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A legend returns. - 654_nosneb

A human appears in equestria, at the middle of season 5, he doesn't know what's happening but everypony knows him.

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Chapter XIV - The end. (Part II)

The scene I was seeing, was one that I never even imagined I would ever see.
Birds were helping me to go back to earth! And after meeting the little prince! Now that I see them better, they aren't normal birds, they are kind of made of light and fly very, VERY fast; since in a few minutes, I almost reached the earth.

But enough wonders for now, I've to stop Owlen from committing mass murdering, and I knew exactly where to land on: ponyville.

It was for 2 main factors; one: Owlen would need the friendship map in order to start the spell, and second: the only real chance anyone has to stop him is with the elements.

So my only hope was that Twilight had founded a way to dis-corrupt the elements.

As I approached earth, that now was at the center of the solar system, I could see that the continents were a little different from what they were 20000 years ago; but I could still find where I used, and where I live now: ponyville.

I let go the strings that were holding the space birds, and I begun to fall to Twilight's castle. But, obviously slowing down with some pieces of magical floor.

When I was close enough, I opened a portal to the castle's friendship's map room, in which I knew I will find Twilight. And if you find Twilight, you find her friends.

"William!?" Twilight shouted as I made my entrance through the portal. "What are you doing here? Weren't you supposed to be at the Empire trying to stop Owlen?"

"I tried that, but I failed." I responded. "It is a long story but listen, there is not much time. Owlen will arrive here at any moment and I can assume that he already has the spell with him. Our only chance are the elements. Have you found a way to dis-corrupt them?"

"We tried." she responded. "But I don't think that 'the element of hope' is a real thing, and even if it was, it's lost in space."

"Lost in space? Wait!" I shouted pulling out the necklace that the little prince gave me. "By any chance, it's this thing?"

She grabbed it with her aura, as well as the element of magic. And when she put them together, the crown slowly started to recover its color.

"It is!" she shouted. "How did you...?"

"I'll explain you later. What matters now is that we get them ready for Owlen's arrival."

I was with Starlight at the map's room, waiting for Owlen. The elements were dis-corrupting, but very slowly. So the plan was: Owlen arrives, traveles back in time, I go with him to avoid any changes in the time-line, Starlight keeps the rip open while we are there, and when the elements are ready, Twilight and her friends come through the rip and use them to erase that monster once and for all.

Starlight is scared, I'm scared, and we continued waiting untill...

"FINALLY!" Owlen shouted as he opened the door to enter the room. "OH, SO YOU PONIES ARE STILL REFUSING TO DIE AND... WILLIAM!!!!!"

"The only one in existence." I spoke with a smile on my face.

"BUT, BUT, I DID JUST... HOW DID YOU?" he said. "EHEM, EXCUSE ME, I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!" he shouted, as he blasted a beam of energy that would have reached me, if it wasn't for the portal that avoided it.

Then, he jumped on top of the map and casted the spell. The rip opened, he got in, and before it closed, Starlight's horn light up and the rip was maintained.

Before entering, Starlight said:

"Good luck, William!"

"Thanks, I'll need it!" I shouted as I entered the rip.

When I reappeared, I saw my city once again. But the clouds, the cold weather, and the light beams at the distance being fired from 2 tiny figures; told me that this was the day, the day in which I leaved earth.

"What could he do today to change the future?" I asked to myself, but then I saw Owlen running right to where the battle between my past self and director Osvaldo was taking place, and I knew exactly what he wanted to do.

Before he could go any further, I opened a portal right in front of him. He then fell into it, and appeared right in front of me.

The people in the streets stared at the scene in front of them in total confusion. I won't blame them, since, how often you see a battle between some kind of demon and a guy dressed as the little prince?

Talking about battles, we started one. I first tried to hit him with my blue sword, but I knew that he would be able to block all of my attacks. I then took some distance, and used the light bow to try to hurt him, but his claws stopped all the magical arrows.

Then, it was his turn to do his counterattack. He didn't just used his claws, he fired magic to me, tried to bite me, and even shoot fire from his mouth! But by blocking with the sword, dodging some blasts with my portals, and some with a magical shield, I was resisting. I just hope I resist long enough for the help to come.

