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A New Hero - Alex The Lone Wolf

What if there was another pony who joined the pony gang? (Look at longer description...)

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It's Genealogical Research!

Episode 74 – It's Genealogical Research!

A loud knocking sounded at my door, knocking me conscious and almost groggily having to remove myself from bed. Having no choice but to head straight downstairs towards the door, I opened it to see a very huge pink grin only a step in front of me.

"Hey, cousin!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed for some reason and threw her forelegs around me, squeezing tightly.

"Pinkie Pie?" I questioned, deeply confused about the situation. "What are you talking about? We're not cousins. I don't even think you have any relation to the princesses."

Pinkie pulled away and stared at me for a moment in silence. Then, she placed a hoof on her chin and looked upwards in thought. Afterwards, she immediately burst into a loud giggle. "Silly me! It was Applejack I was supposed to go to!" She continued giggling jubilantly. "I mixed up your names because they start with an A and…" She was cut off by more of her laughter, finding it absolutely funny for I don't know what exactly. She turned around and continued walking off. "Haha, I'm so silly!"

I observed her walk off with one of my lower lids raised below my eye. That was certainly a strange first conversation in the morning. However, I heard another sound of hoofsteps come my way. I looked around to see Twilight walking my way as she stared at Pinkie begin hopping off. Nonetheless, she turned to me when she arrived at my doorstep. "Morning." She greeted with a soft smile.

"Morning…" I returned, still feeling a little of that last conversation last. "Would you…happen to know what that was all about?"

"She was by earlier and apparently found out she has this relation to Applejack." Twilight shrugged. "As you can tell, it got her really excited."

"…uh-huh…" I briefly expressed.

"Anyways…" Twilight changed the subject. "I just wanted to come by and see if you'd be in the spirit to help me with something?" Her facial expressions began brightening, as if she was holding a surprise for me.

"Uh…what exactly?" I asked, curious of her offer.

"Follow me, and you'll find out!" She began walking off, already expecting me to follow her.

I stood there for a second, wondering what she seemed to be subtly hyped up for. Nonetheless, I closed the door behind me and walked after her to discover what she was holding.

Twilight directed me inside her home, where I was able to see several columns of books standing upright or even a little tilted. The many stacks of tall books were evidence for the obvious holes in the shelves. But all of this really wasn't any surprise.

"We're here." I recalled. "So what was it you wanted my help on?"

Twilight shoved a book in my face, instantly greeting me with a picture of what appeared to be a tree of information. Afterwards, she placed a hoof on her chest to be playfully arrogant. "Since I'm the best L.S.B.F.F. and cousin-in-law ever, I wanted to do something special for you."

"Huh?" I inquired, feeling really calmly intrigued now.

"I know how you've always had questions and issues with you family…" Twilight began picking a few books thrown on the floor and stacked them neatly on the piles of books around us. "And then something clicked in my mind. Hey. How awesome would it be to do some genealogical research on your family history? I would be helping you and doing research!"

"Wow." I was stunned for a moment by her generosity, but I wasn't really excited to actually find anything on my family roots. "That was really nice of you Twilight…but I honestly don't think we'll really find anything… At least not what I already know…" I thought back on the princesses.

"Back in your dream…" Twilight began skimming through some books. "…when I found out that Night Terror was actually your dad… I mean… There has to be some reason he ended up with Luna, right? How did he ever end up being your father in the first place? I'm sure you'd love to know as well."

Staring at the floor, I thought about that. "Yeah…I guess that's true…"

"And the first step to know that is to figure who exactly he is." She placed a hoof on my shoulder to pull me back from any sadness I've might have been digging into. "He must have not been Night Terror at some point. I don't know what happened, but we're going to find out!"

"You think it's possible?" I asked, requesting for one bit of assurance.

"Anything's possible!" She exclaimed and then pointed out towards her books. "Especially with these!"

"Look at what we have here, Alex" She began singing brightly to me as she pointed one of her favorite sources of knowledge.

"Isn't it warming to see so much stunning information?

This is just another problem we two can fix

So, let's get started on this equation!"

Of course, with this, she was able to place a beam on my face. She spread out her wings and began flying around her stacks of books and shelves.

"So many books, but that's not the problem!

Just don't start from top to bottom!" She guided by pointing her hoof.

"Don't need to read every book

Just peek inside and take a look!" She grabbed one of the books and presented the words inside, quickly shutting it closed after to demonstrate her point.

"What you need is family reference" She presented an informative book relating to family growth.

"Not what you believe is a personal preference." She showed me another book dealing with heated discussions and thrown opinions but quickly tossed it to the side.

"You certainly got a hang on this, Twilight." I joined her, feeling a little safe as I was with the lovable bookworm. "I just hope we aren't here all night." I looked around a little worriedlysee the massive amount of books.

"Alex, you're talking to a library expert." She placed a foreleg around me and poked me in the chest.

"I practically don't even need to make an effort!" She moved on to the tallest section of her shelf, as if she was searching for a certain title.

"Searching high,

Searching low

Can you find it?" She turned her head towards me.

"I don't know." I shrugged in answer.

"There must be something," Twilight continued as she looked around with a hoof to her chin.

"Something that'll give us a clue."

Feeling doubt rise up again, I decided maybe to call off the whole.

"Twilight, face it." I tried to put it nicely.

"I appreciate your gesture,

But this isn't easy as a lecture." I began bringing a few points up.

"My family history is very vague

Only my mother would know anything that was made"

Twilight suddenly flew towards me, pressing her muzzle against mine in excitement.

"That's it! Let's ask her! She should know!"

"Are you absolutely sure?" I asked.

"Positive! Let's go!" Twilight grabbed a hold of my hoof and almost dragged me towards her bedroom.

