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A New Hero - Alex The Lone Wolf

What if there was another pony who joined the pony gang? (Look at longer description...)

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Suited For Success

Episode 14 – Suited For Success

After having a well rested sleep, I scooted out of bed and walked to the outside of my home. I noticed Applejack and Twilight walking past my house. They both noticed and greeted me.

"Oh, hey there, Alex!" Twilight called.

"Howdy!" Applejack greeted.

"Hey, where are you two going?" I asked.

"We're just going over to Rarity's." Twilight replied. "I was going to ask her if she could fix up a button on my dress for the Grand Galloping Gala." She had a saddle bag on her back, which most likely contained the dress.

"I see." I responded.

"You should come with us!" Applejack exclaimed.

"Um, sure okay." I accepted the invitation.

We walked over to Rarity's dress shop, where Applejack pushed open the door.

"Howdy, Rarity!" Applejack shouted.

"Shh..." Twilight shushed. "Can't you see Rarity is trying to concentrate?"

Rarity was designing a dress on a mannequin pony. She was busy doing the stitching on the dress.

"What do you think she's makin'?" Applejack whispered.

"Looks like a dress." Twilight whispered back.

I noticed the Rarity could still hear the other ponies and was beginning to feel irritated.

"Well, that makes sense. Since this is a dressmaker's shop and all." Applejack responded.

Rarity grumbled and looked back with a forced smile on her face. "Is there something I can help you with?" She asked. I noticed she was wearing red glasses I had never seen her wear before.

"Oh, so very sorry to trouble you, Rarity, but I need a quick favor." She pulled out the dress from her bag and placed it on the table. "Could you please fix the button for me? It's my dress for the Grand Galloping Gala."

Rarity gasped after analyzing the dress. "Oh, no, no, no! You can't wear this... old thing. You need a glamorous new outfit for the Gala and I'll make it for you. No problem at all. It will be my pleasure!" Rarity offered cheerfully.

"Oh, that's really sweet of you to offer, Rarity, but I can't let you do that. It would be so much work. This dress is fine."

"Twilight Sparkle. I insist on making you a new dress." Rarity demanded in a sort of a polite way.


"Not another word! I won't take no for an answer." Rarity shook her hoof.

"Well, in that case... Thank you for your generosity, Rarity. Knowing your handiwork, I'm sure it will be absolutely beautiful."

Rarity looked over to Applejack and observed her. "Let me guess, Applejack. You don't want a new gown either."

"Gown?" Applejack questioned. "Shoot. I was just gonna wear my old work duds."

"You can't possibly be serious, Applejack! You absolutely must wear formal attire."

"Hm..." Applejack thought as she placed a hoof to her chin. "Nah."

"What if I just spruce up your... duds for you a little bit?" Rarity offered.

"Okay, sure. Why not? Since you're up for it and all. Just don't make them too... froufrou-y."

"Deal! And you, Alex?" Rarity asked.

"Me?" I questioned.

"Yes, are you taking any formal attire to the Grand Galloping Gala? A tux, maybe?"

"Um…" I looked around with my eyes. "I don't have a tux…"

Rarity gasped. "Oh! Then I must make one for you!"

I shook my head. "I don't want to put more than enough in your mind, Rarity."

"Oh, please. I can make one faster than Rainbow Dash can move a cloud!"

"Well… if you say so—

"LOOK OUT BELOW!" Rainbow Dash crashed through the ceiling and bounced into Rarity's designs. "Sorry. New trick. Didn't quite work." She apologized.

Rarity observed Rainbow Dash as she was in the pile of clothes with a bucket on her head. "Idea! I'll make you an outfit for the Gala too, Rainbow Dash."

Rainbow Dash looked around, confused. "Outfit for the what now?"

"I'll make one for you and you and all of you. Oh! And of course Pinkie and Fluttershy too. Oh, and when I'm done, we can hold our very own fashion show!" She exclaimed, but then looked over at me. "Well, excluding Alex from presenting at the show, of course." She chuckled.

