A legend returns.

by 654_nosneb

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A human appears in equestria, at the middle of season 5, he doesn't know what's happening but everypony knows him.

William is a human that suddenly appears in equestria. He doesn't know what's going on, but somehow the ponies immediately recognize him by his name, and take him to meet the princess.
He didn't do anything yet, and everypony already knows his name, or that's what he thinks.
Situated in the middle of season five.

Chapter I - It's to much magic.

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It was 3 PM in the afternoon, and the ponies of ponyville were minding their business, having another happy day chatting, working, playing and singing. The sun was bright, with a clear sky that let cloudsdale and canterlot on sight from any part of the town.

Fluttershy's birds were singing along side with her at the edge of everfree forest, they were practicing an easy performance for no reason at all, other than the fact that she and the birds really enjoyed it.

"Great, great!" Said the mare with a very soft voice tone. "But you are still out of tune little rose." She said to the little red bird. "But don't worry, we'll practice on it and soon you'll be able to sing along side the rest of the chorus."

She was about to resume the singing practice, when suddenly a bright blue light flashed at her back, followed by a big explosion than make all of her birds flew away, and almost make her run away as well. Which instead was replaced with her hiding on a nearby bush.

In the place of the explosion, emerged a tall bipedal figure with black short hair, brown eyes, dark blue shoes, a white T-shirt, and a black coat with some burned holes on it.

"Ouch, my head!" he screamed. "No. My whole body hurts!" He said as he opened his eyes to see where he was. "Wait, where am I?" he found himself at the edge of a dense forest, and ahead he saw a clearing, and a small town, with an oddly looking crystal castle. He couldn't remember exactly how he got there, but he knew it was important.

The first thing he noticed, apart from the pain, was that if he wanted to get help, he must go to civilization. So he started his way to the town at the distance.

Fluttershy was scared, she knew than this part of the forest was completely safe from the everfree creatures, that's why she wasn't expecting this at all. She was about to go out and see what caused the explosion, when she heard something was approaching.

It was something that she had heard of several times, but never actually believed it was true. It was a human, a real one! She once heard the story of a human that saved the world from an ancient evil, so ancient than was even before equestria's foundation, and equestria was 12000 years old.

The creature was walking with difficulty and visible pain, although she was scared, she knew than him needed help, she needed to banish the fear.

"Excuse me sir." she said with a soft, but audible voice. "But I couldn't just avoid noticing that you are very hurt, you need help?"

"Yes, I would certainly like some..." he stopped talking for a moment, when he notice de yellow little pegasus, his mind stopped working, was this a dream? No, he knew how a dream was and this was not one."Who are you?! And more importantly, what are you?!"

"Well I'm fluttershy, and I'm a pegasus." she said a little confused. "Why you don't know what I'm? Who are you?"

"Well... From where I came ponies normally don't have wings, or talk actually." He said while sitting on the ground beacouse of the pain.

"I'm sorry, but it seems that you are not from here, righ?." The pegasus said "But you need my help, let's go to my home so I can heal you, what's your name?"

"William." he said.

"William! Like William Tyler!" The mare said raising her voice very excitedly.

"Actually yes." Said the human confused. "How did you know?"

Fluttershy's mind was shouting to her that this was imposible, but a human, the name, his look, his coat; it was just like the ancient legend she was told about.

"Follow me." she said. "I can help you."

"Um... well... Ok." he finally said he didn't knew where he was but this strange looking mare seemed like wanted to help him.

She took him to the town he saw earlier, so he guessed than her house was probably there. As they entered the town he saw tons of other colorful ponies, some of them with wings, some of them with a horn, and others with nothing else; although he never saw one of them, he felt them a little familiar.

They aproached a railroad station that was at the other edge of the town, this was strange to William, since he thought they were going to the mare house, but maybe it was out of town.

"Two tickets to Canterlot please." said the yellow mare to the stallion attending at the station.

"We have free space for the 4:00 PM train, that would be 20 bi..." the stallion stoped, as he spotted the human that was beside Fluttershy. "ARE YOU WILLIAM?!"

"Yes he is." responded the mare. "That's why we need to go to Canterlot as soon as possible."

"I understand, it is an honor to meet you Mr. William." the stallion said to him, with a very formal voice tone. "Take your tickets."

"Thank you." said the mare after using her wings to grab the tickets. "You need to trust on my friend, she is going to help you more than I can."

"Ok." said the human walking with difficulty. "But how did he knew my name?."

"Everypony knows you!" said the mare. "You are famous, a hero, a legend; you saved the world once, you don't remember?"

"No I don't." said William while holding his head.

"It seems that you really hurt your head, or maybe your name and figure it's just a coincidence." Fluttershy said. "What's the last thing you remember?"

"Nothing concrete at all, I remember my home, my mother, my sister, and me attending to school."

"It seems than maybe you are not who I think you are, but to check it out I'll take you with a friend of mine." she said.

"Ok, but could I ask why you are helping me miss..."

"Fluttershy." she said very slowly.

"What?" William asked.

"Fluttershy." said the mare a little bit louder.

"Fluttershy, a very unique name I have to say, but I like it." he said. "Why we went to that train station?"

"I need to take you to see my friend, remember, but first I'll take care of you and my little friends."

"Um, Ok." said William to her. "Wait, what little friends?"

They arrived to the mare's house, and as soon as they entered William saw the grand amount of animals. Birds, mice, a bunny, and even a giant bear! Which almost make him run away as fast as he could.

"Don't worry." said Fluttershy. "He won't hurt you, we are friends."

"If you say so." said him a little scared.

She guide him to a couch in which he could land on, then she flew to the kitchen.

"I'm gonna make you a special tea, it'll help with your headache." she said. "Then I'll take you to the princess so she can send you home."

"Really! Thank you Fluttershy, but could I ask why are you helping me?"

"Why I wouldn't help you." said Fluttershy. "You are a poor soul that is lost from his home, it's injured and needs a friend. Honestly if I didn't help you you'll be even more lost, and everypony will think than you are some kind of ancient warrior."

"Yeah, how could I've saved the world, that's ridiculous."

10 minutes later Fluttershy returned with an herbal tea for William, that was lying on the couch with a hand on his head, trying to contain the pain.

"Thank you." he said, as he started to drink it. When he finished part of the pain vanished almost instantly. "It's the princess a pony with influence? I say, that could take me to see the king or the queen?"

"What." asked the mare a little confused. "Equestria doesn't have a queen or king, the Princess Celestia is the maximal authority."

"Oh, sorry." he responded. "I had no idea of how the political system of this world works."

"No problem, and in your world a king or queen is the ruler?"

"In some counties." he answered. "But the majority, including mine, is ruled by a president."

"What is the difference between a president and a princess? She asked.

"Well this would take a while, but is like this..." he explained.

After a nice talk about their worlds both of them became impressed by the stories of the other one, they seemed like two completely different realities. The continued until the mare noticed than the clock on the wall already marked 3:35 PM.

"Well enough chatting for now." she said. "I need to feed my friends, and let them know that I'll take you to Canterlot."

"Ok." said him. "And your tea make me fell very good, it almost banished my headache."

"I'm glad that it helped you." said the mare while searching for the food bags.

They arrived the station at 3:55 PM, and this time they were even more ponies than before, they were staring at William as a kid would stare to superhero, but they trotted fast to the train, and then found their respective spots to relax a little. Although it was hard to relax when everypony is staring at you, and whispering things between them.

"Mind if I sleep for a while." he said to Fluttershy. "For some reason I'm very tired."

"Of course, sleep you'll need it."

"Thank you." he said before lying his body on the seat, which was easy since it was designed for ponies sitting, and went to the land of dreams."

He suddenly appeared on a dark void, it was cold, infinite, and empty except for himself and two bright points in the darkness, they were together, resembling to be eyes, the left one was green, and the right one was red.

They were just starring at him, and their presence was deeply scary, like they were from a creature that would kill him at any moment. Suddenly he heard a voice, a very deep voice saying:


He awoke, a very loud noise emanating from his pocket awoke him. Was one of his phone alarms.

"AAHHH!" screamed Fluttershy. "What is that!"

Other ponies were also scared by this, it was already 7:30 PM and some of them were already sleeping.

"It was just an alarm on my phone." he said as he turned it off. "I guess that you ponies don't have cellphones."

"No we don't" said Fluttershy. "What is it for."

"Communication, entertaining, recording, taking photos, working, tell the hour... I could continue but you get the idea."

"I was referring to the alarm." she said.

"Honestly I don't know." answered William. "I don't remember putting an alarm for this hour. Sorry if I scare you."

"It's not that big deal, just that I never saw nothing like it, how does it..."

The mare's interlocutor was stopped by a young colt that approached to him and said."

"Are you William Tyler." he spoke, it was a grey unicorn colt, with black hair, and no 'cutie mark' like Fluttershy explained. "Like the one from the legend.

"Um." he didn't know how to respond, but luckily he was saved by the bell.

"We arrived at Canterlot!" said a pony at the front. "Everypony down!"

"It would be for the next time kid" he said as he stand up along with Fluttershy and went out of the train.

As they went out the sight was really astonishing, a very big city, at the side of a mountain with very impressive buildings, but the greater one was a great white castle with an impossible architecture.

She guide him through the city, while he was receiving even more judging looks at him. He did his best to ignore them as they went directly to the castle.

"So this princess has the magic to send me to my world?" he asked to Fluttershy.

"If she can't, I don't know who could."

Soon later they reached the castle's entrance, when suddenly two guards stopped them with their spears.

"Identify." said one of them.



"No pony sees the princess without authorization." said the other.

"We need to see the princess beacouse..." Fluttershy said.

"Wait, is he William!" one guard shouted.

The other one reacted just as the first one

"Sorry sir, it's an honor to be in your presence."

Both guards leave them enter the palace, an Fluttershy guide him to the throne room.

"Well that was odd" said William. "What exactly did this William did in the legend."

"Just saved our world from a tyrant that was even more powerful than Celestia, Luna, and Discord combined." said the mare. "But it's just a legend, and since they think that humans don't even exist, they might think that you are that hero."

Those names all combined together seemed a little familiar to William, but he tried to ignore it.

They soon were at the throne room in which Celestia was.

"Fluttershy." said the white alicorn. "What brings you to Canterlot at this hour?"

"Hello your highness." said the mare doing a reverence. "You see I found him on the edge of the everfree forest, an although it might seem like the hero of the well known legend, he is just from a diferent world and wants to return home." she said while pointing a hoof to William.

As soon as Celestia saw him tears began to run off his eyes. Would be possible, after all those years and he was still the same as the last time she saw him, but his eyes tell her that he doesn't remember her yet.

"William did you remember me." she said while crying.

"Um, no." this was even more odd. "I'm not that hero you think I am your highness, I just wanna return to my world."

"So you have amnesia." the princess said with more tears on her face.

"No I'm definitely not from this world." he said with more doubts on his head.

"Your sister was Melissa, and your mother was Bianca." the princess sentence.

"What! You are right but does that mean..."

"Honestly me an Luna owe you our lives." the smilling-crying princess said. "But... you... you..." she stopped talking and flew in front of him and gave him a tide hug.

"I don't see you in about 20000 years!"

Chapter II - The last human on earth.

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Fluttershy was stunned, the conversation between William and Celestia became more intense. She didn't expect this to happen, also she never thought that she will see someday the princess cry, after saying that something happened 20000 years ago, she just hug him and break into an intense and painful crying.


William was also stunned by this, by the stories that Fluttershy told him, he though than she was a calmed and wise leader, but also a strong one, one that would not cry even on the hardest circumstances. But just his presence and name was enough to break her to a deep cry, a cry than he just saw once on his mother, when his father was imprisoned on jail.

The cry was so loud than a second princess entered the throne room from another door, it was princess Luna.

"Sister wat's wrong!?" she said. "What's happ..." she stopped talking as soon as she noticed the hug between William and Celestia, which meke her also break into tears, and add herself to the hug.

"William!" the crying moon princess said. "It's you! It's you! How is it possible!? I thought you died 20000 years ago!"

The hug prolonged itself for almost 10 minutes, until Celestia ended it with her face all wet.

"Well, I guess than you have amnesia." said Celestia. "But don't worry I've a memory recall spell that could help you!"

"Wait!" said William pulling Celestia and Luna apart. "What is all of these about! What happened 20000 years ago!?"

"Well, although you'll remember everything with the memory recall spell, I think I could explain it so Fluttershy can hear it as well. It all started 20000 years ago, when me an Luna were created.
A group of human scientists discovered a new type of energy, an energy with never seen properties, it was so strange than this group decided to call it 'magic'. Then they noticed that this energy could solve a problem they called 'global warming' so they wanted to create more of these energy.
Unfortunately this energy was only produced by few living organisms on earth, and in very few quantities, so they were about to abandon the project.
But that was until your father entered the project, he created two biological altered organisms, the first one called 'the Celestial solution', and one year later the second one called 'experiment loona'."

Fluttershy was shocked, nopony knew the origins of Celestia an Luna, and Celestia was revealing them just right now.

Celestia continued. "Those experiments are me and my dear sister."

William's head began to hurt again, he was starting to remember two little figures of little ponies that were important to him.

"However he didn't plan these creatures to have so many magical power, it was so much raw magic that had the power to manipulate space-time.
But another thing happened, me and Luna developed the ability to talk think critically, and have emotions. This surprised your father, and when he tried to take us to his home to be out of the lab and have a good childhood, his superior accused him on trying to steal 'precious equipment' and send him to jail."

That last line make William's head hurt even stronger, he now remembered the real reason of his father's legal problem, and that hurt, not only on his head, but on his heart.