Twilight began stuffing her saddlebag with pencils, note cards, notepads, and whatever else she felt she needed to take down notes about what we were apparently trying to figure out. I never did ask my mom more about my dad…but maybe it was because I didn't really want to know. Our whole business wasn't really finished yet. I kind of knew he was going to come back, and I didn't really want to keep being reminded of it. Nonetheless, Twilight seemed very enthusiastic of finding out the history behind him though. Maybe she felt it would make me feel better… Who knows…?

Twilight gasped sharply and shortly. "I forgot 'A Pony's Guide to Taking Notes' downstairs! Of course, I've already memorized everything in it, but you never know when it can still be useful!" Twilight shared that brief humorous comment with me and then turned to trot back downstairs. "Spike! Alex and I are going to be heading to Canterlot for a while! Can you watch the place for a bit?" I heard her shout as the volume of her voice decreased the further she was from me.

As I waited, I began lightly messing around with some things in her room. It wasn't until a voice lightly startled me inside.

"Alex." She spoke in a way she had never really greeted me before.

I turned to see her standing behind me looking very worried.

"Spirit? What's the matter?" I inquired about the expression on her face.

"You're not really going to Canterlot, are you?"

"Yeah… Why?" I responded, wondering why she was asking me this.

Spirit shook her head. "You can't go."

"What? Why not?" I was now concerned by her sudden behavior.

"You just can't. Please." She pleaded.

"Spirit. What's wrong with you?" I questioned her. "Why are you worried about me going?"

"Y-you can't go b-because…because you two will do your extensive research and for that research you'll talk to her and if you talk to her you might just find—" Spirit took a sharp breath after unusually responding so quickly, but she stopped herself from talking anymore after that.

I took a step closer to her, tilting my head in concern. "…Spirit?"

Spirit placed her hooves on my chest and looked up at me, continuing to plead greatly. "Please, Alex! You can't go! You just can't!"

I only stared at her with nothing really to make out of her sudden defensive stance. Before I could form anything to tell her, we suddenly heard another voice in the room.

"…who are you?" We both quickly looked at the stairway, which served as the exit and entrance to Twilight's bedroom. Twilight was standing there, looking directly at Spirit in question. Spirit immediately froze to the point where it looked like she stopped breathing. Twilight continued staring at Spirit questionably, walking towards her slowly. "…have I seen you before?" Spirit gasped and jerkily began walking backwards, also beginning to look left and right as if she was trying to find a hiding spot, despite it being too late already. "Wait a minute… I have seen you before!" She continued stepping towards Spirit, who fearfully stepped back. "You're that mare we saw in that comic book world! The one with the scarf and goggles. How'd you get in here? Where are you from? Who exactly are you?"

After being backed up to the wall, Spirit realized she had nowhere to go. She seemed to be panicking greatly inside. At that moment, my heart also was thumping and pounding. However, I didn't want to stand there doing nothing, but there was nothing I could actually really do. All I could muster up was calling Twilight's name.


As soon as Twilight turned to me, Spirit grunted and quickly ran past her with closed eyes. In a strong and fast gallop, she fled the room.

"Wait!" Twilight called out, but it seemed she had escaped. After a moment of silence, Twilight turned to me. "…did you know her?"

I looked at the floor, unsure of what to say. "…well…that's a bit difficult to answer…" Twilight raised a hoof as she continued waiting for what I had to say. I sighed heavily. "I guess it's no use holding it back…seeing as you saw her already." I paused for a moment to try to gather my thoughts. "I… I honestly don't know much about her Twilight. She…goes by the name Spirit, because she told me she didn't originally have one. Apparently…we knew each other since the time Nightmare Moon wanted to bask Equestria in eternal night. I can't really explain everything, as I've just been going along for the ride." I shrugged. "I don't really know what else to say. Even though she's mysterious…she's still a friend of mine…"

Twilight was silent for a moment. "…does anypony else know about her…?"

I shook my head. "No…and that's something you have to promise me…for her sake…"

"Huh?" She asked confusingly.

"You have to promise that you won't tell anypony else. Until she finds that it's alright." I shared seriously.


"Twilight…" I stated.

Twilight sighed lightly and nodded. "Okay… I promise."

I turned away to stare at her saddlebag on her bed. "Sorry for all the confusion… I wish I could give you the answers, but I don't know them myself either." I turned back to her. "If you want my honest word…you don't have to worry about what just happened. Like I said…I can't explain it…"

"Oh…" Twilight stared at the floor in silence as well, most likely confused but willing to trust me. "…so that mare…she's your friend?" I nodded. "…and you trust her?"

"Yeah…I do." I felt myself able to say without any hesitation.

"Hm." Twilight hummed for a moment. "Well, good enough for me." She returned to her bright and cheery self. "Come on, we better hurry if we want to make it to the next train to Canterlot."

"Oh…Okay…" I merely returned, surprised of Twilight's recovery from the scene.

Twilight grabbed her saddlebag and placed it on her. Then she turned towards me and gestured her head so I could follow her.

Twilight and I boarded the train to Canterlot and sat on a seat that kind of gave us privacy if we were to talk about more personal matters. Speaking of such manners, I couldn't help but have my mind remain on the scene back at the library. I began worrying greatly on how Spirit felt after that encounter. I even began wondering if she'd ever show up like that again.

"Hey, um…" Twilight began reaching out. "You still bothered about what happened a while ago?"

"Yeah…" I answered. "I kind of feel bummed for having you trust me when you really don't know much about it."

"What are best friends for?" She asked rhetorically with a smile.

I nodded, acknowledging that. "Let me just tell you right now. I know she isn't a bad pony. She's just…different… But not in a bad way. I just don't have enough information to assure it…"

"Well, if she acts the same way just like when we were in the comic book, I can get a good feeling on what you mean." She mentioned.

