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Teenage Equestria Ninja Girls - MlpTmntDisneyKauane

The ninja turtles had a lot of fighting, action and adventure in Equestria, now it's the girls' turn to have it in New York.

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How did they meet (Part 1)

The next day, New York was already morning, people went about their normal lives as usual in the city while underground, in the turtles' lair, everyone was sleeping in the room, the turtles and even their human friends and the Mane 6 .

Pinkie was sleeping on top of Mikey's shell while Mikey was sleeping on the floor, they were both snoring and drooling, Rarity was sleeping sitting on the couch with Spike sleeping on her lap, Fluttershy was sleeping normally and comfortably on the couch, Applejack was also sleeping well on the couch with her her hat covering her face, Casey was sleeping on the pillow snoring, Donnie was also sleeping sitting on the couch, little did he know that April was sleeping against his chest, same goes for Raph and Rainbow, who were sleeping next to each other, snoring and drooling just like Pinkie and Mikey.

And then, Leo who was also sleeping sitting on the couch wakes up, as soon as he wakes up, he stretches his arms and yawns, and before he gets up from the couch, he feels something touching his shoulder, he turns around and it was Twilight who was sleeping on his side, Leo smiled to see his best friend sleeping so peacefully.

But then Twilight wakes up too, as soon as she wakes up, she looks at where she was sleeping, and is surprised to see that she was sleeping next to Leo.

She quickly lifts her head blushing and said. "Oh my god! I can't believe I did that!"

Leo chuckled and says. "Relax, that happens to all of us." Leo gets up from the couch and calls everyone. "Alright guys, get up, it's time to wake up!"

"No wait, just 5 more minutes." Mikey talks in his sleep.

"Yeah mommy, there's no school today." Pinkie talks in her sleep.

"No, but we have train today, so get up now." Twilight ordered.

Donnie was already awake as he stretched out his arms and yawned, but then he looks at April who was sleeping on him, Donnie blushes at this and even smiles knowing that the girl he loves so much was sleeping leaning against him, but April was already waking up, Donnie is shocked by this pulling his arms away from her before she sees it.

April gets up, sewing her eyes shut, she looks at Donnie who was sitting on the sofa smiling and blushing. "H-hey, good morning April. Did you sleep with me-Ah i-i mean, did you sleep well!? Yeah, did you sleep well!?" he asked nervously.

"Uum, yes, apparently yes, why the question?" April asked.

"Oh nothing, nothing at all." Donnie smiled shyly.

And then Rainbow and Raph both woke up too, they yawn but stop when they hear each other yawning and not whoever was yawning next to each other, they both turn and look at each other as soon as they serve, both quickly get up screaming.

"What's that!? I can't believe you slept on my side!" Rainbow cursed Raph.

"Me!? I can't believe YOU slept on my side!" Raph cursed Rainbow.

"Right right, no stress." Rainbow calmed down. "What matters is that we've already got up and no one has seen this moment.

"Hehe, too late, it's already been seen." Someone said, Rainbow and Raph turned around and saw that it was Casey, who was already awake and took a picture with his cell phone of the two of them sleeping. "And it will be kept forever." he scoffed.

"Oh I don't think so." Raph said, with an angry look on his face, and he and Rainbow ran to get Casey.

Casey ran screaming with the hot headed duo behind him.

"Come back here!" Raph called.

"No!" Casey denied.

"Delete this photo now!" Rainbow ordered.

"Never!" Casey denied.

Meanwhile, the others like Flutteshy, Applejack and Rarity had already woken up, Rarity saw Spike who was still sleeping on her lap, and she tried to wake him up calmly. "Hey Spike? Spike, Spikey Wikey, wakey wakey, come on darling it's time to wake up."

Spike opens his eyes a little and yawns as he stretches his legs and paws.

"Did you sleep well, Spike Wikey?" Spike is surprised to hear someone asking, he looks over and sees it was Rarity looking at him with a smile on her face.

Spike looked surprised and blushed, but he forced her smile. "U-uum y-y-yes, yes I slept, yes, hehehe."

And then Mikey and Pinkie stand up, stretch their arms and yawn.

"Gee, we sleep here all night and not in the apartment," Pinkie said.

"Yeah but let's face it, last night was pretty exhausting," said Applejack. "Those Footbots finished us off."

