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Digimodify Displacement Activate

The sun shone down its life-giving rays in the early morning, beating down on the yellow roof of a hotel. There in room 305; a young man lying in his hotel bed was fast asleep, dead to the world. Littered around the young man are bags of many souvenirs and other items that he and his friends have brought over their weekend at comic con. The clock's numbers rotate to 8:00 a.m. signaling the time when the clock started playing the radio.

“Goooood morning, ladies and gentleman of San Diego! And what a beautiful morning it is! With clear blue skies and a nice calm breeze! A perfect day for a Comic-Con! But a warning for all Comic-Con goers, stay in groups for reports for there have been reports of people going missing.” The young man groaned as he reached up and slammed his hand on the clock turning it off.

“Damn, didn't get much sleep.” He groaned while getting out of bed, yawning while stretching. “Well, I guess I am the last one up.” He said looking around the messy room.

He grabbed his phone and left the room to go make breakfast, looking over the stuff on the phone as he did. ‘So they are already in line and saving me a spot, damn I have good friends.’ The young man- James- thought.

He started looking at his favorite website called Fimfiction, and checked the new story list, and groaned. “Damn, more of those overpowered displaced stories.” He scrolls past them then smiles. “Oh Cool, Fallout Equestria updated.” He opens the new chapter and starts reading it while he makes some egg sandwiches.

After James finished making the sandwiches, James bagged a few of them up while eating a couple and started to put on his costume for the Con, which was a full fursuit of the Digimon Guilmon. “Man this cost me a fortune but it was so worth it. Top quality, and best of all I can control almost everything about this suit.”

James slips on the bottom half of the suit first. Then he puts on the main body followed by the cloves. “There we go.” He looks at the clock and gasps. “Oh damn, I am late.” He quickly outs on the head and grabs the food before running out of the hotel room and heads across the street to the convention hall. Everyone steps out of the way of the red dinosaur-like creature with the white underbelly and black markings along different parts of the body.

It takes him a while but he finds his friend and girlfriend. His girlfriend gives him a big hug as his best friend saves the bagged-up sandwiches. “Oh I am so glad you didn’t oversleep, it wouldn’t be as much fun without you.” The girl in the full Renamon fursuit said. It covered her whole body and was mostly yellow with a white belly and purple elbow long gloves. This was Jennie, James' girlfriend.

“Yeah, it would have been lame if you didn’t show up. Can you imagine how lame we would look without a Guilmon?” James' friend Tony said he was wearing a brown shirt and pants with an orange vest, a small Terriermon plush sitting on his shoulder.

James chuckles and shrugs his shoulders. “Well, we are still missing mine and Renamon’s tamers. But yeah you guys would be lame without me.” James then laughs as he jumps out of the way from his girlfriend's paw trying to smack him. “So think I will win the contest?”

“As if. I’m gonna win!” Tony said a cocky grin on his face.

James rolled his eyes under his mask. “Sure you will buddy, just a few clothes and a plushy can help you win.” The line started moving as people entered the convention hall.

“Fuck you, it’s still a good costume!” Tony said, “Plus, I got a complete costume, I got both the Tamer and the Digimon.”

James crosses his arms and huffs. “Yeah yeah, you are lucky your Digimon is small enough you can use a plush. Me and Jennie have to use costumes.” He said as he and the others entered the hall and James looked around.

The loud Bustling convention center was packed full of people in all sorts of costumes; some Bakugan, pokemon, other Digimon, and even a few ben 10 cosplays. The smells and sights of all sorts of countries filled the friends' eyes and noses, along with all the different items and souvenirs they could buy.

As the three friends were walking, James saw something when they passed by a booth, looking back, he saw that the guy running it was selling some Digi Cards and a Digivice, I walked up to the booth and saw that the guy running it was dressed up as Puppetmon.

“Cool costume man.” James complements the guy and then points claw at the red third-generation digivice and the deck of cards. “How much for these? Could be neat to have them if I find a Takato cosplayer.”

