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A New Cipher

“Well, here I am.” Chuck said as he walked to the front doors of the convention, not in costume as he didn’t care to do that, instead, he was wearing a plain t-shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers,

Chuck smiles as he walks into the convention hall looking at all the stalls. Then a guy dressed as Deadpool comes up holding his sword. “Hey! Where are my chimichangas?!” the Deadpool cosplayer said acting like he is going to cut Chuck.

“In the garbage.” Chuck said, pointing at a nearby trash can. The cosplayer hopped and ran over to the trash can. Chuck shook his head as he kept going. He looks around before he sees an interesting booth.

This booth has probs from just about every fandom. He looks over everything but doesn't seem to like anything. Chuck turns to leave before he sees a guy standing right behind him. “Find anything interesting, buddy?” The man is dressed as Beedle the salesman from Legend of Zelda.

“Not really.” Chuck replied,

“Hmm well that won’t do.” he looked at Chuck with sparkling eyes. “I can tell you will like this!” Beedle pulls out a cane that is long and black, with a round glass topper with a yellow pyramid inside of it. “What do you say? Just $500 and it is yours.”

“For just a cane?” Chuck asked, “I wouldn’t pay more than half its price.”

The salesman smiles. “Ah, a Hagler are you? Alright, what would you pay for this? Keep in mind the pyramid is solid gold.”

Chuck inspected the cane, and he had to admit, it looked pretty cool, but as he said, he wouldn’t pay for more than half its price. “$225,”

“Hmmm that is fair I suppose, you got a deal.” Beedle said, holding out the cane.

Chuck nodded his head as he took the cane, “Thanks.” he said, walking away after paying him. But after a few steps, he started feeling dizzy then he blacks out.

I groan as I start to wake up feeling grass below me, and hearing birds. “Ugh my head, what happened?”

I slowly sat up, rubbing my head as I did, then opened my eyes and, “Ah! What the fuck?!” I shouted, holding my head as a ton of information just suddenly popped into my head. I close my eyes from the pain holding my head and pant as I try to think and I realize I somehow know what kind of grass, trees, bushes, and even animals are in front of me.

After the pain goes away I open my eyes again and once again a rush of information and pain fills my head. I fall over and see my reflection in a lake. Once I see my reflection I somehow know I have all the powers of a being called Bill Cipher, and what's known as a displaced and that I am currently in a different world called Equestria. “Ugh what...what is happening?” I close my eyes to stop the pain and try to go through the information I just got.

“Okay, so I have the powers of Bill Cipher, who is a very powerful reality warper, and I am a Displaced in the land of Equestria, okay. Sounds simple enough.” I said, keeping my eyes close, I then snapped my fingers and felt an eye patch cover my left eye, and opened my right eye, and was glad that I wasn’t getting flooded with information.

“Ok good so it is my left eye that gives me information. Let's see maybe.” I think and change the eyepatch just enough that I can see through it without being bombarded with information. “Ha, it worked!”

I stand up and frown. “If I am a displaced...hmm what is that?” I then look at my reflection again and focus on what I want to know. I see visions of other people who go to conventions and disappear getting the powers and abilities of whoever they were just as and I also learn of items called tokens and decide to make one for myself in hopes of finding more people like myself.

“Let's see from what I saw I just need an item and a creed...why not make it showy!” I pick up my cane and spin it around as I start to grin a bit unhinged.

I start sending energy into the cane and sing. “I am the new cipher, a reality-warping dealmaker. I’m willing to help anyone so long as they pay the price, I am completely neutral my only limitation is I do not allow anyone innocent to be hurt in my presence, to summon me simply slam the cane on the ground”

Once I finish I stop spinning the cane and snap my fingers willing a hole, in reality, to open and throw the cane through it. I watch as my cane multiplies and spreads out throughout the multiverse as the portal closes a copy of my cane comes back to me.

I nodded my head, then looked at my current attire, “Man, this attire doesn’t look like something a reality warper would wear.” I said,

I grin and snap my fingers as my clothes change into a black and yellow suit, my coat is long enough to reach my knees and I add a small top hat over my blond hair to finish the look. I check myself in the lake and smile. “Not bad now let's see what this new world is like.” I spin my cane in my hand as I start to leave the forest.