"What a great idea! If you're sure you can handle it." Twilight encouraged.

"Oh, it'll be a little bit of work, but it will be a wonderful boost for my business. Plus, fun!" She grabbed cloths from her shelf, excitedly.

"Oh, I love fun things!" Rainbow Dash responded, still in the pile of clothes.

"Then it's settled. We'll have a fashion show starring us!" Rarity announced as she already began to get to work on a new design. Every pony cheered.

Applejack walked over to Rarity as she started clipping pieces of the fabric. "So all you have to do is make a different, stunning, original, amazing outfit for one, two, three, four, five, six... plus yourself, seven ponies? And lickety split?"

"Oh, Applejack." Rarity laughed. "You make it sound as if it's going to be hard."

"Oh… well alright then. I'll guess we'll check up on our outfits later!" Applejack replied.

Every pony, even Rainbow Dash who managed to free herself from the tangle of the clothes, left the shop, repeating their thanks. I stayed behind.

"Rarity… I know you think this isn't going to be hard… but… I would really like to help you." I offered.

"Oh, no no no. It's quite alright. As Applejack said, I can do this… 'lickety split'." She tried saying Applejack's quote, but had a hard time saying "lickety split".

"I'm truly grateful and appreciate you doing this for all of the ponies… including me. I insist I help." I replied, demanding politely.

"Oh, Alex… well… if you insist…"

Rarity began sewing a dress with her sewing machine.

"Thread by thread, stitching it together…"

Rarity sang as she used her magic to direct fabric all along the room. I was rushing all over the room, grabbing scissors, pencils, needles, anything needed to help Rarity, although I stumbled by carrying all the items together as it wobbled, almost falling off. I gave Rarity the scissors, which she used to cut more fabric.

"Twilight's dress, cutting out the pattern snip by snip

Making sure the fabric folds nicely

It's the perfect color and so hip

Always gotta keep in mind my pacing

Making sure the clothes' correctly facing

I'm stitching Twilight's dress." She continued singing as she stitched Twilight's dress, obviously. She used her magic to grab some more rolls of fabric her pet was lying on top of. I walked over and grabbed the rest and held them near Rarity.

"Yard by yard, fussing on the details

Jewel neckline, don't you know a stitch in time saves nine?" She was designing another dress for what looked like to be Applejack's.

"Make her something perfect to inspire

Even though she hates formal attire…" My eyes formed the emotion in my thoughts. Yep… definitely Applejack's.

"Gotta mind those intimate details

Even though she's more concerned with sales

It's Applejack's new dress."

She walked over to the design papers on the wall and began drawing colors to other dresses she was going to create.

"Dressmaking's easy, for Pinkie Pie something pink

Fluttershy something breezy

Blend color and form,"

She looked over to her pet, Opalescence.

"Do you think it looks cheesy?"

Her pet gave a useless meow.

"Something brash, perhaps quite fetching…" She looked over to Rainbow Dash's fabric… which was a rainbow…

"Hook and eye, couldn't you just simply die?

Making sure it fits forelock and crest

Don't forget some magic in the dress

Even though it rides high on the flank

Rainbow won't look like a tank

I'm stitching Rainbow's dress"

She sang as she finished Rainbow Dash's dress with details and the fabric.

Piece by piece, snip by snip

Croup, dock, haunch, shoulders, hip

Thread by thread, primmed and pressed

Yard by yard, never stressed

And that's the Art of the Dress!" She finalized as she had finally completed every single one of the girl's dress, including my tux.

"Wow… Rarity" I responded in awe, releasing all the other materials and tools both my hooves were holding and walked over to each dress. "You really did an amazing job with such speed!"

"Why, thank you Alex!" She bowed gracefully. "How do you like your new tux?" She asked.

