• Published 6th Sep 2020
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Teenage Equestria Ninja Girls - MlpTmntDisneyKauane

The ninja turtles had a lot of fighting, action and adventure in Equestria, now it's the girls' turn to have it in New York.

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One Night in New York (part 2)

On the streets of New York at night, Fluttershy walks again after being saved by Slash from the Purple Dragons. After a short walk, Fluttershy finally reaches the one she wanted, at the soup table where April was with her father Kirby.

"Here you are, sir, have a good night." April said, giving the soup.

"April!" Fluttershy called to her, waving her arm.

April hears someone calling her, looks and sees Fluttershy. "Fluttershy!?" April asked, surprised and happy.

Fluttershy runs close, and as soon as she arrives, the two hugged.

"Wow, how long have we been seeing each other, are the others here too?" April asked.

"Yes, all of us, but the others are still helping the boys to clean the lair, I finished cleaning the rest, so I wanted to come here to help these people with you." Fluttershy explained.

"Yeah, you were always loving helping others, Fluttershy." Said April.

"Who are you talking to, April?" Kirby asked.

"It's just Fluttershy, dad, she's here to help." April answered.

"Hi Mr. O'neil, nice to see you again." Fluttershy greeted.

"Nice to see you too, dear." Kirby greeted.

"Oh April, you will not believe what just happened to me." Said Fluttershy.

"What? What happened?" April asked.

And then, Fluttershy and April help people by giving them soup while Fluttershy told what had happened to her.

"Wow, so did you meet Slash?" April asked.

"Well, actually, I knew him before, and this isn't the first time he's saved me." Fluttershy explained.

"Wait, did you already know him? Since when?" April asked.

"Since my friends and I came to your world for the first time, it's a long story" Fluttershy aswered.

"Have you known him for so long? And you never told us?" April asked.

Fluttershy was a little saddened by this. "It's just that the day I met him, it was still the time when the turtles didn't trust him, I mean, Raph did trust him a little, but others ... Well, you know."

"Yes I know." Said April.

"I was afraid of what others would think about it, I mean, when I met him, he didn't look so angry or bad, actually he looked kinda ... sad." Fluttershy explained before she was a little sad to remember when he met Slash.

"Well, but now Slash has changed, he now has his new team and now the turtles trust him, maybe now you can tell everyone about it." Said April.

Fluttershy smile feels better knowing that this is true. "Yeah, now I can, actually it was the first thing I thought of when the turtles told about Slash." She said.

"And I'm sure they will understand." Said April.

"April, can you help me with something here?" Kirby asked.

"Okay, dad. Can you keep the soups for me, Fluttershy?" April asked.

"Sure, April." Fluttershy answered.

April went to help her father and left Fluttershy to look after the soup. While Fluttershy thought about the conversation he had.

"*Sigh* I hope the others really understand, because if not, will I have to stop being friends with Slash? Will I stop being friends with others?" Fluttershy wondered a little worried, until...

"Hey lady, are you going to talk to yourself or are you going to give this soup soon?" A man asked.

"Oh sorry, here, have a nice night sir." Said Fluttershy delivering the soup and saying goodbye to the man.

Meanwhile with Applejack, The Purple Dragons were assaulting a van, and they didn't know they were being spied on by the Applejack that was hidden behind the trash cans.

One of the Purple Dragons pulls the man out of the van. "Get out of here!" Hun cursed and the man scared ran away.

After the Dragons got rid of the man, they opened the back of the van while Applejack watched.

"But what thw hay are these guys stealing now? Is it a valuable relic or something?" Applejack asked.

After the Dragons opened the van, they took out a white suitcase inside it.

"What is that?" Applejack asked.

And then Fong opens the suitcase, revealing four tubes of dangerous chemicals while Applejack watched, still confused.

"So, these are the chemicals that Master Shredder asked for?" Fong asked.

"That's right, the Shredder needs these chemicals and other equipment for his plan." Hun explained.

"And what kind of plan is that involving these chemists?" Sid asked.

"Baxter Stockman is working on an experiment that will get Karai to join the Shredder again." Hun explained.

Applejack was even surprised to hear that and kept listening.

"Join him again? What do you mean?" Tsoi asked.

"Karai refuses to go back to Shredder, but Shredder has found a way to get her to join him again." Hun started to explain. "And this experiment that Stockman is working on will make this snake girl not even remember who her real father is, because she will soon be nothing more than a Shredder puppet."

Applejack is shocked by this. "Wait, so that means..."

"So that means..." Before Fong finishes his question, Hun already answers. "Exactly, Shredder is working on a mind control formula." He responds smirking.

Applejack gasped, but she gets so shocked that she accidentally ended up dropping one of the trash cans, and the Dragons couldn't help hearing that noise.

"What was this?" Tsoi asked.

The Dragons saw one of the fallen trash cans.

"Let's see what's behind those trashes." Hun ordered and he and the Dragons approached slowly.

"Oh jeez, what i do now? There's nowhere else for me to hide." Applejack whispered as she thought about something quickly, and it seemed like the best option for her now was to ask for help. "I have to call the others."

Applejack quickly searched for her cell phone. "Ugh, where's that little thing?" She wondered as she searched for the cell phone that she finally found.

