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Teenage Equestria Ninja Girls - MlpTmntDisneyKauane

The ninja turtles had a lot of fighting, action and adventure in Equestria, now it's the girls' turn to have it in New York.

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The Beauty Trio

The next day, the girls and Spike were walking the streets of New York, and talking about yesterday's big day.

"Wow, did you guys see how Leatherhead was !?" Pinkie asked. "He was like..." Pinkie started to imitate punch and bite sounds. "And the robots were like..." Pinkie imitated a buggy and crashing robot. "And Leatherhead was 'ROAAAAR!!!''' And again she imitates Leatherhead.

"And did you guys see what Dr. Rockwell was like?" Rarity asked. "He is very good with those telecines powers."

"Yeah, I have to admit, he's really good at that, almost a lot better than Twilight." Rainbow said, until she realized that Twilight was looking at her with a frown. "Hehe, it's just a joke, Twilight, just a joke."

Twilight then let it go and chat with Fluttershy. "I still can't believe you managed to make your form, Fluttershy, I'm impressed with you."

"Oh, really?" Fluttershy asked timidly.

"Are you kidding, of course, girl! That was awesome!" Said Rainbow.

"Yeah, who knew that someone so shy as you would be able to do something like that." Said Applejack.

"Oh, well, thanks girls, I didn't even know I could do something like that, either." Fluttershy saind shyly, but then, Fluttershy accidentally bumped into someone.

"Hey! What is that?!" Said the person that Fluttershy had bumped, that person was a girl with very long blond hair, she was together with some of her friends, a girl with short black hair and another with brown hair also short.

"Oh my, I'm sorry." Fluttershy apologized.

"Wow, sorry for what?" Asked the blonde girl. "Sorry for bumping into me? Or sorry for your ridiculous hair?" She moked and her friends laughed about it.

"What!? B-b-but what's wrong with my hair?" Fluttershy asked nervously as she held her hair.

"Isn't it obvious? It's pink." Said the blonde girl.

"A-and what's wrong with that?" Fluttershy asked.

"Girl, how old are you? 4?" The black-haired girl asked sarcastically.

"It seems so, since she has this hair of fairy tale princess." The girl with brown hair mocked, and all these girls started laughing, Fluttershy started to whimper about it and even started to form tears in her eyes.

"Awww, what's the matter, little princess? Gonna cry?" The blonde girl moked.

"Buaaah, look at me, I'm a crybaby with ridiculous hair." The brown-haired girl mocked.

"And I'm going to tell my mom because I am a weak baby and tell her that I am a failure in life." The black-haired girl mocked, and they all laughed again, that's when Fluttershy really started crying.

But then, Rainbow appears to end this cruelty. "Hey! That's enough! Leave her alone!" She cursed the girls.

"Oh, don't worry about your friend. Because your hair is even worse." The blonde girl mocked.

"WHAT!?!" Rainbow asked angrily.

"Yeah, what is that? A wig?" The black-haired girl asked sarcastically.

"Are you from a circus? Because only clowns have this ridiculous rainbow hair." The brown-haired girl mocked, and once again the girls laughed, Rainbow was very angry about it.

"Look here, you suckers, i'm gonna-" Before Rainbow completes and punches her that she was about to punch, the blonde interrupts. "Gonna what? Are you going to attack us with your 'rainbow power'? What are you going to do? Throw rainbows at us?"

And again the girls laughed, Rainbow was red with anger that she felt.

"Hey! Leave them alone, Stephany." Someone said, everyone looked and saw that it was April with Casey who said that.

"Well, well, well, look who else is here, it's the carrot's head and her friend's toothless tooth." The blonde girl mocked, and from what April said, her name was Stephany.

"Enough of this, Staphany, why don't you go mock someone of your face?" Said April.

"Oooooh! She got you!" Pinkie cheered.

"Oh yeah? So why isn't she going to be in ridiculous hair groups like that?" Staphany mocked.

"Yeah, just look at that other one." Said the black-haired girl, pointing at Pinkie.

"Who? Me?" Pinkie asked.