After a few minutes of walking and whistling, I come to the edge of the forest and frown when I see a small town being torn apart by chaos. “Well, this won't do at all.” I walk through the town fixing a few things here and there but leaving some things that are just too funny.

I then stopped when I sensed something, looking where the strange energy was coming from, I saw a castle on a mountain, I then used my eye to see who lived there. I saw that it belongs to the ruler of this country and her sister, I also saw that a being known as Discord was responsible for all this random chaos. I frowned as I extended my senses to the castle I was looking at. Once I found Celestia and Discord along with six others I froze time and willed myself to that location.

I look around at the seven anthro ponies along with a stained glass image of Discord using my left eye to get an idea of who they are.

The unicorn Twilight Sparkle, the student of Celestia, was wearing a white long sleeve shirt with a purple vest and a purple skirt that had her cutie mark of a six-pointed purple star with six smaller stars around it on it.

The pegasus Rainbow Dash was wearing a black sports bra with a cyan hoodie jacket that was open, black short sports pants, and black fingerless gloves, the cyan hoodie had a cloud with a rainbow thunderbolt on the back.

The pegasus Fluttershy wore a green sweater that hides most of her face and neck with a pink skirt that stops just at the knees, she had three pink butterflies on the sleeve of her sweater,

The earth pony Pinkie Pie was wearing bright blue overalls with a white shirt, three balloons were on the left pant leg.

The earth pony Applejack was wearing overalls like Pinkie, and she had a long sleeve plaid shirt with brown boots and a stetson on her head, and the boots had three apples on them.

The unicorn Rarity was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt with a skirt, black pants, and purple boots, she also had a black and gold belt and black fingerless gloves.

And lastly, I look at Celestia and see a white alicorn, wearing a long white and gold dress with a sun on the sides and necklace.

I rub my chin and walk around them and then I snap my fingers and Celestia starts to move again. “Hello, my dear.”

“W-what? Who are you?” Celestia asked me, getting into a defensive position.

I smile maybe a bit too much as she flinches. “You can call me Cipher and I'm here to offer you a deal, a deal that you may not want to refuse.” I told her as I started to slowly walk around the room not even showing fear of her.

“How do I know I can trust you?” Celestia asked me,

I shrug and smirk at her as my eye starts to glow to spook her. “You don't, but I can tell you this, when you make a deal with me I am bound by the rules of that contract if part of the deal says I cannot harm your ponies then I cannot on your ponies however I will annoy the fuck out of them.” I add with a laugh and start examining Rarity’s mane up close.

“And what do you want in return? A deal has to work for both parties, you are offering something I want, yet you haven’t said what you wanted in return.” Celestia said,

I smile more softly and look at her. “I am a being of chaos.” I tell her while thinking. ‘Well now I am.’ Then I continue. “And all I really want at the moment is a plot of land to call my very own. Big enough to establish a town, I want full reign over that piece of land where I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, so long as it is within that border and an exchange I will ‘help’ take care of this chaos being that seems to be troubling you.” I hold out my right hand and green fire covers it.

Celestia looked at my hand with a nervous expression, then she sighed and shook my hand, “Deal.” she said,

My smile turns into a smirk as I chuckle. “Thank you, my dear! Now then to do my part of the contract.” I snap my fingers and time starts to flow again and everyone continues not noticing me yet.

“So princess, who is Discord?” Twilight asked Celestia,

She hesitates but then sighs. “Discord is one of my old enemies, he ruled Equestria long ago, using his chaos magic to ruin ponies lives and he cared not for the misery he caused only finding amusement and it.” she looked over to me as she said that obviously already having second thoughts but all I did was smirk and lean on my cane as I listened.

“Alright, so we just go in with the Elements and blast him with them right?” Rainbow asked her,

Celestia nods and moves to the large double doors and uses her magic to open them. While she is doing that Pinkie pie moves over to me and pokes me. “Who are you?”

