• Published 14th May 2022
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A legend returns. - 654_nosneb

A human appears in equestria, at the middle of season 5, he doesn't know what's happening but everypony knows him.

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Chapter XIII - The prince.

"THIS IS THE LAST TIME I WOULD ASK!" Owlen shouted to Cadence, while holding her from the neck. "WHERE IS THE SPELL!?"

"I-I don't know." the pink alicorn lied.


Then, Owlen proceeded to put his other claw on Cadence's head, and use his magic to extract what he wanted.


He leaved the injured princess on the floor, and then rushed to the castle archives.

My head hurts, again, I thought I wouldn't stumble with anything right after Owlen lunched me through the sky. I also thought than the space would be a lot 'colder' instead of this soft warm, and... hold on, how I'm still breathing!?

My doubts were interrupted by a childish voice from above me, saying:

"Wow! Your clothing is just like one I used to wear!" the voice said. "Who are you? Do you like games?"

As I opened my eyes, I saw samepon... I mean, someone than I never thought I would ever see. His blue eyes, blond hair, green clothing, and his yellow scarf. It could only be... the little prince!

He stared at me with a smile on his face, as I turned my head side to side, just to find that the horizon was extremely close to me; than the sky was covered in stars, billions, billions of stars; and that a little extinguished volcano was close to me. I could barely believe it, I was on B-612!

"I'm the little prince." he spoke. "You act funny." the child continued, "you act as you never been in space before."

"Am-am I dead!?" I asked to him, since that was the only logical explanation I could think of.

"Nope." he responded. "At least not yet. What's your name?"

"William." I responded as I stood up. "Bu-but how I'm still breathing!?"

"What do you mean?" he asked me with a puzzled expression on his face. "Obviously with your lungs and nose."

"But, there's no oxygen in space!"

"What's oxygen?" he asked.

"Here!" Twilight shouted. "The book about the elements! I almost thought that it was burned in the old library!"

She and her friends were doing a registration on the castle's library, and none of them seem to find anything, until now. Twilight passed pages violently with her magic, to find anything that could be useful, but she wasn't founding anything that could dis-corrupt the elements.

Just when she was about to close the book, and pass to the next one, she saw something on the last page.

The page stated:
And even if these elements were corrupted by powerful magic, there might or might not be a way to turn them back.
There is a legend about a seventh element, an element that could hold together the other ones even in the darkest times: The element of hope.
Some think it's just a bad interpretation, some think it never existed.
But some of the legends states that the element was not originally part of the others. Some legends tell that is now lost in the stars, and might never come back, but as the elements themselves, it's just a legend.
But in theory, if the other elements were corrupted this element could return them back.

"Girls!" the mare shouted. "I think I found something!"

"So, mr. Exupery wrote a book about me?"

"You know him?" I asked.

"Of course I knew him!" he responded. "He was my friend! I tamed him."

"Look," I spoke, "it is very nice to meet you and all, but I've to return to earth!"

"But why?" he said with a saddened voice. "You just came, and we didn't played even hide an seek!"

"Beacouse I've friends there that are in danger!" I spoke to him with a worried voice tone.

"Really!?" he responded. "If they are in danger, you should go now to help them! Wait, I've something that might help you."

He then rushed to the other side of the asteroid, and returned from the other side with a necklace with a white crystal on it.

"Take this!" he said. "I found it on an asteroid, and never used it once. But it seems that you'll need it."

"What is it?" I asked.

I don't know, but it has a very unusual bright on it. I found a collector on an asteroid that said that it was made of hope, and offered me some gold in exchange, but it was just too pretty to exchange for something so common as 'gold'."

"Oh, thanks." I said, now a little sad.

"What's wrong?"

"It's just... well, someone might be right about doing a bad thing to obtain a good thing. And it troubles me think that I might not be doing the right thing by stopping him."

The little prince didn't respond immediately, but when he did, he said:

"What he is going to do, will harm people?"

"Well, yes but..."

"And stopping him, will make people happy?"

I was starting to understand where he was going. "Yes."

"So then, what are you waiting for. Go and stop him!"

Now I was filled with determination. "Ok but, how I will go?"

"Use the migration of wild birds! Look, take this strings." he said while pulling out some long strings out of his pockets.

"But there are no birds in..."

"Skweak!" a flock of birds started to appear in the sky as if they were part of the stars.


"You are a little weird." he spoke. "I'll help you."

"Wait!" I shouted.


"Thank you." I spoke with some tears in my eyes. "Thank you for remembering me what's important."

"You are welcome." he said with a smile.

"Also, this is not a goodbye, it's a: see you later. I promise that I would come back and... I will tame you!" I spoke. Wow, those are words I never thought I would ever say.

"Goodbye then William!" the little prince said while putting the strings on the birds. "I'm also looking forward to tame you! There are so many questions I would like to ask you."

"Same here." I said while holding the strings that would lead me back to earth. "Goodbye little prince!" I shouted as I began to elevate myself. "Goodbye!"

Author's Note:

Almost done with the first season.
And that's why the little prince was on the cover, if anyone wondered why.
Enjoy :)

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