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After taking a shortcut home, Sunnie Bun finds herself standing in front of a childhood haunt of hers, the Blue Bee Dessert Diner. Inside, she'll find a pony she never thought she'd see again, and another she wished she'd never laid eyes on.

Confronting her past and her uncertain future, Sunnie plunges forwards into destiny... one millshake at a time.

[CW: Contains stuffing, mild weight gain, burps, etc]

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D'awwww. Happy, happy ending!

Fun story.

A few minor nitpicks:

“Holy cow, she’s getting huge!” Sunnie somepony in the crowd say,

Looks like there’s a word missing after “Sunnie”. I assume you meant “Sunnie heard”?

“Haah… haah…” Sunnie panted. It was taking all she had to restrain herself from indulging in the pleasure that had been building while she drank. All four hooves idly rubbed her belly, and she tried her best to stop from moaning too loud. “I-Is that i-URRRLK!-it?”

Your formatting tags broke somehow, and that whole paragraph is italic where I assume it shouldn’t be.

Thank you! Yeah, I used the wrong '/' when I was adding the italics. Good catch

This needs a sequel :D

very sweet and hot story

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

“I… I want to try out that potion.” She said quietly. Sunnie smiled, and gave Velvet a quick kiss on the lips.

i like how you didn't include mare-on-mare romance as one of this fic's triggers

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