• Published 14th May 2022
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A legend returns. - 654_nosneb

A human appears in equestria, at the middle of season 5, he doesn't know what's happening but everypony knows him.

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Chapter II - The last human on earth.

Fluttershy was stunned, the conversation between William and Celestia became more intense. She didn't expect this to happen, also she never thought that she will see someday the princess cry, after saying that something happened 20000 years ago, she just hug him and break into an intense and painful crying.


William was also stunned by this, by the stories that Fluttershy told him, he though than she was a calmed and wise leader, but also a strong one, one that would not cry even on the hardest circumstances. But just his presence and name was enough to break her to a deep cry, a cry than he just saw once on his mother, when his father was imprisoned on jail.

The cry was so loud than a second princess entered the throne room from another door, it was princess Luna.

"Sister wat's wrong!?" she said. "What's happ..." she stopped talking as soon as she noticed the hug between William and Celestia, which meke her also break into tears, and add herself to the hug.

"William!" the crying moon princess said. "It's you! It's you! How is it possible!? I thought you died 20000 years ago!"

The hug prolonged itself for almost 10 minutes, until Celestia ended it with her face all wet.

"Well, I guess than you have amnesia." said Celestia. "But don't worry I've a memory recall spell that could help you!"

"Wait!" said William pulling Celestia and Luna apart. "What is all of these about! What happened 20000 years ago!?"

"Well, although you'll remember everything with the memory recall spell, I think I could explain it so Fluttershy can hear it as well. It all started 20000 years ago, when me an Luna were created.
A group of human scientists discovered a new type of energy, an energy with never seen properties, it was so strange than this group decided to call it 'magic'. Then they noticed that this energy could solve a problem they called 'global warming' so they wanted to create more of these energy.
Unfortunately this energy was only produced by few living organisms on earth, and in very few quantities, so they were about to abandon the project.
But that was until your father entered the project, he created two biological altered organisms, the first one called 'the Celestial solution', and one year later the second one called 'experiment loona'."

Fluttershy was shocked, nopony knew the origins of Celestia an Luna, and Celestia was revealing them just right now.

Celestia continued. "Those experiments are me and my dear sister."

William's head began to hurt again, he was starting to remember two little figures of little ponies that were important to him.

"However he didn't plan these creatures to have so many magical power, it was so much raw magic that had the power to manipulate space-time.
But another thing happened, me and Luna developed the ability to talk think critically, and have emotions. This surprised your father, and when he tried to take us to his home to be out of the lab and have a good childhood, his superior accused him on trying to steal 'precious equipment' and send him to jail."

That last line make William's head hurt even stronger, he now remembered the real reason of his father's legal problem, and that hurt, not only on his head, but on his heart.

"Then we were subjected to very cruel experiments that I don't wanna remember." said Celestia with perturbation on her face. "But it all changed when one day me and Luna were able to escape that lab, we wandered through the city until we somehow found you. You were astonished by our presence at first, but when you discovered that we were just two little 7 and 6 years old fillies, you convinced your mother and sister to let us stay at your home, and then you gave us the greatest childhood me and Luna could ask. You teach us friendship, you teach us morals, you put us at school, you teach us how to use our magic, you fight to give us human rights and succeeded!" Celestia said cheerfully.

This made William started to cry as well, he was now starting to remember those 5 years he spent with these two ponies. They were suffering intensely, and he managed to end that suffering; he didn't know what to say, except for the obvious question.

"But what happened?" he asked.

