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The invasion begins

Zim’s POV

I took a sip from my soda as I watched Invader Zim, seeing how he didn’t die from a literal city exploding, “Sometimes I wonder if the Irkens are based on cockroaches, it would explain why the little bugger doesn’t die.” I said.

I shake my head at how crazy the show is, then I hear the doorbell and grumble before getting up. I make my way to the front door and open it to see a box on the ground. “What the? I don't remember ordering anything.”

I looked around but shrugged and brought the box inside, opening it and seeing an actual Invader Zim costume, “Whoa.” was all I said as I took the costume out of its box, hearing something fall and hit the floor. I looked and saw a small figure of Gir. “Gir too? Man, this must be my lucky day.” I said happily, and after a few minutes, I was now Invader Zim, with the Gir figure on my shoulder, posed to be doing a little dance.

I chuckle and smirk before pointing at the tv. “You will face your doom Dib! Oh god, I’m a dork.” I laugh at myself then notice a humming coming from behind me. I turn around but don't see anything so I realize it is coming from the PAK. “what on Earth?”

Then suddenly I felt pain in my head, like the mother of all headaches! “Aaaah! What the fuck?!” I shouted, then suddenly I blacked out.


Was what I heard as I slowly woke up, I slowly opened my eyes as I sat up and looked in front of me to see the night sky. “What the, I was out for a whole day?” Then I see the planet below and my eyes widen. “What the fuck?!” I shouted, backing up into a chair, looking around, I see I was inside a spaceship. “O-okay, at least I’m n-not in space where I could have died.” I said, trying to calm myself down.


“What? Who is saying that? What is that about purging?” I said then yell in pain as I feel a massive amount of pain in my head. “N-no I refuse to die!”


“Aaaahhhhh!” I scream and hit my head against the walls of the ship I'm in. “I won't be purged!”


I heard the voice say, feeling the pain lessen but I was stuck with a headache. I lean forward over the control panel and pant. “Stop it or I'll crash the ship!” I said hoping to stop the pain as the headache gets worse but I start understanding what each button on the control panel does. “What’s happening to me? How do I know how to fly this thing?” I ask no one as I looked at the controls, I hesitantly reached over to press a button but stopped myself.

I look at my hand and my eyes widen when I see only free fingers. “What?” I look myself over and see I have green skin, a the Zim costume now fits more, and when I see my reflection I see I look just like Zim. “what the hell!?”

“How the hell did this happen to me? Did I get knocked out and somehow was painlessly mutated to look like Zim and then sent into the cold depths of space?” I was snapped out of my thoughts by, “humming?” Looking behind me I saw, “Gir!?”

“Doo-dee-doo-dee-dee-doo-doo.” He sang, idly playing with a stuffed pig he somehow gotten.

“Gir? How did you get here? What…” I hold my head as the headage slowly goes away. “What were we doing?”

“Hi, mastah!!” Gir shouted, “Look what I can do!” he then proceeded to spin around on his head, making airplane noises.

I blink and rub my face. “Gir, this is no time to be playing, we need to...to...um.” I look down at the planet and smile. “We need to help the tallest conquer this world!”

“Yaaay!” Gir happily shouted, clapping his hands. “I’m gonna have all the piggies in the world!”

I smile a bit then shake my head rubbing my forehead. “What is wrong with me?” I look to the control panel and start setting a course for the biggest landmass. “Gir get ready to scan the locals.”

“Okie Dokie!” Gir said, then pressed his face against the window, most likely to just look at the locals instead of scanning them using the ship's controls. We fly over many different biomes, a desert, a forest, small towns, and large cities.

My ship stops over a city on a mountainside. I look down at it and see an invading army marching in and frown. “Why does this city look familiar? And why do I have the urge to protect it from that army?” I scratch my chin thinking hard.

“Look at all the pretty horse people!” Gir said, face still pressed against the window of the Voot Runner, I rolled my eyes and used the PAKs binoculars to get a closer look at the battle.

I do indeed see horse-like people, I rub my chin as I see one with a horn fire, some kind of energy from it at the invading army. While ones with wings start flying even though their wings are too small. And the last group had neither horns nor wings but were able to throw boulders at the invaders. “Hmm, they all seem strong but still familiar.” I said then look over to a castle-looking building and see a group of people watching the battle, one was snow white and had a horn and wings. She was wearing a yellow dress of some kind and a golden crown.

The second was a dark blue female of the same subspecies as the first she is wearing a dark blue dress and a black crown. The third was again one of these horned and wings beings, the word alicorn filled my mind. She was pink and had three colored hair, she was wearing a light blue dress and a silver crown. “They seem to be the leaders of this country but...why...do I...” I hold my head as I remember the show and groan.

“They are...Princesses Celestia, Luna, and Cadence..but...they are just a tv show, then again.” I look at Gir. “so is he.” I shake my head a frown seeing the invaders get deeper into the city. It is then that I get an idea and set the ship to move over to the tower. “Time to get some power.”

As I got closer to the tower, I could see the three princesses prepare for battle, Luna even fired a beam of magic at me, which I easily maneuvered around. ’Good thing Zim is a great pilot…sometimes.’

I stop my ship a safe distance away and open the front compartment, zipping up onto the control panel so they can see me. “Greetings flesh bags! I have come to make you an offer. I, the great ZIM will save you, but I want this world for...uh..” I rub my head as my memories conflict but then I shake my head. “For the great Irken empire!”

The three glared at me, “You will help us only to take Equestria for your Irken Empire?” Cadence said then scoffed, “No thanks.”

“I’ve never heard of this Irken Empire. Besides, how can you defeat the Caribou? There’s only one of you.” Luna said, then Gir popped up,

“Hi pony people!” he said, waving at them. “Give me waffles!”

I groan and slap my face. “Gir we don't want waffles!” I yell at him then turn to the princesses and twitch as I fight with myself. “I...um...I can do it but...I...ugh my head.” I hold my head. “These false memories are hurting me.”

I felt the pain in my head seem to fade away as my mind seemed to be more...fixed, I looked up and saw Celestia with her horn glowing,

“Your mind is split into two, so I’m using my magic to help stabilize your mind.” she said,

“Right, thank you. My name is Zim and I was human but after putting on a costume I became this character, the thing on my back must have tried to give me their memories.” I told her as I sat in my ship.

“I see, but why would that device try to give you different memories?” Celestia asked me,

“From what I remember it is a safety feature in case the original mind is erased, they also act as a second brain to the host, among other things.” I rub my arm. “How about this, you help fix my mind and I'll take care of this army?”

“Very well, but as Luna said, there’s only one-” Gir began shouting, “Two of you, how can you defeat an entire army?”

I chuckle and pat my ship. “This is highly advanced technology along with what's on my back. They are chock-full of weapons to help out the original character who was sent to a single planet to conquer it by himself so that tells you how advanced the weapons are.”

“Really?!” Luna and Cadence asked me in shock, and some fear as well.

I nod and will the PAK to activate and four mechanical spider-like legs come out of it and lift me so I'm taller than they are. “I have shields, lasers, and much more, now I suggest getting some popcorn, I'm about to kick those guys out, Gir protect them no matter what.” I order him before throwing him onto the balcony.

“Yes my leader!” he said, saluting while changing from blue to red, then back to blue again as he hugged Cadence, “We’re gonna be the bestest friends!”

I chuckle and smirk. “Good luck, he is very annoying.” Then I set my ship to go over to where the fighting is. “Time to see if I can fight like Zim.”

