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Teenage Equestria Ninja Girls - MlpTmntDisneyKauane

The ninja turtles had a lot of fighting, action and adventure in Equestria, now it's the girls' turn to have it in New York.

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Anything can be a weapon

In New York City, it was almost dusk, the sun was setting and April, Casey and the Mutanimals had already arrived at the docks, the group was hiding behind one of the delivery coffins watching the Foot Clan together with Shredder and Akemi who I still couldn't see her face under that hood.

"What are these guys up to this time? More supplies?" Casey asked in a whisper.

"Probably, but it looks like they are going to get more than small supplies." April whispered.

"What you mean?" Casey asked.

"That Akemi is very suspicious, and it seems that she wants some things from here too, but I just don't know why." Said April.

"We have to think of a plan. Slash, any plan?" Leatherhead asked.

"We have to wait for the turtles to arrive first to proceed with my plan." Slash explained.

"Talk about it, where are the guys? They were supposed to be here already." Casey asked.

"And we are already here." Said someone, Casey looks back and sees the ninja turtles landing, and it was Raph who said that.

"Finally, I thought you were going to show up when the sun went down completely." Casey scoffed.

"Look, just because we are turtles doesn't mean we run slow." Raph scoffed.

"Hi guys, how are you?" Pete asked.

"All the best, and we came with some friends." Mikey said, and beside the turtles the girls appeared.

"Hellooooo." Pinkie waved happily.

"Oh, are these your friendly girls that you guys told us about?" Pete asked.

"Yep, these are Twilight, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Fluttershy and Spike, that also he have your old name, Slash" Mikey introduced them.

"Hello guys." Spike waved.

"Hmm, hi." Fluttershy greeted whispering, even though he already knew one of the Mutanimals who was Slash.

"And they are here to help us." Said Mikey.

"So, what's up with the Foot Clan?" Raph asked.

"They are receiving a delivery of chemicals." Dr Rockwell explained.

"More mind control supplements." Donnie guessed.

"Not only chemical products, but also some coffins with technological products." Dr Rockwell explained.

"Wait, what?" Donnie asked confused.

"Technological products?" Mikey asked.

"But what do they need this for this mind control formula for? I mean, Baxter practically already has everything in his lab, what else does he need?" Raph asked.

"A popcorn machine maybe?" Mikey guessed, until he was slapped on the back of the neck by Raph. "OW! Man, it was a joke, I didn't mean it!"

"I want popcorn." Said Pinkie smiling, and Applejack and Rainbow palm their face.

Then, the group silently watches the Foot Clan.

"Wow, so this is the Shredder of your world?" Spike asked.

"That's it, Spike-Doo, this is our Shredder, just like your counterpart in Equestria, only not wings and horn." Mikey joked making Raph frown at that.

"Oh my, this Shredder looks more frightening than the other." Fluttershy whispered with fear.

"And he is." Mikey said ominously what made Flutteshy shiver with fear and whimper a little.

"Mikey!" Raph cursed him.

"What? I was explaining that the Shredder was scary." Said Mikey.

"But there was no need to scare the girl!" Raph said and slapped Mikey on the back of the head.


"Shhh, guys, be quiet, or they'll hear us." Leo ordered whispering.

"And they are talking, we need to hear what they are talking about." Slash explained, the whole group was quiet and they were watching and listening to the Foot Clan conversation.

The robots were collecting some chemicals for Shredder while others were collecting technological materials for Akemi.

"These are all the materials I ask for, right?" Akemi asked. "I don't want any material missing."

"Akemi, I promised you that I would give you everything you need for your revenge, so don't you dare doubt mine." Shredder warned seriously.

"Alright, i get it, but you know exactly what I need and why, right?" Akemi asked.

"I know very well, Akemi, and don't worry, your revenge will be won, as long as you continue to help me with my orders and missions." Said Shredder.

"Anything you want, Master Shredder." Akemi said.

"Master Shredder." Someone called Shreder, and it was Tiger Claw. "I have very bad news, the ship that was delivering the chemicals was lost, so they will be late.

With this news, Shredder is furious, and discounts his anger at one of the robots by punching him with his blades. "Darn them! They have one job, and they don't do it right! Useless!"

"Calm down, Master Shreder, we still have other chemicals, maybe Baxter can do something with them." Tiger Claw said.

