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Teenage Equestria Ninja Girls - MlpTmntDisneyKauane

The ninja turtles had a lot of fighting, action and adventure in Equestria, now it's the girls' turn to have it in New York.

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The New Member

Meanwhile, Donnie, April, Rarity, Fluttershy and Spike were running on the roofs following and Foot Clan who were on their motorcycles, but the Clan was going faster than the group.

"Shoot, these guys are really fast!" Spike said.

"So we will end up losing them." Said Fluttershy.

"No, we're not going, I can feel where they are, we can take a shortcut over there!" Said April and everyone ran to the left.

"But where are they going anyway?" Rarity asked.

"They're going to a store." Someone answered.

The others looked and saw Mikey and Pinkie running and with them, and Pinkie had answered that question.

"Mikey, Pinkie, how did you two get here so fast?" Fluttershy.

"Mikey! After we find out what the Clan is up to, you and I will have a serious conversation about you running away ..." But before Donnie finish cursing, Mikey interrupts.

"Fine fine I know I got it." Mikey complained. "But this is no time for this, Pinkie and I found out that the Foot Clan is going to a store near here."

"A store?" Spike asked.

"Why would they go there?" Rarity asked.

"I bet they must be stealing more absences for the mind control formula." Donnie said.

"And they now have a new member of the Clan." Mikey said.

"A new member?" April asked.

"Yeah, we saw her at Murakami and then she took a ride with Tiger Claw." Said Pinkie.

"And he said that she will help them to stop those who try to lose them." Mikey said.

"In this case, us." Mikey said.

"If Shredder hired her, then she must probably be a good fighter." Said April.

"But not as much as we are." Someone else said.

The others looked and saw Raph and Rainbow Dash coming, and Raph was the one who said that. "Whoever this new member is, she soon met the Ninja Turtles." He bragged.

"And the fabulous Rainbow Dash." Rainbow bragged and Raph frowns at it. "So, where are we going?" She asked.

"For storage, up close." Spike said.

"And we are coming." Donnie said.

"Hope the others arrive soon." Said Fluttershy.

In storage, the Foot Clan had already arrived and they were attacking and expelling the people who worked there, the group arrived and saw what the Clan was doing.

"Oh, poor these humans." Said Fluttershy.

"Should we move now?" Raph asked.

"Yeah, I wanna punch those guys up." Said Rainbow while punching her fists.

"There are still other humans there, we can't let any of them see us." Donnie said.

"Oh man, it would be easier if only the girls and I were there." Saind Rainbow.

"No way, Rainbow." Someone else said.

Rainbow turns and sees Applejack who said that and Casey who was with his left red ear.

"These guys are better at fighting than we are, Rainbow." Said Applejack.

"Yeah, you girls wouldn't have a chance with them." Said Casey.

"Hey, are you calling us weak !?" Rainbow asked angrily.

"Uumm, Casey, why is your ear red like that?" Mikey asked.

Casey frowned as he covered his red ear in embarrassment. "I'm not in the mood to talk about it." He said while Applejack smirked.

"So, does anyone have a plan?" Raph asked.

"None." Said Pinkie.

"I have no idea." Mikey said.

"You two never think about anything." Donnie said dryly.

"It's not true, it was thanks to both of us that we found out that the Foot Clan would be here." Said Pinkie.

"Yeah, point to Mikepie duo, again!" Said Mikey and he and Pinkie clapped their hands together.

"Yeah, we razed!" Said Pinkie.

"Fine, whatever for you two." Raph said dryly. "Anyway, does anyone else have a plan?" He asked.

"Not." Said Fluttershy.

"No plan, darling." Said Rarity.

"Twilight and Leo always have good plans, they were supposed to be here already." Spike said.

"Well, glad we got there on time." Someone else said.

The group turns around and sees Twilight and Leo, and Leo was the one who said that.

"Twilight! Leo!" Spike cheered.

"And the leader duo is in the area." Mikey cheered.

"And what's going on down there?" Twilight asked.

"The Foot Clan is invading that storage." Donnie explained.

"And it was Pinkie and I who found this out." Mikey bragged.

"Ok Mikey, we understand, now shut up!" Raph complained.

"Why? Are you jealous because we both discovered something that you and the others didn't?" Mikey asked smirking.

"Shut up Mikey!" Everyone (except Pinkie and Fluttershy) cursed Mikey, so Mikey crouches nervously.