"Yeah, my arms are still sore from yesterday." Rarity said as she fidgeted with her arms. "And my nails are a wreck!" She makes drama as Applejack rolls her eyes and frowns.

Then Twilight who had gone to the dojo comes back and tells the others. "Guys, Master Splinter is in meditation time now, so for now we won't have training."

"*Sigh* Thanks Celestia, my arms aren't ready for a workout right now, and neither are my nails." Rarity said.

"So what are we going to do today while we haven't had practice?" Fluttershy asked.

"What we do best, FUN!" Pinkie said excitedly.

"You mean what YOU do best, because I..." Rainbow said as she stretched her arms. "I just want to relax." she said, and sat down on the cushion.

"Yeah, and I'm going to play some video games." Said Raph already sitting down to play.

So everyone was relaxing doing their thing, then Leo looks at Twilight who was taking the bandage off her arm because of that night when Akemi hurt her arm.

Leo approaches Twilight and asks, "So, how's your arm doing?"

Twilight finishes taking the bandage off her arm, she checks on her and says, "It's fine I guess, but it's definitely going to leave a scar."

Leo looks at her arm and says, "Yeah, but it's not that serious anyway, it won't be an eternal scar, it will be gone in a few months."

"Hmph, good." Twilight said, smiling. "Besides, I forgot to thank you for yesterday, for treating my wound and giving me your Katanas in the fight."

"As you say, friends help each other. Right, Princess of Friendship?" Leo scoffed.

Twilight couldn't help but giggle. "Yeah right." Twilight said.

"Oh really?" Applejack asked sarcastically with her arms crossed. "So tell me something Leo, friends help each other right? So why didn't you let Slash and the others help us?"

Leo didn't like that Applejack, he frowned and said, "Oh come on AJ, do you really want to start this? It's not enough for Slash and I to fight, now me and you!?"

"No, she's not looking for a fight, Leo." Fluttershy said. "But she's right, Slash wanted to help us and you refused his help?"

"Slash has caused us a lot of trouble before." said Leo seriously. "I won't let him do that again."

"But Leo, he's changed!" Fluttershy said.

"Just like he changed when he was just a turtle and look what happened, I just can't trust Slash." Said Leo.

Those words shocked Fluttershy, she couldn't believe what Leo thought of Slash, but suddenly Fluttershy's shock turns to anger.

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!?" Fluttershy shouted.

Leo was surprised and shocked by Fluttershy's tone, everyone was surprised and shocked looking at Fluttershy, Raph even lost in his game because he's looking shockingly at Fluttershy.

Fluttershy didn't care that the others were looking at her, she continued her glare at Leo and said, "You give others a second chance, but why don't you give Slash a second chance?! You and Slash were okay when were saving New York, but suddenly you treat him badly like he's still that old Slash! He's changed, Leo, he's changed!!"

"Oh yeah!? And how are you so sure about that?!" Leo asked angrily.

"BECAUSE WE ARE FRIENDS!" Fluttershy shouted again.

Everyone was once again shocked this time by what Fluttershy said (except Spike and April who already knew this).

"Wait, what do you mean?" Rainbow asked.

"Yeah Sugarcube, we just met the Mutaniamals, how come you guys are already friends if you don't even know each other very well?" Applejack asked.

Fluttershy is silent as she's practically just revealed her secret, she looks at April and Spike knowing they know this, they both nod at Fluttershy.

Fluttershy knowing what this nod meant, she decides to finally tell. "Because...I already knew Slash...before you guys...before he formed his Mutantals team."

Everyone gasped upon hearing this.

"What!? You already knew him!? And you never told us?!" Rainbow asked shocked.

"Please don't angry I'm sorry!" Fluttershy cried.

"But why did you-" Rainbow is interrupted by Twilght. "Rainbow, stop!" she ordered.

"What?" Rainbow asked.

"Just stop, really." Twilight said. "Fluttershy, would you like to tell us how you met Slash?" she asked calmly.

"Well..." Fluttershy looks at everyone, she takes a deep breath and says, "Okay, i will." Fluttershy began: "It all started when we first came here and walked the streets of New York that night...


"We had just come out of the sewer and walked around town" Fluttershy explained.

In Flashback, the Mane 6 along with Spike and his two human friends April and Casey were walking the streets of New York.