I managed to smile, feeling better when she realized that. "Yeah. That's probably the best way to express her at the moment." I then turned out the window, seeing the background travel further away from us. "For now, let's just get this research done and out of the—" I stopped, suddenly remembering how badly Spirit didn't want us to go on with this for some reason. I was conflicted whether I should truly call it off or just let things go on as planned.

"What's wrong?" Twilight asked me concerningly.

I shook my head lightly, trying to push those struggling thoughts out of my head. "It's nothing…" In fact, it wasn't nothing. But I couldn't involve Twilight with what Spirit was trying to tell me. Spirit was already mysterious and confusing to Twilight enough.

When the train wheels screeched and the train itself began halting to a stop, we took the liberty to stand up and began exiting when it was safe to do so. Standing in the city of Canterlot, we looked towards the direction of the castle of the two sisters.

"Oh, I hope they're not busy…" Twilight brought up and then suddenly gasped. "Maybe I should've have made an appointment first. Yes, an appointment would have given them time to prepare and we would have had a more organized schedule to follow so we could—"

I placed a hoof on her mouth to silence her. "It's fine. We'll just ask if they're available. If not, we can do this some other time. This isn't important, you know."

I released my hoof to allow her to talk. "Yeah…I guess… But still, I want to do this for you."

I turned my head forward and spoke lightly under my breath. "You really don't have to…"

Twilight and I walked up the steps to Canterlot Castle. With a bright grin, she was already using her magic to ready her saddlebag. However, I calmly stepped forward to the door and pushed it open. Inside, we looked around to see the area in a very…not lively state. Then again, it never was…I believe…

We continued heading towards the main throne area, wondering if one of the princesses might have been there. It was so silent, that all we heard along the way were the echoes of our hooves, especially the loud echo of the doors to the throne room. Once we were inside, the first thing we turned our heads at was the throne at the end of the room. However, there was no guards…no princess…nothing…

"Where are they…?" Twilight asked.

"…beats me…" I answered, studying every little piece of space visible.

"Well…if none of them are in here…they must be working somewhere." Twilight advised.

I turned around to face her. "Where do you expect to find them in a castle this huge? In fact, do you even think they're here in this castle? Or Canterlot?"

Twilight sighed. "I knew I should have sent them a letter…"

"I guess we can ask for help…" I walked past her and headed back out the doors. When Twilight caught up to my side, I slightly turned my head towards her. "Do you know where we can ask for some information?"

"Well…" Twilight rubbed her chin in thought. "There's usually an information booth near the entrance of the castle. But I don't even know if anypony's there, considering how we haven't seen anypony in the castle since we got here."

"Looks like that's pretty much the best place to start…" I mentioned, working my hooves towards the area Twilight was talking about.

I wasn't sure if we should have declared ourselves lucky when we found a pony focusing on a stack of papers at this booth. She wore glasses and held her mane in a bun. Hm. Nonetheless, we approached her, but she seemed too busy to even look at us. I didn't even know if she knew we were there until we called out.

"Excuse me?" I spoke.

"Yes?" She returned in a somewhat plain manner. It wasn't rude, but it wasn't lively either.

"Do you happen to know where we might find any of the princesses?" I asked.

Without turning her eyes away from her papers, she used the magic from her horn to grab several sheets of paper and placed them towards us, along with a spare pen. "Look over and sign the forms accordingly and then you may set an appointment time for your visit."

I took a glance over these papers and read such requests of information from me. Whoever was wanting this information, they apparently wanted to know what town I came from or if I resided locally in Canterlot. Along with wanting my personal information, there was also a need to know my medical conditions, reason for summoning, and a bunch of other stuff that might have been unnecessary…at least for us. "Um…I think this is a little unnecessary…we're just—"

"I'm sorry, but if you don't fill out those forms, you can't set up a time for an appointment." She answered, not allowing me to finish my sentence.

I shared a slightly offended look with Twilight.

Twilight stepped forward and offered her attempt. "Pardon me, but you see, we just wanted to—"

The pony in front of us lifted a hoof our way while continuing to focus on her work. "I'm sorry, ma'am, but I can't help you unless you fill out those forms."

I rolled my eyes and placed a hoof around Twilight to bring her with me out of the area. "Let's just try asking someone else…"

"Like who?" Twilight questioned. "She seemed to be the only pony there that seemed to know where the princesses might be."

"Apparently not enough…" I returned a little frankly. "We're not going to use all of our time to fill out a form just to get an appointment time. In that case, it'd be better just to return back home so you could send out a letter instead.

Twilight's face appeared to stress with worry about the thoughts going inside my head. "…do you want to go back?"

I studied her expression for a while and began feeling bad. I felt that I was getting irritated with what she was trying to do for me, and I didn't know why. I don't like to see her so negatively, especially if it's because of me. I shook my head and looked around us. "There has to be someone who can help us. If one of the princesses could just magically walk by us out of nowhere, that would be great…" I sighed. "Come on." I led her back in the way to venture further into the castle.

My feelings were unreadable on this goal we were trying to achieve, and I couldn't really explain it…or maybe it's because I didn't feel like I wanted to. In fact…I felt…off. I don't know… I didn't really feel willing for some reason. Ever since that event with Spirit and Twilight, I just began feeling so…not much of myself.

"I do wonder where everypony is at… You'd at least expect some guards here…" Twilight questionably mentioned as we continued walking down the long hallway.

I remained silent to that comment until we heard whistling from not too far away, catching our interest. Out from the fork in the hallway, a guard appeared while happily whistling to himself. Soon enough, he noticed us and proceeded to greet us warmly.

"Princess Twilight Sparkle! Prince Alexander!" He was quite alarmed of our presence. "What brings you two to Canterlot Castle?"

"We were just looking for Princess Celestia or Princess Luna." Twilight answered. "Do you have any idea of where they might be?"