"And what is the plan, fearless leaders." Raph asked Twilight and Leo.

"Are there still other humans there?" Leo asked.

"No, the Clan expelled them all." Donnie said.

"Perfect." Twilight said.

"Okay guys, let's go in and i'll explain the plan." Leo ordered.

Meanwhile in storage, Razhar expels the last human by throwing it out of storage.

"Get out of here!" Razhar shouted and the scared human runs scared.

Inside the storage, the Foot robots and Fishface were opening some boxes and picking up the supplies inside them.

"Get on with it! The police can come anytime!" Razhar ordered. "Huh, like the police have a chance with us." Razhar joked smirking.

"Why couldn't we do this at night? We always do these things at night!" Fishface asked complaining.

"Because until then, those supplies wouldn't be here at night, and we need them for Shredder." Razhar asked.

"Argh, these couriers, they deliver quickly when they want, but when someone wants..." But before Fishface finished complaining, Tiger Claw arrives with the mysterious human.

"Enough talk, let's go with it, you softies!" Tiger's Claw ordered.

What nobody knew was that inside the storage, the turtles, their human friends and Spike were already inside the storage.

"Look, it's that mysterious human that Mikey and I saw." Pinkie whispered.

"Huh, she doesn't seem to be that tough." Raph joked.

"I don't know, Raph, Shredder wouldn't have hired her like that, she must be really good at something." Twilight said.

"Yeah, and just check out those cool weapons she has." Mikey said.

"So, what's the plan, Leo?" Donnie asked.

"Raph and Rainbow take Fishface, Mikey and Pinkie take Razhar and Twilight, Spike and I take Tiger Claw, the rest take the Foot robots and prevent them and others from taking any supplies." Leo explained.

"Wait, what about the mysterious human?" Pinkie asked.

"Yeah, actually, I think Pinkie and I should be with her, after all, we saw her and found out everything." Mikey explained.

"Can you two stop this, it's getting annoying already." Raph complained.

"Yeah, we already get it that of you two." Rainbow complained.

"They sure are jealous of us." Mikey whispered smirking to Pinkie until Raph slapped him on the back of the head.

"Only if is jealous of not eating as much pizza as you do." Raph cursed.

"Guys, enough! They'll end up hearing us!" Leo warned.

But while Leo warned, the mysterious human hears something, she looks up but sees nothing but seeing people hiding in the shadows, so she takes some ninja stars and throws at the people who were hiding.

The group sees ninja stars and immediately they jump away from the stars and end up landing on the floor where the entire Clan was and saw the 13 heroes.

"The turtles!?" Said Tiger Claw.

"And those girls!?" Said Fishface.

"Oh great, look what you two did!" Raph cursed Mikey and Pinkie.

"It wasn't our fault." Pinkie said sadly.

"Yeah, it wasn't our fault." Mikey said.

"Foot Clan, attack!" Tiger's Claw ordered and the Foot robots and the other mutants set out to attack.

"Turtles, attack!" Leo ordered.

"Girls, attack!" Twilight ordered, and the group of heroes set out to attack.

And everyone was doing everything as Leo ordered, Rainbow and Raph were fighting Fishface, Pinkie and Mikey were fighting Razhar, Twilight, Spike and Leo were fighting Tiger Claw that beside him was the mysterious human fighting too, and the rest was fighting the Foot robots.

In Rainbow and Raph's fight with Fishface, Fishface attacks Raph with his mechanical legs but Raph uses his Sats to block his legs, Raph moves away from the shore, Fishface was about to make another attack on him but Rainbow Dash appears in front of him.

"So, we meet again, isn't it?" Fishface asked smirking. "Where have you been all this time, anyway?"

"It was in my house, in my world, and you have no idea where it is." Rainbow said and kicked one of his legs, but Fishface dodged the kick.

"Yeah whatever, and when you take that wig off, Rainbow Crash !?" Fishface mocks while smirking.

That mock pissed Rainbow Dash off "For the last time, Fishie: This isn't a wig! It's my real hair!" She yelled angry.

"It's ridiculous anyway." Fishface mocks again.

With that Rainbow lost her patience and she attacks him with a flying kick, but Fishface takes a somersault deviating from Rainbow's flying shot, Fishface lands behind Rainbow and kicks her in the back.

"Argh! I hate it when these cowards attack me from behind!" Rainbow complained.