Shreder calms down a little while maintaining his serious and anger look. "Right, but tell the delivers to fix it soon, or they will desire to never have turned into delivers." He warned.

"Groovy" Pinkie and Mikey said at the same time.

"Well, at least it looks like the mind control formula plan is going to be delayed." Raph joked.

"That's good." Spike said.

"So it seems that now our biggest concern is what this Akemi is up to." Donnie said.

"What does this girl intend to do with these materials?" Applejack asked.

"I don't know, maybe a time machine, a super powerful weapon or something." Said Rainbow.

"From what I'm on these devices she asked for, it certainly won't be a weapon or anything that involves destruction. Maybe" Dr. Rockwell explained.

"So what Akemi plans should be something about a portal." Twilight guessed.

"Probably." Dr. Rockweel answered.

"Portal? What for?" Rainbow asked.

"I don't know, maybe to travel in time or to another world or dimension, or maybe ..." But before Twilight was over. "Look out!" Spike warned.

The group noticed some mini bombs about to fall on them, but the group quickly got out of those explosions, and out of their hiding place, which didn't take a while for Shredder and the entire Foot Clan to notice them, what the group found is that who threw those mini bombs was Akemi, who had a handful of them.

"Turtles!?" Shredder was angrily surprised.

"Mutanimals!?" Tiger Claw was also surprised angrily.

"And those girls." Akemi said calmly and seriously.

"Great, look what you two did, you loud ones!" Raph blamed Mikey and Pinkie.

"Us!? But we didn't even make a noise!" Said Pinkie.

"It's true, Raph, they were on my side and I didn't hear any noise." Said Fluttershy.

"How did you know we were here, Akemi !?" Mikey asked.

"It turns out, little turtle, that I have other my other tricks and senses that you don't know." Akemi said.

"Can she read minds from a distance?" Mikey asked in a whisper to Pinkie.

"Foot Clan, attack them!" Shredder ordened and all the robots went on the attack.

"Mutanimals, attack! And don't let them take the supplies!" Slash ordened and the Mutanimals went on the attack.

"Turtles! Let's go!" Leo ordened and the turtles went out to attack.

"Come on girls, let's help them" Twilight ordered.

"But how? We don't even have a weapon to fight yet, and Applejack forgot her rope" Said Rainbow.

"And there are more robots than yesterday, I don't know if I can beat them with just my arms." Said Rarity.

"And I don't wanna fight Shredder, he is very strong and scary!" Fluttershy was afraid.

"And really, we didn't do very well in our first practice." Said Applejack.

Twilight saw that her friends were a little scared by this fight, especially now that Shredder is here.

But then Twilight confidently said. "Girls, listen, I know that you are scared, I know, this is the first time that we are facing this Shredder, but we have already fought several enemies, more powerful than Shredder, even without magic or even a weapon, if we managed to deal with the threats in Equestria, we can deal with any world. "

Twilight's words inspired the girls, they were now confident.

"We came here to help our friends, and is that what we are going to do, is everybody ready?" Twilight asked.

"Ready!" All answered.

"Great, now listen, we don't need to fight with Shredder, just with his robots, if he tries to attack you, just dodge and run, understand?" Twilight asked.

"Understood!" Said Pinkie.

"But what are we going to use to fight this time?" Rainbow asked.

"Yeah, I don't want to hurt my arms again, especially those beautiful nails." Said Rarity as she looked at her nails.

"Well, I will use my claws and teeth." Spike said.

But then, Twilight looked at a lot of objects like pipes, chains and pieces of wood.

And just looking at those objects, Twilight already had an idea. "I got it! Do you remember when the turtles told us that they managed to fight without their weapons?" She asked.

"Oh yeah, that was when Master Splinter switched their weapons, and they were unable to use them, and when the turtles switched back, Splinter confiscated their weapons." Said Pinkie.

"What an injustice, and when they had a mission, they would have no weapon." Said Rainbow.

"Yeah Rainbow, but they did it without their weapons, because Master Splinter said that anything can be a weapon." Applejack explained.

"Exactly Applejack, anything." Said Twilight looking at the objects, the group saw Twilight looking at the objects and understood what Twilight meant.

"Ooooh, I get it now!" Said Pinkie.