The guard thought to himself for a moment, appearing to look back to see if he has any memory of the two. "I think I saw Princess Celestia heading into the Star Swirl the Bearded wing a while back… Want me to open it for you?"

"Yes, please!" Twilight exclaimed excitedly. "Thank you so much!"

"Sure thing, Princess Twilight!" He politely returned and then proceeded to escort us towards the wing.

Once there, he gladly opened it with his magic and left the door open for us. "Just lock it back up when you're done." He instructed.

"Of course! Thank you!" Twilight waved as he took his leave. "Alright. Let's see if she's in here!" She walked in, leading me along. The both of us continued to look around and through the bookshelves for any sign of Celestia, but I had a feeling she wasn't in here at all. It was too quiet… "Princess Celestia?" Twilight called and received no answer. We looked and poked around for a while before we came to a conclusion that she wasn't in here. Twilight sighed. "Looks like she isn't here…"

I shrugged and shook my head a little.

"Hello? Is anyone in here?" We heard another stallion's voice call out from the doorway. Twilight and I looked back and then headed towards the source of the sound to see who it was. It was another one of Princess Celestia's guards. Once we were visible to him, he was pretty surprised to see us as well. "Oh! It's you two." He gave a quick bow. "I thought some new recruit might have left this open for any pony to just come in."

"I don't suppose you know where the Princess is…do you?" Twilight questioned.

"The Princess?" The guard returned. "I think she said something about going out to get snacks."

"Snacks?" Twilight asked in a little puzzling matter.

"Yes, ma'am. She must have been pretty hungry."

Twilight looked at me, briefly shrugged, and then looked back at the guard. "Thanks for the information. We appreciate it."

"Of course. Are you two going to stay or be heading out?"

"We're going to look for the Princess outside the castle. Did she say where exactly she was going for snacks?" Twilight inquired.

"I'm not sure." The guard was unable to recall. "But you might want to check at that sweet shop close by. I'll go ahead and lock this up for you."

"Okay, thanks!" Twilight responded and we walked out of the wing to once again take the long walk out the castle.

Once we were outside, we began traveling in the Canterlot city to look for that place the guard was talking about. However, Twilight managed to notice how quiet I seemed I was unusually being, and she felt the need to question it. "What's wrong? You've been so quiet… Is…all this walking around bothering you…?"

"I…I just don't really feel like talking…" I was unable to explain the matter. "I don't know why… Let's just look for the Princess…"

"…okay…" Twilight answered uneasily and we continued to walk in silence until we reached the closest sweet shop near the location of the castle.

We walked inside to see it absolutely packed. Fortunately, it wasn't like overflowing or crowded, but there were no available tables at all apparently. Even Twilight felt like she had to point this out loud.

"Wow… Look at this place… It's full!" Twilight depicted her surprise of the sight. "I wonder why…"

I looked around for a moment. "It doesn't look like the Princess is here…otherwise, we'd be able to tell easily… It doesn't even feel like she's been here at all." I noticed a pony up at the counter who received orders. "I guess we can still ask…" I walked up to the counter while Twilight accompanied me. "Excuse me, did you happen to see Princess Celestia come by or something?" I asked the pony at the front.

"Princess Celestia?" The pony questioned with widened eyes. "Oh, no! I don't believe I have. And believe me, I would know if royalty stood before my eyes!"

Twilight and I just had to exchange a look with each other on that ironic remark. After we looked back at this pony, she was wondering why we were looking at her so weirdly. Then, she suddenly stretched out her eyes in panic. "Oh! It's you, Prince and Princess! Please, excuse me!" In order to attempt to apologize, she quickly began scrambling things together. "Can I get you anything?! Coffee? Sweets? Treats?! It's all on the house!"

"Uh, n-no…" I shook my head, feeling like we should get out as soon possible. "Thanks… We'll be going now…" I turned around and began heading to the exit with Twilight. "Come on… I don't think we should stay here any longer… I don't know how any other pony would react from our presence…" I explained to Twilight as we left out the front door. I walked with Twilight outside with my head held low in what I guessed was exhaustion. "Still no lead on any of the princesses… Everywhere we looked with their mention has been a total dud…"

"I don't suppose you have some spiritual or telepathic link to your mom, do you?" Twilight appeared to joke with a small smile.

"Hm." I merely returned, feeling no urge to laugh.

"You really seem not yourself today, Alex…" Twilight shared in concern. "Are you sure you don't want to just head back home…?"

"No…" I answered tiredly. "I don't know… Let's just go back to the castle…" I suggested, feeling no strength to continuously look for a princess.

Once we were back in the castle, I felt there was something we could do that would possibly better than to go around with no accurate lead to help.

"Maybe we can just wait in Princess Celestia's room instead." I offered. "She's bound to be there at some point during the day. I'd say it's a lot easier and less exhausting than looking around cluelessly in Canterlot.

"What if she never returns to her room? Like if she was in another town?" Twilight brought up.

I shrugged. "Then…I guess…we'll just try some other time…"

"Okay…" Twilight responded and remained silent afterwards.

Still seeing no guards in sight, we walked up to Princess Celestia's room and entered through.

"I just hope she gets here soon though…" I commented as I headed over to one of Tia's comfortable pillows to rest on. "I'm not sure if I can take another day like this…" I allowed myself to plop down at the ground, but the result wasn't as expected. Landing on the pillows was not as soft. In fact, I even heard a sound coming from beneath them.


I quickly stood up and turned around to see what had just happened.

To our great surprise, a long white horn shot out from beneath the pillows, along with a head with a flowy colorful mane. It certainly didn't take long for us to realize that we had finally found one of the ponies we were looking for.

"Princess Celestia…!" Twilight and I exclaimed in unison.

"Twilight…Alex…" She rubbed her eye softly, as if she had been sleeping. "What brings you here?"