I flew to where the fighting was, and after finding a spot where there weren’t any of the Royal Guard, I blasted the invaders with the Voot Runners' front guns. Watching as they hit their mark.

I smirk and fly around staying between the ponies and the caribou and fire at the caribou. “Take this, and this and this!”

I watched as the Caribou were blasted by my ships guns, and the Zim part of me began to laugh until I saw what was heading to me, “No, not that. Anything but-” soon a bee hit the windshield of the ship, causing me to spiral out of control, “How is it possible for something so small to cause this much damage!?” then I crashed into the ground.

I groan and use my PAK to stand up and look at the incoming Caribou. “Oh no, now I'm defenseless...psych!” I land on my feet as my spider-like legs move in front of me and start firing lasers from the tips.

Most of the caribou were hit by the lasers while others hid behind some debris, firing arrows and crossbow bolts at me, I gasped and ran around trying not to get hit. “Hey, that is cheating! No arrows!”

They ignored me and continued to fire arrows at me, some seeing me dodge the arrows, began to charge at me, swords and other weapons ready to kill me. I frown and change my spider legs for two power lasers and aim them at the charging caribou. “DIE!” and I fired them, destroying the whole street.

The caribou that weren’t hit by the laser looked at me in shock and fear, I just grinned as I aimed my lasers at them, “Who’s next?” I ask, They turned tail and ran but I fired at them anyway.

When the smoke cleared there was just one left alive. I walk over to him and pull out my communicator. “Gir, tell the princesses ...the horse people that I have a prisoner for them.”

“Okay mastah! We’re having waffles!” Gir replied, making me wince from his shouting.

I shake my head and put the communicator away. I then tie the guy up seeing he is bleeding out. I shrug and use one of my spider leg’s lasers to burn the wound closed. “There, all taken care of.” I look around. “Damn I trashed this place.”

“Hold it freak!” I turned and saw at least two dozen Caribou, “You got some interesting weapons, hope you don’t mind if we take them off your hands.”

“Oh? And what makes you think you could even use them?” I said as I lifted myself onto my spider legs to tower over them.

They didn’t seem to be at all afraid, “In case you haven’t noticed tiny, you’re outnumbered, so give up.” the caribou said as they readied their weapons.

I growled as I readied my weapons as well, two of the spider legs ready to blast them, we stood there glaring at each other, daring the other to make the first move.

Until I blasted the ground in front of them and created a large dust cloud, giving me time to grab the tied-up caribou and run, even with all my weapons they have the advantage in numbers.

I looked behind me as I ran to see them chasing me. I look ahead and see Gir coming along with the Princesses. “Gir those People behind me want to hurt the horse people.”

“Oh no!” I heard Gir say, “Not the horse people!”

I knew that would work but even that won’t work for long, “And they want to steal the waffles!” I shouted as I stopped next to the princesses, Gir was frozen after I said that, “Cover your ears.” I said to the princesses as they did what I said, just when Gir let out a shriek and fly straight at the group of caribou,

“No stealing waffles!!” Gir screamed, surprisingly managing to take out the group of caribou with ease.

I chuckle and give the prisoner to the princesses. “Well, I believe that covers my end of the deal.” I twitch and hold my head. “Now bow to me flesh bags!”

They looked at me confused while Luna lit her horn and held me in the air upside down, “I’m sorry, but I think I might have some trouble hearing, what did you just say?” she asked me, glaring at me.

I twitch again and groan holding my head. “Please fix my head as you said, the original personality of this Character was an asshole and tried to conquer planets I'd rather not be like him.”

“We’ll do our best Zim.” Celestia said, “Luna put him down.” Luna snorted and released me, causing me to fall to the ground, somehow making a squeak as I hit the ground, not at all hurt.

I roll onto my feet and rub my head. “Did I just squeak?”

“I don’t know, let’s find out.” Luna said, picking me up again in her magic and squeezed me, causing me to squeak again. We just stared at each other, “that is both disturbing and funny.” she then squeezed me again and again, making me squeak each time.

I get annoyed and have two legs come out of my PAK and move over to touch her shoulders and zap her enough to make her drop me. “Don't do that to me! I am not a fucking toy!”

“Do that again, I dare you.” she said, glaring at me, “And besides, it was too funny to resist.”

I growl and swap out my spider legs for bigger arms with three claw-like fingers. “I am not a toy and will do what I want if I feel I am being treated less than a person.” I glare at her as the claws snap a few times and rotate quickly. “So try me moon butt.”

We glared at each other until we were suddenly electrocuted, causing us to do silly things and when it was over, we looked and saw Celestia was the one who shocked us, “Are you two done?” she asked us.

I point at Luna with a claw arm. “She is the one that used me as a squeaky toy!”

Celestia let out a tired sigh, “Yes I know, Luna apologize.”

Luna crossed her arms, “Ugh, I’m sorry for using you like a squeaky toy.” she said,

I cross my arms and retract my claw arms. “Fine, just don't do it again. I want to get my mind fixed as soon as possible before I start trying to take over the world for a species that may not even exist.”

“Then let’s go.” Celestia said, “Cause I don’t want to see you suffer from having two minds fighting for control.”

“Thank you my tallest, um quick question what was the last big bad guy Equestria faced?” I ask as I use the spider legs to follow them and twitch. “Sorry, that's what the Irken leaders are called.”

“It’s fine Zim, as for the last threat to Equestria, that would be Tirek, Twilight and her friends just defeated him.” Celestia said as we walked to the castle. The caribou prisoner in Luna magic.

I hold my head and ask. “I will need a spot of land to set up my home if that's not too much trouble.”

“Sure, we have a few spots for you to set up your home.” Celestia said, then pointed at an empty spot, “Would that do?”

I look and nod. “Yes as long as there is lots of space underground.” I turn to her. “My home would be small on top while most of it is underground.”

“Why would most of it be underground?” Cadence asked me, while Gir sat on her shoulders, using her head a drum.

I tap my chin. “It is just how they are made, all my tech is made for an invader after all.” I said.

Cadence nodded her head, “Giddyup little doggy!” Gir shouted, trying to get Cadence to run, said alicorn had a pleading look in her eyes,

“Please get him off me.” she begged.

I chuckle and say. “Gir get off her and go get my ship.” I point back at where it crashed.

“Yes, my leader.” Gir said, saluting and going to my crashed ship.

“Speaking of which, we saw nothing hit your ship yet you crashed, what happened?” Celestia asked me.

I grumble and cross my arms. “A damn bee flew right up to my ship and ...well….I crashed.” I said trying not to blush.

I could see the three of them stare at me, “A bee, made your ship crash.” Luna said, “How in Tartarus does that make sense? You wouldn't see it on that window yet it made you crash?”

I groaned and looked away from them. “I don't know why it happened, all I know is that it happened in the story this tech is from, and it happened to me.” I then move ahead of them. “Let's just get to the castle already.”

After a few minutes of walking, we reached the castle, Royal Guard walked up to us and took the tied-up Caribou while I and the three princesses continued to walk. “Now Zim, from what you told us, this pack might try and give you other memories the moment we make them go away correct?” Celestia asked me,

I nod and say. “Yes the PAK is a second brain and without it, I'll die in about ten minutes, so don't even think about removing it.” I lower myself down to my feet and look at the robotic legs.

