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A New Hero - Alex The Lone Wolf

What if there was another pony who joined the pony gang? (Look at longer description...)

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Secret of My Excess

Episode 36 – Secret of My Excess

I felt the sunshine slightly warm me up. I slid out of the covers and sat up, opening my eyes. Sitting on my bed in silence for a moment, I thought and remembered something. I smiled, feeling the need to chuckle at the thought. Today's Spike's birthday… It was only a little while after that crazy party we had for Twilight.

I removed myself from bed and walked to the side where I had Spike's present. I had asked Rarity for a favor in gathering gems. Of course, she agreed and eventually, using teamwork, we found quite a load of jewels. I had placed them in a box however, and brought them to my house to wrap it up. I know Spike loves gems, and I'm one hundred percent sure his eyes will glow in happiness when he sees a huge pile of jewels in a single place for him to enjoy.

I grabbed the present with my teeth and placed it on my back. I walked down the stairs and out the door, preparing to pick up Fluttershy so we can meet with the rest of the girls and head off to Twilight's house.

I knocked on the door and waited for an answer.

"Come in!" A soft exclaim sounded from inside.

I carefully walked in and looked for her. "Fluttershy?" I called.

"Over here, Alex."

I walked towards the voice to see her just finish wrapping a gift.

"Is that Spike's present?" I asked.

"Mm-hm." She nodded, smiling. She grabbed it with her teeth as well and placed it on her back. She walked towards me and pressed her lips against mine, wrapping her forelegs around me for a moment as well. "Are you ready to go to Spike's birthday party?"

"Yup." We began walking towards town.

We met up with Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash, once there. They each had their gifts wrapped in boxes as well, but Rainbow Dash had a dumbbell with a bow on it. I wasn't so sure it would be safe with Spike… I decided not to question about it.

"Hi guys!" Pinkie Pie greeted. "Are you ready for a super fun birthday party?"

Fluttershy smiled. "Yep."

I looked at Rarity and noticed she was still wearing the necklace from when she was helping me dig up gems.

"You really love that necklace, don't you Rarity?" I asked.

"Why, of course! It is only one of the most thoughtful gifts Spike has given me!" She closed her eyes and placed her hooves on it. "I'll cherish it forever."

I smiled lightly. "Well, c'mon. We should get to Spike's party."

We opened the door to Twilight's home and entered.

"It's over, Spike! I'm cleaning that cheek!" Twilight exclaimed as Spike began running away from her.

Twilight used her magic to teleport him back to her, but he continued running. Nonetheless, Twilight continued casting her spell, creating an unending cycle, tiring both of them. "It's mine!" Spike shouted as Twilight teleported him. "Stop it!"



Suddenly, Pinkie Pie disappeared from our group and reappeared in front of Twilight, blowing a party hooter. After, she rushed over to Spike and greeted him. "Happy birthday!" She threw confetti and streamers over him. For whatever reason, Twilight managed to use the cloth she had and wiped Spike's cheek. "Party time, woohoo!" Pinkie Pie threw more confetti in the air.

The girls grabbed the gifts and held them with their teeth, except Rainbow Dash, who flew and held the dumbbell with her hoof.

"Are those... for me?" Spike questioned, surprised.

"You bet they are, birthday boy." Applejack replied, tossing the gift onto his claws.

"Happy birthday, Spike!" Fluttershy softly exclaimed and placed her gift on top of Applejack's.

"Happy birthday, Spike." I added, placing my gift on top of hers.

Rarity also threw her gift on top of mine. Pinkie Pie stretched her legs and placed hers on Rarity's. And Finally, Rainbow Dash released her dumbbell on top of all of them, causing Spike to lose his balance and fall towards the floor, dropping all the gifts. He looked at all of them with a puzzled expression on his face as he rubbed his head.

"Don't you know you get presents on your birthday?" Rainbow Dash asked him.

"Well, actually, this is my first birthday in Ponyville... I usually just get one present... from Twilight. A book." He explained with a frown.

As Twilight began walking towards him, I could see her carrying a book with a bow on it. However, she stopped upon hearing Spike's sentence and looked back to see the book she was bringing him. She hid it behind her and slowly walked away as she blushed.

"Speaking of presents," Rarity pulled out a cape-like cloth. "…this is from my new line of taffeta capes. I'm going to make one for each of you!" She presented it before us.

All of the girls were fascinated by the cape and offered their surprised thoughts and awes with it.

"Um, Rarity…" I commented as I continued looking at the cape. "Wouldn't these kinds of capes be more for…girls…?"

"Nonsense! You can wear one too! Remember when you were 'The Mysterious Mare Do Well'?"