"We've been looking all over for you!" Twilight answered. "We've been getting so much wrong information that we thought we'd never find you!"

Celestia managed to smile warmly at that statement she received from Twilight. "I've been here the whole time."

"Seriously?!" Twilight responded in complete surprise, not being able to believe how easy the search could have actually been. "But…what about the others here? The guards? Where is everyone?"

"Lunch hour." Princess Celestia answered briefly.

Twilight was frozen for a moment, unable to form any words to speak with.

"There was still somepony working at the information counter." I brought up, referring to the pony in the glasses and the mane bun.

"Oh her?" Princess Celestia replied. "She worries too much on working. Sometimes, I don't even know if she eats or if she eats while she works. I've tried to convince her in joining the others for a lunch break, but she says she has no time for such a thing."

"Huh…" I turned to Twilight who was slowly recovering from her paralysis. "Guess that explains why she didn't even bother looking at us and wanting us to fill out forms or something."

"Oh…that pony…" Princess Celestia shook her head in thought. "Maybe I need to give her a vacation sometime…that is…if she'll take it."

"Well…I guess that explains a lot…" I answered, crossing my foreleg over the other in somewhat relief that we managed to finish this search…hopefully.

"So, you two were looking for me? Was there something you needed?" She asked.

Finally recovering from her stunned expression, Twilight spoke up. "Well, actually, we wanted to speak with Princess Luna. But we were hoping we could at least find you, since you might know where she is."

"Luna…" Celestia repeated to herself. "I have to admit that I don't know where exactly she would be right now…but I would say the best place to look for her is in her room."

"Hm. Considering on how you were here the whole time, I would say so…" I answered to that.

"We'll leave you to your…um…nap." Twilight announced, ready to walk out of her quarters.

"Of course." Princess Celestia returned politely. "It was still nice receiving a visit from you two under such circumstances. I just wasn't expecting to have it on my break." She chuckled lightly.

"We'll let you get back to your rest then." I stated, also preparing to leave. "See you later, Tia." She waved with another lasting smile before we walked out the room and closed the door lightly behind her. I sighed in either relief or exhaustion. "Alright…let's just hope Celestia is right so we don't have to chase anypony down anymore…"

Twilight nodded and followed me to our next destination.

Standing in front of my mother's door, I raised a hoof and knocked lightly a few times. We waited there for a moment and glanced at each other for a second. "Mom?" I called out, but received no answer. My ears flopped slightly down as I spoke to myself. "Don't tell me…" I hesitantly opened the door to allow myself in. Once inside, I looked around to notice the room empty of anypony. I wanted to make absolutely sure, just to see if I might have missed her somehow, but of course, I received nothing. Standing in front of her pillow, I groaned out loud and allowed myself to fall flat on the pillow.

"I'm sorry, Alex…" Twilight apologized from behind. "Do you…want to stay or leave…?"

"I don't know…" I didn't feel like thinking about that decision. I just wanted to lay there on the pillow and just do nothing until I felt ready to do something. However, at that moment, I felt like a miracle just worked it's way to us when I heard another voice behind Twilight and me.

"Alex? Twilight?" I quickly pushed myself up from the pillow and turned around to see the pony we've been looking for this whole time FINALLY standing before us. I never knew how bucking hard it was to find such a pony. "What are you two doing here?"

"Mom!" I galloped towards her and immediately embraced her, mainly because I was just so relieved to be finished with our troublesome search.

"Alex…" She ran her hoof through my mane for a short moment. "What is the matter? Is everything alright?"

"Yes... Where have you been?" I asked, interested to know what she had been doing.

"Oh…" She seemed to be a little embarrassed over the next words she was about to speak out. "I was…a bit hungry…so I went out a little while ago to retrieve some snacks…" She lightly sheepishly held up a plastic bag that contained her treats. "Either way, I'm glad you two stopped by. I don't think I would have been able to eat these all by myself." She released a short smile as she stared into her bag. However, she returned her attention to me. "Was there something you needed?"

"It's just…well… I guess we wanted to ask you a few things for some research…" I glanced over to Twilight, who was finally setting down her saddlebag, along with the materials she brought to take down a few notes…or a lot.

"…research?" Luna asked a little curiously.

"Genealogical to be exact." Twilight answered delightfully. "If you don't mind."

"Well…" Luna looked back a little worriedly. "What is it that you want to know?"

"I wanted to know more about Alex's family history… I also thought he'd really like to know as well. So…since we already know a good amount of your side, you know, the royal family, I was wondering if you knew anything about Alex's father's side?"

"I don't even know his name…" I shook my head in thought. "I mean…he wasn't always Night Terror, right?"

"His name…?" Luna repeated. She seemed to stare downwards in worried thought as she set the bag away.

"Mom…?" I called out in concern for her.

"…" She returned silence for a moment, leaving us in suspense on what was going through her head. "I'm sorry… I don't believe…I remember."

"You don't remember?" Twilight questioned. "Didn't my memory spell work?"

"Indeed, it did." My mother answered. "But your memory spell can only go so far." She walked towards the fireplace and lit it up, dimming the lights around us so we were more in her atmosphere. "It has been…many years since I've actually last called him by his name… I don't even know if the only time I called him by his name was before being banished to the moon. Even then…" She paused for a moment, placing a careful hoof to her slightly aching head. "When…I first succumbed to Nightmare Moon…it certainly did mess with my memory… I am still able to remember certain things in the past…but his name is unfortunately one of those few things I cannot easily remember…"

"Oh…" Twilight answered a little gloomily, seeing as she probably wasn't going to get anything for her research after all.

"However…" Luna included, stopping Twilight from putting back her note-taking materials. "There is certainly something I remember…back on the moon… But…" She stared at the floor in silence again and then faced over to me. "It is something…that I wasn't and am still not sure you should know."

