• Published 1st Sep 2021
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Equestria: A New Generation - Phantom-Dragon

What-IF: Sunset Shimmer returns to Equestria and joins Sunny Starscout and friends on their adventure.

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Long time…

My name is Sunset Shimmer,

Former pupil of Princess Celestia, demon sorceress-turned-reformed good girl, a guitarist of the Rainbooms, and a street artist dubbed, ‘Flanksy’.

It’s been many moons; though I still remember it like it was yesterday. When I was… a very different pony.

I was the prized pupil of Princess Celestia herself. I took my schoolwork and my studies with pride… maybe ‘too’ prideful. I’ll admit that I haven’t always been the nicest of unicorns. I had my books; I was on my way to becoming a powerful unicorn. Or so I thought I was meant to be.

I didn’t have many friends, if any at all. My pride and anger always got in the way. And I still ask myself this one question: What was I so angry about?

It’s been so long, I sort of forgot about it. Looking back now, I’d rather keep it that way.

Everything changed the day I met her… Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia’s new pupil. In many ways, Twilight was better than me. She has friends, she’s smart, and she seems to have the answers for every problems that came her way.

It was during a school night when I… when I was overcome by my inner demon. Then, to my surprise, Princess Twilight stepped up… and she saved me.

Ever since then, Twilight and I had become great friends. We both stayed connected via magic journals. Whenever I had a friendship problem, she’s always there to provide an answer.

Many years have passed, and I still talk to Twilight from time to time… then one day, she just… stopped.

The last time we spoke, she ascended the throne. She was Supreme Ruler of Equestria, after Princess Celestia and Princess Luna officially retired.

I wasn’t the least bit offended… much less hurt. I always tell myself ‘She’s a busy pony’, what else did I expect? I kept saying how normal it is to forget to write back now and then. I figured if I just gave her some space, the time needed to manage a few things, she’ll write back when I least expect it.

I’ve even forgotten the last time I ever wrote a message to some of my other friends. They’d never make a fuss; why would they?

We’ve recently graduated from college; we all earned our degrees. And then… we’ve gone our separate ways. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen or heard from them, but I always hoped they were doing okay.

Now here I am, reminiscing over old days, when all we had was each other. None of this would’ve been possible with my very best friend, Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship.

… I’ve made up my mind.

It’s taken weeks of careful planning, but now I am fully prepared. By the time this message is received, I’ve gone back to Equestria for a week-long vacation. Who knows? Perhaps this trip will bring me some much-needed closure. And I won’t be coming back until I’ve found it.

I’m looking forward to seeing my oldest, dearest friend… all over again!

Marcus Warner - Friendship is Magic (Official Audio)

A swirl of colors, was all the eyes can see. The gateway to another world opens, just as it did so many years ago. Memories of the past flash; the feeling of nostalgia brimming to a beating heart. In spite of the age of the old, the feeling of renewal youth is genuine. Friendship is magic, as it always is, and always will be through the ages…

Eventually, the light at the end of the tunnel glows ever brighter, almost blinding to the eye. Until at last, the other world is in sight. Stepping into it emerges a fiery unicorn, at a weary age of adulthood. She is Sunset Shimmer, and she comes to pay a visit to a very old friend. However, one look around her new surroundings and immediately she is baffled.

What the… this isn’t the Castle of Friendship,” Sunset Shimmer expressed, in thought.

Confused, she looks around and finds herself in a rather dusty room all covered in cobwebs. A complete contrast to the usual shining library she remember arriving those many years ago.

“Hello?” Sunset called, in an older raspy voice. “Where am I? Anyone here? Twilight? Spike? Any pony?”

After a while of silence, Sunset Shimmer decides that a look around is in order. She walks over to the nearby door, reaching one hoof out to turn the knob… but it slips off. She tries in vain to open the door, which proves difficult with hooves. A time when she wishes she still has her fingers.

“Come on, turn… turn…” Sunset grunted, frustrated.

It’s not long before it finally dawns on her. She slaps herself in the face with her own hoof.