"I…" I cut myself, not wanting to really argue or reason about that. I sighed. "Alright…"

"I've been inspired by the generosity of my little Spikey-wikey, who gave me this beautiful fire ruby, one of the kindest acts I've ever experienced."Rarity presented her necklace. I noticed Spike gain that love-struck look on his face once again. Rarity rubbed her head compassionately on Spike's as he warmly accepted. "Mmm."

Spike opened the impressively many gifts he received as we ate cake and other treats. Honestly, I had never seen so many gifts in my life. He was just finished digging through a square box to pull out a blanket with apples on it. "Applejack, I can't thank you enough for this great blanket. I really needed a new one." He hugged Applejack, causing her to drop the apple she was in the middle of eating.

"C'mon, Spike, you already thanked me fifteen times." She gently pushed him away from her. "I'm startin' to get a little embarrassed."

"I know I keep thanking you guys, but I'm just so grateful."

"Hold on, Spike." I announced as I walked over to him. "You still have this one to open." I gently pushed the box towards him.

He immediately began tearing the wrapping paper. When he finally opened it, his eyes widened at the sight and he mouth watered. "Gems? You got me all sorts of gems?"

"Of course. Dig in!"

"THANK YOU!" He squeezed me and literally jumped inside the box, munching on all sorts of gems. "I wish this party could last forever!"

Pinkie Pie was bouncing on a blue balloon with a party kazoo in her mouth until it popped. She sat down and spread her hooves. "Duh!" She rushed over to Spike, pushing Applejack and Twilight out of the way. "The party can't last forever 'cause you have to go to Sugarcube Corner, 'cause the Cakes said they have a special surprise for you, 'cause it's your birthday!" Pinkie Pie's excited movements caused her to fall towards the ground.

"No way!" Spike exclaimed loudly and instantly began running out the door.

"I said the party couldn't last forever, but it doesn't need to end right now!"

Spike continued running and ignored her, slamming the door behind him in an excited and happy manner.

I chuckled lightly and looked at the others. "I'll go make sure he doesn't hurt himself on the way over there."

I walked over to Sugarcube Corner to catch up to Spike who was excitedly motioning his feet near the counter. "Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Cake!"

"There's the dragon of the hour! Happy birthday, Spike!" Mr. Cake announced joyfully.


"When we found out it was your birthday, we couldn't resist trying out a new recipe!" Mrs. Cake lowered herself below the counter to retrieve something. "Sapphire!" She presented a blue cupcake with sapphires on it. The cupcake stood proudly on the plate.


The cakes gave him the cupcake, which he returned a series of licking lips and more watering of the mouth. I continued smiling and walked up to him. "C'mon Spike, we can still enjoy your birthday a little more while we still have the time."

"Alright." He answered but laid his eyes on the cupcake.

We started walking out as the Cakes followed us and stopped at the door.

"Thank you so much!" He shouted towards them, waving them goodbye and licking his lips again after. "Man, first I get a bunch of great presents from my best friends, and now an amazing sapphire cupcake!" He excitedly commented to me as I looked at him. "Hohoh, what a day!" He suddenly bumped into somepony. "Whoa!" I noticed the pony was Ms. Cheerilee. The grocery bag on her back was about to fall off. I quickly rushed towards it and prevented it from falling and spilling any of the contents inside. However, Ms. Cheerilee was on the floor with her eyes spinning around in a daze. Spike's cupcake must have flown out of his hands because he caught it with his insanely long tongue and brought it to his claws again."Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry, Cheerilee!"

"That's okay." She responded. I placed the bag back on her back. "Thank you so much, Alex." She thanked, sending a smile to me.

"It's not a problem at all." I replied, returning a smile as well.

She looked over to Spike who still had his cupcake. "What's got you so excited?"

"Pinkie Pie told me I should come see the Cakes, so they could give me a cake 'cause it's my birthday today!" He explained.

"Well, happy birthday, Spike! I wish I had something to give you!" She placed a hoof on her cheek and thought. "Uh... oh!" She raised her hoof with an idea. She dug through her grocery bag with her head and pulled out a hat with a feather on it. "Here you go!"

"Wow, really?" Spike questioned, touching the hat.

"Sure! Everypony should get fun gifts on their birthday!" Spike immediately sprung towards Cheerilee and gave her a grateful hug as well. "Have a great birthday, Spike! Goodbye, Alex!" She announced as she began to walk away.

I waved and looked towards Spike.

"I wish every day was my birthday..." He presented dreamily as he tugged the sides of the hat over him.

I started began having this odd feeling. Hm… was there something I read about Dragons and avarice? I looked around and Spike had begun to continue walking. I shook off my thought and caught up to him.

