• Published 6th Sep 2020
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Teenage Equestria Ninja Girls - MlpTmntDisneyKauane

The ninja turtles had a lot of fighting, action and adventure in Equestria, now it's the girls' turn to have it in New York.

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Cleaning up the lair

Back in the turtle lair, in Donnie's lab that was now destroyed and messing up, the Kraang portal device that was now just the portal of Equestria opens, the turtles that get up on two legs again comes out of it, and then the Mane 6 and Spike who were now humans came out, and Spike was now a puppy dog.

The human girls were almost equal to the humans in the world of Sunset Shimmer, only they did not have colored skin as in that world, in this one they have the skin of a common human.

"AWEEEEEE! We are human again!" Pinkie cheered while looking at her long human legs.

"Oh, it will be great to put those beautiful enamels on those human nails again" said Rarity while looking at her fingers.

"Ah yeah! Those legs are really good!" Rainbow cheered while running fast with her human legs, until stopping at Applejack. "Hey Aj, do you wana run a race with those legs!?" Rainbow asked challengingly.

"You're on!" Applejack accepted the challenge, got up on two legs and she and Rainbow ran.

After Pinkie gets up and suddenly does a star somersault "Wow, I've never done that before! Hey Fluttershy, get up and try to do this somersault that I did. WEEEEEEE!" Pinkie cheered and leaves with another star somersault.

Fluttershy still stay sits on the floor while looking at her human legs and smiling shyly. "...Yay" she whispers moving one of her legs.

Twilight has a little trouble getting up on two legs, because she hasn't walked on two legs in a long time.

"Need help?" Leo asked, extending his hand to Twilight.

"Thank you Leo." Twilight thanked him, holding Leo's hand that helped her up.

And Spike that now it was a puppy scratching its ears with its hind legs like a dog. "Uuuhh, oh man, it's great to scratch my ears with those paws." Said Spike and stop scratching for a walk in the lab. "Oh boy, this place is a disaster." Spike added.

And Rarity, who hadn't seen how the laboratory was, cause she was busy looking at her beautiful nails, she stops looking at her nails, looks around and is completely shocked by what to see. "*Gasp* Holly Sweet Celestia!!! This place is a catastrophe!" Rarity said shocked.

"Yeah, this is more messy than my party cave." Said Pinkie.

"Well that's why we have to fix it up soon, so get your brooms and start cleaning." Raph said as he took out his broom.

"Hey, where's Rainbow and Applejack?" Mikey asked.

"I hope they haven't escaped cleaning." Donnie said, until everyone heard a noise outside the lab.

"I guess I already know where they are." Leo said dryly frowning.

the group leaves the laboratory and saw Rainbow and Applejack lying on the floor in the TV room, one on top of the other.

"Seriously you two?" Twilight said dryly frowning.

"Hey don't look at me, Rainbow started to run and challenge me." Said Applejack.

"Well, at least I proved once again that I am the best in the two-legged race." Rainbow boasted arrogantly while Aj frowned.

And because of that noise, Master Splinter comes out of his lair looking uncomfortable "What's going on here?" He asked, until then he looked around and saw the turtles that were with the girls. "Girls?" He asked.

"Master Splinter?" Twilight asked.

"Splinter!" Said Fluttershy happily and embraced the master mouse who returned the hug.

With that hug, Splinter gave a little smile. "It's nice to see you girls again." He said.

"It's nice to see you too, sensei." Twilight said.

"Are you okay? The turtles told us what happened to you." Fluttershy asked.

"I'm fine, my dear Fluttershy, you needn't worry." Splinter answered.

"It's really great to see you guys back." Said Applejack.

"Wait, and where's April and Casey?" Rainbow asked.

"April is on the streets helping poor humans." Donnie explained.

"Yeah, she's donating soup to them." Mikey said as he licked his lips thinking about soup.

"Oh, that looks really good." Said Fluttershy wanting to participate in that too.

"What about Casey?" Applejack asked.

"He's also on the streets, but he's out there preventing crimes." Raph.

