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When the long dormant portal to the lost colony of New Neighton reactivates without warning, Princes Twilight Sparkle sends a party of Lunar Guard bat ponies through on a special mission: Investigate the fate of the colony and its inhabitants, who disappeared without a trace 85 years prior.

Cover art and editing by Jude
Art of most of the main characters Here

Chapters (7)
Comments ( 16 )

Oooh, excellent so far. I can't wait to find out what they discover on the Lost Colony!

i'm gonna fucking kiss distant voice

If you can catch him, he's pretty good at getting away!

Though he is a pretty smoochable pony all things considered.

In Equestria's last military engagement they sent 8 batponies and returned with 9 as they had made a friend.

At least they would have if not for that mean ole' Captain.

Ponelets, when will they learn?

What's up with the cookie in the cover art?


These particular ponies happen to be members of III (Cookie) squad!

Wondering what the spooky face on the statues looks like again.

The real monster was alcoholism.

Hey, isn't this on Equestria Daily?

Is there any chance this story will resume? It is very well done I think, and it's a shame it hasn't gotten much attention.

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