'll explain everything there!" Mrs. Cake announced.

"Come on, honey bun! We have to hurry!" Mr. Cake added, causing the two of them to quickly leave back into town.

I looked over to Fluttershy. "Well, I guess I'll see you later. Have a nice picnic with Angel." I walked up to her, giving her a kiss and a hug.

She returned a warm smile. "Thank you. I bet you'll be a great babysitter!"

I chuckled lightly. "Thanks." I waved and began walking towards Sugarcube Corner, feeling Pinkie Pie sulk behind me.

When I arrived in the sweet shop, I could already see the Cakes hurrying sweets in and out of rooms constantly. As they did so, I saw the little foals sitting beside me on the floor, giggling and waving their little hooves around. However, I noticed Pinkie Pie in the corner of the room, sitting down and wearing a sort of annoyed expression.

"Now, Alex." Mr. Cake faced me as he tapped his hooves rapidly on the floor and sweated nervously. "I'm sure you'll be able to keep the foals nice and safe right?"

I returned a confident smile. "I'm sure. It basically just takes some common sense. I'm responsible."

I heard the oven ding, and Mrs. Cake came out with what appeared to be a giant cake covered in a cloth. "Oh, here you are dearie." She picked up a scroll that was on the covered cake and threw it towards me. "All your responsibilities are on this list." The scroll landed on the floor and unraveled itself, displaying the entire humongous list of things that needed to be done.

I widened my eyes at the sight. "…I'll get them finished as soon as possible. You can count on me." I assured.

Mrs. Cake returned a worried look towards me, seeming as if she thought the items on the list were too much, but Mr. Cake placed his hooves on the covered treat and called out to his wife. "We'll frost it when we get there! C'mon, sugarplum, tick tick!" He then began to push the cake out of the shop.

"Take good care of our two precious little ginger snaps! Everything you need in the shop!" Mrs. Cake announced as she began leaving the door.

"Don't worry." I gave her a reassuring smile and waved. "I can handle a couple of foals."

She smiled lightly and waved. Then, she walked off with Mr. Cake.

I closed the door and turned around. I saw the two babies sitting there, looking at me with bright smiles. However, I noticed Pinkie Pie remaining in the corner of the room, leaning on the wall as she sat down with crossed arms.

"Pinkie? Are you alright?" I asked.

"Just perfect." She answered, sarcastically.

"You wanted to be the one to babysit the foals…didn't you?" I questioned.

She returned silence, tapping her hoof on the floor.

I smiled lightly and looked at her again. "You know… I'm sure I could use some help babysitting them…maybe somepony that could make them laugh…"

She raised her head and widened her eyes. "Are you talking about…"

I nodded.

She then formed a bright grin and created a noise as if she was going to explode in happiness. Although… she literally did explode with joy and flew up in the air, landing back on the ground. The babies returned frightened faces and immediately began crying afterwards. Uh-oh…

I looked at Pinkie Pie. "Looks like you could help right now…"

She looked around worriedly, biting her lip, as I grabbed the babies and held them in my forelegs, patting them gently and ceasing their crying for a moment. "Oh, don't cry little friends! Look, look!" She pointed towards the door to the kitchen and raced towards it. She hid behind it. "Where's Pinkie Pie... Where's Pinkie Pie?" She asked, worriedly. The two looked at each other and began crying again. "Oh no... I'm right here, see!" She opened the doors and revealed herself. I continued patting them as Pinkie Pie rushed over to me and began making goofy faces. The couple stared in an almost flinching manner and continued wailing. "Oh, think think think..." Pinkie Pie closed her eyes and strained her face.

"Pinkie…maybe you should just let me soothe them…you know…let them know that everything's alright?" I suggested.

"Aha! I got it!" She opened her eyes and raised her head. After, she immediately set up a room with a table and curtains. I walked over to the table with the babies, looking around, a little confused. The room was made to where it almost resembled a performance center. "Hey guys, watch this!" A spotlight followed her as she walked over to the center of the curtains and grabbed a broom near a stool. "Hey, you're a wonderful crowd here tonight, where y'all from?" She asked, holding out the end of the broom towards us.