Heading back to Twilight's, we passed a well with two ponies having a conversation. Spike began to think out loud. "Pinkie Pie mentions my birthday to the Cakes, and I get a cupcake…" Spike continued to mention some other things, but my attention was caught by a familiar pony who just popped out of the well randomly. The two ponies who were having a conversation looked in surprise at her as she contained crossed eyes and a wide smile on her face. The two ponies exchanged looks and walked away awkwardly as she noticed them and formed a slight frown on her face.

"Hey, Derpy." I greeted, walking up to her and changing the expression on her face back.

"Hi, Alex! How are you?"

"I'm fine…" I observed her hanging on the edge of the well. "Just wondering… what are you doing inside a well?"

She looked below her, making that cross-eyed frown expression for a moment and looking back at me. "I forgot."

"Well, you better get out of there before you get hurt." I offered her my hoof and helped her out.

"Thanks, Alex. What have you been up to lately?"

"Well… today's my friend's birthday. His name is Spike and he's a dragon."

"Cool!" She exclaimed and began to pull something out from the saddlebag she had been wearing. "Here, you can go ahead and give him this muffin for his birthday."

I smiled. "Thanks, Derpy. I'll tell him it's from you."

She returned a smile as well. "Well, I'm going to make some more. I'll see you later!"


She waved and headed off to wherever she was going to make more muffins.

I looked around and noticed Spike was gone. "Spike?" I called but received no answer. I continued walking around town, trying to see where we went. I reached an area where the water fountain was planted for ponies to drink from.

"Aren't you gonna give me something? You know, like a birthday present?" Spike's voice sounded from near the fountain, catching my attention and causing me to see what all the commotion was about.

"Um, I... I don't have anything." A pony carrying baskets of flowers responded, giving off an uneasy look.

"Well how about those flowers? I'll take those—

"Spike!" I exclaimed, scolding him for almost taking the flowers away. He turned, surprised, to see me. I placed a hoof in front of him and dragged him behind me. I looked at the pony with the flowers and apologized. "Sorry about that. I don't know what that was all about…"

"Uh, no problem... H-Happy birthday, Spike!" She walked off and managed to exclaim even after being frightened by him.

Spike noticed the muffin that I had on my back from Derpy. "Hey, are you going to eat that?" Without waiting for an answer, he grabbed it and chomped it down, swallowing largely. "Mmm!" I formed a scolding look towards him.

"What?" He questioned.

"What the hay was that all about, Spike? It was one thing for Cheerilee to willingly give you a gift but now you're practically forcing others to give you one too?"

He looked at his tail and noticed a ball behind it, one that I hadn't seen either, which I assumed he probably took as well. He shook his head. "Wow, you're right, Alex. I don't know what got into me. Thanks for snapping me out of it. I'd better go give Cheerilee her hat back. Do you want the muffin too?"

I shook my head and slightly flinched. "No thanks…" I sighed. "It's fine… Just return the gifts quickly and head home or Twilight's going to worry about you." I began walking away. "You should really be grateful with what you have already…"

"Sounds good! Bye!" He yelled and waved.

When I entered back into the library, the girls were cleaning up the mess that Spike had left with all his gifts.

"Hey, Alex. Where's Spike?" Twilight questioned me.

"Oh… He went a little overboard with his gifts that he retrieved from ponies in town… so he's returning them."

"Oh, I see… It is his first birthday here anyway."

"Yeah… He should be coming back in a bit."

"Alright, thanks Alex."

I nodded and walked over to Fluttershy. "Ready to go home?"

"Mm-hm." She nodded and began walking with me to the door.

"See all you girls later." I announced. After being pelted with byes, Fluttershy and I walked out, and I began walking her home.

When we reached her door, she opened it and looked at me. "Come inside, there's actually something I want to give you."

I walked inside. "What is it?" I asked.

She led me to her bedroom and walked towards the nightstand on the left side of her bed. She grabbed something and walked towards me. "Here…" She held a circular object to me. "I made it for you."

I analyzed the object. It looked like a sort of necklace, but it seemed to be more for decorative uses. It was woven with some string, beads, and other decorative items. I carefully took it and continued looking at it. "Wow, Fluttershy… I don't know what to say… This is so thoughtful of you…" I looked at her and smiled. "You're the best girlfriend ever."

She blushed and looked slightly away. "I could say the same thing about you…"

I embraced her passionately and held on to her for several moments as she returned it and wrapped her forelegs around me. When we pulled away, we continued to look at each other. "Thank you, Fluttershy."

She smiled and kissed me. "You're welcome…"

I continued smiling heartily and looked outside to notice nightfall arising. "I guess I should say Goodnight then." She followed me down the stairs and I looked back, once at the door. "I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Of course." She nodded confidently.

"Great, then. Goodnight, Fluttershy."

"Goodnight, Alex."