"Complain less and fight more, Rain-dumb-ow." Raph scoffed at her.

"Do you wanna me to give you a flying kick too?" Rainbow asked in frustration.

"As if you can hit me." Raph scoffed.

And before Rainbow curses something, the two are stopped when Fishface arrives by rotating his mechanical legs, Raph and Rainbow dodged the rotating mechanical legs.

"Yeah, keep arguing there, it'll be easier for me to beat you two." Said Fishface smirking

"Oh yeah? I wanna see you try, Fish Stinky." Rainbow scoffed and she, Raph and Fishface return to the fight.

Meanwhile with Mikey and Pinkie against Razhar, Razhar attacks with his claws, but Mikey and Pinkie dodged his claws, and then Mikey manages to hit his Nunchucks on Razhar's head.

At that, Razhar growls with rage. "You will regret this!" He yelled, but Mikey only showed him tongue that made Razhar more furious.

And before Razhar makes an attack, he is surprised when a pie hits his face, Razhar turns around and sees that whoever threw that pie at him was Pinkie Pie.

"Take that, Dog!" Pinkie scoffed.

"Grrr! You again!?" Razhar asked angrily.

"Yes, yeah and yep, it's me!" Pinkie joked and showed Razhar her tongue which made him angrier.

Razhar tries to hit it with his claws, but Pinkie easily manages to dodge Razhar's blows and claws.

"Ha! Give up dog, with my Pinkie Sense, your nails don't hit me." Pinkie scoffed, but while Pinkie scoff, Razhar did another blow.

Pinkie immediately realizes and quickly turns away, she sighs in relief and scoffs again: "Ha! You were wrong again."

But then some parts of Pinkie's hair fall out and she realizes that Razhar hasn't completely missed. "Hmm, maybe not that much." She smile shyly.

Razhar roared and Pinkie who was startled by that roar runs away.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group Donnie, Rarity, April, Fluttershy, Applejack and Casey were fighting Foot Robots and preventing them from taking any supplies.

Casey then sees some robots taking some spills. "Hey, where do you guys think you're going?" Casey asked joking and prepared his hockey puck and said. "Casey Jones throws..." And he hits the puck and hit all the robots that had some supplies. "And mark!"

Other Foot robots were carrying more supplies, but Applejack twists her rope and holds the robots. "Yee-hah!" She cheered.

"Huh, you know, that you're not bad at the rope." Said Casey.

"And you are not so bad with hockey, although you are very distracted." Applejack praises and scoffs afterwards, which makes Casey frown.

With the others, Donnie, April and Rarity fight the Foot robots, Donnie blocks the blows of the robots with his staff and hits them with it and uses the staff blade and cuts and punches them.

Donnie doesn't even realize he had other robots behind him, but before he does, April cuts them all off with her Tessen.

"Wow, thanks April." Donnie thanked him.

"You're welcome, Donnie." Said April.

And with Rarity, Rarity had no weapon but her arms, and yet she wasn’t succeeding, and then one of the Foot robots that was attacking her gives her a kick in the back, but Rarity stands firm and doesn’t fall .

"Argh! You robots don't really know how to respect a lady!" Rarity cursed, and angrily she punches her arm and breaks the Foot Robot, and the broken robot falls and Rarity feels a little pain in the arm that she hit the robot. "Ow, that hurt a little." She said.

"Wow Rarity, that was too much." Said April.

"Yeah, you cut that robot like it was made of plastic." Donnie said.

"Yay." Fluttershy whispered.

"Thank you, darlings. Ow." Said Rarity and she again feels a little pain in her arm.

Meanwhile with Twilight, Leo and Spike, the trio was fighting Tiger Claw.

Leo attacks Tiger Claw with his Katanas, but Tiger Claw blocks with his swords and still plays one of Leo's Katanas, now Leo had to manage with just one Katana.

"Haven't you given up yet, Leonardo? It's better to give up if you don't want to have a broken leg like last time." Tiger Claw threatened to smirking.

"You can break my legs as many times as you want, but you will never break my honor!" Said Leo, until he was knocked down by the Tiger Claw with his sword.

"Ha, and you're still saying that nonsense, but it will end now." Said Tiger Claw and prepared his sword to finish off Leo.

But Tiger Claw is stopped by someone who was holding one of the Katanas that Leo had dropped, and that someone was his best friend Twilight.