"What do you mean…?" I stepped towards her, anxious to hear whatever news she held. "Is it…something bad?"

"Not necessarily…" She shook her head lightly. "But…it may change the way you think of your father… I understand how sensitive you are to family…and…I just didn't know if you'd be able to hear this information I hold."

"Well…I mean…he's not instinctively and naturally evil like he was at that time we faced him, right?"

"No." She shook her head calmly.

"Well, what exactly could make me think any differently or less of him?"

"…It's about your relation with him…"

I was surprised for a moment there, beginning to wonder greatly on what she meant by this. "Huh…?"

Luna faced the fireplace and stood there in uneasy silence. "I'm not sure…if keeping it away from you is the right thing to do…but I believe you have a right to know, and if you ever so wish so, I understand and will explain to you."

I glanced over to Twilight, who sent me another worried/concerning look about what Luna was talking about. This appeared to be a private manner to speak in depth with, but since Twilight was a part of my family in many ways, I didn't mind her staying to hear this. "I think…you can tell me, mom. It's probably best for us to stay honest with each other than to keep things hidden. Otherwise, it's not so healthy either way…"

Luna nodded softly and then turned to face us. "Then gather around, my children."

Twilight and I walked closer to her, sitting down afterwards. Most likely to ease any nerves, she retrieved her bag of treats and offered us whatever was inside as she placed it in the middle of our small circle. As we eagerly and anxiously waited for what she had to say, she took a deep breath and exhaled it out slowly.

"You see…Alex…" She stopped herself and thought for a moment. "I'm not sure what is the best way to say this…" She tapped her hoof on her head to prove her struggle with her thoughts. "Don't be alarmed when I say this, son, but…your father…may not exactly be…your biological father…or at least one you've been thinking of for this past time."

"W…what do you mean?" I was starting to feel a little worried…worried at the thought that something might have actually gone wrong in our family.

"I…I was conceived with you…a little differently… I'm not sure if your father really had anything to do with it." She rubbed her hoof against the floor, continuing to devise a route for her words to flow easily out of her mouth. "It was unexpected… I had no idea what happened… But… After your father used his magic to somehow…seep most of the darkness out from me, I soon began feeling…a little ill. Many days after, I believe… I don't know. It's terribly hard to keep track of time when you're imprisoned on the moon." I continued to listen intently while Twilight decided to keep her interest strong but take a piece of candy from Luna's bag. "These symptoms I was undergoing…were strange. I was afraid that your father's work might have actually made things worse, and that I might become an even worse pony than Nightmare Moon. I told him about what I was feeling, and he felt he could look into it to the best of his magic and knowledge. He was no doctor…but he asked me if I had ever been with a stallion before being banished to the moon. I found it a bit odd, but answered him honestly nevertheless. I hadn't. He told me…he believed I was going through the symptoms of pregnancy. I was truly shocked. I couldn't believe it at first and actually believed he might have read something wrong. I wouldn't blame him. He wasn't specialized for such work. Sometime later, the symptoms became more obvious. He used some kind of magic that allowed him to read somewhat inside me. It was very limited…but I remember him stating that there was…life…inside me. I can't remember what he specifically said…but it was along those lines. He sensed…a pulse inside me. I still had a hard time believing what he said was true… Of course… I was proven wrong when you began growing inside me." She chuckled lightly. "By all means…I still loved your father for what he did for me… And…I'm sure he loved me back since he was brave enough to take in most of the corrupting darkness inside me. If he hadn't done that, I'm sure you might have not been able to sit here as you are now. As strange as it was of your surprise inside me, that's why I consider him your father." Luna caressed my cheek, even though I didn't really take any time to form facial expressions after hearing her story. "However, I hope you don't think that you weren't meant to be born. All in all, you are my son. I gave birth to you, so I can assure you that I'm truly your biological mother, and I love you very dearly. I'm just worried that…you might have…different feelings about your father, since he didn't exactly…you know…"

"N…no…I get what you mean…" I thought about it for a moment… But after that moment to myself, I honestly…wasn't really affected as she thought I might have been. "To tell you the truth, mom… I'm…not really bothered by it actually. I think…it's probably because…" I laughed a little when referring to my memory. "The only time I actually got to interact with him was when he was possessed by that dark power. However, if it had been you, then maybe I'd feel upset by it. I might have not been accompanied by you since the time I was born to now, but I still feel we share a close relationship. And having that close relationship, if I found out that you weren't actually my true real mother, I'd be really disturbed by it. But since I never actually spent time with my…dad… It's not so troubling."

"Do you…still see him now the way you saw him previously before this conversation?" She asked as she started intently in my eyes.

I shrugged lightly, not to seem disrespectful or anything, but to show that it didn't leave much of an imprint. "Sure. I just have to be honest because since I've never really actually spent time with him, I don't have much of an opinion of him. But since you believe he was the reason I was able to live life, I think he's pretty important." I managed to share a small stretched smiled.

Luna was able to push aside her worry and pull me in for another embrace. "I am glad." She held me earnestly.

"Wow…" Twilight managed to express. I had actually almost forgotten she was with us. "That's certainly…some story."

"Yeah…" I rubbed my head a little in slight embarrassment. "I guess I'm just…a little weird."

Twilight smirked tenderly and playfully nudged me. "You're not weird. You're unique." I was now able to feel myself regain my happiness. "But I'm really curious though. If you don't technically have two biological parents, by what I understand from Luna, then…how exactly were you…" Twilight appeared to be trying to formulate a hypothesis in her mind.

"I'm sure his father would be the best pony to turn to in this case…but unfortunately…" Luna stopped there, as she didn't really want think about the condition he was now in.

"I guess that's enough news for one day anyway." I managed to present a soft smile to them. "Maybe we can find that out some other day."