“How did you end up like this in the first place?” Luna asked me,

I think back and tell them what I remember. “Well, it was a normal day, I was watching tv, then a box was delivered to my front door. I opened it and inside was a costume of my favorite character.” I gesture to myself. “And a stuffed Gir, there was also a note in it...oh my god... At the bottom of the note is said from The merchant, I’m a displaced!” I said grabbing my head in surprise.

“A what?” the three of them asked in unison.

I look at them and chuckle sheepishly. “A displaced is a term used for a character in a story who is taken from their homeworld, getting powers, abilities or technology, sometimes a whole new body and dropped into another universe. One of the problems is that things from the source material of where they got their abilities from will start to leak into the world that they're dropped into meaning that aspect from the show Invader Zim will start appearing here.”

I rub my neck. “I can also make a token to meet others like me.”

“Really? Well, you’ll have to tell us more after we have helped you.” Celestia said, and I see we were in the medical wing.

I twitch and hold my head. “Let us hurry my tallest.”

They brought me into a room and I hopped onto a hospital bed, “Alright Zim, we’re gonna have to put you to sleep so that way you won’t panic. Ok?” Luna asked me. I nod and sigh as I lay down and close my eyes.

I let out a groan as I woke up, feeling like I was put on one of those rides that let you spin as fast as you want, opening my eyes, I saw the princesses as well as Gir, “Zim, how are you feeling?” Celestia asked me,

I rub my head. “I am fine, my tallest, how may I please you?”

They let out a weary sigh in response, “I fear we have made it worse.” Celestia said.

I shake my head. “I can think clearly, and remember my human life, but now I see you as my leaders.”

“Well, at least you still remember who you are.” Celestia said, “So other than seeing us as your leaders, how do you feel?”

I tap my chin. “I feel fine actually, thank you for fixing my mind.” I hop up and grin. “How about I set up my home now.”

“Alright, we believe have already moved your ship.” Luna said, pointing at the robot, who was drawing with crayons, “You know the inside of his head holds a lot of things?”

I nod and smirk. “Gir is amazing even though he is technically broken.” I then walk over and pat Gir’s head. “Where did you put the ship little guy?”

“I put ship where pretty ponies told me to!” Gir replied, standing up and walking away, most likely to lead me to the ship.

I sigh and smile. “Thank you for keeping an eye on him, as you can see he's not the brightest.” I told the princesses as we walked down the hallway.

“We kinda see him as more of an excited foal than anything.” Cadence said, watching as Gir ran up and down the halls, making airplane noises again. “A really excited foal.”

I sigh and nod. “Yes I suppose but keep in mind he is a machine and he's programmed to be my assistant.” I then reach into my PAK to see what's inside it out of curiosity.

“We know, it’s just odd seeing something so advanced behave like a foal.” Celestia said, just as Gir held out his piggy for her,

“Give piggy a hug!” he said to her happily, she did to amuse him, he let out a cheer and took his piggyback for he continued to run around.

“Yes, well like I said, he is technically malfunctioning, the robots that he is supposed to be, are called Sir units and they are much more efficient, professional, and dangerous.” I told them then I lean closer and whisper. “Technically he doesn't have a brain. The only thing that was put inside of his head at the beginning of his story was a button, a Band-Aid, and some pocket lint.”

They blinked and looked at Gir, “How is he able to function without a brain? That doesn’t make sense.” Luna said,

I shrug and say. “It was a story, just fiction back where I'm from. Who knows, maybe he does have a basic computer brain.” after I said that Gir leads us out to a courtyard.

“Over here mastah!” Gir said, pointing at the ship, looking pretty brand new, “I fixed ship!”

I smirk and pat Gir’s head. “Good work Gir, hmm say can I borrow your piggy for a minute?” I ask him having an idea.

“Say pleeaaase!” he said in a sing-song voice, holding his piggy close.

I sigh and roll my eyes. “Please let me borrow the piggy Gir.” I said holding my hand out.

“Okay!” he said, handing me the piggy, then pulled a muffin out of his head and ate it.

I smile and take the piggy in hand and then hold it up. “This shall be my token!” I tap my head as I look it over. “Now how do I make one again? I think I just do this.” I close my eyes and hold the piggy up. "I am the mighty invader, loyal only to my princesses! If you wish to summon the mighty ZIM!! Then squeak the piggy!” Once I finish my message I just throw the piggy into the air and a hole opens up and sucks it through.

“Piggy! Where’s my piggy?!” Gir said, grabbing my face as he panicked over the loss of his piggy, “Piggy! Where are yoooouuuuu?!”

I grab him and pull him off. “Take it easy Gir, I uh...I let Piggy go make more friends, he will be back soon.” As soon as I said that a portal opened up and out of it came the pig toy and a watch of some kind.

“Oh, there it is.” Gir said, grabbing his piggy, “I must have put it there by accident!”

“I can see why you said he isn’t the brightest.” Luna said, watching Gir play with his piggy.

I nod and sigh picking up the watch. “Yeah, so let's see who this belongs to, then we can make my house.”

As soon as I picked up the watch, a hologram of a little girl with orange hair, green eyes, with a teal blue shirt with the sleeves and the cat symbol being a dark blue, the cat symbol having a ten on it and she had white pants. Hiya! I’m Gwen 10, Goddess of Mischief and Monsters, though I think I might change mischief to chaos as that's what I mostly cause, anyway! If you want to summon me for anything but hero work, then just turn the dial until you see me! But I might help you out with some hero work. Anyway, that’s all I have to say, bye!”

“A Goddess of Chaos and Monsters?” Luna asked, “She sounds like she could cause some trouble for us.”

“She could be trouble or she could be a hero, her message said she may do hero work.” I said as I shrug and put the watch on not knowing what will happen next. Seeing that the core changed to green while the rest of it was a mix of black and purple.

“Well, how do you plan on building your house?” Cadence asked me,

“Simple, I have a Machine in my ship to do it… at least I should.” I walk over to my ship and check it and pull out a huge-looking pill. “Ah-ha!”

“That’s a big pill.” Cadence said,

I chuckle and wiggle it. “It is just condensed. It grows, but first I have to draw my house.” I hop into the ship and grin. “Who wants to ride with me?” Gir hops into the ship next.

The princesses hopped into the ship, “So, the reason why we are in your-Gir get off my head.” Celestia said, looking up at Gir, Gir whined but got off her and went back to playing with the pig toy.

“You were saying My tallest?” I ask as I start up the ship.

“I was asking why we are in your ship.” Celestia asked me,

“It is faster, and I want to park my ship in it when it is made.” I said as my ship lifts and starts flying to the lot they showed me before.

I could see Celestia nod her head, “So what happens now?”

“Well, Next I draw what my house looks like, then I send it into the ground and it makes my home and base.” I told her as we landed and I opened my ship and got out of it. I then open the instant home and start drawing what I want it to look like.

“Really? It can’t be that simple.” Luna said,

I smile and finish the drawing then close it up and the bottom turns into a drill and I set it on the ground and it starts digging down into the ground. “Everyone stand back!” I ran away to the street.

They immediately did what I said, standing a few back, but then I noticed something, Gir was standing right at the drill spot, “Where did everybody go?” he asked, before the first part of my house popped up, sending the robot flying into the sky, not that he doesn't mind, in fact, I think he’s cheering.

I shake my head and chuckle. “Good thing he and I are near indestructible.” I watch as metal tentacles come shooting out of the ground forming the frame of my two-story house then lasers start forming the walls until eventually, it looks like a house, and then garden gnomes pop up out of the ground in the front yard. I wait for a moment then Gir comes crashing down just before the pink flamingo pops up next to the door.