"Then 2 years before you banished the pandemic arrived." continued Luna. "You said it was a disease called COVID-19, and it was killing a lot of people. Until unconsciously my or Celestia's magic started to convert all the infected people in our city into ponies, although their minds were safe, it was obvious that was our fault and although some humans were mad on us, some of them were thanking us for saving their relatives, since the virus only attacked human bodies, but they were unconverted after the virus leaved their bodies.
But when the director of the magical project saw this kind of power, he want it, he wanted more than anything on this world. He tried to kidnap us several times, but he always failed, he tried to recreate us, but without your father's help it was impossible, the best he could create was a creature called Discord, and his magic couldn't be drained from him. Until one day he managed to kidnap Celestia, and began to drain her magic into his body.
Then you developed a quick plan, you ask me to give you part of my power so you can face him and rescue Celestia, and I accepted without doubts. That day was the last day I or my sister saw you, but from what she told to me, you managed to rescue her before all his magic was drained, and then you faced him in a huge magical battle, a battle which outcome will decide the fate of the world. You told her to run away from the place, but from the distance she could se a big blue explosion that expanded from there and quickly enveloped the city, the country, the continent, and the whole world, transforming everyone into everypony as it extended."

Fluttershy and William were stunned at the princess statement. For Fluttershy it meant that she finally managed to discover the origins of the pony race, an origin than was always kept away from the public.

But for William it meant something even more painful, it meant that he wouldn't see his mother again, he wouldn't see his sister again! A feeling that was very painful for him, he thought that this princesses would send him to his world, and that would be all, but now he discovered than his world doesn't exists anymore, and that all his loved ones, his friends, his family; all of them already died long long ago.

"Then the world was merged into chaos." continued Celestia. "With Discord free, humans with hoofs instead of hands, and the fall of their communication systems their society was destroyed by it's own weight, in about 10 years the world was unrecognizable the ponies grouped themselves by their race, Discord mess up with the solar system, magic altered the fauna and lead crazy creatures to emerge, and me and Luna hide on our house beacouse of the fear of not finding you.
But after some millenniums of suffering the ponies of these continent united themselves against some creatures called the windigos, Me and Luna managed to make day and night normal again, and the government of Equestria was formed, with me and Luna as their rulers.
And now here we are, we finally see you again, after all these years we though you died, but a part of me still had hope on seen you again, since the magic Luna gave you was enough to make you immortal as well."

"I... I..." William said, he was starting to remember more about that day. "I don't know what to say, now that you tell these things to me I'm starting to remember, but how I appeared here?"

"Well that's what we want to know as well." said the white mare. "But for that I can use the memory recall spell I mentioned before, with your permission obviously."

"Do it." said William with no doubts on his voice.

"Alright." said Celestia. "These spell will project the memories of that day so we can see it, Ok?"


The alicorn's horn began to glow, and a beam was fired from it and impacted William's head. When the beam hit him he felt his whole life pass is front of his eyes, but it all went quickly to the last day he remembered.

It was cloudy, and William was high in the sky, firing up magical beams at another human figure, figure that also responded with his own beams at him. They continue battling, until the other figure tackled William unto the ground and started to beam more energy from his fists.

William was containing this energy with his magic, but it was getting harder to do as a ball of energy began to grow between them.

"Ready to surrender?" said the figure, as he intensified the energy he was beaming.

"Never!" responded William. "Not even in 20000 years, this world shouldn't be ruled by a monster like you." he shouted.

Then the ball of energy expolted and the two figures banished in the explosion as te memory ended.

He returned to reality with even more pain than when he firs arrived, while Fluttershy, Celestia and Luna stared at the end of the projection. William fell unto the floor, he was still conscious, but the pain was very intense; to avoid worrying anypony he arose and stand before Celestia and Luna.

"Ouch!" he said. "But how does that explain what happened?"

"Magic is very attached to emotions." Said the moon mare. "By saying that phrase, and being one of the two most powerful magical entities you banished yourself 20000 years to the future, and since the director didn't appear with you, he was probably disintegrated on the explosion."

A huge an long silence followed the last statement, then William break into an intense cry, but this was not of happiness, it was from sadness of the dead and suffering of all those people, for his now almost extinguished race.

"So now I'm the last human on the earth?" he said with tears rolling his eyes.

"Sadly, it seems so." said Celestia hugging his friend.

Fluttershy contemplated the scene as Luna also add herself to the consolation of the poor human, she knew that Celestia could help him, but she didn't expect this to happen.