"Hm." Twilight smiled delicately as well, beginning to put away her notepad and pencils which she barely touched at all during the talk. "I guess things didn't go out as expected. Here, I thought we were going to get more into your father's side of the family but…" She merely shrugged and closed her saddlebag holding her items.

"I sincerely hope that that isn't all what you two came here for." Princess Luna seemed to share teasingly, looking towards her bag of treats. "I still have plenty of sweets that I won't be able to finish on my own. Besides…" She glanced over to Twilight. "I'd like to interact more with my niece-in-law who my son is so fond of."

Twilight sent me a funny look, which led me to returning rolled eyes and a slight flush in my face.

"…even though it's official that we're cousin-in-laws, I still don't think that matches for what we have as L.S.B.F.F. and B.B.B.F.F." Twilight explained, grinning brightly after.

"Um…" Luna sat puzzled, pausing from the confusion. "What you have as what again?"

"Little Sister Best Friend Forever and Big Brother Best Friend Forever." I explained with a soft yet humble smile at her.

"Yep." Twilight acknowledged pulling me up close to her side. "Even though we originally met as friends, we're close as family."

"So, shall I begin acknowledging you as my daughter as well?" My mother teased.

"Only if you don't mind one that has her face stuffed in books every day." Twilight shot back to the tease, leading for her and Luna to have one good moment of laughter. I joined in a little, chuckling along with them, but not as loud as they were being. However, they surprised me when they suddenly turned to face me and their expressions became the opposite they originally were. "Whoa, Alex…! Are you okay?"

"Yeah?" I answered, wondering why she'd ask that all of a sudden. "Why?"

"You're crying…" Twilight pointed towards my left eye. I raised a hoof towards my eye to see what she was talking about. I felt a small stream of dampness left under my eye. I looked at my hoof and was once again surprised to see this happening a second time. "Is…everything alright…?"

"Yeah…" I returned, almost speechless. "I…I don't know why that came out…"

"Did something get in your eye?" Twilight asked.

"I…don't think so…" I rubbed it a bit. "I don't know."

"Perhaps you two should return to Ponyville. It'll be time to prepare to raise the moon soon anyway. I've enjoyed you company here with me." Luna took the liberty to even bow shortly for us, most likely to express how much she appreciated it.

"Of course." Twilight bowed as well. "We feel the same way. It's been nice talking to you, Princess Luna. We'll see you again soon." Twilight turned to face me. "We better go catch the next train."

"Okay." I nodded. "Go on ahead. I'm just going to say bye to my mom."

Twilight understood and began lightly trotting out the door.

I walked towards my mother and lightly embraced her for our goodbye. "I'll see you around, mom. Perhaps in my dreams." I smiled warmly and then began to pull away to start walking after Twilight.

"That reminds me…" Luna suddenly spoke, ceasing me in my tracks. "Have you been…sleeping alright?" She asked.

"Yeah…" I answered, pondering of where she got that question from. "Why?"

"I've…tried to visit you in your dreams…but recently…it seems you've been resting in a deep sleep."

"Deep…sleep?" I questioned.

"Yes… It's not necessarily bad…but…it's a bit strange. I haven't really allowed myself to visit you in your dreams because I don't want to somehow hurt you from doing so. Being in a deep sleep makes you a little…more sensitive, for lack of a better word."

"Oh…" I looked towards the floor in intrigued, but also a little worried, thought. "I see…" I began remembering about dreaming of Spirit and felt that she possibly had something to do with it. After all, it might lead to explain how she's appearing in my dreams, as well as in real life.

"Do not worry too much into it, Alex." Luna assured. "I will keep a strong and caring eye on you. Shall anything become too dangerous, I will be sure to let you know."

"Okay…" I nodded lightly. "I'll…see you sometime then."

"Of course. Have a good evening, son."

"You too, mom."

With that, I turned and began walking out the room, wondering if Twilight was still within range to catch up on.

Twilight and I boarded the train back to Ponyville, catching a seat together as last time.

"Sorry you had to carry all that stuff for pretty much nothing." I apologized.

"It's okay." Twilight measly shrugged off. "I'm kind of used to it anyway. Besides, I learned so much about you today."

"Oh really…?" I returned with a playfully raised eyebrow.

"I can't get over it. By what Luna was talking about it, it seems you were born with her alone. I've never met anypony that had anything to do with that. In fact, I don't even know if it's possible!"

"Well…" I didn't really think much of it. "You are talking to a pony that apparently has an element inside him."

"Aren't you wondering about that just as much as I am? About how you were born?" She seemed surprised that I wasn't taking it as seriously.

"No. Not really. I don't know." I looked at the floor of the train while lightly swinging my back legs. "I mean… It's not that I don't care, it's just…whatever. I don't know if that's a wrong way to go about it though… I'm just kind of…focusing that I'm here now."

"Geez. Maybe you are a little weird." Twilight smirked, giving away her usual sign of teasing.

"Since when was I never not?" I added in, sparking a small laughter between the two of us.

However, shortly afterwards, she gasped lightly. "Ugh. Since I've never heard such a case…I'm starting to wonder about something else too."


"If only Luna's genes apparently carried over to you…does that mean…" She motioned her hooves along with her statement. "Are you…um…actually a mare?"

I was startled by this question. "What?! Pfft. No."

"It's just that…you were born from only a female…so there would be no male to…"

"I think there are some pretty obvious things about me that allow you to plainly see how I'm a stallion, even if your science can't explain it." I stated pretty bluntly.

Twilight blushed lightly and slightly looked away, admitting to the fact. "Yeah. I guess you're right."

I offered a half-stretched smile and softly nudged her. "Don't take this too seriously though. Everything's been fine before we knew any of this. You don't have to raise so many questions about me."

"Aw. I was just about to start thinking of a few tests I could run on you." She expressed jokingly.

