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A legend returns. - 654_nosneb

A human appears in equestria, at the middle of season 5, he doesn't know what's happening but everypony knows him.

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Chapter V - Welcome to Equestria and thank you for saving us party!

It was 3:00 PM at Canterlot's castle, and William has experienced one of the craziest things he never though he would ever live, well... besides turning once into a pony when he got infected of coronavirus.

He was with Twilight Sparkle at Canterlot's library. She was helping him to study all the history that he needed in order to live a 'normal' life on equestria. As well as he was teaching her everything from his lost civilization; technology, politics, economics, etc.

"You know Twilight," William spoke while closing the book he was reading, "I just don't know how to act in these situation."

"What do you mean?" Twilight asked.

"I mean, everything. The magic, my past, my friends and relatives deaths, the extinction of my race..." he said with a sad tone on his voice.

"I, um... well..." Twilight started talking, although she wasn't exactly sure of what to say to the great and brave William, until she remembered than he was not exactly as the legends describe him, and that was the reason she and her friends were with him. "...That's why me and my friends are here! To make you feel better."

"Don't get me wrong Twilight." he said. "But what exactly are you and your friends supposed to do? I know that you have the best intentions, but if you can't go back in time, I doubt that you could do anything."

"Well I can't go back in time, without causing 100 paradoxes, but me and my friends are the elements of harmony! I'm sure than we can help you."

"If you say so." William stated. "By the way, what are those elements?"

"Oh, I forgot to teach you that!" Twilight shouted. "How could I forgot to teach you the magic of friendship?"

"The magic of what?"

"Well, let me explain. The elements of harmony are six magical stones that come from the tree of harmony."

"But you and your friends don't look as stones." he said

"That's beacouse we are just the ones linked to them." she spoke. "They are: Generosity, Kindness, Honesty, Laugh, Loyalty and Magic. And when they are combined, they create the most powerful magic of all times! The magic of friendship."

"But there was no thing as a tree of harmony 20000 years ago, so, where it comes from?"

"From what Celestia told me, the magic of the elements is not only even older than equestria, but perhaps even more older than herself."

"Wait," William said with astonishment, "are you telling me..."

"The tree was just hidden from society most of the time." Twilight spoke. "And since humans existed, the tree was also hidden from them as well."

"What!" William shouted at that revelation. "If that's true, magic was real even before Tia and Luna!"

Twilight stared at him for a moment, she never heard somepony with enough courage to refer Celestia as Tia, other than princess Luna herself. But then she remembered who he was, and what Celestia mean to him. "Maybe, that's where your father originally discovered magic."

"Yeah, maybe." he said. "By the way, what are your friends doing out there?"

"Quick! Quick!" Pinkie Pie shouted. "Pass me the table decorations!"

"Here," Rarity spoke, "these are pretty, and according to Celestia, blue is his favourite color."

The rest of the elements were making a 'welcome to equestria and thank you for saving us party'. Yeah, Pinkie's name. It wasn't that big since Celestia warned Pinkie not to exceed herself, but it was comfy and familiar enough for William's preferences. It was the way the friends and the princesses had to say 'thank you' to him.

Celestia and Luna entered the room, and saw the result of the preparation and organization of Pinkie's decoration. They still don't know how she does it, but not even the royal staff was able to make such things as the pink mares parties.

"Well done Pinkie!" Celestia spoke. "Now the only thing left is the food."

"Don't worry princess, I'll..." Applejack began to speak.

"Don't bother yourself Applejack." The white alicorn spoke. "Since William can't eat most of the things we ponies normally eat, I'll take care of his dinner personally."

Celestia teleported herself to the castle's kitchen. She knew exactly what to make for William. Lasagna, his favorite food. She started the preparation of the plate, and went into an already advanced state of the cooking process, when she found the biggest issue, meat.

For obvious reasons, she didn't have any meat in the castle, and by this point, all the animals on earth have become sapient beacouse of her magic, so killing them would be an atrocity.

"Oh no." she thought. "I know how much he hates vegetarian lasagna, so that isn't an option." she continued struggling her brain, until after a while, she found a solution that William and the animal lover pegasus will enjoy.

"Great Celestia! Great! This time, your creativity transfer all the limits!" she said with a smile.


"You said something Twilight?" William asked.

"What? No, why do you ask?" she spoke.

"I could almost swear that I heard a voice."

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! His same alarm from yesterday triggered in that moment.

"Ah!" Twilight shouted as William deactivated it once and for all. "What the hay is that!?"