"Hmm well, my friend, for the set of cards and the digivice. I'll say sixty dollars." Puppetmon said while James notices figures in a glass case behind him. Inside the case were what seemed to be wooden figures of a man in a yellow long coat. A small green man on four robotic legs coming out of his back with an angry face. A blocky human with a brown backpack. And a man in a white lab coat, but James didn’t think anything of them.

“Only Sixty? Wow, you got yourself a deal. For a dark master, you are one hell of a mon.” James chuckles at his joke as he reaches into a pocket he had out into the belly, and pulls out his wallet, and pays for the items.

Puppetmon chuckles and pushes the cards and digivice towards James, a black card sliding through the device as he did. "Yes well, it's all a part of the job."

James smiles as he takes the items and turns to head for the contest stage. Unaware as he leaves the stall a new figure starts to fade into existence in the case. This one is a red dinosaur-like creature with a black marking on its belly.

James was looking through the cards he just bought when he realized that his friends were waiting for him, so he quickly ran up to them, “About time dude, what took-are those Digi Cards?” Tony asked me, eying the Digi Cards.

James smirks in his mask and holds them and the digivice up. “Hell yeah, I scored myself these cards and the digivice that goes with them.” He tells them before putting them away.

“Really? How much did they cost?” Jennie asked me,

“Only sixty bucks.” James said with a chuckle. “And best of all, from what I can tell they are either official or just really well-made fan merch.” He told them as they entered backstage.

“Only sixty bucks?! Yeah right!” Tony said in disbelief, “No way a Digivice and a pack of Digi Cards cost only sixty bucks! Sounds pretty sus to me.”

James groans and covers his Guilmon face with his claws. “I have told you not to use that word around me. That is a boring game and saying everything is sus, is annoying.” James said. He then turns to Jennie. “May the best costume win.”

Jennie smirks and says, “Agreed.” Tony huffs still thinking he will win. The three friends go on stage one by one when they are called up. The contest lasts for a while, almost three hours with how many people entered but eventually, the winner is picked.

“And our winner is….James with his Guilmon costume!” The host for the contest said waving James back on stage. James walks up and waves at the crowd and smiles.

“Today is the best day of my life.” James said to himself before he hears a beeping coming from his belly pocket. He reaches in and pulls out the digivice as one of the judges walks towards him with a small trophy and an envelope.

Suddenly the Digivice lights up and speaks. “Digimodify: Displacement Active” And what looks like a portal made of computer code appears below James making him fall in as he reaches for help, only managing to grab the trophy as He falls in.

James’ POV

I groan as I start to wake up after a weird dream. I then noticed a few things, first, I felt grass instead of my bed, and second, was the constant noise of animals. I got up and looked around, seeing that I was surrounded by apple trees, like a lot of apple trees. “What on earth?” I try to get up but then something falls and hits my head. Closing my eyes from the pain and grabbing my head I notice something wrong.

I look down at myself and the suit I was wearing is now flesh. My eyes widen and I gulp as I poke myself seeing my new claws move in ways the suit couldn’t. “This isn’t possible, this isn’t possible.” I say over and over as I look my body over finding that I have somehow been turned into a real-life Guilmon. As I looked myself over I noticed the Digivice and cards laying next to a dented trophy.

“I bet this stupid thing fell on my head.” I said, grabbing the trophy and looking at it. “Man and just when I get this it gets dented.” then looked at the cards and Digivice, “At least those are still okay, but I wonder, how the hell did the cards not blow away or something.”

I start picking them up seeing they are not damaged at all. “Good, but I still need to find out what happened to me, and how to become human again.” I talked to myself and when I realized I did I slap my forehead which knocks me on my ass and I yelp in pain as I sat on my new tail. “Ok… First off, ow, I need to learn how to control this body. Secondly, I need to stop talking to myself, people will think I am nuts..then again...I think I have been turned into a Digimon.”

I then looked around, seeing a crazy-looking forest in one direction, and in the other was a barn, which was fortunate for me cause this means I wasn’t too far from civilization, I started to walk towards the barn.