I slightly narrowed my eyes as the babies remained silent. "Not what I had in mind…"

Pumpkin Cake then tried to bite onto the end of the broom, but Pinkie Pie retreated it back towards her. "…Well that's great." She resumed her cheerful speaking. "Y'know, I used to have an ant farm, but I had to get rid of it because I couldn't find tractors that small!" Ba-dum tish… Good effort though, but the audience, including myself, remained silent. "Get it? Tractors that small?" She asked.

I looked at each of the babies and noticed their expression. "Um…yeah… I get it…"

She pulled back. "Um…alright then… Well, the other day, I spilled spot remover on my dog, and now I can't find him!" She immediately rushed over to a drum and cymbal and created that ba-dum tish sound again. When I looked at the babies expressions again, I slightly flinched, knowing what was going to happen. They immediately began bawling. "Phew… Tough crowd." She commented.

"You know what? I'll just put them to bed and lightly rock them to sleep…" I announced as I began to tend to the crying foals, but Pinkie stopped me.

"Alex! Wait!" She placed her hooves on my hoof as she laid down before me.

"What?" I asked.

"I have one more idea! Please let me do it!" She begged.

"Pinkie…" I tried to reason, but then she sent me pitiful puppy eyes. I sighed and lowered my head. "Alright…"

She squealed and ran over to the curtains, beginning to walk behind them. "I wasn't gonna pull off a show stopper, but you're a lovely audience and I think you deserve it!" She disappeared behind the curtains as the babies' crying was beginning to tune out every sound in the room. After a second, she poked her head out, wearing a pig snout and commencing her singing.

"First you jiggle your tail! Oink oink oink!" She bounced on the floor with her behind.

"Then you wriggle your snout!" She appeared between us and shook her head in rhythm. "Oink oink oink!"

"Then you wiggle your rump!" She bounced again. "Oink oink oink!"

"Then shout it out!" She grinned as she balanced on her tail and tilted side to side, keeping rhythm. "Oink oink oink!"

"First you jiggle your tail! Oink oink oink!

Then you wriggle your snout! Oink oink oink!

Then you wiggle your rump! Oink oink oink!

Then shout it out! Oink oink oink!" Pinkie Pie continued to sing as she bounced on the floor. I looked at the babies to see if the song had any effect, but it only seemed to confuse them and cause them to cry even more. This caused Pinkie Pie to increase the speed of her song.

"First you jiggle your tail! Oink oink oink!

Then you wriggle your snout! Oink oink oink!

Then you wiggle your rump! Oink oink oink!

Then shout it out! Oink oink oink!" Her song ended when she lost control of her bouncing and rolled onto a cabinet. I was about to go help her when a bag of flour fell off the top of the cabinet and covered Pinkie Pie in complete whiteness, catching the babies' attention and ceasing their bawling. They stared at Pinkie for a moment, and then began to giggle and soon laugh. "There, see? Nothing to this babysitting business! Ugh!" She fell to the floor, exhausted.

"Well…that's one way of making them laugh…" I spoke as I walked over to her and helped her up. "Go ahead and clean up, I'll watch the babies."

She released a sigh of relief. "Alright…thanks…" She walked off and headed upstairs.

