• Published 18th Oct 2012
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OH JESUS! - Chuckward

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Ultra Satan didn't know when or how it happened, all he knew was that he was surrounded. He had simply told a small gray Pegasus with odd eyes that his name was cursed shadow, and now he was surrounded by ponies in luchador masks. The gray Pegasus put on a sombrero and began to speak.

"Ehi, nero e rosso alicorn! che non vedono di buon occhio i tipi da queste parti!"

Ultra Satan was confused, he didn't know what language that was, all he knew was that he could speak it perfectly.(he was an Ultra Satan after all.

"Stai indossando un sombrero. Perché parli italiano," he asked in flawless Japanese.

One of the luchador ponies aptly named luchacorn approached Ultra Satan to help explain.

"derpy許して、彼女は唯一の外国語での一貫した文章を形成することができる," he said, hoping that got the message across.

"大丈夫ですああ、私は、私はすべての言語を話し、ウルトラサタンよ。 It sure would suck for anyone reading this though! They wouldn't catch a word of this, can you imagine if an amazingly sexy author did this in a story?"

Ultra Satan and the luchacorn share a laugh.