• Published 1st Sep 2021
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Equestria: A New Generation - Phantom-Dragon

What-IF: Sunset Shimmer returns to Equestria and joins Sunny Starscout and friends on their adventure.

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Maretime Bay | Enter Sunny Starscout

A few nights ago...

After she's gotten acquainted with Izzy Moonbow, Sunset Shimmer was having a hard time processing every words that Izzy had just told her.

"So you mean to tell me, that Unicorns are no longer friends with Earth Ponies and Pegasi," Sunset said. "And for some reason, the unicorns have lost their magic?"

"That's right!" Izzy confirmed with a chirp. "But for some reason, you still have yours!"

"Well...like I said, I have been out of town for a long time...so, I'm kinda...out of the loop..."

"That's okay!" Izzy smiled. "'Cause now we've got each other, and we can get to Maretime Bay, before you can say friendship!"

"...Yeah," Sunset said with raised eyebrows. "So...remind me again, why you needed to go to Maretime Bay? You got a friend there?"

"Uh-huh!" Izzy nodded, reaching into her mane and pulled out an old piece of paper. "I've been wanting to go there when I was a little filly. I found this letter that says I've got friends there!"

With her horn glowing, Sunset Shimmer took the paper from Izzy to read, "Dear unicorns and pegasi, you have friends in Maretime Bay. Come visit us."

Drawn on the paper are child drawings of an orange earth pony, a blue pegasus, and a purple unicorn, sitting around a picnic blanket, having sharing muffins, or cupcakes.

"Aw," Sunset Shimmer smiled at the drawing. "Nice to know there's at least somepony who wants to make friends."

"Yeah! And that's where I'm going!" Izzy smiled as she trotted away, with Sunset following.

"Don't you have any friends, back in this...Bridlewood of yours, Izzy?" Sunset asked.

"Oh yeah! I've got lots of friends," Izzy smiled. "But...I'm a little too sparkly for them, so...I left to meet my new friends waiting for me, at Maretime Bay!"

"Well, if Maretime Bay promises to have nicer ponies, then I'm coming with you," Sunset said as she tagged along.


Meanwhile, in the said town dubbed Maretime Bay, waking up from her bed is an earth pony mare, with a tan coat of apricot, and magenta mane and tail. Her cutie mark is one large pink star with a blue trail and two smaller pink stars. She is the main heroine of our story, Sunny Starscout. And today was a new day for her.

Next to her bed, her alarm clocked chimed at 7 AM, to which she turned it off with a slam of her hoof. With a yawn and a stretch, Sunny got out of bed to look at her calendar, then at herself in the mirror, to find herself a mess of mane. With a blow of her hair, she pulled open a drawer, revealing a mess of hairbands, which she used to stylize her mane into a loving braid. With her mane style done, Sunny puts on a saddle bag, with Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark. To further show the earth pony's admiration of the Mane Six, she has three pins with Twilight, Fluttershy, and Rainbow's cutie marks and colors.

Satisfied with her looks, Sunny gave herself a nod, before she went up on an elevator of her house, and finds herself in a workshop. She passed by a board, with pictures of a large office building, until she stopped at a table, where she painted herself a large paper of some sort, and smiled to herself.

"Perfect!" With that, Sunny folded the paper up, puts it in her saddle bag, and went back down to open up the curtains, then walks up to photo of herself, and her dad. "Today's the day dad, I actually have a plan this time. Wish me luck!"

With a burst of enthusiasm, Sunny walks out the door, and the photo was crooked, to which the mare reopened the door to straighten the photo, before she was really on her way. Putting on a pair of roller blades for all four hooves, and a helmet, Sunny was skating through the streets of Maretime Bay, singing to herself a song.

Gonna Be My Day

Good morning sun
No time to chat I gotta run
Cause I’ve got places to be
So much to do
Excited, yes and nervous, too
A change is starting with me
I never worry ’bout upsetting carts
Hardened hearts
Or wonder will I belong

Her first stop of the day was to collect a cart of smoothies, which she pulled along the road, passing by a suspicious red stallion, who lowered his newspaper and proceeded to chase after her. In appearance, he has a greasy golden mane, green eyes, white socks, and a cutie mark of a beetroot.