I grabbed the babies as they continued to coo and walked over to the cabinet near the door. I taped the list of responsibilities and began looking at them. "Alright…looks like it's snack time…" I told myself as I read it. I sat the foals in their own special chairs and looked in the fridge. I noticed two bowls of mashed up gooey stuff, so I supposed they were probably for the two. I grabbed them and headed towards the table, noticing Pound Cake pound his hooves on the solid little table in front of him as Pumpkin Cake sucked on her hoof. I placed a bowl on each of their chairs and grabbed two spoons. "Alright…" I used the spoons to pick up some of the food and edge it towards their mouth. "Time to eat. Open your mouths…" I tried to say in a cheery voice. They returned confused looks, so I placed one of the spoons close to my opened mouth and closed it, but kept the spoon out. "Just like that." I moved the spoon back to Pumpkin Cake. She opened her mouth and began to move her head closer to the spoon, but instead, she grabbed the tablecloth and held it in her mouth. "No, no, no." I announced, placing the spoons back in the bowl and gently pulling out the tablecloth from her mouth. "Ponies eat edible food, like this." I pointed to the bowl. "Not this." I pointed to the tablecloth. She stared at me for a moment and then looked at the bowl of food. I grabbed the spoon and brought it up to her again. After a moment, she opened her mouth and placed her lips on the spoon, sucking the food from it and swallowing. Pound Cake was observing this and did the same as well. "There you go."I said, sending a smile to make sure it would soothe them. I continued to feed them until the bowls were finished. I placed the bowls and spoons in the sink and turned to check the list. "Alright… looks like it's bath time…" I gently and carefully picked up the two and headed upstairs to the bathroom.

I saw Pinkie Pie on the way to the bathroom. She was all clean from the flour already.

"Hey, watcha doing?" She asked.

"It's the babies' bath time." I answered, walking in the bathroom.

"Ooh! Can I help?"

I felt a little worried that she might cause the babies to cry again, but I lightly sighed and responded, not wanting to hurt her feelings. "Sure…"

"Yay!" She walked in the bathroom with me.

"Here, hold them for a minute, I'm going to turn the water on." I gave her the babies, allowing her to carry them as I walked over to the bathtub. I twisted the water on, causing water to spray out from the faucet. I used a liquid nearby to create bubbles for the water as the tub continued to fill up. "Can you take off their diapers?" I asked Pinkie Pie as I continued to monitor the water.

"Okie dokie!" She responded and began to do so.

When the water finished filling up, I turned the faucet, causing the water to halt. I turned around to see Pinkie Pie just finished removing the diapers and about to grab the babies to place them in the water. However, the foals cheered and began to run around the room. Pinkie Pie began to chase after them, going after Pound Cake first. On my side, I saw Pumpkin Cake staring at a towel nearby. She began chewing it, allowing me to quickly rush over to her and grab her. She struggled a bit, but I was able to keep her in control and place her in the water. I kept my hooves on her to make sure she didn't get out and follow Pound Cake. "I have Pumpkin Cake!" I told Pinkie Pie as she continued running after Pound Cake. "Just get Pound Cake and put him in the water!"

"On it!" She responded.

I looked at Pumpkin Cake to see her giggling as she watched the scene roll on. I turned my head back to see Pinkie Pie looking around for a missing Pound Cake. She began walking to the mirror, but I noticed a small brown tail poking out from inside the mirror. "Pinkie, in the mirror!" I told her.

She looked at the mirror and opened it. We both noticed Pound Cake hiding in there and as soon as Pinkie Pie could have a chance in grabbing him, he quickly fled. He ran over to behind the curtain near me. Seeing that I had a chance, I quickly moved the curtain and grabbed him, placing him in the water as well. However, noticing how his fun has ended, he began crying which led to Pumpkin Cake to follow the same example as well. Pinkie Pie quickly joined me by the tub and tried to think of something to counterattack this.

"Ooh, look guys, bubbles!" She placed her hoof in the water and pulled out some bubbles, blowing them. As they floated above them, they instantly focused their attention of them and smiled lightly. Observing this work, Pinkie grabbed more bubbles and formed a bubble beard on her face. They smiled more and noticed a huge bubble above them. Pumpkin Cake gazed her eyes at it as she noticed it nearing her. She smiled brightly, but the bubble touched her horn and immediately popped, surprising them and causing them to wail again. "Uh, uh, uh, uh, don't cry…" She looked around and grabbed a rubber duck. "Look, look, uh floating things!" She placed it in the water. "Ooh, aaah, eeh!" The duck then caused them to smile once again.

Pinkie Pie returned an accomplished smile and raced out the room. I turned my head to see what she was going to do to find out that she was bringing in more floating things, literally anything that floated, even a huge raft. Remembering the situation with the bubbles, I quickly halted her, holding my hooves out. "Whoa, whoa, Pinkie. I think a rubber duck is enough."

