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A legend returns. - 654_nosneb

A human appears in equestria, at the middle of season 5, he doesn't know what's happening but everypony knows him.

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Chapter VII - Return to 'home'.

It was 7:02 am, and William was wondering through town. It wasn't the first time, but it still felt weird; he had seen this ponies before when Tia and Luna were just fillies, but never at this big scale.

Anyways, he had to go to carrousel boutique, since Celestia asked Rarity to make some clothes for him, and by now, they should be ready. The ponies were a little more familiar with his presence, but still stared at him with amazed faces, some of them even breaking the stranger-to-stranger contract, and thanking him for what he did 20000 years ago.

"It's curious." he thought. "When I was a kid, I always wanted to save the world; and now that I actually did it feels incredibly weird. I just never thought of myself as a celebrity."

He was thinking of all this thing when he almost stumbled with a filly that was in front of him.

"Oh, sorry little one."

"No problem, it was just an accide..." the yellow filly said, until she noticed who was talking to her. The bipedal figure, the black coat, that white-pink color skin, the absence of fur. He was William! The one that her sister told her about. "Are you William!"

"Yes. I'm that obvious?" he said with a sarcastic smile.

"Well, yes!" the filly spoke. "According to my big sister, you are the only human in equestria."

"Well, you have a point, I'm." William said with a sad tone on his voice, until he realized. "Wait, how did you know that I was in equestria?"

"My sister Applejack told me." the young one said with excitement.

"Applejack? Oh, so you must be Applebloom, her little sister."

"How do you know my name!"

"Well, your sister told me a little bit about you." William spoke.

"So it's true! Are you really the William from the legends!?"

"Yes, I'm." he said.

"And it's true that humans don't posses a cutie mark!?" Applebloom asked.

"Yes, it's true. Twilight told me about your marks in your flanks, and nope, humans never had nothing like it."

The answer hit the filly like a bullet. "So then, how do you know your special talent!?"

"I don't need a mark to tell that my special talent is physics!" William said with a new smile forming on his face, result of remembering his physics teacher. "Although, after all the events involving magic, I've to rewrite half of what humans knew."

"So now... your special talent is useless!?" Applebloom said with horror on her eyes.

"That's far to be true, although magic can alter physics, it doesn't mean that I can't study magic from a physical perspective!"

"Wait!" shouted the yellow filly after she remembered something. "Our school teacher asked us that for next week's Friday, every group of 3 students must present a project about an heroical historical figure; and I was wondering, you are the most heroic historical figure I could think of! Maybe you could come and be part of our presentation!"


"Well yes, remember it's a groups project, my friends are on my group as well. Will you like to help us?" she said with a cute voice and face.

"This... em..." William spoke, not sure of what to say.

"Please." Applebloom repeated with the most begging eyes she could show. Eyes
with a soft orange tone that remembered William about his sister's eyes.

"No problem." he finally spoke. "We can meet again on Monday afternoon at Sweet apple acres."

"Really!?" Applebloom shouted. "Oh thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Oh wait, I've to tell the crusaders!" she said as she trotted out of the place in search for her friends. "Goodbye and thank you William."

After that short but entertaining encounter, William reached carrousel boutique. He step inside, which made a bell ring on top of the door, letting know Rarity that somepony, or in this case someone, arrived.

"Hello and welcome to carrousel boutique! If you wait..." the white unicorn said before noticing William. "Oh William! It's good to see you around here once again darling. I guess that you came for the clothing that the princess requested."

"Indeed, yes." the human responded.

"Well, I have to say that your anatomy was very tricky to work with, but I finally ended with this comfortable designs that I hope you enjoy." she said while levitating with her magic 2 bags full of clothes.

"Thanks Rarity." William said as he started to be the one that levitated the bags.

"I can see that you are getting better at it darling." she said. "I knew Twilight could be an amazing teacher!"

"He is," William said, "now, if you will excuse me I've to change clothes. Even if I washed this clothes I'm wearing, doesn't mean than I like the idea of wearing the same thing over and over again."