"Then we were subjected to very cruel experiments that I don't wanna remember." said Celestia with perturbation on her face. "But it all changed when one day me and Luna were able to escape that lab, we wandered through the city until we somehow found you. You were astonished by our presence at first, but when you discovered that we were just two little 7 and 6 years old fillies, you convinced your mother and sister to let us stay at your home, and then you gave us the greatest childhood me and Luna could ask. You teach us friendship, you teach us morals, you put us at school, you teach us how to use our magic, you fight to give us human rights and succeeded!" Celestia said cheerfully.

This made William started to cry as well, he was now starting to remember those 5 years he spent with these two ponies. They were suffering intensely, and he managed to end that suffering; he didn't know what to say, except for the obvious question.

"But what happened?" he asked.

"Then 2 years before you banished the pandemic arrived." continued Luna. "You said it was a disease called COVID-19, and it was killing a lot of people. Until unconsciously my or Celestia's magic started to convert all the infected people in our city into ponies, although their minds were safe, it was obvious that was our fault and although some humans were mad on us, some of them were thanking us for saving their relatives, since the virus only attacked human bodies, but they were unconverted after the virus leaved their bodies.
But when the director of the magical project saw this kind of power, he want it, he wanted more than anything on this world. He tried to kidnap us several times, but he always failed, he tried to recreate us, but without your father's help it was impossible, the best he could create was a creature called Discord, and his magic couldn't be drained from him. Until one day he managed to kidnap Celestia, and began to drain her magic into his body.
Then you developed a quick plan, you ask me to give you part of my power so you can face him and rescue Celestia, and I accepted without doubts. That day was the last day I or my sister saw you, but from what she told to me, you managed to rescue her before all his magic was drained, and then you faced him in a huge magical battle, a battle which outcome will decide the fate of the world. You told her to run away from the place, but from the distance she could se a big blue explosion that expanded from there and quickly enveloped the city, the country, the continent, and the whole world, transforming everyone into everypony as it extended."

Fluttershy and William were stunned at the princess statement. For Fluttershy it meant that she finally managed to discover the origins of the pony race, an origin than was always kept away from the public.

But for William it meant something even more painful, it meant that he wouldn't see his mother again, he wouldn't see his sister again! A feeling that was very painful for him, he thought that this princesses would send him to his world, and that would be all, but now he discovered than his world doesn't exists anymore, and that all his loved ones, his friends, his family; all of them already died long long ago.

"Then the world was merged into chaos." continued Celestia. "With Discord free, humans with hoofs instead of hands, and the fall of their communication systems their society was destroyed by it's own weight, in about 10 years the world was unrecognizable the ponies grouped themselves by their race, Discord mess up with the solar system, magic altered the fauna and lead crazy creatures to emerge, and me and Luna hide on our house beacouse of the fear of not finding you.
But after some millenniums of suffering the ponies of these continent united themselves against some creatures called the windigos, Me and Luna managed to make day and night normal again, and the government of Equestria was formed, with me and Luna as their rulers.
And now here we are, we finally see you again, after all these years we though you died, but a part of me still had hope on seen you again, since the magic Luna gave you was enough to make you immortal as well."

"I... I..." William said, he was starting to remember more about that day. "I don't know what to say, now that you tell these things to me I'm starting to remember, but how I appeared here?"

"Well that's what we want to know as well." said the white mare. "But for that I can use the memory recall spell I mentioned before, with your permission obviously."

"Do it." said William with no doubts on his voice.

"Alright." said Celestia. "These spell will project the memories of that day so we can see it, Ok?"


The alicorn's horn began to glow, and a beam was fired from it and impacted William's head. When the beam hit him he felt his whole life pass is front of his eyes, but it all went quickly to the last day he remembered.

It was cloudy, and William was high in the sky, firing up magical beams at another human figure, figure that also responded with his own beams at him. They continue battling, until the other figure tackled William unto the ground and started to beam more energy from his fists.

William was containing this energy with his magic, but it was getting harder to do as a ball of energy began to grow between them.

"Ready to surrender?" said the figure, as he intensified the energy he was beaming.

"Never!" responded William. "Not even in 20000 years, this world shouldn't be ruled by a monster like you." he shouted.

Then the ball of energy expolted and the two figures banished in the explosion as te memory ended.

He returned to reality with even more pain than when he firs arrived, while Fluttershy, Celestia and Luna stared at the end of the projection. William fell unto the floor, he was still conscious, but the pain was very intense; to avoid worrying anypony he arose and stand before Celestia and Luna.

"Ouch!" he said. "But how does that explain what happened?"

"Magic is very attached to emotions." Said the moon mare. "By saying that phrase, and being one of the two most powerful magical entities you banished yourself 20000 years to the future, and since the director didn't appear with you, he was probably disintegrated on the explosion."

A huge an long silence followed the last statement, then William break into an intense cry, but this was not of happiness, it was from sadness of the dead and suffering of all those people, for his now almost extinguished race.

"So now I'm the last human on the earth?" he said with tears rolling his eyes.

"Sadly, it seems so." said Celestia hugging his friend.

Fluttershy contemplated the scene as Luna also add herself to the consolation of the poor human, she knew that Celestia could help him, but she didn't expect this to happen.

Chapter III - Return to a nightmare.

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After a very emotional reunion, the princesses let him stay on the room that Rarity normally occupied. The room was extremely fancy and very well decorated, he didn't have to much objects with him, except for his cellphone, his clothing, and his favorite book.

He always liked 'The little prince' since it was the first book he managed to read by its own. Maybe it was for the amount of drawings that contained, maybe it was for his fathers recommendation, maybe it was for the fact that he really liked his clothing, both of them, but in a hard time like this he knew that he couldn't sleep, so will read it instead.

He started reading, and he immediately was trapped on the story, again. As he read it the sunset was replaced with stars, the moon, and the beautiful darkness of the night. Although he really wanted to know what happened to the world in all these years, he preferred not to do it tonight; tonight he didn't felt strong enough. Tonight he was nothing against the fact than his whole species was extinguished, except for him.

Now that he was starting to remember his time with Celestia and Luna, he was wandering: "Did I do the right thing? Was correct to take care of them, even though they were a danger to the world?"

Tears began to fall on his face again, he left the book aside, and focused on sleeping; or at least trying to sleep that night. He tried to convince himself that he did the right thing, and that what happened was a simple accident, although it was pretty hard since now he remembered the last time he saw his mother.

Two days before Celestia's kidnap, his mother left him in charge of the house, her sister, and the two little 'alicorns', since she had to go in a business trip, he now was 17 and proved to be responsible in the past, so she trusted him.

"I'll be back in a week." she said. "Don't let anything else happen to Tia an Luna."

"Don't worry, they tried to kidnap them before, and they always failed." William said. "They can fly, run very fast, and now I just teach Luna how to teleport."

"Ok, See you later Tia." she said as she gave a hug to the withe alicorn. "I'll miss you Luna." she said as the black pony enjoyed her hugging time. "Don't forget to be nice Melisa, and do everything William says."

"I'll do, I'll do." William's sister responded.

The family ended hugging each other without a concrete order, all of them thought that in a week they'll reunite. But they were wrong.

William finally stopped remembering, since it was painful to know that he failed. He wanted to go back in time, go back and fix all this huge mistake, but he can't.

"I can't believe it Tia!" said Luna to her sister. "After all those years he is still alive! I was about to lose the hope."

"But he returned back." said the white mare smiling, but her smile faded a second later.

"What's wrong?" asked Luna to her.

"Did you remember when he left us?" asked Celestia. "All the pain, all the fear of being alone, all the sadness of watching the human civilization fall before our eyes."

"Yes." said the dark blue mare. "I remember when we found Melisa as a pegasus, we were so scared and lost than..." then the mare realized. "Oh no, William is going through the same thing as you and me, if not worse."

"Exactly" said the white mare. "Although I gave him a room at the palace, it wouldn't be enough for him, I know him. He wants to see everypony happy, and he wanted to see his mother an sister happy as well. But now he lost them."

"I've an idea!" said Luna. "Maybe I can go into his dreams; try to calm him, gave him comfort, and banish the nightmare that he probably is going through."

"Oh a nightmare." said Celestia a little scared. "Well this is certainly more your terrain than mine. Well don't lose more time. He needs you!"

"Ok Tia, I'll go." said Luna with determination on her voice. "Is the least I can do for all the times he comforted us from all those nightmares of the lab. Maybe he could help me with the tantabus problem."

"What problem?" asked Celestia with a raised eyebrow.


Luna was starting her spell, her horn was glowing white as she entered the dream realm. In there, she saw tons of doors than leaded to the dreams of everypony in equestria, various and daily dreams she already was used to.

But there was a new door among the others, and Luna could sense of who it was. As she approached to it, she could see that was a tall, blue, star-decorated door, with a golden round handle.

"Here we go." said the princess to herself as she entered the door.

In the dream, the place was all dark, cold, and empty; except for William, that was at the center of the darkness. But staring at him were 2 eyes in the darkness, one green, and one red.

"NOW YOU UNDERSTAND." said a voice coming from the eyes. "CELESTIA AND LUNA KILLED OUR RACE, WE SHOULD TAKE REVENGE ON THEM!" the entity shouted.

His voice was abnormal, extremely deep and disturbing, but understandable for William and Luna. Speaking of her, she was horrified by this nightmare, she never though of herself as a burden to William, and this statement paralyzed her in a way that she never felt since her time at the lab.

"No!" William shouted to the entity. "Even if some mistakes were made, they were not Tia or Luna's fault, they were from director Osvaldo!"

"THAT'S WHAT YOU KEEP TELLING YOURSELF." said the entity as he left the darkness into the sight of both presents.
He was almost like William, but that thing had one green, and one red eyes without pupils; very long, and very messy hair; extremely big hands, with fingers that look more like claws; and spiky teeth on his mouth. "BUT YOU AND ME KNOW THE TRUTH, SINCE WE ARE THE SAME PERSON." the monstrosity said. "BUT SINCE I AM THE BRAVEST OF THE TWO I THINK YOU CAN CALL ME OWLEN."

The princess already had enough of this 'Owlen' so she was about to undo the nightmare right now, but Owlen spotted her.


"Enough 'Owlen'." said the night mare. "You are just a nightmare, and as one, you have no real power over hi... Ahhhhh!"

The princess couldn't finish her statement, since Owlen extended a claw and levitated the princess from the neck strangling her.

"Luna is it you!" asked William. He knew that Luna could enter in people's dreams, since she already entered in one of his. "What's happening!?"

The princess barely could talk, she didn't knew how a nightmare can do this things to a real pony, until she realized: "William still has all that magic! With all of that power he could unconsciously create entities like the Tantabus!" she thought.


"W-Wi-William" said the mare almost fainting "If he kills me he-here I'll d-die in the real world."

"Leave her!" said William rushing to Owlen to punch him on the face, but Owlen just levitated him away.


"William." said Luna. "He only has as much power as you choose to gave him. Use your magic to... Mhp." her mouse was closed by a black aura.


William was about to close his eyes to avoid seeing the horrors that Owlen was about to show him, when he remembered: "I've Luna's magic!"

Owlen was about to sink his claws into Luna's face, when a blue light beam throw him away.

"Never! I said, NEVER! Touch her again." William shouted to Owlen as Luna fainted to the floor.


"I know." William said confident of himself.

Owlen rushed to him almost like an animal hunting its prey. But when his claw was about to hit William on the face, William grab it, and then threw the whole body of Owlen into the ground.

Then his hand glow, and he use it to seal Owlen in the ground until he couldn't be seen. And with that quick movement, Owlen banished from sight.

After recovering the calm William ran quickly to Luna, and tried to wake her up. As he was doing this, the absolute darkness of the dream was slowly replaced by a sky full of stars, and a floor that reflected that as a mirror.

"Luna! Luna! Wake up! Wake up!"

"Umm... what just happened?" said the mare before noticing William. "William! Are you ok, that thing almost killed me! It could have killed you as well, I wasn't sure that you could deal with..."

She stopped before the tide hug William gave her. For that instant all their fears were gone, just for that single instant.

"What was that thing?" asked William, breaking the silence.


"So this 'Tantabus' you faced before, is similar to Owlen."

"Yes." said the mare. "Although he was more sapient, and more brutal than the Tantabus."

"But... he is gone, right?"

"I think so." answered Luna. "But that thing was formed from your negative feelings, your fear, your anger, your hate. I came to this dream to comfort you, and wipe out your fears, although the reality I founded was even more dark than I though. I don't know if I can do this alone."

"What do you mean with 'alone'?"

"I know some ponies that could help with your problem" stated Luna. "In fact, you already met one of them: Fluttershy."

"If you say so Luna." William said with a mixed expression on his face.

"Trust me." the mare said. "They are amazing, they are the elements of harmony!"

"The what of harmony?" William asked.

"Oh sorry, I forgot that you missed a lot of what happened, but I know that with enough time you'll get all the important info!" she declared. "In fact, I'll wake up and wrote a letter to one of them."

"Ok." said William before the princess of the night banished in front of him. "I trust you Luna."

He lay down on the reflecting floor as he watched the stars in his dream. Now he remembered almost everything that happened those years he raised Tia and Luna, he know that at least they had not forgotten him, and most importantly, he had hope. The dream lasted a few hours more until it dissolved as the sun began to rise in the morning.

"Today is a new day." he said. "And at least the 'elements' could help me.

Meanwhile, in William's subconscious, Owlen was trapped, but still angry.


Chapter IV - Meeting a legend.

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It was 7:00 AM on ponyville, and Twilight Sparkle was sleeping on her castle's bedroom very peacefully. For one time in a long time, she didn't stay awake at night to read a book, she didn't had to go to other city to solve a friendship problem, no major issues were going on on ponyville, and princess Celestia didn't send any...