I walked over to the tux with my mouth slightly agape. I admired the tux's white collar and black necktie. However the rest of the suit was black, having long sleeves with a gold button on each end. I could only continue gazing at the well crafted creation of courteous Rarity.

"Well…?" Rarity asked again.

"It's…" I could hardly speak, stricken by the amazement of the tuxedo. "It's… amazing…I've never seen anything like it…"

"Really?" exclaimed Rarity. "Oh, thank you!" She squealed. "I've got to get the others!" She began running to the outside of the shop but then stopped and glanced back at me. "Thanks for helping, Alex. I appreciate it."

"No problem at all…" I responded. "Especially, after you made me this…"

"Oh, please." Rarity flipped her hoof and giggled. She continued to run outside to fetch the others.

As I waited, I ran my hoof along the soft silk of the suit, identifying each and every perfection Rarity created. Really… it was really nice of her to do this for me… is that what friends really do?

In a short amount of time, as I continued to admire the tux, Rarity came in, walking excitedly backwards, leading the girls to their new dresses. "That's it. Keep them closed." Rarity directed as she brought them in with Fluttershy at the beginning of the line, smiling with her eyes closed. Pinkie Pie was right behind her, hopping excitedly with her eyes closed as well. "Don't look…" Every pony was standing at a line, with their eyes closed. All of them were smiling excitedly. "Okay, you can look now!" All of them gasped as they noticed their new dresses. "These are your new outfits. What do you think of your old duds now, Applejack? Pretty swanky, are they not? And Twilight! I made this dress for you and I designed each outfit theme to perfectly reflect each pony's unique personality. Oh, it took me forever to get the colors right on this one, Rainbow Dash, but I did it. Oh, and it turned out BEAUTIFUL, don't you think? Ooo, and I know you are going to love yours, Fluttershy. It just sings spring! And Pinkie Pie, look! Pink! Your favorite! Aren't they all amazing? "Rarity announced each dress's details very excitedly as she awaited the instant approval from her friends. However… by the look on their faces… they didn't look very much intrigued…

There was a silence so deep, that I could hear every pony's eyes blink, especially Rarity who kept smiling excitedly.

"Wow... They're..." Twilight didn't know what to say.

"Yeah, they're..." Rainbow Dash tried to assist.

"They sure are... sumth'n." Applejack added.

"Yes!" Twilight pointed out. "Something."

"I love something! Something is my favorite!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed.

"It's... nice." Fluttershy commented… but she held her ears and head down as if she looked disappointed.

I was confused by all the girls. Did they not like their new dresses? I'm not a fashion designer, or a filly… but I thought the dresses looked amazing.

"But what's the matter? Don't you like them?" Rarity asked my question, worried.

"They're very nice..." Twilight struggled.

"And we're plum grateful cause you worked so hard on them." Applejack added.

Rainbow Dash had a bored expression on her face and offered her own opinion. "Mine's just not as cool as I was imagining." Twilight and Applejack gave her evil glares. "She asked."

Rarity's expression had now completely changed than when she had came into the room, eagerly awaiting their opinions.

I stepped in front of them and looked at them with a disappointed expression on my face. "You girls don't like them…? They look really amazing…"

All of them struggled for a moment, trying to think of the right words to say.

"No, we do like them… it's just that…" She paused for a moment. "I guess what we're all saying is that they're just not what we had in mind." Twilight informed. There were a collective of "yeah"s.

What did they mean by that? I thought the dresses were perfect… how much more could have been done to make them to as how the other ponies wanted? After I analyzed the expression on Rarity's face, I instantly felt really bad for her… even frowning like she was.

"That's okay." Rarity picked herself up. "Not a problem. There's plenty more where that came from. They were only a first pass. You're my friends and I want you to be 110% satisfied. Not to worry, I'll redo them."

"Oh, Rarity. You don't have to do that. They're fine." Fluttershy tried to reason.