"So, the little princess is back, right? And she is still a weak pathetic." Tiger Claw scoffed.

"Maybe I can be weak, but you're the one who looks like a pathetic with that eye patch." Twilight mocks and Tiger Claw growls with rage at that.

Tiger Claw strikes Twilight again with his sword, and Twilight continues to block the sword with Katana, but Twilight was not strong enough, and when it looked like Twilight was about to give up, Spike appears and bites Tiger Claw's arm, snarling.

Tiger Claw reacts to this pain and tries to make Spike let go of his arm. "Let me go, you fleaty mongrel!" Tiger Claw cursed.

"I'm clean, but you're the one with the fleas here!" Spike scoffed with his mouth full while continuing to bite Tiger Claw's arm.

But Tiger Claw shakes his arm with a force that makes Spike release him, Spike whimpers after falling to the ground, Spike gets up and sees Tiger Claw approaching him with a knife, Spike tries to escape but Tiger Claw grabs him.

"Now I will show you that cats are better than dogs!" Tiger Claw smirked, but before he does something to Spike with his knife, Leo stops him by hitting his Katana on the knife.

"Well, but I always liked dogs." Leo scoffed.

"Thanks Leo." Spike thanked him.

Leo prepares his Katanas to attack Tiger Claw, but suddenly, Leo is stopped by the mysterious human, she stopped him with her swords called Wakizashi.

"So, you must be the new member." Leo guessed.

"And you must be one of those mutant turtles." Said the mysterious human and attacks Leo with their swords, but Leo dodges.

And before the mysterious human made another attack, Twilight blocks her with Leo's Katana.

"Wow, with so many swords in the world, did you choose one that is smaller than a Katana?" Twilight asked mockingly, until she was pushed by the mysterious human's swords.

"Believe me, I don't like these swords either, but I like to hurt someone with them!" Said the mysterious human and makes another attack.

But Twilight blocks her swords. "Who are you anyway? And why are you working for these guys?" She asked.

"It doesn't interest you!" Said the mysterious human and with her strength she managed to take down Twilight and make her take down Katana.

Twilight lies on the floor and before she gets up completely, she sees the mysterious human aiming her sword at Twilight's head.

"Well, at least can you tell us your name?" Twilight asked.

"My name is Akemi, but my ex-friends call me..." But that the mysterious human said her other name, everyone heard the police sirens.

"Shoot, it's the police!" Said Fishface.

"Back off, Foot Clan!" Tiger Claw ordered.

"Akemi, do the best you can and get the gete out of here!" Razhar ordered.

And then Akemi quickly drew her sword in the face of Twilight and quickly went to help others.

Akemi quickly strikes Rainbow and Raph who were fighting Fishface, the two were surprised and confused by it was fast and agile.

"What the!?" Said Rainbow confused.

And Akemi did the same with Pinkie and Mikey, and Donnie, April, Rarity and Fluttershy, and then uses their swords to release the Foot robots that Applejack had tied.

"Let's go, and get the supplies you can." Akemi ordered and all the Foot Clan leaves with only a few supplies.

"Damn it, they ran away!" Raph complained.

"And I think it's time for us to get away too." Rainbow said seeing red and blue lights outside.

"Guys, retreat!" Leo ordered and everyone left before the police entered.

Back at lair, the group arrives with adrenaline after that day of fighting.

"Wow! Guys, that was awesome!" Rainbow said.

"Yeah, those robots were like 'Yah! Yah! YAH!', And we were like, 'Pow! Pah! Pow!'." Pinkie said while making the sounds.

"And you saw that mysterious human, she was very fast and agile, now I know why Shredder hired her." Said Casey.

"Yeah, she's really good, but we still don't know anything about her, we don't even know where she came from and why she's working for Shredder." Twilight said.

"Well, we actually know a few things about her." Mikey explained. "First: She is a bad girl."

"Did you just find that out now?" Raph asked dryly and frowned.

"Second: She has wakizash sword weapons." Mikey explains.

"We saw." Said Applejack dryly also frowning.

"And third: She came from Japan." Mikey finishes explaining.

"Wait, what?" Leo asked.

"How do you know that?" Twilight asked.

"When she went to Murakami to buy some snacks, she thanked him saying thank you in Japanese." Mikey explained until he was slapped on the back of the neck by Raph.

"Just because she thanked in Japanese doesn't mean that she is a Japanese." Raph cursed.