That’s when the girls turned to look at me, looking at me in shock when they did. “Where the hay did you come from?!” Rainbow asked me, I just smiled and explained,

“I am merely an observer at the moment. I have no plans of interfering with your little crusade, not directly at least. you can call me Cipher.” I told her as I continue to lean on my cane but I smirk and snap my fingers making a miniature cloud of cotton candy for pinkie pie.

Pinkie immediately began to eat it while the others looked at me in shock, with Rainbow flying up to my face, “So you’re the one who made those clouds!?”

I start laughing and smirking. “Oh goodness no! That kind of chaos is so childish, I just wanted to make her smile, and saw them as I was walking through a small town down the mountain.”

Rainbow still gave a suspicious look, only for Applejack to pull her back, “Rainbow knock it off!” she said to her, then started to speak to me, “Forgive her Mr. Cipher, she tends to do that a lot.”

“It is perfectly fine, that kind of suspicion is a healthy amount of chaos.” I said then I looked over as Celestia opened an empty chest and she gasped.

“This doesn't make sense! Where are the elements!?” Celestia yells then looks at me suspiciously.

Then laughter could be heard from everywhere, “Make sense? Now where’s the fun in that?” the voice of Discord said, causing Celestia to shout angrily,


“Miss me Tia?” we looked and saw the stained glass of Discord start to move, “Cause I missed you.”

Everyone looks around for the source of the voice but I look right at the window and see Discord’s stained glass image start moving. “So you are this Discord fellow, how ….amusing.”

“And I can see you are a wielder of Chaos, you’ll surely make things much more fun.” Discord said, smiling, “Say; how about you join me in causing Chaos?”

I smirk and tap my chin then shake my head. “I'm afraid I cannot do that as I am a true neutral well you are chaotic evil at this point. However, if you are willing to make a deal with me I may be willing to hang out with you from time to time.”

I can see Celestia glared at me, but I ignored it, “Oh, you’re a deal maker.” Discord said, lazily lying on the stained glass of Twilight's head.

I nod and lean on my cane. “You can call me Cipher, but for now you can just ignore me as I'm in the middle of conducting one of my contracts.”

“And what is this contract, may I ask?” Discord asked me, but Rainbow Dash cut me off,

“Who cares what his contract is! Give back the Elements!” she said to Discord.

Discord rolls his eyes. “I have just borrowed them for a bit, don't worry, for now, let's play a game.”

“We don’t want to play any games with you Discord.” Twilight said, glaring at the Draconequus.

I rub my chin and lean on my cane. “Just stealing them is boring, don't you think?” I ask Discord trying to trick him.

“Oh? And you think you can do better?” he asked me, raising an eyebrow at me.

I smirk and rub my chin pretending to think and then I grin and point to the sky. “Well if it were me I would've taken them, then hid them, and then given the ponies a riddle to solve to find them, giving me plenty of time to have some fun.”

“That…...is actually genius!” Discord said, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

I smirk and lean forward. “I don't know, maybe you have spent too much time being crazy; that, or you're getting old.”

“How dare you, sir!” Discord said, “I am not old, crazy yes, but not old!”

I grin and snap my fingers making a cupcake with two candles on it, one is in the shape of a two and the other is a seven. “Oh? Well, I'm much younger than you old man.” I blow out the candles and the cupcake turns into a pyramid-shaped lollipop.

“Well, I’ve got experience, rookie.” Discord said, snapping his talons and the lollipop turned into a screaming goat.

I frown and snap my fingers and make the goat disappear. “That is just annoying, not funny.” I cross my arms and shake my head. “Have your fun with the ponies, but when you're gone I'll handle this world’s need for chaos.”

“Oh; we’ll see about that.” Discord said,

I smile and shrug. “I agree we will see.”

“Well anyway, as for where the Elements are, let me give you this riddle to help you out.” Discord said, “Twists and turns are my master plan, then find the Elements back where you began.” then he disappeared.

“That is a nice riddle, well ladies, what is the answer?” I ask them with a smile.

Twilight began to think while saying the riddle over and over until she looked out the window, “The maze! That’s where the Elements are!” she said,

I roll my eyes but smile and spin my cane. “Well, let's get going.” I start floating and going to the maze.

“Hey wait for us!” Rainbow said, flying after me, “I’m not letting you outta my sight! Not even for a second!”