“Again again again again!” he shouted, clapping his hands.

I shake my head and pet Gir’s head. “Not right now Gir, go inside and check if everything works.”

Gir saluted and went inside the house, while I noticed Luna was staring at one of the gnomes, “For the first time ever, I will be plagued by nightmares of these things.”

I chuckle and smirk at her. “They are part of a defense system. So if anyone tries to break in they get captured...or shot at with lasers.”

“Thank you for increasing the nightmare fuel.” Luna said, just as Rainbow Dash showed up, she was wearing a red sweater with black sweatpants.

“Prin….cesses…..Ponyv….ille….in tr-trouble!” she said, then collapsed from exhaustion.

I blink and look where she comes from using my jetpack to get a good view and activate my binoculars. “Oh, more of those caribou people are down there.”

“What?!” the princesses shouted, then Celestia said, “We need to get to Ponyville now!”

I rub my chin and ask. “Well, I could help if I can get a monthly income.” I look at her as I deactivate the binoculars.

“Again with this? Look we’ll pay you whatever if you just help us.” Luna said, looking to Ponyville,

“Deal, now let’s see if I can get some backup.” I look at the watch as I land and walk to my ship and turn it on seeing a hologram of a girl and push it down.

I heard a portal open but don’t see one, then I heard something like laughing coming….from...above...quickly looking up, I was greeted by the sight of a portal above me, “Shit.” I said as the same girl from the watch fell on top of me, crushing my back as she laughed, “Wow! What a ride!” she said,

I groan and use my claw arms to pick her up and set her on her feet and I stand up. “Hello there, mind helping us out, we have a caribou problem.” I said pointing down at the small town that now has smoke coming from it.

“Caribou? Never heard of them before!” she said, “Sure sounds like fun!”

I walk to my ship. “Alright then, Gir go with this girl, we should get rid of the Caribou as soon as possible so I can relax.” I hop into the ship and it starts to lift into the air as I set the course for that small town.

I see a pink flash and was shocked to see the girl had become what would be described as a sphinx, she was possibly bigger than most of these houses, has brown lion paws and tail with a tuft of orange fur to match her hair, two large metal wings on her back, her fur was mostly brown with a few orange streaks, the only thing that barely changed was her face, it still looked the same if it weren’t for the two cat-like ears on her head, a black and pink cat symbol on her chest. “Lady Sphinx!” she shouted, crouching down to let Gir climb on her back, then she looked at me, letting me see her bright pink eyes. “Let’s fly tiny!” she then took off into the air and flew to Ponyville.

I smirk and take off. My ship easily keeps up with her as we fly to the town below. “I assume you know how to fight, so I'll just say this be careful.”

“I’m always careful!” the girl said, indicating that she is not always careful. “But why do I need to be careful? Also, my name’s Gwen. What’s yours?”

I smile and say. “My name is Zim! And I will do anything for my tallest.” I then look down and Point adding. “There are the Caribou, oh god what are they doing?!”

“What?” Gwen asked looking down and paled. “Oh sweet Alien X! That’s….that’s fucking horrible!” she shouted, “What kind of creatures would do such a thing!?”

My eyes narrow and I activate all my ships' weapons. “Ship, target the Caribou only kill those that you can but use non-lethal force on the ones that are too close to the ponies!” I then jump out of the ship and land on my spider limbs. “Time to hunt!”

“Eliminate Caribou!” The ship said as it started firing its weapons at the Caribou that aren't near any ponies.

Third POV

Zim saw a blur fly towards the ground, creating a crater when they landed, Gwen let out a roar as she glared at the Caribou, from his ship he could see that one side of her face was completely black with a jack-o-lantern like smile and her eye and mouth both glowing a blood red. “Filth like you disgust me! It’ll be better for me to wipe you from existence!” Gwen shouted, her voice having a slight echo to it. She let out a roar as she began to either stomp on Caribou or use her claws to slice them in half.

Zim watches as Gwen starts rampaging. Zim then ran at the Caribou that was holding the ponies down and used my strength and sharp slider legs to stab them and throw them away from the ponies. “Get to safety!”

They nodded and ran, just as a Caribou tried to hit Zim with a sword only for two of Zims spider legs to stab him and throw him away. Zim chuckles and continues attacking the Caribou that are holding the ponies prisoner. “With my strength and tech, I am taking you down easily.”

An arrow flew by his head and he turned around and froze, seeing a large group of Caribou, each one armed to the teeth, “Say what you want freak, but even advanced tech and strength can’t last against a large number of foes.” a Caribou said, I smirked as I fired a laser at him, only for him to bring up a shield and the laser bounced off of it, not leaving a single scratch. “Our armor can reflect your little beams, so good luck with those.”

Zim’s eyes widen and he gulps. “Well, shit.” He turned up a wall and used his spider limbs to rip off a piece of a building and throw it at the middle of their group.

It successfully hit them but missed a few others as they charged at Zim, some firing arrows at Zim to which he either dodged or used his spider limbs to block them,

“You guys are sick, you know that?” Zim said as he kept dodging the arrows. Once the Caribou ran out of arrows Zim jumped over to another building and fired lasers at the ground around them.

They jumped back a bit when he did, Zim kept it up as he thought of a way to take them down, he knew lasers were no good as they just bounced off of them, can’t get in close either, too many, so what can he do?

Zim looked around and saw the rampaging Gwen and got an idea. “Hey, caribou losers bet you can't catch me!” He jumps down and runs towards Gwen and yells. “Hey Gwen, I got some more targets for you!”

She turned to him with a growl, a few Caribou under her paw, no doubt crushed to death, “Where?!” she asked, well demanded him then she saw the large group of Caribou chasing the Irken, roaring as she charged at the group.

Zim’s eyes widen and he jumps over her as she charges the caribou. He lands and looks as she destroys the caribou. “Damn she is really fighting.” Zim then looked around for any other ponies that needed help.

He heard a yell as a Caribou charged at him, sword raised in the air and once he got close he sent at the Irken, who dodged it by jumping back and saw that the armor had a few weak points, like the face and joints that were exposed.

“Die filthy meat bag!” Zim yells as he stabs the caribou in the face. When the caribou falls dead he smirks and looks around. “Now where are the ponies?”

Zim heard a growl behind him and looked and was a bit shocked that despite the large number of Caribou, Gwen had easily taken them down without as much as a scratch. Wait, no, she had a large cut on her front paw, which was slowly closing from the sand. “Must be how she heals.” Zim said, and he saw that she was glaring at something, most likely more Caribou.

“Kill.” she said, “But can’t, too many ponies.” looks like she found the ponies.

Zim runs over to her and hops onto her back. “If you know where the ponies are, tell me I'll save the ponies and you can handle the Caribou.” Zim uses his spider limb and makes a shield to block arrows.

“Ponies are in the center, Caribou trying to get them out of the city.” she said, crushing a Caribou under her paw, “They won’t get far. Get off my back so I can change.” she said, her paw reaching for the symbol on her chest.

“Got it, good luck.” Zim said before patting her back and jumping over the small army in front of her and heads for the center of town.

Only to be stopped as a bunch of Caribou stood in front of him, each one grinning thinking they had won, Zim also saw they had the same armor as well, which meant his lasers were once again useless. The group of Caribou started to walk towards him, weapons ready to kill.

“Oh come on, why are you all so stubborn!” Zim yells as he gets his slider limbs ready for a fight. “Why are you attacking the ponies anyway?”