We shared one last kiss before I headed towards home.

I wasn't sure if it was meant to be used as a necklace, but I wore it anyway on the walk home. When I entered my house, I climbed up the stairs and walked to my bed. I sat on the bed for a moment, keeping the lamp on. I looked at the wonderful gift Fluttershy gave me and smiled. I also compared it with the heart she had made me as well and saw how they were well together. However, I yawned and decided I could use some sleep. I turned off the lamp and scooted myself into my bed. Taking one last glance at her gift, I closed my eyes and dozed off.

When I awoke, I immediately felt something was off. I looked down to see the gift, but it was gone! I quickly looked around the bed to see if it was hidden somewhere, but I found out that that wasn't the only thing that was gone… I noticed my shelf was bare. All the gifts I had received, even the trophy from the Running of The Leaves, were gone. I turned to my nightstand to see Fluttershy's heart was also missing! Where did they go? I rushed downstairs to see some things missing as well, but there were barely of any importance of me. Was I robbed? Who would rob me while I'm asleep? Who even robs here? This is a peaceful town! Even if I was, why did they take only certain things? And how did I not even hear anything? I shook my head and ran out the door.

I have no idea of where to even start about this puzzling conflict. Maybe Twilight can help? I quickly began running towards Twilight's house. I can't imagine what things I might do when I find out the pony who took those gifts… especially Fluttershy's…

"Twilight!" I called out as I opened the door and rushed inside.

"Alex?" She questioned surprisingly. She was speed reading through some books for some reason, as if she was in a hurry.

"Twilight, when I woke up just a while ago, most of my things were gone!"

"What?" Twilight widened her eyes. "Then that means—

"What's happening to me, Twilight?" Spike exclaimed, causing me to turn my head towards him and returned shocked eyes.

"Spike! You're… huge…!"

"I don't know what's happening to him! When I woke up this morning, he had all this stuff with him." Twilight explained.

"Stuff?" I realized and looked over across the room to see many things in a pile, including my gifts, which I had kept safely in my home. "Spike! You're the one who took my things?"

He rubbed his head embarrassingly.

"Think back to last night." Twilight continued asking him. "Did something happen?" Spike seemed to lose his attention and stare at the things around him until Twilight called him again. "Spike?"

"What did you do after I had left you to return the gifts?" I demanded in a calm tone.

He slapped his head. "I went to talk... to..." His voice trailed off when he was caught staring at a shiny globe nearby. He walked towards it with his hands ready.

"Spike!" Twilight yelled as he touched the globe and spun it with his fingers. She used her magic to remove it from his sight and cause him to fall. "You went to talk to who?"

"Oh, um... I don't remember. Hey, can I have that globe? You're not using it, right?"


Nonetheless, Spike grabbed the globe and crawled up to the second floor of the library as he held it with his tail. He dug through the pile of items, including my gifts, and planted the globe harshly on top of them. This caused me to grow anger.

"Watch it! You're going to break my gifts!" I exclaimed.

However, he grabbed a book nearby and ignored me. "What about this book?"

Twilight teleported to the top of the globe and began pulling the book away from his claws. "Spike, I'm worried about you. You're usually not so... grabby!" Twilight managed to pry the book away from him, but he suddenly grabbed it from the air.

"My arms aren't usually this long either." His sudden drop in tone surprised us all. Even he noticed it as he dropped the book and forcefully placed his claws over his mouth. "What's happening to me?"

Twilight placed a hoof on her chin and rubbed it as she narrowed her eyes at him.

Recognizing the symptoms, I offered a possible explanation. "His voice deepened… he's twice his size… looks like he's maturing… but that can't really be it… I mean… who grows twice as big over night? And it doesn't explain why keeps taking things… especially my stuff." I emphasized. I was really straining about my things because those were the things that the girls gave me, especially Fluttershy. I don't want him ruining them!

"Spike, give Alex his things back." Twilight told him.

"But…they're so shiny!" He whined.


I sighed. "You know what? I'll just get them back when he's back to normal. Right now, let's just find somepony who can help us with this…"

Twilight sighed as well and nodded.

She led us towards the doctor where we waited for him to come to the room.

"Twilight, do you really think the doctor will know what's happening to him?"

She shrugged. "It's worth a shot…"

"SHOT?" Spike exclaimed and began freaking out.

"Calm down Spike. You're not getting a shot." Twilight assured.

"Oh…" He regained his composure.

"Maybe…" Twilight added softly, but not loud enough for him to hear.