After a short chuckle, I yawned lightly and stretched out my forelegs behind me. "I'm ready for home."

After we walked off the train and entered our beloved town, we were soon surprisingly accompanied by Pinkie Pie and Applejack.

"Twilight! Alex! We just had the most amazing super-fun adventure ever!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed out loud, hopping excitedly.

"I honestly doubt that was the uh… 'most amazing super-fun adventure ever'… but it certainly was something." Applejack somewhat agreed.

"We have to tell you all about it!" Pinkie practically screamed.

"Okay, okay." Twilight motioned with her hoof in an attempt to calm Pinkie Pie down. "Let's get to the library. I have to put all the stuff I have with me away."

Once we arrived there, Pinkie immediately began endlessly talking about her day with Applejack and their search for reinforcement of their apparent discovery, all while Twilight managed to listen while also focusing on placing away her things in an organized manner. Since Pinkie Pie talked blazingly fast, she was actually able to go through the story fairly quick.

"…and then we jumped on the wagon, and then we sung all the way back home, and now we're back, and now we're talking to you, and now I'm finished with this story!" She laughed out loud, falling to the floor and waving her hooves rapidly in the air.

"Wow. That's certainly a story, Pinkie." Twilight reacted, placing her full attention towards the hyper pink pony on the ground after she had finished her task.

"We were thinking about putting that in the journal." Applejack pointed out. "Seems like it'd be a mighty good read for later on, heh."

"I agree." Twilight nodded her head enthusiastically. She turned to retrieve the journal with her magic and place it in Applejack's hooves as Pinkie Pie quickly recovered to join her. "If it's about family, you're definitely going to want to write that down there."

"Gee, thanks, Twilight!" Applejack stood up, beginning to leave with Pinkie. "See y'all later!" She waved towards us.

After waving back and seeing them walk out the library, Twilight and I looked at each other.

"Hey, do you want to stay for a bit?" Twilight offered. "We can practice spells, if you want. I know we haven't done that in a while, and there are probably still a few things I can teach you."

"Hmm, yeah, sure." I accepted.

"Great!" Twilight clapped her hooves together as she beamed in soft excitement. Then, she turned around and headed towards her shelves to analyze book titles. "Let's get going! Lemme just find a few certain books and we'll get straight to work!"

"Understood, chief." I acknowledged as I walked after her.

We didn't spend too long practicing magic, as it wasn't too long before the moon was raised and it was night time.

"Are you thinking about heading to bed?" Twilight asked me after noticing me yawn more immensely.

"Yeah… I guess so…" I decided, seeing I could use some rest after the tiring and walking around Canterlot day we had. "Even if I had to rummage through parts of Canterlot looking for a princess, I'm glad at least it was with you."

"Oh, you." Twilight reacted, almost brushing it off. "You don't have to kiss flank."

"Okay." I shrugged and held my hooves up, following along. "I guess you want me to lie to you then?"

Twilight rolled her eyes and brought me in for a warm hug.

"See you tomorrow, B.B.B.F.F., cousin-in-law, and friend for life." She expressed meaningfully.

I chuckled a little, but took it to heart as well. "Yeah, see you…everything you said."

Twilight giggled and lightly shoved me. "Go get your sleep."

I did as Twilight told me and headed home afterwards. When I reached my bed, I was quite eager to head to sleep, as the last time I had seen Spirit was from the scene earlier. In fact, the more I thought about her, the more I wanted to see her, especially from how anxious she was about Twilight and I doing our research…if there was any research…

Either way, I just hoped she was okay.

When I walked onto the balcony, I looked around for the sight of her. Usually, she would be directly in front of me, but she wasn't. I didn't see her anywhere at all actually. I wondered if she was running late. Despite that, I walked towards the edge of the balcony and allowed my back legs to hang out freely. I didn't believe I ever had sat out here on my own. It was still peaceful, but it could have never been better than spending it with Spirit. However, I allowed time to fly as I closed my eyes and took in the fresh breeze.

"Hm. You're early…" I heard behind me in a tender tone.

I looked back and noticed Spirit walking towards me. She was smiling lightly, but it wasn't her usual bright gleam. I sent her back another smile, possibly just a bit happier than hers. "No, you're just late." I teased.

"So I am." She acknowledged and sat down next to me calmly.

"How have you've been?" I questioned, continuing to try to peek in her eyes while she was facing towards the ground.

"Okay." She replied briefly.

"Twilight isn't going to tell anyone." I assured, feeling that that may have been the problem. "You can trust her."

"Hm." She softly expressed.

"You don't look alright…" I commented, seeing her mood remain.

"I guess I'm a little sad…" She responded.

"Oh…" I looked away, wondering what to say to that. "…do you need a hug?"

This finally caused some change. Her frown automatically lifted upwards in a subtle motion. "Maybe."

I placed a foreleg around her and held on to her for some time. After pulling away, I smirked lightly and decided to increase the mood even more with a joke. "If you want anymore, you better have some ice cream for me."

Spirit giggled softly and pulled out a couple of ice cream bars. After she gave one to me, we both smiled at each other and then looked out to the sunset.

"Guess I'm not going crazy after all." I commented after remembering the memory from this morning.

"Huh?" Spirit looked over to me in a slightly puzzled manner.

"Somepony else was able to see you. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to sound like I'm giving off a bad vibe. It's just…kind of relieving to know that you're really real, you know?"

"…right." She faced back at the ground.

"Come on…" I turned to her and nudged her a little. "Don't let your ice cream melt." I referenced as an attempt to hopefully cheer her up.

"Yeah. Yeah." She managed to smile and continued biting into her treat.

Smiling lightly after taking another piece of the cool but very sweet and soft ice cube, I decided I could humor her a little.

"Hey. Why is six afraid of seven?"

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