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A legend returns. - 654_nosneb

A human appears in equestria, at the middle of season 5, he doesn't know what's happening but everypony knows him.

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Chapter VI - A unicorn is teaching me magic.

The days passed, and at first, Twilight was very surprised and nervous about me asking her to teach me magic. She though that I already know how to use it at will, thing that is far from being true, since for me, I have magic for a few days ago.

Eventually, she accepted. I asked Tia and Luna if I may live on Twilight's castle for learning magic. They were surprised at first; but since I practically finished school, and always wanted to study in university, I was looking forward to this, so I told them that I would see them on the weekend and went back to ponyville. The only thing that was nothing like I pictured on my mind, was the career that I would study. Magic. Although I already knew it existed, and saw it on action several times.

As the days turned in a week, I was already making progress with my magic management; I learned how to levitate very heavy objects, make my hands glow blue, and other kind of simple stuff.

Twilight was extremely kind to me, and when we weren't having classes, she would ask me everything about how the world was before the ponies. As well as I would ask her everything about what ponies did to the world in my 20000 years of absence.

She ended 'The little prince' very quickly, and when she finished it, she asked me questions like 'how he could breathe out in space', or 'how he could talk to flowers', and 'what is a plane'.

I ended up explaining tons of the metaphors that she didn't get, as well as all the 'human' things on it. And when she understand them, she ended up saying:

"You know, I prefer to think of the history in a more literal way."

"Yeah, me too." I responded. "But that story is completely impossible."

"Well I don't think so." the mare said. "Since magic was real even before Celestia and Luna, the author of the book could perfectly found the real little prince."

"Well, maybe you have a point. The author indeed flied on a plane that crashed on the sahara desert and..." I stopped talking at the moment than I realized that Twilight was right, and that the little prince could be up there at B612. That would certainly be amazing.

"And?" she asked.

"I guess that you could be right, although there isn't a real way to prove your theory. All I can say is that I never saw once that a story like this ended up being true."

"But I did!" the purple alicorn shouted. "Like the tale of 'the mare at the moon'."

"The what?" I asked.

"When I was a filly, the moon was the prison of princess Luna, after she was corrupted by darkness, and transformed into nightmare moon. For the rest of the ponies it was just a legend for colts, but I paid attention to a legend that stated that, after 1000 years, she would break the seal, overthrown princess Celestia, and bring eternal night, and that's exactly what happened."

"Wait, Luna did WHAT!" I shouted, shocked by the fact that the filly that I helped to raise, was capable of something like that, and against her own sister!

"Yes, it did," Twilight spoke, "but don't worry, she was already forgiven, and is back to the light."

"And how is she now back at her original form?" I asked

"Well, that was the first time I and my friends used the elements of harmony. We found them on the ruins of the castle of the 2 sisters, and become the new elements."

I processed all this new information, and after a while, I only had 2 more things to say.

"You know what Twilight, I forgive her too. All peop... ponies, can make mistakes. But, I have a question."

"Go ahead."

"If the ponies didn't believe it, and it was only 1000 years old, then how they know my legend so well?"

"Well, the thing is." Twilight begin her answer. "That Celestia did everything on her power to maintain your legend alive. And even though she always said that it was 100% true, it was so old and unverifiable that some ponies began to doubt of it, until well... now."

After that chatting, and a good pasta based dinner made by myself, I went to sleep. Tomorrow Friday, Twilight would see if all the amount of raw magic I produce can already be used for teleporting, and that was one of the things I am very excited to test.

However, after I got asleep, I was again in the same nightmare as the first day I returned to earth. The darkness, the cold, and him, Owlen.

"YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD GET RID OUT OF ME!" he shouted, as he began to run to me again. "YOU ARE TO WEAK TO BE LEFT ALIVE! NOW DIE!"

But before he could do anything to me, I blasted him into the floor with al my mind and magical power. Before I knew it, the peace returned to my mind once again, and I was able to sleep well.

"I should probably ask Luna about this, as well as what the hay was she thinking with that thing of 'eternal night'." I thought as I flied with my imagination through the stars.


I woke up, and went immediately to the kitchen to make my breakfast. Nothing too special; just some eggs, orange juice, and bread. Those where the only things hay and flower free on the kitchen, so I guess that it would do it.

Since Twilight's clases were after 12:00. I went for a walk at the town. The ponies already hear about me being real, and being at their town; but still, they stared at me like I was some kind of celebrity, which technically I am, but I don't like to be treated as one.

I went directly to Fluttershy's home. I wanted to make sure than she doesn't hate me for eating meat. Although she didn't shouted anything rude to me, I always had troubles to figure out what people are thinking; and since this is a completely different culture, I don't wanna leave a bad impression on her.