Applejack sees the Purple Dragons getting closer and she despairs. "Okay, let's go, let's go!" She quickly turns on her cell phone and types quickly, the Dragons were almost getting close. "Okay, and... send." Applejack hit the send button.

And that was when the Purple Dragons arrived and saw the girl in the hat.

"It's that other girl who is a friend of the turtles!" Said Fong.

"What's up Dragons, how long huh? And who is this new recruit? Applejack asked joking, until Hun caught her throwing her out into the street.

As Applejack got up again, Hun approached her. "I am not a new recruit, girl, quite the contrary, now I am the new leader of the Purple Dragons. And my name is... Hun.

"Hun? Pff, I think I prefer Scum." Applejack scoffed.

"Hmph, you're just like that masked boy." Hun said.

"Masked boy? Are you talking about Casey?" Applejack asked.

But Hun only attacked Applejack with his punch, but Applejack owed quickly and took a leap away from Hun while preparing her fighting pose.

"Ha, do you think a little girl has a chance to beat a man like me?" Hun asked smirking.

"Look here, just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't be good at fighting, you male chauvinist." Applejack cursed.

"Well, then, let's see if you're really good at fighting." Hun smirked giving his fighting pose.

"Now you're fried, girl, even your masked friend couldn't beat Hun." Fong warned smiking.

"Whatever, my friends are already arriving anyway. Now stop talking, let's fight!" Said Applejack and she and Hun started the fight.

And Applejack didn't even know who exactly she sent the message to.

Returning to Fluttershy, Fluttershy was giving the soup the last soup to a last person.

"Here you go, have a good night." Said Fluttershy.

"How are you doing, Fluttershy?" April asked.

"Very well, and I think that was the last one." Said Fluttershy.

"Phew, thankfully, the soup was running out." Said April.

"So, how about spending a night with me and the others?" Fluttershy asked.

"Okay then." April answered.

But then, Fluttershy feels something vibrating. "Ah, what was that !?" She asked a little scared.

But April noticed something vibrating in Fluttershy's pocket. "It's in your pocket, Fluttershy." She said.

Fluttershy looks in her pocket and takes out a cell phone. "Oh, it's just that little thing that the turtles gave us." She said.

"The name of that is a cell phone, and you got a message there." Said April.

Fluttershy looks and see that it was a message from Applejack. "Oh, and it's a message from Applejack." She said.

"And what does it say there?" April asked.

Fluttershy starts reading the message, and when she finished, she was shocked. "*Gasp* Oh no!"

"What is it, Fluttershy?" April asked.

"Applejack was caught by the Purple Dragons, she is in danger!" Said Fluttershy worried.

"The Purple Dragons!? This is not good." Said April.

"We have to help her!" Said Fluttershy and soon ran.

"Fluttershy wait!" April called and ran with her.

The two started running while April talked to Fluttershy. "We cannot help her like this alone, we have to call the others."

"I know, but by the time the others arrive it will be too late, we need to be there while they are not there yet, I will text them now." Said Fluttershy as he fiddled with his cell phone. "Oh, but I'm not sure how it works."

"Okay, I'll send it." Said April taking her cell phone and started typing. "There, it's already sent. Now let's go."

And the two girls ran in to help their other friend.

Meanwhile in the sewers, the girls and Spike finished cleaning the lair, so they decided to spend some time in the city.

They walk through the sewer while Pinkie ate the cheese balls that Mikey gave her, and Rarity complained about the smell of the sewer.

"Hmmm, these balls are really delicious." Pinkie spoke with her mouth full and went back to eating the balls.

"Hey Pinkie, can I have one more of those balls please?" Spike asked.

Pinkie picked up a cheese ball. "Here it is." Pinkie threw the ball and Spike picked it up and ate it.

"Ugh, ew! Why didn't the turtles choose a cleaner place to hide!?" Rarity asked with disgust.

"Because if it weren't dirty, humans would find they easier, duh." Rainbow replied with a frown.

"And also because the Kraangs are unable to track someone underground, Rarity. Master Splinter had already told us this story of when the turtles were still babies." Twilight explained.

"Yeah, but now that the Kraangs are gone, maybe they can find a cleaner place to live." Rarity suggested as she took off her feet in the dirty water.

"And so humans would find it easier, Drama Queen." Rainbow said, still frowning.

"Look, but I still think the boys deserved to be known, after all they were the ones who saved New York and the world against the Kraangs, not to mention the many other things they did in this city, and it is still absurd that some humans still want judge them just because they are mutants. " Rarity complained.

"I know, Rarity, I also wanted the boys to deserve it too, but remember what Splinter said, they..." But before Twilight finishes explaining, she feels a vibration in her pocket, she takes what was in pocket that was the cell phone. "Hey, April sent a message." She said.

"Really? And what does she say?" Rainbow asked.

Twilight read the message and was shocked. "Oh no, Applejack is having a problem with the Purple Dragons!" She said worriedly.

"The Purple Dragons?!" Everyone said shocked.

"Oh dear Celestia!" Said Rarity shocked.

"And she and Fluttershy are coming there to help her, but they won't be able to do it alone." Twilight said.

"Even more Fluttershy." Rainbow said until Rarity tapped her on the shoulder.

"We have to call the boys." Spike said.

"No, there is no time, we have to help others ourselves. Come on guys!" Twilight ordered and the whole group ran.

"Ah yeah! Let's kick those Dragons' butts." Rainbow said excitedly.