"Twilight! Twilight! Wake up!" said his faithful assistant. "I just erupted a letter from the princess!"


"Ugh, Spike, what did you say?" said the purple alicorn while trying to wake up. "Sorry, I wasn't listening."

"A letter from princess Luna!" shouted Spike. "I was sleeping, when I erupted this letter with the moon seal instead of the sun's seal, so I guess is from princess Luna."

"Princess Luna!?" asked the alicorn jumping off the bed. "Writing me a letter? That's weird. She never send me a letter before, you think something happened to princess Celestia!?"

"Well, let's see. Ehem." the young dragon cleared his voice before breaking the moon seal on the roll, and started reading it. "Dear princess Twilight.
Yesterday something unexpected, but wonderful happened. A very old friend of me and my sister appeared suddenly in our land.
You know this 'person' in the legends by the name of 'William Tyler', and before you ask, yes, he is the one from the legends. Although me and my sister were extremely happy to see him again, one of my interventions to his dreams revealed that he is going through a lot of sadness. I'll certainly appreciate if you could came here to Canterlot with your friends so you can cheer him up.
Also don't forget to bring as many history books as you can. He asked me to give him all the information of what happened in all this years he wasn't with us. Also, if you have any doubts, I'll be more than happy to answer them face to face.
P D Fluttershy is already here, so don't worry about her."

Twilight's brain stopped working for a moment, William! The William from the legend! If this was true, everything that she theorized about equestria's formation was wrong, humans existed...or exist, and the greatest hero of the whole world needed her help!

"I don't get it." the dragon spoke. "Who is this 'William'?"

"Who is William!?" replied the mare. "Nopony reads books anymore!? William is a hero from a legend even older than equestria's formation! In that legend we ponies came from humans, a magic-less species, but with an incredible well developed technology! He saved the world from one of their kind, that kidnapped and tortured Celestia and Luna when they where just fillies! And wanted to use their magic to shape the world at his will. But then William came, and since he was a pure soul, Luna gave her magic to him so he could face him and save the world from his tyranny.

"And who was that evil human?" asked Spike.

"Well...the legend is not clear with that part, as well as so many others like, how exactly ponies descend from humans? what happened to their technology? Or what happened to William?, I honestly never believed that that legend was true beacouse of all those inconsistencies. But if princess Luna is calling me and my friends to meet him that means that he is real! REAL!" shouted the princess.

"So... I should call the girls or..."

"Yes! Call them!" spoke Twilight cheerfully. "Go and search for Rarity and Pinkie, I'll go to Applejack and Rainbow Dash. We'll meet at the the castle!" said the princess flying away from her room at a tremendous speed.

"Wait, NOW!?" asked Spike.

"Yes now!" shouted the alicorn from the distance. "I'm gonna meet William! I'm gonna meet William!..."

"Well then." said the dragon, only wishing to return to sleep. "This William should be really important. I never saw Twilight so altered beacouse of a legend, since the time we first arrived ponyville."

William was starting to wake up, and as soon as he watched the castle like decorated roof, he remembered where he was.

"Oh no, all of that happened!" said him with a scared voice. "My species is really extinguished, I'm the last human, and my family died a long time ag..."

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! His phone alarm of the morning started to ring at that moment.

"Well, I guess my inner clock its still working. Now, time to turn that thing off."

He extended his arm to try to reach his cellphone, but before his hand could touch it, a light blue aura enveloped the device, and levitated it into his hand.

"What the..." was all William managed to say before remembering that he had magic now. "Oh that's cool! At least not everything is terrible in this situation." he thought while turning off the alarm.

He stand up, and tried his new ability on his black coat that he left last night on a nearby chair. It took it some minutes to figure out how to lift it at will, but the satisfaction he had after he saw the levitating coat dressing him, was something that even with his recovered memory, he never experienced before.

He went out of the bedroom, and started making his way to the dining room to get breakfast. Last night, Celestia told him that a very good breakfast will be served for him in the morning, and even though the idea of being treated as royalty make him a little uncomfortable, he was still very hungry since the only thing he ate, or drunk in the last 48 hours was a cup of Fluttershy's tea. And he loved to eat a lot of food.

He also liked the idea of getting lost in that big palace, he always loved being lost. Mazes, new cities, buildings, all of those kind of places. The idea of exploring, making your way out of those places, the adrenaline, and loosing the fear to the new place. All of those things you normally don't notice when you get lost, it was like an adventure!

Besides, he had plenty of time, and if he didn't manage to make it to the dining room, he could always ask to some perso... 'pony' where it was. Yeah there are only ponies on earth now.

He tried his best to forget the problem as he walked to the beautiful hallways of the castle. It looked like the castle Celestia draw for him when she was a little colt, the walls, the design, everything, although that drawing was nothing compared to this building, it was... almost unreal.

"So William is real!" shouted Pinkie pie. "And he is here on equestria! He is like the greatest hero of all times! I need to make him a party! I need to bring him gifts! I need to..."

"Calm down Pinkie!" spoke Rarity. "He just reappeared after thousands of years, and you wanna scare him with a party!?"

"Well, actually, Luna requested us, so we can cheer him up," Twilight spoke, "so I think that a party is not a bad idea, but maybe not today Pinkie." she said while grabbing tons of big volumes about equestrian history, magic, old legends, etc. In her saddlebag. Without her new alicorn magic it would be impossible to carry all of those books in there.

"I can't believe it! I can't believe it!" my childhood hero is needing my help!" said Rainbow Dash from above her friends. "I say... our help, he he."

"Are you sure this isn't some kind of joke Twilight?" asked Applejack. "From what I heard, he is just that, a legend."

"I don't think so," Twilight responded, "look at what was included on the letter!" she shouted while levitating a photo of William alongside the princesses and Fluttershy.

"Whoa! Let me see! Let me see!" shouted the hyperactive pink mare. "Oh! He looks exactly like the legends!"

At this, the cowpony froze for a moment, before returning to its senses.

"So what are we waiting!" spoke the orange mare. "Let's go and meet him!"

William was still wandering through the castle, admiring the architecture, the roof, the floor, the windows, the... stained glasses?

Oh, they were unexpected, but welcomed. They seemed to tell parts of this ponies history, although he didn't recognize almost any of the images, one of them caught his attention.

It was of a pony similar to Luna, but more scary, being blasted away by another six ponies.

"Maybe that was the tantabus." he thought.

He continued his exploration through the castle, trying not to think on the problem, when he heard a very authoritarian and royal-like voice calling him from behind.

"Hey you!" a white unicorn shouted from behind. "Could I know what a bipedal monster is doing on my castle?"

William turned himself to be face to face with the stallion.

"Um, this... I was just trying to find the dining room" William said on a low voice.

"Creatures like you are not allowed on my castle!" spoke the blond, white stallion. "I'm prince Blueblood! Nephew of princess Celestia! How did you get in?"

"Well, mr. Blueblood, in fact Celestia was the one that let me stay here last night, so I guess tha..."

"Liar! Liar! She'll never let in a creature like you! Now get out of my sight before I call the guards!"

"But I'm telling the truth!" said William. "Listen mr. I understand that my appearance could be a little weird for ponies, but that doesn't give you the right to... HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?"

William was lifted by the stallion's magic, and began to fly to a nearby window.

"This will teach you to respect your superiors!" shouted Blueblood. "Now return to the dark forest from where you came from! Stupid creature!"

"PUT ME DOWN! PUT ME DOWN!" William was shouting with no response from the stallion. "I SAID, PUT ME DOWN!" he shouted, as he fired blue magical beams directly to Blueblood's position, which make him fly to the other part of the hallway, and crash into a window.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" shouted the stallion as he fell to the castle gardens.

"Ups." said William as he returned to the ground.

Fluttershy was at the castle gardens, re-meeting the animals that were there. She had a little bit of time before taking breakfast with William and the princesses, and she wanna use that time apologizing to all the animals there beacouse of the night of the grand galloping gala.

"I'm so sorry for what I did that night my friends. All that pressure of having the greatest night possible turned me into a monster. And I'm really sorry for all that chaos I was responsible of creating."

"AHHHHH! UFF!" said Blueblood as he crashed on the floor of the castle gardens.

"Oh Celestia!" shouted the mare softly. "What are you doing Blueblood!?"

"That monster! That stupid bipedal! He has no respect for his superiors! I'm gonna call the..." he said before fainting into the ground.

"Wait, bipedal? Could it be?" she thought as she began to lift the ground, and fly to the broken window.

"William!" she shouted. "What happened!?"

"He attacked me! Grabbed me with magic, and then I... well, blast him away accidentally." he said a little ashamed of himself.

"I saw that, but how?"

"Well... did you remember that Luna gave me half of her magic."

"Oh that's why." said Fluttershy with a laugh. "Oh and don't worry about him, it was just one floor, he'll survive. Also he kind of deserves it beacouse of the idiot he is."

"Oh so he is like that to everypony. But wait it's Celestia's nephew! so that means..."

"No no no no, it's not that, he is kind of adopted."

"Oh I see." William spoke. "Sorry for asking, but, Did you know where's the dining room?"

Celestia and Luna were waiting for William and/or Fluttershy to appear to have breakfast. They didn't wanna disturb William's sleep, since for his point of view, he didn't sleep in about 30 hours, so they waited patiently. Then they patience was rewarded.

"And here is the dining room" said Fluttershy as William entered inside.

"Thank you Fluttershy." said the human. "Good morning Tia! Good morning Luna!"

"Good morning William!" said Celestia. "I can see that your memory has returned."

"Yes, thank you for that."

"It was nothing," Luna spoke, "now, if your memory returned you'll certainly remember this!" she said while pointing a hoof to a plate full of pancakes with honey.

"Those are for me!?" asked William, this was his favorite breakfast. "Really?"

"Yes." answered Celestia. "Since you don't eat hay, and the royal chefs didn't know how to make pancakes without it, I had to make them personally."

"What!? You don't eat hay?" asked Fluttershy.

"Nope, no human could without getting an indigestion." he answered.

"Well, I think that we are all very hungry now, so let's eat!" Celestia spoke.

William took a seat, and immediately started the assault on his pancakes. They were exactly the way he used to make them for Tia and Luna, when they were colts.

"It seems that somepony learned how to cook." William said while devouring his food.

"Well, I learned from the best chef ever." Celestia said with a smile on her face. William taught her how to cook years ago, and she always wanted to thank him for that. Maybe this was the best way she could, since William loved eating.

"Also, may I tell you something that happened on my way here?"

The four of them continued eating and chatting with a renewed joy, until somepony entered the room screaming his words.

"Aunt Celestia! Aunt Celestia!" shouted Blueblood as he entered the room. "You gotta help me! There is a monster in the castle! He tried to attack me! He tried to..." he stopped talking as soon as he noticed William. "There it is! There it is! He wants to steal our food! He wants to..."

"Enough Blueblood!" Celestia shouted. "He already told me the truth. How dare you to treat our closest friend like that!"

"Your closest friend!?" asked the stallion with fear in his voice.

"He is William." Luna spoke.

With this new information, the expression on Blieblood's face changed to one of absolute horror.

"W-Wi-William!?" he spoke.

"There it goes my name again."William thought, he didn't like to see his name used to cause fear, even if that idiot deserves it, so he spoke.

"Don't worry mr." William quickly said. "As long as you apologize, I see no problem on forgiving you."

"Oh y-yes sir, I-I'm tr-truly sorry for what I did." he spoke. "It wasn't m-me. If you can excuse me I'll leave you alone with the princesses." he said as he quickly escaped from the room.

"You'll let him leave!?" Luna spoke. "After how he treated you!?"

"Luna, you know that revenge isn't my style."

"BUT IT'S SURELY MY STYLE!" shouted Owlen from William subconcious, although not even him was able to hear him.

Twilight and her friends were arriving at Canterlot's castle at 12:05 P M, all of them very excited to meet William, but also worried about him.

"Princess Luna stated on her letter that he is going through a very hard time," Rarity spoke, "what do you think that happened to him?"

"Honestly, I don't know Rarity." Twilight answered. "But since we are the elements of harmony, I think that we could help him!"

They entered the castle, and followed luna's instructions at the P P D to meet with her and William at the throne room at 12:20 P M. They were extremely excited about this moment, specially Rainbow, that was about to meet his childhood hero, the only being in equestria that she considered more awesome than herself, although she would never admit it.

They entered the throne room, and then, they saw him. William. It was just as the legends described him; black hair, bipedal figure, very very tall, and with his black coat.

He was at the throne room with Luna, apparently waiting for them. For a minute, nopony said a word that would kill the the delicate silence, until Twilight spoke up.

"Oh my Celestia! Is William!"

Chapter V - Welcome to Equestria and thank you for saving us party!

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It was 3:00 PM at Canterlot's castle, and William has experienced one of the craziest things he never though he would ever live, well... besides turning once into a pony when he got infected of coronavirus.

He was with Twilight Sparkle at Canterlot's library. She was helping him to study all the history that he needed in order to live a 'normal' life on equestria. As well as he was teaching her everything from his lost civilization; technology, politics, economics, etc.

"You know Twilight," William spoke while closing the book he was reading, "I just don't know how to act in these situation."

"What do you mean?" Twilight asked.

"I mean, everything. The magic, my past, my friends and relatives deaths, the extinction of my race..." he said with a sad tone on his voice.

"I, um... well..." Twilight started talking, although she wasn't exactly sure of what to say to the great and brave William, until she remembered than he was not exactly as the legends describe him, and that was the reason she and her friends were with him. "...That's why me and my friends are here! To make you feel better."