"I want them to be better that just fine." Rarity explained as she began her redoing process. "I want you to think they're absolutely perfect."

"Are you sure? I mean, we wouldn't wanna impose." Applejack asked.

Rarity laughed. "Oh, it's no imposition. Really, I insist."

"Well, in that case... Thank you again, Rarity." Twilight thanked as she and the other ponies began leaving the room.

Rarity laughed nervously. As soon as the door closed, she looked at the ground, sadly. "What have I gotten myself into?"

"Rarity?" I asked as I took a step forward to her. She turned and looked at me, gloomy. " I don't know what the other ponies… had in mind… I thought they were perfect…"

"Oh, thank you Alex… but I really want them to be excited about their dresses… it's not good if they aren't happy with their dresses."

"I see but… you already spent so much time with first set of dresses… won't it be too much to work on the second set?"

Rarity shrugged, but then managed to pull out a smile. "Do not worry about me, Alex. I'll be fine."

"I'll help. I couldn't leave, knowing that you'll be alone working on the dresses all over again."

"Well, that's really nice of you, Alex…" She removed her fake, forced smile and replaced it while a real light one.

I thought about talking Rarity into talking to the girls to leave the dresses as they were… I mean… I know the girls looked disappointed with the dresses, but it would be too much work for Rarity… but then I thought once more… maybe it'll be a few touch ups? Nothing too much… just a little more and they'll be thrilled?

We spent another amount of time, redoing Fluttershy's dress. To be honest, I couldn't help Rarity with much as I didn't know how to design dresses, stitch perfect like Rarity, and do many other things that Rarity could. The only thing I could really do was fetch her more fabric or hold her pins and needles and other things. I really attempted my best to aid her in her time of need, but I wasn't really effective; by the time she was done with Fluttershy's dress, her mane was not puffed up as it was before. Instead, it looked as if it had been sucked up of all life.

"Hello? You wanted to see me, Rarity?" Fluttershy walked in as Rarity was sewing another piece of fabric. I was carrying several rolls of material and placing them back on the shelf.

"Fluttershy! Your new-new gown's ready. I completely revised it and I know you're going to love it." Rarity exclaimed as she escorted Fluttershy somewhere else to place on her dress. I looked back with my eyes and desperately hoped that Rarity wouldn't feel disappointed again. I could tell how much she was already overwhelmed even though she kept a confident and determined expression her face.

I walked over to the storage room to return some items and grab new ones Rarity needed. When I came back to her work place, she was already working like crazy.

"Rarity? What happened with Fluttershy?" I asked.

"She…" She paused. "She liked it…"

"Liked it…?"

"I want her to love it."


However, Rarity was already focused and concentrated on her work, so I decided not to bug her as I placed the items on her desk.

In no time, Twilight was directing Rarity as she continued to design as Twilight asked.

"Now, the stars on my belt need to be technically accurate. Orion has three stars on his belt, not four."

"Stitch by stitch, stitching it together…" Rarity sang, in hopes to increase her production.

"Deadline looms, don't you know the client's always right?

Even if my fabric choice was perfect

Got to get them all done by tonight"

Pinkie Pie had came over and picked a green fabric.

"Pinkie Pie, the color's too obtrusive

Wait until you see it in the light" Rarity opened the curtains.

"I'm sewing them together!"

Pinkie Pie responded. "Don't you think my gown would be more 'me' with some lollipops?"

"Well, I think..." Rarity tried to reason.



"DO IT!"

After Pinkie Pie left Rarity to finish her work, I quickly walked up to her and tried to reason her to rest. "Rarity, I really think you should take a break… why don't you hold off making the dresses? The Grand Galloping Gala is still a while away…"

"Oh no, what about the fashion show? I wanted to have it tonight." Rarity responded, very tired.

"Just reschedule it for another day, you really need to get some rest."