"Yeah, you, the other girl with the pink hair." Aswered the girl with black hair.

"Yeah, what is your hair made of? Cotton candy?" The brown-haired girl asked sarcastically.

"No it's not!" Pinkie said, until she doubted herself and said, "Is it?" And Pinkie did what no one expected, she ate some of the hair, they all found it disgusting.

"Pinkie!" Twilight cursed Pinkie.

Pinkie chewed on her hair while feeling the taste, after experimenting, she spits out her hair and says: "Nope, it's not cotton candy at all."

Rarity almost vomits when she sees what Pinkie did, the three girls just laughed even more at it.

"Look, she doesn't even know that her hair is real." Staphany mocked.

Fool!" Mocked the black-haired girl.

"Naive!" Mocked the brown-haired girl.

And again the girls laughed, the group couldn't stand these girls anymore, and Fluttershy was still crying. But then, Rarity, who didn't look angry, said: "Don't worry, darlings, i got this." Rarity walked over to the three girls.

"Oh no, what is she going to do?" Asked Rainbow suspiciously and frowning.

"I hope she doesn't make the situation any worse." Said Applejack frowning.

Rarity came close to the girls and stood with a serious look and her arms crossed.

"Wow, look what we have here girls, a purple fool." Staphany mocked.

"What is she going to do? Is she going to curse at us like a baby?" Mocked the black-haired girl.

"Are you going to say that her hair is not ridiculous, when in fact it is?" Mocked the brown-haired girl.

"Are you going to try to defend yourself, when you don't really know?" Stephany mocked and she and her friends laughed.

Rarity continued to look at her seriously, but then she closes her eyes, lowers her head a little and smirked, the girls soon stopped laughing when Rarity did that.

After a little silence, Rarity says, "You are jealous."

The three girls were a little surprised and confused by this.

"What?" Staphany asked confused.

"That's right, you're just jealous, because you girls don't have stylish hair like ours." Rarity mocked.

"Oooooooh! Take this, suckers!" Rainbow Cheehred.

The three girls were silent for a while, but then Staphany laughs and says: "Are you kidding? Why would we be jealous of your ridiculous hair?

"Yeah, our hair is already perfect the way it is." Said the brown-haired girl.

"Perfect with the three of us, especially me." Said the black-haired girl.

But then, Rarity says: "First all: Nothing and nobody is perfect, not even the three of you. Second all: Your hair style is nothing."

"What!?" Two of Staphany's friends asked.

Rarity continued: "Yeah, anyone in this world has hair like you, so nobody cares about your hair."

"Oooooh! You nailed it, Rare!" Casey cheered.

"This is not true!" Said the black-haired girl.

"Yeah, our hair is very attractive!" Said the brown-haired girl.

"Oh yeah? If they are so attractive, why is no one here on the street looking at you?" Rarity asked sarcastically while smirking.

The three girls look at the street, and they see that Rarity was right, nobody was looking at them, people just passed without even caring for the girls and just continued with their normal life.

"Ah ... Well ... Umm ..." Staphany thought of something to say, and succeeds: "Oh well, but they are not looking at you either, and even if they were looking, they would surely be laughing at all you." She mocked.

But then ... "Wow, nice hair." A guy walks by and praises Rarity's hair.

"Aw, thank you, darling." Rarity thanked him, Staphany couldn't believe what just happened, she was jaw-dropping, she and her friends.

"Were you saying?" Rarity asked smirking, but the girls only remain silent for a while.

"Oh, now they really look jealous." Pinkie whispered to April, and April nodded in agreement.

So, Staphany gets angry and says, "Ah well, but that hair style is not normal!"

"To be different is to be special, my darling." Rarity smirked.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!" Casey, Rainbow and Pinkie cheeered.

The three girls no longer knew what to say, one of them was almost crying (and it was the girl with black hair).

Staphany just got angry and said, "FINE! Whatever! Come on girls, let's leave these furry colored fools!"

And then the three girls leave, until the brown-haired girl turns around and says, "You know what!? I prefer my normal hair ten times than having weird hair than yours!"