"YOU... MONSTER!" he shouted while his claws tried desperately to kill me. "ALL I'M TRYING IS TO SAVE HUMANITY! WHY YOU DON'T JUST SURRENDER AN LET ME SAVE THEM!?"

"Humanity never died!" I responded. "The ponies that populate the earth in the present are just as humans as any other one from here. The exterior may be different, but their essence is intact! I would could say that I'm the one who's trying to save humanity!"

"Besides, we are his friends!" voices from behind me told me that reinforcements had arrived. "And friends always watch for each other!"

"It is all yours girls!" I shouted to them, as I opened a portal that leaved me behind them.

Then, what I saw was one of the most amazing things I ever saw. A rainbow, more blinding and shining than the sun, emerged from the mares and blasted Owlen.


"They work beacouse we didn't loose hope!" I responded.

Then, in just a second, he was gone. The people in the streets didn't understood what happened, but still gave an applause to us.

"Wow," a kid spoke up, "I wanna get infected too! So I can do things like that!"

When we returned, Starlight was still trying to maintain the rip opened. And when she finally stopped her efforts, the rip was still opened.

"Ups, I think I put to much magic on it."

"Don't worry." I responded. "It wasn't that much, so it should close in a few minutes. Wait, where are Tia and Luna!?"

"They are still at the Empire!" Rainbow Dash shouted.

Then, a knocking on the castle's main door caught mine and everypony's attention. Everyone rushed there to find Celestia, Cadence, and Luna; all of them very injured, and with several cuts along their body.

"Where's Owlen!?" Tia shouted to us.

"He is gone." I responded, what made the 3 alicorns make the craziest faces I ever saw. "Let's get in." I told them. "You'll never guess who I meet today."

Director Osvaldo recovered from the explosion of magic very quickly, just to find that everyone around him has turned into one of those ponies. He wondered through the city searching for Celestia or Luna, but he couldn't find them.

But then, other thing caught his attention. It was a weird time-space rip in the air. Maybe he could absorb power from it. But when he got close enough to see it in more detail, he felt his body being pulled into it.

He recovered quickly, he wasn't at the city anymore. He was a bit confused at his new surroundings, but the closure of the rip, and some hoofsteps approaching told him to get out of that place as quickly and quietly as possible.

"I sense more magic here." he though to himself. "Maybe this weird world could be better for my plans."

Author's Note:

Chapter XIV is here, and with it, also the end of season I.
Next thing I'll do is to make that prequel story I told you before. It will came out very, VERY soon so I recommend you read it. It would make me happy.
Enjoy :)

As always, I accept suggestions.

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Will there be a second story of the legend returns, after you finish the prequel?

Yes, I'll continue the story in a second season.

But after it, I planned a last sequel story called: 'The legend ends' that will take place in g5.

And if you ask, I had too much free time during the pandemic, as well as 2021. That's why planned all of this in my head, but never tried to show it before.
Until now :)

Ok, sounds good.

Keep up the great work. :twilightsmile:

Boooo! Bad ending! He should have saved humanity instead of being a dirty species traitor.

Well, that was exactly the plot. He was fighting with himself, trying to decide if saving humanity was worth the price of killing all ponies. Eventually, he reaches the conclusion that those ponies were still human at the inside, and decides to save them.
Also, 'saving' humanity will mean killing his friends, and that's not right anyways.


He was fighting with himself, trying to decide if saving humanity was worth the price of killing all ponies.

He chose poorly.

Eventually, he reaches the conclusion that those ponies were still human at the inside,

So? You only count as a human if you are a human on the outside.

Also, 'saving' humanity will mean killing his friends, and that's not right anyways.

Killing off humanity is also not right, that's why I called him a dirty species traitor.

Should I read the sequel? Will he realize his mistake and try to save humanity in another way that doesn't kill ponies? Or will it be like those shitty TCB stories where ponies win, exterminate humans and everyone is okay with it?

It is a prequel, so you'll probably understand it better.

Meh, I'll pass then. No need to read a story if you know, no matter what happens in it, it's gonna have a bad ending with human genocide.

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