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Here you can read the stories of different displaced characters that I came up. With each chapter will be using a naming theme to separate the different stories. there may be several chapters eventually and most characters made here is free to use in a crossover as long as they have made a token.

Don’t expect updates often sorry.

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Is this satire?

Is this a real life? Is this just fantasy?

After the pain goes away I open my eyes again and once again a rush of information and pain fills my head. I fall over and see my reflection in a lake. Once I see my reflection I somehow know I have all the powers of a being called Bill Cipher, and what's known as a displaced and that I am currently in a different world called Equestria. “Ugh what...what is happening?” I close my eyes to stop the pain and try to go through the information I just got.

How is he able to get all this information?

“Okay, so I have the powers of Bill Cipher, who is a very powerful reality warper, and I am a Displaced in the land of Equestria, okay. Sounds simple enough.” I said, keeping my eyes close, I then snapped my fingers and felt an eye patch cover my left eye, and opened my right eye, and was glad that I wasn’t getting flooded with information.

Doesn’t bill only has one eye?

Once I finish I stop spinning the cane and snap my fingers willing a hole in reality to open and throw the cane through it. I watch as my cane multiplies and spreads out throughout the multiverse as the portal closes a copy of my cane comes back to me.

Does he not have a cane anymore?

“Hmmm, maybe just a security force I'll want flesh and blood citizens eventually.” I talk to myself as I snap my fingers making golem cops. With a smile I then make a throne and walk over and sit down. “Now I wait.”

Wait for what?

In order of your questions,

1, his left eye is an all seeing eye, let’s him get information about anything just by looking at it. I tried to make that clear

2, he is a humanoid bill cipher not the same as in the show.

3, it just said he gets his cane back

4. Crossovers, meeting new people etc

Oh ok. Was a little confused at first.

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