"Don't get me wrong Twilight." he said. "But what exactly are you and your friends supposed to do? I know that you have the best intentions, but if you can't go back in time, I doubt that you could do anything."

"Well I can't go back in time, without causing 100 paradoxes, but me and my friends are the elements of harmony! I'm sure than we can help you."

"If you say so." William stated. "By the way, what are those elements?"

"Oh, I forgot to teach you that!" Twilight shouted. "How could I forgot to teach you the magic of friendship?"

"The magic of what?"

"Well, let me explain. The elements of harmony are six magical stones that come from the tree of harmony."

"But you and your friends don't look as stones." he said

"That's beacouse we are just the ones linked to them." she spoke. "They are: Generosity, Kindness, Honesty, Laugh, Loyalty and Magic. And when they are combined, they create the most powerful magic of all times! The magic of friendship."

"But there was no thing as a tree of harmony 20000 years ago, so, where it comes from?"

"From what Celestia told me, the magic of the elements is not only even older than equestria, but perhaps even more older than herself."

"Wait," William said with astonishment, "are you telling me..."

"The tree was just hidden from society most of the time." Twilight spoke. "And since humans existed, the tree was also hidden from them as well."

"What!" William shouted at that revelation. "If that's true, magic was real even before Tia and Luna!"

Twilight stared at him for a moment, she never heard somepony with enough courage to refer Celestia as Tia, other than princess Luna herself. But then she remembered who he was, and what Celestia mean to him. "Maybe, that's where your father originally discovered magic."

"Yeah, maybe." he said. "By the way, what are your friends doing out there?"

"Quick! Quick!" Pinkie Pie shouted. "Pass me the table decorations!"

"Here," Rarity spoke, "these are pretty, and according to Celestia, blue is his favourite color."

The rest of the elements were making a 'welcome to equestria and thank you for saving us party'. Yeah, Pinkie's name. It wasn't that big since Celestia warned Pinkie not to exceed herself, but it was comfy and familiar enough for William's preferences. It was the way the friends and the princesses had to say 'thank you' to him.

Celestia and Luna entered the room, and saw the result of the preparation and organization of Pinkie's decoration. They still don't know how she does it, but not even the royal staff was able to make such things as the pink mares parties.

"Well done Pinkie!" Celestia spoke. "Now the only thing left is the food."

"Don't worry princess, I'll..." Applejack began to speak.

"Don't bother yourself Applejack." The white alicorn spoke. "Since William can't eat most of the things we ponies normally eat, I'll take care of his dinner personally."

Celestia teleported herself to the castle's kitchen. She knew exactly what to make for William. Lasagna, his favorite food. She started the preparation of the plate, and went into an already advanced state of the cooking process, when she found the biggest issue, meat.

For obvious reasons, she didn't have any meat in the castle, and by this point, all the animals on earth have become sapient beacouse of her magic, so killing them would be an atrocity.

"Oh no." she thought. "I know how much he hates vegetarian lasagna, so that isn't an option." she continued struggling her brain, until after a while, she found a solution that William and the animal lover pegasus will enjoy.

"Great Celestia! Great! This time, your creativity transfer all the limits!" she said with a smile.


"You said something Twilight?" William asked.

"What? No, why do you ask?" she spoke.

"I could almost swear that I heard a voice."

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! His same alarm from yesterday triggered in that moment.

"Ah!" Twilight shouted as William deactivated it once and for all. "What the hay is that!?"

"It's just a cellphone. I think you ponies don't have these anymore. It would be pretty useful in the past, but now it's pretty much a relic."

"Wait." Twilight said after a second of watching the screen. "That thing can display words! Text! Books!"

"Well, yes; but I don't have any book in this device." William spoke. "But I've this!" he said while pulling out 'The little prince' of his coat.

"I can't believe it!" Twilight shouted. "Human literature! It's impossible! It's incredible! May I see it?"


"Oh wow!" she exclaimed. "The little prince huh, and is it good?"

"Is the best book of all times." William answered. "If you want, you can borrow it for a while."

"Really!" the mare said with disbelief. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Just then, the doors of the room they were in opened, and a cyan pegasus called over to William and Twilight.

"Hey you two book eaters! The princess wants to show William something."

"Ok." the two of them said in an instant, as they followed the cyan mare to the room the party was in preparation.

During the walk, Rainbow Dash couldn't stop staring at his childhood hero as he walked, and in two legs! She contained herself all the time that she could, but eventually her curiosity was enough to make her ask.

"So, William." Rainbow spoke. "Do you still have all that magic from Luna?"

"Well..." he said while raising his hand in order to levitate himself a few centimeters of the ground for a few amount of seconds. "I think than the answer is yes. It feels weird, but awesome at the same time!"

"Oh cool!" the flying mare answered. "And, until now, what do you think about equestria?"

"Well... I've to say that from what I read on the books that Twilight showed to me, the kingdom that Tia formed in my absence is a very peaceful one. I like it!"

"Oh great! And just wait until you see cloudsdale!" she spoke.

"Hoping to visit it later." he stated.

The three of them continued on the way that Rainbow Dash indicated, until they arrived at the door that contained a party behind. Then, a golden aura enveloped the handle and opened it, revealing all the ponies that were behind the surprise, as they shouted:


William felt a joy that he didn't know it was possible. After all those years of absence, Tia and Luna still remember him. Tears of happiness began to fall from his eyes, as his mouth began to move. "I-I don't know what to say." he started to speak, as he contemplated the detailed decorations that were exactly the way he once told Tia he would like a party. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

"You are welcome." Luna replied.

The little party was one of the best ones William has ever experienced, and he enjoyed the chatting, the music, the decorations, and everything. Then the moment of eating arrived, and Celestia appeared with a sudden flash with the plate for William.

"Is that a," William spoke, already smelling it, "lasagna!"

"Yes, it is." answered the white alicorn. "Just as you use to cook it when I was a child."

William tried his new abilities on the plate, and levitate it very close to his position. But then, the yellow mare saw what was inside the lasagna.

"Is-is th-that, meat!?" she almost shouted in horror, and William, who was about to start devouring his treasure, froze in fear of what his new friends might think of his diet.

But then Celestia came to the rescue. "Don't worry Fluttershy. Although this plate contains meat, I can assure you that no animal was injured in the preparation."

"So then how did you make it?" William asked.

"It is something that you always wished to be real, and I wasn't sure than I could make it, but I did it! It's artificial meat!" Said the white mare with excitement. "It is easier to make, healthier for you, and it's even more tasty!"

"Oh that's a relief." Fluttershy spoke. "Wait, your species eats meat! Where did you get it 20000 years ago!?"

"Oh Fluttershy." Luna spoke. "This would take a while to explain."

"I was this close to be hated for life!" said William while going to his room in the castle.

"At least me and Tia came to rescue the night." Luna joked. "Well, did you have a good day after all?"

"Yes, it was pretty nice." William said with a smile. "And, Luna, can I ask you something?"

"Yes William."

"Now that I have this magic, I want to know how to use it. And I wanna know beyond simple levitation! Could you ask Tia if she could teach me magic?"

"Well, she is very occupied with her royal duties, in fact, she had to make some serious modifications to her schedule to make that party. But I know that her faithful student Twilight, would be more than happy to teach you."

"*Yawn* Really? *yawn*" he said.

"Yes really!" the blue mare spoke. "But I can see than you are very tired. Why you don't start that tomorrow?"

"Good idea *yawn*. Well, good night Luna!"

"Good night William! Don't forget that I'll be guarding your dreams tonight, just to make sure that Owlen really banished."

After they finished the good nights, William went to his new/temporal bed to get some rest. Rest that he immediately founded.

Meanwhile, Luna appeared in the same peaceful dream of the last night. Ready to guard William from Owlen, if he was still out there, but since the dream occurred peacefully, she assumed that Owlen had really banished.


Chapter VI - A unicorn is teaching me magic.

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The days passed, and at first, Twilight was very surprised and nervous about me asking her to teach me magic. She though that I already know how to use it at will, thing that is far from being true, since for me, I have magic for a few days ago.

Eventually, she accepted. I asked Tia and Luna if I may live on Twilight's castle for learning magic. They were surprised at first; but since I practically finished school, and always wanted to study in university, I was looking forward to this, so I told them that I would see them on the weekend and went back to ponyville. The only thing that was nothing like I pictured on my mind, was the career that I would study. Magic. Although I already knew it existed, and saw it on action several times.

As the days turned in a week, I was already making progress with my magic management; I learned how to levitate very heavy objects, make my hands glow blue, and other kind of simple stuff.

Twilight was extremely kind to me, and when we weren't having classes, she would ask me everything about how the world was before the ponies. As well as I would ask her everything about what ponies did to the world in my 20000 years of absence.

She ended 'The little prince' very quickly, and when she finished it, she asked me questions like 'how he could breathe out in space', or 'how he could talk to flowers', and 'what is a plane'.

I ended up explaining tons of the metaphors that she didn't get, as well as all the 'human' things on it. And when she understand them, she ended up saying:

"You know, I prefer to think of the history in a more literal way."

"Yeah, me too." I responded. "But that story is completely impossible."

"Well I don't think so." the mare said. "Since magic was real even before Celestia and Luna, the author of the book could perfectly found the real little prince."

"Well, maybe you have a point. The author indeed flied on a plane that crashed on the sahara desert and..." I stopped talking at the moment than I realized that Twilight was right, and that the little prince could be up there at B612. That would certainly be amazing.

"And?" she asked.

"I guess that you could be right, although there isn't a real way to prove your theory. All I can say is that I never saw once that a story like this ended up being true."

"But I did!" the purple alicorn shouted. "Like the tale of 'the mare at the moon'."

"The what?" I asked.

"When I was a filly, the moon was the prison of princess Luna, after she was corrupted by darkness, and transformed into nightmare moon. For the rest of the ponies it was just a legend for colts, but I paid attention to a legend that stated that, after 1000 years, she would break the seal, overthrown princess Celestia, and bring eternal night, and that's exactly what happened."

"Wait, Luna did WHAT!" I shouted, shocked by the fact that the filly that I helped to raise, was capable of something like that, and against her own sister!

"Yes, it did," Twilight spoke, "but don't worry, she was already forgiven, and is back to the light."

"And how is she now back at her original form?" I asked

"Well, that was the first time I and my friends used the elements of harmony. We found them on the ruins of the castle of the 2 sisters, and become the new elements."

I processed all this new information, and after a while, I only had 2 more things to say.

"You know what Twilight, I forgive her too. All peop... ponies, can make mistakes. But, I have a question."

"Go ahead."

"If the ponies didn't believe it, and it was only 1000 years old, then how they know my legend so well?"

"Well, the thing is." Twilight begin her answer. "That Celestia did everything on her power to maintain your legend alive. And even though she always said that it was 100% true, it was so old and unverifiable that some ponies began to doubt of it, until well... now."

After that chatting, and a good pasta based dinner made by myself, I went to sleep. Tomorrow Friday, Twilight would see if all the amount of raw magic I produce can already be used for teleporting, and that was one of the things I am very excited to test.

However, after I got asleep, I was again in the same nightmare as the first day I returned to earth. The darkness, the cold, and him, Owlen.

"YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD GET RID OUT OF ME!" he shouted, as he began to run to me again. "YOU ARE TO WEAK TO BE LEFT ALIVE! NOW DIE!"

But before he could do anything to me, I blasted him into the floor with al my mind and magical power. Before I knew it, the peace returned to my mind once again, and I was able to sleep well.

"I should probably ask Luna about this, as well as what the hay was she thinking with that thing of 'eternal night'." I thought as I flied with my imagination through the stars.


I woke up, and went immediately to the kitchen to make my breakfast. Nothing too special; just some eggs, orange juice, and bread. Those where the only things hay and flower free on the kitchen, so I guess that it would do it.

Since Twilight's clases were after 12:00. I went for a walk at the town. The ponies already hear about me being real, and being at their town; but still, they stared at me like I was some kind of celebrity, which technically I am, but I don't like to be treated as one.

I went directly to Fluttershy's home. I wanted to make sure than she doesn't hate me for eating meat. Although she didn't shouted anything rude to me, I always had troubles to figure out what people are thinking; and since this is a completely different culture, I don't wanna leave a bad impression on her.

Her home was in the outer part of the town. It looked as comfy as I remembered from my first day on equestria. I approached to the door, and knock it softly 3 times.

"Um, h-hi Fluttershy. It's me, William."

At first I feared that nopony would answer me, but then that fear was wiped out as I heard the noise of flapping wings approaching to the door. Then the door opened, revealing the yellow pegasus I was looking for.

"Who is it?" she spoke before noticing me. "Oh it's you William! What brings you here?"

"Well, I just wanted to know if... you don't hate me."

"Why would I do that!" she shouted. "You are one of the most kind beings in the whole world."

"Well, since I... eat m..." I couldn't finish my sentence, luckily she did it for me.

"What, meat? Oh! That's what you are worried about. Don't worry, so many of the animals I take care of eat it, and if what Celestia told me is true, most of the animals of your era are not even close to sapient. Also, she showed me how she did the artificial meat, and I have to say that is in fact very impressive."

"Oh, it's good to hear that. Well I guess that I'm just disturbing, I'll leave you at peace."

"Oh no, no no no, you are no disturbance. If you want, you can come inside." she said as she opened her door completely.

"Thanks." I said as I get inside the house. "I just hope not to interrupt anyt..." then I froze before what was in front of my eyes. It was a lot bigger than the last time I saw him, but there he was; as amorphous, impossible, and anti natural. Discord.

"Fluttershy! Who dares to disturb our tea part..." he tried to speak before dropping his tea cup into the floor.

"What's wrong." the mare asked to no one in particular.

