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Equestria and many other races look to the stars after an event that is called: the great war. no one knows what caused the great war, but what is known is that it was triggered after the disappearance of the princess of friendship, her friends, several wonderbolts, her personal student, several residents of ponyville went to the far frozen north to once and for all defeat and banish the dark unicorn king Sombra. With the status unknown the races of the world built great underground bunkers to safeguard the population that didn't enlist or was drafted. when war broke out great armies clashed and weapons once declared banned were used upon the world and entire swaths of the world became damaged or completely uninhabitable for any of the races. However, there are some areas that are rich in minerals and other resources that can bolster the survivors and help boost the research capability of the world. Yet, the only thing that the races of Equis are missing right now is an immortal leader who will lead the mortal races unto the stars and claim new worlds to colonize and new civilizations to forge alliances with.
crossover with stellaris if the name didn't hint at it.
the first several chapters will set up the empire of Equis(not the official name) and maybe or maybe not the main six with a few extras will ascend to become leaders.
expect for the main six to act out of character.

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