"Are you sure?" She questioned. I looked back at the bath tub and gestured towards it, noticing the two playing with the duck. Pinkie noticed this as well and placed all the stuff back. "Oh…you're right…"

After, we washed the two, making them clean as possible, and dried them with towels.

After placing on their diapers, we led to their room so they could play. Pinkie Pie and I began looking and reading through the list until a foul putrid stench filled the air and caused our noses to scrunch. We both sniffed, but Pinkie Pie gasped. We held our hooves on our noses and turned our heads to see the two foals playing with the blocks. Pumpkin Cake was watching as she had her binky in her mouth and Pound Cake was repeatedly lightly pounding one of the blocks on top of the other.

"Smells like somepony needs us to changie-wangie their diaper-wiper right now-a-wow!" Pinkie rhymed, grabbing two diapers.

"I'll go grab them and place them on the changing table, alright?" I softly told Pinkie.

Still holding her nose, she nodded with some straining in her face.

I slowly began walking to them, being as silent as possible. However, Pinkie Pie was watching my careful steps. Just as I was about to grab both of them in one quick swipe, Pinkie announced her warning out loud. "Easy... easy..." This caused the foals to look behind to see me and quickly run away before I could catch them, giggling along the way. I sighed and looked around for where they went. I could smell the foul odor and hear their laughter from behind the drawer with diapers on top. "Pinkie! Behind the dresser!"

She nodded and quickly pounced behind there. As I heard her struggles, I quickly rushed over there, just to be dragged into the fight as well. "Wait- no- stay there- just- for a second- stand still I've almost—

Pinkie announced as she struggled with the exchange of diapers. Once she finished, I felt something different about my body… Pumpkin and Pound Cake were on the floor, flinching, but Pound Cake noticed he didn't have his diaper on. Pumpkin found out as well and looked at us. They immediately smiled and began laughing. Pinkie Pie and I looked at each other to find out we each had a diaper on, which caused the babies to laugh out loud. They ran off afterwards. "Oh, you've gotta be kidding me!" Pinkie Pie announced as I looked at the diaper on me and sighed. We heard the bell ring downstairs. "Oh! Thank goodness they're home!"

"Go answer that. I'll try to find the two and put the diapers on them." I spoke as I shook off the diaper from me.

"Okay!" She quickly trotted downstairs.

As she did, I looked around for the babies. "Pound Cake? Pumpkin Cake?" I called slyly, looking around as I walked throughout the room. Soon enough, I heard their giggles faintly. I looked towards the closet, thinking they might be in there. As they continued to giggle, I slowly placed my hoof on the door handle and quickly opened it. I saw them there, hiding and laughing, but when they noticed me, they quickly tried to run away, but I stopped them by placing my hooves in front of them. "No you don't." After, I picked them up and placed them on the changing table. It was a little complicated, but I managed to place their diapers on after a while. I released a breath of relief after the diapers were finally on. I placed them in their bed and pulled up the side gate. Just as I was about to walk towards the door, Pinkie Pie came in.

"Who was it?" I asked.

"Twilight." She answered briefly.

"Twilight?" I questioned. "Why did she come over?"

"She asked if we needed any help with the babies."

"That's great. So, she's here right now?"

Pinkie remained silent for a moment. "…no…"

"No? Why?"

"She thought the responsibilities were too much… so I got mad and told her I didn't want her help…"

"Pinkie!" I lightly scolded. "Twilight could have helped out a lot! I'm sure she's read up on babies and has many tips on taking care of them. She wasn't going to do everything, but she could have helped out a lot and made our babysitting easier!"

"But…" She couldn't really say anything back.

I sighed and began walking out. "Take care of the foals. I'm going to see if I can catch Twilight."


I walked out the door, hoping Pinkie Pie would be able to handle the babies on her own. I already placed the diapers on…so they shouldn't be too much trouble. She probably just needs to put them to sleep. It's already getting dark. I walked out the front door of the sweet shop and looked around for Twilight. I walked for a moment until I saw a violet pony heading towards a tree. I quickly ran up to her and called out for her. "Twilight!"

