• Published 14th Nov 2020
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Two Nymphs, One Pony - CitreneSkys

While running errands, Fluttershy finds two abandoned nymphs deep within the Everfree Forest. She quickly decides to take them under her wing.

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The Seeds Planted

“Wake up, my changelings!” Fluttershy cooed, the door creaking as she opened it. Pharynx had already gotten up, and was pacing around the floor.

Thorax, however, mumbled a “go away” and went back to sleep. The winged mare chuckled.

“C’mon, you bedbug, time for breakfast!”

Thorax peeled back his lids, cyan eyes tiredly looking at her. Groggily, he pushed himself to his hooves, shaking his head. He yawned, and Fluttershy had to physically stop herself from wincing.

“O...kay...’m up,” Thorax mumbled, sliding off her bed. She rolled her eyes, nuzzling against his head. With a warm wing, she gently guided him down the stairs. Pharynx followed after her, still keeping his distance.

Trotting down the stairs, Thorax buzzed his wings in spurts. Fluttershy smiled down at the small changeling.

Her entire living room smelt of lemon and fish, which reminded her to check on the oven. “Wait for me on the couch, alright?” She watched as both changelings fluttered over to her couch, Pharynx still keeping his head down. Thorax seems to relish that he could sleep a few more minutes, closing his eyes.

Checking her oven, the sardines seemed to crisp up after only a few minutes. Turning off her oven, she grabbed the tray with metal tongs. Despite being a pony, she thought they smelled pretty appetizing.

“Um, I did put some lemon juice on the fish, I hope you are ok with that.”

Thorax raised his head, watching her as she placed the still steaming fish onto a small wooden table. The changeling smiled, his tongue sticking out.

With the same eagerness as the day before, the cyan changeling snapped up the sardine. His forked tongue licked his lips, giving the yellow pegasus a toothy grin.

“Thanks, Fluttershy!”

She giggled. “No need to thank me!” Teal eyes turned to look at the crimson changeling, her expression still soft. “Pharynx, you have to eat, too.”

The colorful changeling scrunched his snout. Violet eyes were narrowed down at the sardine offered to him, but he took it anyway, gulping it down much more gracefully than his friend.

Fluttershy sighed, letting the two of them eat. Trotting up to her door, she took a look at her to-do list.

“I have to be at Rarity’s by three...” she noted, looking at her clock. There was plenty of time before that needed to happen. Then her eyes landed on a pair of potted flowers still in their containers.

”Oh! Right, I was going to plant those”, Fluttershy remembered. She had been supposed to do that yesterday, but with the arrival of the two changelings, she had gotten completely sidetracked.

Grabbing the budding gardenias, she pushed open her door. Crisp morning air brushed through her mane, and she couldn’t help but sigh. With the birds chirping and the whistling wind, she felt at peace.

”Hm...where should I plant these?” she wondered, trying to find the right place. Somewhere sunny, but shaded. Flapping her wings, she found a tall, young tree housing many of her bird friends.

Grabbing a nearby shovel, she began to dig the soil out. Once the shallow ditch was made, she carefully took the white flowers out of the pots, placing them into the hole.

“What are you doing?” She jumped as she heard a voice behind her. Thorax had followed the winged mare out her door, silently watching her.

“Oh, I’m just doing some gardening!” She smiled, patting the soil down and compressing it. “I saw these beautiful gardenias on the market a few days ago, and I haven’t been able to plant them until now.”

Thorax chirped as he sat next to the winged mare. Almost instinctively, she laid a warm wing across the little changeling’s back.

“What is Pharynx doing right now?” Fluttershy asked, her teal eyes gazing towards Thorax.

“Um...Pharynx is just sitting on the couch...I kinda wish he trusted you more...”

“Oh?” Fluttershy continued to tend to her flowers but focused more on the changeling.

Thorax sighed. “Pharynx...is really protective of me...so he’s only letting me around you as a food source...”

Thorax squeaked when he realized what he said. “I-I mean...okay I’ve been feeding off some of your emotions...I hope you don’t mind...”

Fluttershy was surprised as Thorax looked guilty. “Oh, I don’t mind at all! I was wondering how feeding off of emotions would work, but if you can do it then that’s fine.”

Thorax stayed silent, watching the flowers. The fair breeze rustled the closed petals and leaves, and Fluttershy’s mane swayed in the wind. She could practically feel the uncomfortable energy that poured off of the little changeling.

“It’s good that your friend is protective,” she said, rubbing a hoof along his head. “My friend Rainbow Dash was like that when we were younger; she still kinda is! She’s like a sister to me.”

“Heh...Pharynx is my older brother, actually...”

“Really?” Fluttershy wasn’t all that surprised; they did seem pretty close. She had only referred to them as friends to not jump to conclusions.

“Mhm, Pharynx protected me from the other nymphs in the hive...because I couldn’t defend myself...”

Fluttershy’s wing tightened around the changeling. He was shaking slightly, and she didn’t want to make him any more uncomfortable than he already was.

Trying to redirect his attention, she slowly got up. “How about you help me water my flowers, okay?”

She smiled as the small changeling brightened. “Okay!”

He eagerly helped her fill up her watering can, bouncing as they made their way back to the gardenias. Tilting the head, he poured the water onto the pair of white flowers, little beads of water forming onto the closed petals as he showered them.

“Okay, I think that’s enough.” Fluttershy giggled, and Thorax grinned at her. “Let’s get back to the cottage; you got a little wet.”

Shaking out his wings, Thorax followed after the pegasus mare, smiling all the way.

Author's Note:

Small little chapter

Thorax and Fluttershy had a fun time gardening, huh?

October 14, 2021