I’ve heard it enough
I’m calling their bluff
I’ll never get lost in the grey
There’s something inside
Burns bigger than pride
Shines out of me lighting the way

Gonna be, gonna be, gonna be my day (be my day)
Gonna be, gonna be, gonna be my day (be my day)
Gonna be, gonna be my day, gonna be my day)
Gonna be my day, gonna be my day

Sunny passed a pony, who was just about to eat his cookies, when the red stallion stopped to drink the other pony's smoothie, and all of his cookies, before he resumes chasing Sunny.

Hey there, hello
The friends I make, the friends I know
Today you answer my call (Hello, anypony there?)

Sunny stopped by, and watched downheartedly as a couple of foals beat up a couple of crude piñatas of a pegasus and unicorn.

Inside of hide, instead of staying stuck inside
Instead of building your wall

Come on and party with me,
Join the band, understand
We’ll all be singin’ this song

Sunny stopped by to give a foal an animal balloon, shaped like a unicorn, much to the horror of their parents. The red stallion, meanwhile, continued his pursuit after Sunny, on a skateboard he stole from a kid.

However, Sunny had skated across a manhole, causing a pony to lift up, seeing what the commotion was all about. The red stallion failed to stop in time, and ended up flying off the manhole, behind Sunny, who continues to go about her day, putting heart stickers with unicorn and pegasus pictures on them, all over town.

I’ve heard it enough
I’m calling their bluff
I’ll never get lost in the grey
Go big or go home
Get real or get known
Get ready and raring to say

Gonna be, gonna be, gonna be my day (be my day)
Gonna be, gonna be, gonna be my day (be my day)
Gonna be, gonna be, gonna be my day (gonna be my day)
Gonna be my day

A trio of ponies were looking at a pamphlet of an event called the Annual Show of Canterlogic, when they were startled by what appeared to be the shadow of a bird, which is actually a couple of kites, flown by two kids.

Everyone’s afraid
Always judging, never budjing
Ain’t it time we made
The team, the dream

Sunny stopped in front of a poster, with a demonic picture of a pegasus, which she cured with drawings of hearts and a smily face, on the pegasus.

The red stallion finally caught up to her, until he lost her again. He was catching his breath, when he stared in shock at Sunny's latest work of what he perceived to be vandalism.

Let's open our eyes
Sun starting to rise
And finally able to say

Gonna be, gonna be, gonna be my day (be my day)
Gonna be, gonna be, gonna be my day (gonna be my day)
Gonna be, gonna be, gonna be my day (gonna be my day)
Gonna be my day (be my day)

Finally, after rollerblading across town, Sunny finally arrived at her destination. A large building with large glasses mounted on the rooftop, surrounded by banners that read, "Canter Logic."

A large group of ponies were all gathering towards the building, including a certain unicorn, who disguised herself with a large hat, a pair of sunglasses, and drinking a cup of smoothie.

Sunny was about to enter the building, with every other earth ponies, when she was suddenly stopped by an earth pony stallion, with light amber coat, aqua colored mane and tail, and a cutie mark of a gold shield with a teal horseshoe in the center and a teal heart on the bottom of either side of the shield. Around his torso, he wears some sort of belt, with a sheriff's badge on the front.

"Aha," The stallion announced himself to Sunny. "There you are, Sunny. Just the pony I was expecting," He said, walking up to the mare, while being followed by a couple of birds, and a crab.

Still in her disguise, Sunset Shimmer stopped and backtracked to see the conversation exchanging between Sunny and the sheriff.

"Morning, Sheriff Hitch," Sunny greeted, before turning to the animals. "I see you brought the whole squad along again."

In response, the two birds saluted to Sunny, with the crab pinching its pincers.

"What is it with me and critters?" Hitch asked. "I'm like a magnet to them." Turning to the critters, Hitch bent down and asked, "Guys, come on. Give Hitch a little space." In response, the critters only took a step back, much to Hitch's chagrin.

"So, what's up?" Sunny asked.

"Oh, please, like you don't know," Hitch eyed Sunny suspiciously, before he pointed to a billboard next to him. "Today is the annual presentation at Canterlogic."

"Hey, I'm headed there right now," Sunny said, about to roll her way in, when Hitch stopped her.

"No, you're not," Hitch said sternly. "Listen, I know that you have come up with some hare-brained scheme to sabotage it, and if you think I'm just going to let you walk in..."

In defiance, Sunny simply skated around Hitch, before she turned around and began in a sing-song voice, "Hey Hitch..."