"Come on girls, get your weapons." Twilight ordered and everyone ran for the objects.

Each chose yours, Twilight chose a long pipe, Rarity also chose a pipe that was longer than Twilight's, Rainbow chose two pointed pieces of wood, Pinkie chose a chain, Applejack also chose a chain only longer than the Pinkie and Fluttershy chose two small pipes.

"Alright, is everyone ready now?" Twilight asked.

"Ready!" The girls answered.

"Spike?" Twilight asked.

"I'm ready!" Spike answered confidently and snarls showing it too.

"Alright, let's go!" Twilight ordered, and the entire group went on the attack.

In the fight, Leo was fighting Akemi while his brothers fight the Foot Clan robots, Slash was fighting Tiger Claw while the rest fight the Foot Clan robots and the girls and Spike do what they can to help, some fight against the robots and others help their friends.

In Leo's fight, Akemi attacks him with his Wakizashi swords, but Leo blocks with his Katanas, Leo pushes Akemi and her swords, but Akemi makes another attack by turning and almost hitting one of her swords at Leo who had dodged the her blows.

"Not bad for a turtle." Akemi praised sarcastically.

"I haven't even started yet." Leo scoffs and attacks Akemi almost by hitting one of his swords in the head, Leo attacks from below but once again he dodges, with this Akemi manages to kick Leo's legs by knocking him to the ground.

Before Leo gets back up, Akemi places her leg on top of him and aims her sword at him.

"Say goodbye, turtle." Said Akemi ready to give Leo her last blow.

But suddenly, it is prevented when a pipe was in the front preventing the sword from hitting Leo, and it was Twilight who was using the pipe as a weapon.

Twilight quickly pushes Akemi's sword away from Leo, and before Akemi makes an attack, Twilight kicks her away, taking advantage of Akemi's weakening, Twilight quickly helps Leo to his feet.

"Thanks Twilight." Leo thanked her.

"You're welcome." Twilight said.

Leo noticed that Twilight was using a pipe to fight. "A pipe?" He asked.

"As you said, anything can be a weapon, you and your brothers used it too." Twilight said.

"Well, better than nothing." Leo said smiling, but then he overhears one of his brothers asking for help.

"Leo! The Foot robots are in greater numbers!" Donnie said.

"They are taking everything, and one of them has already hurt Mikey!" Raph said.

"I think the arm is bleeding!" Mikey whimpers while holding his injured arm, until he looks at his arm and realizes that he was not bleeding. "Oh no, wait, forget it, it's just sweat, but it still hurts."

"Leo, go help your brothers, I take care of Akemi." Twilight said.

"But you..." Before Leo says anything, Twilight interrupts. "It's ok, I'll be fine, I can handle Akemi. Come on, your brothers need you.

Leo knew he trusted Twilight a lot, and knowing that his brother really needed his help, Leo nodded his head at Twilight smiling and ran with his Katanas to help others.

And then, Twilight turns around seeing that Akemi is already recovering, Akemi prepares his weapons and Twilight also prepares hers.

"A pipe? Seriously? How pathetic." Akemi scoffed.

Twilight just smirked and said, "Better do your little swords."

Akemi got mad at this and quickly went on the attack.

Meanwhile, the turtles, the girls and Spike and two of the Mutanimals Pete and Rockwell were fighting the robots.

Applejack uses her chain as if it were a rope and tosses it in the robots tying and tossing them, Applejack even whipped them and defended himself with that chain.

"Yee-haah! Take this, old cans." Applejack cheered.

Pinkie Pie who also used her chains as a weapon spun it and wrapped around hitting some robots, Pinkie attacked the robots with the chains while making noise in her mouth like Mikey does.

"Oh, Yaah! Take this, Stinky Foot." Pinkie mocks and kept spinning the chain from side to side crazyly.

But she accidentally hits the chain on Mikey's head. "OW!!"

"Oh my! I'm sorry Mikey, I'm really so so so sorry!" Pinkie apologized.

"Ugh, no problem, Pinkes." Mikey forgived while he ran his hand over his head.

Mikey and Pinkie stop talking when more robots arrive, the two just smirked at each other and the pair return to the fight together.

Meanwhile, Rarity didn't quite know what she was doing, she didn't know how she could use a pipe for the fight, she kept dodging robots and managed to hit them with her pipe.

