• Published 14th Nov 2020
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Two Nymphs, One Pony - CitreneSkys

While running errands, Fluttershy finds two abandoned nymphs deep within the Everfree Forest. She quickly decides to take them under her wing.

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The warm sunlight filtered in through the window, casting its rays onto a sleeping pegasus. With a yawn, Fluttershy slowly opened her eyes, shaking out her mane.

Rising from her rest, she looked around. Her feathered wings lifted her off the bed, landing her hooves on the hard wooden floor.

She perked her ears as the sound of birds chirping caught her attention. With a soft smile, she turned towards her window.

“Why, hello, my friends!” She returned their cheerful chirps. Unlatching the windowpane, her yellow hoof pushed against the glass, letting the crisp morning air brush against her face.

A small pale robin landed on her hooves, singing. “What a lovely song, Rin,” she cooed, lifting the bird back onto her perch. “Breakfast will be ready in a second!”

Turning back towards her room, she made her way to the bathroom. Washing her face with a dampened towel, Fluttershy reaches for her comb. Her hair was an absolute mess, but with a little brushing, she managed to tame it for now.

A soft thump against the floor drew her attention. Sighing, she turned towards a white bunny who sat impatiently on her floor.

“Yes, Angel?”

He thumped a foot against the floor, pointing to his stomach.

“I’ll get you breakfast in a minute, let me finish up first.”

More thumping.


Sighing, she grabbed the little rabbit by the scruff, lifting him onto her back. “Alright, I’ll get you a carrot.”

She smiled as Angel let out a squee of delight. Trotting down the stairs, the pegasus mare looked around her living room. Opening her fridge, she gave her dear rabbit a large carrot. He munched at it, grinding his teeth against the vegetable.

She took a bag of seeds, a large bowl of honey, and sardines out as well. Placing Angel onto the ground, Fluttershy quickly flew out her door. Looking around, the yellow feathered pegasus hovered just above the ground, floating herself up towards the birds.

On the wooden perch, she tore open the bag of seeds, dumping them onto the platform. Instantly, a flock of robins and pigeons swarmed the perch, pecking eagerly at the seeds.

Fluttershy giggled, watching them lovingly. “Eat up well!”

Now, with only a bowl of honey and a net full of sardines, she made her way towards the rest of her animal friends. Harry...the ferrets...was she missing anyone?

Hm...who else is on the feeding schedule today? she wondered, pushing open the door. On her wall was a little to-do list she had written for herself the night before.

Her teal eyes skimmed the paper, humming. “Looks like I’ve fed everyone I needed to today. Let’s see...oh!”

Fluttershy facehoofed as she read what was next. “I completely forgot. Elizabeak wanted those glowing mushrooms to decorate her nest...”

She turned towards her couch, grabbing her saddlebags from one of her cushions. “Angel, you want to come with me?”

The bunny stopped his chewing, looking back at her with his dark eyes. He briskly shook his head, and the mare sighed. “Alright, but if something happens go find Twilight, ok?”

She opened her front door, stepping out of her cozy cottage. The Everfree Forest wasn’t all that scary anymore since her encounter with the Cockatrice.

Hopefully, Zecora wouldn’t mind a visit.

“Zecora!” Fluttershy called, tapping her hoof against the wooden door.

A muffled voice came from within. “Fluttershy? Why so early?” The zebra chuckled as she opened the door. “I do hope you aren’t in a hurry.”

“Not at all.” The pegasus mare smiled, stepping into the tree hut. The smell of bark and herbs instantly filled her nose as she looked around. “I’m just here to run errands.”

“Ah, I see,” Zecora returned the smile. She stood next to her brewing pot, which was steaming with the smell of chamomile. “Would you like to have a chat and tea?”

“Tea sounds wonderful.”

Fluttershy sat on a woven cushion, setting her bag onto the floor. A wooden cup was handed to her as she waited. “Zecora, I do want to ask. Do you happen to know where these mushrooms are?”

She pulled a book out of the brown saddlebag, flipping the pages and stopping at the bookmark she had placed.

Zecora looked at it as she poured the green tea into her cup. “Iridescent Fungus, it seems. I do have those on hoof, let’s see...”

Fluttershy took a sip as she watched the zebra search through her cabinets. Mere seconds later, she saw small shining blue mushrooms being wrapped in a bundle.