"Come on."

"Good morning, Sheriff Hitch," An Earth Pony mare greeted.

"Morning, Mayflower," Hitch returned the greeting. "Dahlia," He quickly turned to look sternly at Sunny, "Sunny, I'm on duty."

Nevertheless, Sunset watched from the sideline as Sunny held a hoof up, to which Hitch sighed, and they began doing a secret hoofshake.

"Up high! Down low! Hitch it to a post! Flip it sunny side up and on a piece of toast! Ok?"

Just then, the red stallion from before finally caught up to Sunny, breathing heavily to Hitch, "I did what you asked for, Hitch," The stallion tried to catch his breath. "She never left my side, not even once."

"Oh, hey, Sprout," Sunny greeted the stallion. "You OK? You seem kind of wheezy."

"That's Deputy Sprout to you," The stallion, identified to be Sprout, corrected.

Nevertheless, Sunny turned to take her leave, skating onward towards the building, "Hey, wait up! I'm not finished!" Hitch shouted, chasing after Sunny, with the critters chasing after Hitch. "Sunny! Sunny, we both know how this goes. Every year you try to sneak in and every year I stop you." He said, piquing Sunset Shimmer's attention.

"Look, you have nothing to worry about," Sunny insisted. "I'll just go into the factory, deliver my smoothies..."

"Uh-uh," Deputy Sprout shook his head. "You can't even step a hoof in there. My mom had you banned..."

Sunset Shimmer did a spit take from the sideline, nearly blowing her cover, "What?"

Sunny tried to argue, "But I..."

"I'm asking you as your friend, Sunny, not as sheriff," Hitch sighed. "Just please try not to pull any stunts today."

"Ok. Ok," Sunny replied. "I'll try."

"Do you Pinkie Promise?" Sunset said from out of nowhere, while acting as if she's simply passing by.

"Huh?" Sunny, Hitch, and Sprout exclaimed, dumbstruck, before they simply shrugged it off and resumed their conversation.

"As I was saying," Hitch began. "Now, give your delivery to Sprout and go home." However, his attention was suddenly drawn to another passing pony, who threw a piece of trash on the road, "Hey. Hey! That's a violation of Code 33!" Sprout barked, chasing after the pony, with the little critters chasing him.

With Hitch out of her hair, Sunny turned her attention to the building and was about to go in, but was stopped by Sprout.

"Bye-bye," Sprout said, taking the mare's cart, and seeing her skate away.

But Sunny wasn't going to give up that easy, which Sunset could see.

"What are you up to, little pony?" Sunset asked, still in disguise.

"Hey! Move it!" Deputy Sprout barked to Sunset. "These smoothies aren't going to deliver themselves."

"Gee, sorry," Sunset said to the stallion, before she turned to see that Sunny was out of sight. "Uh. Where'd she go?"

Sometimes before

It was at the brink of dawn. The sun was rising over the horizon, when two unicorns emerged from the woods, just at the edge of Maretime Bay.

After hiking through the wilderness for many nights, Sunset Shimmer and Izzy Moonbow emerged from the woods, to at last find the city they were looking for, with a sign that reads: Welcome to Maretime Bay.

"Phew, we made it," Sunset breathed a sigh of relief, collapsing herself to the ground. "Oh, I can barely feel my hooves..."

"But we made it!" Izzy smiled. "And all thanks to you, Sunset!"

"Don't mention it," Sunset got up and stretched her back. "But can you please keep your eyes on the road and not stare after butterflies?"

"Huh? Did you say something?" Izzy asked. "I was watching that butterfly that just fluttered by!"

"Ugh..." Sunset groaned, shaking her head, before she took a deep breath and composed herself. "Okay. Listen, Izzy. We've found Maretime Bay. But there's no telling what these ponies are like, and who we can trust as friends. So, you stay here and make camp, and I'll just...go in there, and check the place out. I'll give you the heads up."

"OK!" Izzy smiled and nodded, watching as Sunset takes her leave.

"And if the place checks out alright, I'll give you the signal. Ca-caw!" Sunset crowed like a bird. "Got it?"

"Got it!"

"Okay," Reaching into her saddlebag, Sunset puts on a pair of sunglasses and a hat. "Wish me luck."

"Good luck, Sunset!" Izzy waved the fiery unicorn, before a butterfly fluttered by and caught her attention. "Ooh!"