“We just wanted to attack, is there any other reason?” one of the Caribou said, which caused Zim to give them a death glare as he growled.

“Then I have no reason to hold back.” Zim then fires a beam at the ground in front of the caribou. Once there is a dust cloud Zim runs into the cloud with the headset on that lets him see the Caribou and one by one he stabs them in the neck or face with his spider limbs.

After he had finished killing them, he continued to run to the center of town, jumping on top of a nearby building, he saw a large group of ponies with some Caribou guards surrounding them. He saw that these ones didn’t have the same armor that would protect them from his lasers. Perfect.

Zim grins and aims all four limbs at the Caribou and is about to start firing but the roof he is standing on slides and he falls onto the ground in front of the group of Caribou. “Ow! Fuck that hurt.”

“Well well, look what we got here? A freak.” one of Caribou said, grabbing Zim by the neck, causing him to squeak. That caused the Caribou to laugh at him, making him growl in anger, “Forget freak, I think I just found a living squeaky toy!” before Zim could do anything, he saw two Caribou had their bows aimed at him, “Let’s hear him squeak again before we kill him.” the same Caribou said, making him squeak again.

“Big mistake!” Two of the spider limbs touch the caribou’s shoulders before zapping him with more electricity than what Zim did to Luna. The Caribou drops Zim and he quickly puts up a shield using his spider limbs blocking the arrows.

He charged at the two, dodging any arrows that were shot at him as he ran at them, once he got close he fired two lasers from his spider limbs, the lasers going right through the two archer's heads. He grinned as he watched as the rest of the guards charged at him, he knew he can win this fight before backup arrives.

“Time to die meat bags!” Zim runs at them and uses all four of his spider limbs to stab and blast the caribou, killing each one of them. Once they are all dead he looks around then looks to the ponies not knowing he is covered in blood. “You are safe now, is there anyone else that is missing?”

They gave him scared looks, but one of them answers his question, “S-some of us are still in the town, most likely hiding from the Caribou.” they said, “B-but one of our own, a small dragon with purple scales, the Caribou, they….they turned him into a monster.”

Zim looks surprised. “Thank you for the info, I'll tell my friend, for now, head to the train the tallest..” Zim shakes his head. “ The princesses should be here soon.” Then Zim got on his spider limbs and ran back to Gwen. Along the way a large group of Caribou attacks him.

“You’ve given us a lot of trouble you little bastard. Now it’s time to finish you off once and for all.” one of the Caribou said, and Zim could see that most of them had that laser deflecting armor while the rest didn’t.

“Keep telling yourself that meat bags.” he said, using two spider legs to make himself taller, the Caribou charged at him or they would have if not for a strange purple mist appearing. The Caribou looked at the mist with confusion, before they started to act like they were in a trance.

“You may not want to breathe in the mist, lest you fall into a trance.” Zim heard someone sing, he looked and saw what looked like a woman made of plants, flowers appearing on her body with the familiar cat-like symbol on her shoulder. He knew it was Gwen and that she was responsible for the mist,

Zim nods and a collar comes out of the PAK and once it is linked around his neck a bubble appears around his head then turns invisible. “Thanks for the warning, so you are a shapeshifter?”

She smiled, “Something like that, now shush and let me finish my song.” she said, Zim looked around and saw more Caribou in the same trance-like state, “Come and meet your goddess, for she has a surprise for you.” Zim could see that something was growing near the Caribou as they walked to them. Then all of a sudden large venus fly traps sprung up from the ground and grabbed the Caribou and trapping them in their jaws. “Sorry suckers but you’re now caught in my traps!”

“Good work, got anything that can help someone that was brainwashed? The ponies told me a baby dragon was turned into a monster by the Caribou.” Zim said as he looked at the sky looking for his ship. “I swear if another bee made my ship crash I am going to exterminate the whole fucking species.”

He soon saw his ship flying towards the town, not a bee in sight. “Well, maybe I do. But that depends really on what kind of brainwashing.” Gwen said, watching as Zims ship got closer to the town, and it looked like he didn't need to do more repairs than normal. That is until a giant dragon came in and grabbed his ship with its jaws. Shaking its head and sending the Voot Runner crashing and causing Zim's eye to twitch.

Zim stares at his crashed ship. “Gwen take care of that dragon before I kill him.” Zim said then looked around. “And where the hell is Gir?”

Okie Dokie Loki!” Gwen said, pressing the cat symbol and in a flash, she was back to normal. “Just gotta find the right alien for this job. Let’s see, no, too small, too slow, perfect!” Gwen shouted, slamming her hand down on the device. In a flash of pink, a white snake with a light blue belly and ice spikes on its back and was around Zim's size had appeared . “Frost Fang!” Gwen shouted,

Zim looks at the new form. “Interesting form, need my help?” Zim asked as he climbed onto a building.

“Nope!” Gwen said, and she seemed to grow until she was, if Zim remembers correctly, the size of a truck, she let out a hiss at the dragon, causing it to glare at him before roaring and flying at her. Gwen turned to Zim, “You may want to move.” and just when she said that, the dragon had tackled her through a few buildings, including the one Zim was on.

“Whoa!” Zim jumps from building to building till he is out of the fight and runs to where his ship is only to see Gir playing with his pig toy and a pony toy he must have stolen. “Gir! This is not playtime, we need to fight the bad Caribou.”

“Ca-ri-bou?” Gir said as if he was hearing about it for the first time, “What that?”

Zim growls and rubs his face. “The bad people that want to hurt the ponies, and steal all the waffles.” Zim said, then he climbs into the ship and looks around. “Now help me get this thing in the air.”

“Yes, my leader!” Gir said, saluting as he and Zim tried to get the Voot Runner up into the air, hearing a roar and a hiss before Gwen crashed in front of the two,

“Ouch, that hurt.” she said, shaking her head a she and Zim looked at the dragon, seeing bits of ice covering most of it, and Zim saw the same ice that surrounded Gwen, which meant she was the cause of the ice, she let out a hiss as she lunged at the dragon, biting its arm.

“Gir hurry!” Zim yells as he starts working on the weapons getting them back online. Soon the ship lights up and Zim pets Gir’s head. “Good job.” Zim then flies the ship over the dragon’s head and fires at it.

The laser hardly affected the beast as it just merely glanced at them before returning its attention to Gwen, who was pinned under one of its claws, hissing as she tried to escape then another flash of pink appeared and Gwen had changed back to Lady Sphinx and was almost the same size as the dragon, she let out a roar as she clawed its face.

Zim bites his lip and looks at Gir. “Gir, go to the train station and protect the ponies to that and I'll ask them to make you waffles.”

“Yay waffles!” Gir screamed before flying away, causing Zim to roll his eyes as he watched the two titans glare at each other, Gwen was covered in claw marks which were slowly healing while the dragon only had two bite marks from when Gwen was Frost Fang, he also noticed that its arm was….limp.

“Looks like my venom is starting to take effect. As Frost Fang, I have two types, lethal and paralyzing, guess which one I gave you?” Gwen asked the dragon, causing it to growl.

Zim then pushed a few buttons and the ship flew at top speed right at the dragon’s head crashing and exploding. “For the tallest!”

Gwen blinked as the Irken flew and landed on top of her head, slightly burned and smoking, she looked at him and said, “That was funny do it again!” a smile on her face as he groaned.

“Sorry Gwen, that was my only ship.” Zim said groaning.

