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Solus Eclipse

Just some fucking furry that isnt good at writing.


I'm a moron of colossal proportions, I wanted to blame everyone but myself for why I acted the way I did and I just wanted to disappear some days; but something wanted to help me with that last part.....whether I wanted it or not.

At first it felt like a dream, so surreal; but I knew deep down somewhere it was all a lie, that its NOT SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THIS. All I wanted was to live how I want with this admittedly morose new start on life, but my dumbass keeps drawing the wrong kind of attention and I know for certain my luck will run out...
Sooner or later....I swear this cities walls have eyes.

Hey I would like to make things clear that this is my very first story, and I don't have anything planned beyond the premise which is REALLY self-indulgent....unabashedly even. I'm mostly just trying to write a story ill have fun with.

Things to expect: stuff ill occasionally pull out of my ass cause i thought it was cool, cult shit, bat pony "lore" excessive swearing, anthro ponies and RGRE flavor text.
My biggest Inspirations are stories like Blurring Realities, Mordane Stronghoof and Life Finds a Way

Story wide edit made on 11/11/23: All uses of the word "Thestral" have been replaced by "Batari" for reasons.

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getting this story approved feels like, its taking Celestia's current lifespan in dog years.

I have read it and I'll say, not bad. I look forward to see what you post next.

The small town of Sires Hollow was once the largest home to the equestrian thestral population. While they're numbers declined with banishment of the lunar sister and consequently went into hiding outside of Equestria;


All in all, Really good!
The Thesteral that got pulled out of the forest, It is eclipse?

not a chapter update, thats coming soon and its DOUBLE stacked, BUT i would like to inform you since you are comment the most that the story has been edited, and use of the Term "Thestral" has been replaced with something different. it fits better into the cannon in my head for this alt universe and it isnt a word coined by a TERF which is something i learned recently. so yeah just small narrative change going forward. just think Bat Pony when you see the word "Batari." which i learned is also the name of a villain from the cave man Far Cry game lol.

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