Rainbow Dash whistled impressed and said. "Wow, Man! This world's city is huge and awesome!"

"Yep, welcome to New York." Casey said.

"Wow, this place even reminds me a little of Manehattan." Said Applejack.

"Well, i guess we can say that this city is a counterpart of Manehattan." Twilight said.

"I agree, since here our continent is called Manhattan, just like Manehattan who has your world." April explained.

"Man, how are these worlds so similar to each other like this?" Spike asked.

"Alternate Worlds Spike, Alternate Worlds." Twilight said.

Suddenly... "*GASP* Oh my sweet Celestia!" Rarity went into shock, looking out of a shop window.

"Rarity, what is it?" Twilight asked.

"Girls, check this out!" Rarity called out to them and they came up to her and looked at what she was looking at.

Inside the little shop there was a nail polish shelf, with a drawing of a hand with nails being painted by the nail polish brush.

"Are you seeing this!?" Rarity asked in shock. "Humans paint these things on the tip of ours with these paints." Rarity continued to look shocked as she then said in excitement. "This...is...magnificent!"

"Oh great, now she's going to be addicted to this fashion." Said Rainbow annoyed.

"Well, it's Rarity, what did you expect." said Applejack dryly.

"Hey, what are you guys looking at?" April asked.

"Oh nothing, just Rarity being... Rarity." Said Rainbow.

"Oh my God!" Rarity continued to look excited. "Look at these colors, these sparkles, WOOW, I want to paint my nails with these beautiful paints!"

"Oh, you mean nail polishes?" April asked. "You know, I have a set of nail polishes in my apartment, maybe you could-"

"LET'S BUY ALL OF THIS!" Rarity cut what April was saying and quickly enters the store.

"Well, never mind." April frowned.

"Don't worry April, I'll pay for her." Twilight said.

The Flashback stops for a moment:

"Oh yeah, that time." Said Rarity delighted. "You know, when we first came into this world, I had no idea what those nails were for, but when I saw those nail polishes... *Sigh* That changed my life."

"Yeah yeah whatever Rarity." Said Rainbow annoyed. "But we're wondering how Fluttershy met Slash, not of your 'gorgeous' nails."

"Hah, I was just enjoying the memory, darling, hmph." Rarity lifted her chin in frustration.

"Keep going, Sugarcube." Applejack said to Fluttershy.

"Well, after we bought Rarity the nail polish...." Fluttershy continued the story.

Back to Flashback:

After Rarity has bought her nail polish, the group goes back to the streets and Rarity carries a small bag with nail polish.

"Ooohohohoo! I can't wait to apply these nail polishes!" said Rarity excitedly. "This will look SO pretty on me." She looked in wonder at her nails.

"Wow, I'm even impressed that she only bought a little nail polish and not a lot." April said.

"Well, she was." Twilight said. "But you know Rarity, always being generous."

But then, the group stops walking and talking when they hear a noise.

"YEEK!" Fluttershy was startled. "W-w-what was t-that!?" she asked scared.

After hearing more noises of things breaking and voices, April already deduced what it was. "Oh no." She said.

She soon ran and the others ran with her.

Upon reaching the place where noises were coming, they discover that it was coming from Murakami's store that was being attacked again by the Purple Dragons.

"W-what's going on there?" Fluttershy asked worriedly.

"It's them again." April answered.

"They who?" Applejack asked.

"The Purple Dragons." Casey answered.

"Purple Dragons?" Pinkie asked. "Oh, I didn't know there were dragons here too."

"And it doesn't, Pinkie." Pinkie said. "That's just their name.

"What are these guys doing?" Rainbow asked.

"They're assaulting Murakami... again." April aswered.

"And we're going to kick these guys' butts... again." Said Casey preparing his hockey stick for the attack.

"Hmmm, shouldn't we call the turtles first for help?" Fluttershy asked worriedly.

"Nah nonsense." Said Casey." These guys are piece of cake to beat.

"Well, hard or not, I kind of feel like kicking these guys" Said Rainbow punching her hand in the other.

"Yeah, me too Dash, me too." Applejack smirked.

Inside Murakami's store, the Purple Dragons were vandalizing and breaking everything.

"Let's get on with it!" Said Fong. "Just take the money and let's get out of here before those turtles show up."

"And what about their human friends?" Someone said, the Purple Dragons turned and saw Casey at the door with April at the side.