"No…I…I can't… I must finish the dresses for the girls…"

"But, Rarity!—

However, she continued to work in another room, leaving me to exhale a very depressing and heavy sigh.

"Hour by hour, one more change

I'm sewing them together, take great pains

Fluttershy, you're putting me in a bind

Rainbow Dash, what is on your mind?

Oh my gosh, there's simply not much time

Don't forget, Applejack's duds must shine

Dressmaking's easy, every customer's call

Brings a whole new revision

Have to pick up the pace, still hold to my vision" Every time, I continued to try talking Rarity out of it. I couldn't watch her struggle with this anymore… but as much as I tried to reason with her, she just refused stubbornly and worked, leaving me to watch as Rarity continued to give in to the ponies' expectations.

"That constellation is Canis Major, not Minor." Twilight presented the constellation to Rarity in an image.

"French haute couture, please." Fluttershy asked, presenting her with another image.

"Ugh..." Rarity could only respond, drastically drained out.

"What if it rains? Galoshes!" Applejack demanded.

"More balloons! Oh no, that's too many balloons. More candy! Oh, less candy. Oh wait, I know. Streamers!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed.

"Streamers?" Rarity asked.

"Whose dress is this?" Pinkie Pie assured.

"Streamers it is…" Rarity surrendered.

When Rainbow Dash came over, she was leaning on a table, waiting for Rarity to finish her dress. Rarity looked over at Rainbow Dash.

"What?" She asked.

"Aren't you going to tell me to change something too?" Rarity questioned.

"No, I just want my dress to be cool."

"Do you not like the color?"

"The color's fine, just make it look cooler."

"Do you not like the shape?"

"The shape's fine, just make the whole thing... you know, cooler. It needs to be about 20% cooler."

Rarity lowered her head at the unspecific directions of Rainbow Dash while she was attacked with other directions from the other ponies.

Pinkie Pie: "All we ever want is indecision."

Rainbow Dash: "All we really like is what we know."

Twilight Sparkle: "Gotta balance style with adherence."

Fluttershy: "Making sure we make a good appearance."

Applejack: "Even if you simply have to fudge it."

Everypony: "Make sure that it stays within our budget."

Rarity: "Got to overcome intimidation

Remember, it's all in the presentation!

Piece by piece, snip by snip

Croup, dock, haunch, shoulders, hip

Bolt by bolt, primmed and pressed

Yard by yard, always stressed

And that's the Art of the Dress!" Rarity finished.

She fell to the floor, exhausted. I quickly ran over to her, calling her name. I didn't bother asking if she was alright because I KNEW she wasn't.

"Okay, Rarity, that is it. You've done too much for every pony. I know you want to make them happy, but look what it has done to you!"

"Oh, Alex… These are the ugliest dresses I've ever made!" She exclaimed as she covered her eyes with her hooves.

I observed the latest dresses… and realized that… she was right…

I had told Rarity to rest because she had done enough. She had asked me to get the others and I confidently agreed. As I called the others and led them back to the shop, I could only think how Rarity must have felt after working non-stop for the happiness from her friends.

"Okay. I did exactly what each of you asked for." Rarity announced when I brought them back to the shop. "Now don't hold back. Let me know what you really think."

Everypony finally released cries of happiness, exclaiming that it was exactly as they asked for. I noticed how Rarity's pet hated the dresses, as it made signs of disgust.

Rarity sighed, relieved.

"Thank you, Rarity." Twilight expressed her gratitude.

"Are you as happy with them as we are? Huh? Huh? HUH?" Pinkie Pie asked, jumping in.

Rarity, thinking first of what to say, responded to Pinkie Pie. "Well, I'm... happy that all of you are happy. I'm just relieved to finally be done."

The door immediately opened, revealing Spike who was panting hard. "You are never gonna believe this! You've heard of Hoity-Toity?" He asked, eagerly.

"The bigwig fashion hotshot in Canterlot?" Twilight answered.