Spike began looking around the room as he sat on the examination bed, holding his hands and shuffling his feet, while Twilight and I waited nearby, sitting on the floor. We continued to wait for the doctor to come in, causing Twilight to send me a worried look while I could only shrug lightly. Still having the worried expression, she turned her eyes to Spike who seemed to have his attention caught on the bowl of lollipops in front of him. He raised his claw to grab some of them until Twilight noticed and raised her hoof to slap his claws away. He frowned after, rubbing his claw as Twilight looked at the door with an angry expression now. However, the doctor walked in and replaced her look with hope.

"Well now, what seems to be the problem?" He asked in a cheery voice.

"This is Spike." Twilight presented, but noticed Spike about to touch the cup of little wooden sticks. She slapped his claw and continued speaking. "And something's wrong with him." She slapped his claw when tried to touch the cup again. "He used to be half this size! And he keeps trying to take things that aren't…" She slapped it again. "…his!"

"All right then, let's just have a look see, shall we?" He walked towards Spike and faced him seriously. Then, he sat down and began speaking to him in babyish words. "Widdul guy not feewing too good? Who's a brave widdul boy, huh?" He began annoying Spike as he held his claws and played around with them. Spike even tried to bite him, but didn't. "Who's a brave one?" He tapped his hoof on his right knee, causing him to puff up his face and exhaust a large green flame towards the doctor. The doctor's face was scorched. Fine, but scorched.

"So? What do you think, Doctor?" Twilight asked.

"Well, I think I know what the problem is." He answered, causing Twilight to shift from her worried expression to a joyful one. "He's… a dragon!"

"That's not the problem." Twilight responded, lowering her ears and removing the smile off her face. "He's always been a dragon."

"Oh. Well, that would explain it." He began rubbing the soot from his face with a pink cloth. "Listen, I don't know anything about dragons, I know about baby ponies. Maybe you should try a vet."

Twilight sighed. "Okay. Thank you, doctor."

Next, we tried the vet, but I wasn't sure the vet would be much help either as they don't really work with dragons…

The vet had placed Spike on top of an examining counter and analyzed him under the bright light. "Hm, well, I'm flummoxed. Y'bring me a dog, I've got it diagnosed in seconds. Snake even faster, but... to be honest, I've never seen a real live dragon before." She explained. Spike snorted in anger, but the vet began praising him on the head. "Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy?" Spike began to ease into her techniques. "Sit." She brought out a jar of dog biscuits. Spike did so and began panting as drool emerged from his mouth, as well as his tongue. The vet tossed a biscuit in the air for Spike to eat, but he grabbed it and saved it in the bowl of lollipops he took from the doctor, causing me to shake my head.

"Thanks anyway…" Twilight replied as she lowered her head. "C'mon, Spike." She turned and began walking out.

As we walked in town, Twilight remained having that hopeless expression on her face. "Oh, Alex… what are we going to do? Nopony in town knows what's going on with Spike…"

I looked at her with a frown, but then came up with a possible solution. "You're right… Nopony can… but I'm pretty sure a zebra may know what's going on."

Twilight widened her eyes and figured what I was getting at. "Zecora!"

"Yeah. She's the only one who can cure what professionals can't."

"Of course! Let's go!" She trotted to a sprint, causing me to do the same as we headed towards Zecora's hut.

After we knocked on her door, Zecora opened it and greeted us. "Oh, hello there you two. What brings you in such a brew?"

"Zecora, we need your help!" Twilight answered. "Spike has had a major growth spurt and he keeps collecting stuff. We don't know why!"

"Bring him in and I shall examine him."

Twilight grabbed Spike, who was just about to grab something else in the woods, and dragged him inside. Afterwards, Zecora began analyzing him by squeezing his head with her hooves and tapping his head as well. After retrieving her results from that test, she placed a gold watch over him and began swinging it, but Spike just saw it and tried to take it as well. Next, Zecora grabbed his left claw and swung it, causing him to swing his right claw, which slapped Twilight.

"Ooh, he is starting to mature. Of this fact I am quite sure."

"Mature?" Twilight rubbed her head with her hoof. "We kind of already know that… but that doesn't explain why he keeps grabbing things." Twilight saw Spike pick up a vase, so she used her magic to pull it away from him.

"A dragon's heart is prone to greed, a steady diet to make growth speed." Zecora threw some green powder she had in the cauldron full of bubbling water. Twilight and I walked closer to look in it. "Then, the resulting bigger size only makes their hunger rise." Zecora's tone and words began making Twilight return a worried look. "If this trait should go unchecked, if Spike continues to collect more growth will certainly occur – he is going to turn into a monster." The green powder she had threw in cauldron created the vision of what would happen if Spike is allowed to continue to gather more things.

Twilight gasped. "You mean the more things a dragon collects, the bigger and greedier he gets? But how do we stop him before he's completely out of control?"

"If his monstrous ways you wish to impede, you must prevent him from practicing greed."