"You two? Ha! You're nothing compared to those stinky reptiles." Fong scoffed.

"Yeah, we can handle you two easy peasy." Tsoi scoffed.

"Oh yeah? How about us!?" Someone else said, April and Casey walked out the door revealing Rainbow Dash that she had said that.

Next enter Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Twilight and Rarity, and then Spike underneath.

"What!? Who are these girls?" Fong asked.

"And what kind of hair are these? Is this a fashion show now?" Sid asked.

"No, but this is going to turn into a fight show right now." Rainbow punched her fists.

"Hahahahaa, look how cute, the rainbow girl is thinking she's tough." Tsoi scoffed.

"Yeah, oh so scared, what is she going to do? Shoot rainbows at us?" Sid scoffed.

Rainbow was already getting mad at this teasing.

"Hey hey, be careful what you guys talk to, you have no idea what she's capable of." Casey warned.

"Oh right, what if I'm scared of a girl who dyes her hair rainbows? Oh please, you're just wasting your ti-" Fong is interrupted as Rainbow Dash punches him hard which even knocks him to the ground.

The other two Purple Dragons were shocked by this.

"First of all, my hair isn't dyed, it's from birth." Rainbow said. "Second of all, never mess with Rainbow Dash."

"I warned you, dude." Casey said.

Fong stood up while wiping his mouth from the punch and said "So it's gonna be like this huh? Well then, let's see if you girls are really good at fighting. Attack them!"

Two of the Purple Dragons attacked, the group did the same, all but Fluttershy, she was standing outside in fear watching the fight.

"Oh my, I know I should do something, help my friends, but... Oh, these guys look so dangerous." Fluttershy said fearfully.

"Hey you there! Said Sid.

"Aaaaah!" Fluttershy screamed. "No no no please I-I-I don't want trouble!" she begged.

"Your friends are causing trouble, that includes you too!" Sid hurls his punch at Fluttershy, but she quickly ducks, dodging the punch, causing him to plummet to the ground.

Fluttershy takes advantage of this and runs away in fear, Fluttershy arrives in the alley and hides in fear.

Fluttershy crouched in fear for a while, until she says, "What am I doing? I can't stay here, I can't leave my friends with those bad guys like that, I have to go back there and help them. . But how?" She kept crouching down, thinking.

But suddenly, Fluttershy hears a noise. "Huh? What was that?" She asked and looked at a roof where that noise came from.

The noise sounded like footsteps, so Fluttershy said, "Must be the turtles, oh good, maybe they can help us with these Purple Dragons." Thinking about it, Fluttershy wasted no time and started climbing onto the roof thinking it could be the turtles up there.

When going up to the roofs, Fluttershy gets up and sees that there was no one on the roofs, she goes around to check it out, but there was still no one seen.

"Uhh, hello!?" Fluttershy called. "Is there anyone!? Boys, is it you!?" She kept calling, but no one answers. "Leo? Raph? Mikey? Donnie? Someone!?" She called the turtles' names, but no one responded yet. "Hmm, maybe it was some cat or mouse or any animal that climbs." She thought.

Fluttershy walks but a little just to check, but then she is startled by a noise of metal hitting, with the fright she took, she quickly took a few steps back and ends up tripping on the edge of the roof, she falls but luckily she grabs it with one of her arms.

Fluttershy looks down and sees how tall she is was not that tall, but it was tall enough to lead a human to injury, or worse, death.

"Oh my God!" She freaked out. "Why did I go up so high?!"

She tried to hold on with her other arm, but the other arm she was holding slips so she moves her other arm.

Fluttershy soon freaked out, her arm not holding on for long. "HELP! SOMEONE! HELP ME! PLEASE!!" She cried, but no one came to help her.

Her hand couldn't hold on anymore, as soon as it reached her fingertips, it let go, Fluttershy screamed and just closed her eyes waiting for the impact.

But suddenly. "Gotcha!" Someone spoke. Fluttershy opens her eyes and looks up after hearing someone and feeling something grab her arm.

The one holding her arm looked like a turtle's hand, but it was dark and big, Fluttershy looked over and saw a bigger mutant turtle and very different from the four, this turtle was Slash.

"Hold tight!" Slash said.

"O-okay." Fluttershy said.

And then Slash pulled Fluttershy back to the roof, as she climbed up, Fluttershy pant in relief.