“If that's what you want, Skittles.” I said before snapping my fingers and making the named candy appear in her hand.

She glared at me but still ate the candy. I chuckle and we head to the entrance of the maze. “Well, here we are.” I look it over feeling Discord nearby so I snap my fingers but nothing can be seen that changed.

The next thing that happened was the Main 6 missing either a horn or wings, followed by screaming at the loss of said things. I frown as my cane was also stolen. “That is just rude.” I cross my arms as Discord appears laughing.

“Oh you should’ve seen the looks on your faces, except you, you were boring.” Discord said,

I roll my eyes and snap my fingers and steal Discords' whole tail. “How does it feel?”

“Hmmm, a bit drafty.” Discord said, making his tail reappear again. I shake my head and just watch what's happening.

“Give us our wings and horns back Discord!” Twilight said.

“Sorry, but that’s rules, no wings or magic while in the maze.” Discord said, “The second rule is for you Mr. Cypher, you can’t use your magic to aid them, nor can you use it to bring the Elements to you, and you can’t use it to just make the maze disappear.”

I tap my chin and smile. “That's fine so long as I'm allowed to float around. Walking is boring.” I sigh dramatically.

“Very well, but only floating.” Discord said, “Now ta-ta!” he then disappeared.

I smirk as I float a few inches off the ground and enter the maze. “Let's enter the maze ladies.”

“Just remember, I’m watching-” Rainbow was cut off when walls appeared, separating us from each other. “Are you bucking kidding me?!”

I chuckle and smirk at the wall dividing us then say. “You can watch me once this little maze trip is over.” Then I look over to see Fluttershy shivering in fear as she and I are by ourselves.

“O-oh dear!!” she said fearfully.

“Come now my dear, let us find your friends.” I say with a smile and point ahead and start floating away.

Sher nervously nodded her head and followed me. After a few more minutes, we came to what looked to be a huge intersection.

“Hmmm, this is interesting, shall we split up or stay together?” I ask Fluttershy.

“I-I think we s-should stay together if you don’t mind that is.” Fluttershy said, shyly hiding in her sweater.

I nod and pull out a coin and flip it. It lands on heads so I point to the right. “This way.” We start going down the right path and soon some butterflies show up and Fluttershy seems to be drawn to them and they lead her down a different path but I keep up.

“Fluttershy, it seems your friends had abandoned you.” I heard the high pitched voice of Discord say,

I frown and raise an eyebrow. “Oh no, my friends would never do that.” She said with a kind smile.

“Well, that must make you angry though?” Discord asked,

“Oh not at all.” I heard Fluttershy reply, then in a flash Discord had changed back to normal with an angered look on his face,

“Oh for goodness sakes!” he shouted, pressing his talon on top of her head, causing her eyes to become colorful swirls as her color dulled, “You’ve been kind for too long!” and in another flash, I had found myself in another part of the maze.

I clap slowly and sarcastically say. “Wow, you are the master of mental manipulation.”

In another flash I ended up looking like a clown while on a unicycle, juggling bowling pins, a sign on my chest saying ‘Dummy.’ Then a pie hit my face.

I growl and hop off the unicycle and throw the pins away. “Very funny old man.” I wiped my face clean and removed the clown wig. “Now then where is the closest pony?” I look around as the wall to my right falls into the ground.

And coming from that wall was Rarity, “Cipher, I am glad to see you dear.” she said,

“Ah miss Rarity, I am glad I found one of you, unfortunately, poor Fluttershy has been corrupted by Discord's Magic I shall try to keep a closer eye on you.” I told her as I stepped up to her still wearing the clown outfit.

She tried to hold back her laughter but that didn’t stop her from snickering a bit, “I-I see, well, let us find the others now shall we?” she said,

I simply smile and nod not bothered by her snickers. “I agree, lets see, how about we go this way?” I say pointing left.

She nodded her head, and we proceeded to go down the left path, as we were walking, Rarity started talking. “So, Mr. Cipher, Discord said you are a dealmaker, care to explain what that means?”