"W-Wi-William!" Discord shouted. "I-I heard the rumors but... it's really you!?"

"Yes, it is, Discord." I spoke.

"Oh, it looks that you already know yourselves." Fluttershy spoke, remembering the story that princess Celestia told her.

"Indeed Fluttershy, he my dear friend William."

"Yes, 'friend' like that time you break free from Osvaldo's lab, and put the whole city upside down; and me, Tia and Luna, had to design a plan to stop you."

"Oh common!" Discord said. "You can't blame a child for having fun! Besides, I've changed for the good since the last time we met, now I just live a peaceful life!" he said as he make appear a tiny, younger version of himself in the palm of his claw, and throw it as far as he could.

"Don't worry William." Fluttershy said to me. "I know that Discord can do lot of horrible things, but when he means that he changed, he really means it."

"Yeah my friend William, why you don't join us for tea? I think that you will enjoy it." said the draconequs.

I decided to join them. At first, I wasn't so convinced that the chaotic Discord could be contained by that lovely pegasus, but as the conversation went on, I noticed that even though he is still chaotic, he is a good... being.

"...And I didn't know how to present them." I spoke. "Beacouse, how often you can present 2 impossible talking creatures to your mom, and ask her to take care of them."

RING! RING! RING! My phone alarm triggered in that moment.

"You forgot to turn that thing off?" Fluttershy asked.

"No, this alarm was an advise to return to the castle. It seems that my magic lessons with Twilight will start soon."

"Then, well... goodbye my old friend." Discord stated. "At least it was good to see you around town. You haven't change in absolute!"

"And you changed a lot." I spoke.

"Well, then have a nice day William." Fluttershy said with a smile on her face. "It was nice to have you on our tea party. And you can came back whenever you want!"

"I'll do. See you later!" I said while standing up, and heading to the door.

"Try it again!" Twilight spoke to me. "Focus your magic, and picture in your mind the place that you wanna be. Also take in account than, the farther the place is, the harder it would be to succeed on the spell, so try to just go to the guest room you are sleeping."

"Ok, ok." I spoke, while trying to teleport myself for the 50th time.

I wasn't achieving the spell, and 3 hours have past already; so this time I wanted to try something different. Since I love physics, I tried something that I'm more familiar with. I closed my eyes, and tried to picture the space between me and my room; I tried to imagine the space like an ocean, an ocean that I could bend with my mind to be more close to my destination.

I opened my eyes, to find an astonished Twilight looking at what I have done. I, somehow, opened a blue portal in front of me. A portal that revealed the room I sleep on my week of magical training.

"Wow!" Twilight shouted. "How did you do that! It's a very weird way to use magic."

"I don't know. I just faced magic as a mathematical problem." I said while going through the magical opening, entering my room and returning through the portal.

"I have to tell princess Celestia about this!" she said as the portal closed itself. "I can only imagine how she will react to this kind of magical creativity!"

"Go ahead." I told to her. "I'm very tired right now. You mind if I go to sleep? Magic can be very exhausting."

"No problem." she spoke.

I repeated the process I followed, and opened the same portal to my room; entered it, and collapsed into the bed as well as the portal.

"Wow! That's still very amazing!" I heard Twilight said before the portal closed itself.

Chapter VII - Return to 'home'.

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It was 7:02 am, and William was wondering through town. It wasn't the first time, but it still felt weird; he had seen this ponies before when Tia and Luna were just fillies, but never at this big scale.

Anyways, he had to go to carrousel boutique, since Celestia asked Rarity to make some clothes for him, and by now, they should be ready. The ponies were a little more familiar with his presence, but still stared at him with amazed faces, some of them even breaking the stranger-to-stranger contract, and thanking him for what he did 20000 years ago.

"It's curious." he thought. "When I was a kid, I always wanted to save the world; and now that I actually did it feels incredibly weird. I just never thought of myself as a celebrity."

He was thinking of all this thing when he almost stumbled with a filly that was in front of him.

"Oh, sorry little one."

"No problem, it was just an accide..." the yellow filly said, until she noticed who was talking to her. The bipedal figure, the black coat, that white-pink color skin, the absence of fur. He was William! The one that her sister told her about. "Are you William!"

"Yes. I'm that obvious?" he said with a sarcastic smile.

"Well, yes!" the filly spoke. "According to my big sister, you are the only human in equestria."

"Well, you have a point, I'm." William said with a sad tone on his voice, until he realized. "Wait, how did you know that I was in equestria?"

"My sister Applejack told me." the young one said with excitement.

"Applejack? Oh, so you must be Applebloom, her little sister."

"How do you know my name!"

"Well, your sister told me a little bit about you." William spoke.

"So it's true! Are you really the William from the legends!?"

"Yes, I'm." he said.

"And it's true that humans don't posses a cutie mark!?" Applebloom asked.

"Yes, it's true. Twilight told me about your marks in your flanks, and nope, humans never had nothing like it."

The answer hit the filly like a bullet. "So then, how do you know your special talent!?"

"I don't need a mark to tell that my special talent is physics!" William said with a new smile forming on his face, result of remembering his physics teacher. "Although, after all the events involving magic, I've to rewrite half of what humans knew."

"So now... your special talent is useless!?" Applebloom said with horror on her eyes.

"That's far to be true, although magic can alter physics, it doesn't mean that I can't study magic from a physical perspective!"

"Wait!" shouted the yellow filly after she remembered something. "Our school teacher asked us that for next week's Friday, every group of 3 students must present a project about an heroical historical figure; and I was wondering, you are the most heroic historical figure I could think of! Maybe you could come and be part of our presentation!"


"Well yes, remember it's a groups project, my friends are on my group as well. Will you like to help us?" she said with a cute voice and face.

"This... em..." William spoke, not sure of what to say.

"Please." Applebloom repeated with the most begging eyes she could show. Eyes
with a soft orange tone that remembered William about his sister's eyes.

"No problem." he finally spoke. "We can meet again on Monday afternoon at Sweet apple acres."

"Really!?" Applebloom shouted. "Oh thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Oh wait, I've to tell the crusaders!" she said as she trotted out of the place in search for her friends. "Goodbye and thank you William."

After that short but entertaining encounter, William reached carrousel boutique. He step inside, which made a bell ring on top of the door, letting know Rarity that somepony, or in this case someone, arrived.

"Hello and welcome to carrousel boutique! If you wait..." the white unicorn said before noticing William. "Oh William! It's good to see you around here once again darling. I guess that you came for the clothing that the princess requested."

"Indeed, yes." the human responded.

"Well, I have to say that your anatomy was very tricky to work with, but I finally ended with this comfortable designs that I hope you enjoy." she said while levitating with her magic 2 bags full of clothes.

"Thanks Rarity." William said as he started to be the one that levitated the bags.

"I can see that you are getting better at it darling." she said. "I knew Twilight could be an amazing teacher!"

"He is," William said, "now, if you will excuse me I've to change clothes. Even if I washed this clothes I'm wearing, doesn't mean than I like the idea of wearing the same thing over and over again."

"Neither I will. So then, see you later William!" the mare said as William headed to the door.

"See you lateeeeeere!" William shouted as a yellow Filly went through the door, making him fall.

"Sweetie Bell! Sweetie Bell! You'll never guess who I found in the... Oh wait, is here!"

William didn't have time for more presentations. If he continued like this, he will lose his train to Canterlot.

"Sorry, I really have to go; my schedule is very occupied." he said as getting out of the floor

"No problem darling," the white mare said, "I'll take care of the excited fillies."

"Thank you Rarity." he said as he went out of the boutique. "Goodbye!"

It has been an hour since William left, and Rarity was in the middle of one of her brainstorm ideas for a new dress, suit, or hat; in reality, of whatever that comes out of it.

"But of what color?" she was thinking until she stumbled with something rectangular the floor.

She levitated it in front of her, and saw that it was a book. "The little prince? A book with a human on its cover? What the... Oh, this should be William's book! It must have fallen when Applebloom stumbled with him. I must send it to him through mailbox immediately!" she was about to envelop the book on an envelope, when just by curiosity, she decided to open the book and see what it contains.

She opened it on a random page, and then she stumbled with something that was exactly what she looked for.

"Oh this blue suit is beautiful! I'll really like to see William with one of these." she thought. "What else this book has?"

She went to the beginning, and what she saw, make some tears escape from her eyes. In the first page it stated on a blue mouthwritting: 'For Melissa and William, the 2 greatest joys in our lifes. With love. Mom and Dad'.

BEEEP! BEEEP! BEEEP! The alarm that indicated the moment in which William should have arrived to Canterlot triggered. He turned it off, waited for the train to stop, and went out of the train.

As he advanced through the beautiful city, he noticed that his phone's battery was now at 12%. The last thing of the human technology on earth was about to die, but at least it would die with honor, serving his owner until the last moments. Or at least until he figured out a way to charge it with magic.

He was about to enter the castle, but since he didn't want the reverences from the guards, he just opened a portal to the interiors of the massive construction. He went through it without thinking that much, but after appearing on the other side, he was received with a familiar voice behind him.

"I can see that your studies with Twilight are having... interesting results." Celestia spoke with a smile.

After some tabletop games; a dinner; and lots, of chatting; William was starting to feel happy about being again with her favourite friends/sisters/daughters Tia and Luna. The chatting was very enjoyable, until the 'Owlen' topic showed up.

"So, you think that Owlen is still inside your mind?" asked Luna.

"I don't think it, I saw him, he was... he was..." William spoke with difficulty.

"He wants revenge on us, right?" Celestia asked.

"How do you know?" the human asked.

"Since I spoke to much about unnecessary details, (Tantabus), I was forced to told Tia what I discovered of Owlen." the night princess spoke. "All the raw magic on your body is very unstable, and since magic is very liked to emotions, it caused that the emotional shock of appearing in equestria managed to destabilize your mind, ending on it dividing in 2 parts; the first, and most powerful one, it's you, that resembles the bond you have with us, and to any other living being, as well as most of your original personality, around 97% of it."

"And the other 3%?" William asked with a worried expression on his face.

"The other 3% is the part that decided to call himself 'Owlen'. It is composed of the blame and angry you are feeling for the extincion of humanity."

When Luna said the last part, William's face changed a bit, both sisters notice it, so Celestia said:

"It's ok William. We don't expect you to overcome it fully in just a week. Take all the time you want.

William broke into a deep and painful cry, while the two alicorns use their forelegs to give him a tide hug. The cry extended itself for another 16 minutes, until William stopped crying to ask:

"So, sniff, what should we do about Owlen?"

"For now, nothing!" declared the triumphant princess of the night.

"Nothing!?" William and Celestia seemed confused.

"You have full control of your mind, and every day that passes, he seems to become less and less powerful; so I think you are dealing with it very well. However, if you ever lose control over him, you can always request our help."

"If you say so." William declared.


Chapter VIII - Imperial visit.

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"Philomena!" William shouted. "It's still alive!"

They were at Canterlot's castle, and Celestia woke up William for a special weekend she and Luna were planning for him. They didn't spend time with William since 20000 years ago, and she wanted to recover some of the lost time. Before the visit, Luna gave Celestia the idea to show William an old friend from his past, Philomena. She conduced her friend to the room that Philomena occupied. As soon as she saw William, she flew right if front of him, and did some circles around him before landing on his arm. William stared at the mystical bird on his arm, it was the red phoenix that Celestia had as a pet. William could barely believe that Philomena, the injured bird that Celestia saved from death with her magic, was still alive to this days. Although he could expect that, since he knew Philomena was a phoenix.

"I knew that seeing another familiar face could cheer you up." Celestia spoke to her friend. "Also, it's alive beacouse she is a..."

"Phoenix, I know exactly what they are." William complemented. "I remember that when I first met her, she tried to burn me beacouse she thought I was dangerous to you and Luna."

"Skuark." the phoenix spoke gently, while lowering her face before William, like trying to say 'I'm sorry for that'.

"Don't worry Philomena, I already forgive you for that." he spoke.

"So, are you ready for the special day that I planned?" Celestia asked to the human.

"Yes," William responded, "but, where are we going?"

"Well, we have 1 day before you return to ponyville for your studies. So I thought that you might wanna met the Crystal Empire."

"What! An empire?" William asked a bit surprised. "And does it have good relationships with Equestria?"

"Don't worry William, is not the kind of empire that were on earth 20000 years ago. In fact, they don't even have an emperor; they are also ruled by an alicorn princess. Princess Cadence, a very old friend of mine."

"Wait, there are other alicorns? I thought that Twilight was the only new alicorn around here."

"Yes, she's an alicorn. She discovered the magic of love, so I decided to turn her into an alicorn as a reward."

"That's how it works?" William asked with a joking tone on his voice. "You create new magic and you are turned into an alicorn?"

"That's pretty much it." Celestia responded.

"Well, it makes sense to me." William spoke. "Ah! I was also wandering why is it called the 'Crystal' Empire."

"You'll see when we arrive there."

They were flying on the carriage that Celestia used for her personal transportation, Luna was also in the short
1 day visit to the empire.

William stared at the views that the flying carriage provided. They were beautiful views of a very snowy place, views that William loved for sure, but when they were arriving at the empire, William's jaw dropped.

The Crystal Empire was like an oasis of grassland in the middle of a pole, it also make honor to his name, since the houses, castle, and even the ponies were made of crystal.

"Wow, this is... amazing." he said.

"We knew that you would like it." Luna said.

The carriage descended in front of the main building of the empire, that William assumed that was the castle. They went down and pick up their baggage, not that they have to much of it anyways, and were immediately received with a kind and unknown voice for William.

"Celestia! Luna!" the voice said. "Is good to see you both again at the empire!"

