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Teenage Equestria Ninja Girls - MlpTmntDisneyKauane

The ninja turtles had a lot of fighting, action and adventure in Equestria, now it's the girls' turn to have it in New York.

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The New Power

Meanwhile, Hun and Applejack were fighting and Applejack was almost weak and tired, but she didn't give up.

After Applejack has taken a blow from Hun, she gets up feeling a little pain, but she recovers and returns to the fight. Applejack runs back to Hun and punches him, but Hun blocked all of her punches, but Applejack took advantage of Hun's blocking her punches and kicks Hun right in the belly pushing him away from her, Hun doesn't fall completely, just falls to his knees, he raises his head looking at the cowgirl who was looking at him seriously until she gives a little smirk.

Hun gets up and looks at the cowgirl who is also smirking. "I have to admit, cowgirl, you're good for a girl, I can say that you are even better than that masked boy."

"Well, thanks, I think." Said Applejack.

"But you don't even come close to being better than me!" Hun smirked and ran quickly over to Applejack.

At that time Applejack ran out of concentration, she tried to dodge Hun's blows, but Hun was faster than she is now, she even managed to block and dodge a few blows, but it wasn't enough.

She was hit in her arms, legs, in the face and the last blow was a very strong kick to her belly, Applejack is flinging away and hitting the wall almost leaving some crack in it, Applejack moans a little raising her head a little while sitting on on the ground, Hun raises his thumb in like, and then lowers it in dislike, and the other Dragons approaching her with Hun in front.

"Ha, I told you, girl, neither your friend nor you have a chance with Hun." Fong scoffed.

"Now you're going to have what your masked friend didn't have, your end!" Tsoi said.

"Too bad there is no one to help you, you are SO alone." Sid scoffed and the Dragons laughed at that.

"Oh yeah? And who says she's alone?" Someone asked sarcastically.

The others look and see the other girls and Spike.

"Girls!" Applejack cheered.

"Now they are all here, they are all those girls." Said Fong.

"And that talking mongrel too." Tsoi said.

"Hey, it's 'Mr. Talking Mongrel' for you, man." Spike said.

"Now listen, Dragons, messed with our friend, messed with us!" Rainbow said.

"Yeah, nopony messes with the girls, baby." Pinkie said coolly.

Until Twilight noticed that Pinkie said 'nopony' instead of 'nobody'. "Pinkie!" Twilight whispered.

"Oops, I mean, nobody, yeah, I said nobody, not nopony." Said Pinkie, even Rarity and Rainbow palm their face.

"Leave Applejack alone, Dragons, and stop whatever you're doing, you won't want us to finish you off last time." Twilight warned.

"This is different now, Egghead, we have this guy now, Hun." Said Sid.

"Huh?" Said Pinkie.

"It's 'Hun' not 'Huh', with N at the end." Tsoi said.

"Oh, well, I prefer Scum." Pinkie said smiling, which already made Hun angry.

Hun then threw a knife at Pinkie, but lowered his head by cutting only a few ends of her pink hair.

"Hey, you can't play, don't play!" Pinkie cursed.

"That's it! Let's just send these Dragons where they came from, in prison!" Rainbow cursed and joked.

"Hmph, go on dreaming, Rainbow Crash." Sid scoffed.

"Get them!" Fong ordered.

"You're not the one who orders, Fong, it's me now!" Hun cursed.

"Oh yeah, I forgot." Fong said until he frowned.

"Now, get them!" Hun ordered, and the fight of the Purple Dragons and Mane 6 begins.

Rarity fights Tsoi, Pinkie fights Sid, Rainbow fights Fong and Twilight fights Hun.

And Spike went to see Applejack who was still seated to see if she is okay. "Are you okay, Aj?" He asked.

"Ugh, yes I am, dude, just a little pain." Applejack said she felt some small pains in her arm.

"Don't worry, when we get to the lair we will treat these wounds." Spike said.

"Yeah, but I think I can still fight a little bit, even with this pain." Said Applejack and struggled to get up.

"No Applejack, you've fought too much, you need to rest." Spike said.

"But I..." Before Applejack said anything, she and Spike heard Rarity's fight against Tsoi, and she was almost losing the fight.

At that time Spike growled. "Look, stay here and rest, I will help others." Spike asked Applejack and went to help others. And Applejack sat there watching the fight, despite the fact that she wanted to participate in this fight.