I trip a few times not used to these new legs, but it isn't too long before I make it to where I can clearly see the barn. However, when I do, I see three people around it, a teenage-looking redheaded girl, a blond woman that could be in her 20’s, and lastly a big buff man with orange hair, that had to be the father. ‘Holy crap, I need to be careful I don't want to get attacked.’ I think to myself while hiding behind a tree.

“Get out of here you no good varmint!” I heard a voice said before being hit in the head by something, causing me to hold my head in pain and look at the voice, seeing an old lady wielding a cane, which means she was the one who hit me, “I said get!” she hit me in the head again,

“Ow!” I back up away from her and accidentally drop the cards and digivice. “Wait, please I can explain…..kinda.” I continue to back away from her until I bump into something large, solid, and warm behind me. I freeze and gulp, feeling my new weird ears fold downward.

I slowly turn my head to see the woman glaring at me, “What do we have here? A thieving dragon trying to steal our apples?” the woman said, just as the man walked up next to her.

I blink confused as I turn around. ‘dragon? What is she talking about?’ I shake my head and back away from them. “N-no I am not a thief, I am lost and need help.”

The woman gave me a look, then got in my face, “You lying? Cause if you are, I’d suggest you run.” she said, “So I’ll ask this again, are you lying?”

I blink confused and huff. “Look at me! Do I look like a normal human? The last thing I remember was winning a costume contest then poof I woke up in this orchard, changed into a Guilmon.” I tell her motioning to myself.

The man and the old lady gave me confused looks but the woman remained unfazed by my outburst, she sighed as she moved back, “Alright, I can tell you’re telling the truth.” she said, then she gave me a friendly smile, “Sorry about us threatening ya.”

I rub the side of my face and accidentally cut myself. “Honestly I probably would've done the same thing if a Digimon suddenly appeared in front of my family.” I then look over as the teenager is picking up the cards. I try to go over and pick up my Digivice first but the man stops me.

“And what are you doing now?” the man asked me, causing me to gulp nervously,

I point at the device on the ground. “That is very important to me, and I don't want it to break.”

They all looked confused while the girl still picked up the Digivice and held it out. “Here ya go mister dragon.” She said.

I am confused by the talk of dragons but take it and the cards. “Thank you. Where am I?” I ask the adults of the family.

“You’re in Sweet Apple Acres.” the woman said,

I tilt my head. ‘No way that can be the one I am thinking of.’ I think then ask. “I mean, what country am I in?”

They gave me confused looks, “You’re in Equestria. It should be pretty obvious.” the girl said, causing me to go wide-eyed.

'That's not possible, Equestria is fake and is supposed to be populated by ponies! But...then again, so are Digimon and here I am.’ I think in shock and look down at the ground.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” I hear the girl ask me,

I sigh and shake my head. “Y-yeah just a bit of a shock.” I look up at them. “Um...this may be a dumb question but is there anything big happening soon?”

“Well, the Summer Sun Celebration is coming up.” the woman said, “Speaking of which, we still need to get the food ready.”

I look at her. “Summer sun celebration? Never heard of it. Um, seeing as I have no idea where I am, can I help out at all?” I feel for any pockets to put the digivice and cards away but don't feel any.

“Here you go.” the woman said, handing me a bag, “You looked like you could use it, as for you helping out, sure! We can always use an extra pair of hands helping around here!”

I nod and put on the bag after putting the digivice and cards inside it. “Thank you miss, oh how rude of me, my name is James, and I am a Guilmon.”

“Well hello James, names Applejack, and this is my sister and brother, Applebloom and Big Mac.” Applejack said, pointing at the two apples, then smirked, “And I believe you already met Granny Smith.”

I rub the top of my head and huff. “Yeah, I suppose the old saying is right never anger an ol...more experienced woman.” I shake my head lightly and out of the corner of my eye, I see two people coming up the path.

"Whoa, another dragon!" A young man with light purple scally skin and green hair yelled, before running up to me. "Hey my name's Spike, I've never met another dragon before!"