William turned himself, and stared at the pink alicorn alongside a white unicorn stallion that was with her.

"Is good to see you too." said Celestia.

"No, the pleasure is mine." the pink mare said, then she noticed William. "Oh, and I guess that you are William."

"Indeed, and I guess that you are princess Cadence." he responded.

"Just Cadence is fine." she spoke. "I heard tons of things about you. And, I'm also sorry for what happened to you. You should feel guilty for what happened to the human race."

"In fact, yes." he responded. "Beacouse I'm kind of guilty for what happened there. If I arrived a little bit earlier I could..."

"Don't punish yourself that hard young man." the white stallion spoke. "You did everything you could, and I have to say that what you did all those years ago was amazing. You have no reason to be ashamed of yourself."

"Thanks mr. ..." William spoke.

"Shining Armour." he responded. "I'm captain of the royal guard, as well as the husband of Cadence."

"It's a pleasure mr. Shining armour."

"Well, if you don't mind, I could show you a little bit of the castle while they help you with your baggage." Cadence spoke, while pointing a hoof to some of the guards.

"No, don't bother yourself Cadence." William spoke. "It's just 1 backpack after all, I don't wanna bother you."

"It doesn't bother me." she responded. "At all."

"I understand, but I insist. I think I can manage 1 backpack."

"Ok then, but at least, let me show you the castle." the pink mare said with a smile.

"Ok." William said while picking up his new backpack from the carriage, courtesy of Rarity.


"What!" William shouted.

"What?" Cadence said with a worried expression on her face.

"Nothing, I think I heard something." William responded. "It must be just my imagination."

"Well, let's start. As you can see, this is the..."

Cadence took William to see all the interesting points of the castle. She showed him the crystal heart and its purpose, the throne room of the castle, the royal archives, and other stuff. William really enjoyed all of this, learning new things always kept his mind busy and away from the problems. That's what he did when his father got arrested, focus on his studies and try his best while doing them. Maybe he was repeating that tactic again with his magical studies with Twilight.

Meanwhile, Celestia and Luna were debating about 1 thing: Owlen.

"As you heard, I think that the voice that William heard was Owlen's voice from inside of his mind."

"But that's impossible!" her sister responded. "That would mean that he is getting stronger, not weaker."

"Listen, I know how it feels to have an evil entity inside of your mind, and that thing was clearly Owlen." Luna said with a worried expression on her face.

"So what we should do?"

"Well, we still have time to think what to do before it's too late and Owlen escapes into the real world." she responded. "When we get back to Canterlot we could start to search out for a way to kill Owlen once and for all. The important thing is to maintain his mind at peace."

"Ok, I'll advise Twilight that he would not go to her magic clases for a while."

"No!" Luna shouted. "You know William, learning new things keeps his mind busy and at peace. Disrupting his magical lessons, as well as his time with the elements is the worst thing that we could do."

"You are right at that. But if Owlen is even more powerful than the Tantabus, then how are we supposed to kill him without harming William?"

"We have to investigate." Luna said. "We have to investigate."

"AAAAAAHHH! DIE FOR ONCE STUPID WEAK COUNTERPART!" Owlen shouted wile using his claws in an attempt to kill William.

William was asleep again. After a long day of visiting the empire, he just crashed on the bed that Cadence provided. He just wished to have some rest, although Owlen had other plans for him.

"No!" William responded, while avoiding the claws that tried to kill him. "Maybe is time to test that little spell that I was practicing."

He concentrated a long fine stick of his blue magic, that materialized in front of him. He grabbed it with his right hand, and extended it in front of Owlen like a sword.

"If you are me, then you know how much I wanted to have my own lightsaber." he said.

After saying this, Owlen couldn't contain himself any longer. He unfolded his claws and tried very hard to murder William. In response, William used his new sword to block every single one of the claws that desperately wanted him dead. The intensity and speed of Owlen's attacks increased for every second that passed. William could barely avoid his death with his new blue blade, if this continued, he would die.

He tried to make an thrust to Owlen with his blade, although it was impossible, since, well... he was facing himself.

The only difference that William knew, was the fact that Owlen was too easy to anger. Then, the idea hit William: making Owlen angry.

"You know what!" he said while blocking a claw from peering in his eye. "Maybe it was for the best! Maybe humans were just some stupid bipedal monkeys!"

This statement really affected Owlen. His red and green eyes raged with fury.


This outrage from Owlen's part created a window of opportunity for William. Without thinking twice, he maneuvered his blade that severed through Owlen's head in a second.


After Owlen fainted, also did William. He was exhausted, even though it was all on his mind.

"That was... amazing!" Luna's voice said.

"Luna! Where were you?"

"I entered your dream 2 minutes ago. I was about to do an intervention, but you did better than I would ever could." the mare said. "But, you really don't mean those thing about humanity, right?"

"No, it was just a tactic for making him angry; I really don't mean those things. But what concerns me now is the fact that he would return, and when he does, maybe I wouldn't be this lucky. What would I do?"

"You would have our help." Luna said, and then, she gave William a hug.

William started to cry. He just wished to everything to return to normal; his school, his friends, his mother. All of that hunted William every second of every day, an it hurt; the pain was nothing like he faced before.

"Thank you Luna." he manage to say. "Thank you."

Chapter IX - School visit.

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I was back at ponyville. Luna told me that Owlen would be contained, at least for 1 more week, so I was more relaxed. I was still very afraid of what might happen if he gets out. "Could he kill Tia and Luna? Would everypony hate me after that? Would I still be me?"

I banished those thoughts apart. Luna said that she could find a solution, and the only thing she needed was time. In the meantime, I went to sweet apple acres to keep the promise I made to Applebloom. Luna said that if I went to do stuff that I enjoyed, that would give her even more time to came up with a solution. I shouldn't be afraid, right? I mean, she defeated the 'Tantabus' so I think that she could do the same with Owlen.

When I arrived, I was received by the orange earth pony with a hat called Applejack. When she saw me she said: "William! Long time I didn't see ya. What brings you here today?"

"Well, you see... you told me of your little sister Applebloom."

"Yeah, and?" she asked.

"I met her last week at the street, and I kinda promised her to help her and her friends with a school project."

"Oh yeah, she spoke about it last night.
I just thought that you might come later. She is in the tree house with the rest of the crusaders."


"Oh, right. You'll know when you get there."

After the encounter, she lead me to the club house of the 'crusaders'. During the trek I couldn't stop staring at the immense amount of trees that were planted there. I saw some farms back in my childhood, but never an apple farm with THIS amount of trees. It almost seemed like they would never end. It was a very enjoyable sight.

After a while, we arrived at the crusader's club house. It was nice and seemed comfy. It wasn't that small as I imagined though.

"Well, here we are." the mare beside me spoke. "Have fun with the girls."

And with that, she left me alone. I climbed the stairs and went to one side of it. I peered the interiors with my sight, and then I saw them: Applebloom, the filly that I met last week; and other 2 young fillies, that I assumed that were Scootaloo and Sweetie Bell.

"Are you sure that he's coming?" the pegasus I guessed was Scootaloo spoke. "I mean, I heard the rumors, and I even saw him wondering through town once. But isn't he like, super occupied with his magic studies with the princess to come and see 3 simple fillies?"

"No!" Applebloom shouted. "He promised that he would come, and he would come."

"I don't know." the unicorn filly spoke. "Maybe we should do the project about somepony else. Twilight count as an heroical figure, right?"

"Yes, but I'm telling you; he's coming."

I couldn't contain myself any longer, so I quickly made the coolest entrance I could think of: a portal. I concentrated my magic and open a portal in front of me that lead to the interior's celling. As soon as it opened, I jumped to the portal, and fall a few meters until my feet stomped on the floor.

The fillies stared at me, even Applebloom was a bit surprised. But her amusement was nothing compared to her friend's faces. They were speechless, and almost scared about my presence, so I decided to break the silence.

"Told you I wouldn't forget."

It was already Friday, and I was in the outside celling watching the class presentations through a portal. Each group was presenting their hero to the rest of the class. Each group came with their own charts, books, and, in some cases, newspapers. They were talking about Celestia, Cadence, and a unicorn called Starswirl. Every presentation was nice, but it still wasn't their turn.

"What a lovely presentation about Clover the clever!" miss 'Cheerilee' spoke. "And last but not least the cutie mark crusaders and their presentation about... William!?" she said while reading the charts that the crusaders were bringing.

"Today we wanna talk about William." Sweetie Bell said. "He not only saved or world from 'the director' but also, as our investigation discovered, he was also..."

"Excuse me miss Cheerilee." a pink filly spoke in a disgusting tone. "But this project wasn't about... well, 'real' heroical figures."

"I'm sorry crusaders but she is right." the teacher spoke. "Even with all the amazing and exciting his legend could be, his legend is well... just that, a legend. There is no real record of him so his existence can't be demonstrated."

This changed the plan. He was supposed to appear near the end of the presentation to surprise the crowd. But the teacher not knowing of his existence was unexpected. She didn't read the news? Or heard the rumors? Or saw him in the town?

But enough thinking, if he didn't do something quickly the crusaders will get a huge 0 in their project, and he knew more that anypony how stressful could that be.

"But he is read! Have you ever read the news? He is right here at ponyville, and even helped us the whole week to make this project!"

"Apart of blank flanks, they are crazy." the same pink pony spoke. "He never existed! He and the humans are just an old legend for co..."

I jumped through the portal and appeared in the middle of the classroom. The pink filly's jaw dropped, and all the eyes were staring at me. I had to came up with something funny.

"Good morning fillies and teacher! Sorry for scaring you, but I couldn't hold the thought that you thought that I didn't exist. Now please Scootaloo, proceed with the explanation, as we practiced it.

The rest of the presentation went perfectly. The ponies were still looking at me as if I was an illusion, but anything from that was ok.

That was until the last part, when I had to spoke.

"And, in conclusion, if I didn't help Tia and Luna 20000 years ago, there wouldn't be ponies on earth as you know them. And..."


"William, are you ok?" Applebloom asked.

I could barely hear her. The last thing I knew was that I was starting to feel heavier and heavier, until I fainted.

"William! William!" Twilight's voice shouted. "Are you ok?

"Yes, but I could be better." I spoke. I was back at her caastle, laying on my bed with a thermometer on my mouth. "What happened?"

"Well... from what the crusaders told me, you were doing the presentation just fine, until you stopped talking and your eyes went green and red, then you fainted."

"Green and...! Oh no, I've to tell Luna!"

"She already knows, and she's coming as fast as she can. Also... I already know."

"About what?"

"About Owlen." she spoke. "Look, I know that I don't know what you went through since Celestia and Luna's childhood. I just want you to know that, as friends, we are here for you."

"Are we friends!?" I spoke astonished.

"Of course!" she responded.

I smiled at her statement. "Thank you Twilight. And your friends as well. For making my life a little less miserable.

She giggled. "You are welcome."

Chapter X - The beginning of the end. (Part I)

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Luna arrived 1 hour later. And after crying a bit after analyzing my mind, and how powerful and dangerous Owlen had become, she started to search for a solution. Fortunately, she found one: a herbal medicine that kept Owlen under control for 6 hours, so I had to continuously drink it in order to keep everypony around me safe.

Even though it wasn't a permanent solution, I like the fact that in theory someday I might be able to erase Owlen from my mind. And now I'm sure that I won't kill my friends without knowing, I'm a bit more happy than before. But, I still miss my mom and sister. And the fact that, at least my mother, died alone it's just... well, I don't wanna think of it too much.

It has been 2 months since I appeared in equestria, and 1 month since I started to drink the herbal medicine. The only moment in which I don't drink it is when I sleep, but that's beacouse Luna guards my dreams now. It really helps and keeps me safe during nights.

I didn't stop my magical lessons with Twilight. I'm even very advanced since, according to her, I've the same amount of magic as Tia or Luna.

She and her friend told me about their various amount of adventures: Discord, Chrisalis, Tirek, king Sombra, and most recently, Starlight; which reminded me a bit of communism.

Anyways, today I was attending a Twilight's speech about the magic of friendship. I always thought that friends where special, and kind of magical. I never thought I was THAT right.

In the speech, she spoke about the special bond with her friends, and how the sonic rainboom of Rainbow Dash made them unite. I was taking notes on a notebook since my phone died long ago, and we still didn't figure out how to charge it. When it was done, I reunite myself with Twilight and her assistant: Spike, and went to the castle.

On the way, she appeared to be worried about something: she saw Starlight Glimmer at the crowd. She asked me if I saw her, but since I didn't know how she look, I couldn't answer to her.

"Maybe it was just your imagination." Spike said.

"Maybe Spike," she said, "maybe."

We where about to leave the topic when we arrived at the castle, but when we entered the map room we saw her: Starlight.

I didn't need her to say her name, or Twilight to say it to me. It just fit perfectly with the description that she and her friends gave to me, physically as well as mentally.

"Hello Twilight!" she spoke. "And his friend William! The legend himself! Well, that's not important. When I'm done here, even him will forget you!"

And then she light up her horn and opened a weird space-time rip on the air and went through it, leaving us there.

"What just happened?" I ask to Twilight.

"I wish I knew." she answered

"Look!" Spike shouted. "She leaved this roll!"

"Really!?" the mare spoke grabbing it with her purple aura and then started reading it. "This seems like an alteration of the time travel spell I used once!"

"You mean the time in which you went crazy to the point that you searched a way to stop time." I asked.

"Yeah... just forget that."

I grabbed the roll with my magic, and then I started to analyze it. It seemed like a very complicated spell that also required a very specific trigger: the magical map. After a few seconds of analyzing, I focus myself, and triggered the spell with the help of the magical map. That recreated the same rip in the air, in which Twilight and me fell into.