In Rarity and Tsoi's fight, Rarity is holding Tsoi's fists, but Tsoi was stronger than her and pushed her to the ground.

"Ha, you are weaker than a girl, pasty." Tsoi scoffed.

"*GASP* HOW YOU DARE!" Rarity shouted and in that he slapped Tsoi's face hard, leaving a red handprint on his face. "This is not a polite way of talking to a girl!"

"Yeah? And that's not a smart way to treat a Purple Dragon." Tsoi smirked and took his two pocket knives, which already scared Rarity and moved away, but Tsoi was approaching her with his pocket knives. "Oh don't worry little girl, this will only hurt a lo-" But Tsoi is cut off when he feels something bite his leg which made him scream.

Tsoi started to move his leg to remove what was biting him, and it was Spike who was biting. "AARGH, LET GO OF MY LEG, YOU IDIOT PUPPY!" Tsoi cursed.

"That's for called me a mongrel!" Spike said with a mouthful of biting the leg and growling.

"Well done, Spikey Wikey!" Rarity cheered.

Tsoi continued to shake and move his leg to make the purple puppy let go, but Spike just bit harder and growled more, until Tsoi made more force and Spike released his leg, Spike gave a puppy whimper when he fell on ground after releasing the leg.

Tsoi angrily approaches Spike and grabs his fur by pulling him. "Now puppy." He said put his knife on Spike's neck making him scared. "You're going to be a hot dog!"

But then, something hits behind Tsoi making him pass out, and it was Rarity who had hit him with a trash can lid.

"And that's for called me a pasty!" Rarity cursed "Ugh, hopefully that lid is clean." She said with disgust at holding the trash lid and dropped it.

"Wow, thanks Rarity." Spike thanked him.

"You're welcome, Spikey, and thanks too." Rarity thanked him too.

In Pinkie's fight with Sid, Pinkie does a lot of fandom makes Sid mad.

"Hey mustache, do you wanna a pie?" Pinkie asked with a pie in her hand.

"No, i dont wa-" Sid is cut off when Pinkie throws the pie in his face.

"And Pinkie gaves a Pie." Pinkie made a joke and giggled.

Sid wipes the pie on his face with a lot of anger. "You'll regret it, cotton candy hair!" Sid cursed.

"Oh, I'm so scared" Pinkie pretended, until she threw more pies at Sid. "Listen, mustache, I don't regret anything!" Pinkie laughed.

"ARGH, THAT'T IT!" Sid shouted and threw many knives at Pinkie.

Pinkie saw her and was startled by the knives coming and dodged all of them as if she were dancing, Pinkie stops and only a few strands of her hair fall off because some of the knives have hit it.

"Uuum, okay, I guess I'm a little bit regret now." Pinkie smiled nervously

Until Sid threw another knife, Pinkie saw the knif, scream and closed her eyes waiting for the knife to come, but then, a black Tessen Fan flies prevented from the knife hitting Pinkie and returns to whoever threw thar was April who was with Fluttershy.

"Hi April, hi Fluttershy, and thank you, April." Pinkie greeted and thanked her.

In Rainbow's fight against Fong, Rainbow had almost no difficulty blocking and dodging Fong's blows, and Fong had no difficulty with that either. The two have so far don't hit each other, until Rainbow slid her legs on the floor causing Fong to trip and fall.

"Ha, you didn't expect that, did you?" Rainbow scoffed.

"And did you expect it !?" Fong threw some pocket knives, but Rainbow dodged them all.

"Seriously? Do you guys only know how to throw knives?" Rainbow asked dryly.

"How about a gas bomb!?" Fong managed to throw a gas bomb in Rainbow's face.

Rainbow coughed as the gas smoke drifted away, Rainbow opened her eyes that were red from the smoke, and before she knew it, Fong was already on her feet and kicking Rainbow right in her back, knocking her to the floor.

"*Coughing* Attacking me from behind!? Really!?" Rainbow cursed.

"Oh yeah? How about I attack you down now?" Fong joked, before he made an attack, a pie hits him in the face, and it was obvious that it was Pinkie who did it.

"And how about I give you a pie in the face?" Pinkie joked. "Oh wait, I already did that." She giggled.