"Fine by you, darling." Rarity smirked, the girl just got irritated by this and went ahead with her friends.

"Woooooow ho ho ho ho hooooo! Rarity, you were spectacular!" Said Pinkie.

"Yeah, I thought you were going to make it worse, but then when you said those things I thought 'wow, now those girls are screwed' and they really did!" Said Rainbow.

"Darlings, when it comes to humiliating someone who THINKS who knows everything about fashion, the true fashion expert should always be ready." Rarity bragged as she tossed her hair.

"*Cough* arrogant *cough*" Applejack pretended to cough.

"What's wrong, Applejack? Are you sick?" Pinkie asked, but Applejack frowns at that.

"I have to say, Rarity" April said. "You are the first to be able to humiliate Staphany and her friends."

"But after all, who are those losers?" Rainbow asked.

"It's Staphany, and her friends Carla who is the brown girl and Carrie who is the black, or what they like to call themselves... The Beauty Trio." April explained.

"Huh, they should be called The Losers Trio." Rainbow mocked.

"Yeah well, these girls have only one thing they do in life, to intimidate anything that is not 'beautiful' like them." April explained.

"Yeah, at our school, these girls can practically bully EVERYONE." Casey explained.

"Including me and Casey." Said April.

"But don't mind what these girls say, darlings, you two are beautiful the way you are." Said Rarity.

"Not as much as you are, Rarity." Spike praised, blushing.

"What?" Rarity asked.

"YIKE! Nothing! Nothing, I said nothing!" Spiken said, blushing nervously.

"So, what are you guys looking to do today?" Rainbow asked.

"Well, I'm going to play a game of Hockey with some of my classmates." Said Casey.

"And I will be watching, do you wanna go too?" April asked.

"Of course." Twilight said.

"This is gonna be fun!" Pinkie jumped.

"No, I don't wannt to watch it." Said Rainbow.

"What?" Twilight said.

"Why not, Dashie?" Pinkie asked.

"Because I don't wanna watch the match... I wanna join this match!" Rainbow smirked, in the mood for a challenge.

"Oh yeah?" Casey asked, smirking. "Looks like someone here is looking to challenge Casey Jones."

"Absolutely, Jones." Rainbow smirked.

"Well, then, we are two, Rainbow, because I want to play this game too." Smirked applejack.

"Alright girls, challenge accepted." Casey smirked.

"Uuuuu, now this is gonna be more fun" said Pinkie.

In the afternoon, The Beauty Trio was walking on the street alone, and still feeling humiliated by Rarity.

"I can't believe that stupid purple girl said those things, I feel like a failure now!" Carrie cried.

"If that's what she says, I'll go to the hairdresser now and dye my hair pink too!" Carla cried angrily.

"Girls! Stop it!" Staphany ordered. "So what if did that stupid girl say!? She only said about hair, but she didn't say the rest of the fashion."

"Yeah, you're right." Carrie agreed. "After all, it is not just the hair that define our beauty."

"Exactly, we have these beautiful earrings, these beautiful nails, these beautiful clothes..." Carla explained.

"And these beautiful shoes, especially mine that I bought at the store." Said Carrie as she admired her beautiful shoes.

So Staphany smirked saying: "So remember, girls, the next time we meet those girls, we'll show them what real beauty is and then-"

Before Staphany is finished, the girls are taken aback by two Purple Dragons, Hun and Fong.

"Are you going somewhere, girls?" Hun asked, smirking.


"Hurry girls! Run! RUN!" Staphany fearfully ordered, and she and her friends ran around, until they were stopped by the remaining two Purple Dragons.

"Not so fast, girls" said Sid.

The girls were trapped with the Purple Dragons around them.

"Oh come on, boys, please, we have nothing for you." Said Staphany, a little scared.

"I swear, guys, we don't have any money." Said Carla, also a little scared

"Yeah, I spent all my money buying these shoes!" Said Carrie, who was more scared than the other girls.

"Relax girls." Said Hun. "We don't want anything from you, for now.

"But we have a certain girl who may want something from you." Said Tsoi.

"And reminding you girls, you might like to see this girl, but trust me, she won't be happy to see you at all." Said Fong.