I look wide-eyed for a moment before backing up a bit. “Oh, uh hello Spike, my name is James but I am not a dragon. I am a Digimon, more specifically I am a Guilmon.”

“What’s a Dee-gee-mon?” Spike asked me in confusion, while the girl went over to Applejack and the two started talking.

“It is short for digital monster. I am...from a faraway place and don't know how I got here.” I tell him and rub my arm. “Honestly if it wasn’t for Miss Applejack over there believing me, they would have chased me out of town.”

Spike Scoffs. "Typical, and what do you mean you don't know how you got here?"

I shake my head and am about to tell him what happened when I hear a loud ringing and look over to see Applejack ringing a triangle bell hard. “Soups on everyone!” she yells at the top of her lungs.

The ground shook as a stampede of people ran by me and SPike, causing us to move out of the way lest we want to end up getting run over. However, we were picked up by the crowd and taken to a table. While Applejack was introducing her family to another woman, this one with purple hair and a horn. Who I'm guessing is Twilight Sparkle, each member of the family that Applejack introduced put an apple-themed piece of food on the table practically force-feeding Twilight and Spike and Myself.

After Applebloom guilt-tripped Twilight into staying for lunch, the three of us ended up eating the majority of the pile of food and to my surprise, I ate even more than Twilight by a large amount. It could’ve been the fact that I am a Digimon now and have a much larger stomach now. But at the end of lunch, all three of us have large bellies and Twilight gets up to leave.

“Looks like we might have overdone it a bit.” Applebloom said, watching as Twilight and Spike left, then looked at me, “Sorry James.”

I wave a hand or claw in my case. “It's fine, honestly I'm surprised at how much I ate. I guess Digimon really do have bigger stomachs.” I said with a laugh then groaned as I held my belly. “Still, it would be a good idea to rest while I digest all this,”

“Good idea, I can take you to one of the spare rooms we have if you want?” Applebloom said,

“So long as it is alright with your family.” I said before covering my mouth to burp.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure they'll be alright with it.” Applebloom said, then she led me to the house and towards a room.

I look around at the rustic look and feel of the house then sit on the bed. “Thank you Miss Applebloom.” I say with a smile. I then set the bag down and look at the digivice when I hear it start to beep randomly.

“What the? What the heck is that thing and why is it beeping?” Applebloom asked me, looking at the Digivice.

“It is called a digivice, as for why it is beeping I am not sure.” I try to push some buttons on it but I am not used to having only three very sharp fingers yet.

“Here let me see.” Applebloom said, taking the Digivice and pressing a few buttons, “What the heck is it supposed to do anyway? Other than being annoying.”

I sigh and look at it as she fiddles with it. “It is supposed to link a Digimon with their partner. With that link, they can grow stronger through digivolution. This model however has an extra ability and that's to use these cards to boost the Digimon's fighting power.” I told her.

3rd POV

James suddenly sits upright his eyes shrinking and he starts to growl sniffing at the air scaring Applebloom. Before she could say anything he looks at the window and rushes over smashing through. Applebloom runs over and watches him run into a fog cloud that appeared out of nowhere.

Gathering her courage, Applebloom picked up the cards and Digivice, thinking that they might be important, and decided to get her goggles, before chasing after him. Once she reaches the fog she tries to enter, but can't until she puts on her goggles, and then she's able to pass through the fog easily. Once she reaches the other side of the fog she sees James fighting some sort of rock creature.

It stood a few feet tall. “Out of my way lizard breath, I want to wreck something!” The creature said to James.

“What the heck is that thing?” Applebloom asked no one, then heard beeping and looked at the Digivice, just as a picture of the rock creature with a name, “Gottsumon? An Ore Digimon, Rookie level-what the heck does any of this mean?”

“Rock Fist!” Gottsumon shouted, launching a rock from its head and towards James, making him dodge,

James growls like a wild animal and then a glow comes from his maw. “Pyro Sphere!” and he fires a red hot fireball from his mouth at Gottsumon. Then he follows it up by running at him pulling his right claw back and yells. “Rock Breaker!” And thrusts his claw at the other Digimon.