"Pinkie, where do you keep all these pies from?" Rainbow asked.

"You know what? I don't know either." Pinkie smiled, and Rainbow was just confused.

And finally, in the Twilight fight against Hun, Twilight tried everything, she tried to hit Hun, but he blocked and deflected, Twilight tried to block Hun's blows, but he was stronger than she and she was hurt by it.

In Hun's other blow, Twilight manages to deflect, but it was just a distraction for Hun punches her in the belly, Twilight feels this pain and Hun takes advantage of kicking her, who threw Twilight away and fell to the ground barely able to get up .

"Do you call it being a leader of the group? You are so weak that you are better off not even being called a leader." Hun smirked.

Twilight growls at this and tries to get up, but Hun approaches and steps over Twilight's coast preventing her from getting up.

"Now I will show you what it is to be a strong leader!" Hun said, but before he does something, something hits behind him.

And it was Fluttershy who had hit a trash can lid on Hun's head. "Oh, sorry." She apologized.

"Ugh, thanks Fluttershy." Twilight thanked.

"You're welcome." Said Fluttershy.

But that hit that Fluttershy didn't make Hun pass out like Rarity had done with Tsoi, Hun gets up and sees that pink haired girl he saw in the first one.

"You!" Hun said angrily.

"Uh oh." Fluttershy said with fear, and ran.

But Hun quickly gets up and grabs Fluttershy, predicting her on his arm.

"Fluttershy! Let her go now, Hun!" Twilight cursed.

"Or what? I've already seen that you are so weak that you can't even protect your little friends." Hun scoffed, and Twilight gets angrier about it then even somehow one of her hands shines a little.

"Twilight, help me!" Fluttershy cries for help, until Hun tightens it further.

"Shut up girl! You will have your end now." Hun said placing the tip of his knife on Fluttershy's neck. "And this time your big turtle friend isn't here to save you."

"Big turtle friend? Who is he talking about?" Rainbow asked.

"I don't know either" Said Pinkie.

Twilight gets up slowly "I'm warning you, Hun, let her go now!" She swore.

"And I repeat again: Or what?" Hun smirked almost about to pierce the Fluttershy's neck and Fluttershy has already started to cry about it.

"No!" Twilight shouted, but then she gets angrier than that, and suddenly her purple pupils started to shine, and her fist also came to shine with some sparks and pink shock rays coming out of it. "I said... to let her go... NOW!!!"

And suddenly, a big pink shock magic explodes in Twilight's hand, hitting that magic in Hun that was thrown and released Fluttershy who fell to the ground after being free.

And with this magic explosion, Twilight's body suddenly shines and purple pony ears started to appear on her head, purple wings on her back and her hair grew to form a long pony tail, and with that her body stops shining, Twilight just stood there looking seriously and angrily at Hun.

Hun however was shocked by what he saw, all the Dragons were, until Tsoi who just woke up from his faint and had not seen the magic explosion, but gets shocked when saw how Twilight was now. And all the girls and Spike were shocked by this, Pinkie even raised her cell phone and took a picture.

And then, Hun's shock turned to anger and he put his glasses back on. "Enough for today, guys, let's get these chemicals to Shredder soon." Hun ordered.

And all the Purple Dragons went away with the white suitcase. But then Twilight soon realizes what just happened, did she just unleash magic?

She even looks at your hands. "Holy Chalumpa, what was that?" Twilight wondered, until she looked at her back and was surprised and shocked to see that she had wings on her, then look at her head that now had purple pony ears, and not to mention the long hair part that looked like a pony tail. "Wow, it can't be." She said surprised.

But then, the wings, the ears and the tail flashed and disappeared, now Twilight was just a normal human, and then all of her friends approach Twilight.

"Twilight. That ... was ... AWESOME!!!" Rainbow cheered.

"No, it was more than awesome, it was SPECTACULAR!!!" Pinkie shouted. "Oh I even took a picture with this little thing!" She said showing her cell phone.

"It was magnificent, darling, especially when those wings, ears and tails appeared on you, oh I want that to happen to me too!" Said Rarity until she jumped for joy at the thought.

"Yeah, it was really impressive, Twilight." Said April.

"Twilight, this could it be that power that you and the other girls used in that other world?" Spike asked.

"I think so, Spike, but I just don't know how it happened here, I thought it just worked in that world" said Twilight looking at her hands.