“Well, like Discord I am a being of chaos, however where we differ is he is free to use all of his magic at once, where I am bound to certain rules. I can use my powers to do small things as I wish yes, but to do anything truly powerful it needs to be part of a deal whether it's conjuring up some rare material or exacting revenge. to put it simply, my dear I make deals with people to fulfill their desires but I'm truly neutral and the only ethics that I have is that I will not physically harm someone.” I tell her and see a stone wall filled with Discord’s magic so I guide Rarity away from it.

“I see, so no matter who is making a deal with you, you won’t harm anypony?” Rarity asked, “Even if your life depended on it?”

I chuckle and smirk. “There are ways of dealing with someone without physically hurting them. There's emotional pain, mental pain, and of course simply trapping them in something that would make them hurt themselves.” I told her then frown and scratch my chin.

“Though if I am honest, I am still very new to having these powers. I used to be mortal just like you and was nowhere near this powerful which is why I've given myself such ethics as to not harm someone. My answer is I may be chaotic but I'm also neutral. I can't allow myself to become corrupted by my own power.” I said deep in thought and kept leading Rarity away from any pockets of Discord’s magic.

“I see, well I for am glad you have those ethics, otherwise, we wouldn’t have someone to help with Discord, and possibly a friend?” Rarity asked me,

I smile softly. “I would like that miss Rarity. Now let's find your friends.” I say as we walk through an opening and see Twilight and a gray Applejack, Pinkie, and Fluttershy.

“Rarity, I’m so glad to see you are still the same!” Twilight said, running up to the mare and hugging her, “The others have become the exact opposite of themselves!”

I look the others over and frown seeing Discord’s magic all over them. I sigh and shake my head and look to Twilight. “Yes this is a bit troubling, let us find your other friend before Discord gets to her.”

“Agreed.” she said,

“Well how about that, Rainbow Dash is leaving us.” Applejack said,

“Ok, I know that’s a lie.” Twilight said as I looked into the sky, seeing said Pegasus flying away.

“Too late, she was Discorded.” I say watching her fly off then the ground rumbles before the whole maze falls leaving just a dirt creator. Then I hear Discord's laughter.

“Well well, looks like someone broke the no-flying rules.” Discord said, grinning at us as he appeared, “Get ready everyone, for Equestria is about to be in a bit of Chaos!!” he then laughed again.

I chuckle and smirk. “So I guess that means we get our limbs and stuff back now right? Or do I need to take them back?” I ask while tilting my head slowly as my yellow hair and eyes start changing red and strange and ancient glyphs start appearing and disappearing around me.

“Well….alright fine.” Discord said, snapping his talons and the girls got their limbs back and I got my cane back.

I suddenly smile and snap my fingers changing back to my yellow suit. “Thank you Discord, now I believe you have some fun to have?” I said with a smirk before turning to face the ponies.

“Oh, you are so right!” Discord said, then disappeared in a flash.

I wait a moment and once I don't feel him around anymore I shake my head with a smile. “Now that he is gone, shall we find the real answer to the riddle?” I ask.

“What are you talking about? The maze was the answer!” Twilight said, I rolled my eyes and snapped my fingers, making an illusion of when Discord said his riddle,

“Twists and turns are my master plan, then find the Elements back where you began.” he said, and in another flash, the illusion was gone.

“Think it through more Twilight.” I said to her as I floated into the air. “Twists and turns are his master plan. What could that mean? To me it just means he plans on causing as much chaos as possible so that leaves the second half of the riddle, find the elements back where you began. Now, where did you begin?” I ask her with a smirk.

“Back where I began?” she asked herself, then she went wide-eyed as she facepalmed, “He must mean the library!”

I smirk and snap my fingers teleporting us all to ponyville. “Go ahead and get them, I shall wait here.”

“Right, come on girls!” Twilight said, pushing the three corrupted girls into the library while Rarity followed them.

I watch them but then see things get crazier with a red stallion digging through the ground like a groundhog and barking like a dog. I sigh and shake my head. “So childish, I should come up with better ways to spread chaos.”

“Oh, and what exactly would you do?” Discord asked, looking in the direction of the voice, I see an apple with eyes and mouth, “Well? What type of chaos would you spread?”