“Oh, Sunset…”

Living in the human world for so long, she forgets all the benefits to being a unicorn. Focusing her magic, Sunset’s horn glows a fiery red sparkling aura. The magic within allows her to turn the doorknob counterclockwise. Once the small task is done, Sunset opens the door and steps in to find herself in what appears to be…

An antique store?” Sunset thought.

There is no mistake, everywhere she looks there are shelves after shelves all packed with an assortment of junk. Baubles, vases, and other seemingly old bits of junk from Equestria’s past. Sunset Shimmer walks toward one shelf, wiping her hoof across to see how dusty it is.

“Wow, whoever runs this place is definitely failing the clean inspection,” Sunset commented.

Just then, bits of dust flies directly up her nose.

“A-A-A-ACHOO!!!” She sneezed, blowing up a cloud of dust. “When’s the last time they’ve cleaned?”

Shaking her head, Sunset quickly composes herself as she makes her way towards what appears to be the front door. Sunset puts her hoof on the door to push it open, only it remains stuck in its frame. She forgets again she can do magic, which she quickly remembers and channels her magic to turn the knob. But for some strange reason, the door remains locked in place. She takes a closer look and discovers the door has a double lock, which she quickly remedies.

With a swing of the door, Sunset at lasts steps into the open world, away from the dusty building, and breathing in the fresh air. She turns up and looks toward the clear blue sky where Celestia’s sun shines brightly over the horizon.

“Ahh… Equestria!” She sighed.

Turning around, Sunset shuts the door behind her and locks it, if only to make it so no pony came out. Checking herself, making sure her saddlebag is secured, Sunset Shimmer proceeds to walk down the streets of town, passing a couple of townsponies along the way.


Sunset waves casually to some Earth ponies, who shoot some weird glances. She turns and spots a mail delivery pony passing by.

“What’s up?” She greeted.

The mail delivery pony looks at her strangely…


And immediately forgets where he’s going and crashes into the lamppost. Concerned, Sunset Shimmer approaches the dazed pony, who clutches his head and picks up his bag.

“You all right sir?” Sunset asked, offering to help.

“No-No-No!” The pony brushed off, picking himself up. “I’m fine… just fine… gotta go!”

The Mail Delivery Pony takes off quickly, as Sunset looks on with an eyebrow raise. Looking around the town, she sees all the passing ponies giving off weird looks.

“Why are you all looking at me like that?” Sunset asked.

In response, the ponies turn and walk away, as if they want nothing to do with her. Sunset Shimmer holds a hoof up to her head, scratching the back of her neck. It is then she realizes what she is doing… walking around town… on her hind legs.


With a blush and an embarrassed grin, Sunset gets down on her forehooves.

Hehe, way to go Sunset,” She bereted herself. “You get away from Equestria for so long and you forget everything.

An hour or so passes by as Sunset Shimmer continues to check around the town, whose name she’s yet to figure out. But none of the local townsfolk are any help, they either give her the weird stares or blatantly ignore her. Wherever she is, Sunset Shimmer gets the impression she’s not in Ponyville anymore. In fact, all the ponies in this whole town, the ones who refuse to make her feel welcome, are all Earth ponies.

What is with these ponies?” Sunset asked herself. “They act like they’ve never seen a unicorn before. I mean yes I made a bad first impression walking on two legs, but isn’t this a kingdom where we’re supposed to, oh I don’t know… look past somepony’s uniqueness?

But it does not take long until Sunset receives an epiphany.

“Come to think of it, I have not seen any other unicorn or Pegasus since I came to this place,” She ponders. “Or… any other creatures for that matter. No griffins, no hippogriffs, no dragons, not even… kirins. What’s going on here? Where am I? I have to get to Canterlot and find Twilight. She’ll know what to do.”

The fiery unicorn proceeds to run, but again remembers she is a pony lost in unfamiliar lands.

“Now… which way is that again?”

Little does she know, the fiery unicorn’s taken the first step to a true adventure of a lifetime. An adventure which will soon introduce a new generation of ponies.