"Yeah, after all that Japanese-style Murakami store." Rainbow said, until she asked herself, "Wait, is it Japanese or Chinese?"

"Hmm, I don't know, guys, but it looks like Mikey is right about that third thing." Donnie said.

"Why do you think that, Donnie?" Rarity asked.

"Because I found this." Donnie shows small paper all written in Japanese. "That human dropped that when she went to help the Foot Clan escape." He explained.

"So that means Mikey is right again?" Raph asked as Mikey nodded meticulously.

"Do you know what is written?" April asked.

"Not very well, I don't know much about Japanese." Donnie answered.

"I can help you with that." Someone said, the others saw each other and saw Master Spliter who overheard the whole conversation.

"Can you, Master Splinter?" Twilight asked.

"Of course he can, Twilight, he came from Japan, duuh." Pinkie reminded, until she asked herself, "Wait, what is Japan?" And Twilight frowns at that question.

"Donnie, give me that paper." Splinter asked and Donnie handed.

"I hope this isn't a shopping list." Raph said.

And Splinter starts to read: Akemi. We know a lot about you and your past, if you want us to fix it for you, come to New York and help us with our business, and in exchange we will give you what you need to take revenge on what happened to you in the past, but if you fail with us, your pain will be worse than your past. From Master Shredder. "

"Shredder? Huh, I thought this ending was one he would write." Mikey said.

"So, Akemi is here to take revenge? But to take revenge on what?" Rainbow asked.

"Exactly, Rain-dumb-ow, we don't know that either." Raph answered rudely which irritated Rainbow.

"Well, but all we know is that they'll make another attack soon." Said Applejack.

"Yeah, but when that happens, we won't be ready, I can't just use my arms in the fight, they get hurt and still spoil those beautiful nails." Rarity makes drama while looking at her nails and Applejack just frowns at it.

Master Splinter strokes his little beard thinking about it and then he says, "So it looks like it's time for you girls to get their ninja weapons."

"What!?" The girls were shocked.

"Ah yeah! We will finally get ninja weapons!" Rainbow cheered.

"But sensei, the girls never used weapons or trained with us." Leo explained.

"Yeah, we only trained for the first time when we met the turtles." Twilight explained.

"And we train in Equestria." Said Fluttershy.

"With the turtles." Said Pinkie.

"And they weren't even good at training someone." Rainbow said.

"Hey!" Raph cursed Rainbow.

"I know that, girls, so we will start training tomorrow, unless you girls really want to do that." Splinter explained.

"Are you kidding!? Of course we want." Rainbow said excitedly.

"Well, as long as no one gets hurt." Fluttershy said timidly.

"Don't worry, Fluttershy, we'll take easy on you." Leo guaranteed it.

"Well, maybe Raph doesn't." Mikey said.

"Oh so how about I take easy with you now!?" Raph asked angrily and started running after Mikey who also started running and screaming.

"So, what do you think, Twilight?" Leo asked.

"Hmmm, we still have a lot to stay here, and we never really trained as humans, so, yes, we would love to train with you guys." Twilight answered.

"YEEEE! We will train as humans tomorrow!" Pinkie cheered.

"Yeah, and I want to get a ninja weapon right away, what will my weapon be?" Rainbow wondered.

"Bet it will be the ones dumbs use." Raph scoffed.

"Dude, are you going to shut up or do you want me to punch you in the mouth!?" Rainbow asked angrily.

"So i suggested that you go back to the apartment and rest, because we will start training early tomorrow." Splinter said.

"Hai, sensei." Twilight said.

"Oh, can I also train with you?" Spike asked.

"Sure, Spike, but I don't know if there are weapons for a dog to use." Donnie said.

"Dude, what weapons for him? Spike already has weapons that dogs have, his teeth and claws are a canine's natural weapons." Mikey said.

"Really? Wow, I hadn't thought of that, and I thought that all I was doing was nonsense." Spike said.

"And I'm sure you will do well in training tomorrow, Spike." Twilight said.

"Come on girls, let's go back to the apartment." Said April.

"Okay, bye guys." Twilight said goodbye.

"Bye girls." Leo said goodbye.

"Bye, Spike." Mikey said goodbye.

And then all the humans left the lair, but Twilight seemed concerned about something.

"What does Akemi want revenge? Why would she find someone like the Foot Clan for this? And who is this Akemi?" Twilight thinked.