"Hm?" She stopped and turned her head around.

"Twilight…" I stopped when I reached up to her. "Geez…I'm sorry about Pinkie Pie, but we could really use your help with the babies. Do you know a lot of tips on how to take care of them?"

She returned a bright smile. "Why, of course I do! I'm glad that you came up to me. I was hoping nothing terrible would happen on your babysitting."

"Great." I returned another smile. "Let's go. I think all we need to do is put them to bed, and that should be enough until Mr. and Mrs. Cake come back."

We walked back to Sugarcube Corner and opened the door to the sweet shop. We began hearing strange loud noises coming from upstairs. We exchanged a slightly shocked look and quickly rushed to the top of the stairs, wondering greatly what was happening.

When we reached the door, all of a sudden, Pinkie Pie began crying out loud. Tears were gushing out from her eyes and falling towards the floor, as a waterfall. Not only did that surprise us, but when we turned our heads towards the babies, we saw Pumpkin Cake with a stash of stuffed animals near her and one being a turtle in her mouth. She placed the turtle on the floor and looked at Pinkie Pie with sadness in her eyes. Pound Cake shocked us when we saw him fluttering his wings and flying. He flew besides Pumpkin Cake, sharing a frown as well. As Pinkie Pie continued to wail, sounding as if she was overwhelmed, the two foals looked at each other. Again, surprising us, Pumpkin Cake began using her magic to grab a sack of flour and bring it towards Pinkie Pie as Pound Cake followed her. When Pinkie noticed this, she halted her loud crying, but was whimpering a bit as the two foals returned light and empathetic smiles. They stood up and stretched their hooves, as if to present themselves, and flour immediately rained down upon them. They flinched as it hit them, but they once again presented themselves with smiles as Pinkie Pie watched.

Wiping her tears, Pinkie began giggling. "Y'know, you're right. That is funny…"

That managed to replace the shocked expressions on our face to compassionate smiles, but it didn't replace our concern.

"Pinkie. What happened?" I asked as I walked in.

She smiled and finished wiping her eyes. "It's a long story… Let's just put them to bed." She looked over to Twilight. "Hey, Twilight… you mind if you take down a letter…?"

"Not at all." Twilight smiled and pulled out a paper and quill, preparing to write the letter herself.

As I grabbed the foals, I began to wipe them clean, wiping off the flour and using baby wipes to clean them as Pinkie Pie spoke. "Dear Princess Celestia, I've always had fun playing with little kids, and I thought babysitting meant just more playtime, right? Wrong! Being a caregiver is way more responsibility than just being a playmate. And today I learned that sometimes our desire for responsibility can outrun our actual ability to handle it."

I finished cleaning the babies and placed them in their crib. As they yawned, stretched, and closed their eyes, I gently pulled the covers over them.

"Great job, Pinkie." Twilight praised. "I'm sure the Princess will like this letter."

"Thanks Twilight." Pinkie Pie smiled and walked over to the foals, giving them a kiss on the forehead each.

"Well, I better go see Spike before he falls asleep. I'll see you all later, okay?"

"Alright. Goodnight, Twilight." I responded as Pinkie Pie waved.

She smiled and nodded, taking the letter with her and leaving the shop.

"Well… we better go clean the mess downstairs…" Pinkie suggested to me.

"Mess? What mess?" I asked.

"You'll see…" She began leading me downstairs and towards the kitchen, turning off the light in the babies' room as they slept.

When we entered through doors to the kitchen, we were instantly met with a splatter of liquids everywhere. Pinkie Pie lowered her head and sighed, holding a bucket of water with her tail.

I smiled and patted her. "Don't worry, Pinkie Pie. We'll get rid of the mess in no time."

Hearing me say this, she turned her head to me and released a hopeful smile.