“Aww too bad.” Gwen said, ducking under a swipe from the dragon's claws before she headbutted it, causing it to stumble back not from pain but surprise, while Gwen held her head in pain, tears falling down her face, “Owie! I forgot dragons are hard-headed idiots!”

Zim hops off of Gwen and yells. “Remember they aren't in their right mind.”

“I know! I’m just stalling for time so the venom could make him go-” Gwen stopped talking when she and Zim saw the dragon suddenly go limp, still glaring at her as it did. “-limp. Better late than never!”

Zim throws his arms in the air. “I did it! I beat him!”

“Ahem.” he heard Gwen say before turning to look at her, her pink eyes now had black slits for pupils as she crouched down to look at him, a cat-like smile on her face if Zim was being honest right now, she looked like a cat about to pounce on her next prey, “Who beat him exactly?” she asked him, getting in his face and causing him to back up a bit.

Zim clears his throat. “Um yes, sorry we beat him.” He chuckles sheepishly.

“Good.” she said, then placed her paw on top of him, being careful not to crush him, and Zim froze when he heard the blasted squeak again. He looked at Gwen, seeing her stare at him as her pupils went wide and her smile getting bigger.

“Now I know what you're thinking, should I make him squeak again, and the answer may surprise-” Zim started to say before Gwen started to play with him like a toy.

The poor Irken was stuck being a large cat’s squeaky toy for the next five minutes, ranging from being stepped on, to simply poking, she even bit him, making sure not to stab him with her fangs, just to make him squeak, and it was the best thing ever for Gwen, for Zim, not so much. He saw the princesses stare at the two, Gwen still had her jaws around his body as she continued to make him squeak. He weakly held his hand out for them, “Help me.” he begged.

Celestia walks up to Gwen and clears her throat. “Excuse me miss, would you mind setting him down so we can help poor Spike here before he manages to get back up?”

Gwen looked at the princess, then looked at her new ‘toy’ and made him squeak one more time before dropping him in front of her. The Irken immediately ran and hid behind Celestia, Gwen still staring at him with that smile. He may need to watch his back with her now. “Are you okay Zim?” Luna asked him, though she was barely holding back her laughter.

Zim frowns. “I am fine just….wet.” He then glares at Gwen.

She merely tilted her head at him, her paw reaching for him causing him to freeze before a beeping sound was heard, she looked down at the symbol, “Aaaw, fun’s over already?” she asked and in a flash, she was back to normal.

Zim sighs in relief and then looks to the dragon. “Now that I won't be used as a chew toy, how are we going to help Spike?”

“Well I can help with that, but first I need to check something.” Gwen said, walking over to the dragon, who growled at her as she held the device on her arm close to it,

“Corrupted DNA detected, repairing genetic damage.” the watch said, shooting a beam at Spike, and in a flash, in his place was a small purple dragon.

“There we go all done!” she said, then looked at Zim as she walked over, “So what now tiny?” she asked him, resting her arm on his head.

Zim frowns as his antenna twitches. “I don't know, that's up to my tallest.” He said pointing at the princesses.

‘“Well that might be a you and them thing, so my work here is done.” Gwen said, then held the device close to him, “Hey mind if I get a scan? This device is called the Omnitrix, it lets me become different aliens like Sweet Scent, the plant alien you saw earlier, Frost Fang and I believe you already know Lady Sphinx.” Zim shuddered after hearing that alien's name.

Zim crosses his arms and sees his watch and holds it up. “Fine, and is this the same as yours?”

“Well more like a pseudo version, while mine has access to untold amounts of alien DNA, that one only has ten.” she said, just as a yellow beam scanned Zim. “Awesome, I got me some Irken DNA! Now I can be an Invader as well!”

Zim looks at his watch and gets an idea. “So can mine scan you and let me be human again?”

She gave a nod and a smile, “Yep! Pretty useful for Displaced who are stuck as something that isn’t human. So scan away!” she said.

Zim holds his arm up and a yellow beam scans Gwen and it beeps. “I guess it just added human DNA to the Omnitrix. Thanks and a bit of warning, when you are an Irken don't let water, meat, or beans touch your skin.”

“Water and meat I can understand, but beans?” she asked him, “Why do I have to stay away from them?”

Zim shutters and said. “They fuse to Irken skin and burns us, have you not seen Invader Zim?”

“I have but forgot most of it!” she said, “So stay away from water, meat, and beans! Got it!” she gave a thumbs up, “So what do the fair princesses have to do next?” she asked the two princesses.

Cadence sighs and bows to them. “I ask for your help in saving my empire and husband, the Caribou have conquered the crystal empire and corrupted the crystal heart into the crystal cock. It needs to be broken and reformed and filled with hope and love otherwise you'll corrupt anyone who enters its range of influence”

They saw Gwen visibly twitch at the mention of Caribou, her hatred most likely doubled after hearing what happened to the Crystal Heart, “Then let’s go kick some Caribou ass!” she said, causing Celestia to grab her ear,

“Language young lady.” she sternly said, the Omnitrix wielder whining.

“My tallest, I believe it is best you let go of her, she is...a very strong warrior.” Zim said, a bit worried.

“Yes, listen to the tiny alien and let go of my ear!” Gwen said, Celestia rolled her eyes and let go, the girl holding her ear, “Owie, mental note, swearing in front of other Displaces princesses, can lead to pain.”

Zim used his spider limbs to get up to Gwen's Eye level. “On the way to this crystal empire, you shall teach me how to master this omni thing!” A bit pridefully sounding just like the character he was displaced as.

She seemed to think about it then simply said, “Sure! But I will only teach you how to transform, can’t let you access the better functions of it without getting used to it first! But for now...” she said, then pointed east, “Off to the Crystal Empire!”

“Wrong way.” Celestia said and Gwen pointed north,

“Off to the Crystal Empire!” she shouted,

Zim watches Gwen then turns to Celestia. “I am having second thoughts, my tallest.”

“Aaaw don’t be like that!” Gwen said, wrapping her arm around Zim's neck and giving him a noogie, “We both want to kick the Caribou asses and free innocents! No need for those silly second thoughts!”

Zim struggles in Gwen’s grip. “Ok ok stop with the noogie!” But no matter how hard he struggles she holds him tight.

“Come on! Just a few more!” she said, still giving him noogies before she lets go of him, letting him hold his head in pain, “There we go all done!”

Zim groans and uses his spider limbs to walk ahead of Gwen enough she can't grab him. “Just tell me how to work this watch.”

“Well it’s simple really, you just pop up the dial.” she said, doing what she said to her watch, “And simply choose what alien you want, when you choose the alien you want, just press the dial down, and viola! You’re that alien!”

Zim looks at the watch and does as Gwen said but the dial doesn't come up. He gets frustrated and starts banging on it. “Work damn you!”

Zim hears Gwen laughing, looking at her as she holds her sides, “I may have forgotten to mention that while I’m here, it’s useless to you until I’m gone, call it a safety feature in case having two Omnitrix’s of the same origin causes a malfunction.” she said,

Zim grumbles and crosses his arms. “Fine, what now?” He asked as they arrived at the crowded train station.

“Like I said, off to the Crystal Empire!” she said, pointing north again, causing them to roll their eyes, before a bright flash of pink appeared and Gwen was Lady Sphinx again, “But first.” she then grabbed Zim in her jaws and began to make him squeak again.

Zim screams and wiggles. “Put me down! I am not a chew toy!”