I chuckle and hold up my hand and make a sphere of chaos energy. “I plan on making a whole town called Weirdmageddon, it will have this covering it.” Then I make it disappear. “You know, I don't like cheaters, so I'd be careful what you do around me.”

He grinned as the apple soon turned into him, “I knew you would be much more fun!” he said, “Well, I have to go now, chaos to spread, cotton candy clouds to make, that sort of thing.” then in a flash he was gone.

I smirk and shake my head. “We shall see Discord, you really should be nicer to the mortals.” I say to myself then turn back as Twilight and the rest as well as a male-looking anthro lizard come out wearing necklaces and a tiara.

“Twilight I get that you need the Elements to work, but I don’t think I’ll be any better than Dash!” the lizard said, and thanks to my eye, I know his name is Spike and he was a dragon.

“I'm sorry to say, but young Spike is right, you need to find Miss Rainbow and uncorrupt her and your other friends, otherwise you'd just waste time.” I tell her as I look at each of the jewels with my eye.

“But we have to stop Discord now!” Twilight argued, “We’ll just waste time looking for her while Discord spreads his Chaos!”

I sigh and step aside and hold out my arm. “Then I wish you luck, I shall start looking for Rainbow.”

Twilight nodded as she and the others began to look for Discord while I searched for Rainbow Dash. I float through the town looking for her. I fix a few things as I pass through the town like changing a group of flat houses into full houses. Soon I found her up in a cloud but the sun suddenly set and a few moments later it rose and Rainbow was gone. “Damn.”

I then felt a sudden rise in power then it disappeared, “Told her.” I said to myself, I look around and find Rainbow on a cloud a bit further so I float up to her and snap my fingers freezing her in place and grab her before I move down to the ground and start walking back to the library.

When I got there, I saw a depressed Twilight with Rarity trying to comfort her, “Dear don’t blame yourself for failing dear, it was a good try!” Rarity said,

“I hate to say I told you so but…” I shrug as I push the frozen Rainbow over to them then try to think of a plan and look at Twilight with my eye and see what I need to know. “Spike, I apologize.” I snap my fingers.

“What did you do dear?” Rarity asked me, “And why did you apologize to Spike when he wasn’t here?”

“Does it matter? Let’s just get back to the library.” Twilight said, walking towards the library.

I look to Rarity as I follow Twilight. “You will see, for both your questions.” We enter the library and see Spike next to a pile of scrolls holding his stomach before he burps up another scroll.

“make it stop!” Spike groaned, then burped up another scroll, Twilight seeing this picked one up and began to read it.

“Dear, was this your doing?” Rarity asked me,

I nod and sigh sadly. “Sadly yes, it was the only way to give her the hint.” I whisper to Rarity.

Rarity nodded just when Twilight looked at us with a determined look, “Let’s go find the others! Equestria isn’t going to save itself!” she said,

I smile and nod before snapping my fingers and teleport us to wherever Applejack is. “Huh, an apple farm, fitting.”

“And after my so-called friends abandoned me, I was left alone to fight Discord.” I heard Applejack obviously lie to an old mare tap dancing.

“Applejack! We are here to restore our friendship!” Twilight said to the mare, just when the same red stallion popped up from the ground beside her, bark and lick her face before going back underground.

I chuckle and cover my mouth as Rarity gives me a small glare. “Sorry, but that was funny.”

“And where were you when I was facing Discord by myself?” Applejack said, punching the air a bit before being tackled by Twilight, which surprised me a bit.

“What not expecting that.” I said then watch as Twilight lights her horn and press it to Applejack’s forehead then there is a bright flash. Next thing I know I see Twilight helping Applejack stand back up.

“Twilight? Wha? Oh dear Celestia, I am very sorry for all my lies! Discord showed how our friendship broke. Can y’all forgive me?” Applejack asked us.

“Of course I do Applejack, now let's go save our friends!” Twilight said and Rarity nods and the three of them have a hug. I clear my throat and point to the frozen Rainbow. “Oh, right we should help her next.”

Twilight did the same thing to Rainbow, pressing her horn against Rainbow's forehead, and in a flash, Rainbow is back to normal. “There, Cipher if you would please unfreeze her.” Twilight said to me.