"So if I you girls, I wouldn't say anything, or she won't take it easy on you." Hun smirked.

The girls were shaking with fear at the Purple Dragons, especially about this girl they were going to meet.

A few hours later, the Mane 6, Spike, Casey and April went back to the turtles' lair, and Casey looked pretty wrecked, his hair was messy, his body was a little bruised and he was frowning (yeah, it looks like Rainbow Dash and Applejack really managed to beat him; D).

Rainbow Dash started laughing as he said: "Wow man, did you see how I knocked Casey down? He was thinking he was going to make a shot, but I was faster than he was, and he fell flat on his face."

Applejack laughed and said: "Yeah, I hope he hasn't lost another tooth. And did you see how I pushed him? He almost flew off the ice rink."

Rainbow, Applejack and the rest started laughing about it, except Casey who was still frowning with this humiliating beat.

"Haha, very funny, girls." Casey said sarcastically. "But write down what I'm going to say, next time I'll beat you, or I'm not Casey Jones."

"Okay then, Crash Jones." Rainbow mocked.

Pinkie laughed with this nickname that Rainbow gave. "Crash Jones!" Pinkie laughed even more.

"What's up, girls?" Mikey waved. "How was your day?"

"What about you, Jones?" Raph asked. "From what I can see, it seems that your day was not one of the best." He mocked.

"At least I'm not standing here doing nothing, like you guys." Casey cursed.

"Okay, now enough talk, when are we going to start our second training?" Rainbow asked. "I want to have my weapons soon!"

"Rainbow, relax." Twilight said.

"Twilight Sparkle is right, Rainbow Dash." Mestre Splinter appears, explaining: "You need to be more patient, sometimes training can take a long time, but it depends on a student's determination, and patience. If a student is very well guarded and especially patient, will not only be able to training, but also in life. "

Rainbow crossed her arms, but thought of what Splinter, even though she is still a little impatient, she says, "Right sensei, I will try."

"Well, but I wanted us to at least train with something that looks like weapons, just like we did yesterday when we fought the Foot Clan with just objects." Said Pinkie.

Master Splinter smoothed his beard while thinking about what Pinkie had said. "Hmmmm, maybe today we can do what Pinke Pie said." He replied.

"What?" The girls asked, confused and a little surprised.

Splinter explained: "As you already know, anything can be a weapon, and the way in which you use these objects will define your type of weapon that you can use, so we will try that today."

"Wow, for the first time, Pinkie Pie managed to come up with a good idea." Spike said, a little surprised.

"Yep, I'm a genius." Pinkie bragged.

"But what will we use?" Rainbow asked. "There is nothing here that looks like those objects that we use in the fight."

"No problem, Dashie, I thought of everything." Said Pinkie, she put her hand inside her hair looking for something, and then Pinkie takes the objects out of her hair. "Ta da!"

"Pinkie, did you keep these in your hair!?" Rarity asked, a little shocked.

"Well, I thought we could use them again someday, and that day is today." Said Pinkie.

"How does so much fit inside her hair?" Raph asked Donnie, whispering, Donnie responds by lifting his shoulders.

In the dojo, Mane 6 were in their positions with their "weapons", prepared for fighting, with the turtles, April, Casey and Spike watching.

"Hajime!" Splinter started the training.

Rainbow was the first to act, and went straight to Fluttershy, and as Fluttershy was fearful, she immediately sidestepped. And then Pinkie came out attacking randomly with her chains, swinging them from side to side, and started attacking Twilight, but she dodged the chains. And Applejack and Rarity attacked each other, but all two defend themselves with their weapons.

With Twilight and Pinkie, Pinkie swings her chains while making sounds with her mouth, but Twilight blocks with her pipes, the chains hit the pipes when Pinkie swings them.

"Pinkie! Stop joking!" Twilight swore.

"What joking? This is how I fight!" Pinkie said, and continued swinging the chains and making sounds with her mouth.

But then, one of the chains is wrapped around one of Twilight's pipes, and Pinkie taking advantage of that, pulled out the Twilight pipe, now Twilight only had one pipe as her weapon.