"Jeez, this is more complicated than I thought." Said Rarity as she hit the other robot.

"Rarity, try to use your pipe by throwing yourself at the robots and giving a flying kick." Spike suggested.

"Oh, I don't know if I can do this." Said Rarity.

"Well, you won't know if you don't try." Said April.

"Yeah Rarity, try it, it's a great and easy strategy." Donnie said.

Rarity looked at the pipe and then looked at the robots that were coming and breathed. "Okay, I can do it." She said.

Then Rarity ran towards the robots, positioned her pipe, and when she was not very close to the robots, because tip of the pipe hit the ground and she gave a flying kick to every robots, Rarity lands and fixes her hair.

"Yeah, I did it!" Said Rarity, but she forgot to hit another robot that was behind her.

"Rarity, watch out!" Spike warned.

Rarity heard Spike's warning, and when she looked back, she desperately uses her pipe and pierces this robot, Rarity takes off the pipe and the broken robot falls to the floor.

"Wow, nice pierce , Rarity." Donnie praised.

"Thank you, Donnie." Rarity thanked him.

Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash and Raph fight with the robots next to each other, even if one is arguing with another.

"Hey, get out there, you’re disturbing me!" Rainbow cursed Raph.

"get out there YOU, Foot robots are in my way" "said Raph.

"The robots are also on my way!" Said Rainbow.

"Look, how about you two work together?" Applejack suggested sarcastically.

"Yeah, instead of you two arguing like knuckleheads." Said Casey while hitting some hockey pucks on the robots.

"No way, I'm better off this way." Said Rainbow.

"Me too." Raph said.

But then, one of the Foot robots almost hits Raph but he dodges, the same thing happens with Rainbow.

"Yikes!" Said Rainbow.

"Uuum, on second thought, how about we attack each other next to each other?" Raph suggested.

"Sounds good." Rainbow agreed.

So with the two on the other side, Raph uses his sais and pierces the robots, since Rainbow almost didn't even use her weapons that were two pieces of wood, she used her limbs more to denounce and attack, until one of the robots hit her arm. "OW!"

"Hey, use those woods, drill them or something." Raph said.

"I'm trying, but these things are useless, I don't why I chose them!" Rainbow complained. But after Rainbow looked at her weapons and looked at 2 robots coming, she had a ideia. "Ahah! I had an idea!"

Then Rainbow Dash aimed at their weapons and flung them at the Foot robots, hitting them both in the head.

"Wow, nice shot." Raph praised.

"I know, I'm awesome." Rainbow boasted smirking while Raph just frowned.

Meanwhile, Slash fought Tiger Claw, Slash attacks with his Ninjutsu Mace, but Tiger Claw blocks with his sword.

"You can be big, turtle, but you don't have skills." Tiger Claw said.

"I'll show you who has skills!" Said Slash.

Slash pushes Tiger Claw, but quickely Tiger Claw makes another attack, this time kicking in the legs knocking Slash down.

Tiger Claw aims his sword at the Slash on the ground and says, "I told you, you have no skills." He Smirked.

But before Tiger Claw does something, Leo appears and slams his sword in Tiger Claw's.

"Slash, help others, i take Tiger Claw." Leo did.

"No way, you continue with the others, I continued with Tiger Claw." Slash refused.

"Foot robots are in greater numbers, you can take them." Said Leo.

"And you're not able for Tiger Claw, i'll take him!" Said Slash.

"No! You'll take the robots, i take Tiger Claw!" Said Leo.

But Leo and Slash stopped arguing when Tiger Claw said, "I have a better idea, how about I take you all?" He smirked and attacked the two with his sword, but the two dodged.

Meanwhile, Fluttershy was scared, she didn't know what to do and just kept running away and dodging.

"Oh my god oh my god oh my god! What do I do!?" Fluttershy whimpered.

But then, Fluttershy accidentally bumps into someone, and to her bad luck, she bumped into Shredder.

"Oh my!" Said Fluttershy startled.

"Now is your end, girl!" Said Shredder and attacked Fluttershy with his claw blades.

But Fluttershy quickly blocked it with pipes that used them as weapons, Fluttershy strained so that the blades would not hit her.