"Uh-huh. He heard about your fashion show. Well, maybe I happened to mention it to him... He's coming here all the way from Canterlot to see your work, Rarity!" Spike exclaimed.

"Whoa, Nelly! You could sell a ton o' dresses to this guy. You business will be boomin'!" Applejack pointed out.

Every pony began exclaiming how cool it was going to be for Rarity, but I saw that she was having trouble inside her mind.

"Hoity-Toity? He's coming here? To see THESE dresses?"

"Yep! Get ready for all of your dreams to come true." Spike replied, which left Rarity's eye twitching.

The girls congratulated Rarity and wished her good luck as they left. Rarity fell to the floor and covered her head with her hooves.

"Rarity…" I said, taking a step forward to her.

"It's okay. Everything will be alright." She chuckled nervously. "Alex, be a dear and go tell the others to be at the fashion show an hour before it starts? They are going to have to get dressed…" Rarity looked back and shivered. "…in these…"

"But…" I tried to speak.

"Please?" She asked.

I sighed and nodded. "Okay…"

I began walking outside, wondering what Rarity was going to do… I want to help… I really do… but how can I fix this problem? I can try talking to the ponies about the whole situation but… what if it breaks their hearts to know that their dresses are actually… well… overdone?

I met up with the girls, who were in a group outside the shop.

"Hey, Alex!" Twilight greeted me when I walked up to them.

"Hey, girls…" I responded, a bit saddened from the thoughts of Rarity. "Rarity would like you five to be at the fashion show an hour before it starts.

"Sure, okay." They agreed and began walking possibly to their homes, most likely to get ready.

Fluttershy had stayed behind. She must have felt my emotions…

"Alex, is something wrong…?" She softly asked, slowly walking towards me.

My thoughts began having a free-for-all match in my head as I tried to figure out what I should say. What if I say the truth and it leads them to be depressed and disappointed, completely ruining the fashion show? Or what if the important person attending the show actually likes the outfits? Or not? Grr! I just can't decide what to do or say!

"Alex…?" Fluttershy asked again.

I shook my head. "Um…uh…"

Fluttershy continued to look worried for me.

"It's… it's nothing…" Maybe I could tell them later…

"Are you sure?"

"Mm-hm." I nodded, even though it stung me that I lied. "You should get ready for the show."

"Okay… I'll see you there?"

I nodded again.

When it was dark, every pony gathered around the catwalk for the fashion show, including Hoity-Toity… I was backstage while Rarity was nervously looking out at the crowd behind the curtains. The girls had just returned from the dressing room, where they placed on their dresses.

The show is about to start! I don't have much time! But… I…I can't tell them! I want to help Rarity but…

Music suddenly began playing and lights flashed on the center of the stage.

"Since the beginning of time the elite of Equestria have longed for pony fashions that that truly expressed the essence of their very souls. Patiently waiting decades... no, centuries! ...for the perfect pony gown. Today at long last, Equestria, your wait is over!" The curtains were being removed from sight! "Let's hear it for the breathtaking designs of Ponyville's own Rarity!" Spike announced on a microphone.

The lights drew attention to the five ponies, causing every pony in the crowd to gasp. As they walked to the center of the catwalk, I could see ponies in the audience sticking out their tongue in disgust and make comments of the horridness. All five ponies spun slowly on the lazy Susan that was at the end of the catwalk.

"Oh, those amateurish designs look like a piled-on mishmash of everything but a kitchen sink!" Hoity-Toity announced, making every pony laugh. Rarity moved a kitchen sink, which was near her, behind her. "It's a travesty, it's what it is. Those outfits are the ugliest things I've ever seen, oh for shame. Who is responsible for subjecting our eyes to these horrors? Not to mention wasting my valuable time!"

Rarity began hiding behind her pet.