“You don’t need these right now, do you?” the pegasus mare asked nervously. “I can always go look for it on my own...”

Zecora chuckled, placing the bundle down onto the wooden table. “Nonsense, Fluttershy, I insist! If you need more I can assist.”

“Well...I guess if you are ok with it.”

She paced the book back into her bag, sighing. “Thank you, Zecora. Elizabeak has been asking me for these ever since she got unfrozen by the Cockatrice.”

“The same trip the young ones took, I presume?”

Fluttershy nodded, looking away. Then her stomach let out a low growl, and the pegasus mare felt the blood rush to her cheek. “Um...if it’s okay, can I stay for breakfast as well? I didn’t get to eat anything this morning...”

Zecora chuckled as she prepared a morning snack for the two of them.

The yellow pegasus waved goodbye as Zecora closed the door. With the glowing blue mushrooms safely tucked away in her saddlebags, she trotted back down the path she came from.

It was a lovely sight, all things considered. Tall trees that seem to almost touch the sky, the dusty path lined with bright blue flowers (which she had learned to never touch again), and the smell of pine filling the air. Warm sunlight filtered through the trees in dappled lighting, and Fluttershy felt at ease in the normally dark Everfree.

A rustling in the bushes caught her attention, and the pegasus was back to her easily frightened self. Yelping, she looked around, backing herself up.

A small, black pony-like figure stumbled out of the bushes. It was nothing like Fluttershy had ever seen before. The general stature of the thing was similar to that of a young colt or filly, but instead of a mane, it had a crest that stood on end.

It had visible fangs and translucent, bug-like wings that buzzed as they vibrated. This had Fluttershy curious, crouching as she stepped towards the small creature.

Her hoofsteps must’ve alerted it because it turned to stare straight at her. Fluttershy stopped, her heart beating. She had no idea whether this creature was friendly or not, but she was determined to try and greet it.


It didn’t stay around for very long. Its compound eyes were filled with fear as it dived into the bushes, making clicking noises along the way. Fluttershy was confused, and, suddenly, she felt a wave of concern fill her being.

Almost unconsciously, she began to follow after the creature, calling out for it. “Um...little one? Please come out!”

She stopped and tilted her head when she heard a snapping twig. Keeping her head low, she quietly trotted towards where she heard it. The trees were denser and the branches were lower than before, so Fluttershy had to push against it to get through.

When she got through, she was met with a large, winged spider standing over the creature she had seen. The winged mare initially froze with fear, as the large creature snarled and screeched at her.

She shook her head, reigning in her fear, and tried to put on a braver face. “Um...hi?”

The black and purple spider seemed taken aback, then growled. At least it didn’t attack her, so she assumed it was okay to proceed. She took note that it seemed like the spider was protecting the creature she had just encountered, rather than defending a prey item from her.

Her wings fluttered nervously. “M-my name is Fluttershy...I promise not to hurt you...or your friend.”

She kept a soft smile. The spider gave a low grunt, looking back at the little black bug-pony.

The smaller one’s fear seemed to dwindle as it realized that she wasn’t any harm. “...You can drop the disguise for now...”

The spider growled, dissipating into green flames. What was left was a creature that was similar to the first one, only lighter, and with different colors.

The black one approached the winged mare, still a bit wary. “H-hi, Miss Fluttershy...my name is Thorax....”

“Thorax...” Fluttershy mused. She looked him up and down. “What are you doing out here, little one? Do you live here?”

Thorax shifted in place, wincing. “No...just looking for shelter right now...”

Fluttershy frowned with concern. “Do you have parents?”

He tilted his head as if he didn’t know what the word meant.

She glanced at both of the creatures. She didn’t know what either of them was, but they looked thin and cold.

“Why don’t I bring you back to my cottage?” she asked, her eyes shining. “You can warm up there, and I’ll see if I can cook up anything for you.”

Thorax seemed to brighten at the gesture, looking back at the other one. The taller one of the two frowned, still not trusting the yellow pegasus.

Thorax prodded at the colorful one’s shoulder, an almost begging look in his cyan eyes. Violet eyes glared back, but he sighed and nodded.

Fluttershy smiled warmly, placing a comforting hoof on Thorax’s head. “Come on, my cottage is just this way.”

The small one chirped excitedly, instantly following the pegasus mare. His friend huffed, slowly trudging after them.

With a warm wing, she guided them back to her home.

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August 8, 2021

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