"It's just a cellphone. I think you ponies don't have these anymore. It would be pretty useful in the past, but now it's pretty much a relic."

"Wait." Twilight said after a second of watching the screen. "That thing can display words! Text! Books!"

"Well, yes; but I don't have any book in this device." William spoke. "But I've this!" he said while pulling out 'The little prince' of his coat.

"I can't believe it!" Twilight shouted. "Human literature! It's impossible! It's incredible! May I see it?"


"Oh wow!" she exclaimed. "The little prince huh, and is it good?"

"Is the best book of all times." William answered. "If you want, you can borrow it for a while."

"Really!" the mare said with disbelief. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Just then, the doors of the room they were in opened, and a cyan pegasus called over to William and Twilight.

"Hey you two book eaters! The princess wants to show William something."

"Ok." the two of them said in an instant, as they followed the cyan mare to the room the party was in preparation.

During the walk, Rainbow Dash couldn't stop staring at his childhood hero as he walked, and in two legs! She contained herself all the time that she could, but eventually her curiosity was enough to make her ask.

"So, William." Rainbow spoke. "Do you still have all that magic from Luna?"

"Well..." he said while raising his hand in order to levitate himself a few centimeters of the ground for a few amount of seconds. "I think than the answer is yes. It feels weird, but awesome at the same time!"

"Oh cool!" the flying mare answered. "And, until now, what do you think about equestria?"

"Well... I've to say that from what I read on the books that Twilight showed to me, the kingdom that Tia formed in my absence is a very peaceful one. I like it!"

"Oh great! And just wait until you see cloudsdale!" she spoke.

"Hoping to visit it later." he stated.

The three of them continued on the way that Rainbow Dash indicated, until they arrived at the door that contained a party behind. Then, a golden aura enveloped the handle and opened it, revealing all the ponies that were behind the surprise, as they shouted:


William felt a joy that he didn't know it was possible. After all those years of absence, Tia and Luna still remember him. Tears of happiness began to fall from his eyes, as his mouth began to move. "I-I don't know what to say." he started to speak, as he contemplated the detailed decorations that were exactly the way he once told Tia he would like a party. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

"You are welcome." Luna replied.

The little party was one of the best ones William has ever experienced, and he enjoyed the chatting, the music, the decorations, and everything. Then the moment of eating arrived, and Celestia appeared with a sudden flash with the plate for William.

"Is that a," William spoke, already smelling it, "lasagna!"

"Yes, it is." answered the white alicorn. "Just as you use to cook it when I was a child."

William tried his new abilities on the plate, and levitate it very close to his position. But then, the yellow mare saw what was inside the lasagna.

"Is-is th-that, meat!?" she almost shouted in horror, and William, who was about to start devouring his treasure, froze in fear of what his new friends might think of his diet.

But then Celestia came to the rescue. "Don't worry Fluttershy. Although this plate contains meat, I can assure you that no animal was injured in the preparation."

"So then how did you make it?" William asked.

"It is something that you always wished to be real, and I wasn't sure than I could make it, but I did it! It's artificial meat!" Said the white mare with excitement. "It is easier to make, healthier for you, and it's even more tasty!"

"Oh that's a relief." Fluttershy spoke. "Wait, your species eats meat! Where did you get it 20000 years ago!?"

"Oh Fluttershy." Luna spoke. "This would take a while to explain."

"I was this close to be hated for life!" said William while going to his room in the castle.

"At least me and Tia came to rescue the night." Luna joked. "Well, did you have a good day after all?"

"Yes, it was pretty nice." William said with a smile. "And, Luna, can I ask you something?"

"Yes William."

"Now that I have this magic, I want to know how to use it. And I wanna know beyond simple levitation! Could you ask Tia if she could teach me magic?"

"Well, she is very occupied with her royal duties, in fact, she had to make some serious modifications to her schedule to make that party. But I know that her faithful student Twilight, would be more than happy to teach you."

"*Yawn* Really? *yawn*" he said.

"Yes really!" the blue mare spoke. "But I can see than you are very tired. Why you don't start that tomorrow?"

"Good idea *yawn*. Well, good night Luna!"

"Good night William! Don't forget that I'll be guarding your dreams tonight, just to make sure that Owlen really banished."

After they finished the good nights, William went to his new/temporal bed to get some rest. Rest that he immediately founded.

Meanwhile, Luna appeared in the same peaceful dream of the last night. Ready to guard William from Owlen, if he was still out there, but since the dream occurred peacefully, she assumed that Owlen had really banished.


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