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Here you can read the stories of different displaced characters that I came up. With each chapter will be using a naming theme to separate the different stories. there may be several chapters eventually and most characters made here is free to use in a crossover as long as they have made a token.

Don’t expect updates often sorry.

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Is this a real life? Is this just fantasy?

After the pain goes away I open my eyes again and once again a rush of information and pain fills my head. I fall over and see my reflection in a lake. Once I see my reflection I somehow know I have all the powers of a being called Bill Cipher, and what's known as a displaced and that I am currently in a different world called Equestria. “Ugh what...what is happening?” I close my eyes to stop the pain and try to go through the information I just got.

How is he able to get all this information?

“Okay, so I have the powers of Bill Cipher, who is a very powerful reality warper, and I am a Displaced in the land of Equestria, okay. Sounds simple enough.” I said, keeping my eyes close, I then snapped my fingers and felt an eye patch cover my left eye, and opened my right eye, and was glad that I wasn’t getting flooded with information.

Doesn’t bill only has one eye?

Once I finish I stop spinning the cane and snap my fingers willing a hole in reality to open and throw the cane through it. I watch as my cane multiplies and spreads out throughout the multiverse as the portal closes a copy of my cane comes back to me.

Does he not have a cane anymore?

“Hmmm, maybe just a security force I'll want flesh and blood citizens eventually.” I talk to myself as I snap my fingers making golem cops. With a smile I then make a throne and walk over and sit down. “Now I wait.”

Wait for what?

In order of your questions,

1, his left eye is an all seeing eye, let’s him get information about anything just by looking at it. I tried to make that clear

2, he is a humanoid bill cipher not the same as in the show.

3, it just said he gets his cane back

4. Crossovers, meeting new people etc

Oh ok. Was a little confused at first.

I chuckle and smirk before pointing at the tv. “You will face your doom Dib! Oh god, I’m a dork.” I laugh at myself then notice a humming coming from behind me. I turn around but don't see anything so I realize it is coming from the PAK. “what on Earth?”


I think back and tell them what I remember. “Well, it was a normal day, I was watching tv, then a box was delivered to my front door. I opened it and inside was a costume of my favorite character.” I gesture to myself. “And a stuffed Gir, there was also a note in it...oh my god... At the bottom of the note is said from The merchant, I’m a displaced!” I said grabbing my head in surprise.

Is there somewhere I can be more educated on displaced?

I look at them and chuckle sheepishly. “A displaced is a term used for a character in a story who is taken from their homeworld, getting powers, abilities or technology, sometimes a whole new body and dropped into another universe. One of the problems is that things from the source material of where they got their abilities from will start to leak into the world that they're dropped into meaning that aspect from the show Invader Zim will start appearing here.”

So they don’t always get a new body?

She seemed to think about it then simply said, “Sure! But I will only teach you how to transform, can’t let you access the better functions of it without getting used to it first! But for now...” she said, then pointed east, “Off to the Crystal Empire!”

Other functions?

“Hmmm, I could try but even I can’t control that many before the Caribou realizes what I’m doing and finds a way to keep themselves from being affected.” Gwen said, “Plus, in that form, I can’t tell what pheromone mists I’m using so I might accidentally use one that might get them angrier.”

How does that work?

Gwen ran right next to him, seeing how she isn’t affected by the magic. “Alright, you go on ahead to the Crystal thingy while I create the biggest distraction ever.” Gwen said, jumping onto a building's roof, growling as she did.


“Shining fucking Armor, captain of the Royal Guard and husband to Cadence! I don’t mess with that guy cause he has strong ass shields!” Gwen replied, jumping onto a rooftop and continued running,

“Oh, he must have shown up in the show after season two.” Zim said as he continues to fire lasers at the Caribou chasing them. “Get me to Cadence please.”

How far into the show did he watch?

In regards to the PAC; I believe it's a type of backpack the actual character has. If you look up Invader Zim images, you'll probably find one with a metal backpack static.wikia.nocookie.net/zimwiki/images/7/72/Art_Zimyelling.png/revision/latest?cb=20120814185817

Will this chapter be continued or is this like a anthology? If so how about a couple girls being displaced as the inner sailor senshi?

He started looking at his favorite website called Fimfiction, and checked the new story list, and groaned. “Damn, more of those overpowered displaced stories.” He scrolls past them then smiles. “Oh Cool, Fallout Equestria updated.” He opens the new chapter and starts reading it while he makes some egg sandwiches.

It depends on your definition of overpowered.

It takes him a while but he finds his friend and girlfriend. His girlfriend gives him a big hug as his best friend saves the bagged-up sandwiches. “Oh I am so glad you didn’t oversleep, it wouldn’t be as much fun without you.” The girl in the full Renamon fursuit said. It covered her whole body and was mostly yellow with a white belly and purple elbow long gloves. This was Jennie, James' girlfriend.

That is awesome.

I nod and put on the bag after putting the digivice and cards inside it. “Thank you miss, oh how rude of me, my name is James, and I am a Guilmon.”

He remembers his name?

Big Mac watched his sisters leave the room in different directions then looked down at James and sighs. “So, seems Applebloom is followin in ma footsteps.” He said to himself. James then starts to groan and fidget as he opens his eyes.


“Ya got your butt whooped by another Digimon.” Big Mac said, then he lends over James. “And dragged ma sister into things.”

Technically, that’s not what happened.

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