"Are you okay?" Slash asked.

"Yes, thank you?" Fluttershy thanked him, she looked at Slash and asked. "And... who are you?"

"It doesn't matter, really." Slash said with his head down.

"Oh, o-okay." Fluttershy said. "But again, thanks for saving me."

"It was nothing." Slash said. "By the way, I heard you calling those four names, do you know turtles?"

"Oh, yes i do." Fluttershy answered. "Why? Do you know them too? Are you a friend of theirs?"

"Knowing them I do, but friend... hmph, I at least WAS friends with one of them." Slash said.

"Oh really?" Fluttershy asked pityingly. "Which one?"

"It does not matter." Slash said. "I have to go now, nice to meet you, also...don't tell them you saw me." With that, Slash leaked with a leap.

"Hey! Wait!" Fluttershy tried to stop him. "But what happened between you and the turtles!? Who are you?!" She asked Slash out loud, but he stopped and didn't even answer her questions, and just disappeared.

Fluttershy just stopped looking where Slash had disappeared.

"But who was that turtle? What is his relationship with the turtles? Why doesn't he want me to tell them that I saw him?" Fluttershy wondered. "And more... Why does he look down?"

Meanwhile at Murakami, all three Purple Dragons were thrown out of the store.

"Arh! Dammit!" Said one of the Purple Dragons.

"Ugh, come on guys, that's enough for today." Fong ordered. "It's not over yet, little girls." He and the other Purple Dragons walked away.

"Little girls? Really? Is that the best curse he's had?" Applejack asked.

"Yeah, and I'll tell you, I expected more from these guys, but they're pretty easy to beat."

"Yeah, I have to admit, you girls were pretty good at first with these garbage guys."

"Well, you are talking to a group of pony girls who already lead with an evil alicorn princess, a being of chaotic powers, evil incectoid ponies and several other evil and powerful creatures and ponies." Applejack explained. "These guys are nothing compared to these enemies we've faced."

"Yeah, and did you guys see that mustachioed face when he saw I was a talking dog?" Spike asked and scoffed. "Hehe, he was pretty scared."

"Ummm, guys?" Someone called out to them in a whisper, the group looked the other way and saw it was Fluttershy.

"Fluttershy, where were you?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah, we were worried about you, darling." Rarity said.

"Fluttershy, I don't know where you were, but you missed every fight that took place here." Said Rainbow.

"Don't worry about it Dashie, you know Fluttershy doesn't like that kind of thing." Pinkie said. "Isn't it Flutters?"

"Oh, uuhh y-yeah yeah sure." Fluttershy answered.

Twilight was surprised by the way Fluttershy responded and asked, "Fluttershy, are you okay? Did something happen?"

"Uuuhh..." Fluttershy was about to say something, but she remembered what Slash had said. "Don't tell anyone you saw me." Recalling this, Fluttershy says, "N-no, nothing happened, I just got scared and ran away."

"Your typical." said Rainbow dryly.

"Rainbow!" Applejack swore at her.

"Just kidding! Just kidding." Said Rainbow.

"I'm sorry I came off like this, I know I should have helped you guys even though those guys looked dangerous." Fluttershy apologized.

"Dangerous? Ha! Even a puppy is more dangerous than these guys." Rainbow scoffed.

"And even a talking puppy." Spike said.

"Don't worry about it, darling." Rarity said. "You know it's our first time in this world, some things can seem different and even scary at times, even I was scared."

"I'm just glad those guys didn't hurt you." Twilight said.

"Well, one of them tried to hurt me, but I dodged him." Fluttershy said. "Again, sorry for letting you guys down."

"It's ok." Twilight said. "But next time try to at least dodge them like you did the other one, that helps us a lot."

"Okay, agreed." Fluttershy said.

After the conversation stops, April appears with Murakami and the girls introduce themselves to him, but Fluttershy remains behind thinking about what's out there.

"Should I tell the girls about that turtle? When he told me not to tell anyone about him, did they want everyone including my friends or just the turtles? Will I ever see him again? Because... I have so many questions for him." Fluttershy thought."

"Hey Fluttershy." April called to her. "Come here and meet Murakami."

"Oh, right, sorry I'm coming." Said Fluttershy and went to introduce herself to Murakami.