"Alright, so… basically we have to lock him up so he won't touch things anymore?" I sighed. "Well we should hurry and do it now before he gathers more things and completely becomes too humongous to handle."

We suddenly heard a door thrust open, causing us to look back with our eyes. We looked around the room to see it completely bare. The door was swinging as the outside was visible. Zecora returned an irritated expression towards Twilight, causing her to nervously laugh.

"Don't worry Zecora. We'll get your stuff back and stop Spike before this gets out of hoof."

"I wish you both luck for if you do not stop Spike, we may be all sitting ducks."

I nodded. "Come on, Twilight. Let's figure out a way to put an end to this."

With some worry, she nodded as well and followed me out of the hut.

As we ran back into town, we continued to search desperately on where Spike could have gone. After running through buildings for a while, we heard familiar voice scream out. "Get away from her, you brute!" Applebloom? We turned our heads to see the Cutie Mark Crusaders fighting with Spike over Scootaloo's scooter. Scootaloo wrapped her hooves around the scooter as Applebloom held her hooves around Scootaloo, trying to pull her back, while Sweetie Belle was pulling on Scootaloo's tail.

"Spike want!" Spike released as he tried to pry the scooter away from their hooves.

"You're not getting my scooter!" Scootaloo exclaimed, still struggling to gain it back.

"Spike want!" He repeated.

As Twilight looked around for a solution, I ran towards him instead and tackled him to the ground, causing him to lose his grip on the scooter and allowing the others to regain it.

"Girls!" I told them as I continued to struggle to keep Spike on the ground. "Hurry up and get out of here before he tries to take your scooter again!"

They nodded. "Thanks, Alex!" After, they fled off in the scooter.

After a few seconds, Spike managed to kick me off. Fortunately, before he could run after them again, Twilight came out and stopped him. "Hey, Spike! Check out this amazing broom!" Using her magic, she strutted a broom near him, then pulled it away from him to make him chase after it.

"Spike want!" He unexpectedly and surprisingly grew bigger, causing me to widen my eyes at the sight. He hissed and began chasing after the broom. I quickly stood up from the ground and ran after him.

Twilight was surprised at his growth as well. Nonetheless, she continued running and led him back into the library. "C'mon, big boy! Look at this incredible broom!"

Spike tried to reach it as Twilight ran inside the library, but became stuck while trying to fit through the door. After pulling enough, he freed himself and rolled inside, regaining his balance. "Spike want!"

I entered the library to see Twilight twirl the broom and throw it inside another room. Spike ran inside and Twilight immediately closed the door, holding herself on it. I quickly pressed myself on the door as well, and we felt Spike trying to tackle his way through.

"Fight all you want, I'm not letting you out!" Twilight assured. After holding ourselves on to the door for a while, it grew quiet. Twilight and I carefully released ourselves. Twilight opened the door and walked inside to see what was going on. We looked in the room to see Spike holding all the books in the center beneath him, greedily. "Oh Spike, I just re-shelved this room!" Twilight gathered all the books with her magic and brought them to the room we were in, shutting the door after. She sat down and sighed.

I thought for a moment. "If he's that huge… can't he just—

A loud crash interrupted me, which also caused Twilight to groan.

"What now?"

Twilight opened the door again, allowing us to see the same figure of Spike broken through the bark of the tree. I sighed. "This is going to be very challenging…" I looked at her and gave her a suggestion. "Alright, we should go warn the others. Get Applejack, she should be able to help you tie Spike down. I'm going to warn Fluttershy."

She nodded and we began to part ways.

When I arrived at Fluttershy's cottage, I saw her dancing with some squirrels. I quickly ran up to her. "Fluttershy!"

She noticed me and smiled. "Alex!" She hugged me.

"I'm sorry, Fluttershy, but there's a problem right now…"

"A problem?" She formed a frown. "What do you mean?"

I sighed. "I don't mean to scare you or anything but Spike is—

The ground suddenly began shaking, frightening Fluttershy. I saw Spike charge towards the cottage. Fluttershy eventually spotted him and screamed at the sight of him.

"Quickly, go hide!" I told her. She brought her squirrels and flew towards the top of the tree. However, Spike was going after the chicken coop. I ran towards him to try to stop him, but he was too huge. It was impossible! "Spike, listen to me! You need to stop this! Now!" I tried to entreat him, but he just looked at me and picked me up. He tore the chicken coop and threw the leaves and apples he was carrying with him in there, adding me in there as well.

I shook rigorously as he ran. I placed my hooves on the edge of the chicken coop to see where he was going. He's heading back to town!

"Spike, don't do this!" I tried exclaiming to him as I held my hooves tightly on the chicken coop.