"Come on out and take a bow, Rarity. You worked really hard for this." Spike announced. Rarity had no choice but to slowly walk out with her head held down. "Yes! Alright, woohoo! Go, Rarity!" Spike cheered.

Ponies whispered in the crowd, making the five ponies to smile nervously. I covered my eyes with my hoof and just waited until for everything to end…

All the ponies had left the show, including Mr. "Hoity-Toity". Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Twilight, and Applejack returned to the safety of their dressing room, removing the dresses. Rarity was backstage, lying on the floor, crying with her face buried in her legs.

"Rarity…" I walked over to her with a frown on my face.

"Oh Alex, I… I…" She continued crying.

I didn't know what to say… I could only just stand there idle, trying to think of the right words…

"I think I need to be alone for awhile…" She stood up and walked out of the stage, sniffling along the way. I wanted to follow her… but I felt that I should stay behind…

All of the other ponies finally came out of the dressing room.

"Hey… where did Rarity go…?" Twilight asked.

"Home…" I responded briefly.

"Why?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"What do you think?" I turned around to face them. "Rarity had an opportunity of a lifetime, but she wanted to make sure you girls were happy with your dresses. Now…" I paused for a moment, sighing and staring at the floor. "It's gone…"

"We're…sorry…" Twilight tried to respond.

"I'm not the one you should be apologizing to…" With that, I left and headed towards home.

I know I wasn't the one who was stricken with sadness and depression… but it did pass on over to me… seeing a friend… who did something so nice for me… to lose her dream because of it…

The next day, I walked over to Rarity's to check up on her, but I was distracted when I heard meowing near her shop. I looked over to the tree where it had came from to see Rainbow Dash sitting happily while Rarity's cat was clinging for her life on the branch.

"What are you doing?" I asked her, confused.

"Shh!" She shushed.

I stared at her then noticed a dress on a mannequin near the tree, where Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy stood.

"Opal, how did you get up there? Hang on, you poor dear! Mama's coming!" I heard Rarity's voice.

Rarity came outside, rushing to get her cat off until she saw Rainbow Dash the same way I did. "Rainbow Dash? How dare you strand my poor Opal on the tree?"

"Well, how else were we gonna get you out here to show you this!"

The others presented the dress, leaving Rarity breathless.

"What is it? It's not... You..." She gasped.

"We all finished your dress for you!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed.

"Thanks to Fluttershy's freaky knowledge of sewing." Applejack added.

Fluttershy blushed. "Do you like it?" She asked.

"Like it?" She walked around the dress and observed it. "Like it?" She said, in a negative tone.

"Uh-oh. She doesn't like it." Fluttershy reacted.

"No, I don't like it." Rarity replied boldly, causing the girls to be disappointed. Suddenly, she turned around to them and exclaimed proudly, "I LOVE IT!"

"Yay!" Every pony cheered.

"You ponies did an amazing job. It's exactly the way I imagined it."

"We just followed your brilliant design." Fluttershy responded.

"Like we should have let you do for our outfits. Those first dresses you designed were perfect." Twilight added.

"We're so super sorry." Pinkie Pie apologized.

"You worked really hard to make our dresses exactly the way we wanted them." Rainbow Dash explained as she brought down Opal. "We all saw how well that turned out."

"Oh, I forgive you." Rarity accepted.

"Well, that's mighty big of you." Applejack said.

"But my whole career is still ruined!" Rarity dramatically cried.

"Oh, right. That."

"Maybe not." Twilight added, looking over to Hoity-Toity who walked behind me.

"All right, I haven't got all day." He stated.

"Take two." He announced as I waited in the back room to observe the girls' dresses. The second show was taking place in Rarity's shop.

Spike closed the curtains leaving the room engulfed in complete darkness. Rarity used her magic to create a light, which it itself created many special effects, stunning Hoity-Toity. Twilight revealed herself in the perfect dress Rarity had made.

"Hello... Oh, this can't be the same designer." Hoity-Toity commented.