Gottsumon dodged the Pyro Shhere but was unable to dodge James' next attack, causing the Digimon to be sent flying and crashing into an apple tree, which thankfully in Apple Bloom's case, didn’t break. Gottsumon shook his head and glared at James. “You’re gonna pay for that, you overgrown iguana!” Gottsumon suddenly charged at James, shouting, “Crazy Crusher!” the Ore Digimon swung his arms wildly at James, landing multiple hits as he did.

“Oh ma gosh, James!” Applebloom yelled, unintentionally gaining the attention of Gottsumon. “Eeep!” Applebloom squeaked in fear when Gottsumon glared at her. “D-don't hurt ma friend!” She yelled trying to be brave.

“Oh? And what are you going to do about it huh?!” Gottsumon said, walking over to Applebloom,

James got up and ran at Gottsumon both his claws pulled back as they start to glow red hot. “Hazard Claws!” He then slashed at Gottsumon’s back leaving burning cuts deep into his back and jumped over him to land between Applebloom and Gottsumon. “Won't...hurt...friend.” James managed to say in his wild state.

“Ow! That hurt! Now you’re really gonna pay!” Gottsumon said, raising his fists and shouted, “Earth Shaker!” he then slammed his fists down, causing pillars of rock to shoot up, a few of them hitting James, causing him to be launched into the air.

James slams onto the ground and groans as he tries to get up. Applebloom looks between James and Gottsumon before she remembers what James said about the digivice and the cards. She fumbles with the cards dropping most before she gets one that looks like it might help.

Applebloom looks over the digivice finding that the cards slide through the sides so she does just that, but nothing happens. “What? B-but James said it could help!” she shakes the digivice trying to get it to work sliding the card multiple times. “Please work! James is getting hurt!” she yells at the digivice and then it starts to glow.

”Digimodify: Hyper Wings activate” A voice from the Digivice said then a beam of light shoots out of the screen and hits James giving him wings made of light.

James seeing the wings immediately flew into the air, much to Gottsumons anger, “Hey! No fair!” the Ore Digimon said angrily, sending multiple Rock Fists at the flying James, who easily dodges them before flying at Gottsumon,

“Pyro Sphere!” James shouted, sending the fireball at Gottsumon, landing a direct hit. James kept up the attack, sending multiple Pyro Spheres at Gottsumon, who barely managed to dodge a few of them, but nearly all of them hit him.

James flew high into the air before dive-bombing Gottsumon, firing multiple Pyro Spheres at him, all of them hitting before with a thunderous boom he slammed feet first onto him. Gottsumon becomes unstable. “N-no! I don't want to go ba-” Was all he could say before he exploded into data and the fog cloud started to fade away.

Applebloom stared in shock at what she saw, Gottsumon just exploded after James beat him! James pants as his eyes start to go back to normal before he falls forward passing out and the wings of light fade away.

Applebloom rushes over and looks at him seeing some bruises and cuts. “Oh no, this don’t look too good.” She looks around and gasps when she sees her siblings. “Applejack! Big Mac! Ah need help!”

Soon after she shouted, the two apple siblings ran out of the house, looking surprised at what they saw. “What in tarnation happened here?!” Applejack asked, “It looks like a battle took place!”

“I don’t know the whole story but this rock creature, I think it was called Gottaumon. Anyway, James started acting wild and ran through the window and into this fog cloud that was around here.” Applebloom starts to explain. “I followed him and saw him fighting the rock thing, and then after he won the rock thing exploded into dust!”

“What do you mean exploded into dust?” Big Mac asked in confusion,

“Nevermind that Big Mac, let's just get James inside and patch him up.” Applejack said as the three apples start to bring James inside.

Big Mac grunts as he lifts him up. “Fella is heavier than he looks.” He said as they headed into the living room and set him on the table and Applejack ran off to get the first aid kit.

“Do you think he’s going to be alright?” Applebloom asked,

“I think he will be fine, Bloom, now tell me what happened again.” Mac said as he crossed his arms.