Her home was in the outer part of the town. It looked as comfy as I remembered from my first day on equestria. I approached to the door, and knock it softly 3 times.

"Um, h-hi Fluttershy. It's me, William."

At first I feared that nopony would answer me, but then that fear was wiped out as I heard the noise of flapping wings approaching to the door. Then the door opened, revealing the yellow pegasus I was looking for.

"Who is it?" she spoke before noticing me. "Oh it's you William! What brings you here?"

"Well, I just wanted to know if... you don't hate me."

"Why would I do that!" she shouted. "You are one of the most kind beings in the whole world."

"Well, since I... eat m..." I couldn't finish my sentence, luckily she did it for me.

"What, meat? Oh! That's what you are worried about. Don't worry, so many of the animals I take care of eat it, and if what Celestia told me is true, most of the animals of your era are not even close to sapient. Also, she showed me how she did the artificial meat, and I have to say that is in fact very impressive."

"Oh, it's good to hear that. Well I guess that I'm just disturbing, I'll leave you at peace."

"Oh no, no no no, you are no disturbance. If you want, you can come inside." she said as she opened her door completely.

"Thanks." I said as I get inside the house. "I just hope not to interrupt anyt..." then I froze before what was in front of my eyes. It was a lot bigger than the last time I saw him, but there he was; as amorphous, impossible, and anti natural. Discord.

"Fluttershy! Who dares to disturb our tea part..." he tried to speak before dropping his tea cup into the floor.

"What's wrong." the mare asked to no one in particular.

"W-Wi-William!" Discord shouted. "I-I heard the rumors but... it's really you!?"

"Yes, it is, Discord." I spoke.

"Oh, it looks that you already know yourselves." Fluttershy spoke, remembering the story that princess Celestia told her.

"Indeed Fluttershy, he my dear friend William."

"Yes, 'friend' like that time you break free from Osvaldo's lab, and put the whole city upside down; and me, Tia and Luna, had to design a plan to stop you."

"Oh common!" Discord said. "You can't blame a child for having fun! Besides, I've changed for the good since the last time we met, now I just live a peaceful life!" he said as he make appear a tiny, younger version of himself in the palm of his claw, and throw it as far as he could.

"Don't worry William." Fluttershy said to me. "I know that Discord can do lot of horrible things, but when he means that he changed, he really means it."

"Yeah my friend William, why you don't join us for tea? I think that you will enjoy it." said the draconequs.

I decided to join them. At first, I wasn't so convinced that the chaotic Discord could be contained by that lovely pegasus, but as the conversation went on, I noticed that even though he is still chaotic, he is a good... being.

"...And I didn't know how to present them." I spoke. "Beacouse, how often you can present 2 impossible talking creatures to your mom, and ask her to take care of them."

RING! RING! RING! My phone alarm triggered in that moment.

"You forgot to turn that thing off?" Fluttershy asked.

"No, this alarm was an advise to return to the castle. It seems that my magic lessons with Twilight will start soon."

"Then, well... goodbye my old friend." Discord stated. "At least it was good to see you around town. You haven't change in absolute!"

"And you changed a lot." I spoke.

"Well, then have a nice day William." Fluttershy said with a smile on her face. "It was nice to have you on our tea party. And you can came back whenever you want!"

"I'll do. See you later!" I said while standing up, and heading to the door.

"Try it again!" Twilight spoke to me. "Focus your magic, and picture in your mind the place that you wanna be. Also take in account than, the farther the place is, the harder it would be to succeed on the spell, so try to just go to the guest room you are sleeping."

"Ok, ok." I spoke, while trying to teleport myself for the 50th time.

I wasn't achieving the spell, and 3 hours have past already; so this time I wanted to try something different. Since I love physics, I tried something that I'm more familiar with. I closed my eyes, and tried to picture the space between me and my room; I tried to imagine the space like an ocean, an ocean that I could bend with my mind to be more close to my destination.

I opened my eyes, to find an astonished Twilight looking at what I have done. I, somehow, opened a blue portal in front of me. A portal that revealed the room I sleep on my week of magical training.

"Wow!" Twilight shouted. "How did you do that! It's a very weird way to use magic."

"I don't know. I just faced magic as a mathematical problem." I said while going through the magical opening, entering my room and returning through the portal.

"I have to tell princess Celestia about this!" she said as the portal closed itself. "I can only imagine how she will react to this kind of magical creativity!"

"Go ahead." I told to her. "I'm very tired right now. You mind if I go to sleep? Magic can be very exhausting."

"No problem." she spoke.

I repeated the process I followed, and opened the same portal to my room; entered it, and collapsed into the bed as well as the portal.

"Wow! That's still very amazing!" I heard Twilight said before the portal closed itself.

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