"Yeah, and you girls don't will believe what happened now, today Casey found the Purple Dragons and he did nothing but just stop them from stealing the money." Mikey explained giggling.

And then Applejack and Rainbow were silent with a surprised look. "Wait. So, he didn't beat the Purple Dragons?" Rainbow asked.

Mikey nodded, Rainbow and Applejack remained silent. But then the two laugh out loud, and Spike who listened to the whole conversation also started to laugh.

"*Laughing* It's seriously ?" Rainbow asked still laughing.

"*Laughing* Man, this Casey Jones has no way at all!" Said Applejack still laughing.

"*Laughing* This is hilarious!" Spike said laughing too.

"*Giggles* We laughed about it too." Mikey said.

"Okay so let's stop laughing and clean this place I want to watch TV soon." Raph said.

"Okay, come on girls, we came here to help the boys." Twilight said.

"But wouldn't we be spending time with them?" Pinkie asked.

"Yes, but now we need to help them, they have helped us many times, and now it's time to return the favor. So get your brooms and let's clean up." Twilight ordered.

"Alright then!" Pinkie said and immediately got a broom and a bucket of water and soap. "This is gonna be fun!" Pinkie cheered.

"Fun? Are you kidding!? Cleaning is just the most boring thing there is, how can this be fun?" Mikey asked bored.

"Oh don't worry, I know how to make this fun." Said Pinkie smirking to Mikey.

And then, the group started cleaning the lair. Twilight, Leo and Raph were sweeping the floor and Spike helped them by putting all the dirt and dust on the shovel, Rainbow and Applejack collected the garbage bag and the two were competing for whoever carries the most garbage bag, Fluttershy cleaned some furniture with a cloth wet, Pinkie and Mikey mopped the floor with soap and water, but they made it more fun by skating, and Rarity was helping Donnie fix up his lab.

"Oh, what a mess, and my experiments, it's all destroyed." Donnie said devastatedly.

"Oh, don't worry, darling, I'm sure that not everything was broken, we just have to clean all this. Fortunately, your friend Rarity knows exactly what to do when the subject is about cleaning." Said Rarity.

"Really? Even without magic and levitation? Because to tell you the truth, I would like to have it now to fix it all faster." Donnie said.

"Look, I may be a unicorn from another world, but I always know how to fix a mess even without magic, see and learn darling." Said Rarity.

Rarity picks up a broom and quickly cleans the floor as if she were a dancer, Donnie was looking shocked at how Rarity managed to do this, Rarity gathers a pile of dirt and dust when she finishes sweeping.

"And voilá, the first part is already done, cleaning the floor, now just remove the big dirt, and find and clean the furniture that hasn't been broken." Rarity explained.

"Wow Rarity, that was amazing! And you were left with no dirt." Donnie said in surprise.

"Hey, a lady can clean up a mess, but she always plays clean." Said Rarity touching her beautiful hair.

Meanwhile in Twilight, Leo, Raph and Spike, Leo finishes cleaning a part and Spike catches the dirt with the spade, but then Mikey skats in the way and drops the dirt that was on the spade.

"Mikey! We haven't finished sweeping here yet!" Leo cursed.

Mikey who was skating with soap loofahs on his foot stops. "Sorry dudes, Pinkie and I are trained in soap skating tricks, and Pinkie Pie is the best at it." Mikey said.

Pinkie who was also skating with soap loofahs stops next to Mikey. "Yep, it's true, hey Mikey, do you want to learn how to pirouette in the sound?" Pinkie asked.

"For sure!" Mikey replied and he and Pinkie go back to skating happily.

"Ugh, although they are very annoying, they know how to have fun even working. I wish we were having as much fun as they are." Raph said boring to continue sweeping.

"Well, sweeping can be fun too." Twilight said.

"Oh yeah? And how?" Raph asked still bored.

"Well, how about that?" Said Twilight and started to sweep as she say: "Sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep." Twilight stops, rotates the broom and and sweep again as she say again: "Sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep."

The others watched Twilight, until Fluttershy came up and asked: "Hey guys, I just finished cleaning the furniture, can I go out there and help April with the soup?"

"Of course Fluttershy, go ahead." Leo allowed it.