He just returned a roar and continued running. My voice isn't going to work! If there's any chance of bringing the old Spike, he's going to need to hear somepony he's close to! He eventually arrived at Sugarcube Corner, barging in the building and causing Pinkie Pie to scream loudly.

"Pinkie! Get out of here!" I shouted to her, but she cowered towards the top of a pastry shelf as Spike began filling the coop with cakes, trays, and other kitchen utensils. I took my opportunity and jumped out of the coop.

"Back! Get back!" Pinkie Pie began pelting him with cake from the shelf. Spike moved his head in order to dodge the cake that later splattered on the wall. He hissed and caught the next cake that Pinkie Pie threw, stuffing it in his box of other things.

As Pinkie Pie continued to grunt as she threw cake at him, I saw Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Applejack, and Fluttershy enter the building. Fluttershy saw me and immediately ran towards me, hugging me. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine…" I answered.

"Pinkie Pie! Stop giving him cake!" Twilight announced after seeing him gather the cake she threw.

"I'm not giving him cake; I'm assaulting him with cake!" She answered fiercely as she held two plates of large cakes and threw them at him. Pinkie Pie was just about to reload on cake, but Spike grabbed all the treats from the shelf, causing her to fall flat on the floor. She stood back up and shouted. "How dare you take the cake!"

Spike replied with a roar. Then, he looked as if he felt himself changing. Oh no… His body shook and he instantly grew twice the size he already was, breaking the roof off of the building. Spike grinned and carried his box of stolen good with his tail and walked with all four of his feet.

"He's completely out of control!" Twilight exclaimed and began running out. "Who knows where he'll go next!"

We all ran after Twilight, except Applejack who was busy dragging a stunned Pinkie Pie.

"Rarity!" I exclaimed after thinking for a moment. "He's going to go after Rarity!"

Soon, the sirens began sounding throughout the whole town, but Spike shut it off by grabbing the speakers and tearing it off. Everypony was in panic as they ran all over town, trying to avoid the epidemic of Spike. He released a fierce and loud roar. He was so huge that we could all see his body! That wasn't it. I saw a pony held tightly in his tail. It was Rarity! He ran towards the water tower and tore it off, causing the water inside to pour out and flush the town.

"Rainbow Dash! Fluttershy! You girls have to free Rarity from him!" I exclaimed.

"We're on it!" Rainbow Dash responded and brought Fluttershy with her.

"Don't worry Rarity, we'll save you!" Fluttershy said as they flew towards her.

"Put her down, right now!" Rainbow Dash commanded on his left.

"I- if you wouldn't mind, that is..." Fluttershy added fearfully on the other side.

"I mean it, dragon boy!" Rainbow Dash aggressively assured.

"We'll be ever so grateful if you'd be so kind as to possibly consider..." Fluttershy contradicted.

"Drop her, scaly!"

Spike backed away from them and turned around, wildly swinging his tail around to swat them out of the air. "Hey!" Rarity yelled as she was tossed side to side in his tail. "I'm- Not some- -sort of common- fly swatter!" He eventually was successful when Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were caught hold by Rarity's cape, which tore, and began falling straight towards the water as they screamed.

"Fluttershy!" I yelled and quickly began running towards where they were falling. They splashed in the water, but came out okay. I dove into the water and began swimming towards them. Meanwhile, Spike released another fierce and loud roar. As I was helping the two of them back onto land, Rainbow Dash looked up and noticed her role models.

"Look! The Wonderbolts!"

They flew towards Spike and then just flew around him. I had no idea what they were trying to do, or what they could even do to stop him. Spike turned around and spotted a nearby mountain. He immediately began climbing it, holding the water tower full of stuff in his mouth and Rarity in his tail as she screamed. The wonderbolts flew towards him and assaulted him by sniping off a piece of his scales. You guys CAN pull Rarity out and land her to safety, you know! Instead, they even made him angrier. He spotted a hole in the mountain and placed his stolen items in there, emptying the water tower. Observing the directionless flying of the wonderbolts, Spike narrowed his eyes. Just as the wonderbolts were about to fly straight towards him, Spike held out the open end of the water tower and caused them to end their flying in there. He placed the water tower on the mountain, causing them to be unable to escape.

Spike began to roar but Rarity cut him off. They began to have a conversation to which I couldn't hear because of the distance, but for some reason… I did hear. It was as if her voice were in my thoughts… Something felt strange in my heart as I placed my hoof over it.

"Oh be quiet. You've got nothing to be proud of!" Spike opened his mouth and motioned his claw mockingly as Rarity continued to lecture. "You steal everypony's things, terrorize the town, and use me as a weapon against my own friends! Which, as horrible as it is, I can almost understand because you're a dragon and all. But this!" I saw her rip something, most likely her dress. "This is a crime against fashion!" Spike brought her closer to his eyes to observe something on her… Strangely… his expression changed… It wasn't aggressive anymore…"Oh no. You are not getting this gemstone! This was given to me by my dear friend Spikey-wikey... the kindest, sweetest, most generous dragon ever. And it is too precious to me to give to a greedy old beast like you!"