"U-Ugh, can... c-can you please take it easy, please?" Fluttershy asked, but Shredder pushed harder. "Aah. Ugh!" She shivered, but then, Fluttershy takes a little courage and says, "I said ... Can you ... take it easy ... PLEASE!"

Suddenly, Fluttershy's body shines, yellow wings, yellow ears of ponies, and her hair grew into a pony tail.

"What?!" Shredder was shocked.

Fluttershy with her strength breaks the shredder's blades and pushes him to the ground, everyone that was fighting is surprised and shocked to see Fluttershy, Fluttershy was shining for a while, until she found out what just happened. She looks around her shiny body, but she is more shocked when she sees wings on her back, but it didn't last long, so she stops shining and her wings, ears and pony tail disappear.

Shredder couldn't believe what he just saw, his look was one of shock and anger, but he soon goes back to a look of anger. "Foot Clan, withdrawal! Enough for today." Shredder took over and all the Foot robots went with some supplies.

"They are taking the supplies!" Said Mikey.

"I think this is not one of our biggest problems, Mikey." Donnie said they were looking at the red and blue lights, it was the police coming.

"Guys, back off!" Leo oderned guarding his katanas.

"Come on, Mutanimals!" Slash ordened.

"Come on, girls!" Twilight ordened.

And everyone left before the police arrived.

Back in New York City, it was already night and the group ran to the roofs, until they stopped in one to rest and talk.

"Uuh! Man, today was one of those days, but it was awesome!" Mikey said tired but excited.

"I agree, we were awesome, of course we fought only objects, but those robots didn't know what we girls were capable of." Said Rainbow.

"You girls are really good, I really want you all in our fights always." Said Pete.

"Yeah, you Mutanimals are good too." Said Rainbow.

But then, Fluttershy starts to think about that subject about her and Slash, if now she should tell everyone.

But then Fluttershy stops thinking when Mikey says, "Wow Fluttershy, what you did was awesome!"

"You think?" Fluttershy asked timidly.

Then Pinkie appeared and said, "Are you kidding? Of course you were! First it was Twilight, now it was you. Oooh, I wonder who's next, maybe Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity or even me!"

"Wait, did this ever happen to one of you girls? Pete asked.

"Long story." Spike aswered.

"Too bad the robots took the supplies." Donnie said.

"Oh relax bro, they didn't even take that many." Said Mikey.

And then, Fluttershy finally decides "Guys, I have something that I need to tell, me and Sla-" But Fluttershy is interrupted when Leo says: "But The Foot Clan wouldn't have taken it if it weren't for Slash."

"What!?" Slash asked a little angry.

"What?" Fluttershy asked a little surprised and confused.

"If you had taked the robots, they wouldn't have taken the supplies!" Said Leo.

"I was with Tiger Claw, why didn't you continue with the robots?" Slash asked.

"Because they were greater number, everyone was getting hurt and you could help them!" Said Leo.

"Huuum, didn't you guys say that you and the Mutanimals were fine?" Spike asked.

"And we are, but Leo and Slash still have their affairs." Donnie explained.

"Yeah I know how it is, me and Trixie have these affairs too." Said Twilight, remembering that time that Starlight befriended Trixie, but Twilight was still not fine with her old enemy.

"I would have gotten along better with Tiger Claw!" Said Leo.

"Are you telling me that I am not good at fighting !?" Slash asked.

"No, I'm just saying that we would have gotten along well if you had heard me!" Said Leo

"You are mistaken that you are not the only leader here Leo, I am too!" Said Slash.

"But you look like you don't know how to lead!" Said Leo.

"ENOUGH!!!" Fluttershy shouted, everyone was shocked by Fluttershy's shout. "Please stop arguing!!"

Slash knew Fluttershy and knew she really didn't like it, he took a deep breath and said, "Right, sorry Fluttershy."

Leo also knew that Fluttershy did not like this and said, "Yeah, sorry."

"So Futtershy, you said you wanted to say something, what was it?" Pinkie asked.

"Yeah, what did you want to tell us?" Mikey asked.

"Oh, i ... hmmm ..." Fluttershy was thinking about saying something, but after that argue, she wasn't sure anymore, so she said: "N-Nothing, it was nothing, really." She was saddened by this.