"Neither I will. So then, see you later William!" the mare said as William headed to the door.

"See you lateeeeeere!" William shouted as a yellow Filly went through the door, making him fall.

"Sweetie Bell! Sweetie Bell! You'll never guess who I found in the... Oh wait, is here!"

William didn't have time for more presentations. If he continued like this, he will lose his train to Canterlot.

"Sorry, I really have to go; my schedule is very occupied." he said as getting out of the floor

"No problem darling," the white mare said, "I'll take care of the excited fillies."

"Thank you Rarity." he said as he went out of the boutique. "Goodbye!"

It has been an hour since William left, and Rarity was in the middle of one of her brainstorm ideas for a new dress, suit, or hat; in reality, of whatever that comes out of it.

"But of what color?" she was thinking until she stumbled with something rectangular the floor.

She levitated it in front of her, and saw that it was a book. "The little prince? A book with a human on its cover? What the... Oh, this should be William's book! It must have fallen when Applebloom stumbled with him. I must send it to him through mailbox immediately!" she was about to envelop the book on an envelope, when just by curiosity, she decided to open the book and see what it contains.

She opened it on a random page, and then she stumbled with something that was exactly what she looked for.

"Oh this blue suit is beautiful! I'll really like to see William with one of these." she thought. "What else this book has?"

She went to the beginning, and what she saw, make some tears escape from her eyes. In the first page it stated on a blue mouthwritting: 'For Melissa and William, the 2 greatest joys in our lifes. With love. Mom and Dad'.

BEEEP! BEEEP! BEEEP! The alarm that indicated the moment in which William should have arrived to Canterlot triggered. He turned it off, waited for the train to stop, and went out of the train.

As he advanced through the beautiful city, he noticed that his phone's battery was now at 12%. The last thing of the human technology on earth was about to die, but at least it would die with honor, serving his owner until the last moments. Or at least until he figured out a way to charge it with magic.

He was about to enter the castle, but since he didn't want the reverences from the guards, he just opened a portal to the interiors of the massive construction. He went through it without thinking that much, but after appearing on the other side, he was received with a familiar voice behind him.

"I can see that your studies with Twilight are having... interesting results." Celestia spoke with a smile.

After some tabletop games; a dinner; and lots, of chatting; William was starting to feel happy about being again with her favourite friends/sisters/daughters Tia and Luna. The chatting was very enjoyable, until the 'Owlen' topic showed up.

"So, you think that Owlen is still inside your mind?" asked Luna.

"I don't think it, I saw him, he was... he was..." William spoke with difficulty.

"He wants revenge on us, right?" Celestia asked.

"How do you know?" the human asked.

"Since I spoke to much about unnecessary details, (Tantabus), I was forced to told Tia what I discovered of Owlen." the night princess spoke. "All the raw magic on your body is very unstable, and since magic is very liked to emotions, it caused that the emotional shock of appearing in equestria managed to destabilize your mind, ending on it dividing in 2 parts; the first, and most powerful one, it's you, that resembles the bond you have with us, and to any other living being, as well as most of your original personality, around 97% of it."

"And the other 3%?" William asked with a worried expression on his face.

"The other 3% is the part that decided to call himself 'Owlen'. It is composed of the blame and angry you are feeling for the extincion of humanity."

When Luna said the last part, William's face changed a bit, both sisters notice it, so Celestia said:

"It's ok William. We don't expect you to overcome it fully in just a week. Take all the time you want.

William broke into a deep and painful cry, while the two alicorns use their forelegs to give him a tide hug. The cry extended itself for another 16 minutes, until William stopped crying to ask:

"So, sniff, what should we do about Owlen?"

"For now, nothing!" declared the triumphant princess of the night.

"Nothing!?" William and Celestia seemed confused.

"You have full control of your mind, and every day that passes, he seems to become less and less powerful; so I think you are dealing with it very well. However, if you ever lose control over him, you can always request our help."

"If you say so." William declared.


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