“Well, me and James were just hanging out, when he suddenly just jumped out of the window and ran into some fog!” Applebloom said, “And when I followed him, I saw he was fighting a rock thing, and after he beat it, it exploded!”

Big Mac frowns and closes his eyes. “How exactly did it explode, Bloom?”

“I...I don’t know. James just kicked it then it just exploded.” Applebloom replied, still unsure at what she saw, then she remembered something, “Also, you know that device James had?” Applebloom asked, showing Big Mac the Digivice, “An image of the rock thing popped up, there was all this information on it, including its name or something.”

Big Mac leans down and looks at it then his eyes widen. “Holy Celestia.” He whispers. He stands up as Applejack comes in and starts bandaging James.

“So is he gonna be okay Applejack?” Applebloom asked her sister.

“I don't know much about dragons, but from what ah am seeing he will be fine. He only has a couple of bruises and some cuts.” Applejack said as she wraps some bandages around James' left arm.

Applebloom sighed in relief, “That’s a relief.” she said,

Big Mac looks out the window and sees the sun is starting to set. “Bloom, if ya want to be up for the sun rising, you should go ta bed.” She nods a bit looking worried at James. “Don’t ya worry none Bloom, we will watch over em.”

Applbloom nodded her head and went upstairs, but not before she looked at James one more time. With Applebloom upstairs, Applejack turned to her brother. “I’m gonna go talk to the family.” she said, then went outside.

Big Mac watched his sisters leave the room in different directions then looked down at James and sighs. “So, seems Applebloom is followin in ma footsteps.” He said to himself. James then starts to groan and fidget as he opens his eyes.

“Ugh, what happened?” James asked as he looked around,

“Ya got your butt whooped by another Digimon.” Big Mac said, then he lends over James. “And dragged ma sister into things.”

James went wide-eyed, “Another Digimon? Wait, how do you know about Digimon?” James asked Big Mac in confusion, “Did you meet one or something?”

“You can say I have.” He said reaching into his pocket and pulling out a tall rectangular device. A small mostly square screen at the top of the device with three buttons below it.

James stared at the Digivice in shock. “H-how did? But? EH!?”

“I got this back when Ah was just a youngin. Now mind tellin' me what ya were doing draggin ma sister into a fight?” Big Mac said, and he did not look happy.

James gulped in fear and quickly said, “I-I didn’t drag her into anything! I swear!” James said,

“She saw you fightin a Gottsumon, not only that but she used yer Digivice.” Mac said, starting to calm down.

“Wait what? She did?” James asked,

Mac nods then said. “Yeah she said she used it to help you, then you made the Gottsumon explode.”

“I...I see.” James said, “Guess this means she’s my partner or Tamer.”

“Tamer? Never heard of that term being used between a Digimon and a human.” Mac said.

“Neither have I, my friend.” A voice comes from the digivice in Mac’s hand.

“Was that your partner?” I asked,

Mac nods. “Yeah, he stays out of sight in the digivice.” He holds it up to show James the live video of a blue anthro wolf named Gaomon.

“Oh uh hi? Look Big Mac, I am sorry she got involved I...I just felt a Digimon nearby and couldn’t stop myself from going after it.” James looks down ashamed.

He then felt a hand on his shoulder, making him look up, “Hey, it’s alright, Gaomon told me how some Digimon lose themselves at times, just make sure you get a hold of yourself whenever another Digimon is around. Especially when Bloom is around. Alright?” Big Mac said,

James nods and smiles softly. “So what happens now?” He asked.

“Well, the Summer Sun Celebration is soon, so maybe get some sleep so you can watch it.” Big Mac said,

James nods and sighs as he gets off the table and walks up to the bedroom Applebloom showed him a while ago and falls onto the bed and gets some rest. “I wish Jennie was here.” he whispers to himself. As he falls asleep he doesn't notice a black mist calling from the sky and filling the town before fading away.

James’ POV

I smile at Jennie as we walk through a carnival. “This was an amazing date James.” Jennie said smiling back at me.