"So, guys, it's getting late, let's go home." Said Leo and directed to return home.

"Alright, let's go back to the lair, eat some pizza, play video games, read some comics." Mikey spoke while following Leo.

"Are you coming girls?" Donnie asked.

"Yes, we are already going, come on girls." Twilight said.

"See ya guys, it was nice to meet you." Raibow said goodbye.

"The pleasure is all ours." Said Dr. Rockwell.

"Bye Bye!" Pete waved happily.

"Let's go too guys, we have to patrol some more before midnight." Said Slash, and they all left.

Meanwhile, the turtles and the Mane 6 walk to the lair, but Spike was bothered by something, with Fluttershy, she said she was going to tell everyone about her and Slash, but why didn't she?

Spike comes up to Fluttershy and asks, "Fluttershy, you say that you were going to tell everyone about you and Slash, why did you give up?"

"*Sigh* I don't think it's a good time yet, Spike." Said Fluttershy.

"Why do you think that?" Spike asked.

"You saw the fight between Leo and Slash, they looked very angry, especially Leo, I don't want him to be with me too if I tell him that I'm a friend of Slash." Said Fluttershy, she sighs and continues, "I know you said I shouldn't be worried about it, and said that they weren't going to be mad at me, but I still don't think it's really the time."

"Hey, what are you two talking about back there?" Casey asked.

"Oh! Hum i ... i-i ..." Fluttershy was nervous, but then Spike said: "We were talking about the day we had, you know, good fight, good first day for the girls, and that magic that Fluttershy had. "

"Oh yeah, that really was awesome." Said Mikey.

"I hope that happens to me too." Said Pinkie.

Spike walks over to the others leaving Fluttershy, but before he leaves... "Spike." Fluttershy called him, Spike turned and Fluttershy said, "Thank you." She smiled.

Spike smiled back and said, "You're welcome, that's what friends are for. But remember, you still have to tell everyone, you know you can't hide it forever."

"I know, I know, but really, it's not a good time." Said Fluttershy.

"I know, I understand too." Spike said and walked back to the others.

"Hey, how about betting a race?" Said Mikey.

"A run? I'm in!" Pinkie accepted and soon started to run and so did Mikey.

"Argh, you two look like children." Raph complained, but everyone just laughed about it.

But then, Leo realizes that Twilight was no longer laughing, but worried.

"What's the matter Twilight?" Leo asked.

"It's about Akemi, it looks like she is up to something really dangerous." Twilight said.

"I agree, it seems that now we will have to worry more about this Akemi, especially now that we have discovered that the Shredder's plan for mind control will be delayed." Said Leo.

"But the question now is: What does Akemi plan? And what does she want to revenge?" Twilight asked.

Meanwhile at Shredder's lair, Shredder was in his throne room looking at the windows seriously, until someone enters his room, it was Tiger Claw, Baxter and Akemi.

"Massster Sshredder, I have terrible newsssss." Said Baxter.

"Say it, Baxter." Said Shredder.

"Unfortunately, I can't finissssh the formula without the resssssst of the suppliessss that are late on the ssssship." Said Baxter, shaking a little afraid of what Shredder might do.

Upon seeing Shredder forcing his fist, Baxter was more frightened, but then, Shredder seriously says, "I don't blame you this time Baxter, the lazy delivers who are to blame, you keep up the good work."

"Oh, thank you Massster Shredder." Said Baxter relieved. "

"BUT..." But that 'but' that Shredder said made Baxter scared again. "You better do your best on this formula even without the rest of the supplies, and fast." Shredder showed his blade claws, making Baxter more scared. "Was I very clear, Baxter?"

"Y-Y-Yessss, y-yes, you w-wasss, M-M-Massster." Baxter shivered.

"Great, now get back to work." Shredder ordered.

"Y-Yes ssssir." Baxter flew out of the room quickly.

"And as for me, Master Shredder? I will still have what you promised, right?" Akemi asked.

"I gave my word, Akemi, and you will have it." Said Shrerdder.

"Master, you know what this girl is up to, and you know that what she will do may destroy the city." Tiger Claw said.

"I know, and I don't care." Said Shredder.

"I don't care either, if I'm going to get revenge on something, then it's worth it." Akemi said and continued. "Soon ... This city will pay dearly for what it did to me."