"Ahhhhhh!" we shouted.

When I woke up, I was on a free fall through the clouds. I quickly created a portal below me which opening was pointing upwards. That made me fly a bit through the skies and then, when I stopped going up, I used a spell that Twilight thought me to create 2 magical pieces of flying floor under my feet.

"What happened!"

"I don't know." Twilight's voice spoke from behind me.

"I just tried to trigger the spell to see if I could, I never thought it'll work!"

"Wait you... then we must be in the past!"

"But, when?"

Suddenly, a rainbow blur appeared through the sky. It was a filly Rainbow Dash racing against 2 other pegasus.

"Oh, this must be when Rainbow Dash obtained her cutie mark!" the purple mare beside me spoke.

We decided to watch it from a safe distance, to avoid disturbing the time-line. But when she was about to execute the trick, a blue aura stopped her in mid air.

"Oh, so you managed to follow me here. Well, nice try! But both of you already lost!" a voice behind us shouted.

We turned ourselves to see Starlight staring at us with a malevolent smile on her face. I was about to say something, but I felt an air current pulling me, as well as Twilight, to another rip in the air.

This time, we woke up at ponyville alongside a weird version of the friendship map, a more 'grey' version if you ask me.

"Where are we?" Twilight asked.

I was tempted to say: 'the real question is when are we', but now wasn't time for jokes. "I don't know, it seems like ponyville though."

The town in front of us resembled ponyville, but some things were wrong. What happened to the buildings? Or the sun? Which was a little bit less bright, even though there weren't any clouds in the sky, and last but not least, where was everypony!?

Twilight and I ventured through the desert town and checked every building, but nopony was there to be seen. I was even starting to miss the random songs they sang sometimes which, according to Twilight, are a result of the magic inside them.

"Maybe we should check on sweet apple acres." spoke the purple mare. "It's the safest place in ponyville and everypony goes there when there is an emergency."

"Sounds logical to me." I responded.

On the way, Twilight stumbled with a newspaper which title was:

-----------------THE WAR IS OVER!---------------

"What war?" she asked. "Also, you never saw king sombra before!"

"I don't know, I never saw sombra before. Maybe Starlight alterated something important."

"No! Really!" she said sarcasticaly. "What makes you think that!?"

"Both of you, shut up!" a familiar voice shouted behind us. "You might attract his attention towar..."

When we turned around, we saw Applejack staring at us with fear on her eyes. Wait, did I say 'us', I mean 'me'.

"AAAAHHHHH!" she shouted and started running.

"No, wait!" Twilight shouted and then grabbed her in her aura.

I walked towards her, and every step that I made, made her more and more terrified.

"Applejack it's me! Your friend William! What's going on?"

"Wait, WILLIAM! It's really you!?" the orange mare managed to say. "Finally, the horrors would end!"

"What horrors?" Twilight asked to her friend.

"What horrors!? The horrors that came after the imperial war!"

"What war?" I asked.

"What war!? The war in which you fought!" she shouted.

"Applejack could you please tell us what's going on?"

"How did ya know ma name!?"

"That's not important right now." I responded. "The real issue is: What war!?"

"Ok ok, well... when the Crystal Empire returned, also did sombra. He enslaved the crystal ponies and sent them into war against equestria. We fought with everything we had but it didn't seemed to be enough. But then, you appeared, literally. And thanks to your help, magic, and tactics we started to win. Until, 3 days ago, during sombra's last effort to win the war with an attack to Canterlot, you appeared there through one of your portals and killed him."

"But then, shouldn't everypony be celebrating?" I asked.

"I hoped that as well, but then... but then..."

"Then what?" I asked.

"Then, you... you... you turned into a monster!" the orange mare shouted with tears in her eyes. "You killed Celestia and Luna and started to call yourself 'Owlen'. And then you murdered all the ponies that you could beacouse some kind of revenge and in just 2 days... AAAHHH!"

The poor farmer just cried, so me and Twilight decided to leave her there. We returned to the friendship map and, now that I look it more closely, in all the main cities of equestria where craters, HUGE craters that where even burning in flames.

"I..." I tried to speak but I couldn't. Never in my life I saw such destruction. And here it was, all my fears of what Tia and Luna could do to the world where now materialized, but this time, it was my fault. "I'm sorry. I understand if you hate me."

After a few seconds, she responded: "This isn't your fault William, it's Owlen's. I know you very well and you will never do anything like that, not even for all the bits in the world. You are William, you are my friend."

"Thank you Twilight." I spoke with some tears in my eyes. "Now, let's fix things with Starlight!"

Chapter XI - The beginning of the end. (Part II)

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"Are you sure you can repeat it?" Twilight asked to me, while I was holding the magical roll that bring us here.

"No, but we'll see." I responded.

I focused my magic into the roll and the magical map, and fortunately for us, it worked again. The same rip opened in the air, and we went through it, but this time, we were prepared.

As soon as we appeared in Cloudsdale, Twilight and I started to search for Starlight; and in a dew seconds we found her. I used a portal to appear behind her, and then materialized my magical blue sword on my right hand and, without any hesitation, I tried to hit her with my sword. However, she somehow predicted it and banished in a sudden flash of magic.

"What the..."

Then, I turned myself just to find her trying to blast Twilight with a beam. I ran through the sky as fast as my magic and feet allowed me. I made my way through some of my portals even, but they were to far, I wouldn't get there on time.

It was time to get creative, I never tried this thing before, but let's hope it works. I raised my hand in front of me, and drew an arc of light in front of me, which materialized almost instantly. I grabbed it, and then I focused a bit more of magic into a little light rod right in my hand. It was time to test: the light bow.

I passed the rod or 'arrow' through the bow, aimed to Starlight, and fired. She instantly was blown away through the horizon, and left Twilight safe.

"Wow!" Twilight spoke as she flew towards me. "I didn't teach you that but... that was amazing!"

"Thanks," I responded, "I didn't knew either!"

"Neither me!" a young voice spoke from behind us. "I can't believe this! Is William! It's here, at Cloudsdale!"

We turned ourselves just to see a filly Rainbow Dash staring at me with her big eyes completely amazed at my presence.

"Wait." I spoke. "You shouldn't be racing?"

"Yeah, but you are more awesome than any race!" she responded. "Wait until I tell everyp..."

I couldn't hear the rest. Again, the same rip swallowed us again, but this time, I prepared myself for the fall.

We appeared at the everfree forest, or at least, what was left from it. Almost every tree was burnes as well as the grass, and a very disgusting smell enveloped the area.

"Ew!" Twilight shouted. "What the hay is that smell!"

"I think it comes from there." I said, pointing a finger to an almost burned tree.

We walked to the tree, just to find a dead changeling with a frozen expression of fear on his face.

"AAHHH!" I shouted in horror.

"What happened here!?" the mare beside me shouted.

I didn't know what to respond, but then, it hit me. The fact that Starlight avoided Twilight and her friends knowing each other, is what made all the treats that she and her friends fought in the past succeed in this new timeline. "I think this is Chrisalis doing."

"But even she wouldn't kill her own troops!" she shouted.

"I think that that's kind of my fault, or more specifically, Owlen's fault."

BOOOOOOOM!!!!!! A distant explotion roared with the brightness of the sun.

"AAAHH!" we both shouted.

"DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!" A distant voice was shouting, as more explotions could be heard through the skies.

"I think we should try it again." I spoke to my friend.

"Wait!" she responded. "I think we should plan something first!"

"There's no time for that! Owlen is here, and as long as that doesn't change, this place isn't safe!"

"But, do you think we have any chance against Starlight?"

"I hope so, it is our only hope to return to our present!"

We returned to fight Starlight but we failed, so we tried again but failed. And every time we returned to the present we saw a more destroyed, and more tragic version of it.

From Owlen torturing Nightmare moon, to him almost killing, and enslaving Discord. I don't know how much time we spend in this cycle, I guess 8 or 9 hours, but then, we managed to calm down Starlight a bit.

"I don't get it." she said. "Why does that group of ponies is so important for both of you!?"

"Beacouse they are our friends!" Twilight shouted. "If you ever had any friends, you'll understand!"

"Oh but I did!" she shouted.

Then she grabbed the magical roll and used it to take us to another place in space and time.

We appeared in a small town, a town that I never saw before. There, she showed us her infancy friend, and how his cutie mark 'stole' him from her.

When she was done, I spoke: "Is that it? Just the fact that you lost a friend gives you the right to ruin the friendship of others?"

"You don't get it!" she responded. "The ponies at the town that Twilight destroyed were my friends! And now, I wanna see her going through the same!"

"That's enough!" I shouted. "Now it's my turn to show you something!"

I grabbed the roll, and focused more magic than I ever did before. I knew where I was going, and I knew that it would work. I had to go back to those days; no, to THE day.

We appeared at the top of a tree, and I used my magic to hold Twilight and Starlight in the air.

"What is this place!" Starlight shouted.

"Shhh!" I silenced her, and then I spoke in a very low voice: "This is the everfree park, it was next to my house 20005 years ago. And this, is probably the most important moment in my life."

Then, a younger version of me appeared walking through a sidewalk at the park. He was completely unaware of what was going to happen.

"Follow me sister!" a filly Celestia spoke to a filly Luna. "Run faster! Otherwise someone might caught..." thud! She stumbled with my younger version.

That was enough, I reopened the portal and sent all of us back to the rainboom day.

"Yeah yeah, very cute and all, but what does that have to do with me!" Starlight shouted.

"Nothing, but also, everything. Do you think that the friendship I share with them was always perfect? No, we went through many obstacles just to avoid them being kidnapped in the middle of the night. Or do you think it was easy for me to give unconditional love for them? That no one thought that I was insane by taking care of 2 'animals'? Or do you think it was easy for them, when everyone treated them rude? Or worst, when they lost me for 20000 years?"

Starlight was speechless.

"Friendship is not always easy, but as far as I know, is one of the few things in life that matters living for. And friends leave, they always do. They will travel, a pandemic will separate you from them, or they could die. But what's important, is that you are still friends even if they leave, and that you'll always have more friends, that'll also leave but, they'll leave you with a hug and a smile."

"D-do you think I could have m-more friends?" Starlight asked with tears in her eyes.

"I know you can, as long as you have hope." I responded. "But that is up to you."

"I-I..." she was trying to say, while Rainbow Dash flew through the sky. "I just don't know if it's possible."

"It is, take me as an example!"

"Are we friends!?" she asked.

"Of course." I responded. "Come here." I said as I opened my arms to offer her an embrace.

She corresponded my offering with a hug, and also, with tears. She continued her cry even when the sonic rainboom covered the sky, and another rip sallowed us.

"Well, THAT'S a thing I didn't teach you." Twilight spoke.

"What can I say." I responded. "I guess the things went pretty well. Now, if your majesty will excuse me, I would like to go to bed. I really have to sleep."

"Go ahead William, I'll tell this to the princesses! They will be very impressed."

I opened a portal to my room, took a spoon of the herbal medicine, and went to bed. I was really tired after all.


"Yes! I'm pretty sure."


"Wait, what!"


"Wait, no! You can't do this!"

"TOO BAD I ALREADY DID!" Owlen said, and with that, he banished from the dream.

"Oh no."

Chapter XII - The end. (Part I)

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I woke up, sweating in fear, breathing heavily, and almost crying. The sun was already up for hours, but I could barely see it. That dream, it leaved me with many questions. But I knew one thing: Owlen was coming.

I went to the bathroom and checked my eyes in the mirror and, to my surprise, they were completely normal. What game was playing Owlen. I know him, he is me; more specifically the most violent part of me. And now that he was free, I was expecting a bit more of 'destruction'.

I went to the dinning room of the castle. Twilight was probably having breakfast, maybe I could ask for her help. I opened the door but, when I went through, I just saw all her friends and Starlight eating pancakes.

"Hello William!" Starlight spoke. "Did you slept well last night?"

"More or less." I lied. "But, where's Twilight?"

"Oh, somepony knocked the castle door, and she went to see who was there. Nothing important, she'll come back at any moment." the reformed unicorn answered.

"Ok." I responded.

"Starlight was telling us what she almost did, and how you helped her." Fluttershy spoke. "Did you really traveled in time?"

"Yes, but..."

"William!" Luna's and Tia's voices shouted as they went through the door and rushed to hug me.

"What happened!?" I asked. "Starlight is ok, neither she or her spell means no more harm to anypony. Also, where is the spell?"

"It's under the custody of princess Cadence, but that's not important now!" Luna spoke. "Last night, I couldn't enter your dreams and we got worried. It's everything alright?"

"Look," I whispered to her ear, "the thing is that no, is not alright. He appeared in my dream last night and then..."

My neck started to feel weird. I tried to continue speaking, but I simply couldn't. Then, I continued speaking, but I was no longer in control of what I was saying.


I would rather not to describe what happened next, all I can say is that it was pretty disgusting. My mouth opened, and something came out of it. I closed my eyes in horror, so I didn't saw what it was. But when I reopened them, I saw him, Owlen.

It was just like in my nightmares, but this time, he was real. I immediately stand up, and light up my sword in front of him, while the other mares stared the scene at horror.

He opened his pupil-less green and red eyes and spoke: "FINALLY, YOU DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH I'LL ENJOY THIS!"

Then, he attacked Tia with his big and monstrous claws, but I blocked them with my sword, but he didn't stop there. With a speed even superior to what I saw in my dreams he continued his attacks as I blocked them. The mares, except for the alicorns and Starlight, were just petrified at the scene. They weren't safe here, not with Owlen, so I shouted:

"Run! Run away from here! I'll be fine!"

