• Published 1st Sep 2021
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Equestria: A New Generation - Phantom-Dragon

What-IF: Sunset Shimmer returns to Equestria and joins Sunny Starscout and friends on their adventure.

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Meet Izzy Moonbow (Rewritten: 9/24)

After leaving the ‘all’ Earth pony town, it became clear to Sunset Shimmer the ponies were far from welcoming her with open hooves, or even a smile (Which was Pinkie Pie’s department to be precise). Exhausted and hungry, Sunset Shimmer trekked through the woods along a narrow dirt path. She had no idea where to go, but the only direction she could count on was forward.

“Twilight Sparkle, what have you done?” Sunset Shimmer grumbled. “What’s happened to the neighborhood? This is NOT the new and improved ‘friendly’ kingdom you described in your messages…”

The weary fiery unicorn had walked through the woods for the entire afternoon, since she was technically ‘exiled’ from the Earth pony village she appeared in. None of the Earth ponies even bothered to give her directions nor tell her where her current location was. When she asked how to get to Canterlot, or at least the nearest town where unicorns reside, they simply pointed their hooves in the direction of the woods… and that’s about it. They don’t even bother giving her a look of acknowledgement or nothing. Not the friendliest way to give a lost pony direction.

But the Earth ponies’ rather bizarre resentment toward Sunset was the least of her concerns momentarily. She needed to find the nearest town, at least a place to sleep for the night. Or else she’ll be spending nights sleeping under a tree praying it won’t rain (Or worse).

The sun slowly disappeared over the horizon; the starry night sky draped across the land. Sunset Shimmer’s hooves ached from the lengthy hike; her mane was messier than before. Twigs caught in her hair, split ends formed, and dark bags hung under her eyes. If she weren’t still in her prime she got back, she’d definitely appeared older by now.

Suddenly, a growling sound broke the silence. Startled, Sunset Shimmer snapped her head in every random direction, every which-way. Her horn ignited in a glow, and she burst into random battle poses with her hooves at the ready.

“Who’s there? Who are you?” Sunset asked frantically. “Stay back! I’m warning you! I’m armed and dangerous!”

However, the only creature that heeded the fiery unicorn’s warnings were frightened animals who scurried away. Another awkward silence followed till the growling bellowed again, followed by a painful sensation… in Sunset Shimmer’s stomach. The unicorn looked down, realizing it was only her stomach growling.

“Oh wow Sunset,” She chuckled to herself. “Guess some pony skipped breakfast this morning… Oh wait, actually… I did have breakfast but…”

Slowly Sunset reached into her saddlebags, and the unicorn searched through the contents for any rations she’s packed. But much to her dismay, she discovered nothing aside from a sketchbook, a pen, a hat, a familiar geode necklace, a pair of binoculars, and a camera she brought to capture some memories. Groaning, she face-hoofed herself.

“Shoot! I didn’t bring any snacks,” Sunset muttered. “Then again, I wasn’t planning on coming here for a camping trip to begin with…”

Another growl rumbled against her stomach, drawing Sunset’s attention.

“I need something to eat and fast!”

She scoured around the woods, trying to find something the least bit edible. Some berry bushes… possibly a few Zap Apple Trees, anything she can eat. But she was once more dismayed to find nothing but grass, flowers, and a few ‘questionable’ mushrooms.

“Yeah… like I’m crazy enough to eat those!” Sunset rolled her eyes, moving on.

“Hey there! Ya hungry?”

A loud voice startled Sunset Shimmer into a karate fighting stance .Like the time she did in Equestria Girls – Legend of Everfree.

“AAAH!!!” Sunset screamed, hurling punches and kicks. “Who said that? Come out and face me like… like… whatever you are!”

Suddenly, the pony who’s voice greeted her jumped from a nearby bush to hide. Sunset slowly composed herself as she turned to the bush. Walking on two legs, her horn ignited to light through the darkness, Sunset slowly approached.

“Hello?” Sunset called out. “Hello?!”

Slowly, but cautiously, the pony poked her head out from behind a tree and gazed upon Sunset with wonder.

“Hi!” The younger pony greeted.

Seeing that indeed it was just another pony, Sunset breathed a sigh of relief. She dropped her front hooves down to the ground and carefully approached the pony.

“Oh, hey!” Sunset smiled, chuckling. “Sorry if I gave you a fright there! I don’t… I haven’t… ya kind of snuck up on me, so… heh-heh… you okay there?”

Igniting her horn in a fiery red aura, Sunset studied the pony while helping her up. In appearance, the pony was a lilac unicorn with navy blue hooves. Her mane and tail made of long, wavy cerulean blue hair, which went from blue roots to violet tips. Her eyes were magenta, and she had a long, powder blue horn with white swirls. Her cutie mark was a purple heart with a blue button in the center. The anterior side of the heart featured three sewing pins: two pink and one purple.

“Hey, you’re a unicorn!” Sunset Shimer smiled.

The pony felt both relieved and thrilled to finally meet another pony that wasn’t an Earth pony—not like the unfriendly ones from before.

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Izzy! Izzy Moonbow!” Izzy smiled happily. “And who are you?”

“Sunset Shimmer,” Sunset Shimmer introduced herself. “Pleased to meet you, Izzy!”


Izzy squealed excitedly before happily taking Sunset’s hoof and shook so rapidly and strongly, Sunset’s entire form shook.