"What are you two talking about?" Fluttershy asked.

"Remember when I told you how we defeated Sunset Shimmer? Me and its counterparts used that same power to defeat her, but now it seems that somehow, this magic has been activated in this world," Twilight explained.

"Wow, will you do it again, Twilight? Can you!? Please do it again, do it again, do, do, do!" Pinkie asked with much excitement.

"Maybe later Pinkie, I don't even know how to do this again." Twilight said.

"Well, later we'll find out about it, but now... ow!" Applejack feels a pain in her arm before she finishes speaking. "We have to go back to the lair and take care of our injuries."

"Yeah, and I have to treat my eyes." Rainbow said, scratching her eyes that were still red.

"But you need more treatment, darling." Rarity said to Applejack.

"Yeah, you're the one who fought the most." Said Pinkie.

"I will get some kits from my apartment to help you." Said April.

"Thanks, April." Applejack thanked.

And everyone starts walking away.

"Oh, I can't wait to tell the turtles and show this picture, they will be so surprised!" Pinkie cheered.

But what no one knew, is that everyone was being spied on by a mysterious figure who was hiding behind the trash cans and who saw everything from the fight of Applejack and Hun to the magic of Twilight, and when whole group goes away, the mysterious figure also goes away.

After a few hours, the whole group returns to the turtle's lair.

"I still can't believe we did that." Said Fluttershy.

"I believe, we are awesome." Rainbow said.

"Hey boys, we're back!" Twilight called.

As soon as the group entered, everyone saw the turtles with Casey and Donnie standing, holding a small flask with reddish orange liquid in it.

"Uum, what's going on here?" Rainbow asked confused.

"And what happened, guys?" April asked.

"*Sigh* We just found out what Shredder is up to this time." Mikey said sadly.

"Yeah, he's working on a mind control formula, and I'm afraid he can use it on Karai, or on us, or on every person in New York." Donnie explained.

"This is really terrible, but we already knew that." Said Rarity.

"Yeah, it was actually Applejack who discovered this first." Pinkie said pointing to Applejack.

"Yeah, I went to spy on the Purple Dragons who were stealing some kind of chemist and they started talking about what Shredder intends to do with it, in this case mind control." Applejack explained.

"Wait, did you go spy on the Purple Dragons?" Casey asked.

"I even got some beats up by Hun." Said Applejack moving her arm that still hurt a little. "But he even admitted that I was better than you at beat him, Casey."

"Ha ha! Applejack is better than Casey." Mikey scoffed at Casey who got angry and punched Mikey, but Mikey ducked his head and giggled.

"Yeah, but now I know why Casey couldn't beat the Dragons, it's really difficult to beat this guy." Applejack admitted

"But it wasn't that hard for Twilight Sparkle!" Said Pinkie happily pointing to Twilight.

"Twilight? Why? What did she do?" Raph asked.

And then the whole group was sitting down telling everything that happened, and when they told the rest, Pinkie shows the picture on her cell phone with Twilight with her pony power.

"And that's what Twilight looked like when her magic exploded." Pinkie explained.

"Wow, she looked so shiny." Mikey said.

"And after that, the Purple Dragons ran away with the chemical case." Applejack explained.

"Hehe, bet they must have been scared of Twilight's power." Mikey said.

"Dude, that must have been awesome, and I'm glad you took that picture, because if I didn't, I would't have believed it if you just told." Said Casey.

"Well, you almost couldn't believe it when we told you that we went to another world that had ponies." Mikey said.

"Yeah I was in doubt, I mean, who would believe that? A world that is inhabited by ponies? That would be ridiculous." Said Casey.

"Excuse me!?" Said Rainbow offended.

"No offense, girls, I had no doubts anymore" said Casey.

"Yeah, but I understand, Casey, if I hadn't been in this world too, I would probably never, never, ever believe it. As they say: it's to see, to believe." Raph said.

"Well anyway, I'm still concerned about that mind control thing that Shredder is working on." Donnie said.

"Me too, what if he uses it on us!?" Said Fluttershy worries.

"Yeah, the Shredder of Equestria has controlled us before, now imagine the Shredder of this world cintrolling us." Rainbow said.

"Well, at least our Shredder doesn't know you girls, so you are saved from being controlled again." Mikey said.