"Ha Haaa! I took a weapon from you!" Pinkie joked.

"No problem, I still have this one." Said Twilight, preparing her pipe for the attack, but Pinkie dodged as if she were soft.

"Nha nha nhana nhaa nhaaaaa! You don't get me!" Pinkie sang.

"So watch this!" Said Twilight, and hit her pipe on Pinkie's back while she was distracted, Pinkie is knocked over with this blow, Pinkie lifts her head and saw Twilight aiming her pipe in her face.

"You were defeated." Twilight joked smirking.

"Aaww is not fair!" Pinkie complained, and crossed her arms, frowning.

"Stop being a baby, Pinkie." Twilight said, but Pinkie showed her tongue.

With Rarity and Applejack, it was practically the same thing as Twilight and Pinkie, except that Applejack did not swing his chain like crazy, and Rarity defended himself with her long pipe, and when the contestant wrapped himself in Rarity's pipe, she managed unroll it quickly before Applejack pulls.

"Um, not bad Rarity, not bad." Applejack smirked.

"You haven't seen anything yet, darling." Said Rarity, and she does the same thing she did yesterday in the fight against the Foot Clan, she put tip of the pipe hit the ground and she gave a flying kick to Applejack.

But Applejack dodges the flying kick, Rarity lands, Applejack turns to Rarity, and before she makes an attack, Rarity hits the end of the pipe on the belly of Applejack, hard.

"OOF! Ow! Rarity! This is training, don't overdo it!" Applejack cursed as she put her arms on her belly.

"Oh I'm sorry, Applejack!" Rarity apologized.

"I really hope, because you almost punctured my belly!" Said Applejack.

And with Rainbow and Fluttershy, Fluttershy being fearful, she always dodged and ran away from Rainbow's blows.

And Rainbow kept saying: "Come on, Fluttershy, I know you are scared and such, but you need to do something when something like that happens out there.

Fluttershy whined, saying: "But I am afraid that you will hurt me, or worse, that I will hurt you!"

"Fluttershy, I'm not going to hurt you, and neither are you." Said Rainbow. "But people out there will go if you don't do something." Rainbow makes another attack, but Fluttershy blocks two small pipes with her.

Fluttershy was trying hard not to be hit and Rainbow was trying hard to hit her.

"Ugh, Rainbow ... ugh, please take it easy!" Fluttershy begged.

"I can't, you need to do more than that when we have a next fight, come on, do something!" Said Rainbow.

Fluttershy was still trying hard not to get hit, but for a moment, Fluttershy was able to take a little courage, and more strength, with her increased strength, she managed to fend off Rainbow's weapons, and Rainbow was struggling to keep but suddenly, with all these two forces, one of the weapons of the two breaks, and these weapons were from Rainbow.

Rainbow was shocked by this as she looked at her broken weapons that were wood.

With that, Fluttershy was extremely shocked "OH NO! Rainbow, I'm sorry, i-i-I didn't want to ... I didn't want to, i, i ..."

"Yame!" Splinter stop the training, all the girls stopped and recovered.

"Wow, girls, you did great!" Said Mikey.

"Yeah, you were better than yesterday." Spike said.

"Yeah, i think so." Twilight said. "Right, Master Splinter?" She asked Splinter

Master Splinter smoothed his bard thinking, and said: "Yes, Twilight Sparkle, you girls did well today. Now rest, I will meditate and analyze your fighting skills."

"Hai, sensei." Said Twilight and she, her friends and everyone who was watching left the dojo.

After leaving the Dojo, Fluttershy still felt really bad about what just happened inside.

"Rainbow please, I'm sorry, i didn't mean to, please don't be mad at me!" Fluttershy apologized and begged.

"Mad? Are you kidding!?" Rainbow asked.

"Huh?" Fluttershy was confused.

"That was AWESOME!" Rainbow cheered.

"What? Really?" Fluttershy asked.

"Of course yes! I've never seen you show so much strength!" Said Rainbow.

"That's right, sugar cute, maybe you even can beat someone in the arm wrestle." Said Applejack.