"Oh thank you so much, it will be so good to help those poor hungry humans." Said Fluttershy and immediately left the lair.

Meanwhile at Rainbow Dash and Applejack, the two were arguing over who was carrying the most trash bags.

"I bet I carry more trash bins than you do." Rainbow challenged.

"Oh yeah, so do it." Applejack challenged.

"Well then." Rainbow accepted.

So Rainbow carries five bags of garbage at once.

"Only five? Huh, I can carry six, watch this." Said Applejack and carried six bags of garbage at once without any effort.

Rainbow is shocked by this. "Hey, it's not fair!" Rainbow complained.

"You lost, Rainbow Loser." Applejack scoffed.

"Oh yeah? So carry this!" Rainbow threw trash bags she was carrying for Applejack.

But Applejack couldn't carry more than that and as soon as Rainbow threw, Applejack fell with all the bags of trash on top of her. Rainbow Dash laughs at that and Applejack comes out with a banana peel on her head.

"Hey, that's not fair! You cheated!" Applejack cursed and stood up while taking the banana peel off his head.

"I cheated!?" Rainbow asked angrily.

"Of course you cheated, you threw those bags!" Applejack cursed.

"Well, if you hadn't done that challenge, it wouldn't have happened so it's your fault." Rainbow cursed.

"Me!? You started this challenge! And besides, it's not my fault if you don't know how to lose!" Applejack cursed.

"That's because I'm not a loser like you!!" Rainbow cursed.

The two looked at each other growling as lightning came out of their eyes, but the fight stops as soon as the two are paralyzed by Master Splinter who used that trick of the fingers.

"I hope you two are done with this fight." Splinter said firmly.

"A-ah, o-o-o-ok-k-kay! W-we-we a-already-y f-f-finish-sh-shed!" Rainbow stammered that she was still paralyzed.

Master Splinter takes his fingers off Rainbow and Applejack's necks while the two run their hands over their necks.

"We already talked about it, girls, you two are very competing with each other. You Rainbow Dash, your arrogance and bad taste joke distracts you a lot and is making you very competitive with your friends, and this is keeping you away from them. And you Applejack, you are allowing Rainbow Dash's jokes deconcentrating you from the important things that are around you." Splinter explained, and Applejack and Rainbow feel bad about it. "You two must learn to be more united and not competitive, for you know, this competition between you two can end up separating you and breaking your friendship."

Applejack and Rainbow feel even worse about it.

"Okay sensei, I understand." Said Applejack.

"I'll try what I can." Rainbow said.

"I hope so." Splinter said.

"Look, I know we still have some things to clean up, but can we go outside and help Casey with his patrol?" Applejack asked.

"Yeah, Flutteshy cleaned up some things and went outside to help April, can we go too?" Rainbow asked.

Splinter thought as he stroked his little mouse beard. "Hmmm. Okay, you can go Applejack, but you can't Rainbow Dash."

"What? Why!?" Rainbow asked shocked.

"Although Applejack also participated in your competition, you were responsible for this and for that reason you will clean up this mess yourself." Splinter explained.

"What!? Are you punishing me!?" Rainbow asked shocked,

"Exactly." Splinter joked giving a little smirk.

"Aaaawwww!" Rainbow complained.

"*Giggles* My bad, Rainbow, see you later." Said Applejack and left the lair.

And Rainbow returns to take out the trash bags while talking to herself. "Man, I know I like Master Splinter, that he is a wise guy and that sometimes he is nice, but there are times when he gets to be very boring, and I am not arrogant, I am just..." But Rainbow stop talking as soon as you hear someone say 'sweep'.

Rainbow looks and sees Twilight and Leo sweeping while saying 'sweep', and what left her surprised and confused is that she saw Raph doing the same thing as the two of them, he sweep and said 'sweep' just like Twilight. But Raph stopped as soon as he saw someone watching him do it, which was Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow still stands looking at Raph confused, Raph ashamed of it hides the broom behind his back. "Look here, you didn't see anything, ok!?" Raph cursed while he was still embarrassed that Rainbow saw this.