They obeyed, but the remaining ponies stayed here to help me fight Owlen. Even though our efforts and magic were tremendous, Owlen resisted all of our attacks, and my sword never touched anything but his claws.

"I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS! I'VE OTHER STUFF TO DO." and then, he focused a magical red beam that went directly for me, and I didn't had enough time to respond to it.

When I woke up, my black coat was gone. Presumably, completely burned, and the T-shirt I wore inside it was almost burned as well.

As I tried to stand up, and searched for Tia or Luna, but I couldn't find them. I just found a fainted Twilight being helped to stand up by Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. And Rarity and Fluttershy extending their hooves to help me stand up.

"What happened?" I asked.

"I-I don't know." Fluttershy responded. "I just saw that horrendous monstrosity kidnapping the princesses! What was that thing, and why it was so similar to you?"


I explained them everything I knew about Owlen, it wasn't that much, but it could help.

"We must gather the elements!" I finally spoke. "Their power might be enough to erase Owlen once and for all!"

"Yeah... about that." Rainbow spoke while pointing a hoof to some necklaces and a crown on the table, but the magical stones that they hold where now pure black, instead of the regular colors they use to hold.

"He! He! He corrupted the elements!" I shouted.

"It seems so." Twilight spoke. "What are we going to do now!"

"I don't know." I said. "I'll go to try to stop him all the time I can, but without the elements, I don't know how are we going to stop him." then an idea materialized on my head. "I know! You can go and search for a way to dis-corrupt them, while I buy you some time!"

"Do you thing there is a chance we make it on time?" Twilight spoke.

"We have to try."

"But, where is he?" Twilight asked.

"I know exactly where: the Crystal Empire."

As I approached to the door I heard Rarity's voice from behind.

"Wait darling!" she said. "You can't go there like that! I've the perfect thing for you to wear!"

I was running through portal over portal that I opened. Thanks to them, I was approaching the Empire at a very high speed, while wearing the most amazing thing I've ever seen: the blue suit of the little prince! It was very comfortable, pretty, and all; but now was time to be focused on the objective: Owlen.

I finally reached the Empire, and saw some smoke emerging from the castle. I just hope that I made it on time.

I opened another portal that let me inside of the castle's corridors, and I started to search for Owlen. I didn't know where to search for, until a shouting from the throne room told me where.


"There he is!" I said to myself.

I opened a portal to the throne room, more specifically, to the upper part of it. Then I jumped, and with some piece of magical floor I used to correct my trajectory, I was about to land on top of Owlen to end him with my blue blade. But in the last moment, he used a claw to hold me from the neck, stopping my heroical rescue.


I tried to respond, but my neck was being held to tightly for me to speak.


Then, he blasted me with his magic through the skies. At a speed that made me abandon earth in just 5 seconds. I thought I'll just keep going through infinity, but something hit my back, leaving me unconscious.

Chapter XIII - The prince.

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"THIS IS THE LAST TIME I WOULD ASK!" Owlen shouted to Cadence, while holding her from the neck. "WHERE IS THE SPELL!?"

"I-I don't know." the pink alicorn lied.


Then, Owlen proceeded to put his other claw on Cadence's head, and use his magic to extract what he wanted.


He leaved the injured princess on the floor, and then rushed to the castle archives.

My head hurts, again, I thought I wouldn't stumble with anything right after Owlen lunched me through the sky. I also thought than the space would be a lot 'colder' instead of this soft warm, and... hold on, how I'm still breathing!?

My doubts were interrupted by a childish voice from above me, saying:

"Wow! Your clothing is just like one I used to wear!" the voice said. "Who are you? Do you like games?"

As I opened my eyes, I saw samepon... I mean, someone than I never thought I would ever see. His blue eyes, blond hair, green clothing, and his yellow scarf. It could only be... the little prince!

He stared at me with a smile on his face, as I turned my head side to side, just to find that the horizon was extremely close to me; than the sky was covered in stars, billions, billions of stars; and that a little extinguished volcano was close to me. I could barely believe it, I was on B-612!

"I'm the little prince." he spoke. "You act funny." the child continued, "you act as you never been in space before."

"Am-am I dead!?" I asked to him, since that was the only logical explanation I could think of.

"Nope." he responded. "At least not yet. What's your name?"

"William." I responded as I stood up. "Bu-but how I'm still breathing!?"

"What do you mean?" he asked me with a puzzled expression on his face. "Obviously with your lungs and nose."

"But, there's no oxygen in space!"

"What's oxygen?" he asked.

"Here!" Twilight shouted. "The book about the elements! I almost thought that it was burned in the old library!"

She and her friends were doing a registration on the castle's library, and none of them seem to find anything, until now. Twilight passed pages violently with her magic, to find anything that could be useful, but she wasn't founding anything that could dis-corrupt the elements.

Just when she was about to close the book, and pass to the next one, she saw something on the last page.

The page stated:
And even if these elements were corrupted by powerful magic, there might or might not be a way to turn them back.
There is a legend about a seventh element, an element that could hold together the other ones even in the darkest times: The element of hope.
Some think it's just a bad interpretation, some think it never existed.
But some of the legends states that the element was not originally part of the others. Some legends tell that is now lost in the stars, and might never come back, but as the elements themselves, it's just a legend.
But in theory, if the other elements were corrupted this element could return them back.

"Girls!" the mare shouted. "I think I found something!"

"So, mr. Exupery wrote a book about me?"

"You know him?" I asked.

"Of course I knew him!" he responded. "He was my friend! I tamed him."

"Look," I spoke, "it is very nice to meet you and all, but I've to return to earth!"

"But why?" he said with a saddened voice. "You just came, and we didn't played even hide an seek!"

"Beacouse I've friends there that are in danger!" I spoke to him with a worried voice tone.

"Really!?" he responded. "If they are in danger, you should go now to help them! Wait, I've something that might help you."

He then rushed to the other side of the asteroid, and returned from the other side with a necklace with a white crystal on it.

"Take this!" he said. "I found it on an asteroid, and never used it once. But it seems that you'll need it."

"What is it?" I asked.

I don't know, but it has a very unusual bright on it. I found a collector on an asteroid that said that it was made of hope, and offered me some gold in exchange, but it was just too pretty to exchange for something so common as 'gold'."

"Oh, thanks." I said, now a little sad.

"What's wrong?"

"It's just... well, someone might be right about doing a bad thing to obtain a good thing. And it troubles me think that I might not be doing the right thing by stopping him."

The little prince didn't respond immediately, but when he did, he said:

"What he is going to do, will harm people?"

"Well, yes but..."

"And stopping him, will make people happy?"

I was starting to understand where he was going. "Yes."

"So then, what are you waiting for. Go and stop him!"

Now I was filled with determination. "Ok but, how I will go?"

"Use the migration of wild birds! Look, take this strings." he said while pulling out some long strings out of his pockets.

"But there are no birds in..."

"Skweak!" a flock of birds started to appear in the sky as if they were part of the stars.


"You are a little weird." he spoke. "I'll help you."

"Wait!" I shouted.


"Thank you." I spoke with some tears in my eyes. "Thank you for remembering me what's important."

"You are welcome." he said with a smile.

"Also, this is not a goodbye, it's a: see you later. I promise that I would come back and... I will tame you!" I spoke. Wow, those are words I never thought I would ever say.

"Goodbye then William!" the little prince said while putting the strings on the birds. "I'm also looking forward to tame you! There are so many questions I would like to ask you."

"Same here." I said while holding the strings that would lead me back to earth. "Goodbye little prince!" I shouted as I began to elevate myself. "Goodbye!"

Chapter XIV - The end. (Part II)

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The scene I was seeing, was one that I never even imagined I would ever see.
Birds were helping me to go back to earth! And after meeting the little prince! Now that I see them better, they aren't normal birds, they are kind of made of light and fly very, VERY fast; since in a few minutes, I almost reached the earth.

But enough wonders for now, I've to stop Owlen from committing mass murdering, and I knew exactly where to land on: ponyville.

It was for 2 main factors; one: Owlen would need the friendship map in order to start the spell, and second: the only real chance anyone has to stop him is with the elements.

So my only hope was that Twilight had founded a way to dis-corrupt the elements.

As I approached earth, that now was at the center of the solar system, I could see that the continents were a little different from what they were 20000 years ago; but I could still find where I used, and where I live now: ponyville.

I let go the strings that were holding the space birds, and I begun to fall to Twilight's castle. But, obviously slowing down with some pieces of magical floor.

When I was close enough, I opened a portal to the castle's friendship's map room, in which I knew I will find Twilight. And if you find Twilight, you find her friends.

"William!?" Twilight shouted as I made my entrance through the portal. "What are you doing here? Weren't you supposed to be at the Empire trying to stop Owlen?"

"I tried that, but I failed." I responded. "It is a long story but listen, there is not much time. Owlen will arrive here at any moment and I can assume that he already has the spell with him. Our only chance are the elements. Have you found a way to dis-corrupt them?"

"We tried." she responded. "But I don't think that 'the element of hope' is a real thing, and even if it was, it's lost in space."

"Lost in space? Wait!" I shouted pulling out the necklace that the little prince gave me. "By any chance, it's this thing?"

She grabbed it with her aura, as well as the element of magic. And when she put them together, the crown slowly started to recover its color.

"It is!" she shouted. "How did you...?"

"I'll explain you later. What matters now is that we get them ready for Owlen's arrival."

I was with Starlight at the map's room, waiting for Owlen. The elements were dis-corrupting, but very slowly. So the plan was: Owlen arrives, traveles back in time, I go with him to avoid any changes in the time-line, Starlight keeps the rip open while we are there, and when the elements are ready, Twilight and her friends come through the rip and use them to erase that monster once and for all.

Starlight is scared, I'm scared, and we continued waiting untill...

"FINALLY!" Owlen shouted as he opened the door to enter the room. "OH, SO YOU PONIES ARE STILL REFUSING TO DIE AND... WILLIAM!!!!!"

"The only one in existence." I spoke with a smile on my face.

"BUT, BUT, I DID JUST... HOW DID YOU?" he said. "EHEM, EXCUSE ME, I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!" he shouted, as he blasted a beam of energy that would have reached me, if it wasn't for the portal that avoided it.

Then, he jumped on top of the map and casted the spell. The rip opened, he got in, and before it closed, Starlight's horn light up and the rip was maintained.

Before entering, Starlight said:

"Good luck, William!"

"Thanks, I'll need it!" I shouted as I entered the rip.

When I reappeared, I saw my city once again. But the clouds, the cold weather, and the light beams at the distance being fired from 2 tiny figures; told me that this was the day, the day in which I leaved earth.

"What could he do today to change the future?" I asked to myself, but then I saw Owlen running right to where the battle between my past self and director Osvaldo was taking place, and I knew exactly what he wanted to do.

Before he could go any further, I opened a portal right in front of him. He then fell into it, and appeared right in front of me.

The people in the streets stared at the scene in front of them in total confusion. I won't blame them, since, how often you see a battle between some kind of demon and a guy dressed as the little prince?

Talking about battles, we started one. I first tried to hit him with my blue sword, but I knew that he would be able to block all of my attacks. I then took some distance, and used the light bow to try to hurt him, but his claws stopped all the magical arrows.

Then, it was his turn to do his counterattack. He didn't just used his claws, he fired magic to me, tried to bite me, and even shoot fire from his mouth! But by blocking with the sword, dodging some blasts with my portals, and some with a magical shield, I was resisting. I just hope I resist long enough for the help to come.

"YOU... MONSTER!" he shouted while his claws tried desperately to kill me. "ALL I'M TRYING IS TO SAVE HUMANITY! WHY YOU DON'T JUST SURRENDER AN LET ME SAVE THEM!?"

"Humanity never died!" I responded. "The ponies that populate the earth in the present are just as humans as any other one from here. The exterior may be different, but their essence is intact! I would could say that I'm the one who's trying to save humanity!"

"Besides, we are his friends!" voices from behind me told me that reinforcements had arrived. "And friends always watch for each other!"

"It is all yours girls!" I shouted to them, as I opened a portal that leaved me behind them.

Then, what I saw was one of the most amazing things I ever saw. A rainbow, more blinding and shining than the sun, emerged from the mares and blasted Owlen.


"They work beacouse we didn't loose hope!" I responded.

Then, in just a second, he was gone. The people in the streets didn't understood what happened, but still gave an applause to us.

"Wow," a kid spoke up, "I wanna get infected too! So I can do things like that!"

When we returned, Starlight was still trying to maintain the rip opened. And when she finally stopped her efforts, the rip was still opened.

"Ups, I think I put to much magic on it."

"Don't worry." I responded. "It wasn't that much, so it should close in a few minutes. Wait, where are Tia and Luna!?"

"They are still at the Empire!" Rainbow Dash shouted.

Then, a knocking on the castle's main door caught mine and everypony's attention. Everyone rushed there to find Celestia, Cadence, and Luna; all of them very injured, and with several cuts along their body.

"Where's Owlen!?" Tia shouted to us.

"He is gone." I responded, what made the 3 alicorns make the craziest faces I ever saw. "Let's get in." I told them. "You'll never guess who I meet today."

Director Osvaldo recovered from the explosion of magic very quickly, just to find that everyone around him has turned into one of those ponies. He wondered through the city searching for Celestia or Luna, but he couldn't find them.

But then, other thing caught his attention. It was a weird time-space rip in the air. Maybe he could absorb power from it. But when he got close enough to see it in more detail, he felt his body being pulled into it.

He recovered quickly, he wasn't at the city anymore. He was a bit confused at his new surroundings, but the closure of the rip, and some hoofsteps approaching told him to get out of that place as quickly and quietly as possible.

"I sense more magic here." he though to himself. "Maybe this weird world could be better for my plans."