“I can’t believe this is happening! I finally meet another unicorn!”

Soon, Izzy Moonbow finished shaking Sunset Shimmer’s hoof and the fiery unicorn’s eyes were rolling.

“Yeah, great to meet another—Wait!”

Sunset shook her head as she turned to face Izzy with a confused expression.

“What do ya mean by ‘finally meet another unicorn’? When’s the last time ya ever met another unicorn?”

“Oh! Back in my hometown, Bridlewood Forest, of course!” Izzy Moonbow smiled. “But then I left, and I'm on my way to Maretime Bay, when I got lost...

“Oh… I’m sorry to hear that,” Sunset frowned sympathetically.

“Aw, don’t be! I’m happy now because I got to meet you!” Izzy galloped excitedly around the older unicorn. “Now I’m not alone anymore, and you can take me to Maretime Bay!”

Sunset Shimmer simply gave Izzy a puzzled look, before scratching the back of her head.

“Yeah… I’d love to help you, kid,” Sunset began. “But… I don’t even know where this Maretime Bay is…”

“Oh…” Izzy frowned sadly. “Okay… sorry for bothering you. I… I’ll… I guess I’ll find my own way then.”

Disheartened by Sunset’s revelation, she turned around and was just on her way… till Sunset Shimmer stopped Izzy in her tracks.

“Hey, hold on, kid,” Sunset spoke. “I never said I wasn’t going to help you; maybe we can help each other.”

“Really?!” Izzy smiled excitedly. “Then… YOU’LL COME WITH ME?!?!?!”

“What kind of pony would I be for ‘not’ helping a lost pony?” Sunset smiled confidently. “Besides, Twilight would’ve wanted it.”


Izzy clapped her hooves excitedly and started trotting around Sunset Shimmer.

“THIS IS SO COOL! I was lost! But now, I found you! And now you’re helping me find my way to Maretime Bay. We’re like INSTANT BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!!”

Sunset couldn’t help but chuckle lightly over Izzy’s praise. Her high energy and charisma reminded her so much of Pinkie Pie. Just then, the familiar rumbling growl broke the silence causing both unicorns to look down at Sunset Shimmer’s stomach.

“Ugh, you wouldn’t happen to pack some lunch with you?” Sunset grumbled, clutching her stomach.

“Ooh, here!”

Izzy held out her hooves out, offering an open lunch box, with sandwiches and apples.

“Have some!”

“Oh, thank you so much!” Sunset sighed.

Igniting her horn, she picked up the box to her face (Much to Izzy’s fascination).

“I was expecting to dine with Twilight at her castle in Canterlot. But this looks so good—”

“Wait—Canterlot?” Izzy asked, with a double take. “Did you say… Twilight? Whoa, wait… as in… the Twilight Sparkle? The Supreme Ruler of all Equestria?”

“Yup! That’s the one,” Sunset confirmed.

She took a bite out of a sandwich, but immediately cringed at an awful taste in her mouth.

“Blech! I mean, mmm!!!”

Sunset forced a smile, trying to appear polite.

“Delicious… what’s in this?”

“Uh… dried mushrooms with chocolate covered eggplant burger?” Izzy answered. “I usually add a few drops of hot sauce for a little extra kick… yeah, one thing I forgot to bring.”

“Well… compliments to the chef!” Sunset chuckled nervously, before shooting a deadpan look. “Y’know what? I’m not hungry anymore…”

The moment Izzy wasn’t looking, Sunset tossed the sandwich far into the woods.

“So… you’re looking for Princess Twilight, huh?” Izzy began suspiciously. “Why do you want to meet her?”

“Oh, Twilight and I, we go way back,” Sunset answered. “She and I had some… issues. But we’ve worked them out and kept in touch over the years. I thought I’d give her a surprise visit.”

“Whoa!” So you’re like, her friend and everything?!” Izzy grinned excitedly.


“OMIGOSH!!!” Izzy tackled Sunset Shimmer in a hug. “Where’ve you been all my life?!”

“Uh… let’s say I’ve been out of town,” Sunset replied awkwardly. “For a really long time…”

To the best of her ability, the fiery unicorn was absolutely ‘not’ going to tell Izzy or ‘any’ pony she came from another world… especially of humans. Who knows how these ponies would react?

“This is so cool!” Izzy spoke, giddy. “Just when I thought meeting you can’t get any better! You’re not only a unicorn who can still do magic, but you’re also one of the legendary ponies of Equestria! Like Twilight, Starlight, and… THE OTHERS!!!”

“Yeah—wait, what?”

Sunset did a double-take, turning to Izzy after hearing the part she mentioned along the lines of ‘still do magic’

“W-W-Wha-Wait! Hold on. What—”

But before Sunset could ask, Izzy was already listing several activities.

“We can do sleepovers!”


“We can braid each other’s mane, or…”


“Ooh, ooh, ooh! We can even make friendship bracelets, like mine! TA-DA!!!”

Izzy Moonbow, beaming excitedly, showed off her friendship bracelet made of chunky blue, pink, and purple beads.

“IZZY!!!” Sunset shouted, drawing the unicorn’s attention.

“Ah yes Sunset?” Izzy smiled.

“Listen… all that sounds great right now, but… did I hear you say, ‘I can still do magic’?”

“Uh-huh,” Izzy nodded.

“What do you mean? You… can’t do magic? What’s happening?”