"But not only the girls, Mikey, Karai and the people of New York and we are in danger of being controlled by him." Leo explained.

"Well, the good news is that we still have a lot of time for that to happen, and the bad news is what Shredder is planning, and we don't know when it can be or who Shredder will control first." Donnie explained.

And then Splinter says: "I know this situation is worrying now, my sons, but don't fear, as Donnatello said, we still have a long time before that happens, but until then, we need to renew New York City again, and more dangers and enemies coming, so be prepared for the next to come. "

"Hai, sensei." Said the turtles.

"And while you girls, you had a day of fight struggle, so now you must rest." Splinter said.

"Hai sensei." Twilight said.

"Wait, but where are we going to sleep?" Fluttershy asked.

"Yeah, we had never slept here before, as I had said, we just stayed here for a while and went back to our world, we never spent a night here." Spike.

"I guess I know where you guys can sleep." Said April.

After leaving the turtle's lair, Mane 6 and Spike head to April's apartment.

Inside, April and the others were walking in the corridor while April explained: "You are lucky that this apartment has a room for people who are only here to spend time in New York, and this room fits six people, and the good thing is that this apartment accepts animals, and this room even has a dog bed for you, Spike.

"Oh yeah, I'm already enjoying this apartment." Spike said.

"Here, we're here." April said opening the door with the room key and opening it, revealing a large and beautiful room.

The room had five beds, a dog bed, a medium couch, a mini kitchen and a medium TV.

"Wooooow!" Everyone said.

Pinkie immediately enters the cheerful room. "Weeeeeeee!" She jumps on the couch. "I want to stay here forever!"

"Pinkie, we're only here until we get back to our world." Applejack remind.

"Twilight, can I trust you to keep your room key?" April asked.

"But of course." Twilight answered and April got involved.

"To be honest, you are the only one among the girls that i trust to be careful about something." April whispered.

"*Giggles* I understand." Twilight said.

"So, good night guys!" April said goodbye.

"Good night April!" Everyone said goodbye to her and Twilight closed the door and locked it.

"Well, now it's time for bed, folks." Twilight said.

"Aaaww, but already? I wanted to do so many things in this room, I wanted to make popcorn, watch TV, jump on that couch..." said Pinkie,

"Maybe tomorrow Pinkie, you heard Master Splinter, we need to rest now." Applejack reminds.

"And we have to wake up early to fix this city, the Kraangs made a big mess of it." Said Rarity.

"And that's why we have to sleep." Said Applejack.

"But I'm not tired." Pinkie said, but suddenly, Pinkie sleeps on the couch and begins to snore.

The others were even confused by this, but then they started to laugh.

That night, everyone was sleeping in that room, Pinkie was still sleeping on the couch snoring and the others were sleeping in their deds, only Twilight and Spike who were still awake.

Twilight was getting ready for bed and Spike was snuggling up on the dog bed that was on the side of Twilight's bed.

"How's the dog bed, Spike?" Twilight asked.

"Very comfortable." Spike said lying down and curling up the little bed.

Twilight lies on the bed and covers herself, she looks at the ceiling until she sighs.

"Oh, I know that sigh, what's the matter, Twi?" Spike asked.

"I don't know, Spike, it's that after the day we had today, I'm kind of worried." Twilight started to explain. "First my magic is activated in me, and then there is the Shredder's plan of mind control, and I feel that more things will happen, as Splinter said, there will be more dangers and enemies coming, and I have a bad feeling about it."

And then Spike says: "Hey Twilight, don’t worry, I’m sure by tomorrow everything will be fine. And I don’t know why you’re worried, we beat the Purple Dragons, and that’s good, you’ve got the powers of pony here, and this is also good, we found out what Shredder is planning, and ... that's ... not very good. But Donnie said there is still a long time for that to happen, and this is good, because we can still spend more time here in New York and enjoy, and we will have time until we know more about this poder that you had today.

Twilight smiled feeling better with that. "You really are a great assistant that a pony can have, Spike, I mean, a human." She said, stroking the purple puppy's head.

"Well, now it's time to sleep, as Splinter said, we have to rest." Said Spike going back to sleep in his little dog bed. "Good night, Twilight.

"Good night, Spike." And then Twilight comes back and lies on her bed, closes her eyes slowly and sleeps.