Spike grunted and opened his eyes. They turned into compassionate ones… Maybe… Maybe he's remembering about the gemstone! After a few seconds, Spike shook his head and placed his claw on his cheek.

"Oh, what now? I suppose you'll be eating me or something?" He began shaking and suddenly, through jerky motions, transformed back into himself. "Spike? You're the rampaging dragon?" Afterwards, they began falling straight towards the ground, screaming.

Pinkie Pie was looking through a pair of binoculars as we could only stand watching at the bridge. "Somepony do something!" She cried out loud as Applejack placed her hat over her face, fearing the worst.

"On it!" Rainbow Dash replied and pulled Fluttershy towards her. She grabbed the torn cloth that was floating in the water and both of them flew speedily to the falling pony and dragon.

Come on, girls… you can do it! My thoughts were interrupted when my heart began acting strangely again. I started to hear their voices again…

"Rarity?" Spike began. "I need to tell you something! Just in case we don't make it!" Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were hurrying greatly. "I've always sort of had a crush—

His sentence was cut off when Rarity placed a hoof on his mouth.

Just before they were about to hit the ground, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy caught them with the cloth. They slowed down as they brought them back to us. Then, they finally slowly lowered them to the bridge, causing me to sigh in relief and to relax myself.

Fluttershy gasped as she remained in the air. "We did it! I can't believe we did it!"

The water tower fell from the mountain, revealing the wonderbolts cowering together, but once they noticed they were free, they hovered in the air proudly and flew away.

"All in a day's work." Rainbow Dash commented.

I sighed and joined the others on the other side of the bridge. "I never want to go through that ever again…"

"Ugh… Don't even remind me." Twilight replied.

"I'm just glad that's over. Next time we'll think twice about getting him gifts on his birthday." Applejack added and they all shared a laugh.

As we walked back towards town, Spike began writing a letter. "Dear Princess Celestia, today I learned a great lesson about friendship. Well, you might think that it would feel good to get lots and lots of stuff, but it doesn't feel nearly as good as giving something special to somepony you really care about. But I learned that it truly is better to give than to receive, and that kindness and generosity are what lead to true friendship. And that's more valuable than anything in the world. Well... almost anything." He looked towards his cheek, which presented a pair of lips.

I looked at him and smiled. "That's a good letter, Spike."

"Thanks!" He responded. "Sorry about the way I acted."

"It's alright… you can start by giving me and the other ponies their things back…"

He sighed happily as he held his claw on his cheek. "I'll do anything…"

As Spike was giving everypony their things back, and apologizing, Rarity invited us over to her shop to present the capes she had finished making us. When she gave me mine, it didn't really look girly. I mean… I'm not the type of pony to wear capes… but it did look alright. It was a dark blue color, almost like my coat, and was a bit furry, of course not with real fur, and represented a wolf; me. I smiled and looked at Rarity. "Thank you, Rarity. It's amazing…"

She smiled back. "Anything for my friends."

I looked at Fluttershy who placed her hood on. Her dress, or cape, consisted of a light blue color with a white trim at the end. There was a white ribbon and bow on her neck and a daisy held beautifully on the top of the hood. She looked so amazing that it felt as if I could only stare at her beauty.

Once all the repairs were done and everypony's stuff was given back, including mine, it was nighttime. I walked with Fluttershy to her home, both of us still wearing the capes Rarity gave us. I was already feeling the need to sleep. At her door, I looked at her tiredly, but managed to smile. She returned a smile and kissed me.

"I should let you start heading home. You almost look as if you want to sleep right here." She commented.

I chuckled lightly. "It's alright… I'll see you tomorrow."

"Okay. Goodnight…"

"Goodnight." I embraced her for a moment and pulled away.

She smiled lightly and walked back into her home.

I shook my head lightly to try to keep myself awake and walked home as well.

I fell towards the bed, almost exhausted. I looked at my shelf to see everything back to normal. I sighed and closed my eyes. Before falling to sleep, I began thinking. Is it just me? Or do I seem to begin learning these new…powers…? I mean… when Rarity was kidnapped by Diamond Dogs, my heart was able to lead me to her. When I was escaping from that dragon while rescuing Spike, my heart was able to somehow teleport me out of danger's way. Now, I was able to hear Rarity and Spike from a large distance… and so on so forth… Is it all a part of my element? I sighed mentally. There are still so many things to discover… it's almost been keeping me from thinking about...them…

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