Applejack then revealed herself after.

"Simply magnificent! And suddenly I have a fierce craving for some Dutch apple pie. Candied apples on a stick? Apple turnovers? Apple cobbler?"

Third, it was Pinkie Pie, representing the candy she loves so much.

"Brilliant!" He exclaimed.

Rainbow Dash frightened him when she introduced herself through thunder sound effects.

"Oh, spectacular!" He was really getting excited now…

Lastly, Fluttershy presented herself. I was amazed by how… amazing… she looked wearing the dress.

"Now this is a fashion show. All of these dresses are absolutely amazing. Who is responsible? Step forward, show yourself!" He commanded.

Rarity introduced herself in her new dress, presenting a light.

"Bravo! Bravo! Magnifico! Encore!" He cheered.

"Oh, thank you. Thank you! Oh, thank you so much!" Rarity thanked, joyfully.

Every pony had gathered on the first floor of the shop, where Twilight began speaking her letter to Spike.

"Dear Princess Celestia. This week my very talented friend Rarity learned that if you try to please everypony, you often times end up pleasing nopony, especially yourself. And I learned this: when somepony offers to do you a favor, like making you a beautiful dress, you shouldn't be overly critical of something generously given to you. In other words, you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth."

I know how that feels...

Spike blew and sent the letter.

"Rarity, my congratulations. You are the most impressive fashion maven. Would you do me the great honor of allowing me to feature your couture in my best of the best boutique in Canterlot?" Hoity-Toity asked.

Rarity gasped.

"Now, I'll need you to make a dozen of each dress for me by next Tuesday."

Rarity quickly changed the expression on her face.

"Ta-ta!" Hoity-Toity left the building.

"Oh no! How will I ever be able to make a DOZEN of EACH DRESS by next Tuesday?" Rarity asked.

I looked behind me to see Fluttershy, Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack. "I think I know who can help with that…"

Thus, every pony, including Spike and I, worked for the rest of the day to help Rarity with her dresses. Since Fluttershy was amazing at stitching, she was able to help Rarity far more than us. Having known what the dress already looks like and what goes where, Rarity didn't have to spend extra time on planning the dress and deciding what material or fabric to add; she just had to make copies of each dress.

Since every pony worked together in an orderly fashion (no pun intended), we were able to finish ALL of the work in one day. We were exhausted by the end of the day, but every pony was glad that we were able to help Rarity.

"Thank you all very much for assisting me with my work. You ponies were a BIG help. I can't thank you enough." Rarity announced.

"It was nothing, Rarity! After all, we DO owe you so much for all that time you spent on fixing our dresses." Twilight replied.

"Oh, please. Don't worry about it." Rarity chuckled.

Soon, every pony left home for the night, leaving me to walk Fluttershy home.

"Hey, Alex…" Fluttershy softly spoke and she flew gently. "You're not mad at me… are you…?"

"Why would I be mad at you?" I asked.

"Well… because I was one of the ponies who wanted my dress to be exactly as I wanted…"

"Well, I'm not mad at you. I know you didn't mean to be like that…"

Fluttershy giggled a little. "Yes… I guess I just got carried away with my imagination…" She smiled.

"Well… I thought you looked amazing in the dress Rarity had for you…"

Her cheeks glowed as she looked towards me. "Oh, Alex…really?"

I looked away, feeling a little red myself. "Y-yeah…"

We arrived at her door and she looked towards me very joyfully. "Thank you…"

"You're welcome…" I replied, tilting my head a little but keeping my eyes on her.

She hugged me as we both wished each other a good night. I left after I had made sure she safely entered her home.

As I walked up the stairs towards my bed, I realized how I didn't spend much time at home anymore… I didn't stare at the bare wall and shelves nor did I waste my life doing… well… mainly nothing… besides attempting to improve myself…by myself…

I pulled the covers over me, in my bed, and went to sleep… awaiting the next day.

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