“I agree Jennie.” I replied,

She leans down and kisses me right on the lips and I feel my tail wag. “You know, it is getting late so maybe we should go home.” Jennie said.

But I reach behind me and pull out a small box and kneel before opening the box. “Jennie, will you marr...huh?” in the box is a Digivice that is glowing slightly.

“What’s that James?” Jennie asked me, looking at the Digivice, “Is that a Digivice?”

“Yeah...but why is it here?” I picked it up and felt a warmth coming from it.

“Who knows?” Jennie said, trying to grab it, only for it to glow brightly, as if it was a barrier that kept her from grabbing it.

I get more confused when that happens. “Strange, I feel like this is important.” I say and feel the digivice lightly pull me deeper into the carnival.

“Hey! Where are you going? Come on James, let’s go on one of the rides!” Jennie said, trying to get my attention.

“Just a minute babe. I think this is a real Digivice. Maybe I am a...Digi...destined?” I say but start to realize I am a Digimon and get even more confused.

“Or maybe it’s just a cool prop that glows and stuff. Come on, don’t you want to spend time with your girlfriend?” Jennie asked me,

I look back at Jennie and open my mouth but something doesn’t feel right. Then I remember the contest, the portal, and ending up in a human Equestria. I take a step back. “You aren’t Jennie. Who are you!?”

Jennie had a confused look on her face as she took a few steps towards me, “What are you talking about James? I’m Jennie, your girlfriend.”

“Jennie is back on Earth, not Equestria! And she wouldn’t be acting normal if I was a Digimon.” I growl at this fake and feel the digivice pull on me again so I follow it, running as fast as I can.

“James wait!” I heard ‘Jennie’ shout behind me, no doubt trying to stop me.

I run ahead and follow the digivice as it guides me into a funhouse. I slow down as I make my way through before in one of the mirrors, I see someone else's reflection. I don't know this person, but I can tell that they aren't in the funhouse or even at the carnival because their surroundings are at a school of some kind.

I go deeper into the Funhouse and each mirror I find after that seems to hold a different individual until I come across one that has Applebloom in it. I look at it and see she has her cutie mark and is showing it off. My digivice pulls again and I pass through the mirror and land in the Apple family’s front yard.

“Huh? Who are you?” Apple Bloom asked me, looking at me in confusion.

I look around and see the Apple family coming closer. “Applebloom, I am James, we met today. Try to remember, something is going on.” I show her my digivice and it glows brighter.

Applebloom looks at me in confusion, then that look of confusion changed to a thoughtful one as she looked at me, “I…..I think I...do know who you are...James, you fought that rock thing, and won.” she said, causing me to smile when a look of realization appeared on her face, “James! Oh, sweet Celestia what’s going on!?”

I see Applejack and Big Mac start charging at us, so I grab Applebloom and jump out of the way and start running. “I don't know, all I know is things aren’t what they appear to be.”

“But how is this possible?!” Applebloom asked as we ran from Big Mac and Applejack. “It felt so real!”

“I know, I felt the same thing before the digivice woke me up.” I said handing her the digivice and I see it is glowing even brighter now.

“Whoa! That thing is glowing even brighter now. Why?” Applebloom asked me, “Does it mean something?”

I end up running into a dead-in and turn around. “I don't know, but stay behind me.” I set her down and get ready for a fight as the sky turns black and Applejack and Big mac show up but their eyes are black and they are scowling.

"There's nowhere ya can run sugar cubes." 'Applejack' said, her glare deepening. "You can't stop what's coming."

I frown and ask. “And what exactly is coming?” I try to think back to everything I know about Digimon and my little pony, trying to think of who can do something like this, coming up with only a few answers.

The two Apple siblings smirk darkly, the black clouds above them separating to reveal a dark figure laughing evilly on the moon. As bats fly around it forming a tall slender being with wings and pure red eyes before a bright light flashed from behind me as the bats swarm around me and Applebloom and forms a protective barrier

My eyes widen in realization and I look to Applebloom. “This is a dream! We need to wake up, together!” I turn to face them and charge at them, as I do the digivice flashes and everything fades away.