They have been traveling for a long time and then Gwen's Omnitrix starts to beep before she changes back with Zim’s leg still in her mouth. “Let...me...go….I am not a god damn chew toy!”

Gwen looked at him before spitting out his leg, “Then why do you squeak?” she asked him, smiling. “If you don’t squeak then I won’t treat you like a chew toy, but then again, I still will treat you like a chew toy from how squishy you are!” she said, poking him and causing him to squeak again.

Zim growls and waves his arms around. “I am not a chew toy!” He screeched.

Gwen laughed at him, “Sorry, but when I’m around, you are.” she said, booping the spot where his nose would be.

Zim growls and crosses his arms. “You have no respect for a mighty Irken warrior.” Zim then sees a dome ahead of the train.

“I have no respect in general!” she said, looking at the dome, “Oooh, think I can smash that?”

“Please don't! That is my home, the crystal empire.” Cadence said looking at Gwen then the train slowed down.

“This is as close as we can get, if we get too close, even we will be affected by the caribou’s dark magic.” Celestia said, frowning.

“What does it do?” Gwen asked,

Cadence looks away and starts to cry and Luna hugs her before Celestia answers. “It turns any females into brainless slaves, and it makes males with weak wills think like the caribou.”

They saw Gwen twitch again, nearly frowning as well. “I see, then I guess I can forget about kicking their asses." she said, then her face became crazed as her eyes were pinpricks and a large smile on her face. “Instead I’ll go for flat-out murder! Maybe I’ll scar some of them for life, or maybe scare them so much they’ll instantly regret attacking Equestria. Decisions decisions.”

“H-ho-honestly, I prefer the funny version of her, this one is psychotic!” Luna whispered to the other princesses and Zim while Gwen was deciding what to do to the Caribou.

Zim nods then rubs his chin. “These Caribou are evil, permission to exterminate them my tallest?” Zim looks to the princesses with a glint in his red eyes.

The three princesses looked at each other then Celestia sighed, “Permission granted Zim.” she said, “Just be careful.”

“And try not to end up as Gwen's chew toy while you're at it.” Luna joked,

Zim glares at Luna then looks at Gwen. “Gwen, can you use that plant form to control the caribou like before? If what Cadence said is true, then there could be male ponies under mind control. We don't want to hurt them...too much.”

“Hmmm, I could try but even I can’t control that many before the Caribou realizes what I’m doing and finds a way to keep themselves from being affected.” Gwen said, “Plus, in that form, I can’t tell what pheromone mists I’m using so I might accidentally use one that might get them angrier.”

Zim nods and rubs his chin then pulls the communicator out of his PAK. “Gir if the ship is repaired, bring it to me.” He then looks at Gwen. “Here is my idea, Gwen will distract the caribou by any means necessary. Well, I rushed past them and destroyed this Crystal thingy, with it destroyed I can bring it to Cadence who can repair it and make it the way it is supposed to be. Any objections or things that you want to add?”

“I got one!” Gwen said, raising her hand.

Everyone waits for her to say it but when she doesn't Zim groans and screams. “What is it!?”

“Is it alright if I just turn into a reality warper and snap the Caribou out of existence? That way it’ll be easier to get the Crystal thingy and save everyone there?” Gwen said,

The princesses look uncomfortable and Celestia asks. “Can you control yourself enough to do that, and only that?”

She gave us a friendly smile, but Zim could tell she was hiding her psychotic nature behind it, “Yep!” she said,

The princesses sigh and nod. “Very well, miss Gwen.” Zim stands on his spider legs ready for anything.

Gwen nodded her head as she propped up the dial on her Omnitrix and began to go through the aliens, she soon smiled darkly though only Zim could see it as she slammed her hand down on the dial and in a pink flash, a being who looks like she’s made of the night sky appeared, unmoving.

Zim leans closer and pokes Gwen with one of his spider legs. “I think she broke herself.”

Zim then jumped back when a flash appeared, seeing Gwen was back to normal and pouting, “Stupid Alien X won’t work, sorry but we’re sticking with me causing as much damage to the Caribou while Squeaky gets the Crystal thingy.” she said,

Zim frowns and grumbles. “I am not named Squeaky.” Zim moves over to the door to the train. “Let’s go and destroy an evil species.”

“I couldn’t agree more!” Gwen said, and in a flash, she was a wolf-like alien that reminded Zim of a werewolf, she had bright orange fur with dark orange long hair and tail, she let out a howl and grinned, “Gwenwolf!” she shouted,

“Alright, let's go!” Zim opens the door and runs out of the train and hurries into the shield. Thankfully his space helmet protects him from the caribou’s magic.

Gwen ran right next to him, seeing how she isn’t affected by the magic. “Alright, you go on ahead to the Crystal thingy while I create the biggest distraction ever.” Gwen said, jumping onto a building's roof, growling as she did.

“Right, stay safe and try not to hurt any ponies too much, caribou are free game though.” Zim said then he started hopping from roof to roof.

He heard Gwen howl, most likely drawing all Caribou to her as he jumped from roof to roof. After a few minutes of roof jumping, and seeing why most heroes thought it was fun, he eventually reached a tall crystal tower, several Caribou guards protecting the Crystal Cock.

Zim frowns and hinds behind a chimney while watching the Caribou. “Come on Gwen, I need you to draw a few more away.” Zim said to himself then gets an idea and speaks into his communicator. “Gir, how is the ship?”

“Ship makes waffles now!” Gir replied, nearly giving away Zim’s position.

“Gir, I need the ship here NOW!” Zim said into the communicator then changed it out for his spider legs and aimed at the guards before Zim started firing lasers at them.

But just as he did, explosions and screams of pains as well as howls were heard from another part of the city, this caused the Invader to facepalm, “Wish you had done that sooner Gwen.” he said, annoyed.

Zim pulls his robotic arms back and hopes he wasn't seen while peeking out at the Caribou guards.

Only to see that nearly all of them had gone off to the explosions, which left about five Caribou guards, only one wearing the laser-deflecting armor. “Oh great, more of that blessed armor.” Zim then uses his spider legs to jump down right at the one in the reflective armor with one of the spider limbs pointed at the caribou’s face.

He or the other guards didn’t see Zim, letting kill the guard with the reflective armor with ease, the other four staring at Zim in shock, which was the perfect opening for him to finish them off. Zim grins and lifts the four spider legs aiming them at the other guards and fires energy at them and kills three of them but misses the last one.

“You little bastard!” the last guard said, wielding a scythe and an ax, “I’m gonna make you pay for that!” he charged at Zim and swung his scythe at Zim,

Zim’s eyes widen and he uses two of the legs to block the scythe and ax while using the other two to ground himself. “I don’t think so!” Zim then punches the caribou in the face hard enough to break his jaw. “Holy crap I am strong!”

He then yelped as he jumped over the Caribou’s scythe when he tried to cut off his legs, then rolled to the side as his ax crashed into the spot where Zim was just seconds ago. “Hold still motherfuker!” the Caribou shouted angrily.

“How about you hold still instead!” Zim stabs his spider legs into the legs of the caribou then the other two stab into his shoulders. “Tell you what, I'll let you choose; death by zappy time or you get to deal with what's making that noise.” Zim said pointing to where Gwen is.

The Caribou looked in the direction of the explosions and said, “Fuck you.”

Zim grins and rips the limbs out in a way that makes it so the caribou can't move. “Fine your choice, now then.” He walks over and grabs the crystal cock and then walks back to the wounded Caribou picking him up and just before he starts to leave a pink shield drops down covering the area. He looks around and sees a brainwashed white unicorn stallion with blue hair.