I nod and snap my fingers and she looks around confused. “Did we win?”

“Not yet Dash, we just got to help our friends then we’ll show Discord how strong our friendship is!” Applejack said to her, causing the pegasus to nod her head, in the next few minutes we had freed all of the Main 6 and were on our way to face off against Discord.

I smile as I float next to them and soon we see Discord laughing on his throne on top of a hill. “Oh Discord, I believe your playtime is up.” I said with a smirk.

“Oh? And what makes you think that? Friendship failed, Chaos won. The Element Bearers can’t use the Elements.” Discord said, drinking chocolate milk,

I chuckle with a smirk as I look at him. “Oh wow for one as ‘experienced’ as you, you sure don't learn, ladies you are up.” I say while snapping my fingers making it so Discord can not teleport away.

“Go ahead girls, fire when ready.” he said, making a target sign appear on his chest while wearing sunglasses, the girls all nodded their heads and began to use the Elements, they glowed brightly, Discord seeing this pulled down his sunglasses to stare in shock at the Main 6, just as a rainbow beamed spiraled up into the air before shooting towards him.

Discord tried to teleport away but realized he couldn’t and he looked at me in shock. “Well played Cipher. Well played.” he said,

I smirk and wave as the beam hits him and turns him to stone. “And that is how you play the game old man.” Once he was turned to stone and the land was restored, I smiled and turned to the ponies. “Well done ladies, you won congratulations now I suppose you should tell your princess of your victory.”

Twilight nodded her head, “Right, we’ll tell her once Spike gets over his stomach ache after burping up all those scrolls.” she said, smiling.

“Oh right, I knew I forgot something.” I snap my fingers and smile. “There, now he will have stopped and his stomach will feel better.”

“You seriously forgot to make him stop burping up scrolls?” Twilight asked me, eyebrow raised.

I shrug and point at Discord. “Well to be fair, I was focused on helping you stop him.”

“Still, you should have at least stopped the scrolls before we headed out to free the others from Discord's magic.” Twilight said, “Can you keep an eye on him while I go and speak with Spike?”

“Sorry, and sure, that would be easy.” I told her and turned to watch Discord and lean on my cane.

“Thanks.” Twilight said as she left for the library, a few minutes later, she returned just when a golden flash appeared, once it died down, Celestia stood in front of us, smiling.

I smile and bow softly and wave my hand at Discord’s statue. “Hello Princess, as you can see I held up my end of the contract.”

“I can see that, and I thank you for that.” she said, handing me a scroll, “As agreed in our deal, here is the deed to any land you wish to have.”

“Perfect, thank you, princess.” I take it and look at it with a smile. “Now I think I’ll go set up my land, you will know where my land is easily trust me.” I smirk as I float into the air. “I'll be around if you need me.” Then I fly off looking for a place to make my own.

After flying for a bit, I see a large bit of land that was pretty far from any form of civilization, but still a bit close. Nodding my head, I got to work. I land and look at the deed again then I look at my cane and slam it down on the ground making a huge dome of chaos magic cover the whole area. Once that is done I snap my fingers and make warning signs and place them around the dome. The signs read the following. “TIME IS DEAD AND MEANING HAS NO MEANING! EXISTENCE IS UPSIDE DOWN AND I REIGN SUPREME! WELCOME ONE AND ALL, TO WEIRDMEGEDDON!” In yellow paint, with a drawing of me with a grin next to it.

“Ok dome check, warning signs check, what next?” I rub my chin thinking then I smile and snap my fingers making random-sized buildings appear in random locations. “Buildings check, now what else should I add? Hmmmmm, maybe some golems to act as citizens?”

“Hmmm, maybe just a security force I'll want flesh and blood citizens eventually.” I talk to myself as I snap my fingers making golem cops. With a smile, I then make a throne and walk over and sit down. “Now I wait.”

Author's Note:

This character is free to use and the token is his cane, it is long black and has a glass ball on top with a gold pyramid inside it. The creed is “I am the new cipher, a reality warping dealmaker. I’m willing to help anyone so long as they pay the price, I am completely neutral my only limitation is I do not allow anyone innocent to be hurt in my presence, to summon me simply slam the cane on the ground”