• Published 18th Oct 2012
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OH JESUS! - Chuckward

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Jesus finds a place to live!

Jesus was bored, it was due to this boredom that he decided to find a house. He quickly surveyed the town before deciding that Rarity would be the easiest to take advantage of. So he walked up to her door and politely ripped it off of its hinges, then he threw it at pip. He ran up to Rarity while brandishing two shotguns.

"What's the best brand of root beer," Jesus asked.

"Bargs," replied Rarity.

Jesus fired both shotguns at the same time and blasted Rarity's head clean off.

Before he knew it Jesus was on another cross surrounded by angry ponies.

"Mug is best root beer," Jesus said, then he died. They all fucked.

The end.