Zim gulps and pulls out the communicator and calls. “Gwen if you can hear this I need your help.”

A howl was heard as Gwen had somehow appeared on a rooftop next to them, “What you need help with, Squeaky?” she asked then she saw the unicorn and stared at him, “Nope.” she said, grabbing Zim and the Crystal Cock and running, “Nopenopenopenopenope so much nope!”

“Whoa!” Zim said as she carried him away. “I got the thingy, who was that guy?” Zim looked back and saw some caribou chasing them so he fired lasers at them.

“Shining fucking Armor, captain of the Royal Guard and husband to Cadence! I don’t mess with that guy cause he has strong ass shields!” Gwen replied, jumping onto a rooftop and continued running,

“Oh, he must have shown up in the show after season two.” Zim said as he continues to fire lasers at the Caribou chasing them. “Get me to Cadence please.”

“That’s the plan!” Gwen shouted, still running until she made a turn and ran into a dead end. The two looked and saw the Caribou had caught up with them and were ready to kill. “Yeah no, I’m not about to die to some filthy monsters like a wild animal!” she shouted, shocking Zim when her mouth had split in the middle and she released a sonic blast, sending the Caribou flying.

Zim holds his head where his antennae are and whimpers in pain. “And I thought Zim could scream.”

Gwen ignored him as she ran out of the alley and towards the direction of the train, she then had an idea, “Hey Zim, ever wanted to fly?” she asked him, grinning.

Zims eyes widen. “Don't you daaaaare!” Zim starts then is thrown by Gwen thinking quickly he uses his jet pack function of his PAK. “That bitch is crazy!” Zim said to himself as he flew to the train.

Once he arrived at the train he could see the princesses blasting back Caribou, he looked out at the city, trying to find Gwen, he eventually saw her running on all fours that let her easily get away from the Caribou. Zim also saw that she was running straight at him, before he could do anything, he was tackled by the wolf girl, nearly knocking the wind out of him and causing him to let out a loud squeak.

“Damn it, now is not the time Gwen! We are surrounded by enemies!” Zim yelled then used his spider legs to pull himself free and ran to the princesses. “My tallest, I have captured the crystal cock!”

“Give it to me so I can destroy it!” Cadence said, holding her hand out. Zim nods and is about to give it to her when he is blasted from behind by Gwen sending him into the air but luckily he dropped the crystal cock right into Cadence's hands.

“Gwen!” Zim yells as he is sent into the air.

“Sorry! Was aiming at the Caribou!” Gwen said, watching as Zim crashes into the ground, creating a Zim-shaped hole. “Oops.”

Cadence rolled her eyes as she grabbed the Crystal Cock on her magic and crushed it with ease then reformed it into the Crystal Heart and filled it with love just as Zim climbed out of the hole, looking dazed and confused. “Did we win?” he asked, stars circling his head.

Zim blinks and shakes his head. “Ugh never do that again Gwen!”

Her response was her biting his arm causing a squeak to be heard, thankfully, she didn’t bite him hard enough to tear into his skin, only to make him squeak, she looked at him while tail wagged happily. “Sorry, couldn’t resist making you squeak, but I am sorry for hitting you with a sonic blast.” she said,

Zim groans and shakes his head. “Whatever, so what do we have to do now?”

“We need to get the heart back under the castle and send out the love from the heart to break the mind control, but how will we get past all those caribou and brainwashed stallions?” Cadence said.

“I got an idea!” Gwen said, changing back and choosing another alien and before she slammed her hand on the dial she looked at everyone, “Yeah I may want to move away a bit.” she said, moving at least ten feet away but also leaving her open for an attack by the Caribou and brainwashed stallions, and before we can do anything, a bright pink flash and...

“Holy fucking shit!” I shouted, seeing the titan that stood in front of us, grinning at the Caribou.

“Way Big!” Gwen shouted, “So, you guys still want to fight, cause I’ll give you a fight.” she punched her open palm.

Zim looked at the caribou as they started running away and the stallions ran into the buildings. “Good work Gwen, my tallest the way is clear.” He said to the princesses.

“Am I glad she is on our side.” Luna said, looking at the titan, who smiled at them as she changed back to her normal form. “Wait, why didn’t she start with that sooner?! We could have saved so much time!!”

Zim shrugs and then looks around and frowns. “Where the hell is-” He is interrupted as his ship comes flying by at high speeds and crashes into the train station. “...never mind…”

“Rule number one Squeaky, never let Gir drive.” Gwen said, giggling at Zims unamused look.

Zim groans and walks over to his ship. “Gwen please protect my Tallest while I fix my ship...again...third freakin time!”

“Oki Doki Loki!” Gwen said happily, as she and the princesses walked into the city, leaving Zim to repair his ship again.

“Gir, be a good robot and go play with Gwen.” Zim said as he gets to the ship and starts working on it. While he works on it the princesses and Gwen make their way to the castle.

Gwen was currently humming a cheery tune while walking through the city, the princesses and Gir walking behind her. After a few minutes of walking, they reached the Crystal Tower, “Alright Cadence! Do what you need to do!” Gwen said to the alicorn.

Cadence nods and lifts the heart to the middle of the underside of the castle and two spikes come out of the ground and castle. The crystal heart starts spinning, faster and faster till the energy builds up, and then it is released as a massive dome of energy. “We have done it!” Celestia said with a smile.

As the energy passes through every stallion they are freed of the main control and the same for every mare. The magic travels across the country and soon Zim comes up in his ship and it is only able to hover. “What did I miss?” Zim asked.

“Just Cadence putting the Crystal Heart back where it belongs and freeing every mare and stallion from the Caribou’s control. Nothing special.” Gwen said, smiling.

Zim nods and smiles. “So mission complete?”

“Yep!” Gwen said, giving a thumbs-up, “Mission complete! The day is saved and I got a new friend!”

Zim smiles. “Sweet, I am glad we are done, so what now?” He looks around.

“Well, unless you need me for anything else, you can go ahead and send me home.” Gwen said, a mischievous smile on her face, “I know I’ve been away from my Equestria for quite some time, and I need to make up for some chaos.”

Zim scratches his head. “How do I do that again?”

Gwen just shrugged, “Usually one just has to say, our contract is complete and that’s it!” she said,

Zim blinks and nods slowly. “Right, well I guess our contract is complete. Call me if you need an indestructible invader.” Zim gives a thumbs-up as a portal opens under Gwen.

“Will do!” she said, before falling into the portal, her laughs echoing from it as it closed, Luna and Celestia shook their heads,

“Well, that was certainly an interesting experience.” Celestia said,

“I’ll say, she acted so much like an excited filly even when fighting.” Luna said, then noticed a letter on the ground where Gwen was standing, she picked it up and saw it was for Zim. “Here, no doubt from Gwen.”

Zim grabbed the letter and began to read it, only to be confused as it said only one thing. “Squeak.” he said, and that’s when a copy of Gwen as Lady Sphinx appeared and grabbed Zim in her jaws and making him squeak again before disappearing in a puff of smoke. The Irken landing on the ground and staring at the sky.

“Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!” he shouted to the sky, the princesses laughing.

Author's Note:

This character is free to use and the token is A pink rubber pig squeaky toy.

The creed is "I am the mighty invader, loyal only to my princesses! If you wish to summon the mighty ZIM!! Then squeak the piggy!”

Gwen is from The goddess of chaos and monsters