"Oh maybe, but I really don't want to do an arm wrestling." Said Fluttershy.

"You girls are really improving your training." Leo praised. "Soon you will be very good at fighting."

"Well, I'm already very good at fighting." Rainbow bragged. "But I want to be better!" She said as Raph frowned.

"Well..." Said Applejack as he stretched her arms tiredly. "Today was a really tough training, I need to rest."

"Me too, how about we watch in this electronic magic box?" Pinkie asked.

"TV, Pinkie, the name of this is TV." Twilight corrected her.

"Yeah, TV, how about we watch TV?" Pinkie asked again.

"I take the remote!" Mikey said as he ran to get the remote.

Mikey takes the remote control and turns on the television, and before he chooses a channel, breaking news appears on TV.

"Oh no, breaking news, I hate breaking news!" Mikey complained.

The TV narrator says: "Breaking news, at 5:00 pm, in a New York neighborhood, there was a kidnapping made by the Purple Dragons."

"A kidnapping!?" Pinkie asked shocked.

"Made by the Purple Dragons!?" Mikey asked shocked.

"Mikey! Pinkie! Quiet!" Everyone shut up Mikey and Pinkie, and back heard the news again.

The woman reporter on TV says: "Good night everyone, at exactly 5:00 pm, there was a kidnapping more or less here in this neighborhood, three girls were walking down the street, when suddenly the Purple Dragons appear and kidnap them, the security cameras show footage of these girls being kidnapped. "

And then a video shot by the security camera is shown on TV, showing The Beauty Trio, the girls who bullied with Mane 6.

"Those are the suckers!" Said Rainbow, who was not at all happy with these girls on TV.

"Do you know these girls?" Donnie asked.

"Well, more or less." Applejack answered.

"They are bullies at my school." Said April.

"Yeah, and like RD said: They are suckers." Said Casey.

The woman reporter spoke while the footage of the kidnapping was shown on TV: "These girls were walking around in the street talking, until the Purple Dragons show up, the girls try to escape, but they didn't succeed. Fortunately, none of the girls were hurt after the kidnapping, for now, the police are now solving this case of the missing girls, they have already contacted the parents of these girls, and promise them that they will save their daughters." And then, Mikey turns off the TV.

"We must save them." Said Leo.

"WHAT?! Are you crazy!?" Rainbow asked shocked.

"Yeah, why do we have to save these girls? They are suck!" Said Applejack.

"They said horrible and offensive things to us, it was terrible!" Fluttershy whimpered.

"Yeah, really, why don't we just let these girls go?" Casey asked. "Nobody likes them, and much less they will miss them."

"No matter what they did, we have to save them, whether like them or not." Said Leo.

"Leonardo is right." Splinter appears explaining. "Just because someone did bad things to another, it doesn't mean they shouldn't be saved."

"But Sensei, they made fun of us, they made fun of us because of our hair." Rainbow explained.

"Actually, if I didn't know you, I would also scoff at your hair." Raph scoffed, Rainbow grownled at him.

"You shouldn't stop saving someone just because it did something bad, because you know that there are people who are much worse than these girls." Splinter explained.

"Like Shredder?" Pinkie asked.

"Even worse people than Shredder himself." Splinter answered.

"Well, that's impossible now, there is no one worse than the Shredder." Said Rainbow.

"There can always be someone worse, Rainbow Dash." Splinter said. "And that is why you must save these girls, everyone deserves a second chance."

Everyone is silent for a while, until Twilight says, "Right sensei, we understand."

"Yeah, we're going to do this." Said Fluttershy.

"But why? Why don't we let the police do that?" Rainbow asked.

"Trust me, the police here don't help at all." Raph said dryly.

Rainbow frowns and crossed her arms, standing in silence, but then groans and says: "Fine, we're going to save those suckers."

"First, we have to know where the Dragons took the girls." Said Leo.

"And most importantly, we need to know why they kidnapped these girls." Spike said.

"Perhaps we can find clues where the kidnapping took place." Donnie said.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Mikey asked. "To the Shellraiser!"