End of Flashback:

"Oooooh, so that's where you were when we were fighting the Purple Dragons for the first time." Pinkie said.

"Wow, and I thought you just ran out of fear and went to play with some street animals." Rainbow scoffed.

''Girl, I still can't believe you met Slash and didn't tell us anything?' Said Raph.

''He didn't want me to tell you, he asked me not to.'' Fluttershy said.

''And why exactly did he ask you that?'' Leo asked a little in disbelief.

''Well...I didn't know why before, but after I ran into him again the next day-'' Fluttershy is interrupted by Mikey who asks, ''Wait what!? Did you meet him again!?''

''Uum, yes i do, it happened when-'' Fluttershy is interrupted again, this time by Master Splinter: ''I'm sorry to interrupt you all, but now it's time for your training. Finish whatever you're doing next and let's start your training.''

"Yes, Master Splinter." Twilight replied. ''Finish the rest later Fluttershy, now we have to train.''

"Oh, okay, let's go then." Fluttershy replied, and got up from the sofa and walked to the Dojo.

But then, she turned to Leo who was looking at her with a kind of angry look, Fluttershy was kind of nervous about it, but ignored it, lowering her head with a sad look and walked in front of the Dojo.

Meanwhile in the lab the group was in yesterday, Akemi had returned there, this time with Tiger Claw, Razhar and Fishface.

As they searched for something in this place, Akemi said in frustration: ''Argh, that damn gang ruined everything, if they hadn't shown up yesterday, I would have already taken that device!''

''Now you know what we go through when turtles show up.'' Fishface said dryly.

''But now tell us, what device are we looking for?'' Tigerclaw asked.

''It's a portal opener device.'' Akemi aswered. ''From what those silly girls said, a round device full of buttons on it, and they said it was here somewhere.''

''Wait, wait, wait.'' Razhar said. ''Did you say portal opener? We're through it all just for that!? I mean, come on! We have this sort of thing, the Kraangs have over a thousand of these.''

''These portal openers are nothing compared to the one I'm looking for.'' Akemi said. ''This portal opener is not just any portal opener, it is special... and very powerful, it is able to open any portal from any world and dimension, even those that are difficult and even impossible to open, because some of these types of worlds are unknown to open, others are too strong or even dangerous for any portal to open.''

''But you know that device can also be dangerous depending on the world you open with it.'' Tigerclaw explained. ''It can lead the world into disaster, or worse, destroy it all.''

''What on the other side of the world is more important to me than this damn world full of stupid and silly people!'' Akemi said in an angry and serious tone. "If this portal causes disaster or destruction, so be it, and when that day comes, you and Shredder and all your thugs better get ready soon if you want to live."

Tigerclaw gave a small growl, turned around and said, "You're a very selfish girl, you're almost as selfish as Shreder himself."

Akemi just ignored it and said: ''Have you found the device yet?''

''Nothing, just what I found is a bunch of glass vials and some papers with scientific notes.'' Fishface said.

''I even found some devices, but some are broken and not round like you said.'' Razhar said.

''Are you sure those didn't just fool you by saying it was here?'' Tigerclaw asked.

''No, that device is here, I know that.'' Said Akemi, she started walking and looked around, she looked left, right, down and even up.

''What is she doing?'' Fishface asked.

''She's looking for tracks, she's been trained mainly to track things that a poorly trained person can't see.'' Tigerclaw explained. ''She's practically been trained to look better than an eagle.''

In Akemi's vision, she could see footprints even though had practically no footprints, the footprints she saw were of humans, turtles and other mutants, the footprints were everywhere, since there had been a fight yesterday, but the what caught her attention the most where the device was, she managed to see where the device was, the problem is that it was no longer there, but she notices some footprints that had passed near the device, mutant turtle footprints.

When finished scanning the area, Akemi a little angry says: ''The device was right there, but one of those damn turtles got it.''

''Wow, she's good.'' Fishface said.

''Yeah, even I couldn't see what she saw.'' Razhar said.

''So what are you going to do now?'' Tigerclaw asked. ''Since those turtles have your device, there's no way they'll just hand it back to you, especially when they find out what that thing does.''

''Well, it's very simple.'' Akemi said. ''They'll take one thing from you, if you want that thing back... just take one thing from them that they care most.'' From under Akemi's hood, you can see that she's smirking, which means she has a plan, an evil plan.