After, we began scrubbing the messes off the walls, cabinets, floor, etc. Pinkie was wearing a housekeeping uniform as she scrubbed the pools off. When she finished cleaning Pound Cake's table, she wiped her forehead and released a breath of relief, but then she noticed how Pumpkin Cake's table was still dirty. I smiled and began cleaning the table. "Don't worry. I've got this."

She smiled and sat down to take a break.

We finished in around half an hour or a little longer. Suddenly, in a gentle manner, we heard the door open and the bell ring.

"Alex! We're back!" I heard Mr. Cake shout.

"How did everything go?" Mrs. Cake added as well, returning a gasp.

"Are we in the right place?"

Pinkie Pie and I saw them from the top of the stairs. She placed a hoof to her lips and shushed them politely. "Shhh!" Then, she gestured her head towards the room to let them know the babies were sleeping.

We led them towards their room to see them snoring soundly and mumbling in their sleep.

"A…Alex." Mrs. Cake announced. "This is just... just..."

"Amazing, is what it is." Mr. Cake finished.

He was about to continue to speak, but I raised my hoof in front of me. "Let me stop you right there…" I placed my hoof back on the ground and looked at them. "If it's somepony you should be thanking, it should be Pinkie Pie. She's the one who really took care of them. Why…she managed to have them behave all by herself. She's the one who made them laugh and cease their crying. She's responsible. In my opinion, she should be their babysitter."

They looked shocked and faced Pinkie Pie, causing her to slightly flinch in embarrassment. "Pinkie…is this true?" Mrs. Cake asked.

"Hehe… I guess so." Pinkie responded, shyly.

"We had no idea how responsible you really are." They exchanged a look with each other and nodded. "Would you be interested in becoming our go-to babysitter on a permanent basis?"

This caused Pinkie to widen her eyes and open her mouth in shock. "Hm- Ah- lemme check my schedule!" She pulled out a notepad. "I should be available a week from... never!" She answered frankly. "You should let Alex babysit!"

However, we heard the sleeping foals sigh. We looked in to see Pound Cake holding out his hooves. "Pinkie..."

"Pie..." Pumpkin Cake added, turning her body to her side to continue sleeping.

Pinkie smiled and began tearing up. She happily gasped and looked towards the Cakes. "I have some free time next Tuesday."

I smiled lightly. "Well then… I guess I should be going."

The Cakes looked at me. "Well thank you for helping us take care of the little foals as well."

"It's not a problem. I'm happy to help." I turned to walk down the stairs. "Goodnight." I waved as I began walking.

They smiled and waved back too.

When I reached the door, Pinkie quickly caught up to me. "Hold on, Alex."

"Hm?" I turned around.

She placed her hooves around me and hugged me emotionally. "Thanks for showing them how responsible I am."

I smiled and lightly patted her back. "Well, you are, aren't you?"

She lightly giggled and pulled away. "Heh, I guess. Well, thanks anyway."

I nodded. "Goodnight, Pinkie. I'll see you later."

"Goodnight, Alex." She waved and began walking back upstairs to get some sleep herself.

I stepped out the door, but before I could get some sleep, I had to see Fluttershy first.

I knocked on her door and patiently waited.

After a moment, she opened the door and saw me. "Hi, Alex." She greeted me with a quick kiss on the lips. "How was your babysitting?"

I smiled lightly and looked back. "It was a little…difficult. But Pinkie Pie helped out a lot." I faced her. "What about you? How was your picnic?"

"It was great." She answered and looked back. "Angel's asleep…" She faced back towards me. "…but it would have been much better if you were there…"

I lightly chuckled. "Well…another time then. I should let you get some sleep."

She nodded and smiled. "Okay, I'll be waiting. Goodnight."

"Goodnight." I gave her a slower and gentler kiss before heading off. She blushed and walked inside, closing the door.

I smiled and walked back to my home.

I lay down on my bed and pulled the covers over me with nothing much to think about. I began to fall asleep, possibly from how exhausted I was with babysitting. Well…it's nice to know that Pinkie proved her responsibility… looks like she'll be babysitting those two adorable but troublesome foals. I mentally chuckled and closed my eyes.

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